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Chasdy Novriadi,
JURNAL TERAPAN MANAJEMEN DAN BISNIS, Volume 7, pp 43-80; https://doi.org/10.26737/jtmb.v7i1.2293

This study studies the factors that influence bank financing decisions with the principle 6 C method . Financial analysis helps the NPL from bank crediting the people no more than what is determined by the OJK. This type of research is descriptive qualitative, namely research that discusses describing the phenomena that occur in the location of research using qualitative data analysis. Data collection techniques include interviews, observation, documentation . While the data analysis uses qualitative descriptive techniques. Data informants consisted of 5 prospective debtors, 1 credit analyst, and a credit committee consisting of 3 people. The results of this study state that 6 C Analysis with Relationship Marketing is only 5C (Character, Capital, Capacity, Collateral, Economic Condition) that affects credit lending decisions and 1 C (Constraints) are not opposed to credit purchase decisions.
Enggar Bayu Kusumaningrum, Hasna Noor Alifa, Amrie Firmansyah
JURNAL TERAPAN MANAJEMEN DAN BISNIS, Volume 7, pp 12-23; https://doi.org/10.26737/jtmb.v7i1.2327

This study aims to determine the effect of investment decisions, dividend policy, institutional ownership, and interest rates on stock returns. This research is a quantitative study using secondary data and multiple regression analysis methods. Data was sourced from www.idx.com and finance.yahoo.com consist of data and information from company financial statements and stock prices. Purposive sampling was chosen as the sampling method and obtained 35 banking companies for three years, so the total sample is 105 firm-year. The results suggest that investment decisions, dividend policy, and institutional ownership are not associated with stock returns, while interest rates negatively affected stock returns. This study indicates that banking companies make significant innovations in their products so that the investment objective is to support the company's operational activities and increase company value from investors' perspective.
Zulfahita Zulfahita, Nur Aisyah, Gita Gita, Nurul Nurul, Sri Novi
JURNAL TERAPAN MANAJEMEN DAN BISNIS, Volume 7, pp 81-87; https://doi.org/10.26737/jtmb.v7i1.2186

Decorative lights are one of the room accessories that can beautify the house. In addition to making the atmosphere of the house more cheerful, decorative lights can also be a simple solution to decorating a room without having to pay a fortune. In the modern era like today, people are increasingly creative in creating home gardens so that they become more beautiful. In the midst of society, various kinds of lamps are circulating in demand. Here, the team created a new, unique and interesting innovation, namely a decorative lamp in the shape of a lotus flower, made from an arrangement of plastic spoons attached to a used jar. This necessary material is quite easy to find and we find a lot in the environment around us because it is often used as daily necessities. There are many important factors that must be considered in order to promote this business, including choosing the right location, a good marketing strategy and determining a price that is affordable for the community. The business analysis of the handicrafts of decorative lamps from used bottles and plastic spoons includes a SWOT analysis. The team did this strategy to sell handicrafts from used jars and plastic spoons by promoting it. The budget for making handicrafts from used jars and plastic spoons is IDR 10,220,000. the schedule for the implementation of this craft for 3 months.
Fauzan Muttaqien
JURNAL TERAPAN MANAJEMEN DAN BISNIS, Volume 7, pp 24-42; https://doi.org/10.26737/jtmb.v7i1.2326

Organizational citizenship behavior is an extra and voluntary individual behavior out of their duties and very effectiveness to support of the goals organization. The research aims to determine effect of organizational culture, discipline and motivation to OCB employees of PT. BPR Nur Semesta Indah, Jember Regency. The sampling method using saturated sampling technique with a sample size of 84 employees (Central and Branch). The analysis method used is multiple linear regression. The outcome analysis of the data explained that variables of organizational culture, discipline and motivation have significant influences on organizational citizenship behavior partially. And Simultaneously, organizational culture, discipline and motivation variables have significant effect on organizational citizenship behavior. The result of coefficient determination test shows that the variables of organizational culture, discipline and motivation have an effect of 84.9% on organizational citizenship behavior. And 15.1% remaining has influenced other variables which is not explained in thisreseach, such as style of leadership, organizational commitment and so on.
Nuning Nurna Dewi
JURNAL TERAPAN MANAJEMEN DAN BISNIS, Volume 7, pp 1-11; https://doi.org/10.26737/jtmb.v7i1.2336

This study aims to determine whether empathic services, facility services, reliable services, responsive services and convincing services have an effect on student satisfaction. The research method used is to take a sample from a population and use a questionnaire as the main data collection. To dig up information / data and distribute it to answer the formulation of the problem that has been determined so that this research is an exploratory descriptive. As the population in this study were all students of SDN Guluk-guluk I Kec. Guluk-guluk in the academic year 2010/2011 as many as 335 students. For the purposes of analysis in this study, primary data are needed as the main data and secondary data as complementary data. The method of obtaining primary data as the main data will be used by using a questionnaire technique or by using a questionnaire. To obtain more complete data information in this study, observation and documentation techniques were also used. So that the data collection techniques in this study used questionnaires, documentation and observation. Reliable services, responsive services, convincing services, empathic services, and service provider facilities have a significant effect on Student Satisfaction at SDN Guluk-guluk I Kec. Guluk - guluk , this is indicated by using the F test shows the value of F count of 143.161 (significance f = 0.000) so Fcount> Ftable (143.161> 3.095) or Sig F <5% (0.000 <0.05) means the magnitude of the influence of quality variables service (X1) to student satisfaction (Y) of 90.00%. Partially Service Quality Management has a significant positive effect on Student Satisfaction at SDN Guluk-guluk I Kec. Gulul-guluk, this is indicated by the t count value of 5.221 with a significance of 0.000, because tcount> ttable (5.221> 1.986 ) or sig t <5% (0.000 <5%) and the value of the partial regression coefficient (standardized beta coefficients) is 0.595 then partially the service quality variable (X2) has a significant positive effect on the student satisfaction variable at SDN Guluk-guluk I Kec. Roll up (Y) Reliable service, responsive service, convincing service, empathic service, and service provision of facilities together have an effect on student satisfaction. Service quality management which more dominantly affects student satisfaction than other variables, this can be seen from the value of the regression coefficient (standardized coefficients beta) which is the largest compared to the coefficient value on the facility provision variable of 0.595 which shows the regression value of the service quality variable (X1) of 0.296.
Susanti Susanti, Didi Sundiman
JURNAL TERAPAN MANAJEMEN DAN BISNIS, Volume 6, pp 34-36; https://doi.org/10.26737/jtmb.v6i2.2279

