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Ann Gloghienette Orais Perez, Marilou D. Junsay
IAMURE International Journal of Education, Volume 18; https://doi.org/10.7718/iamure.ije.v18i1.1142

The purpose of this sequential explanatory research study is to predict the psychographics and demographics that are associated with performance among faculty in Dubai Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and thereafter to develop a regression model. Using the purposive sampling, twenty faculty members among Dubai HEIs were used to answer the validated and tried-out interview guide which results were coded, interpreted, and clustered into themes. The research findings reveal that professional qualification, commitment, job satisfaction, motivation, personal differences, and perceived fairness in management emerged as psychographics that influence faculty performance. The psychographics and the demographics were tested whether these predict faculty performance. Using stratified sampling, not lesser than one hundred forty-nine (149) faculty members were selected to answer the validated and tried questionnaire. Using MANCOVA, the figures disclose that the educational level, professional qualification, commitment, job satisfaction, motivation, and perceived fairness in management are predictors of faculty performance. The regression model of the study is Faculty Performance = 32.076 + 12.977 Educational Level + 2.070 Professional Qualification + .967 Commitment – 10.388 Job Satisfaction + 6.926 Motivation – 1.302 Perceived Fairness in Management. The findings of this study would contribute to the identification of criteria in the hiring of faculty in Dubai HEIs.
Suad Al Areef Al Haj, Liza M. Gernal, , AymanAl Armoti
IAMURE International Journal of Education, Volume 18; https://doi.org/10.7718/iamure.ije.v18i1.1146

The effectiveness of social media and online sources as a collaborative and effective learning tool are explored to complement the training and development programs within the company. Social media and online learning tools help in peer to peer interaction which may provide better results in the long run. Employers are concerned that valuable work time is being consumed during the process. A large chunk of talent is not productively engaged at a given point of time which may result in a loss for the organization. Many companies like Google, IBM, and Microsoft are following this pattern to enable the employees to become the captain of their ship. Online tools and social media help to provide training across geographical limits and reach up to large audiences. It can enhance the training experience with pictures, three-dimensional looks, pictures, videos, etc. which can catch the attention of the learner. The social media tools that can be used to create interactive, online, company-limited, virtual spaces, which is extremely collaborative and group operated thus increasing a sense of camaraderie among the peers. This creates a sense of interest among the users and helps to anchor them to the reality of the workplace and thus, increasing productivity and innovation.
Vangeline O. Erum, Nino M. Decenorio, Edilbert A. Reyes
IAMURE International Journal of Education, Volume 18; https://doi.org/10.7718/iamure.ije.v18i1.1143

This paper determines and describes the departmental priorities of one of the Non- Sectarian Higher Education Institutions in General Santos City, Philippines towards strategies for future directions. This study is qualitative in paradigm, descriptive, and exploratory in purpose, multiple case analysis in discipline and quantitative and interpretivist in interpretation. Findings revealed that instruction is the top most priority as shown by the provisions/ data scrutinized in the five studied departments namely: Criminology, Education, Social Work, Accountancy, and Engineering. However, there seemed neglect in other provisions under research and extension because of their limited quantity, non-implementation, and limited budget if not totally absence of the provisions as planned. Instruction is claimed to be a priority since accordingly, the programs are board- courses. Participants had comparative and contrastive views on the priority of their department, implementation barriers, and feelings for the nonimplementation of other provisions particularly in research and extension that are seemed to be neglected by the academic departments.
IAMURE International Journal of Education, Volume 18; https://doi.org/10.7718/iamure.ije.v18i1.1144

Information communication technology (ICT) enhances education and learning processes in higher education. Learning Management Systems (LMS) is a software application that manages the learning processes. LMS also supports peer collaboration and the communication between students and professors. This paper is going to investigate the students’ responsiveness to LMS in Ajman University. Moodle is a tool used to manage and assimilate their learning processes and facilitate communication. The goal of this study is to examine the acceptance of LMS, to assess the area where Moodle is supporting student learning and to determine the preferred aspects of learning provided by Moodle that students find enticing. This study showed a positive response regarding Moodle support learning processes in Ajman University. The participants found Moodle was able to manage, facilitate and enable access to different Moodle features.
Nino M. Decenorio, Vangeline O. Erum, Edilbert A. Reyes
IAMURE International Journal of Education, Volume 18; https://doi.org/10.7718/iamure.ije.v18i1.1141

The research endeavors to shed light on the relationship between the psychological and socio-cultural adaptation of international students as perceived by students of UAE. Also, it aims to identify the segmentation of UAE bound international students. The research design is quantitative and utilized a descriptive survey methodology to examine the relationships and difference between the variables. It employs input, process, output model to respond to the research objectives and hypothesis poses at the onset of the study. The input involves the demographic profile of international students which highlighted the continental grouping, market segmentation, and other variables. The process involves the utilization of survey questionnaires, the collection of data, statistical tools, statistical treatment, Likert scale, interpretation, and analysis. The output is the proposed student development program. The study revealed significant findings on Psychological and Socio-Cultural Adaption, Demographic Profile and Market Segmentation which provided a new breadth of contribution to the body of knowledge. Based on the results, recommendations in conjunction with conclusions are introduced to pave the way for a proposed student development program. A sound and a workable developmental program for the international students will ensure a smooth and a successful integration of students in the United Arab Emirates.
Edilbert A. Reyes, Nino M. Decenorio, Vangeline O. Erum
IAMURE International Journal of Education, Volume 18; https://doi.org/10.7718/iamure.ije.v18i1.1145

