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St. Noer Farida Laila
Jurnal Dinamika Penelitian, Volume 16; https://doi.org/10.21274/dinamika.2016.16.2.383-399

The present research was aimed at describing the dichotomous attitude of Muslim medieval ulama toward the development of religious and non-religious sciences. Based on a library study on the thought of Imam al-Ghazali in his Ihya’ ‘ulum al-din, as well as the thought of al-Zarnuji in his Ta’lim almuta’allim, it was found that both ulama did not stcrikly differentiate the two sciences. Al-Ghazali saw the relation of the two sciences not in “conflict” but “independent” one each other, while al-Zarnuji devided the sciences based on their possitive aspects for Muslims’ religious life. Al-Zarnuji did not classify sciences as religious and non-religious.Kata Kunci: Dikotomi, Pemikiran Al-Ghazali, Al-Zarnuji
Jurnal Dinamika Penelitian, Volume 16; https://doi.org/10.21274/dinamika.2016.16.2.247-262

National development efforts in improving quality of education especially in East Java are to create and to apply the police that in accordance with education level in each district. Making policy is aimed to achieve awareness and capability to contend especially in education field. In the context of assisting the manufacture of the policy needs to be done a grouping of the education level of community in the district in East Java to understand the extent of the development of the spread of the level of schooling. The purpose of this studyis to find groups of districts in East Java have characteristic together in thefield of education. While the method of analysis is that are used hierarchical clusters. From this analysis obtained two groups where the first group a number of 29 the districts which have the level of education higher than the second group with 9 of districts.Kata Kunci: Clustering, Level Pendidikan, Analisis Hierarchical Cluster
M Maftukhin
Jurnal Dinamika Penelitian, Volume 16; https://doi.org/10.21274/dinamika.2016.16.2.337-352

Environmental theology is the science that discusses relationship between religion and nature is primarily concerned with environmental issues. Theology environment is a way to bring God into the ecological aspect. This conception appears as a response to the issue of environmental crises that occurred since the Middle Ages. In the theology perspective, environmental crisis that is currently going on can’t be separated from human behavior is conscious or not have damaged the eco system of the earth so that a balance is threatened.This article seeks it by borrowing a concept of Seyyed Hossein Nasr poured in some of his magnum opus. Search of authors for works Nasr, in general the environmental crisis caused by modern human error of viewing the world. Modern humans are greedy and view the world solely as an object of scientific development also caused the loss of esoteric dimension. Nasr then give a solution that is appropriate nature is seen as a theophany; God’s power mirrors and a haven for humans.Kata Kunci: Teologi Lingkungan, Seyyed Hossein Nasr, Modern
Ilza Ma’Azi Azizah
Jurnal Dinamika Penelitian, Volume 16; https://doi.org/10.21274/dinamika.2016.16.2.279-308

Kasti is traditional games such as baseball games for students of primary schools/ madrasah, this is important because Kasti can develop the physical and psychological aspects of students. In the physical aspect, the game roundersable to make students more active in learning activities. Physical activeness contained in such games can be used to study the concept of stylish materials, whereas the psychological aspect, an element of fun baseball game. In the course of learning, pleasant atmosphere will affect the student’s motivation to learn, so it can have an impact on improving student learning outcomes. The purpose of this study is the first, to explain the effectiveness of learning using traditional games on motivation to learn. Based on the research, we concluded that, on the variable of learning motivation, learning application using the traditional game is more effective in increasing student motivation than learning without the traditional game.Kata Kunci: Permainan Tradisional, Kasti, Motivasi.
Khoirul Huda
Jurnal Dinamika Penelitian, Volume 16; https://doi.org/10.21274/dinamika.2016.16.2.309-336

Madrasah is a public educational institution distinctively Islamic. Since the issuance of the decree of the Minister and Law No. 3 2/1989 on National Education System, the school is entrusted to manage the education and follow the success of the 9-year compulsory education program. Although the school has held the same position with the public schools, but school achievement is still low. The focus of this paper is an internal problem which includes students, teachers, curriculum, resources and infra structure, and aims to determine the efforts under taken at MAN Rejotangan to overcome the problems faced in order to improve the quality of Islamic education. Research on this paper include descriptive study, based on a qualitative research approach, and review of field belongs to science education research, and if viewed from the place designated as a research field. These results indicate the existence of problems serious enough in MAN Rejotangan, which include educators, either quantitatively or qualitatively, the lack of government budget, input a low level, the source of funds and infrastructure is relatively in adequate, student interest low and parents are less concerned about the education, and the development of resources and infrastructures affordably.Kata Kunci: Problematika Madrasah, Pendidikan Islam, Mutu.
M Mundir
Jurnal Dinamika Penelitian, Volume 16; https://doi.org/10.21274/dinamika.2016.16.2.353-382

