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R. Northfield
Engineering & Technology, Volume 16, pp 79-79;

Why, hello! Hope you're doing well in this lovely lockdown. I do recommend having all these gadgets in your home, if only for something to talk about or get distracted by. Enjoy!
T. Pultarova
Engineering & Technology, Volume 16, pp 20-23;

In November 2020, the International Space Station celebrated 20 years of its permanent human habitation. A major milestone for the world of astronautics and, as the world's space agencies say, for humanity itself. The assembly of the station began in late 1998 with the launch of the Russian-built module Zarya and the American Unity. It was completed in the early 2010s after the arrival of Tranquility with its trademark Earth-facing viewing platform Cupola. Consisting of 16 pressurised modules and a lot of supporting hardware, the station covers the size of a football pitch. Its construction stretched the technical as well as political skills of the partnering space agencies. With a construction cost of nearly £90bn and an annual running cost of nearly £3bn, it also stretched their budgets. This paper gives a brief overview of some of the most interesting or promising studies that have come out of the orbiting laboratory. These include: drug development and smart delivery, water recycling and air purification, artificial organs' growth, robotics, and combustion.
N. Smith
Engineering & Technology, Volume 16, pp 72-73;

Air pollution is one of the biggest environmental threats we face today and one of the most significant causes of premature death. Author Chris Woodford discusses the science and statistics.
D. Ross
Engineering & Technology, Volume 16, pp 4-4;

Stuck in our homes, in the small space between those few walls, we find ourselves dreaming of what's outside, beyond, and even of other worlds.
M. Williamson
Engineering & Technology, Volume 16, pp 32-33;

A key component in the UK's ambition to become a powerhouse in the space industry is to have indigenous launch capabilities. How well is progress going? Space business in Britain appears to be booming. According to the UK Space Agency's 2020-21 corporate plan, the sector currently makes “a substantial contribution to UK prosperity” by generating an income of £14.8bn, employing 42,000 people and supporting a further £300bn of economic activity through the use of satellite services.
Engineering & Technology, Volume 16, pp 10-10;

Reasearchers at the US Department of Energy's Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory have used computer simulations to predict the heat related damage caused to ITER, the international tokamak under construction in France.
H. Lamb
Engineering & Technology, Volume 16, pp 78-78;

A villain feels there is a gap in the market for sieges that go the extra mile to impress.
D. Simkin
Engineering & Technology, Volume 16, pp 51-51;

Institutio Astronomica, regarded as one of the first modern astronomy textbooks, was originally published in 1647 and is based on a series of lectures that Pierre Gassendi gave when he was the chair of mathematics at College Royal in Paris.
J. Pollard
Engineering & Technology, Volume 16, pp 75-75;

Known as the mathematicians' artist, Maurits Escher is perhaps best known for his etchings. But for all his mathematical renown, he only gained widespread recognition after his death.
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