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Zainur Wula
International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, Volume 5, pp 233-246;

This paper is entitled Tu Tau Are Sociology Study of Wati Eko Boti in the Nggua Ritual in the Iretangi Aedari Indigenous Fellowship Community, Ende Regency. This type of research is qualitative, data collection is done through in-depth interviews and observation. Interviews were conducted by means of snow-ball informants, the researcher as the key instrument by being actively involved in the observation process. data analysis was done descriptively. The results of the study indicate that sociologically the Iretangi Aedari traditional institution has an important role in maintaining and preserving the traditional cultural tradition of tutau arewati ecoboti nggua traditional party. Tu tau are wati eco boti delivering rice, chicken and alcohol as a means to perform ritual offerings to ancestral spirits in order to lead to the implementation of the nggua traditional party. The ritual of tutau arewati ekoboti and nggua has a magical religious meaning in order to provide food to the ancestors which is offered in every corner of the kojakanga, namely the traditional house where offerings are built on the grave of the founder of the Iretangi Aedari traditional village. Means of offering rice food, meat is stored in the kojakanga and the four cardinal directions while alcohol is to be sprinkled on the ground and ancestral graves to give water to the land which is preceded by the reading of prayers to the ancestors so that they are always given strength, given peace of life, blessed with abundant agricultural products. The meaning contained in tutau arewati ekoboti is that ancestral spirits have supernatural powers and are considered alive even though their bodies are dead and have socio-psychological and socio-cultural moral ties to their descendants, so that their generations. Tutau arewati ekoboti is a process of sociological interaction in making offerings to traditional Nggua rituals as an expression of joy with the gawi dance and dancing to chant traditional poetry in order to be given protection by ancestral spirits so that in the planting and harvesting seasons get abundant results. The traditional alliance institution is very obedient and the community has carried out the ceremonial activities of Tutau Arewati Ecoboti for hundreds of years. Whoever violates and or disobeys customary regulations will be subject to strict customary sanctions in the form of fines for cattle, buffalo and pigs. If customary sanctions are not complied with within the next year, the customary sanctions fines will be increased, if they are still not complied with, they will be expelled from the local traditional village.
Abdul Karim, Indah Syamsuddin, Ahmad Jumarding, Amrullah Amrullah
International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, Volume 5, pp 114-126;

This study aims to examine the effect of independence and leadership style based on the gender on audit quality at public accounting firms in Makassar City. This research is descriptive quantitative research using primary data obtained from auditors who work at the public accounting firm in Makassar. The data collection method was carried out using a questionnaire distributed to six public accounting firms with a sample of 30. The sampling technique used the saturated sampling method, based on the consideration that the auditors working at the Makassar public accounting firm represented representative auditors in South Sulawesi. The results of this study indicate that: 1) Auditor independence has a positive and significant effect on audit quality. The higher the level of independence possessed by the auditor in carrying out his duties, the higher the quality of the audit it produces. 2) Leadership style based on gender has a positive and significant effect on audit quality. This means that the better the leadership style applied by the leader, the audit quality will increase. The contribution of the independent variable to the dependent variable is 43.7% and the remaining 56.3% is the influence of the factors that influence the dependent variable that is not included in this research model.
Munavara Abdullaeva, Shokhida Gafurova, Victor Khandamian
International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, Volume 5, pp 224-232;

The late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries saw fundamental changes in Central Asia’s cultural and social life. During that time, Jadidism emerged as a progressive movement throughout the emergence of new bourgeois relations, resulting in a cultural, spiritual, and moral upsurge in Central Asian society. The Jadids – educated middle-class youth – recognized the importance of studying secular sciences to keep up with Western achievements, provide a boost in development, and close the existing gap with European achievements. Today a discussion about the Jadids’ efforts for a secular society and their perspectives on the role and place of Islam in modern society is more important and relevant than ever since the Jadids worked to restore Central Asian religious traditions while introducing new ideas to the country. The paper examines how the Jadids’ ideas might be related to the changes taking place in Uzbekistan today. Uzbekistan is currently attempting to establish a new society within the framework of modern Islam, by the Islamic concept of dynamic thinking that is constantly adapting to the course of events and history.
Izzatullo Tolibov
International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, Volume 5, pp 247-252;

This article analyzes the participation of non-governmental non-profit organizations operating in the Republic of Uzbekistan in achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Proposals were made to amend and supplement the existing legislation to improve the legal framework for their activities.
Oybek Narkulovich Alimov
International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, Volume 5, pp 135-141;

In the light of our awareness of the immersion in the era of breakthrough technologies of revolution 4.0, this article reflects current issues of recent times and the evolutionary trends of the global economy: the need for digitalization of business processes, the introduction of artificial intelligence in the country’s economy, the use of Business Intelligence technologies to improve the efficiency of enterprises, increase productivity of labour and more equitable redistribution of benefits between all participants of the processes of transformation of sovereign states into strongholds of global corporatocracy.
Mayuri Sarma
International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, Volume 5, pp 1-9;

Purpose: Globally, marginalized communities are prone to disparities, stereotypes, biases, and poor health outcomes in the arena of health-care. The outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated these issues and further worsened the health-care experiences and outcomes of vulnerable individuals worldwide. The aim of the study is to identify the multiple factors responsible for transforming the health-care experiences of Assam's 'Miya' community during Covid-19 pandemic. Design: Through an exploratory, qualitative framework based on semi-structured interview schedule, the study investigates the objective among a samle of 20 male and female 'Miya' patients and their attendees for 3 months within the premises of a government hospital setting located in Guwahati, Assam. Findings: Inductive and thematic interpretation of data has revealed that during the Covid-19 pandemic, the exploitative and unjust hospital system has facilitated discriminatory and stressful experiences among the 'Miya' community. In the context of health-care, they witnessed rising stereotypes, social exclusion, neglect, and social distancing by non-Miya counterparts due to their contested social identity, poor literary and lingusitic skills, changing hospital setting and protocols, lack of internal connections and privileges, and politicization of their bodies.
Kelik Wardiono, Wardah Yuspin, Juliyatmono Juliyatmono, Arief Budiono
International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, Volume 5, pp 142-166;