The purpose of this research is to analyze the personal influence on the professionalism of the family business with a case study in the city of Batam. This research method is a quantitative approach method with a total of 111 respondents of SMEs in Batam. In this study, respondents were selected by filling out an online questionnaire. The criteria for selecting respondents are based on those who own a business or work in a family company. The results of this study were analyzed using the R version 4.0 program with the PLS-PM method. The test results show that three hypotheses are accepted, namely personal value has a significant effect on the variable decentralization, financial system and organization. Meanwhile, three hypotheses were rejected, namely personal values did not have a significant effect on the variable involvement of family members, human resource systems, and socio-cultural aspects.
Irvan Yoga Pardistya
JURNAL TERAPAN MANAJEMEN DAN BISNIS, Volume 6, pp 60-64; https://doi.org/10.26737/jtmb.v6i2.2283

Working Capital is a comparison ratio in the company's financial management. This ratio compares income to current assets minus current Liabilities. PT. Aneka Tambang Tbk is one of the mining companies that performs well on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) because it is one of the LQ45 companies. In this research, PT. Aneka Tambang Tbk is the object of research. The unit of analysis is the Company's 2015-219 Financial Statements. Then the research methodology uses a quantitative descriptive approach with purposive sampling technique. The results of the discussion in the research of PT. Aneka Tambang Tbk experienced had decreased in income from 2015 to 2016 however, it rose up in 2016-2019. The increase from year to year is almost 100% from 2016 to 2018 and has increased 3 (three) times in the calculation. Thus, the company's performance is categorized as good and positive.
Atthaya Ershandi, Zulfahita Zulfahita
JURNAL TERAPAN MANAJEMEN DAN BISNIS, Volume 6, pp 28-33; https://doi.org/10.26737/jtmb.v6i2.2277

The tissue holder that we made is used to store tissues, so they look more attractive and tidy. This tissue holder is usually used as a complementary decoration on the living room table. The tissue holder that we made is made of thick cardboard or commonly called board paper, which is decorated with sand mixed with brown food coloring and white fox glue, so that the tissue holder doesn't look plain, so it can make the tissue holder more beautiful and attractive. when created with the sand. The tissue holder that we make is also cheap and maybe this item is often heard from among the public. However, rarely do anyone make it decorated with sand, so we will try to make a tissue holder. The materials we use are readily available and cheap. The thing that is needed in making a tissue holder is creative. With creativity, unique and funny shapes will be created. From this tissue holder that we make, it is used for decoration and other uses. Adding added value to these objects so that they have high economic value and can become a business opportunity. By utilizing existing materials or objects, it can create or create a good and unique work that can be of high value and economic value. This tissue holder is useful as decoration and other uses. Apart from being an artistic value.
Muchamad Taufiq, Agus Salim
JURNAL TERAPAN MANAJEMEN DAN BISNIS, Volume 6, pp 37-45; https://doi.org/10.26737/jtmb.v6i2.2281

The existence of local government companies which is strategic with the task of serving the public needs and the realization of welfare must be managed properly and correctly. In order to realize a good and right management must begin with prudence. The formulation of the problem of this research is what is the philosophical basis of prudence and how is the application of prudence in local government companies. This study aims to examine, analyze, understand and explain the prudential philosophical basis and discover as well as to explain the prudential concept in management of local government companies. Benefits of this research are theoretically expected to provide study, analysis, understanding and the explanation of the basic philosophical prudential and practically useful in finding and explaining the concept of prudence in the management of local government companies. This type of research is a normative juridical review as the characteristic of law which is " Sui Generis ".
Anggun Budi Utami S Depari, Reza Ramadhan, Amrie Firmansyah
JURNAL TERAPAN MANAJEMEN DAN BISNIS, Volume 6, pp 46-59; https://doi.org/10.26737/jtmb.v6i2.2282

This study aims to examine the effect of tax expenses, foreign ownership on transfer pricing decisions. This study employs quantitative methods. This study's data type is secondary data from the financial statements of manufacturing companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) from 2017 to 2019. Data were obtained from the Indonesia Stock Exchange's official website at http: //www.idx.co.id. Sampling was conducted by purposive sampling technique with a final sample of 30 observations. Hypothesis testing is done by multiple regression analysis with panel data. This study concludes that tax expenses and intangible assets are positively associated with transfer pricing decisions, while foreign ownership is not associated with transfer pricing decisions. This study indicates that Indonesia's Tax Authority needs to exercise tighter supervision on MNCs with intangible assets.
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