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, Fitriana Romdhati, Hery Widiyanto, Aktavia Herawati
AGROLAND The Agricultural Sciences Journal (e-Journal) pp 60-71;

The superior banana varieties in Karanganyar Regency, including Jenawi District, have the potential to be developed, but banana development is still constrained by the lack of information regarding land suitability. This study aims to to obtain the land suitability class for banana and its limiting factors, to arrange land management for its development. This research was a descriptive explorative study through a field survey approach, supported by laboratory analysis. Determination of land suitability classes is carried out by matching land characteristics with plant growth requirements. The actual land suitability class for banana plants is not suitable (N) and marginal suitable (S3). The inhibiting factors for banana suitability were low temperature, high rainfall, low P2O5 content, steep slopes, and high erosion hazards. Land improvement effort that can be done include elaborate drainage structure, liming and ameliorant adding, P-fertilizing, planting in line with contour and cover crop planting. Potential land suitability classes for banana are not suitable (N), marginal suitable (S3) and moderately suitable (S2). Jenawi District has sufficient land potential for banana development. Banana development can be carried out on land with moderately suitable potential land suitability by improving the land limiting factors. Improvement dipilih dari SMU 3 dan 4.
, Sudirman Dg Massiri, Rustam Abd Rauf, Hasriani Muis, Syahril Paingi
AGROLAND The Agricultural Sciences Journal (e-Journal) pp 47-59;

This research aims to determine the causes of land-use conflicts and formulate a participatory conflict resolution model of the Forest Management Unit (KPH) of Kulawi. Through interviews with respondents using the purposive sampling method. The study included the community around the forest area, local government, KPH, Department of Agriculture, BPDAS-HL, and local government. Data analysis was stakeholder's and land use conflict by using problem trees analysis. The study results show that the battle occurred not only because of the community's factor of accessing the area illegally but also because the KPH has not performed its function correctly. Some factors cause enforcement's failure, such as lack of understanding of the area and community empowerment. Some alternative solutions desired by the community: (1) The government through related agencies should supervise forest areas, (2) Clear boundaries between community-owned land, villages, and forest areas, (3) Community empowerment by utilizing potential forest product resources and (4) Granting management rights to community's forest claimed by the community. There are two models of conflict resolution to be offered. First, the KPH needs the collaboration of parties to resolve land-use conflicts. Second, community involvement as the main subject is significant in every stage of conflict resolution. The KPH supports improving community capacity related to competence in conflict resolution is indispensable.
, Rustam Abd Rauf, Muh. Fahruddin Nurdin
AGROLAND The Agricultural Sciences Journal (e-Journal) pp 38-46;

Since the last 20 years, discussions about Indonesia's position and role in the International cocoa trade have attracted the interest of experts and scientists, not only those in the field of agribusiness and economics, but also able to attract the interest of scientists in the institutional field. This study analyzes how the institutional role in the development of cocoa production through interpretative structural modeling (ISM) analysis approach, with the research location of North Luwu Regency of South Sulawesi. The results of the ISM analysis showed that out of the 13 institutions analyzed, there were nine institutions as priority actors in the development of cocoa production, namely: ((1) Joined Farmer group, (2) Local office for extension services (BP4K), and (3) Extension Officer (4) Private companies, (5) Center for Research/Universities, (6) Local Office for Agriculture and Plantation services, (7) Cocoa Development Center/CDC, (8) Local office for Trade, Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises, and (9) Cocoa Marketing Institute. Furthermore, based on the results of the power-dependent driver matrix mapping, there are three institutions in independent positions, and six other institutions in the linkage position. The six institutions in this linkage position, must be coordinated through effective management, because in addition to affecting the success of the program, feedback can also hinder the development of cocoa production. One of the institutions in the linkage position, namely private companies occupies a key priority position in the development of cocoa production.
, Sulistyodewi Nur Wiyono, Dini Rochdiani, Nur Syamsiyah
AGROLAND The Agricultural Sciences Journal (e-Journal) pp 72-81;

