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Andreea Maria G. Militaru, Bogdan Fleacă, Cristina Simion, Mirona Popescu
Advanced Engineering Forum, Volume 42, pp 167-175;

Today, sustainability is identified more than just an environmental issue, being part of the enterprise strategies for a connected and efficient structure. More and more enterprises become aware of the challenges of sustainability in society. The purpose of this paper is to determine and discuss the role of projects for the sustainable development of enterprises by researching the existing literature. This paper focuses on what means sustainable development within the enterprises, the main characteristics and examples of innovative projects leading towards sustainable development inside/outside the enterprise.
Maria Stoicănescu
Advanced Engineering Forum, Volume 42, pp 57-62;

The 1.4301 stainless steel is part of the category of austenitic stainless steels, steels which do no undergo heat treatments in general, as they are intended for hot plastic deformation in particular. The aim of the research presented in this paper was to obtain significantly improved characteristics of the resistance properties in relation to the values obtained under classical conditions, by applying heat treatments. Samples taken from the delivery state material underwent annealing, quenching and ageing heat treatments. Subsequently, the samples thus treated were subjected to tests enabling the determination of the correlations between the heat treatment parameters, the structure and the properties.
Robert Cristian Marin, Iulian Ştefan, Mihaela Cristina Predescu, Sorin Vasile Savu
Advanced Engineering Forum, Volume 42, pp 36-41;

This paper aims to present preliminary researches on the influence of the shape and dimensions of composites materials on the stability of microwave heating. The research was focused on cordierite composite material, which is used as ceramic substrate in selective catalytic reaction for reduction of nitrogen oxide emissions from combustion engines. For experimental program were used different shapes for cordierite material, such as cubic, cylindrical, sphere and rectangular. Based on previous researches where it was demonstrated that an injected microwave power between 600 W and 1200 W, the samples were heated in order to establish which shape is more suitable for fast heating, thermal stability in terms of thermal runaway as well as for avoiding the unwanted microwave plasma initiation.
Isabele Maria Coman
Advanced Engineering Forum, Volume 42, pp 137-142;

This study presents the evolution of the European Norms of depollution and their environment impact. Therefore, starting Euro 1 Norms (1992), the European Commission defines and regulates the exhaust emissions of the vehicles produced and sold in the European Union. From 2014 until the end of 2020, car producers are under the regulations of the Euro 6/VI Directives. These regulations had a great impact on the process of vehicles engineering design as they influence the materials used during the manufacturing process such as metals, additives or plastic and polymeric composites. One key role in the development of less polluting vehicles is the usage of polymeric composites. Thanks to these materials, cars are now lighter, therefore they consume less fuel and they produce less pollution, and also they present an increased level of comfort and safety. One main target of the Euro 6 regulation is to popularize electrical, hybrid or hydrogen cars. Plastic and polymeric composites such as polyacetal, polyphenylene ether or other engineering resins are a key part of the evolution of car industry. This article is intended to summarize how using polymers on different car components impacts the quality of air.
Ionela Gabriela Bucşe, Mariana Ciobanu, Olimpia Ghermec
Advanced Engineering Forum, Volume 42, pp 197-202;

There is a crucial need to achieve a more sustainable management of the world's water resources due to serious water scarcity and water pollution. A whole series of problems are related to these needs, but the problem of water resources is one of the most prominent. This paper aims to point out certain solutions to address these issues, such as providing a framework for the concept of integrated management of water resources in Mehedinţi County. Water quality protection should be a permanent concern; therefore, every member of society must bring out his own conscious and responsible contribution. To this end, by all means of information or education, it is necessary to debate the social, economic and ecological importance of problems and actions in order to prevent and combat pollution of water resources.
Daniel Cristian Ghelsingher, , Sorin Vasile Savu
Advanced Engineering Forum, Volume 42, pp 85-90;

