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Hermenegilda C. Fernandez
IAMURE International Journal of Social Sciences, Volume 16; https://doi.org/10.7718/ijss.v16i1.1088

Sexual harassment is a worldwide phenomenon. It can occur in the workplace or at school. Thus, this descriptive study was conducted to determine the extent of implementation of the Anti-Sexual Harassment Act (RA 7877) as assessed by the students and faculty/personnel. The respondents were the randomly sampled college students of the College. Researcher-made survey questionnaire and interview schedule were used for data gathering. Data were analyzed and interpreted using percentage, mean and t-test. Results reveal that the College implemented to a moderate extent the Anti-sexual Harassment Act (RA 7877). The school has in place implementing measures and carries out dissemination of RA’s provisions as evidenced by the moderate satisfaction and awareness of the school’s stakeholders – the students and the faculty/personnel.However, the stakeholders’ moderate satisfaction and awareness suggest a need for the school to intensify its efforts in implementing the Act to make the stakeholders fully aware of the Act, toinvolve the stakeholders in the fight against sexual harassment through comprehensive information campaign during meetings and symposia and classroom instruction, and to stipulate the RA’s provisions in manuals/handbooks and information technology-based communication platform.
Luzviminda Padios-Relon
IAMURE International Journal of Social Sciences, Volume 16; https://doi.org/10.7718/ijss.v16i1.1091

The traditions of certain groups or communities may change as new values may emerge and later be integrated into the society. This scenario has been evident among the indigenous peoples. Contrary to this, however, there are some minorities that can preserve their customs, beliefs, and practices. Other IPs’ existence, however, is unknown to many, especially among the younger ones nowadays. This study described the sociocultural experiences of the Bago students of University of Northern Philippines together with the problems they have encountered as a result of their exposure and dealings with the lowlanders. The descriptive research design was employed and utilized interview and observation methods. The respondents were purposively chosen. Based on the findings, the Bago students are incognizant of some elements of their customs, beliefs, and practices for they have been influenced by other groups or communities. They tend to be peace-loving, open-minded, and willing to accept changes, as manifested in mingling harmoniously with fellow students. Based on the findings, it is recommended that an organization be created, and programs are designed in the University that will serve as an avenue for the Bago students to showcase their unique culture. This will contribute in raising the level of awareness of the UNP community regarding their rich cultural heritage.
Jr. Pablo B. Bose, Maria Rebecca B. Talledo, Maria Digna T. Bose, Pablo B. Bose, Jr.
IAMURE International Journal of Social Sciences, Volume 16; https://doi.org/10.7718/ijss.v16i1.1092

The loom woven cloth reveals the distinct and rich culture of Abra. It displays intricate designs, arts, and patterns which reveal the ingenuity of the Abrenio. This study aimed to determine the different geometric concepts, shapes, designs, arts and patterns present in the loom woven product. It also attempted to identify meanings and cultural implications exhibited in the colors and embroidery stitches present in the loom woven cloth of Abra. The study made use of ethno-math research design. Interview of the loom weavers and actual examination of the loom woven cloth were done in this study. Key informants helped the researchers validate their prior knowledge about the geometric transformations present in the loom woven cloth of Abra. It was found out that there are geometric concepts and transformations produced from the color combinations of the warp and weft threads. Furthermore, there are ethnic meanings of the different embroidery stitch designs present in the loom woven cloth of Abra. The result of the study will be utilized as instructional material in math and allied subjects; and likewise a way of promoting the loom weaving industry of Abra.
Ramil S. Bulilan
IAMURE International Journal of Social Sciences, Volume 16; https://doi.org/10.7718/ijss.v16i1.1086

Reading is for communication and inseparable with comprehension. Without comprehension, reading becomes meaningless. However, comprehension can be affected by lots of factors. In this study, speed was primarily presumed as such. Thus, it sampled 234 freshmen of Bohol Island State University, Clarin, Bohol, Philippines. The study utilized descriptive-correlational survey method which specifically gathered respondent’s preferred communication skills, attitudes towards reading, levels of comprehension, difference among attitudes towards reading, and the correlation between speed and comprehension. In determining reading proficiency, speed and comprehension tests were made. Results showed that in comprehension, respondents from the College of Teacher Education were very good readers, and only good readers were from the College of Technology and Allied Sciences. Respondents’ uncertain attitude towards reading was manifested in their strong preference of listening than reading. Most of them found difficulty in dealing with higher order comprehension skills. Respondents were below average in speed and only good in comprehension. It showed a highly significant difference on their attitudes towards reading. Furthermore, their speed and comprehension were correlated, which means that comprehension was dependent upon their speed; hence, that the slower they read, the poorer they comprehend.
Analyn Q. Villaroman
IAMURE International Journal of Social Sciences, Volume 16; https://doi.org/10.7718/ijss.v16i1.1089

