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Abdelmajid Timoumi
Published: 1 January 2018
Graphene, Volume 07, pp 31-38; doi:10.4236/graphene.2018.74004

This research work aims to reduce the band gap of thin layers of titanium oxide by the incorporation of graphene oxide sheets. Thin layers of the TiO2-GO composites were prepared on a glass substrate by the spin-coating technique from GO and an aqueous solution of TiO2. A significant decrease in optical band gap was observed at the TiO2-GO compound compared to that of pure TiO2. Samples as prepared were characterized using XRD, SEM and UV-visible spectra. XRD analysis revealed the amorphous nature of the deposited layers. Scanning electron microscope reveals the dispersion of graphene nanofiles among titanium oxide nanoparticles distributed at the surface with an almost uniform size distribution. The band gap has been calculated and is around 2 eV after incorporation of Graphene oxide. The chemical bond C-Ti between the titanium oxide and graphene sheets is at the origin of this reduction.
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