This study aims to describe the pattern of legal relationships that occur in financing activities through qardhul hasan in the Sharia Savings and Loans Cooperative (KSPPS) located in Karanganyar Regency, based on the doctrinal (normative) approach method which prioritizes secondary data and analysis based on deductive logic. Based on the results of the research and discussion conducted, it was found that the norms used to regulate legal subjects, legal objects, rights and obligations of recipients of financing, KSPPS rights, Submission of Collateral, breach of contract, legal remedies and dispute resolution in general were in accordance with the norms -applicable norms and MUI DSN fatwas, although in some parts there are some things that are not in accordance with positive law and MUI DSN fatwas.
Serdar Dayan, Adem Daskan
International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, Volume 5, pp 36-41;

Imam Ali, the sultan of wise words, who had a good command of the Qur'an, hadiths, and poems of the period of ignorance (Jahiliyyah), used literary sentences even in his everyday conversations. He proved to be the pinnacle of literature by skillfully bringing together words in his poems with deep meanings. His poems were examined in Arab and Turkish sources to reveal the literary power of Imam Ali and the beauty of the used language. Studies on the literary aspect of Imam Ali in the Arabic field are more than the studies in the Turkish field. In the literature, much research was conducted about Imam Ali, but very few of these studies examined his literary language side. As he was the basis of Islamic sciences and the master of scholars who grew up in these fields, he occupied a great place in the literature of Muslim countries. We tried to make up for the lack of analysis of Imam Ali's literary language in this context. Imam Ali was a great person who needed to be examined in every aspect of literature. We tried to reveal his literary side, which was a guide for those who came after him.
José Antonio Villalobos López
International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, Volume 5, pp 89-113;

In Mexico, the public budget is one of the economic policies with the greatest impact on national economic development and the redistribution of national income. Non-programmable public spending is considered to be that which cannot be modified, since it is regulated by law, as is the case of the participations delivered to federal entities and municipalities; the financial cost of public debt, debts from previous years and support to bank debtors. The concept of compromised public budget is that which is considered as non-programmable expenditure plus the items of federal contributions and the resources destined to pensions, both contributory (IMSS, ISSSTE) and non-contributory (senior citizens). I affirm that these are compromised resources in view of the fact that they are established in some legal norm and are mandatory programs. In my perspective, the Cámara de Diputados –House of Representatives- has no major interference in redistribution of the concepts that I have considered as compromised public budget, which represented 52.8% of the total public expenditure exercised in 2019 and 51.6% in 2020, related to the GDP mean 12.67% and 13.41 respectively. The resources of the compromised public budget could only decrease by approving amendments to the current legislation. In this way, the deputies' redistribution capacity covers 48.4% of the total federal expenditure budget in 2021. The potential amount of tax evasion and avoidance is considered to represent 3% of our country's GDP in 2020.
Bagus Segara Putra, Istislam Istislam, Tunggul Anshari Setia Negara
International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, Volume 5, pp 196-211;

One of the core values for changing the role of the village head is to avoid elevating locals to the status of minor dynasty. This principle is also based on the desire to leave the new order and herald in the reform era. But in the current reform era, the village head's authority is not constrained by the constitution and has actually had his term of office lengthened by the most recent law. According to Law No. 6 of 2014 Concerning Villages, the position of the village head remains for 6 years and increases three times for a total of 18 years in a row. In this paper, we will investigate the legislative ratio of changes in the term of office of the village head and provide the concept of the term of office of the village head with state law and Pancasila democracy. With the enactment of three periods, it will surely conflict with the direction of legal politics and the hierarchy of laws and regulations in the constitution of a constitutional state.
Abuubakar A. Khamis, Emmanuel J. Munishi, Ibrahim M. Issa
International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, Volume 5, pp 69-81;

Northwistanding the role played by manufacturing companies in implementation of green supply chain, it seems that, this role has not been fully practiced by manufacturing companies in ensuring green supply chain. Taking Bakhresa Food Product LTD as a case study. This paper is intended to get a better understanding of the challenges faced by manufacturing companies in understanding green supply chain and recommending strategies for improving this role. Based on the qualitative appraoch and a purposive sample of 60 respondents, data were collected using in-depth interview, focus group discussion, indirect observation and analysis of secondary data. Data were analysed based on the thematic analysis strategy through the aid of MAXQDA 10 software. Findings of the study revealed that, manufacturing companies faced a number of challenges towards implementing green supply chain. At the green sourcing and purchasing level, the company was confronted with lack of sustainable practices in the organization vision and mission, poor commitment by top management to source environmental friendly materials and high operational costs. Moroever, challenges related to green manufacturing were lack of knowledge by the staff on environmental practices and impacts as well as lack of demand for green manufactured products due to their expensive nature. Challenges related to green transportation and distribution included irregular transportation by the vehicles, poor maintenance of the vehicles and poor infrastructures. Finally, challenges related to green disposal and reverse logistics were lack of information sharing between the firms and suppliers, inadequate legal enforcement by the government specifically to protect environment, shortage of equipment, lack of knowledge of the workers about disposal processess and also manufacturing companies failure to control customers after selling the products. Hence, to improve this situation, we recommend that; to improve green sourcing, use of modernized machines and provision of relevant traing. For the green transportation, manufacturing companies are required to conduct maintanance fot motor vehicles, making consolidation of materials so as to reduce number of trips per day. Finally, to improve green disposal, manufacturing companies are required to establish the program of waste collection from the residential areas as well as purchasing disposal equipment so as to avoid costs of outsourcing
Moses Batanda Mubiru, Said Nuhu, Wilbard Kombe, Tatu Mtwangi Limbumba
International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, Volume 5, pp 276-289;

