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Bindeshwari Sonant
International Journal of Mathematics and Computer Research, Volume 09, pp 2493-2505;

In this paper, we prove some unique common fixed point theorem for two pairs of weakly compatible mappings, satisfying the rational contraction conditions in complex valued metric space. The proved result, generalize and extend some known results in the literature. Finally, The main result is the application of the Urysohn integral equations to derive the existence theorem for a general solution. AMS(MOS) Subject Classification Codes: 47H10, 54H25.
Xiaoping Zhou
International Journal of Mathematics and Computer Research, Volume 09, pp 2455-2468;

Millimeter-wave (mmWave) massive MIMO (multiple-input multiple-output) is a promising technology as it provides significant beamforming gains and interference reduction capabilities due to the large number of antennas. However, mmWave massive MIMO is computationally demanding, as the high antenna count results in high-dimensional matrix operations when conventional MIMO processing is applied. Hybrid precoding is an effective solution for the mmWave massive MIMO systems to significantly decrease the number of radio frequency (RF) chains without an apparent sum-rate loss. In this paper, we propose user clustering hybrid precoding to enable efficient and low-complexity operation in high-dimensional mmWave massive MIMO, where a large number of antennas are used in low-dimensional manifolds. By modeling each user set as a manifold, we formulate the problem as clustering-oriented multi-manifolds learning. The manifold discriminative learning seek to learn the embedding low-dimensional manifolds, where manifolds with different user cluster labels are better separated, and the local spatial correlation of the high-dimensional channels within each manifold is enhanced. Most of the high-dimensional channels are embedded in the low-dimensional manifolds by manifold discriminative learning, while retaining the potential spatial correlation of the high-dimensional channels. The nonlinearity of high-dimensional channel is transformed into global and local nonlinearity to achieve dimensionality reduction. Through proper user clustering, the hybrid precoding is investigated for the sum-rate maximization problem by manifold quasi conjugate gradient methods. The high signal to interference plus noise ratio (SINR) is achieved and the computational complexity is reduced by avoiding the conventional schemes to deal with high-dimensional channel parameters. Performance evaluations show that the proposed scheme can obtain near-optimal sum-rate and considerably higher spectral efficiency than some existing solutions
A. AlGhamdi, J. Yousaf, A. Yahyaoui, N. Sobahi, H. Rmili
International Journal of Mathematics and Computer Research, Volume 09, pp 2450-2454;

In this work, design of a reconfigurable metasurface using all-dielectric materials is presented. An elliptical all-dielectric microfluidic-based metasurface is designed using Rogers RO3210 substrate (ε = 10.2 and tan δ = 0.03). The substrate is covered with microfluidic channel which is filled with five various AgTiTe2, Cu2S, Te.5 Se.5, CuTSe2 and Cu3SbSe4. semiconductor alloys. The reflection and transmission characteristics of the designed metasurface are analyzed in the frequency range of 20-30 GHz using COMSOL Multiphysics software. The results demonstrate that change in the semiconductor alloy in the microfluidic channel various the dynamic transmission and reflection characteristics of the metasurface and thus depicts a reconfigurable operation of the proposed design.
Janardan Behera, Bidyadhara Bishi, Sudhir Kumar Sahu
International Journal of Mathematics and Computer Research, Volume 09, pp 2443-2449;

The present Paper deals with an inventory production policy for a ramp type deteriorating item over a finite planning horizon with constant demand, finite production rate and shortages are not allowed. The optimal number of production cycles that minimizes the average system cost is determined. The model permits inventory shortage in each cycle, which is completely backlogged within the cycle itself. Every cycle starts with zero stock and production. As production continues, the inventory begins to accumulate after meeting current demands. The excess inventory accumulated during the production period is used to account for demand and deterioration in the no-production period. Numerical examples, tables, and final concluding remarks are discussed in the subsequent sections. Numerical example solved by using Mathematica software.
Rustam Karjavovich Berdiev
International Journal of Mathematics and Computer Research, Volume 09, pp 2439-2442;

This article discusses modeling of nonlinear system of the differential equations in private derivatives of parabolic type. Especially, modelling of nonlinear problem masstransfer in three-layer system will be analyzed in details.
Shuaibu Garba Ngulde, Colman Albert Wizha, B. G. Ahmadu
International Journal of Mathematics and Computer Research, Volume 09, pp 2431-2435;

