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Jianpeng Chu
Review of Educational Theory, Volume 4; doi:10.30564/ret.v4i1.2838

Based on the teaching practice of mineral resources economics, this article believes that a certain economic foundation is an indispensable condition for learning mineral resource economics well for the students of geology majors, and the teaching content of mineral resources economics must include the basic knowledge of economics; Mining resource management is an indispensable content for constructing a knowledge system of economic analysis and evaluation of mineral resources. The teaching content of mineral resource economics should include the sustainable use of mineral resources and the environmental protection. In order to meet the needs of society, the teaching content of mineral resources economics must be updated in time.
Rong Chen
Review of Educational Theory, Volume 4; doi:10.30564/ret.v4i1.2524

In the 21st century, the communication between countries becomes more and more frequent, and the requirements for translators become higher and higher, which requests that translators should master professional knowledge and improve their professional ability. As the color words appear more and more frequently in international communication and the meaning of color words vary due to differences in geographical location, religious belief, language habits, etc., it will be easy to cause misunderstandings if translators fail to understand the connotation of color words and apply appropriate methods. Based on this, the paper summarizes some effective translation methods by taking the common usage of six color words as the entry point and combining the differences between Chinese and English geography and religion.
Xingyu Zhang
Review of Educational Theory, Volume 4; doi:10.30564/ret.v4i1.2829

This paper focuses on the nativization of English in China, using Pidgin English as a case study to put Chinese English variants under the theoretical framework of eco-linguistics, and put the ecological environment such as species competition, coexistence and co-evolution, etc. The natural phenomenon is compared with the existence of language phenomenon in the development process of China English represented by Pidgin English.The study found that as the spark of the collision of the two mainstream languages of Chinese and English, the Chinese English varieties play a very important role in the exchange and enrichment of the two languages and cultures. Although academic circles have different attitudes and opinions on Chinese English variants, their existence and development conform to the law of the development of things and are also inevitable in historical development. Blindly ignoring their objective existence will definitely bring adverse effects on the ecological balance of the language. We should face up to the existence of Chinese English variants, comply with the law of language development, and allow it to develop naturally, and make efforts to protect the ecological balance of the world’s languages.
Chunxu Qian
Review of Educational Theory, Volume 4; doi:10.30564/ret.v4i1.2699

With the rapid development of society, most of countries around the world are all attaching importance to the construction of the rule of law. Many countries are drawing lessons from each others’ excellent legal achievements. Legal translation is an important branch of translation field and is playing an increasingly essential part in legal changes. With the deepening of China’s rule of law, China’s construction of legal system has stepped into a new phase. A large number of excellent Chinese legal documents are being translated into English, and many laws of Britain and America also have been translated into Chinese. The globalization of law has been an irreversible tendency. With the vigorous development of legal translation, how to correctly translate foreign legal achievements into Chinese has become a very arduous task for translators. The research field of legal translation includes the study of vocabulary, discourse, sentence and so on. The quality of translation of English legal vocabulary is key to deciding the quality of the whole translation of the legal text. Guided by the Skopos theory, which is a well-known theory put forward by German School of translation, the author makes a preliminary study on the translation of English legal vocabulary. By using and analyzing example sentences, the author makes summary about five characteristics of English legal vocabulary: common English vocabulary expressing legal meanings, use of ancient English vocabulary, parallel use of synonyms, use of modal verbs, use of professional terms and legal jargon. On the premise of conforming to the Skopos theory, four strategies of translating English legal vocabulary are summarized by the author according to these characteristics of English legal vocabulary, which are respectively fuzzy processing of English legal vocabulary, giving play to translators’ subjectivity, possessing consciousness of legal texts, correct use of domestication and foreignization. The author stresses the important role of translators’ subjectivity in the translation of English legal vocabulary, the correct use of domestication and foreignization and lastly links characteristics of English legal vocabulary, the Skopos theory and strategies of translation of English legal vocabulary effectively. The study has the certain innovation and reference significance in improving the quality of legal translation.
Yuze Deng
Review of Educational Theory, Volume 4; doi:10.30564/ret.v4i1.2841