This study reviews critical social science and policy documents on human settlement research to assess the practicality and relevance of the existing housing policy frameworks to urban households headed by vulnerable persons. Specifically, this study intends to justify the significance of vulnerable households’ classification and segmentation when in policymaking. Furthermore, the paper investigates the different omissions and stereotypes in the policymaking that have hindered adequate housing provision for the vulnerable households in sub-Saharan Africa. Several catchy strategies adopted by the various housing policies have been reviewed in this paper. These include; empowerment of the rental housing tenure, particular emphasis on low-income groups/households like the case in Tanzania, proposals for tenant-to purchase housing schemes, densification of the urban areas (Zimbabwe), delegation of house development to the private sector and the governments taking a back seat and assuming enabling roles among others. The various policies appear promising on paper but with limited or no tangible results regarding housing provision for low-income urban households. This paper avers that policy strategies like a special strategy for the low income and vulnerable households remain on paper with no streamlined strategies to achieve it.
Hasniati Hasniati, Dewi Pratiwi Indriasari, Arief Sirajuddin
International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, Volume 5, pp 10-21;

Regional VII national housing corporation is the largest housing estate in Makassar, namely Bumi Tamalanrea Permai (BTP). Some of the facilities that will be added to the housing estate are shophouses, modern traditional markets, fresh markets, and several commercial houses. The total land area of 315 hectares has been used as a means to fulfill housing needs for residents of Makassar City. The construction of additional facilities in housing located in Bumi Tamalanrea Permai (BTP) is intended for the community to meet needs in the economic sector. Perumnas Branch I Tamalanrea also built houses for the upper-middle class, namely houses with types 36, 45, and 70. Houses with type 36 will be sold for IDR 230 million, while for type 45 for IDR 250 million, and type 70 for selling, for IDR 400 million. The construction of a number of these facilities also adjusts to the housing segment to be built, namely for the upper-middle-class community. Perumnas Regional VII will continue to boost the addition of housing for the community, with relatively affordable prices and also of good quality. Perumnas Branch I Tamalanrea has succeeded in building more than 1,000 housing units. 20 percent are very simple houses and 80 percent are simple houses.
Aras Solong, Dzulqarnain Dzulqarnain
International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, Volume 5, pp 295-302;

The objectives to be achieved in this study are to determine the effectiveness of the Family Hope Program (PKH) in alleviating poverty and to understand the inhibiting and supporting factors for the implementation of the Family Hope Program (PKH) in Indonesia. The research method used is observation, namely making observations on the object to be studied, while interviews are conducted on informants to obtain data or information related to the problem under study, then documentation is needed to find documents that support the policy of the Family Hope Program (PKH). The results show that the effectiveness of the Family Hope Program (PKH) in overcoming poverty has been running in accordance with the procedures and provisions of the government, but in its implementation there are still some indicators that are not satisfactory to the community regarding the data on recipients of assistance that do not match the data in the field. The inhibiting factor is that the list of beneficiaries from the integrated data agency does not meet the requirements to receive assistance, because it does not include the criteria for poor or underprivileged people. While the supporting factor is the Family Hope Program (PKH) which is very supportive of improving the welfare of families classified as underprivileged or poor, especially in improving the education and health of poor families, so this program needs to be continued and improved in the future.
Sinta Devi Ambarwati, Sudarsono Sudarsono, Shinta Hadiyantina
International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, Volume 5, pp 315-328;

In Indonesia, regional regulation review, particularly regional regulations for taxes and regional levies, has entered a new phase following the passage of Law No. 1 of 2022 about Financial Relations between Central and Regional Governments. In accordance with the provisions of Article 245 of Law No. 23 of 2014 on Regional Government, the regional regulation of regional taxes and levies is one of the regional regulations that must first receive central government approval before being promulgated through a preventive monitoring mechanism while it is still in draft form. This provision is in accordance with the Constitutional Court Decision Number 137/PUU-XIII/2015 and the Constitutional Court Decision Number 56/PUU-XIV/2016 which have eliminated the authority of the central government to be able to carry out repressive supervision, and only allow the application of preventive controls. But then again, following the enactment of Law No. 1 of 2022, the provisions of Article 245 of Law No. 23 of 2014 concerning Regional Government were repealed and repressive supervision was reinstated, especially on regional regulations on regional taxes and levies through Article 99 Paragraph (2) of Law No. 1 of 2022 concerning the Financial Relations of the Central and Regional Governments. This research aims to determine the legal consequences of the enactment of Article 99 Paragraph (2) of Law Number 1 of 2022. This research is normative legal research that employs both a statutory and an analytical method. According to the findings of the author's investigation, Article 99 paragraph (2) of Law No. 1 of 2022 concerning Financial Relations of the Central and Regional Governments is not in accordance with Article 24A paragraph (1) of the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia of 1945, and give rise to Dualism of Authority to review Regional Regulations of Regional Taxes and Levies in Indonesia, and thereby a judicial review must be submitted to the Constitutional Court as soon as possible.
Dilmurod Saymamutovich Pulatov
International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, Volume 5, pp 290-294;

This article examines the process of formation of ancient sculpture in Uzbekistan, the analysis of its historical development stages, creative traditions and artistic features, the connection of sculpture with socio-cultural life, common aspects of folk arts, ancient fine arts, detailed information on its role in development.
Seyed Pendar Toufighi, Zahra Soltani
International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, Volume 5, pp 253-268;

This paper provides a systematic literature review and analysis of game theory to model oil and gas scenarios. We select and review 2514 papers from Scopus, present a complex three-dimensional classification of the selected papers, and analyze the resultant citation network. According to the industry-based classification, the surveyed literature can be classified in common oil and gas supply chain fields. Based on the types of players, the literature can be classified into papers that use government-contractor games, the contractor–contractor games, contractor-subcontractor games, subcontractor–subcontractor games, or games involving other players. Based on the type of games used, papers using normal-form noncooperative games, normal-form cooperative games, extensive-form noncooperative games, or extensive-form cooperative games are present. Also, we show that each of the above classifications plays a role in influencing which papers are likely to cite a particular paper. However, the type-of-game classification exerts the strongest influence. Overall, the citation network in this field is sparse, implying that the authors' awareness of studies by other academics is suboptimal. Our review suggests that game theory is useful for modeling oil and gas scenarios. More work needs to be done on production in this domain and using extensive-form noncooperative games.
Nyagwegwe Chaulo Wango, Tatu Mtwangi Limbumba, Colman T. Msoka, Wilbard Kombe
International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, Volume 5, pp 212-223;