Brand awareness is one of the brand equity components that holds a significant role in brand popularity and brand profitability. However, Pawon Jenonk has been encountering popularity and profitability issues for 3 years. Therefore, this study is executed to measure consumers' brand awareness of Pawon Jenonk and its ability to indicate the brand’s popularity and profitability or the contrary. In this study, the level of brand awareness is measured from both its depth and breadth. This study used a quantitative research design using a survey method to collect the data. The population is 160 consumers who purchased its product between December 2020 – January 2021 and simple random sampling was used to choose 150 consumers of the population. In analyzing the collected data, descriptive statistic analysis was used by categorizing the respondents’ total rating score towards the brand awareness instruments. The result shows that 59,33% of the respondents have a high level of brand awareness, 36,00% of the respondents have a moderate level of brand awareness, and 4,67% of the respondents have a low level of brand awareness. From that result, it can be stated that Pawon Jenonk has been quite successful in establishing its consumers' ability to recognize and recall the brand but not so much in establishing the consumers’ consideration to purchase and consume its products. It can be stated that this study indicates a linkage between brand awareness with the brand’s popularity and profitability. The result also proved that Pawon Jenonk’s issues are related to its brand awareness. Therefore, it can be concluded that the level of brand awareness can indicate brand popularity and profitability condition or the contrary.
Eko Priyantono, Sulfianti Sulfianti, Risman Risman
AGROLAND The Agricultural Sciences Journal (e-Journal) pp 31-37;

Rice is one of the staple food in Indonesia which is easy to serve and contain high level carbohydrate, thus influenced the daily activities and human health. The aim of this research is producing low glucose healthy parboiled rice and obtaining the chemical content of Mekongga parboiled rice. This research was held Chemistry Laboratory of Mathematics and Natural Science Faculty, Tadulako University. This research used Mekongga parboiled rice which used completely randomized design with one factor, i.e. kind of treatments, P1 (water soaking with 300 C + steaming for 20 min), P2 (water soaking with 400 C + steaming for 20 min), P3 (water soaking with 500 C + steaming for 20 min), P4 (without water soaking + steaming for 20 min), P5 (without treatment (Control)). Water content, ash content, starch content and sugar reduction were observed in this research. Water soaking with 300 C + steaming for 20 min treatment showed the best result if compared with other treatments in water content level (9.28%), ash content (0.798%), starch content (65.71%), sugar reduction (0.71%), and amylose (23.75%).
Esa Noerbayinda, Eliana Wulandari
AGROLAND The Agricultural Sciences Journal (e-Journal);

The production of gedong gincu mango tends to be abundant lead to the selling price could decrease. Mango farmers in Jatibarang Sub-district had implemented off season farming as a solution to maintain the availability of mango production throughout the year which would have implications on the rising selling price. The behavior of farmers in on and off season could be different that may affect the cost, sale price and income of farmers. This study aims to analyze the differences behavior gedong gincu mango farmers in on and off season as well as its effect on their income. This research was conducted using survey method. The data analysis used a descriptive statistic, Mann Whitney tests and income analysis. The results showed no difference in farmers’ behavior in terms of fertilization and pruning frequency. Farmers in Jatibarang Sub-district as a whole have implemented off season farming so that there are differences in behavior in terms of the spraying frequency and applying paclobutrazol. Off season farming was more profitable than on season farming, with the average selling price reached IDR 25,200 per kg and average income of IDR 52,680,594. Therefore, off season farming could be an option to increase farmers’ income
, Eliana Wulandari
AGROLAND The Agricultural Sciences Journal (e-Journal);

The availability of financial institutions remains low in Kertasari Sub-District, causing farmers to be unable to optimally utilize financial institutions to borrow capital for farming activitiy. As funding provider, informal institutions are considered to be relatively flexible and easy to access because of uncomplicated administrative procedures compared to formal financial institutions which unfortunately are often seen as much more convenient to use for the farmers. The purpose of this study was to analyze the factors that relate to potato farmers' decisions in obtaining finance from middlemen in Kertasari Sub-District, Bandung District. The study design is quantitative research using survey method. The data was analyzed using logistic regression. The results showed that there were several factors that related to farmers' decisions in obtaining finance from middlemen, including farming expenses and farm income.
Reviana Aulia, , Syariful Mubarok
AGROLAND The Agricultural Sciences Journal (e-Journal);

Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is a plant that has many benefits. Most people use turmeric as a cooking spice, food coloring, or as traditional medicine. Traditional medicine is needed as an alternative method in medical world. At present, a lot of research has been done to develop the use of turmeric. The active compound in turmeric is diferuloylmethane (1,7-bis (4-hydroxy-3-methoxyphenyl) -1,6-heptadiene-3,5-dione) or often called curcumin. Curcumin is a compound that has many benefits. Curcumin can be used as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antiobesity. The purpose of this review journal is to discuss several studies related to the potential of the active component in turmeric. This journal discusses the benefits of active compounds in turmeric as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antiobesity.
, Nuraeni Nuraeni, Yohanis Tambing, Ida Musdalifa
AGROLAND The Agricultural Sciences Journal (e-Journal), Volume 7, pp 91-98;

This study aims to examine the effectiveness of gibberellins in breaking dormancy to produce high viability snakefruit (Salacca snakefruit Geartner) seeds. The materials used are snakefruit seeds from Tamareja Village, Donggala Regency, sterile sand media, aquades, and GA3 solution. This research was arranged using a completely randomized design (CRD) with one factor, namely the provision of gibberellin, consisting of five levels of concentration, namely P0 = control (without treatment), P1 = 30 ppm and P2 = 40 ppm P3 = 50 ppm P4 = 60 ppm. each treatment was repeated five times so that there were 25 experimental units. Each experimental unit used 20 seeds. Observation data were analyzed using analysis of variance (ANOVA), followed by Tukey' HSD test if the treatment tested showed a significant effect. The results showed that gibberellin administration effectively broke snakefruit seeds' dormancy and produced seeds with high viability. The higher the gibberellins' concentration would increase germination speed plumule length, radicle length, and faster embryo axis emergence. Gibberellin 60 ppm resulted in germination power 98%, germination rate 20.97 days, plumule length 5.52 cm, radicle length 5.15 cm, and embryo axis emergence 9.2 days.
, Rostiati Rostiati, Pratiwi Pratiwi
AGROLAND The Agricultural Sciences Journal (e-Journal), Volume 7;

Sweet potatoes in general, including vines that have tubers as a producer of carbohydrates, but the quantity and quality is very different from other tubers. Instant noodles are generally made from raw materials of wheat flour, but with the abundance of sweet potatoes found, noodles are made using purple sweet potato flour instead of wheat flour. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of purple sweet potato flour substitution at various concentrations on the physical, chemical and sensory tests of instant noodles. The study was conducted at the Agroindustry Laboratory, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Tadulako, from June to December 2019. The experiment was arranged using a Completely Randomized Design (CRD) with 1 factor, namely the substitution of instant noodles purple sweet potato flour at a concentration of 0.5,10,15, 20.25 and 30%. The treatment was repeated 3 times so that 21 units of the experiment were obtained. For sensory testing using a Randomized Block Design (RBD) with a panelist of 30 people. Observation parameters consisted loss of solids due to cooking (KPAP), water absorption, water content, ash content and sensory tests. The results of the study of purple sweet potato flour substitution at various concentrations gave the best effect on the concentration of 30% on instant noodles produced based on physical, chemical and sensory properties. With the highest loss of solids due to cooking ( KPAP). The absorption of instant noodles decreases with increasing concentration of purple sweet potato flour. Instant noodle water content tends to be constant in every treatment. Ashes of instant noodles increase with increasing concentration of purple sweet potato flour and the sensory properties of color, texture, aroma, and taste of instant noodles produced increase with increasing concentration of purple sweet potato flour with hedonic scale categories like. Noodles substituted with purple sweet potato flour can be consumed as instant noodles such as those circulating in the market.
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