Teaching and group learning are two important parts of higher education, which have their own educational functions and expressions. In the new era, higher education must innovate and reform the traditional educational model. On the basis of analyzing the present situation of traditional teaching and group education, this paper puts forward the necessity of the integration of teaching group learning, and emphatically explains the practical predicament and countermeasures of the integration of teaching group learning.
Jue Zhao
Review of Educational Theory, Volume 4; doi:10.30564/ret.v4i1.2547

Under the background of “Internet+”, the development of Sino-foreign cooperatively-run higher institutions have changed significantly. Relying on the “Internet+”, exploring new teaching directions has become the focus of attention of relevant personnel. After understanding the influence of “Internet+” on Sino-foreign cooperatively-run higher institutions, this paper analyzes the problems in the traditional mode of teaching, and puts forward the teaching mode for “Internet+” with English as an example. The results of this paper show that the emergence of “Internet+” technology has promoted the development of English teaching mode, so relevant personnel should face up to the positive impact of “Internet+” and explore new teaching paths. Only in this way can we constantly adapt to the future teaching needs.
Hao Zhang
Review of Educational Theory, Volume 4; doi:10.30564/ret.v4i1.2645

Aiming at the problems existing in the teaching reform of mechanical foundation course, such as old teaching mode, poor practical teaching means and lack of innovative thinking training. In order to realize the reform of teaching contents and methods and effectively promote the improvement of students’ ability, it is necessary to improve teaching contents, innovate teaching methods and strengthen the design of practical teaching links and innovative thinking ability cultivation schemes.
Xiangrui Jia
Review of Educational Theory, Volume 4; doi:10.30564/ret.v4i1.2618

Among programming languages, C++ programming language is relatively difficult to learn. In order to help students learn C++ language better, two solutions is proposed in this paper. The first solution is to introduce the idea of flipped classroom into C++ teaching. Because of the many difficulties in C++, students can watch and discuss with their classmates anytime and anywhere through the video explanation of the flipped classroom. Teachers explain the key points and difficulties in offline classrooms, which will help students quickly master C++ knowledge points.The second solution is to design a case based on a real project and then integrate the case into daily C++ teaching. In this way, students can quickly transition from the level of knowledge mastery to the level of knowledge application, which helps to cultivate students’ coding ability based on real project.
Meina Mao, Jianxin Ma, Hang Xia, Yifan He
Review of Educational Theory, Volume 4; doi:10.30564/ret.v4i1.2676

Since the National Conference on ideological and political work in Colleges and Universities, the Party Committee of Beijing United University has closely focused on the fundamental problem of “what kind of person to train, how to train and for whom to train”, and regards the course of ideological and political thinking as the fundamental measure to carry out the fundamental task of building up people by virtue. In 2020, in the event of the new epidemic situation, the school actively implemented the work plan of “stopping classes and not stopping learning” in Beijing, and opened the historic revolution of the whole school network teaching in education and teaching.In recent years, Beijing Union University in the “curriculum ideological and political” construction is constantly open up. In order to promote teaching practice and teaching research, the school teacher teaching development center set up the first teaching promoters of Beijing United University in 2019. The project team was set up by the school teaching promoters to study the effect of the online teaching mode of art courses under the concept of ideological and political education.
Zhiwen Zhu
Review of Educational Theory, Volume 4; doi:10.30564/ret.v4i1.2776

Python language, as one of the most popular programming languages, has become the preferred programming course in Colleges and universities. However, in traditional teaching, the dull and monotonous teaching of Python course leads to the low teaching efficiency of Python course and the unsatisfactory learning effect of students. Therefore, there is an urgent need for new teaching methods to improve classroom efficiency. Adopting Python interactive online teaching can not only improve the teaching efficiency of Python course, but also promote the reform of information technology course.
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