Formal social security is helpful to the general population, especially during a post-retirement time and when they have been affected in ways that make them unable to work due to medical or physical conditions. About 95 per cent of the people working in the informal economy are not members of the social National Social Security Fund (NSSF). Some of them have formulated social organisations that are offering informal social services. The central argument of this paper is that can we use these informally arranged social security organisations can be used by the relevant authorities to mobilise people to join formal social security schemes. The study uses the private saving theory to answer this question. Through qualitative interviews, data were collected from 14 members, including the bodaboda association, food vending network, and fisheries group, to find the possibility of mobilising social security schemes through these social organisations. Findings show that the national social security fund can cover most informal actors to reach the casual workers through their existing informal groups such as the bodaboda association, food vending network, and fishing saving groups. Since the informal actors have shown significant dependency on and trust their associations, networks, and groups, it would be easy for NSSF and the likes to cover this sector for easy contribution to these reliable social security schemes. It is, thus, recommended that informal economy actors continue to use associations for their income protection; yet, through these organisations, link up with the more reliable national social security funds such as NSSF when arrangements are made for them.
Ismayantika Dyah Puspasari, Heri Pratikto, Puji Handayati
International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, Volume 5, pp 42-50;

This study aimed to measure how much tax consultants understand about each of the changes in the six clusters contained in the Draft Legislation of HPP. This study uses a positivism paradigm with a quantitative approach. The variables of this study consist of six clusters of changes and/or additions to the HPP Law, including (1) General Tax Provisions, (2) Income Tax, (3) Value Added Tax, (4) Voluntary Disclosure Program, (5) Carbon Tax, and (6) Excise. Analysis using Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) with AMOS statistical tool. The KUP1 manifest, namely "Use of NIK as an Individual NPWP", and the CUK1 manifest, namely "Changes in article 4 regarding the confirmation of additional types of excisable goods" are poorly understood by tax consultants.
Lesiba Lolly Motsepe, Rakgetse John Mokwena, Witness Maluleke
International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, Volume 5, pp 172-195;

This systematic review study looked at the emergent of the South African Police Service (SAPS)’s leadership power struggle in one of the executive organs of the state. The power struggle has the destructive force to destabilise efforts in the fight against crime and weaken the leadership. With the increasing crime rate and disorder in needy communities, discernible signs of systemic failures continue to infiltrate into police leadership structures leading to controversial leadership roles since the advent of democratic policing in South Africa. This paper offers insights into SAPS’s leadership enmity, acrimony, and criminality that paint a negative picture of the complex organisation while betraying the central attempts of gaining public trust and confidence in Section 205(3) of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996. The findings postulate that the involvement of police in the power struggle and mismanagement emits a negative impact on the status of the SAPS’s leadership and threatens the fibre of the country’s safety and security. The past and current leadership appear to be unruffled by the negative perceptions about this organisation holistically. The review indicates a total disregard for the SAPS’s code of conduct, policies, rules, and regulations, as well as internal procedures, ethics and ineffective processes of corrective systems. It is recommended that criminology as a discipline should frequently be adapted to address current SAPS leadership operations ‒ this call for an effective Criminal Justice System (CJS) that embrace social cohesion using multidisciplinary approaches to address the essence of policing. The government, local communities, law enforcement agencies and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) should collaboratively influence sound leadership and progressive policies.
Siddhartha Paul Tiwari
International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, Volume 5, pp 127-134;

In education, mobile technology creates value on three fundamental pillars: productivity, coordination, and transformation. Mobile apps are becoming an increasingly important aspect of teaching and learning in many countries. The use of mobile applications in education is not only beneficial, but also provides students with an enjoyable and interactive experience. For a mobile product launch to be as successful as it can be, it is imperative that a systematic, precise, controlled, and well-established process is in place, which is controlled, efficient, and well-established. Many educational organizations find themselves in situations where they have to get all departments working effectively and together in order to meet a specific deadline, including marketing, production, and operations, after the organization's product clearance board approves the new product. In many ways, the situation is similar to the software crisis that took place in the middle of the 1970's. As a result of globalization and communication, oftentimes the effects of globalization are amplified because of the vast amount of information that must be shared among project team members. Every educational organization has a unique style and way of doing things, and the project management team is no exception. As a consequence, it is commonplace to see that every education entity has its own particular style and way of doing things. In regards to the creation of a mobile application that is going to function efficiently, it is important to remember that it is extremely important to stick to the strategies and requirements that will yield the best results for the education sector.
Baharuddin Baharuddin, Sunandar Sunandar
International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, Volume 5, pp 329-343;

The purpose of this study was to determine the perspective of the formulation of the Regional Revenue and Expenditure Budget Draft Policy for the 2019 Fiscal Year of Sidenreng Rappang Regency. The research method used in this research is descriptive with a qualitative approach. Data/information was collected through interview techniques which were equipped with observation techniques. The technique of testing the validity of the data in this study uses a triangulation examination technique which is an examination technique in terms of criteria and credibility. The total number of informants is 16 (sixteen) people. The results of this study indicate that the Perspective of Regional Revenue and Expenditure Budget Policy Formulation for Fiscal Year 2019 in Sidenreng Rappang Regency consists of (1) Perspective of Regional Revenue Budget Formulation, (2) Regional Budget Formulation, (3) Perspective of Regional Financing Budget Formulation.
Taiwo Hassan Ajadi, Samson Adeoluwa Adewumi, Bhekabantu Alson Ntshangase
International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, Volume 5, pp 290-304;

Discussions on green recruitment practices are sparsely interrogated in the canon of green human resource management literature (GHRM). Existing studies have focused on other areas of GHRM, especially in South Africa. This study addresses this gap through the examination of green recruitment best practices for employees’ green behaviour, and unearths the collection of challenges plaguing green recruitment practices. The study purposively recruited 12 units’ managers and employees from the corporate and human resource cluster of the eThekwini municipality. The semi-structure interview was employed to collect data and the NVivo (v.12) qualitative software was employed to identify themes and sub-themes from the transcript. The content qualitative analytical tool was employed to make sense of the themes and sub-themes respectively. Findings show a collection of green recruitment practices including the use of automated application process replacing the paper based application, the application of green interview process through Skype and Zoom and the advertisement of jobs on LinkedIn and other e-career portals. Other practices include the use of psychometric test in evaluating applicants’ green behaviour value system and the setting up of a computer laboratory as job application hubs. The challenge of green recruitment practices include political interference, limited access to online facilities for job applicants, lack of online knowledge and skills and resistance to change. The study concludes on the need for a more strategic and innovative green recruitment practices and measures to address these challenges in the eThekwini municipality.
Ganisher Alisher Ogli Anarkulov
International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, Volume 5, pp 269-275;

