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亮刘 晓
Journal of Electrical Engineering, Volume 10, pp 30-38;

With the development of offshore wind power, submarine oil and natural gas, submarine cables play an important role in power transmission, but a large amount of heat is generated during operation, which has many adverse effects on power transmission. Therefore, the analysis of the temperature field of submarine cables is worthy of attention. At present, scholars at home and abroad have also conducted a lot of research on the current carrying capacity and temperature field of submarine cables. In this paper, the ANSYS finite element simulation software is used to calculate the temperature field of the three-core optical fiber composite submarine cable, and simulate the soil in different seasons and different sea areas. In this paper, the influence of different ambient temperatures, different soil thermal conductivity and different burial depths on the temperature field of the three-core submarine cable during direct burial is analyzed. The results show that the conductor temperature is positively correlated with the ambient temperature, and the conductor temperature increases by about 3°C for every 4°C increase in ambient temperature; positive correlation with burial depth; negative correlation with soil thermal conductivity. It provides a reference for the design of the three-core submarine cable and the planning of the submarine cable transmission line.
玉李 姝
Journal of Electrical Engineering, Volume 10, pp 39-49;

It is the common concern of substation staff to minimize the impact of birds nesting on the substation. In this paper, the characteristics of bird damage in substation of Shenzhen power grid are analyzed based on the survey data in recent years, and the time rule of bird damage in substation, the regional characteristics of bird damage place and the structural characteristics of bird damage equipment are summarized. Secondly, the technical means of bird prevention in various fields are summarized and compared to provide reference for substation bird prevention. Finally, the research direction and suggestions of bird prevention work in substation in the future are put forward.
吴 豫
Journal of Electrical Engineering, Volume 10, pp 1-12;

At present, the planning and construction of power grids have shifted from satisfying the demand for electric load balancing to the demand for electric power balancing. Under the new situation, it is necessary to explore and expand electricity forecasting methods that consider multiple influencing factors. Based on the analysis of power influencing factors, this paper adopts two different prediction models and methods of BP neural network and RBF neural network. The power consumption and main influencing factors are used as input conditions to construct and train the power prediction model. Finally, the power consumption in a certain area As an example, it verifies the accuracy and practicability of the model method, and facilitates the transition from power load balance to power balance.
亮刘 晓
Journal of Electrical Engineering, Volume 10, pp 50-60;

With the rapid development of the power industry, GIS equipment is widely used in substations, which plays an important role in the stable operation of the power grid. The release faults that may occur during its operation will cause many adverse effects on the equipment and even the power grid, so it is of great significance to the release detection of GIS. In order to study the rapid detection and accurate detection method of GIS, this paper compares the sensitivity relationship of pulse current, UHF and ultrasonic detection methods and the scope of application of the three, combined the advantages of high UHF sensitivity and strong ultrasonic resistance to electromagnetic interference ability, we propose to adopt acoustic and electric combined detection method, and the applied detection analysis, compare the detection results with the local discharge type map, get the local discharge type, and determine the location. The audio and electric joint detection method is used to conduct rapid detection, positioning and identification, and finally realizes the intelligent detection of GIS bureau release, which not only ensures the rapid and reliable bureau release detection, but also provides a strong guarantee for the safe operation of the equipment.
滨毕 岩
Journal of Electrical Engineering, Volume 10, pp 22-29;

Transformer partial discharge fault detection plays an important role in transformer fault detection, and is of great significance to the safe and stable operation of power grids. In recent years, there have been more and more studies on partial discharge detection. This paper introduces several common methods of partial discharge fault detection, and proposes to use PRPD spectrum to extract the characteristics of discharge information in the process of partial discharge signal detection of transformers. According to partial discharge experiments, the resulting data plots the corresponding PRPD spectrum. The PRPD spectrum can reflect almost all the discharge information of partial discharge, and the PRPD spectrum can be compared with the known defect map to determine the type of partial discharge defect.
阁杨 丰
Journal of Electrical Engineering, Volume 09, pp 105-114;

