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Tao Hongyu, Hongyu Tao
Modern Economy, Volume 11, pp 165-184; doi:10.4236/me.2020.111015

Abstract:In the Internet era, the real economy and the internet are deeply integrated, and the “Internet+” business model comes into being. Under the modern risk-oriented theory, the risk of customer material misstatement becomes an important factor that auditors focus on, and also becomes the starting point of audit execution and audit pricing. Investment behavior is certainly a factor that auditors need to mainly focus on when assessing the risk of material misstatement. Based on the background of the enterprise’s implementation of the internet business model and drawing on the existing research results at home and abroad, this paper takes the non-state-owned listed companies in 2013-2018 as the research sample, and uses the modern audit risk-oriented theory. The investment behavior is divided into two parts—the financial investment and long-term equity investment to research the impact of the two types of investment on the audit fees from the theoretical and empirical perspectives. Besides, we also analyze the adjustment effect of “Internet+” on the relationship between investment behavior and audit fees. Studies have shown that the level of enterprises’ investment will significantly increase audit costs. Further research shows that “Internet+” strengthens the relationship between corporate investment behavior and audit fees.
Cem Canel, Selahattin Güriş, Recep Öktem, Burak Güriş, Begüm Öktem, Yaşar Serhat Yaşgül, Muhammed Tıraşoğlu
Modern Economy, Volume 11, pp 79-88; doi:10.4236/me.2020.111008

Abstract:Global warming has become one of the most critical factors affecting the world, especially in the last decade. Therefore, it is of great importance to analyze the impact of global warming and take measures. The main factor leading to global warming is considered to be people’s consumption and production behaviors. The primary indicator of this is greenhouse gases. Relevant policy changes need to be made to control greenhouse gases. In this context, it is necessary to determine the differences in greenhouse gas emissions at the national level. To identify these differences, this study applies the convergence hypothesis, which has been the subject of numerous researchers since the 1980s. In this study, we analyzed the greenhouse gas intensity convergence for countries in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) using linear and nonlinear panel unit root tests. The results of this study show that the greenhouse gas emissions in the OECD countries do not converge to the OECD average.
Yeong Jia Goo, Chih Chang Chen
Modern Economy, Volume 11, pp 51-61; doi:10.4236/me.2020.111006

Abstract:This paper discusses the asymmetric momentum threshold effect of copper futures returns on spot returns volatility in the London Metal Exchange. Referring the Threshold Autoregressive (TAR) and Momentum Threshold Autoregressive (MTAR) models, this study utilizes a Hybrid MTAR-GARCH model to test the asymmetric momentum threshold effects of LME copper futures returns on spot returns volatility. It is revealed that there are indeed asymmetric momentum threshold effects of LME copper futures returns on spot returns volatility. This finding would be beneficial to financial decision-making concerning copper price hedging, arbitrage and investment amidst high volatility market conditions.
Baokun Dan
Modern Economy, Volume 11, pp 62-78; doi:10.4236/me.2020.111007

Abstract:Parents are the bearers and investors of their children’s education expenditures. It is important to discuss the impact of mothers’ labor participation on the educational investment behavior of families. Actually. This paper uses the 2010 Chinese Family Panel Studies (CFPS) questionnaire data to conduct an empirical analysis of the impact of mother labor participation on family education investment behavior. The education level of parents is an important factor that affects children’s performance, but the labor participation status of mothers affects children’s academic performance by affecting family education expenditure.
Zhuowen Huang, Ya Liu
Modern Economy, Volume 11, pp 89-95; doi:10.4236/me.2020.111009

