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Sulaiha, Bambang Apriadi Loeneto, Dedi Kurniawan
English Education:Journal of English Teaching and Research, Volume 6, pp 1-12; https://doi.org/10.29407/jetar.v6i1.15849

The internet has helped us spreading knowledge in a very swift manner and to make its accessibility available for almost everyone. It can offer the possibility to help learners, with the right attitude, to achieve better in their respective fields. This study tries to investigate the attitude of pre-service teachers in an English Education Study Program in South Sumatra toward internet use in their teaching and learning process; and to check its relationship with their academic achievement. All active students, 157 in total, in an English Education Study Program in South Sumatra, Indonesia were taken in as the subjects of the study. The data were collected using Attitude toward Internet Use in Language Learning Questionnaire and students’ cumulative GPA. The results revealed that most of the pre-service teachers showed a moderate level of positive attitude toward internet use (77.71%, 21.02% for high level, 1.27% for low level) with affective aspect as the dominant factors for the attitude (followed by behavior and cognitive aspects respectively). Furthermore, the results of the Pearson correlation indicated that there was a significant fair positive association between pre-service teachers’ attitude toward internet use in learning and academic achievement, (r(157) = .443, p = .001). This study also provided some implications and recommendations for further research.
Yani Faturrachman, Siti Maria Ulva
English Education:Journal of English Teaching and Research, Volume 6, pp 66-74; https://doi.org/10.29407/jetar.v6i1.14842

The aim of teaching English for Specific Purposes (ESP) is not to imitate the native speakers or to develop the British or American accents. English communication influences the first language or mother tongue for ESP learners. Meanwhile, According to Evan (1997), ESP has some characteristics, such as: firstly, ESP may be related or designed for specific disciplines, secondly, ESP may be used in specific teaching situations and has different methodology from that of General English (GE); thirdly, ESP is likely to be designed for adult learners, either at a tertiary level education or in a professional work situation; fourthly, most ESP courses take on some basic knowledge of the language systems. This research used descriptive qualitative research as a design to gather or collect the data because of the current phenomenon to explain the error of pronunciation and the causes of error in pronouncing words. This paper will be done by researchers at Management Class who learn the ESP program in Kaltara University. This research also used observation field notes and interview guide as the instruments. Hence, the researchers found that there were fifteen pronunciation errors who were presented by ESP learners’ mother tongue in learning speaking through YouTube Application. Besides, there were four materials in You Tube Application that pronounced by ESP Learners such as: Promotion, Bargaining, Complaining, and Response.
Mutiara Indah Sari, M. Sofian Hadi, Mutiarani Mutiarani
English Education:Journal of English Teaching and Research, Volume 6, pp 45-52; https://doi.org/10.29407/jetar.v6i1.15694

The aim of this study is to improve the learning of English with a speech variable using the TED Talks Application. The quantitative approach is the technique used in this research. The design used in this quantitative study is a quasi-experimental design, which utilizes a pre-test and post-test design culture. The population in this study was 20 grade XII students of SMK Muhammadiyah Parung, Bogor in the academic year 2020/2021. Pre-test and post-test data were analyzed using SPSS 25 version. The results of the study showed that the students pre-test score was 64.70 and after treatment, the students post-test score was 87.60. The results of this study also clarified that the t-test in the paired sample test in which tobtained was 28.56 and the crucial tvalue at significance level (p)=0.05 was 2.093, which means that t-test in which the null hypothesis (Ho) was rejected and the alternative hypothesis (H1) accepted. The writer finding might summarize that the student’s post-test results are higher than the student’s pre-test results. In other words, the use of TED Talks is useful in the 12th grade of vocational high school for students who speak English.
Tati Mardewi, Heydi Ruth Larashandy, FuRi Indriyani, Nurmala Dewi
English Education:Journal of English Teaching and Research, Volume 6, pp 87-100; https://doi.org/10.29407/jetar.v6i1.15937

The goal of the research is to analyze the leadership that Jean Valjean shown in Les Miserables Movie directed by Tom Hooper. This research focuses on two aspects, the type and the impact of the leadership. The type of leadership that are found in this movie are (1) Laissez-faire leadership and (2) Servant leadership. While There are three impact of leadership that indeed to Jean Valjean as the main character in Les Miserables, they are (1) Inspiring confidence for others (2) Creating a respectful environment and (3) Increasing loyalty and trust. The Les Miserables Movie is a perfect movie for analyzing leadership, as it tells about the life of Jean Valjean who tries keeping himself in fire even though there are so many inside and outside difficulties in his life as a prisoner and after he has been released on parole. According to (Almaki et al., 2016) leadership is not just about power and authority, but it is a set of characteristics that should be owned by the leader. This movie shows many things to be a good leader who can bring a big impact to people. As a leader we must have faith, forgive the enemies and belief, there will always be a brighter tomorrow. We are all leaders in our lives. So, this movie gives us so many things that we can learn to have better life.
English Education:Journal of English Teaching and Research, Volume 6, pp 75-86; https://doi.org/10.29407/jetar.v6i1.15323

This study discusses how the participation and attendance of students following lectures during the normal period and during the Covid 19 pandemic era, even semester of the 2019-2020 academic year. Participants involved were as many as 129 regular class of 2017 students from the English language education study program, the language education faculty of IKIP Siliwangi Bandung. This study used a qualitative research approach, the method of preparing and presenting the research results was made descriptively. The data collection technique was done by observing, interviewing, studying documentation, and searching online. The main instrument is the researcher himself. The results showed that students’ participation and students’ attendance in attending lectures during normal times and during the Covid 19 pandemic era showed a contradiction in circumstances. Keywords: Student participation and attendance, lectures, normal and pandemic covid-19 era.
Sofista Lilla Saferia
English Education:Journal of English Teaching and Research, Volume 6, pp 53-65; https://doi.org/10.29407/jetar.v6i1.15791

