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Harrison O. Amuji, Cecilia N. Aronu, Obioma G. Onukwube, Chinemerem Igboanusi
Open Journal of Optimization, Volume 10, pp 29-46;

Every couple would want to have balanced sex of babies and a given number of children. But in reality, most couples do not achieve it. Some end up bearing particular sex of baby, this has caused a lot of pressure and untold hardship for couples. In Nigeria, the preference for a son is so strong that any family that does not have a son does not belong. The reason for the preference is mainly for economic and continuation of family lineage. Inability to bear the desired sex of a baby makes couples bear more children than they could cater for. This has caused poverty, overpopulation and reduces life expectancy for many families in Nigeria. In this paper, we have developed a model that will help couples select the desired sex of their babies and avoid unwanted pregnancies. The method is easy to apply whether educated or not. The application of the method will help to reduce family-based violence due to imbalanced sex of babies.
Bingzhuang Liu
Open Journal of Optimization, Volume 10, pp 61-70;

We propose a new unified path to approximately smoothing the nonsmooth exact penalty function in this paper. Based on the new smooth penalty function, we give a penalty algorithm to solve the constrained optimization problem, and discuss the convergence of the algorithm under mild conditions.
A. H. Qamlo
Open Journal of Optimization, Volume 10, pp 1-12;

In this study, boundary control problems with Neumann conditions for 2 × 2 cooperative hyperbolic systems involving infinite order operators are considered. The existence and uniqueness of the states of these systems are proved, and the formulation of the control problem for different observation functions is discussed.
Dmitry Golembiovsky, Anton Pavlov, Smetanin Daniil
Open Journal of Optimization, Volume 10, pp 47-60;

The stochastic dual dynamic programming (SDDP) algorithm is becoming increasingly used. In this paper we present analysis of different methods of lattice construction for SDDP exemplifying a realistic variant of the newsvendor problem, incorporating storage of production. We model several days of work and compare the profits realized using different methods of the lattice construction and the corresponding computer time spent in lattice construction. Our case differs from the known one because we consider not only a multidimensional but also a multistage case with stage dependence. We construct scenario lattice for different Markov processes which play a crucial role in stochastic modeling. The novelty of our work is comparing different methods of scenario lattice construction. We considered a realistic variant of the newsvendor problem. The results presented in this article show that the Voronoi method slightly outperforms others, but the k-means method is much faster overall.
Ibrahima Diedhiou, Salimata Gueye Diagne, Fambaye Ngom Sow, Coumba Diallo Diop, Ndiaga Thiam, Gabriel Birame Ndiaye, Aissatou Fall Ndoye Gueye
Open Journal of Optimization, Volume 10, pp 13-27;

Small coastal pelagic fish are one of the fish families most affected by sea fishing. This man-made phenomenon leads to an imbalance in the marine and coastal ecosystem and is one of the main causes of migration north and offshore of the ranges. We used the ordinary differential equations to model the interactions existing between small pelagic resources and fishermen. Modelling follows the same of the Lotka-Volterra equations with a difference in the number of variables. This study confirmed the instability of the marine ecosystem. The objective is first of all to model a system of three interacting individuals composed of two distinct types of predators and two types of prey, and then optimise this interaction with the aim of conserving biodiversity in the ecosystem under study. Determining the Jacobian matrix made it possible to calculate the reproduction rate basic (R0). The study of the strong connectedness has made it possible to reduce the number of variables without losing the objective of the study. A computer program implemented on the language computer python facilitated the visualisation of the results.
Ramadane Adamou Yougouda, Marcellin Nkenlifack, Vivient Corneille Kamla, Laurent Bitjoka
Open Journal of Optimization, Volume 10, pp 71-87;

Computer grids are infrastructures in which heterogeneous and distributed resources offer very high computing or storage performance. If they offer extreme computing performance, they are also subject to the appearance of many failures related to this type of architecture. While performing tasks, if the response time of a node in the system incomprehensibly exceeds the requirements of the specifications, the node experiences an omission failure. The task running in the failed node will be unavailable until the node resumes normal activity. Waiting not being a possible solution, many fault tolerance methods have been proposed. Despite this large number of fault tolerance methods on offer, computer grids are still prone to many failures by omission. In this work, a numerical study of the failures by omission which occur in the calculation grids during the execution of the tasks was carried out and a model allowing anticipating its failures was proposed with the formalism PDEVS (Parallel Discret EVent system Specification).
Fulgence Nahayo, Salah Khardi
Open Journal of Optimization, Volume 09, pp 15-26;

The aim of this paper is to set up an efficient nonlinear application algorithm predictive model for a multi aircraft landing dynamic system called “Aircraft Landing Dynamic System, Release 2019A+ version “AIRLADYS R2019A+”. This programming software combines dynamic programming technic for mathematical computing and optimisation run under AMPL and KNITRO Solver. It uses also a descriptive programming technic for software design. The user interfaces designed in Glade are saved as XML, and by using the GtkBuilder GTK+ object these can be loaded by applications dynamically as needed. By using GtkBuilder, Glade XML files can be used in numerous programming languages including C, C++, C#, Java, Perl, Python, AMPL, etc. Glade is Free Software released under the GNU GPL License. By these tools, the solved problem is a mathematical modelization problem as a non-convex optimal control governed by ordinary non-linear differential equations. The dynamic programming technic is applied because it is a sufficiently high order and it does not require computation of the partial derivatives of the aircraft dynamic. This application will be coded with Linux system on 64 bit operating system, but it can also be run on the windows system. High running performances are obtained with results giving feasible trajectories with a robust optimizing of the objective function.
Moustapha Diaby, Brou Laurent Anicet Koua, Etienne Soro
Open Journal of Optimization, Volume 09, pp 138-147;

In a context of increasing competition and sustainable development, service prices and unused capacity enhancement play a crucial role in freight or people transportation management. The focus of the paper is on a Dial-a-ride Problem in the Saharan country context, for the particular of Taxi “woro-woro”1. More precisely, these taxis help to transport groups of people without any affinity, from point A to point B without stopping. Also, we propose for this problem an exact solution based on a mix integer program (MIP). A secondary study on a random instance generation algorithm is presented, which allows us to have a diversified and varied benchmark on which to apply our MIP program.
Munir Hossain, Mollah Mesbahuddin Ahmed, Amirul Islam, Shirajul Islam Ukil
Open Journal of Optimization, Volume 09, pp 27-37;

Transportation of products from sources to destinations with minimal total cost plays an important role in logistics and supply chain management. In this article, a new and effective algorithm is introduced for finding an initial basic feasible solution of a balanced transportation problem. Number of numerical illustration is introduced and optimality of the result is also checked. Comparison of findings obtained by the new heuristic and the existing heuristics show that the method presented herein gives a better result.
Tahmineh Azizi, Bacim Alali
Open Journal of Optimization, Volume 09, pp 86-104;

In the current work, we study two infectious disease models and we use nonlinear optimization and optimal control theory which helps to find strategies towards transmission control and to forecast the international spread of the infectious diseases. The relationship between epidemiology, mathematical modeling and computational tools lets us to build and test theories on the development and fighting with a disease. This study is motivated by the study of epidemiological models applied to infectious diseases in an optimal control perspective. We use the numerical methods to display the solutions of the optimal control problems to find the effect of vaccination on these models. Finally, global sensitivity analysis LHS Monte Carlo method using Partial Rank Correlation Coefficient (PRCC) has been performed to investigate the key parameters in model equations. This present work will advance the understanding about the spread of infectious diseases and lead to novel conceptual understanding for spread of them.
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