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Shadan Pedram Razi, Asma Satiyarvand, Fariba Tabari, Anooshiravan Kazemnejad, Zahra Tizh Maghz, Mojdeh Navidhamidi
Iranian Journal of Nursing Research, Volume 13, pp 64-72;

Introduction: Self-efficacy is a key psychological source in adapting to chronic diseases and plays a crucial role in how patients adapt to the challenges of cancer as a chronic disease. Promoting self-efficacy in patients with breast cancer leads to better Compatibility with the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, reducing cancer symptoms, improving mental ...
Fatemeh Noghani, , Abbas Mehran, Lila Yaghobi
Iranian Journal of Nursing Research, Volume 13, pp 47-56;

Introduction: Maintaining and improving the health of the elderly people as a vulnerable group should further be considered. Loneliness is one of the most common complaints of the elderly that can cause serious consequences on their mental health. The present study was designed and implemented with the aim of determining " ...
Habib Shareiniya, Afsaneh Nourayi, Mahdi Esmaeilniya, Batool Mohamadiyan, Reza Esmaeili, , Gonabad University of Medical Sciences
Iranian Journal of Nursing Research, Volume 13, pp 73-79;

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