This paper discusses the foreign experience in the development of private forms of management in Uzbekistan. The formation of forms of ownership, as a rule, is a long process in terms of finding effective forms of management. Ownership of property is rather the legal side of the problem, and the organization of management is rather not only about solving economic problems, but at the same time it is a solution to social problems, since people work in order to earn money and satisfy the vital needs of workers.
Anusha Singh, Rochak Saxena
International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, Volume 5, pp 51-68;

The study undertaken focuses on the portrayal of sexual assault by the television news media. This topic has been selected because sexual assault is an umbrella term inclusive of rape, molestation, groping, stalking, among others and this study will allow the researchers to briefly touch some of these aspects if not all. This topic was also selected because there are very few existing studies that even come close enough to the exploration and comparison of two different sources of reportage of sexual assault. Many studies exist in terms of sexual assault and news media separately and not much work has been done on the collective. Through this study the researchers analysed and compared the portrayal patterns of the public and private media using content analysis and semi-structured interviews. The researchers found great contrast in the portrayal style and narratives of both the news sources which have their own pros and cons.
Zainur Wula
International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, Volume 5, pp 303-314;

Bou tebo is a kinship social organization that is formed on the basis of genetic emotional ties with the aim of helping each other between one family and another in meeting the need for decent housing. Bou tebo was founded in 2017 with 23 members and is informal. The location of this research is Ngalukoja village, Ende Regency. This research is a qualitative descriptive research, data collection is done through observation, in-depth interviews and documents, the research results are analyzed descriptively. In accordance with the agreement in the organization, bou tebo annually builds 3 (three) permanent houses and for three years has succeeded in building 9 (nine) permanent houses, each member collects funds of Rp. 4,000,000 (four million rupiahs) each. In addition to funds, each member also collects cement, stone, sand, zinc, wood, iron measuring 10 mm, 8 mm and 6 mm according to mutual agreement. Theoretically, social change is not only determined by human resources, communication and information technology, but rather to efforts to change ways of thinking, acting, and living pressures to increase productivity in meeting the needs of life. Bou tebo provides clear evidence that social change can be realized by increasing the ability to think and work hard that is driven by the emotional bond of genetics to feel the same fate, share the same fate and struggle to help each other realize the dream of a better life than before, namely by having a decent house to live in.
Najah Najah, Dadi Setiadi, Fahruddin Fahruddin
International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, Volume 5, pp 82-88;

The purpose of this study was to determine the development of human resource management in improving the quality of education at SMK Darussholihin NW East Lombok in terms of planning aspects. This study uses a qualitative approach, with a case study method. The procedure of this research is by analyzing various data from observations, interviews, documentation, questionnaires, and information obtained from informants, respondents, and sources obtained in the field. The research data was obtained randomly in accordance with the procedures and data collection processes, namely data reduction, data presentation, and drawing conclusions. In the process of checking the validity of the data, several techniques are used to check the validity of the data including the credibility test, transferability, dependability, and comparability. The results showed that human resource development management planning inDarussholihin Vocational School NW East Lombokit has been done quite well and is carried out at the beginning of each learning year, using four management functions, namely planning, organizing, actuating, and controlling (POAC). However, the planning is often not in accordance with the planning in accordance with the theory. This is due to the lack of commitment of teachers to all existing programs, only a few active teachers, even though if only all were united, we could do these development programs even with minimal funds
Muhammad Nurwahidin, Moch. Johan Pratama
International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, Volume 5, pp 22-35;

It has been more than two years since the Covid-19 pandemic has hit the world, including Indonesia. Webinars refer to online seminar activities using certain internet-based websites or applications. Webinars are an alternative to transferring knowledge through online applications. This study aims to identify what factors factually influence the interest of the adolescent audience to be actively involved in the webinar-based psychoeducation process. Qualitative research methods are used in this study. The respondents in this study were 545 teenagers by voluntary sampling, where participants were recruited through social media channels and campus organizations. The main criteria for respondents are that they have attended at least five webinars with the theme of psychology in the last six months, assuming they are familiar with the webinar situation and there is a proper comparison. Respondents are aged 16 - 21 years. The survey method was used in this study. The data were analyzed using descriptive qualitative analysis using the atlas.ti 8 for Mac application. The researcher found that (1) the speaker's flight time was the factor that most influenced other factors, where experienced speakers in their field would be able to bring up fresh material and create quality teaching media and solutive and relevant material content for the audience. The experience of the facilitator plays a big role in increasing audience engagement. (2) The facilitator's skills in managing the audience where will reduce noise and build exciting and fun interactions between participants. (3) The quality of the webinar that makes them enthusiastic about being actively involved in the webinar process is divided into four themes, namely (a) technical implementation regarding the moderator's performance, number of participants, duration, implementation time, gimmick, the interaction between participants, assignments, noise during the webinar process; (b) materials regarding relevance, novelty, solutions, and quality of teaching media; (c) the presenter relates to interactive communication, voice intonation, ease of use of language, able to manage audience, experience, physical appearance, popularity; and (d) Information Technology aspects regarding device performance and network quality.
Sarvar Tursunmurotovich Sobirov
International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, Volume 5, pp 12-16;

The article discusses the specific features of illustrations and their importance in the development of students’ imagination. In addition, the development of imagination in students through the use of illustration, the use of opportunities for illustration in ensuring the continuity of age in children, the continuity of art classes, the requirements for the use of illustration in fine arts classes and the book the functions of illustrations in understanding the content are highlighted.
Isaac Boaheng
International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, Volume 5, pp 1-11;

