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Edith Iryanto Deka Api, Dhuihita Mahardhika Lakshita, Nafia Ilham Qurrotu’Aini
Laa Maisyir : Jurnal Ekonomi Islam, Volume 7, pp 129-139; doi:10.24252/lamaisyir.v7i1.12959

The best performance can be achieved if members are committed to the organization. The purpose of this study was to determine the organizational commitment, performance, and influence of the three components of organizational commitment, namely affective commitment, ongoing commitment and normative commitment to the performance of ZIS Amil Zakat Foundation Yatim Mandiri Consultants. There are 78 ZIS Consultants in the population. The research sample was taken using the simple random sampling method so that a sample of 65 was obtained. The data were obtained by distributing questionnaires and analyzed with the application of SPSS 20.0. The results of the study revealed that the commitment and organizational performance of the ZIS Foundation Consultant Amil Zakat Yatim Mandiri was in the high category. Organizational commitment significantly and positively influences the performance of ZIS Consultants with a 60% contribution effect. The most dominant affective commitment influence on the performance of ZIS Consultants with the influence of 19.98% contribution.
Jamaludin Jamaludin, Roisyatin Roisyatin
Laa Maisyir : Jurnal Ekonomi Islam, Volume 7, pp 103-114; doi:10.24252/lamaisyir.v7i1.13523

ABSTRAKPenelitian ini memiliki dua pertanyaan inti yang dijawab dalam sebuah analisis perbandingan. Yang pertama apakah program zakat produktif pada Program Pemberdayaan Petani Sehat (P3S) Dompet Dhuafa telah memberikan kesejahteraan kepada masyarakat sesuai konsep maqaashidus syariah. Dan yang kedua, apakah ada perbedaan dan seberapa jauh perbedaan kesejahteraan masyarakat ekonomi lemah kategori mustahiq anggota P3S Dompet Dhuafa dengan bantuan zakat dan non mustahiq anggota Program Nasional Pemberdayaan Masyarakat (PNPM) dengan bantuan non zakat perspektif maqaashidus syariah.Hasil analisis uji beda ANOVA diperoleh tingkat signifikansi sebesar 0,010 yang berada di bawah 0,05, artinya terdapat perbedaan signifikan antara variabel bantuan zakat (X) terhadap kesejahteraan mustahiq dari sudut pandang maqaashidus syariah (Y) dibandingkan dengan bantuan kepada non mustahiq. Skoring kuesioner juga menyatakan bahwa dana zakat memberikan kontribusi kesejahteraan kepada mustahiq sebesar 87%. Sedangkan dana non zakat memberikan kontribusi kesejahteraan kepada non mustahiq sebesar 59%.Maka kesimpulan dari penelitian ini adalah terdapat perbedaan kesejahteraan antara mustahiq dan non mustahiq. Sehingga dari sudut pandang maqaashidus syariah diketahui bahwa zakat memberikan kesejahteraan secara agama, akal, jiwa, harta dan keturunan. Zakat sebagai salah satu syariat yang ditetapkan Allah SWT untuk kemaslahatan umat manusia dapat memenuhi kelima aspek maqaashidus syariah dalam studi kasus yang dilakukan pada mustahiq P3S Dompet Dhuafa dan non mustahiq PNPM.Kata kunci : Zakat, Kesejahteraan, Maqaashidus Syariah, ANOVA ABSTRACT This research has two core questions were answered in a comparative analysis. The first is whether the program productive zakat on Program Pemberdayaan Petani Sehat (P3S) Dhuafa Purse has provided welfare to the public according to the concept of maqaashidus sharia. And secondly, whether there are differences and how different people's welfare between mustahiq category member of P3S Dompet Dhuafa with charity and non mustahiq member of the Program Nasional Pemberdayaan Masyarakat (PNPM) with charity of non zakat on maqaashidus sharia perspective.The results obtained by different test analysis ANOVA with significance level of 0,010 which is under 0.05, meaning that there is a significant difference between the variables zakat (X) on the mustahiq welfare based on maqaashidus sharia perpective(Y) compared to non mustahiq. Scoring the questionnaire also stated that zakat funds contribute to the welfare of mustahiq by 87%. While non zakat funds contribute to the welfare of non mustahiq by 59%.The conclusion of this research is there a difference between mustahiq and non mustahiq welfare. Based on maqaashidus sharia known that zakat provide prosperity religion, mind, soul, wealth and generation. Zakat as one of the Sharia defined Allah to the ummat can fulfill the five aspects of maqaashidus sharia in a case study conducted in mustahiq P3S Dompet Dhuafa and non mustahiq PNPM.Keywords: Zakat, Welfare, Maqaashidus Sharia, ANOVA
Rahmawati Muin, Murtiadi Awaluddin, Islahuddin Islah
Laa Maisyir : Jurnal Ekonomi Islam, Volume 7, pp 115-128; doi:10.24252/lamaisyir.v7i1.13496