The media often portray men as violent. This study of two men’s groups, MOVE-Davao, and MR GAD seeks to find an alternative discourse of men joining groups that are geared towards the attainment of gender equality. The study looked into the lives of men who are members of two gender advocacy groups and their reasons for engagement. It employed qualitative approach- social phenomenology where 12 participants were interviewed. Participants of MOVE-Davao mostly hold key positions in both public and private sectors. For MR GAD, most men members are direct service providers in their respective communities especially on the aspect of dispute resolution. As men of MOVE-Davao and MR GAD have become involved in the gender advocacy groups, their life experiences suggest a myriad of opportunities for displaying their creativeness, communicating with fellow men, counseling couples, transforming one’s self and other people and enjoying the group’s activities despite some challenges encountered. Men’s engagement in these gender advocacy groups is anchored on caring and helping others. Other reasons include their love for children, being free from gender stereotypes and the material and non-material rewards. The study recommends that men must be given space to participate in development work as they bring a new strategy so that they can affect new consciousness not just in the formal structures of power but also at the informal level.
Jerald U. Saculles
IAMURE International Journal of Social Sciences, Volume 16; https://doi.org/10.7718/ijss.v16i1.1090

John Gray, in his book Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, explored the differences in the behaviors and languages of men and women by means of his eponymous metaphor that men and women are from distinct planets and that each gender is acclimated to its own planet’s society and customs, but not to those of the other. This metaphor is anchored on the Difference Theory, popularized by Deborah Tannen, which examines the effect that gender has on language use. This study, therefore, is an attempt to explore differences in male and female language in English, Filipino, and Iloco. It seeks to determine the linguistic features that characterize the language of the two groups represented by 100 students from LORMA Colleges. These include language preference; linguistic borrowing; dynamics of code-switching; use of adjectives in English Filipino, and Iloco; and syntactic complexity. Language differences also cover topic preferences of men and women; topics considered not in good taste for conversation, taboo words and the euphemisms used to skirt them, the use of cathartic expressions, the use of cuss words, reasons for uttering cuss words, and the source of learning cuss words. Furthermore, this study also explores how men and women perceive each other’s language, and they’re own.
Ma. Dolores L. Aday
IAMURE International Journal of Social Sciences, Volume 15; https://doi.org/10.7718/ijss.v15i1.1071

This study deals on how the Cebuano high school students are exposed to a second language--English and Filipino, their attitudes towards learning the same and their level of proficiency in such languages. A non-probability convenience sampling was conducted in three high schools in Cebu City getting 171 respondents. They were made to take a language proficiency test in Filipino and English. Interviews and focused group discussions were also done to assess clearly their competence in both languages. The study showed that their exposure to a language counts much in achieving language proficiency. The study, however, negates the relationship between the students’ level of proficiency and their attitude towards learning both languages. Further, this study illustrates how the Bilingual Education Policy as well as the new trends of the Mother Tongue-Based Learning had contributed more to the decline of the students’ English proficiency. The domains of English are contracting while those of the Filipino language as well as the regional dialects are expanding. School administrators must look into the language policy in schools to improve the English language competency of the students and make them more globally competitive.
Eduardo P. Malagapo
IAMURE International Journal of Social Sciences, Volume 15; https://doi.org/10.7718/ijss.v15i1.1073

Today, schools are mandated to improve for global competitiveness, particularly those under the K to 12 curriculums. The study investigates the competitiveness of Al-Andalus International School under the K to 12 curriculums as basis for strategy formulation. The study used the descriptive method involving internal and external analysis of forces that affect business operations. Results showed that the Al-Andalus International School is able to manage the forces of change in its environment and is prepared under the K to 12 curriculums. Strategic plans are in place to insure competitiveness and sustainability in the future.
Hermenegilda C. Fernandez
IAMURE International Journal of Social Sciences, Volume 15; https://doi.org/10.7718/ijss.v15i1.1068

Prevention and protection of children from abuse, maltreatment or violence, depends on data obtained through scientific research. Thus, this descriptive study design was conducted to determine the extent of awareness of child abuse prevention measures and child protection laws. RA 7610 guarantees special child protection against child abuse, RA 7877 known as the Anti-Sexual Harassment Act of 1995 guarantees workers protection in the workplace and training or educational environment. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) as an international legal instrument against child abuse. These child protection laws are assessed by the randomly sampled college students/faculty and personnel of the College. Findings reveal that students are highly aware of matters about child abuse and the preventive measures the school has. Nevertheless, such high level of awareness among students does not directly influence the effectiveness of the school’s effort in educating the students about child abuse because the information about child abuse is sourced not from the school but by external sources particularly the electronic platform. Such finding implies that the school has to take full advantage of the Internet in communicating its programs and measures relevant to child protection from abuses.
Henry L. Langam, Jr., Jr. Henry L. Langam
IAMURE International Journal of Social Sciences, Volume 15; https://doi.org/10.7718/ijss.v15i1.1072

In teaching revolution of the Earth, the proper instructional material should be used to appreciate fully and understand the concept. This study aimed to investigate the contribution of the Interactive Video Approach to learning revolution of the Earth. This research utilizes experimental, correlation, and descriptive research designs, and employed validated researcher-made test and attitude questionnaire to 52 respondents. The t-test and Pearson r Correlation were used to analyze the data. The researcher administered the pretest and then conducted the instruction utilizing Interactive Video Approach and Traditional Approach. Posttests were then administered to measure the academic achievement and attitude of the respondents. The scores of the respondents taught using the interactive video approach were higher compared to traditional approach. The overall weighted mean value of 3.42, with the variation of 0.62 indicates higher perceived value with the consistency of perceived responses. Results revealed that there is an extremely significant difference between the students’ performance in the traditional and interactive video approach, with p-value <.001. This further indicates that, on the average, the interactive video method is more efficient compared to the traditional teaching approach. There was also no significant relationship between the respondents’ attitude on the approach and their posttest scores with p-value 0.603.
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