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Bulletin of Kemerovo State University. Series: Humanities and Social Sciences, Volume 2021; https://doi.org/10.21603/2542-1840-2021-5-3-229-237

Origami is a means of geometric modeling and self-organization formation in young children. As a part of preschool education, it serves as propaedeutics of basic geometry. One of the tasks of modern education is to improve the social status of mathematics because of its ability to encourage self-development in children. The research was based on the synergetic paradigm which defines a young child as an open nonlinear system capable of self-development. The article gives a theoretical and conceptual justification of origami as a means of self-organization development through the nonlinear educational environment that introduces preschoolers to mathematical culture. Origami proved to be able to enrich preschool education as this activity concentrates the educational resources of the structure-forming environment.
Vladislav Radov
Bulletin of Kemerovo State University. Series: Humanities and Social Sciences, Volume 2021; https://doi.org/10.21603/2542-1840-2021-5-3-259-269

Causation is the most difficult legal issue. For every theory of causation, there is a case that breaks it. Meanwhile, doctrinal disputes are aggravated by the increasingly complicated contradictions of judicial practice in civil and criminal cases. Attorneys tend to give the matter of causal link between the behavior of the offender and the resulting consequences to experts, thereby shifting their responsibility for resolving the legal issue (corpus delicti). Researchers still refuse to use the achievements of postclassic philosophy in legal causation. Even modern publications often feature out-of-date examples and arguments that postulate necessity and objectivity of legal causality. The author used the postclassical theory of law to illustrate the structure of the causal relationship for legal responsibility. The present article covers various issues of terminology, discrepancies, causality and guilt, casuistry and its formalities, common sense, etc. Based on the latest domestic and foreign research in civil and criminal law, the key thesis reads as follows: "a causal relationship is a legal construct".
Ekaterina Kovalenko, Nadezhda Tydykova
Bulletin of Kemerovo State University. Series: Humanities and Social Sciences, Volume 2021; https://doi.org/10.21603/2542-1840-2021-5-3-251-258

The research objective was to find the optimal ratio of private and public principles in the regulation of physical culture and sports relations. The authors used the method of induction to analyze the general approaches to the essence of private and public principles in the modern theory of law. At the present stage, their optimal balance is necessary. The systemic-structural method made it possible to present private and public aspects through their specific manifestations, i.e. institutions of responsibility, control, and partnership. The methods of critical analysis were used to question some of the official positions regarding the institution of public and private partnership and the strengthening of criminal liability. The comparative legal method demonstrated the similarities between the ongoing processes in the sports law abroad and in Russia. The public principles in the regulation of sports relations need to be expanded by expanding the scope of social functions of the state. Some specific cases provided a positive assessment of the increase in the private law mechanisms in terms of the relative autonomy of various sports and the development of the institution of public and private partnership. An appropriate legislative framework would guarantee the rights and legitimate interests of private investors and help the state to achieve socially significant goals. The research results can expand the scientific understanding of sports law and serve as material for lawmaking. Thus, the balance of private and public principles in the regulation of physical culture and sports relations is in the shift of the role of the state from control towards the expansion of obligations to implement its social function. However, the expanding scope of private methods, which is natural for this stage, requires restrictions.
Anna Resenchuk, Nina Tuneva
Bulletin of Kemerovo State University. Series: Humanities and Social Sciences, Volume 2021; https://doi.org/10.21603/2542-1840-2021-5-3-212-220

Hybrid learning combines face-to face and online learning, which makes it highly relevant for the current pandemic situation. As a result of global migration, Kemerovo State University welcomes more and more international students each year, hence the need for pedagogical interaction research in cultural dialogue and intercultural communication. The article describes the organizational component of this interaction, which includes a set of methods and technologies that ensure cooperation of all subjects of pedagogical interaction. The authors tested various digital tools of teaching English for Specific Purposes (ESP) and hybrid learning methods in multinational groups of university students. Digital tools allowed students to master basic language and computer skills, as well as increased their motivation and involvement. Interactive teaching materials and automated testing improved the process of hybrid learning in groups where students studied both in classroom and from home. The technologies also helped to establish emotional contact, improved cooperation and creativity, and developed tolerance and teamwork.
Eduard Skibitsky,
Bulletin of Kemerovo State University. Series: Humanities and Social Sciences, Volume 2021; https://doi.org/10.21603/2542-1840-2021-5-3-221-228

Higher education has to develop effective means of pedagogical communication and teaching patterns as a result of the social and economic changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Distance learning requires no face-to-face contact with the teacher. It is based on unconventional teaching patterns and uses modern means of informatization. The research objective was to develop a new system of didactic support in the context of a total distance learning format. The author analyzed the opinions of academics and students of two institutions of higher education. The research revealed some problems related to the use of traditional teaching methods in distance learning. The article introduces a new complex approach to the design of effective didactic support based on the psychological, pedagogical, and methodological features of distance learning. The paper also features various definitions of didactic support, its stages, and component, i.e. content, procedure, and motivation. The new approach was tested experimentally. It involved a rating system, which improved the motivational, emotional, and cognitive aspects of distance learning. A higher degree of formalization of information content also improved such indicators as universality, adaptability, multivariance, and multifunctionality.
Ol'ga Grigor'Eva, Larisa Nikiforova, Aleksandra Cherkashina
Bulletin of Kemerovo State University. Series: Humanities and Social Sciences, Volume 2021; https://doi.org/10.21603/2542-1840-2021-5-3-191-200