Research in the form of survey is aimed at making comparisons between the internal aspects of belief on the condition of Government Elementary School Nurul Athhar Kebonsari Benculuk Cluring Banyuwangi in East Java with aspects of internal evaluation, external aspect of belief with external aspects evaluation, internal aspect of belief with the external aspects of belief, the internal aspects of evaluation with external aspects of evaluation, and to know the different aspects of belief and evaluation aspects of internal customers and external customers. The survey was conducted using analytical models Fishbein. A survey of 30 customers showed different aspects of belief and evaluation aspects of internal customers and external customers. The survey results have implications for the necessity of minimizing the differences for the sake of fulfilling the expectations of internal and external customers to an educational institution, in order to realize improved service quality madrasah.Kata Kunci: Kepercayaan internal dan Eksternal, Evaluasi, Pelanggan
Endang Rifngati
Jurnal Dinamika Penelitian, Volume 16; https://doi.org/10.21274/dinamika.2016.16.2.268-273

Advances in technology have an impact in all areas, as well in the college library as one of the institutions information management, application of information technology in libraries is used to improve the services that are owned by the library. Librarians as one important component in the library served to take advantage of existing technology is a new challenge for librarians who previously applying conventional based services should be transformed into information technology-based services. Improving the competence of librarians must continue to be done in order to create a professional librarian. By having professional competence is expected librarian is always ready to face any changes that occur.Kata Kunci: Pustakawan Perguruan Tinggi, Layanan Prima, Teknologi Informasi
Ali Rohmad
Jurnal Dinamika Penelitian, Volume 16; https://doi.org/10.21274/dinamika.2016.16.2.221-246

Everyone who establish relationships marriage course, wanted a harmonious relationship with her partner, developing relationships with partner until his death. But in reality not every marriage lasted harmonious as expected, some even marriage to end in divorce. After divorce problems that often occur is about parenting, not just neighbor custody of children, but also the psychology of children, especially those still at the early age phase. This article seeks to discuss how the characteristics of the child’s development in a phase after divorce early age 0-6 years which need to be addressed during the actualization of care. In addition to the articles also will be reviewed how parenting after divorce activity in a phase early ages 0-6 years with an Islamic perspective of informal education.Kata Kunci: Pengasuhan, Pascaperceraian, Pendidikan Informal Islam
Afinia Sandhya Rini
Jurnal Dinamika Penelitian, Volume 16; https://doi.org/10.21274/dinamika.2016.16.2.202-220

JSA is a man (42 years) with mental disorder called schizophrenia disorganize type. The study aims to improve behavior independent in care of mom.Technique data collection is observation, interview and GRAFIS test. Intervention done 6 session with the approach behavior therapy the Activityof the Daily Living (ADL). Each session aims to teach on the subjects of behavior independent in care of mom and maintain clean liness in daily life. After conducted intervention, subject had more pattern of behavior independentin care of mom.Kata Kunci: Kemampuan Rawat Diri, Skizofrenia, Paranoid
Reni Dwi Puspitasari
Jurnal Dinamika Penelitian, Volume 16; https://doi.org/10.21274/dinamika.2016.16.1.175-204

Contradictions Religious Court jurisprudence absolute competence in resolving disputes sticking Islamic banking since the advent of Law No. 21 of 2008 which includes choice of forum for dispute resolution litigation Islamic economy. This triggers legal uncertainty morning the parties. This contradiction is related to the question of the substantive law and procedural law as well as the politics of government laws as proposer is still influenced by the paradigm of colonial law and New Order. In fact, the legal political government is the policy of the law (legal policy) to be implemented at the national, among others, is in the development of laws that core law-making and reform of legal materials that are considered not relevant or appropriate to the needs of the creation of the law. Thus, the government proposal was passed that has hurt the national consensus, because article 55 (2) of Law No. 21 Year 2008 opened the space to settling disputes resolved under the laws of the colonial Dutch government that no longer fit with the culture of Indonesian culture. In addition, the government proposal was passed it was too much to interfere with the judicial realm, for the settlement of Islamic economy had previously been given to the Religious Courts by Law No. 3 of 2006.Keywords: Jurisprudence, Absolut, Islamic Banking
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