One of the key Christian doctrines is atonement. The subject of atonement is very important in Christian theology because it is the basis for God’s reconciliation of the world onto himself. The concept of atonement is found in many other religions apart from Christianity. From an Akan socio-religious perspective, atonement is required to maintain the relationship between humans and the supernatural realm. This paper explored the nexus between the Akan primal concept of atonement and the Christian doctrine of atonement using a literature-based research methodology. The paper demonstrated how an Akan primal understanding of atonement might enhance the Akan Christian understanding of the atonement of Christ. The discussions serve to facilitate the contextualization of the Christian doctrine of atonement for the Akan Christian community so as to make God’s salvific work relevant and meaningful to the Akan people. The main thesis of the paper is that an adequate understanding of the Akan traditional concept sin, priesthood and atonement prepares one to appreciate Jesus’ role as the ultimate high priest whose once-for-all sacrifice brought to an end the repetitious and imperfect sacrifices offered in Akan traditional religious context.
Dedy Efendy, Fahrudin Fahrudin, Muhammad Makki
International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, Volume 5, pp 35-45;

The purpose of this study was to determine the implementation of boarding school program management in shaping the religious character of students. This study uses a qualitative research type using a phenomenological approach. Sources of data in this study use primary data sources and secondary data. Data were collected by using observation, interview, and documentation techniques. Data analysis through data collection, data reduction, data display, and concluding. Checking the validity of the data using the test of credibility, Transferability, Defendability, and confirmability. The results of the study show that: (1) The planning process for the boarding school program takes place in the form of a deliberation forum which is attended by foundations, educators, madrasa committees, guardians of students, education staff, and dormitory administrators;(2) Organizing the boarding school program is an activity of dividing tasks that are determined structurally; (3) The implementation of the boarding school program is divided into several types of activities such as religious activities in the dormitory environment, religious activities in the Madrasa/school environment, and habituation of religious culture in the dormitory and school environment; (4) Controlling the Boarding school program at MTs Mu'allimin NW Anjani is carried out in the form of an evaluation of activities every month with the boarding school program management.
Abdurashid Mamadalievich Soxadaliev, Bobur Mukhammadkosim Ogli Nabiev
International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, Volume 5, pp 223-228;

In a market economy, management is primary tool to accomplish accepted plans with certain level of qualification, authority and responsibility to implement a company’s development strategy, such as production volume, profit, profitability, labor productivity. The article describes the role of management in the effective operation of enterprises, the scientific approaches of scientists in this area, evaluation indicators. Recommendations are given to overcome the existing problems in management activities.
Sukhwinder Singh, Raminder Singh
International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, Volume 5, pp 53-62;

Punjab, which is known as one of the richest states in India has not been able to intervene effectively in the area of school education in terms of financial allocations from its inception to till date, which resulted in devastating educational indices for Punjab’s School Education. Punjab has never accorded priority to school education in its financial allocation policy. This lacuna of financial allocation policy has been reflected in the poor educational attainments of the State. Punjab’s position based on literacy marks (21st) and NAS ranks 22nd commensurate to its inadequate financial allocations to school education as a percentage share of SDP. Moreover, the large share of financial allocations is non-plan in nature and a meager share was allocated under the head Plan expenditure. The analysis of the percentage allocation of outlay to general education in the five-year plan also narrates the same story, which indicates towards the government’s inability to accord high priority to general as well as school education as the most important sector of the economy for Human Resource Development (a significant asset of the nation). Moreover, the post-reforms period also witnessed a sharp decline in the share of the education budget out of the state exchequer. Out of this inadequate budget, a very meager share was allocated to school education and the rest to elementary education. The limited increase in the education budget in real terms has in fact converted and reduced the education budget into a salary budget which constitutes 91 per cent of the total expenditure of the school education budget.
Murat Aleuatdinovich Kudaybergenov
International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, Volume 5, pp 80-84;

This article deals with the role and importance of children’s publications in society. On this basis, attention was paid to the activities of children's publications in the Republic of Karakalpakstan, commenting on the establishment of children’s publications in the region, the stage of development and the current state. It also provides a comprehensive analysis of the skills of journalists working in children’s journalism.
Lannie Marseli Faderi, Tomi Oktavianor, Muslih Amberi
International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, Volume 5, pp 46-52;

This research aims to find out the leadership style of Subdistrict head on Employee Performance in Muara Komam District of Paser Regency of East Kalimantan.. This study uses a qualitative approach with a descriptive type. The data collection techniques using observations, interviews and documentation studies. Based on the research results, it is known that the camat's leadership style uses a situational leadership style, where he can read every situation and match his leadership style with the maturity level of the employees. This thing because difference maturity employee seen from aspect ability and will employee in work.
Muhammad Irsan Nasution
International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, Volume 5, pp 74-79;

This study is a case study conducted in an Indonesian oil palm plantation company. The study aims to understand the digital accounting application in oil palm plantations. The company has changed its recording systems in the plantation area from manual systems using paper to digital systems using applications and gadgets. This study reveals that the company is committed to applying digital accounting systems and, as much as possible, will do paperless administration in the plantation area. The analysis method is descriptive research, namely by collecting and interpreting the data obtained to provide information. In this study, we observe digital technology's use on a palm oil plantation, fingerprint technology for attendance on a palm oil plantation that is directly integrated with the existing payroll system. It is also integrated with the ERP system that is for recorded labors' attendance and calculates their wages and premiums. It helps the company to make faster, efficient, and more accurate reports. There is also the use of Mobile Harvesting System to record harvest density figures, the yield being harvested, and replicate tools to connect and communicate with the ERP systems. Therefore, using digital technology in plantations for accounting and other purposes much helps accelerate the data collection process. Its accuracy also helps to eliminate fraud effectively, efficiently, and accurately.
Sekwaila Naum Mamabolo, Witness Maluleke, Khomotjo Lekgau, Tinyiko David Ngoveni
International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, Volume 5, pp 85-101;

