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Economics, Management and Sustainability; doi:10.14254/jems

Economics, Management and Sustainability - Scientific Journal. An Open Access Journal. Economics, Management and Sustainability (JEMS) is a peer-reviewed open access journal publishing original high-quality scholarly research and developments in areas related to economics, management, public administration, policy and practice. Established in 2016 by the Scientific Platform “SciView.Net”. Offers rapid review and publication of articles.
Economics, Management and Sustainability, Volume 5, pp 42-47; doi:10.14254/jems.2020.5-1.4

Kindergarten school at an early age is a form of education that focuses on laying the foundation towards physical growth and development (fine and gross motor coordination), intelligence (thinking power, emotional intelligence, spiritual intelligence), socio-emotional (attitude and behavior as well as religion), language and communication, by the uniqueness and stages of development carried out by young children born up to eight years, serves to develop children's potential and shape the child's personality correctly. The purpose of this education has two functions, namely giving direction to all educational activities and is something that is intended to be achieved by all educational activities. Based the results are customer relationship marketing has a positive and significant influence on the satisfaction of Elite Sang Tunas Kid Courses Denpasar, CRM has a positive and significant influence on Consumer Trust in Elite Sang Tunas Kid Courses Denpasar, satisfaction has a positive and significant influence on Consumer Trust at Elite Sang Tunas Kid Courses Denpasar, the role of satisfaction plays an important role for the development and progress of the institution, this means that the better customer relationship marketing, consumers will feel high satisfaction so that consumers are loyal to the services provided by Elite Sang Tunas Kid Courses Denpasar.
Economics, Management and Sustainability, Volume 5, pp 48-67; doi:10.14254/jems.2020.5-1.5

For economic growth in any country must accompanied with skilled migration, persona remittances received, bilateral aid and improve food security through adaptation method of agriculture. In this regards, this study used the important of employment in agriculture, migration, economic growth, bilateral/foreign aids and remittances. We use data from WDI from 1960 to 2017 using linear regression models. Depending on the which variable we choose as dependent variable, the results confirmed that migration and remittances have significant positive impact on employment in agriculture in the Gambia. The results found out that employment in agriculture seriously has negative and significant impacts on bilateral aids. This may be due to the fact that the foreign aids received for agriculture is diverted to other used that could have less important to the economy growth. The results further explained that migration and economic growth are insignificant optimistic impacts on total aids in the Gambia, while remittance and employmlent in agriculture are statistically significant positive impacts on the total aids in the Gambia.10% increase in migration, increases foreign aid by 50.3%. This results is confirmed by Berthélemy, Beuran, and Maurel (2009) using World Bank bilateral data on the Effect of total aid on migration-push affect,10% increase in aid in general increases migration by 1.5%. When we used breakpoint date of 1981 and 1994 the results are structural stable due to the coups in the Gambia in 1981 and 1994. In addition, remittance, migration and foreign aid have positive significant impacts on economic growth. Increases 10% of remittance, increase economic growth by 0.14%.Only employment in agriculture has negative impacts on economic growth.10% increases in employment in agriculture, decrease economic growth by 0.04%.The economy of the Gambia should use the foreign aid to improve agriculture production and productivity thereby increase economic growth through export and eat what we grow.
Evans Yeboah, Lucy Anning
Economics, Management and Sustainability, Volume 5, pp 6-16; doi:10.14254/jems.2020.5-1.1

As foreign direct investment provides a new way for many countries to improve their economies with Ghana not being an exemption. The source of FDI countries looks on to give Ghana a new way of advancement. This study provides a general overview on the inflow of foreign direct investment to Ghana. By considering FDI component values, local currency values, the overall number of projects registered and employment creation to investigate their significance in Ghana’s economy. This study makes use of the descriptive statistical method that promote data analysis in a quantitative way. The results revealed that, FDI component contributes heavily to the total foreign direct investment values in Ghana. The outcome also shows that, of the whole number of registered projects, about 72.10% were wholly-foreign owned but in the aspect of the aggregate cost of these projects, the value of joint ventures (between Ghanaians and their foreign counterparts) weigh higher than that of wholly-foreign owned businesses. The result further indicates that, on the account of employment creation, Ghanaians enjoyed about 85% of the total jobs to be created. It is suggested that the government of Ghana should encourage its citizen to contribute more to investment.
Majid Azizi, Mohammad Mehdi Faezipour, Ali Bayatkashkoli
Economics, Management and Sustainability, Volume 5, pp 17-28; doi:10.14254/jems.2020.5-1.2

Poplars, a fast-growing species, enjoy a high significance in Iran’s industry. So far, information on poplar plantation, such as area, volume, and harvest, has been obtained by non-scientific and poor methods. A few studies have been conducted to recognize capability of poplar plantation about area, volume, harvest, distribution, and species in three high efficient provinces, i.e., Eastern/ Azerbaijan, Zanjan, Kermanshah, and Ardabil. A Cluster sampling a standard sampling method for conducting similar researches was selected, consisting of two phases. In the first phase we collected library information and half-open interview from villagers. In the second phase field measurement in the villages of these four provinces was considered. Obtained information from field measurement was erected poplar volume, cultivated poplar area, prevalent species and estimating volume via volume and weight tables. Results obtained from the present study indicate that average annual utilization volume of four provinces was 172628.84 m3, with an average error of 14.19 percent.
Economics, Management and Sustainability, Volume 5, pp 29-41; doi:10.14254/jems.2020.5-1.3

In this study, Japan's LNG import contracts are discussed. Given the importance that these contracts are oil-indexation, the impact of crude oil price volatility (emphasizing OPEC oil basket) on LNG prices was studied using a structural VAR model from January 1997 to October 2017. Also, the Hodrick-Prescott filter was used to separate positive and negative shocks to investigate the effect of oil price shocks on LNG prices. The results showed that the relationship between LNG and crude oil prices has increased over time and that the effect of price shocks was asymmetric so that the impact of positive shocks was more lasting and more significant than negative shocks. This imbalance indicates that the basic oil contracting mechanism generally works to secure sellers' rights. So Japan needs to reform its contracts. Looking at gas sales contracts elsewhere in the world, it seems that the best alternative to current contracts would be the formation of an LNG hub in the North and East Asian region with the focus on Japan or Singapore.
Titi Darmi, Sri Ekowati
Economics, Management and Sustainability, Volume 5, pp 68-74; doi:10.14254/jems.2020.5-1.6

This article describes the Village Companion (PD) contribution for the management of the Village Fund in order to achieve village development goals. The study was conducted in Air Periukan Village, Seluma District, Bengkulu Province, Indonesia. This study is very interesting to study because Desa Air Periukan has a very good development of rural development compared to other villages. The position of the village 4 years ago in the village category was very lagging behind. However, in 2018 Air Periukan village is in the category of Developing Villages and is able to manage village potential to the full. The data sources in this study are secondary data and primary data. The research informants were 5 village apparatus, 2 village facilitators and 5 community members who accidentally met at the time of the study. The results showed that the existence of village facilitators contributed to the management of village funds. Village Facilitators are able to empower the community so that the Village Apparatus is able to carry out development planning in accordance with community needs sourced from the Village Fund.
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