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Esra Juniati Op.Sunggu, Afriana Afriana
Linguistic, English Education and Art (LEEA) Journal, Volume 4, pp 1-12;

This research was made based on the number of people making mistakes in communicating in the social environment. Some errors in communication often result in ambiguity, due to the delivery of unclear information. Related to the topic the researcher made the research that analyze the flouting maxims in Wonder Woman movie and find the reason why the characters flouted the maxims by using the theory of Grice (1975). This research used qualitative descriptive method by Sudaryanto (2015) to analyze data. The results of the research showed that there were 12 data which were flouting maxims namely 1 data flouting maxim of quality, 2 data flouting maxim quantity, 2 data flouting maxim manner and 7 data were flouting maxim relations. The conclusion based on the results of this research is that all the characters in Wonder Woman movie was flouted all of the maxims, it can be seen from the result of analyzed the data, especially in the main character. The most frequently flouting maxim is maxim relation. Keywords: Communication, Cooperative Principle, Flouting Maxim.
Yuri Lolita, Endry Boeriswati, Ninuk Lustyantie
Linguistic, English Education and Art (LEEA) Journal, Volume 4, pp 206-221;

This study aims at improving students’ comprehension on English vocabulary using computer and finding out the effectiveness, efficiency and the attractiveness of Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) in English learning. It was carried out at SMP Sunan Giri Gresik by using proactive action research method and intervention action model. The participants belonged to 3 different class groups. Thirty of them were from 7th grade (Amanah class) and thirty-two of them from (Hidayah class). The other 30 participants from (Inayah class). The data were collected and analyzed by using mixed method approach. Instruments used for collecting data in this study are questionnaires, documents, observation check list, interview, and achievement tests. The results showed that the treatments give affect positively for students especially treatment on cycle 2. It also can be seen by the students’ involvement actively during learning process. Computer assisted learning especially using software gave students chance to explore their English skill especially the vocabulary through interacting directly with computer by doing exercises given individually in pair or group. From the explanation above it can be concluded that English learning in junior high school can be improved with the help of computer assistance in this matter called Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) mainly to improve English vocabulary. Keywords: Computer-assisted language learning (CALL), English vocabulary, Students’ comprehension
Dessy Permata Sari, Zakrimal Zakrimal
Linguistic, English Education and Art (LEEA) Journal, Volume 4, pp 13-24;

The purpose of this study is to find out the types of deixis and the most dominant deixis that appeared in the Avengers Infinity War Movie. This study applied descriptive qualitative research. For collecting data, the researcher used non-participatory technique and observational method. The data in this study applied the theory from Levinson. The utterances of the speaker is used as the data in this study. The researcher found 168 data of deixis. The data were analyzed into person, temporal, place, discourse, and social deixis. The result showed that there are 87 person deixis, 31 temporal deixis, 14 place deixis, 21 discourse deixis, and 15 social deixis. Based on 168 data, the most dominant types of deixis is person deixis because most of all the character in the movie used person deixis. Keywords: Deixis, Linguistic, Pragmatic,
Hery Sudira Silaban, Afriana Afriana
Linguistic, English Education and Art (LEEA) Journal, Volume 4, pp 25-33;

The aims of this research were to find out the types and the function of address form in the Mortdecai movie. It was a descriptive qualitative research. To collect the data, documentation and observation method are used.The source of data was the Mortdecai movie in 2015 with the action/comedy genre, the data were the dialogue in the Mortdecai movie. To analyze the data, a sociolinguistics approach was used with the theory of Gumperz, for the address form Robinson theory was used. Researchers were also using Wardhaugh's theory for the types of address form and Chaika's theory for the function of address form. The result of the research, six types of address form were found and three functions of address form were found in the Mortdecai movie. For the types of address form those were, First Name (FN), Title plus Last Name (TLN), Title alone (T), Last Name (LN), Pet Name (PN) and Kinship Term (KT), and for the function were to show intimacy, power difference, and respect. Each use of the address form was different depending on a context, relationship, or position that a person had, while the function of the address form defined the intention of the person to addressed someone. Keywords: Sociolinguistics, Address Form, Mortdecai
Kharis Marpurdianto
Linguistic, English Education and Art (LEEA) Journal, Volume 4, pp 222-232;

This research examines contextual meaning contained in the mobile operator’s advertisement in Indonesia. It focuses on how the form of cohesion and coherence, the form of word choice, and the grammatical element found in mobile operator’s advertising discourse in Indonesia. A descriptive qualitative method with the content analysis technique is used as the methodology in this study. Using these methods, the researcher can give a wider understanding of the linguistic lessons through the theory of critical discourse analysis. The data is taken from mobile operator’s advertisement and some books and journals. As a result of this study, the researcher found a form of word choice, cohesion and coherence as well as grammatical elements that emerged in mobile operator’s advertisement discourse including non-standard variety. The advertisement language replicates from competitors that feature cheap phone rates. Moreover, there is a contextual meaning in word choice of Indonesian discourse in mobile carrier advertisement. Keywords: Advertisement, Mobile Operator, Critical Discourse Review.
Putu Subakthiasih, I Gusti Ayu Vina Widiadnya Putri
Linguistic, English Education and Art (LEEA) Journal, Volume 4, pp 126-141;