The purpose of this study was to explore the community members’ perceptions on the nature of rape in the selected Mankweng policing areas of Limpopo Province, South Africa, namely: Mentz, Ga-Makanye and Ga-Thoka. The qualitative research approach was followed, coupled with the Q-methodology research design and exploratory research objective. About 30 participants were purposively sampled to form part of the Three (03) Focus Groups Discussions (FGDs), consisting of 10 targeted groups, this was aided by the review of seminal literature studies and theoretical [Differential Risk Model] applications on this subject. The inductive Thematic Content Analysis (TCA) was used as a data analysis method. From the consulted studies and empirical study findings, 03 major factors emerged to explain nature of rape existing in the selected study locations, demarcated as follows; 1) Historical context of rape, which include men that are raised in families with strong patriarchal structures and more likely to become violent and force themselves on women, as they feel superior to them, 2) Social context of rape, entailing gender inequality in South African societies where women possess limited powers and authorities, while men impose notions of masculinity, controlling and perceiving that they own women’s sexuality; and 3) Economic context of rape, explaining how poverty and unemployment are cited as some of contributing factors exposing women to socio-economic vulnerability, such as engaging in transactional sex. From the cited studies, 03 study themes emanated from the conducted empirical fieldworks (FGDs), namely: 1) Unlawful high prevalence of rape activities, 2) Rape committed against the will of potential victims, and 3) Rape involving physical intercourse or other forms of sexual penetrations carried out against any potential victim’s will. This study recommends that youth in the selected study locations should be trained and educated to become peer educators to learn more about the nature rape, it is hoped that this can enhance understanding of this phenomenon in their respective communities, while promoting gender equality in an attempt to urgently re-address the 03 existing characteristics of this scourge. Equally, the utilisation of biological evidence against rape cases can be touted as one of modern interventions to offer proper and successful investigation of this crime. This can be enhanced by improving by information exchange gathered through closer collaborations, interactions, intelligence and enforcement practices, while providing better understanding of the nature and extent of this scourge.
Yunus Yildiz, Serdar Dayan
International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, Volume 5, pp 188-191;

Diplomacy is the profession or activity of a country's representatives abroad responsible for preserving peaceful ties with other countries. In this context, Hizmet movement teachers are considered in charge of representing their country in another country to build peace bridges. This article emphasizes that ‘Hizmet’ movement teachers work like diplomats overseas, and their performance shapes the diplomacy in communication wherever they are.
Shamim Mondol, Mohammad Afzal Hossain Khan, Muniruzzaman
International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, Volume 5, pp 118-124;

Jibanananda Das is arguably the greatest modern poet and one of the leading poets of Bangla literature. His oeuvre of poetry ranges from documenting the diminishing nature to decadence and alienation emanating from modernist practices adopted from Europe. Despite being one of the greatest poets of Bangla literature he is not so well known in the academia as well as to the international arena as is supposed to be. His “Aat Bochor Ager Ekdin”, a representative poem, narrates the story of a man having no dearth and deficiency in life, still, he chooses to commit suicide. Following reportage style, the poet relates the story alternatively by inserting the voice of a reporter and converging his personality with that of the protagonist. This paper demonstrates how Jibanananda Das through reportage has portrayed a modern man and unveiled his personality making the poem an attempt at autobiographical exploration. The present paper is also intended to reveal his extraordinary contribution to Bangla literature in the international arena. Hopefully, through this paper, the academicians, especially those from a literature background, will be interested to know about his life and literary works.
Eka Sofia Agustina, Een Yayah Haenilah, Farida Ariyani, Suwarna Dwijonagoro
International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, Volume 5, pp 188-199;

Lampung language as one of the subjects that are in local content taught in educational units has experienced a dynamic development. One of the components developed in the element of education is the curriculum. The curriculum is a reference for the implementation of the teaching and learning process in all educational units for all subjects. Lampung language is one of the regional languages in Indonesia and has been taught by the local government of Lampung Province since 1975. The focus of teaching the Lampung language is on linguistic elements in which there is literacy, culture, and literature. The development of the learning paradigm that is attached to each curriculum becomes a reference that every educator needs to study so that the learning mission can be achieved optimally. The research method used in this research is descriptive qualitative. The purpose of qualitative description descriptive is research that is used to examine natural objects to describe, describe, explain, explain, and answer in more detail the problems to be studied. For the Lampung language subject, the implementation has elements of specific learning and teaching principles. It consists of, the context of language learning, language skills, strategies to grow language acquisition, and language skills. So whatever the curriculum development and learning paradigm, Lampung language learning still puts forward the four principles of language learning and teaching.
Ninis Nugraheni
International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, Volume 5, pp 109-117;

The enactment of Presidential Decree 12/2020 concerning the Determination of Non-Natural Disasters The Spread of Corona Virus Disease 2019 (Covid-19) as a National Disaster has an impact on the termination of procurement contracts by the government. During a pandemic, it is often encountered that the Government considers itself in a state of force majeure, so that it is free from its obligations in fulfilling its contracts. This is certainly very detrimental to the contractor. Therefore, there is a need for research related to the responsibilities of the government that are bound in the contract for the procurement of goods and services after the enactment of Presidential Decree 12/2020. Presidential Decree 12/2020 does not automatically abolish the government's responsibility which is bound in the contract for the procurement of goods and services. If the Covid-19 pandemic poses a permanent obstacle to the government from carrying out its achievements (absolute force majeure), then the government can apply for a termination of the implementation of the contract to the provider. Termination of the contract may be accompanied by the provision of compensation to the provider in the form and value agreed upon by the parties. In the event that the force majeure that occurs only creates a temporary obstacle to the fulfillment of achievements (relative force majeure), the government remains responsible for fulfilling its achievements.
Sazili Sazili, Ju’Im Ju’Im, Sri Indarti, Riyanto Efendi
International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, Volume 5, pp 102-108;

Turnover intention is an expression of one's feelings arising from a job, where a job can have an impact on a person's feelings of turnover caused by the work environment or job satisfaction. The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of the work environment and job satisfaction on turnover intention. The research methodology is causal associative with a quantitative approach. Respondents in this study amounted to 98 employees. The method of data analysis in this study uses multiple regression. The research results are 1). The work environment has a positive influence on turnover intention, 2). Job satisfaction has a positive influence on turnover intention, 3). Work environment and job satisfaction, together affect turnover intention by 2.7% and 97.3% are influenced by variables outside the study.
Dilfuza Ergashovna Saidova
International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, Volume 5, pp 229-234;

