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Lian Shi
Journal of Electronic Research and Application, Volume 6, pp 26-31;

In order to promote the stability of centrifugal pump units and maximize the role of centrifugal pumps, this paper analyzes the composition and basic working principle of centrifugal pumps, presents the main concerns of centrifugal pump maintenance, and finally investigates the common faults and maintenance methods of centrifugal pumps for reference.
Hui Song, Minghan Jia, Yihang Lian, Yijing Fan, Keshan Liang
Journal of Electronic Research and Application, Volume 6, pp 10-25;

Reviews and experimental verification have found that existing solution methods can be used to solve UAV path planning problems, but each approximate solution has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, ant colony algorithm easily falls into the local optimum in the process of realizing path planning. In order to prevent too low pheromones on the longer path and too high pheromones in the shorter path, the upper and lower limits of pheromones as well as their volatile factors are set to avoid falling into the local optimum. Secondly, multi-heuristic factors are introduced, and the overall length of the path serves as an adaptive heuristic function factor that determines the probability of state transition, which affects the probability of ants choosing the corresponding path. The experimental results show that the path length planned by the improved algorithm is 93.6% of the original algorithm, and the optimal path length variance is only 14.22% of the original algorithm. The improved ant colony algorithm shortens the optimal path length and solves the UAV path planning problem in terms of local optima. At the same time, multiple enlightening factors are introduced to increase the suitability of UAV for complex environments and improve the performance of UAV.
Weiguo Xie
Journal of Electronic Research and Application, Volume 6, pp 38-43;

In order to better promote the digital and electronic development of libraries, this paper first analyzes the management requirements of library archives, constructs a management mode based on electronic technology, and analyzes the management measures of electronic library archives for reference.
Dan Lv
Journal of Electronic Research and Application, Volume 6, pp 44-49;

In order to ensure the safety of children while using machineries and avoid harm caused by mechanical toys, this paper analyzes the types and detection standards of children’s toys, discusses the reasons for the harm caused by these toys, and proposes human-machine safety design strategies for children’s toys as reference.
Yuling Zhang
Journal of Electronic Research and Application, Volume 6, pp 32-37;

At present, the number of road engineering projects is increasing, and the corresponding street lighting work is receiving much more attention. In order to improve the lighting, operation, convenience, and energy-saving effect of urban streets, the concept of “smart lighting” needs to be implemented. This includes the planning of an urban street lighting design scheme and the use of appropriate software as well as components to realize significant optimization of the lighting work in urban streets. Therefore, this paper discusses the application measures of smart lighting in urban street lighting to provide reference.
Huan An, Mei Xiang, Bumaliya Abulimiti, Jingyan Zhen
Journal of Electronic Research and Application, Volume 6, pp 1-9;

Phosgene is highly toxic, and it plays a role in the depletion of the ozone layer. The ground state geometric structure and spectral characteristic of phosgene in various external electric fields were calculated via the density-functional theory (DFT) and time-dependent density-functional theory (TDDFT) with the B3LYP/6-31+G(d) basis set. With external electric field, the structure of phosgene changed significantly. With increasing electric field, the bond lengths of 1C-3Cl and 1C-4Cl increased; the total energy and energy gap initially increased and then decreased, whereas the dipole moment initially decreased and then increased. Most of the IR vibrational frequencies were redshifted. The wavelength of the singlet excited state increased, reflecting a red shift, and the oscillator strengths of most transitions belonged to forbidden transitions. These results are of great significance for studying the dissociation of phosgene in external electric field.
Kun Qi
Journal of Electronic Research and Application, Volume 6, pp 11-14;

The application of internet in the industrial field has become an inevitable trend in modern society. In the actual operation, there are possible safety risks. To ensure the system’s proper operation, technicians are required to resolve the issues. In this context, the author thoroughly integrated with the present industrial development situation, examined the use of 5G technology in industrial internet security, and desired to leverage the advantageous benefits of 5G technology to boost industrial development. Due to the numerous benefits of 5G technology in security applications, we conducted an in-depth investigation and described it from the perspectives of relevant concepts, security, and security application guarantee measures, with the goal of achieving the goal of safe industrial internet operation.
Yan Jiang
Journal of Electronic Research and Application, Volume 6, pp 5-10;

In the post-pandemic era, libraries need to improve the emergency support of electronic resources and establish a relatively perfect electronic resource support system in order to adapt to the construction goal of the national emergency system as well as realize their own transformation and development. It must be realized through enhancing awareness and planning, strengthening policy support and top-level design, realizing rapid response and intelligent response, improving technical support, promoting resource synergy, integration, and sharing, strengthening community integration, as well as providing intelligent management and services.
Sai Luo
Journal of Electronic Research and Application, Volume 6, pp 1-4;

With China’s rapid economic development, the civil aviation market’s development area has expanded. On this basis, the state has proposed more extensive and stringent civil aviation rules. Many factors can affect the civil aircraft during the real operation process, and this can have an impact on the aircraft’s regular functioning to some level. To ensure that civil aircraft remain airworthy, appropriate maintenance work must be performed on a regular basis to prevent compromising the aircraft’s safety performance. For the purpose of reference, this paper discusses the continual airworthiness and maintenance of civil aircraft.
Pu Wang, Chun Ying Fang
Journal of Electronic Research and Application, Volume 6, pp 15-20;

Auditory sense is an important way for people to receive and interact with foreign information. In different environment, the auditory sense changes. Therefore, it is necessary to find a detection method that can detect hearing in a timely manner. In this paper, EEG experiments were used to construct and compare brain functional networks in different states, and auditory state models were constructed with different auditory input signals. Secondly, the cross-correlation method is used to slice the signal and construct the adjacency matrix. Louvain community detection algorithm is used to process the data and calculate the network conversion rate under different parameters. It is concluded that the network conversion rate can be used to analyze the temporal variation of auditory information under the condition of controlled parameters. This indicates that the network conversion rate can also be used as a method to analyze auditory signals in the future.
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