This study focuses to investigate students’ motivation in studying English during Covid-19 Pandemic, whether they had intrinsic or extrinsic motivation. This research was a survey method and the technique sampling used in this study was random sampling. Furthermore, the instrument used questionnaire to collect the data. The questionnaire consists of 20 questions in which question 1-10 are questions for intrinsic motivation. The question 11-20 are extrinsic motivation. The result of this study shows that the total mean score of intrinsic motivation is higher than the total mean score of extrinsic motivation 4.20 > 3.39. It means that first semester of English students at Faculty of Foreign Language, Mahasaraswati Denpasar University had the higher intrinsic motivation than extrinsic motivation in learning English during Covid-19 Pandemic. In other words, the motivation to learn English that comes from inside students was higher than the motivation comes from outside students. Keywords: Students’ Motivation, Studying English, Covid-19 Pandemic
Yulfi Yulfi, Syaprizal Syaprizal
Linguistic, English Education and Art (LEEA) Journal, Volume 4, pp 150-160;

The purpose of this research was to develope and validate the suplementary speaking material in digital media for accounting students of SMK Negeri 1 Lubuklinggau. This research used Research and Development Method by applying Borg and Gall Model. There were ten steps, they are (1) research and information collecting (2) planning (3) developing preliminary form of product (4) preliminary field testing (5) main product revision (6) field testing (7) operational product revision (8) operational field testing (9) final product (10) dissemination and implementation.. The subjects were the Accounting students of eleventh grade in academic year 2020/2021. While, for step 6, 8 and 10 were applied by using Google Classroom application in English group of XI Accounting Program. The data showed that there were some problem faced by the students aespecially in finding a speaking book which concerning to accounting program. The teacher also need a book that can help English speaking skill not only for general English. After following the ten steps in R&D method, started from analyzing, evaluating, revising and trying out, it was concluded that the suplementary speaking material in digital media for accounting students can help them in learning English based on their need. It was proven by the average score of questionnaire (4.35) with very good criteria. Keywords: Developing, Supplementary Speaking Materials, Accounting Students
Farda Naila Salsabila, Agus Subiyanto
Linguistic, English Education and Art (LEEA) Journal, Volume 4, pp 88-98;

This study is aimed to analyze a morphological process in the marker of benefactive verbs and causative verbs construction of Madurese Language. The theory used in this study was of generative morphology and syntax. The object of this study was Madurese Language. The data collected in Madurese Language was from the native speakers of Madurese. The result of this research was the formation rules of benefactive verbs and causative verbs of Madurese Language by using word and paradigm approach. The results show that there were three kinds of affixation to produce the benefactive verbs. Affixation in the marker of benefactive verb was shown by prefixes a-, ma-, and n-, and suffix –aghi. Affixation in the marker of causative verb was shown by prefixes ma-. Madurese also use intransitive verb and also adjective as the root to construct benefactive verb and causative verb. Keyword: Benefactive Verbs, Causative Verbs, Generative Morphology, Madurese
Yenny Widya Sari, Afriana Afriana
Linguistic, English Education and Art (LEEA) Journal, Volume 4, pp 66-76;

This research had aimed to analyze cooperative principle by observing the characters’ utterances in About Time movie. A descriptive qualitative method was used in analyzing the data because it would be explained by words, phrases, and sentences. The data would be based on the characters’ utterances in About Time movie. In collecting the data, the researcher used the observational method and non-participatory, note-taking techniques. Pragmatic identity method was applied in analyzing the data. The result findings showed that all four maxims in cooperative principle were found through the utterances in About Time movie. The researcher found 37 data of maxims. The result indicated that there were 14 (38%) data maxim of quantity, 14 (38%) data maxim of relation, 7 (19%) data maxim of quality and 2 (5%) data maxim of manner. In summary, the most frequently data were found in the maxim of quantity and maxim of relation. The least data were found in maxim of manner. Keywords: Cooperative Principle, Maxims, Utterances, Movie
Mita Lianah, Nina Juwita Sari
Linguistic, English Education and Art (LEEA) Journal, Volume 4, pp 142-149;

The purpose of this research are to know the improvement of students reading comprehension by using CORY strategy. This research used Classroom Action Research (CAR), because CAR is aimed to got an improvement in teaching process. In this research have two cycle to know the improvement of students reading comprehension.Each cycle consisted of two meeting. Each meeting has equal to 2x40 minutes. Each cycle of the research consisted of four steps, they are planning, action, observation and reflection. The subject of this research was the ninth grade which is consists of 20 students. The object of this research was reading comprehension. Based on the data that had been collected from pre test to cycle I, and cycle I to cycle II there were improvement. The researcher had found some progress on the scores of the students. The result of pre-test showed there were 3 students or 15% reach KKM. In the cycle I, there were 10 students or 50% of students reach KKM’s score. Meanwhile, in cycle II there were 15 students or 75% of all the students number who reach the KKM. Keyword: Students` Reading Comprehension, CORI
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