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Rilwan O. Oliyide, Liana M. Cipcigan
International Multidisciplinary Research Journal pp 30-45;

The impacts of uptake and electricity load profiles of Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Heat Pumps (HPs) on the low voltage (LV) distribution networks were analyzed. The United Kingdom (UK) has a legally mandated policy concerning reduction of greenhouse gasses (GHGs) emissions. Therefore, the integration of low carbon technologies (LCTs) especially EVs and HPs at the LV networks is expected to increase in the drive to reducing the GHGs emissions. Future uptake scenarios, adapted from the National Grid studies, of EVs and HPs were developed for a real and typical urban LV distribution network in Great Britain (GB). Gridlab-D, an agent-based power system simulation software, was used to model the LV distribution network. The model was run for four different scenarios considering seasonal load profiles and projected EVs and HPs uptakes for each of the year 2020, 2030, 2040 and 2050 respectively. The results were analyzed in terms of transformer loading, voltage profiles of the feeders, and the ampacity loading of the cables for the different scenarios of the years.
Madhulika Bharti, Priyanka Bharti, Manindra Kumar, Prashant Kumar
International Multidisciplinary Research Journal pp 25-29;

Electromagnetic radio waves have been propagating for billions of years through the universe since the beginning of time. Electromagnetic radio wave propagation and the communication revolution it spawned, however are products of the twentieth century. Radio propagation in a particular environment is a complex, multipath phenomenon which involves several different mechanisms. According to a traditional, simplified approach, two major urban propagation mechanisms are identified over-roof-top (ORT) or vertical propagation (VP), where one major radial path undergoes multiple diffractions on building tops, and lateral propagation (LP) where several rays reflect/diffract all vertical building walls/edges according to the geometrical Optics (GO) rules before reaching the receiver.
Taslim Mahmud Bhuyain, Robin Kuri, Nayeem Al-Tamzid Bhuiyan, Sahadat Hossain Sagor, Riazul Haidar
International Multidisciplinary Research Journal pp 13-24;

With solar tracking, it will become possible to generate more energy since the solar panel can maintain a perpendicular profile to the rays of the sun. Even though the initial cost of setting up the tracking system is considerably high, there are cheaper options that have been proposed over time. This research discuss the design and construction of a prototype for a solar tracking system that has a single axis of freedom. Light Dependent Resistors (LDRs) are used for sunlight detection. The control circuit is based on an ATMega328P microcontroller. It was programmed to detect sunlight via the LDRs before actuating the servo to position the solar panel. The solar panel is positioned where it is able to receive maximum light. As compared to other motors, the servo motors are able to maintain their torque at high speed. They are also more efficient with efficiencies in the range of 80-90%. Servos can supply roughly twice their rated torque for short periods. Through tracking, there will be increased exposure of the panel to the sun, making it have increased power output. The trackers can either be dual or single axis trackers. As a single tracking system is cheaper, less complex, and still achieves the required efficiency, so it was used.
Aurpita Shaha, Mintu Sarker, Nazmul Islam, Trishna Khatun, Abdul Bashir, Shamim Hossain
International Multidisciplinary Research Journal pp 7-12;

The outburst of COVID-19 influenced the lives of all segment of society as people were requested to self-quarantine in their homes to stop the outspread of the virus. The lockdown had consequential impacts on mental health, triggering psychological problems encompassing frustration, stress, and depression. The outbreak of Covid-19 has significantly affected the lives of all parts of the society. One of the most instant changes launched was the closure of educational institutions to decelerate the spreading of the virus. Students no longer had availability of institution-based physical activities such as physical education, recess, and walking to/from universities/colleges/school. Inadequate physical activities and enormous sedentary behavior amid students exhibits a noteworthy problem because health behavior patterns can result in heightened risk for a number of hazardous health conditions (e.g., overweight/obesity, type II diabetes, and metabolic syndrome) in later. The objective of this study was to explore the pervasiveness of physical and mental health condition among Bangladeshi students during the COVID-19 pandemic. It also focuses on recognizing the stimulus of various states of physical and mental conditions throughout COVID-19 pandemic. The cross sectional data was gathered by means of interviews or self-responses among the university students from various districts of Bangladesh on July to August 2020. The study was performed with structured questionnaire. To reduce threats of Covid-19 infection, in this investigation, participants were interviewed over telephone instead of face to face interaction. In order to explore the effects of this pandemic on the lives of students, we performed a survey in which a total of 576 participants were participated. In this survey, among them 377 (66%) are male and 197 (34%) female. It was discovered that 92% of participants appreciate participating in physical activities & rest of them (8%) don’t like to participate in physical activities. In addition, our study also revealed 46% of the students having trouble in sleep and 45% students feels concentration problem. The findings of this study show that greater numbers of the students are not in sound physical or mental conditions. They are bored, helpless, anxious and depressed than previous. This study shows that the mental conditions of female students are more affected by Covid-19 compared to male students. 82% of female students are stressed about their study, future life and so on. 46% female students are feeling helpless, 61% become upset and 60% feel bored during lockdown and close of education institution. COVID-19 is striking threat both on physical and mental health since its outbreak. During this challenging time, it is necessary to continue taking care of physical and mental health.
Rahmatullah, Tabiur Rahman Prodhan, Nazrul Islam, Sajjat Hossain
International Multidisciplinary Research Journal pp 1-6;