The study determined and described the intended and the implemented curriculum of Special Science High Schools in South Central Mindanao, Philippines towards policy recommendations to address the gaps. Specifically, it determined the levels of implementation of curriculum, instructional programs, and instructional support. Both quantitative and qualitative data were employed in the study for collecting and analyzing the data. Specifically, it utilized multiple case analysis. Triangulation procedure was used in collecting data through questionnaire, interview, documents and on-site visitation. The quantitative data established which areas have gaps while the qualitative works on description and judgment to identify what created them. The result of the study showed that there are significant gaps between the intended and the implemented curriculum in some areas of curriculum implementation, instructional programs, and instructional support. Policies cited in the Department of Education Orders are not generally implemented in all science high schools investigated.
Severo Ii Ceniza Sumortin
IAMURE International Journal of Education, Volume 16; https://doi.org/10.7718/iamure.ije.v16i1.1121

Filariasis is an infection caused by a filarial parasite known as Wuchereria bancrofti transmitted by mosquitoes. During the year 1998, there were 44 provinces in the Philippines infected with filariasis. On the year 2005, there were 645, 232 Filipinos infected and 30 Million were at risk of the disease. Despite the initiatives by the National government and NGO’s, filariasis remains the 2nd leading cause of permanent disability in the Philippines (Galvez Tan, 2015). In the community of Mainit Iligan, City, the case was first noted on 2012 with only 30 cases. By 2015, the number grew to 435. Initiatives were undertaken by the LGU, Community Council and Schools to address the problem. Given the vector of the disease, the community engaged in clean-up drive in their houses and schools. The LGU provided medications and treated mosquito nets. During the recent administration of the test, results have shown that the cases decreased to 48 as of December 15, 2015. Based on the conducted case study, the researcher concludes that the entire community has to accept the free medications provided by the LGU and should cooperate in maintaining a clean surrounding and proper hygiene to eradicate filariasis.
Mary Josephine M. Duritan
IAMURE International Journal of Education, Volume 16; https://doi.org/10.7718/iamure.ije.v16i1.1124

The youth of today are caught between tradition and progress, and they are in the throes of a modernizing society and abrupt cultural and political changes. Indeed, the extent of values integration in social sciences subjects have contributed in enhancing values integration in social science subjects. The study critically appraised in more detail the extent of the integration of values in the Social Science subjects among college students of the University of Perpetual Help System DALTA in the three major campuses of the school. The study used the descriptive research design. The mix method of qualitative and quantitative was used in the appraisal of the salient aspects of the five social science subjects. The study used three sets of questionnaires. The analysis utilized descriptive and inferential statistical measures. Findings of the study revealed that social science subjects such as Philippine History and Life and Works of Jose Rizal, integrate values to a very great extent across campuses vis-à-vis character development. The study concludes that extent of values integration has significant differences in the responses across the respondents’ strata. The values integration and educational practices about character development, educational management, and instructional leadership are implications from the findings in the study.
Cheryll Didi Nellie N. Obra
IAMURE International Journal of Education, Volume 16; https://doi.org/10.7718/iamure.ije.v16i1.1120

The study determined the presence of theory-practice gap in physical therapy education in the Philippines from the perspectives of three different groups: interns, clinical instructors, and internship coordinators. It utilized both quantitative and qualitative research designs using survey, interviews and focus group discussions in collecting data. The Clinical Internship Evaluation Tool was used as the primary data gathering instrument to measure the actual competencies of the interns. A survey questionnaire and interview guide was used to ascertain perceptions of the stakeholders on the clinical education process. Focus group discussions and interviews were audiotaped, and verbatim transcripts were produced. Descriptive statistics and t-test was used for data analysis. The result of t test revealed that the interns’ actual competencies are significantly different from the standards of competence expected of a competent clinician. Moreover, identified as the most problematic professional behavior and patient management skills were initiative and patient evaluation, respectively. Further, there were a pronounced gap between what they learned in school and what they are expected to do at the clinical sites. The highlighted gaps can contribute to quality appraisal, conformance to standards and enrichment of physical therapy education. Schools must facilitate better teaching-learning by more didactic instruction, laboratory skill mastery, and modification of academic contents. Clinical instructors in affiliation centers should have adequate education and preparation for their supervisory and teaching roles to enhance the clinical education process effectively.
Rogelio P. Bayod
IAMURE International Journal of Education, Volume 16; https://doi.org/10.7718/iamure.ije.v16i1.1125

Sexual adventurism among young people of today seemed to penetrate even the religiously and culturally conservative countries. Thus, it is not surprising that early pregnancy among college and university students becomes a growing issue worldwide. Things become complicated for students who got pregnant while studying because they will be forced to either temporarily or permanently quit from school. The study examined the transition experiences of eight Filipino single and unmarried college students who stopped from their schooling because of early pregnancy but chose to come back to finish their studies. Results revealed that early pregnancy was considered by the participants as a tragedy resulting in negative feelings and thoughts. Some participants thought of and even attempted abortion. However, they did not succumb to their heartbreaking situations but decided to rise and continue their drive towards the realization of their dreams. Their children and their loved ones as well their earnest desires to afford better future for their family with or without their partner’s support have motivated them to endure the difficulties during their comeback to school. As a result of this study, Cor Jesu College has formulated policy on student pregnancy and crafted student support program for pregnant students and students who are already mothers taking into account their concrete needs.
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