This study aims to determine how the screening method of sharia stocks in Indonesia, how the results of screening of sharia stocks in PT Adaro Energy Tbk, and the review of the methods of sharia screening stocks in Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). The results showed that the stocks issuer is conform the sharia stock screening standards, beside that, maslahah mursalah could be used as a methodology to determine sharia stock screening standards, then the Financial Services Authority (OJK) and DSN-MUI, as well as the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), have to revise the screening standards in progressively and periodically to avoid public misperception of sharia stock screening.
Fatmawati Fatmawati
Laa Maisyir : Jurnal Ekonomi Islam, Volume 7, pp 74-85; doi:10.24252/lamaisyir.v7i1.13502

This study aims to see the motivation of the Makassar people to transact through e-commerce. The transaction model is relatively new in society, but has become a trend of its own and is so desirable in almost every circle of society. This research is a descriptive qualitative field research conducted in Makassar using a normative theological, phenomenological and Islamic economic approach. The results of this study indicate that transaction motivation through E-commerce consists of rational motivation, that is motivation that occurs due to careful consideration of consumers before deciding to transact and emotional motivation, namely the spontaneous motivation to emerge when seeing unique or interesting items, as well as in conventional transactions. The difference is that in an e-commerce transaction, the community will get value added or added value in the form of "excellent services" or excellent services because of the various facilities available in e-commerce so that the community will feel pampered in the transaction.
Annisa Eka Rahayu
Laa Maisyir : Jurnal Ekonomi Islam, Volume 7, pp 86-102; doi:10.24252/lamaisyir.v7i1.13747

The purpose of this research is to determine the eligibility of multijsa financing agreement based on Fatwa DSN on multijasa financing. Methods of literature research, multidisciplinary, normative juridical approach. Analytical descriptive data analysis. The results show that the contractor may accept a multifamily financing agreement, using the al-Ijadrah agreement or the al-musta'jir agreement where the tenant will re-rent the services he has rented. Later, the LKS makes a purchase or lease of the service or goods for which it is then rented out, and then the LKS can perform the contract of al-ijârah or the sale of al-musta'ir at a higher price and gradually repayment. So this is one of the factors of public interest in the product of multilingual Ijârah according to the needs of the community each year.
Ahmad Dzul Ilmi Syarifuddin, Akramunnas Mahesa
Laa Maisyir : Jurnal Ekonomi Islam, Volume 7, pp 57-73; doi:10.24252/lamaisyir.v7i1.13317

This study adds to the influence of marketing mix and sharia compliance on customer loyalty of Avansa cars at PT. Haji Kalla Alauddin Branch who purchases through Islamic financing. 100 samples were selected using purposive technique. Data were analyzed using multiple regression. the results of the study concluded that the marketing mix: product, price, promotion, and location and sharia compliance partially influenced the customer loyalty of Avansa cars at PT. Haji Kalla Alauddin Branch who purchases through Islamic financing. The marketing mix and Sharia Compliance partially influence the customer loyalty of Avansa cars at PT. Haji Kalla Alauddin Branch who purchases cars through Islamic financing.
Nurfadilah Maulana S
Laa Maisyir : Jurnal Ekonomi Islam, Volume 7, pp 45-56; doi:10.24252/lamaisyir.v7i1.13975