This study examines the coverage of environmental issues in the local newspapers of Rangpur, Bangladesh. The results are based on an analysis of the content of environmental coverage in two local daily newspapers (The Daily Juger Alo and the Daily Prothom Khobor). The result depicts that The Daily Juger Alo and the Daily Prothom Khobor published an average of 1.91 and 1.22 stories per day, respectively. The top focused issue of these newspapers was natural disaster. Almost all the 258 (89.27%) stories were published without deep investigations or in-depth analysis. However, based on the average daily coverage of environmental issues, the authors conclude that environmental journalism is a strong subfield in local newspapers of Rangpur, Bangladesh. Future studies need to consider a large number of samples.
Janet Obiero, Anne Assey, Charles Kimamo
International Multidisciplinary Research Journal pp 65-74;

Quality and sustainability have been unresolved issues since the repercussion of the commercialization of distance education. Personal guidance, counseling and study habits, which are critical in maintaining the quality of distance education, have been underrated in most distance education. The study investigated the influence of personal guidance and counseling on study habits of distance learners in Bachelor of Education at the University of Nairobi. 319 respondents participated in the study by filling in questionnaires. The results of the Pearson Correlation Coefficient showed a positive correlation R= 0637 between personal guidance and counseling and study habits. The hypothesis was tested at α=.05 level of significance and the results H01: Personal guidance and counseling do not significantly influence study habits of distance learners was rejected since P=0.000
Roberto Pippi, Livia Buratta
International Multidisciplinary Research Journal pp 6-13;

The lifestyle’s fundamental role in the approach to the young people with metabolic problems is now supported by the scientific evidence. However, multidisciplinary (including nutritional, physical activity and psychological aspects) intervention studies conducted on this issue are still lacking. This work aims to reflect on issues concerning the EUROBIS multidisciplinary intervention study, which aims to contrast childhood obesity, addressing the complex nutritional, motor, and psychological aspects to improve children’s lifestyle through the implementation of curative and preventive strategies. The curative, clinical approach already proved to be effective in a significant reduction in body weight, BMI, waist circumference, fat mass, waist circumference/height index, and an improvement of Mediterranean diet adherence and physical activity measures, in subjects with overweight/obesity [1]. Now we present the first results of the preventive project "Let’s improve the Umbrian children lifestyle", a school-based intervention, conducted in 2015-16 school year on first classes of primary schools in Umbria (more than 4000 children) resulting in an improvement in Mediterranean diet adherence and physical activity measures. This study confirms that multidisciplinary lifestyle intervention can improve anthropometric, nutritional and physical activity outcomes and represents the cornerstone to build recommendations with a high level of evidence within the Italian standards of care, although it has demonstrate the difficulties of young people and parents to join it.
Samuele Martinelli, Gloria Gonella, Dario Bertolino
International Multidisciplinary Research Journal pp 18-24;

During decades, Natural language processing (NLP) expanded its range of tasks, from document classification to automatic text summarization, sentiment analysis, text mining, machine translation, automatic question answering and others. In 2018, T. Young described NLP as a theory-motivated range of computational techniques for the automatic analysis and representation of human language. Outside and before AI, human language has been studied by specialists from various disciplines: linguistics, philosophy, logic, psychology. The aim of this work is to build a neural network to perform a sentiment analysis on Italian reviews from the chatbot customer service. Sentiment analysis is a data mining process which identifies and extracts subjective information from text. It could help to understand the social sentiment of clients, respect a business product or service. It could be a simple classification task that analyses a sentence and tells whether the underlying sentiment is positive or negative. The potentiality of deep learning techniques made this simple classification task evolve, creating new, more complex sentiment analysis, e.g. Intent Analysis and Contextual Semantic Search.
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