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Susanne Caro
DttP: Documents to the People, Volume 47, pp 19-19; doi:10.5860/dttp.v47i2.7034

Abstract:Favorite spot in Fargo / North DakotaMy favorite spot is Island Park. It is near the river, has music and dancing during the summer, and wonderful, big trees. It is like a little forest in the middle of Fargo.Favorite pastime/hobbyI am a cos-player. It mixes some of my passions: science fiction, sewing, and art. I enjoy the challenge of taking something that was a 2-D image and making something that works on a real human. I’ve also started doing standup comedy.
Jane Canfield
DttP: Documents to the People, Volume 47, pp 6-7; doi:10.5860/dttp.v47i2.7031

Abstract:In a 1995 response letter to a request from Senator Richard Shelby to identify how many government documents are published in languages other than English, the General Accounting Office (GAO) identified 265 documents published from 1990 to 1994. Of those documents, 50 had been published by the Social Security Administration, and 83 percent were written in Spanish. Today, a quick search in the Catalog of Government Publications (CGP) identifies 7,047 documents in Spanish.
Laura Sare
DttP: Documents to the People, Volume 47, pp 2-3; doi:10.5860/dttp.v47i2.7028

Abstract:Howdy everyone,I have been rewatching the X-Files series (my favorite episodes are the ones by Darin Morgan) and this reminded me of a display I did on government information about UFOs. Many are available due to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. I like to use these sources as a good way to introduce students to FOIA.
Government Documents Round Table
DttP: Documents to the People, Volume 47, pp 20-22; doi:10.5860/dttp.v47i2.7035

Abstract:GODORT Awards CommitteeGODORT Education CommitteeGODORT Publications CommitteeNotable Documents UpdateGODORT Membership UpdateGODORT Steering Committee
Gwen Sinclair
DttP: Documents to the People, Volume 47, pp 8-15; doi:10.5860/dttp.v47i2.7032

Abstract:The Documents Expediting Project (DocEx), an acquisition and distribution service for federal documents that operated out of the Library of Congress (LC) from 1946 to 2004, was an important source of non-depository items, second copies, and fugitive documents. In addition to distributing documents to subscribing libraries and other organizations, DocEx supplied documents to the Superintendent of Documents for inclusion in the Monthly Catalog of United States Government Publications (MoCat). DocEx stands as a model of cooperation between libraries, library associations, LC, federal agencies, the Superintendent of Documents, and vendors to facilitate the acquisition and distribution of millions of documents that would otherwise have disappeared.
Kay Cassell
DttP: Documents to the People, Volume 47, pp 4-4; doi:10.5860/dttp.v47i2.7029

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Amy Brunvand
DttP: Documents to the People, Volume 47, pp 16-18; doi:10.5860/dttp.v47i2.7033

Abstract:Anne Carson’s Autobiograpy of Red is one of those beloved poetry books that everyone kept telling me to read, but somehow I never got around to it until recently. Imagine my surprise to find government documents librarianship at the crux of the story! In Carson’s poetic novel, our hero Geryon is so full of artistic and erotic passion that he appears as a winged red monster. After he is dumped by a lover, “Geryon’s life entered a numb time, caught between the tongue and the taste,” a poetic dark-night-of-the-soul rendered metaphorically as a job shelving government documents in a joyless library basement. The forlorn, distinctly unpoetic texts are stored on shelves labeled in all caps, “EXTINGUISH LIGHT WHEN NOT IN USE.” This accuracy of detail suggests that back in 1998 when the poem was written Carson had most likely encountered an actual Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) collection. Nonetheless, she is kind to the librarians who occupy their dusty world willingly and consider Geryon “a talented boy with a shadow side.” Now that so much government information is online, this gloomy subterranean library may someday come to seem like pure imagination, a poet’s fanciful invention of an impossibly drab occupation.
Alice Trussell
DttP: Documents to the People, Volume 47, pp 5-5; doi:10.5860/dttp.v47i2.7030

Abstract:The United States emerged from World War II with technical knowledge about nuclear power, but very few options to use that power for positive outcomes. One attempt to funnel this knowledge into beneficial use was the Plowshare Program: “Swords Into Plowshares” established by the United States Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) to study and develop peaceful uses for nuclear explosives in science and industry. Plowshare advocates proposed using nuclear explosions to create craters to be used for excavations for projects such as canals and harbors, and deep underground explosions to be used for mining as well as recovery of oil and gas.
Sierra Laddusaw, Garrett Littlejohn
DttP: Documents to the People, Volume 47, pp 15-21; doi:10.5860/dttp.v47i1.6982

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Hallie Pritchett
DttP: Documents to the People, Volume 47, pp 3-3; doi:10.5860/dttp.v47i1.6978

Abstract:One of the things I had forgotten about living in the Upper Midwest after spending eleven years in Georgia is just how short the days are at this time of the year (due to the DttP publication schedule, I am writing the Chair’s Column for the Spring 2019 issue in January). On the winter solstice in December, Fargo had about eight and a half hours of daylight; it was dark when I went to work and dark when I went home. The good news is that after mid-December, the days start getting longer; as of this writing in mid-January, Fargo has gained almost a half an hour of daylight. By the summer solstice in June our days will be almost sixteen hours long and presumably quite a bit warmer. Definitely something to look forward to on a cold winter’s night!