This paper aims to present how the microwave technology can be used in the development of hybrid joining and microjoining technologies for composites materials in order to increase productivity and quality of the welds. The paper is mainly focused on conceptualization of various types of hybrid processes by coupling a microwave beam with conventional thermal source such as arc welding, laser welding, 3D printing and others. The concepts presented in this paper will be completed with sensing solution for sensing and automation of the processes.
Alexandru Ioan Rădoi, Cosmin Mihai Miriţoiu, Mihaela Bogdan, Marius Marinel Stănescu, Dumitru Bolcu, Ionuţ Daniel Geonea
Advanced Engineering Forum, Volume 42, pp 24-29;

The paper presents some researches about the dynamic mechanical properties for some green composites made as follows: the reinforcement is made from rush and bulrush and the matrix is from epoxy resin Resoltech 1050 with its hardener Resoltech 1055. The dynamic parameters were determined from the bars free vibrations. In the first part of the paper, there are presented the mathematical calculus formulas used for the dynamic parameters determination based on the experimental recordings for the free vibrations. The next experimental montage was used: the bars were clamped at one end and were left free at the other end. At the free end, a Bruel&Kjaer accelerometer with 0.04 pC/ms-2 sensitivity was placed in order to record the beams dynamic response. A force was applied at the free end to bend the beams and after bending, the force was cancelled and the beams were left to freely vibrate. The accelerometer was connected to a signal conditioner Nexus and the signal conditioner was connected to a data acquisition system SPIDER 8 made by Hottinger Baldwin Messtec. The acquisition system was connected to a notebook ant the experimental parameters were obtained through CATMAN EASY software. From the free vibrations recording, the following mechanical parameters were determined: the eigenfrequency of the first eigenmode and the damping factors per unit mass. With these values, we have determined some direct calculus formulas for the damping factor per unit mass.
Anca Giorgiana Barbu, Marian Gheorghe
Advanced Engineering Forum, Volume 42, pp 113-121;

Car seats represent a constructive - functional system including a variety of elements, assembled on a specific frame, among those the main components are the seat pan, the seat backrest, and the seat headrest. In order to improve the comfort of the driver and passengers, as well vehicle general safety, the car seats are under of intensive research and implementation of advanced developments.Thus, through of variety of sensors integrated into the seat, some important parameters are analysed for keeping the drivers alert and comfortable while driving semi-autonomous or autonomous cars. For adjustment of the seat linear and angular positions, a special system has been implemented, comprising electric, electronic, and pneumatic elements. Also, seat micro-adjustments are possible through the action of specific actuators. The car seat design and manufacture take into consideration a diverse array of data, based on a large range of parameters to face the diversity of drivers requirements. The present paper is advancing a conceptual development of car complex seat, integrating a number of active elements, with multiple possible adjustments. The new seat model is designed to satisfy a larger diversity of people both in terms of comfort and safety.
Dragoș Tutunea, Ilie Dumitru, Laurenţiu Racilă
Advanced Engineering Forum, Volume 42, pp 79-84;

The objective of this paper is to investigate the fuel injection system in diesel engines by using inline pumps. In a diesel engines, the fuel injection pressure plays an important role in the combustion process in order to obtain high performance and low fuel consumption. The experiments in this paper are been performed on a 6 cylinder inline pump which is actioned by an electric motor with variable r.p.m.-s The quantity of the fuel injected by each injector is measured function of time and the speed of electric motor. The experiments show the degree of non-uniformity of the fuel delivered by the pump to injectors.
Carmen Elisabeta Radu, Edward Rășchitor, Iosif Tempea
Advanced Engineering Forum, Volume 42, pp 91-98;

To study the vibrations of a Multiparker lift lift model, use various models for the lifting mechanism. In order to increase the number of parking spaces in the center of the Romanian capital, it is intended to design a parking lot on several levels above the Dâmbovița river, which would include two elevators for lifting and lowering cars. One of the elevators works as a system of translating cam and roller translating follower and thus, due to transmitting the torque from the electric drive motor to the cam, respectively changing the travel direction at the end of the route, upon starting and stopping, vibrations may occur within the elevator. This system must be supported on a foundation in order to achieve anti-vibration isolation. There are several possibilities to achieve this anti-vibration isolation, among which one can mention the elastic suspensions mounted on springs, rubber mats or standardized elastic rubber elements
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