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Iurii Volgin
Bulletin of Kemerovo State University. Series: Humanities and Social Sciences, Volume 2020; doi:10.21603/2542-1840-2020-4-1-70-77

The article, taking into account the subject of evidence in criminal cases, formulates proposals for operative tactical measures aimed at solving the problems of detection and documenting crimes related to illegal coal mining. Detection and documentation of crimes related to illegal coal mining are considered as two interrelated processes of activity of operative units of economic security and anti-corruption. Detection of crimes related to illegal coal mining is presented as an activity consisting of the following stages: search and receipt of primary operative search information; verification of primary information; targeted operative search for persons who may be witnesses, as well as items and documents that can serve as evidence; realization of materials for operative verification of primary information. The main directions of documenting crimes related to illegal coal mining are also defined. The selected areas of documenting crimes related to illegal coal mining allow for the process of proof in criminal cases. Based on the analysis of the activities of operative units of economic security and anti-corruption, a list of operative search actions that allow solving the problems of detection and documenting crimes related to illegal coal mining is proposed. Consider some of the tactical aspects of carrying out operative search actions.
Eugeniy Kazakov, Darya Kutovaia
Bulletin of Kemerovo State University. Series: Humanities and Social Sciences, Volume 2020; doi:10.21603/2542-1840-2020-4-1-53-60

The article presents the entire human history in its phylogeny and ontogenesis as a desire for personification, i.e. to find one’s generic and individual Self. If one gains one’s Self, it means that one truly exists. But that is impossible without gaining one’s freedom. The reflection over the process of self-identification is as old as the human history. However, the moment one gains one’s face, one loses it. The problem of self-identification is particularly relevant nowadays. There is every reason to talk about the growing crisis of identity in modern man. Globalization deprives people of some markers that previously identified them. People seldom identify themselves with the place of birth. Man plunges into the global impersonal flow of information, thus losing both connection with a certain historical past and a sense of belonging to the family or kin. The loss of cultural and national identity is a marker of the growing social infantilism where freedom is more important than responsibility: "I want" means more than "I must", the present presides over the past and the future, and "mine" is more important than everything else.
Zoya Krecan, Evgeny Morozov, Lolita Semke
Bulletin of Kemerovo State University. Series: Humanities and Social Sciences, Volume 2020; doi:10.21603/2542-1840-2020-4-1-12-25

The article features the professional burnout syndrome in teachers. Teaching is one of the most stressful social activities. The authors pointed out personal traits that may determine the development of the professional burnout syndrome in school teachers. They identified, justified, and experimentally verified the relationship between burnout and personality parameters. Together with age, work experience, marital and parental status, these personal traits can serve as burnout predictors. The article gives a general description of the emotional burnout phenomenon in teachers, which includes negative psychological experiences caused by the regular high emotional content or cognitive complexity. The paper also introduces factors of development of emotional burnout. The authors identified the burnout predictors based on the results of an empirical study. They determined strong empathy and internality as provoking factors that triggered emotional stress. As a rule, the stress was associated with teacher's attitude to his or her role in interpersonal relationships. The authors proposed some methods for the prevention of burnout syndrome in teachers.
Nadezhda Almazova, Nina Popova, Tatiana Evtushenko
Bulletin of Kemerovo State University. Series: Humanities and Social Sciences, Volume 2020; doi:10.21603/2542-1840-2020-4-1-1-11

The present article features the organizational and methodological aspects of developing profession-oriented didactic resources in English, i.e. textbooks or teaching manuals, for students of technical specialties in order to improve their work-related competencies. The authors see the interaction between the department of foreign languages and the technical departments as an organizational and methodological dominant. They outline the development principles, content, types of exercises, and various activities. The new generation profession-oriented textbooks, created by the joint efforts of linguists and technicians, contain elements of a computer-based learning environment in its lingua-didactic apparatus. This contributes to a more efficient mastering of the content. Such textbooks follow the methodology of Content and Language Integrated Learning rather than that of English for Specific Purposes. The new manuals are highly specialized, which encourages students to pose questions. In addition, they contain creative cognitive tasks that improve special knowledge in the technical sphere.
Boris Nevzorov, Timur Nevzorov, Aleksandr Semchenko, Andrey Fomin
Bulletin of Kemerovo State University. Series: Humanities and Social Sciences, Volume 2020; doi:10.21603/2542-1840-2020-4-1-26-37

The sphere of education is in urgent need of a professional academic, able to prepare students for their future profession while mastering new teaching technologies, pedagogical methods, and managerial tools. The present article focuses on the systemic changes needed in higher education. The methodological and theoretical framework of the present research included the concepts of the modern science on the dialectical nature of active cognitive activity as a basis for contextual training. The study was also based on the theoretical foundations of pedagogical education at university. Other fundamental principles included pedagogy and psychology of developing the pedagogical culture of future academics and their personality. The methods involved an analysis of documents and scientific publications on the reform of higher education and empirical experience connected with professional skills of academics. The authors believe that highly specialized professional skills are still valued on the labor market, yet they are gradually being displaced with quasi-professional skills that grant future employees a high level of adaptability, inter-sectoral mobility, and freedom of choice. A modern university has to provide its students with these skills, as well as with the ability of independent learning. As a result, a professional academic has to be able to teach students how to act in a changing environment. The required skills can be mastered by acquiring the culture of independent work based on the assimilation of social experience during practical activities. Students can obtain problem solving skills only via their own social experience. Thus, university education should provide students with experience of solving cognitive, ideological, moral, organizational, and communicative problems. Academics improve their professional skills by building up intellectual experience and professional pedagogical competence. The competence is based on knowledge, skills, life, and professional experience, strict pedagogical culture, and values.
Mikhail Simkin, Irina Maltseva
Bulletin of Kemerovo State University. Series: Humanities and Social Sciences, Volume 2020; doi:10.21603/2542-1840-2020-4-1-38-46