The research featured senior preschoolers with phonetic-phonemic speech underdevelopment. The authors described the peculiarities of speech development in such children and analyzed related publications. As a rule, impaired sound pronunciation includes low tempo and weak voluntary regulation. The study featured substitutions, distortion, or absence of various sounds. The authors tested a set of measures aimed at correcting speech disorders in senior preschool children with phonetic-phonemic speech underdevelopment. The experiment revealed a combination of incorrect pronunciation with sounds that were partially consistent in a certain context. Cognitive parameters included difficulties in memorizing verbal information and poor auditory memory. The subjects failed active speech tests and could not remember oral information. The article also introduces data on the specifics of speech therapy of phonemic hearing.
Bulletin of Kemerovo State University. Series: Humanities and Social Sciences, Volume 2021; https://doi.org/10.21603/2542-1840-2021-5-3-201-211

The article introduces the phenomenon of pedagogical convergence. It appeared as a result of global changes that convergent technologies triggered in science, technology, economy, society, and culture. The research objective was to identify the basic principles and conditions for the formation and implementation of pedagogical convergence in domestic and foreign higher education. The authors analyzed domestic and foreign approach to convergence in pedagogical theory and practice, as well as developed an interdisciplinary methodology for studying this phenomenon. Pedagogical convergence outstrips the needs of society in training highly qualified specialists able to deal with technological convergence in all aspects of human activity. Therefore, higher education institutions need to teach their students to develop, borrow, and adapt convergent technologies. This study contributes to the development of pedagogical science in terms of theoretical comprehension of the phenomenon of pedagogical convergence. The new methodology can help to train university graduates who are familiar with the latest achievements of global science and are able to borrow new convergent technologies and adapt them for the needs of their professional activity.
Mariya Serezhkina
Bulletin of Kemerovo State University. Series: Humanities and Social Sciences, Volume 2021; https://doi.org/10.21603/2542-1840-2021-5-3-270-276

The research featured the causes of drug traffic in prisons. The hypothesis is that this crime would be impossible without the participation of employees of the Federal Penitentiary Service. The paper introduces an analysis of statistical data on drug trafficking in Russian prisons. The statistics showed that the level of drug trafficking in prisons remains stable for the last five years, despite the ongoing anti-drug policy of the state, which confirms the abovementioned hypothesis. The study highlighted the role of an employee of the Federal Penitentiary Service in various types of criminal activities related to drug trafficking in prisons. The author analyzed the legal practice of qualifying the actions of prison employees in the field of drug trafficking during their official duties and proposed to introduce uniformity in the qualification of these actions. The paper contains a comparative analysis of a Criminal Investigation Department employee engaged in drug trafficking and a citizen involved in the same crime outside the Criminal Investigation Department. The composition of crimes related to drug trafficking needs an additional qualifying feature for employees of the Federal Penitentiary Service.
Elena El'Gart, Elena Holodceva, Veronika Kameneva, Anna Sergeeva
Bulletin of Kemerovo State University. Series: Humanities and Social Sciences, Volume 2021; https://doi.org/10.21603/2542-1840-2021-5-3-238-243

The article introduces a methodological approach to teaching English as a second language (ESL) to schoolchildren with general speech underdevelopment and identifies the main interlingual influences. The research featured various means that optimize the English language acquisition by schoolchildren with general speech underdevelopment. The research objective was to identify and substantiate the optimal methodological tools that take into account interlanguage influences. The study revealed the causes of the poor native grammar skills in this group of schoolchildren. A longitudinal study of interlingual influences made it possible to define several methodological tools that are able to improve the process of ESL acquisition by schoolchildren with general speech underdevelopment. These tools take into account the native vocabulary skills in children of this category. The authors propose to create additional adapted ESL syllabuses for schoolchildren with general speech underdevelopment. Such programs should be based on the peculiarities of the native vocabulary and grammar development in this category of children.
Ekaterina Abakumova
Bulletin of Kemerovo State University. Series: Humanities and Social Sciences, Volume 2021; https://doi.org/10.21603/2542-1840-2021-5-3-244-250

This study is an attempt to draw a theoretical and legal understanding of law enforcement practice to reduce the penalty in court. The research was based on the comparative legal, statistical, historical, and general scientific methods of cognition (system method, analysis and synthesis, logic, etc.). The author analyzed doctrinal ideas regarding the legal nature of penalty. The study revealed controversial conceptual and theoretical issues related to this legal institution that are of fundamental importance for its practical implementation. A retrospective analysis of the law enforcement practice under Article 333 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation demonstrated a need for a wider recognition of the penalty function, not only in civil law, but also in tax relations.
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