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Tran Thanh Yen
Published: 3 December 2021
RA JOURNAL OF APPLIED RESEARCH, Volume 07; https://doi.org/10.47191/rajar/v7i12.04

In today’s society, there are still school violence behaviors that affect simultaneously seriously to the physical and mental health of students as well as their academic performances. This article will present how high school students in the city of Da Nang cope with these related problems. A study with the participation of 423 students at seven schools in Da Nang city was carried out to describe the fact how students cope with school violence behaviours. Its result shows that the main cause of school violence behavior comes from students’ witnessing various types of violence. In addition, students apply positive responses through actions and emotions when faced with school violence behaviors. Based on the result obtained, the study recommends measures to partially affect the way the schools and families develop their solutions, as well as directly affect the survey subjects.
Kholmurod Ruzievich Isanov
Published: 22 November 2021
RA JOURNAL OF APPLIED RESEARCH, Volume 07; https://doi.org/10.47191/rajar/v7i11.11

This article analyzes the legal nature of the force majeure in the system of legal relations. The will of the parties to a force majeure legal relationship, as a sudden or unavoidable event or situation involving their will, affects the rights and obligations between them and has certain legal consequences, the whole system of legal relations has also been examined as the basis for exemption from liability or exclusion of liability. Approaches have also been explored in distinguishing a situation that led to harm as a risk (risk) or force majeure situation in determining liability for breach of obligation. The conditions for the use of force majeure in the continental and general legal systems are analyzed, and scientific conclusions are drawn on its legal nature and its role in the national legal system.
Bekhzod Kochkarovich Daminov
Published: 22 November 2021
RA JOURNAL OF APPLIED RESEARCH, Volume 07; https://doi.org/10.47191/rajar/v7i11.12

This article discusses the organization of a handball team from cadets, listeners, pilots and engineers and the components of the handball system, its main tasks, developing the skills of cadets and listeners through the game of handball and instinct to make quick decisions. Information about the game is provided. It is necessary for a serviceman of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan to be physically strong and to make non-standard decisions in non-standard situations. Therefore, it has become a topical issue for cadets and students to spend their free time meaningfully and to focus on sports that develop speed, endurance and willpower. Handball, which is one of these sports, is a way for cadets and listeners to work together as a team, to respect each other, to work for the team, to get out of situations during the game. It is no exaggeration to say that the combat situations you perform for your defense help you perform a variety of combat missions.
Manzura Jamolovna Isroilova
Published: 22 November 2021
RA JOURNAL OF APPLIED RESEARCH, Volume 07; https://doi.org/10.47191/rajar/v7i11.10

The actualization of phraseological units, mainly the creation of humor or humor in a particular text, is based on a general stylistic need. This type of actualization is distinguished by the fact that the compound is understood simultaneously, in the same text in the sense of a phrase and in the sense of a free compound. There are two ways to understand and use a compound in a person's speech. The main condition for two different understandings is the situational context, extra-linguistic factors. The media is rich in such contextual contexts.
Sayibjan Sadikovich Negmatov
Published: 22 November 2021
RA JOURNAL OF APPLIED RESEARCH, Volume 07; https://doi.org/10.47191/rajar/v7i11.09

Based on the concepts of the theory of interaction and research in the course of researching the process of studying the interaction of composite polymer materials using the method of modeling interaction - the mechano-electric theory of contact interaction. The proposed formula for determining the coefficient of friction of composite polymer materials using pulp (raw cotton).
Lutfiddin Omanovich Olimov
Published: 16 November 2021
RA JOURNAL OF APPLIED RESEARCH, Volume 07; https://doi.org/10.47191/rajar/v7i11.08

The article describes the method of obtaining polycrystalline silicon by combining silicon particles with sunlight, its microstructure and the mechanisms of formation of intergranular boundary areas. The results of the study show that the microstructure of the surface areas where sunlight falls (a) and does not fall (b) differs from each other. This is explained on the basis of the formation of temperature differences in the surface areas (a) and (b) for the uniform accumulation of silicon particles.
Pham Thao Giang
Published: 10 November 2021
RA JOURNAL OF APPLIED RESEARCH, Volume 07; https://doi.org/10.47191/rajar/v7i11.07

Creativity is now said to be an important and top priority in education today. This is an important personality quality of a person expressed through thoughts and actions, especially ideas or products, solutions that a person offers to a problem, and creativity is the main factor that helps a person stand out or be different from others. The study was conducted on 222 students from 2 groups of gifted schools and non-gifted high schools in Da Nang city in order to describe the reality of students' awareness and creativity level, find out about the expressions, their constitutive elements of creativity and analyze the subjective and objective factors that affect high school students' creativity. Research results show that 80% of students are creative at an average level. One special thing is that factors of academic ability, age, or gender do not completely affect students' creativity. Moreover, factors that directly affect the creativity of students come mainly from the intrinsic motivation of the students themselves, the school and family environment is just the foundation for promoting students' creative motivation. From the above results, the study proposes some measures that partially affect the educational methods of schools and families, as well as directly affect the survey subjects.
Le Minh Thao
Published: 6 November 2021
RA JOURNAL OF APPLIED RESEARCH, Volume 07; https://doi.org/10.47191/rajar/v7i11.05

The stressful relationship between children and parents is the pain with which both go through when they find themselves unable to cope as a parent or a child. In order to find out the impact COVID-19 pandemic and suggest some solutions to reduce stress between parents and children, we conducted a survey on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on stressful relationships between parents and children at high school age in Da Nang city. In a survey of randomly-selected high school students, the findings reveal a high rate of tension between them and their parents, particularly up to 38.5% (212/550). In reality, there are many factors affecting the stressful relationship between children and their parents at this age, in which psychological fear about health; social distancing policy; closed schools; students staying at home 24 hours a day and learning online; the disruption in children's daily routine; excessive use of electronic devices, are major causes of stress in the relationship between children and their parents. From this practice, our research team have proposed such solutions as creating outdoor activities and consulting the handbook; designing extra-curricular activities and more importantly, organizing training courses on life values for parents to increase happiness and reduce stress in parent-child relationship.
Malika Nasirova
Published: 6 November 2021
RA JOURNAL OF APPLIED RESEARCH, Volume 07; https://doi.org/10.47191/rajar/v7i11.06

In this article, the views of the great medieval linguist Mahmud Zamakhshari in his work “Al-Mufassal fi sanati-l-i'rab” on the Arabic language “maf'ul -– مفْعُول”, i.e. the object and its variance, are compared with the views of modern Arab scholars. Linguists such as Mustafa Ghalayini, Abbas Hasan, Antoine ad-Dahdah, Nemat Fuad, Abu Bakr Abdul Alim, and the methods of expressing this topic are included in the analysis.
Noureddine Atmani
Published: 5 November 2021
RA JOURNAL OF APPLIED RESEARCH, Volume 07; https://doi.org/10.47191/rajar/v7i11.03

False aneurysm is one of the life-threatening infective endocarditis (IE) complications. It can occur even long after a well-treated IE. We report the case a 43-year-old. Treated for a blood culture negative aortic valve endocarditis with 4 weeks antibiotic therapy. One year later, he presented a false aneurysm of the right lateral wall of the aorta responsible of right coronary artery compression. He underwent urgent surgery with a successful removal of the false aneurysm and a Bentall’s procedure.
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