Abstract:This paper uses a software system Enterprise Value Creation (EVC) as a basis for a reform of the new teaching method called Network Teaching Model of Accounting Management Practice. This study’s purpose of cultivating such talents is to reform the existing management teaching model and establish a new application-oriented teaching model in order to achieve a win-win result. The study analyzes the course through EVC comparing the traditional teaching model to the network teaching model. The comparison of these two teaching methods indicates that reform is a trend and this course is highly applicable. Moreover, the study aims to mobilize the students’ self-learning ability and enthusiasm for Accounting Management Practice by way of holding EVC actual competitions. The EVC systems allow the students the ability to solve a broader range of problems, while allowing the students the ability to learn more theories. The results indicate that network teaching model ultimately helps cultivate professional education, and apply innovation and entrepreneurial talents suitable for economic development. The aggregate results show that this course based on network teaching model can train people to possess practical talents with innovative thinking, entrepreneurial abilities, practical spirit, and adapting to social development. However, it is discovered upon implementation that two more modifications are necessary for its improvements. The current study gathered that applying such teaching method involving technological network concluded with students becoming more self-reliant and skilled in applying commerce-related work.
Quanfeng Qiu
Modern Economy, Volume 11, pp 155-164; doi:10.4236/me.2020.111014

Abstract:This article uses 2008-2018 data from China’s commercial banks to analyze the impact of shadow banking on banks’ loan loss provisions. The results of this study show that shadow banking is significantly positively correlated with the loan loss provisions for commercial banks in China. The research conclusions of this paper have positive significance for preventing the risks brought by shadow banking to Chinese commercial banks.
Yini Chen
Modern Economy, Volume 11, pp 140-154; doi:10.4236/me.2020.111013

Abstract:The social security relies on public finance. However, the benefits of urban and rural basic endowment insurance in China have been at a low level since the establishment in 2014. This article explores the possibility of improving pension based on the view of public finance. By analyzing the status and fiscal subsidy policies of urban and rural basic endowment insurance in Guangdong province, the passage found that the fund supported endowment insurance for public finance was not a burden. Then, the ELES was used in the essay to estimate an appropriate level of pension based on the needs of the elderly and funding required could be afforded by public finance. Finally, it proposes some ways to optimize financial subsidies.
Dengjie Dang
Modern Economy, Volume 11, pp 109-125; doi:10.4236/me.2020.111011

Abstract:This article mainly studies the impact of environmental subsidies on enterprises’ green investment from a micro level, and the relationship between the two when the industry attributes and local government environmental preferences are different. Empirical analysis shows that environmental subsidies have a significant role in promoting green investments of enterprises; industry attributes and local government environmental preferences can significantly affect the role of environmental subsidies in promoting green investments of enterprises: compared with non-heavily polluting industries, the promotion of environmental protection subsidies on enterprises’ green investment is more obvious in heavily polluting industries; compared with the regions with lower local government environmental preferences, the promotion effect of environmental subsidies on enterprises’ green investment is more significant in the regions with higher local government environmental preferences. The research conclusions of this paper not only enrich the research content of influencing factors of enterprises’ green investment, but also provide theoretical basis and practical guidance for the government to improve the efficiency of the use of environmental subsidy funds and promote the greening process.
Lei Lei
Modern Economy, Volume 11, pp 126-139; doi:10.4236/me.2020.111012

Abstract:This paper uses a random-effects model and takes 224 listed companies in China from 2002 to 2017 as a sample to empirically study the relationship between the corporate income tax shield effect and corporate capital structure in China. It is found that the debt tax shield and corporate capital structure are significantly positive. Relatedly, the non-debt tax shield is significantly negatively related to the corporate capital structure. At the same time, the impact of debt tax shields and non-debt tax shields on corporate capital structure varies from industry to industry.
Fangfang Liao
Modern Economy, Volume 11, pp 96-108; doi:10.4236/me.2020.111010

Abstract:Company can not only make charity donation, but also carry out volunteer service to perform philanthropic responsibilities. So how do company’s philanthropic activities affect its financial performance? This paper uses data of Chinese A share listed companies to investigate the effect of philanthropic activities on corporate financial performance by two-stage Heckman selection model. The results show that corporate charity donation has a positive impact on its financial performance, however volunteer service has a negative and significant on it. There are evidences show that as a rational person, companies perform philanthropic responsibilities through charity donations, which can have a better positive impact on companies.