Frattini subgroup, Φ(G), of a group G is the intersection of all the maximal subgroups of G, or else G itself if G has no maximal subgroups. If G is a p-group, then Φ(G) is the smallest normal subgroup N such the quotient group G/N is an elementary abelian group. It is against this background that the concept of p-subgroup and fitting subgroup play a significant role in determining Frattini subgroup (especially its order) of dihedral groups. A lot of scholars have written on Frattini subgroup, but no substantial relationship has so far been identified between the parent group G and its Frattini subgroup Φ(G) which this tries to establish using the approach of Jelten B. Napthali who determined some internal properties of non abelian groups where the centre Z(G) takes its maximum size.
Etienne Nzaramyimana, Emeritha Mukandayambaje, Leopold Iyamuremye, Venuste Hakizumuremyi, Fidele Ukobizaba
International Journal of Mathematics and Computer Research, Volume 09, pp 2423-2430;

The present study explored the effectiveness of GeoGebra in enhancing students’ active learning, performance and interest to learn mathematics. Much emphasis was put in teaching and learning exponential and logarithmic functions. The general intention was to investigate whether the use of ICT be used to improve the teaching and learning of mathematics in Rwandan Secondary Schools. The present study is an experimental research design that employed Grade 11 students of one secondary school within Kayonza district of Rwanda. Thus, sample of 34 Grade 11 students were taught exponential and logarithmic functions with the use of GeoGebra from 19 August 2019 to 30 October 2019. Before the intervention, a short group discussion with Grade 11 students was conducted to see the students’ attitudes about learning mathematics using ICT tools. Besides, a mathematics teacher was asked a challenging topic to teach within conventional classroom. After learning with the use of GeoGebra, an attitudinal survey questionnaire was used to collect quantitative data about the effectiveness of GeoGebra in learning mathematics. Data were analyzed descriptively using Excel 2016. It was found that students acquired more knowledge. The study showed that students can learn independently through interactive dynamic software. The results, therefore, showed that students’ interest to learn mathematics increased. There is a need to strengthen one laptop per student program to enhance students’ independent learning of mathematics
A. T. Adeniran, J. O. Olilima, R. O. Akano
International Journal of Mathematics and Computer Research, Volume 09, pp 2408-2422;

The Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) test has long been an essential tool for researchers conducting studies on multiple experimental groups with or without one or more control groups. This article encapsulates the fundamentals of ANOVA for an intended benefit of the reader of scientific literature who does not possess expertise in statistics. The emphasis is on conceptually-based perspectives regarding the use and interpretation of ANOVA results, with minimal coverage of the mathematical foundations. Data entry, checking basic parametric assumptions of ANOVA, descriptive statistics of the data by treatment groups, fitting ANOVA model, statistical significance of the test based on p-value, and post-hoc analysis are all explored using R-software.
Sheyla Yadira Esquivel, Dept
International Journal of Mathematics and Computer Research, Volume 09, pp 2405-2407;

Well, the data process is created by the need to process the data more quickly and efficiently since the manual process that was carried out no longer met the expectations of people and companies, for this reason the data process arises automatic. In an automatic data process, the computer has different physical elements that allow it to carry out these same processes. That is, practically the speed of operation of the system is limited by human control. The entry by electromechanical type machines, as well as the exit, have a higher operating speed than the conventional one (until then this was achieved by tachy-typing). We can define data processing as the technique of converting data into information by any means, whether manual or automatic. Manual data processing is the technique of converting data into information using tools such as pencil, pens, typewriters, etc. The automatic data process within its objectives is the technique of converting data into information using appropriate methods, procedures and equipment for this purpose; such as interviews, surveys, computer. Automatic data processing came to renew the world, creating a special science for its study, such as computer science.
R. Sivaraman
International Journal of Mathematics and Computer Research, Volume 09, pp 2390-2394;

Among several interesting number triangles that exist in mathematics, Pascal’s triangle is one of the best triangle possessing rich mathematical properties. In this paper, I will introduce a number triangle containing triangular numbers arranged in particular fashion. Using this number triangle, I had proved five interesting theorems which help us to generate Pythagorean triples as well as establish bijection between whole numbers and set of all integers.
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