The research featured various theoretical approaches to understanding coherent speech as a complex process in psychological and pedagogical aspects. The article focuses on characteristics of coherent speech in primary school children with normal speech development vs. those with hearing impairment. The subject of the research was the technology of coherent speech development in hearing-impaired primary schoolers. The research objective was to identify, prove, and verify the possibility of developing coherent speech in primary school children with hearing problems. A set of experiments measured and described the qualitative and qualitative parameters of coherent speech in primary school children according to specific auditory analyzer deficits. Coherent speech in hearing-impaired primary school children revealed a variety of speech disorders, which manifested themselves in a different ratio of semantic and lexical and grammatical errors at the sentence and text level. The authors propose several technologies of coherent speech development, including picture-aided storytelling, making riddles, fairy tales, and stories based on personal experience. The research proved that the coherent speech development methods should take into account the specifics of hearing impairments.
Egor Trezubov, Ekaterina Isakova
Bulletin of Kemerovo State University. Series: Humanities and Social Sciences, Volume 2020; doi:10.21603/2542-1840-2020-4-1-88-94

The article deals with mediation, or reconciliation of the parties, as a new procedure in the Russian civil judicial practice. The main advantage of judicial reconciliation is in the status of a mediator. As a rule, the mediator is a retired experienced judge who explains the law and the relevant judicial practice to the participants. However, mediation does not reduce the judicial load; it neither curtails the time of the trial nor saves the budget costs. Mediation, as well as other alternative methods of dispute settlement, can be actively applied only in a legally and economically developed society. Therefore, Russian judicial reconciliation has a long way to go. At the moment, the lack of real financial support from the government is an insurmountable obstacle for mediation. Moreover, the number of mediators differs from region to region. Therefore, the new practice needs combined efforts of the entire judicial system, from local courts to the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation. Mediation is effective only if it means persuasion of the parties to reconciliation and proper governmental financing.
Vladimir Zolotukhin, Dariya Semina, Marina Semina
Bulletin of Kemerovo State University. Series: Humanities and Social Sciences, Volume 2020; doi:10.21603/2542-1840-2020-4-1-47-52

The present article considers the correlation of two key categories of human economic behavior: needs and values. As the socio-cultural attitudes of modern society change, values become the main reference point of the individual, and the ways the person chooses to realize his or her needs characterize the formation of value orientations and stereotypes of human behavior. From the point of view of development of various consumption models, the axiological attitude to goods and services is undergoing a transformation. The vector of transformation depends on how this process is reflected by human consciousness. The way one chooses to satisfy his or her needs depends on the prevailing value stereotypes in one’s economic behavior. The formation of needs and their assessment are determined by the economic reality and the socio-cultural environment. A person has the right to determine the trajectory of their economic behavior, as long as it is legal and conscious, both in the technological and economic sense. From the point of view of the subject of activity and consumption, a person is a reflection of social identity, due to the socio-cultural environment, limited by a certain awareness and understanding of the quality of life. The author focuses on the fact that certain negative socio-cultural practices caused by inefficient and problematic activities of state institutions result increase irresponsible behavior, legal nihilism, unjustified tolerance and / or zero tolerance, as well as the transformation of value stereotypes.
Evgeniy Kargapolov
Bulletin of Kemerovo State University. Series: Humanities and Social Sciences, Volume 2020; doi:10.21603/2542-1840-2020-4-1-61-69

The research featured the problems of civilizational identification of Russia as affected by global and local factors. Russian national identity is part of the civilizational identity. It is a specific feature of the Russian people associated with faith, language, historical memory, a sense of justice, etc. The forms of Russian civilizational identity include collegiality, etatism, a symphony of authorities, traditional family, and Orthodox faith. Thus, the civilizational identity and future of Russia are not connected with Western values: they depend on the strategy of internal self-development and the search for civilizational development based on traditional values. The main research objective was to describe the Russian civilizational code and forms of Russian civilizational identity in the situation of aggravated political, economic, and cultural contradictions between the Euro-Atlantic and Eastern civilizations. The paper describes the place of Russian civilization among world civilizations. The author analyzed the difficulties and problems of Russian civilizational identity. The research was based on the civilizational approach to the place of Russia in the global processes and the processes of civilizational identification.
Andrey Peraladov, Alexander Lichman
Bulletin of Kemerovo State University. Series: Humanities and Social Sciences, Volume 2020; doi:10.21603/2542-1840-2020-4-1-78-87

The present research featured the legal nature of the negatory action as one of the common ways to protect the rights of a real estate owner. The article focuses on the ground of this action and the fact in proof in property rights protection cases not related to dispossession. The authors drew a parallel between the negatory action and the prohibitory action which prohibits offensive activities or hazards of injury infliction. In spite of the fact that the prohibitory action used to be associated with the nugatory one, they demand different kinds of actual statutory regulation and law enforcement. The authors agree that the lawsuit on the prohibition of activities, as provided for by Article 1065 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, stems from a tort, and is not a proprietary method of defense of rights. In the Russian civil law, the law of neighboring tenements remains underdeveloped, as does the defense of rights of the real estate owner from their neighbors. The authors believe that it is wrong to justify the negatory action by administrative law as this violates the rules for overcoming conflicts of legal regulation, shifting the burden of proof, and deviating from the standards of adversarial and equal rights of the parties in the civil process.
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