Implicature as one of the prominent element of the principles has been developed in lateststudies, mainly the objective as it could be utilitizes to deliberately deceive the listeners onoccasion. Previous researches has shown how speaker could deceive listener despite notsay something untrue or lie by categorizing lie is not something that is said but what isimplied in conversation. This study aims to investigate implied meaning and deceivingstatements in conversation. The object of this study is Prince Andrew’s BBC Newsnightinterview about his involvement with convicted sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein. The data useddocument analysis based on the interview video of Prince Andrew’s interview with EmilyMaitlis. The result of this study indicates that Prince Andrew’s implied statements showdeeper relationship and more involvement with Jeffrey Epstein than what he was trying tosay in the interview.
Rizky Prasetya
English Education:Journal of English Teaching and Research, Volume 6, pp 32-44; https://doi.org/10.29407/jetar.v6i1.15622

Teaching English Foreign Language (TEFL) has shifted complex for developing countries, especially Indonesia. Pandemic conditions bound conventional face-to-face teaching. A virtual classroom is another way of implementing the learning and teaching process. The purpose study investigates and describes the selection of English teaching based-strategy LMS Moodle and Google Classroom, particularly the testing and feedback feature. The qualitative research approached grounded theory. The entire data was collected by the questioner using purposeful sampling. The testing teaching strategies LMS Moodle discovered multiple-choice, short answer, essay, true/false statement, and missing word. Even though testing teaching strategies, Google Classroom was found multiple-choice, short answer, and essay. The selection of assessments is one of the benchmarks for English lecturers' readiness to teach using Moodle and Google classroom media. The testing variety is capable of encouraging students to perform well in e-learning. Feedback selection classifications were discovered, formal feedback, formative feedback, and summative feedback. Formal feedback is designed and regularly scheduled for the process. Formal feedback is designed and regularly scheduled for the process. The formative feedback is to observe student learning to provide continuous feedback. The summative testing evaluates student learning at the end of an instructional unit by comparing it against some patterns
Uray Siti Annisa Ravi Ardha, Ikhsanudin Ikhsanudin Ikhsanudin, Luwandi Suhartono
English Education:Journal of English Teaching and Research, Volume 6, pp 22-31; https://doi.org/10.29407/jetar.v6i1.15395

Analytical exposition text is one of the texts studied by eleventh-grade students, and they are asked to produce the analytical exposition text by themselves. However, they faced some difficulties that impede their teaching and learning of making the analytical exposition text. This research aimed to design Materials of Writing Analytical Exposition Text (MOWAET) as a supplementary teaching material to support teaching and learning analytical exposition text. This research was developmental research and applied ADDIE as the procedure to design the materials. Still, there were only three implemented phases in this research: analyzing, designing, and developing. MOWAET was the completed design product for teaching-learning analytical exposition text. The researcher interviewed an English teacher of SMA Negeri 4 Pontianak to do the analyzing phase. MOWAET was created by using PowerPoint and Animaker as the supporting software. The researcher used an internal evaluation to ensure that the product is usable in the development phase. The internal evaluation phase showed that MOWAET met all the criteria, including the objectives, the content, and the media option. Shortening, it was found that the materials of writing analytical exposition text (MOWAET) are usable to support teaching and learning analytical exposition text.
Christina Innocenti Tumiar Panggabean, Aisah Asariski
English Education:Journal of English Teaching and Research, Volume 6, pp 13-21; https://doi.org/10.29407/jetar.v6i1.15919

This research was conducted to analyze the questions used by EFL students in Research on ELT ( English Language Teaching ) Class at University of PGRI Ronggolawe Tuban. This research was conducted to know the types of questions applied by the students, the most dominant questions used based on the cognitive domains of Bloom’s taxonomy, and the students’ responses towards the questions. Descriptive qualitative research design was applied in the research. The subject of the study were the sixth semester students who took Research on ELT course. To collect the data, observation using Telegram application and interview were applied. The data were analyzed qualitatively to determine the cognitive level of each question according to revised Bloom’s taxonomy. The result of the data analysis showed that the students used empirical questions as the type of questions. The dominant question used based on the cognitive domains of Bloom’s taxonomy was Analyzing level or C4 which appeared 48%. It showed that HOTS questions were the most used at the classroom with the total 64%, while the LOTS questions only got 36%. The students claimed that they felt interested and glad to answer the questions. It can be concluded that the students of Research on ELT class had shown that they had ability to think critically.
M. Arief Syakur
English Education:Journal of English Teaching and Research, Volume 5, pp 149-155; https://doi.org/10.29407/jetar.v5i2.14633

The purpose of this study was to present a literature review of the advantages of using board game media in teaching speaking to young learners. The researcher examined seventeen articles and theses related to the use of media board games in teaching speaking. The results of the literature review were used to identify the advantages of using board game media in teaching speaking especially to young learners. The advantages of using board game in teaching speaking to young learners are as followed board game provides a fun learning, attracts the students’ attention to participate actively, and helps the students to enjoy communicating verbally. The results of this study were expected to be able to be used as an information and reference material for teachers or researchers for further research. In short, the use of board games in teaching speaking to young learners can be a new strategy that can be used by English teachers.
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