This research to analyze the performance and efficiency of the institution BAZNAS Yogyakarta as a central institution coordinator gathering Zakat fund that must have a good and efficient performance. This research measures the performance of the Zakat agency through institutional indicators and the impact of the recipient of Zakat from the National Zakat Index (NZI), and measures the efficiency using the method Data Envelopment analysis (DEA). The sample used in this study is the audited financial annual report of 2015-2018. Based on the results of performance analysis, BAZNAS Yogyakarta has an index value of 0.433, which classifies the performance of the Zakat agency as "good enough ", the results of the efficiency analysis of 100% in the year 2015, 2017 and 2018, subsequently in 2016 only achieve efficiency of 97% and 3% that is inefficient. So the results of this research can be a reference for BAZNAS Yogyakarta further improve performance that is still less efficient and maintain the maximum performance to remain the center coordinator of the institution gathering Zakat fund that is entrusted by the Government and people of Yogyakarta.
Muhammad Syarif Hidayatullah
Laa Maisyir : Jurnal Ekonomi Islam, Volume 7, pp 31-44; doi:10.24252/lamaisyir.v7i1.13313

Tujuan penelitian ini yakni menguraikan edukasi ekonomi syariah pada akun instagram @Ruanghalal baik dari segi prosedural maupun substansial. Penelitian ini menggunakan metode kualitatif dengan jenis penelitian kepustakaan (library research). Edukasi dengan basis internet melalui media sosial merupakan suatu respon dinamis terhadap era disrupsi dan media sosial yang begitu populer pada generasi saat ini adalah instagram. Instagram menjadi media edukasi digital yang memberikan informasi dan sarana komunikasi yang efektif dan efisien serta jangkauan sangat luas dan kecepatan penerimaan data yang luar bisa. Akun @ruanghalal menjadi satu dari sekian banyak akun berorientasi edukasi yang ada saat ini dengan objek pembahasan yakni ekonomi syariah. Akun @ruanghalal hadir dalam komunikasi pengedukasian ekonomi syariah dengan menyediakan informasi, memberikan rekomendasi dan sosialisasi seputar ekonomi syariah. Edukasi yang diaplikasikan oleh akun @ruanghalal melalui postingan yang kreatif dengan konten yang menarik, deskriptif dan ilustratif serta dilakukan secara aktif yang objek kajiannya dinamis, up to date dan beragam.
Dwi Listiyorini, Maria Rio Rita
Laa Maisyir : Jurnal Ekonomi Islam, Volume 7, pp 19-30; doi:10.24252/lamaisyir.v7i1.13224

The purpose of this study is to (1) measure the performance of islamic banking in Indonesia which is included in the category of Sharia Commercial Banks (SCB) based on the Maqashid Sharia Index (MSI); (2) decompose the Maqashid Sharia Index into several components in Islamic Banking. This research uses descriptive quantitative research with the data source used is secondary data in the form of annual reports for the 2015-2018 period. The results of the discussion showed that the sharia banking that had the best performance in accordance with sharia principles was Bank BRI Syariah followed by Bank Victoria Syariah and BCA Syariah, whereas the lowest score is BNI Syariah. There is a weak positive correlations between education with justice, a very weak positive correlations between education with welfare, a very weak negative correlations between and justice with welfare.
Nur Ellyanawati Esty Rahayu
Laa Maisyir : Jurnal Ekonomi Islam, Volume 7, pp 1-18; doi:10.24252/lamaisyir.v7i1.12989

Tujuan penelitian untuk mengetahui penerapan kepemilikan sertifikasi kompetensi dalam seleksi penerimaan frontliners perbankan untuk mendapatkan tenaga kerja yang kompeten. Hal ini dikarenakan saat ini pemerintah mendorong perbankan untuk lebih memprioritaskan tenaga kerja terampil. Perbankan dapat mensyaratkan kepemilikan sertifikasi kompetensi dalam proses penerimaan tenaga kerja. Metode penelitian deskriptif kualitatif dan analisa Chi-Square. Sampel yaitu Pimpinan Bank Syariah Mandiri Yogyakarta, Pimpinan BRI Syariah Yogyakarta, dan Pimpinan BNI Syariah Yogyakarta. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan terdapat hubungan antara kepemilikan sertifikasi kompetensi dengan seleksi penerimaan frontliners bank syariah. Penerimaan frontliners tahun 2019 belum mensyaratkan kepemilikan sertifikasi kompetensi. Namun pelamar yang memiliki sertifikat kompetensi lebih diprioritaskan karena memiliki manfaat yaitu mendapatkan tenaga kerja yang kompeten dan siap kerja, mengurangi biaya pelatihan tenaga kerja, bank dapat cepat mencapai target yang ditetapkan manajemen baik dalam hal jumlah rekening, layanan kepada nasabah, maupun target laba.
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