目前,变电站智能巡检机器人普遍采用无线局域网进行通信,存在较大的网络安全问题。本文将WAPI通信技术应用于变电站智能巡检机器人系统,通过双向加密技术提升网络安全等级,并对通信基站布点方案进行优化,使之适用于500 kV变电站的巡检应用场景。研究结果表明,利用WAPI网络进行通信的智能巡检机器人在通信覆盖范围、数据传输速度、网络安全等方面相较传统通信方式都有显著提升,保障了巡检机器人安全稳定的完成日常巡检、缺陷跟踪、防疫管控等任务,是智能技术在安全生产领域的成功探索与应用。 At present, the intelligent inspection robot of the substation generally adopts wireless LAN for communication, and there are large network security problems. In this paper, WAPI communica-tion technology is applied to the intelligent inspection robot system of the substation, the network security level is improved through two-way encryption technology, and the communication base station distribution scheme is optimized to apply it to the inspection application scenarios of 500 kV substation. Research results show that the use of WAPI network communication intelligent inspection robot in communication coverage, data transmission speed, network security compared with traditional communication methods are significantly improved, ensure the inspection robot security and stable daily inspection, defect tracking, epidemic prevention control tasks, is the intelligent technology in the field of successful exploration and application.
王 兴
Journal of Electrical Engineering, Volume 09, pp 125-131;

The 630 MW coal-fired unit of a power plant in Zhejiang underwent comprehensive efficiency improvement. And the differential pressure of air preheater gradually increased, leading to the negative pressure increasing to the maximum at the inlet of two induced draft fans. Through the analysis of the causes and the adjustment of air preheater’s operation, a more reasonable and comprehensive operation processing scheme was put forward. It effectively controlled the differential pressure increase and optimized the economy and safety of the unit operation.
陈 璐
Journal of Electrical Engineering, Volume 09, pp 132-143;

The stray current of urban rail transit flows into the grounded transformer winding of the urban power network, resulting in the DC magnetic bias of the transformer, which affects the safe and stable operation of the transformer and even the power grid. In view of this phenomenon, through large-scale field monitoring, the DC magnetic bias monitoring data of 11 substations of 500 kV and 220 kV in East China’s megacity are analyzed. By comparing the operation characteristics of rail trains, the dynamic fluctuation characteristics of stray current are summarized and analyzed. The results show that the dynamic characteristics of transformer stray current are closely related to the operation characteristics of the trains of urban rail transit, with obvious volatility, intermittency and periodicity. By analyzing the geographic information distribution of stray current and its related power grid structure, as well as its positive and negative proportion characteristics, the electrical circuit principles about the urban power grid’s absorption, propagation and dispersion of the stray current are obtained. Finally, based on the continuous monitoring data of stray current, the corresponding statistical method is proposed.
赵 阳
Journal of Electrical Engineering, Volume 09, pp 165-176;

In response to the diversified development requirements of the increasingly complex distribution network, the State Grid Corporation proposed the concept of “grid planning” to realize the refined management of the distribution network and the high-reliability requirements of users. However, there is still a lack of power supply reliability calculation methods that reflect the characteristics of “grid planning”. Based on the improved failure mode consequence analysis method, this paper uses typical wiring as the minimum calculation unit, corresponding to the power supply unit and the power supply grid, and quantitatively associates the reliability index of the distribution network with the load density, the target grid of the distribution network, whether to use distribution automation, and distribution equipment, etc., to quickly realize the reliability index calculation of the “grid planning” of the distribution network, and meet the high power supply reliability needs of different grid users.
杰赵 盛
Journal of Electrical Engineering, Volume 09, pp 158-164;

In view of the potential safety hazards easily caused by the vibration of isolated phase enclosed bus, the vibration mechanism and response simulation analysis will be carried out in the paper. Taking the fully connected isolated phase enclosed bus with horizontal arrangement as an example, the dynamic model is established. The mechanisms of bus vibration response under short-circuit fault and earthquake are analyzed, and simulation and comparative analysis are carried out. The results of the analyses verify that the bus vibration does exist, and the harm caused by vibration intensity can not be ignored. This study provides a theoretical basis of bus vibration analysis and vibration reduction.
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