In modern programming, the object-oriented approach is one of the most popular. Object-oriented programming has already become an integral part of university curricula. Today, the university faces a new urgent task - to prepare the future teacher of computer science for teaching this topic, to equip him with sufficient subject and methodological tools. This article provides an analysis of the problems of teaching object-oriented programming to students.
Vermonita Dwi Caturjayanti, Afifah Kusumadara, Yuliati Yuliati
International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, Volume 5, pp 63-73;

The burden of proof is always on the plaintiffs in consumer goods loss actions, if the law is followed. Consumers bear a significant burden of evidence due to their lack of knowledge about the production process, the technology used, and the materials really utilized by producers in their roles as business actors. As mentioned in its explanation, the burden of proof is reversed in Consumer Protection Act by adopting a reverse burden of proof system. Hence, this study intends to examine ratio of legislation and principles in Consumer Protection Act and the use of the principle of absolute responsibility as an equalization of the position of consumers with business actors in the Consumer Protection Act. This study takes a legislative approach to normative research. The findings indicate that there are differences of opinion regarding the application of the burden of proof reversal system in the UUPK, owing to the fact that consumer protection is still considered to be inadequate, particularly in claims for compensation for defective products and products containing materials known to be hazardous to physical and mental health. Consumers are not compensated if the business actor establishes that the loss was the result of consumer mistake.
Faheem Ahmed
International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, Volume 5, pp 214-222;

Historically, environmentalism has not served the US long-term objectives and goals to advance its influence and hegemony in the world. From the Post-cold war period onwards, US politics took war interventions as a top security issue and denied the non-traditional threats such as climate change to be a part of its national security agenda. On the other hand, many countries have included the threat of climate change in their national security domain. Meanwhile, in the US, climate action has never been a central part of its national security and foreign policy objective. The first section of this paper aims to critically evaluate the US domestic policies and foreign policy from the Nixon administration to Trump’s administration. It shows that the US has a promising start in addressing nontraditional threats but soon became a laggard in the subsequent years. Secondly, this paper tries to answer a very pertinent question that why does the US remain a laggard to consider environmentalism to be part of its national security agenda?
Peng Yin
International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, Volume 5, pp 235-243;

Conceiving translation as a cultural construction tool, this paper, resting on the translation of “foreigners” in China during the late Qing and the early Republic, explores how the West and the Westerners as Others are constructed diachronically in the period. It finds that the prominent scholars in the period, most of whom were educated in the Western academic institutions, produced the discourses on foreigners’ superiority. Foreigner was initially used to describe the phenotypic differences between those born and grown up in China and those who are not. Chinese cultural homogeneity endows foreigners with derogatory connotations. In contrast, the Chinese constitution of discourses on foreigners in the late Qing and the early Republic moves foreigners from a periphery position to a central one in Chinese society.
Nilufar Chorievna Tashmatova
International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, Volume 5, pp 192-196;

This article classifies and analyzes the assimilation words expressed in masnavi “Gulshan ul-asror” of Haydar Khorezmi’s, one of the mature representatives of our classical literature, who lived and worked in Khorezm in the late XIV and early XV centuries. It is natural that the interaction, neighborliness and trade relations of peoples of different languages have an impact on the development of their languages, first of all, on their vocabulary. As a results, there are cases of exchange and assimilation. In general, it is expedient to analyze foreign words in the lexicon of Turkic languages by dividing them into two groups:1) ancient (pre-Islamic) period which Sanskrit, Sogdian and Chinese elements are specific;2) relatively new (Islamic and post-Mongol) period. This group includes Arabic, Persian-Tajik and Mongolian dialects. In this study, we examine the pre-Islamic state of the lexemes of the assimilation layer mentioned in the Masnavi. The emergence of Sugd, Sanskrit and Chinese assimilation words in the vocabulary of Turkic languages is assessed as a product of the close ties of the Turkic peoples with the Sughd, Indian, Chinese and Khorezm peoples since ancient times.
Sekitla Daniel Makhasane
International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, Volume 5, pp 203-213;

Despite a global concern and interest in researching school violence, little is known about the nature of violence perpetrated by learners against the teachers. The in loco-parentis status of teachers position them in a situation where they are expected to address various challenges that learners encounter. These challenges include, inter alia, school violence. However, teachers are sometimes victims of violence that they experience from their own learners. Thus, school violence is a complicated phenomenon. This paper is intended to add to the debates about school violence with a focus on physical violence and threats of violence perpetrated by learners against teachers and the leadership implications thereof. The paper uses eco-systemic theory to interpret and explain the said violence. I used semi-structured interviews to generate data from 12 teachers and 2 principals. The participants were purposely selected from two South African high schools. The findings revealed that learner-on-teacher violence in general and physical as well as threats of violence in particular are complicated in that they occur within the parameters of interconnected systems and subsystems. The paper argue that it is imperative for principals and other teachers to provide a vision and direction for non-violent relationships between learners and teachers.
Moses Batanda Mubiru, Wilbard Kombe, Tatu Mtwangi Limbumba
International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, Volume 5, pp 17-34;

This paper investigates how low-income female-headed households exploit the social livelihoods assets to participate in Kampala city's informal urban housing market. It further explores the various strategies which, in the absence of financial assets, are explored by the female-headed households to access and participate in the housing markets. The study is qualitative and adopts a case study research strategy that recruited thirty-seven (n=37) participants from Luzira-Kisenyi informal settlement in Kampala city. It adopted purposive and exponential discriminative snowball sampling procedures in selecting participants. The data collection techniques employed included in-depth interviews, focus group discussions, and document analysis. Content analysis was primarily employed during the analysis phase, and to ensure confidentiality, the participants’ identities were allocated pseudonyms. The paper explores the various strategies which, in the absence of financial assets and amidst the inefficiencies of the formal housing delivery, are explored by the female-headed households to access and participate in the housing market of Luzira-Kisenyi, Kampala. The strategies explored by the women heads of households have been identified in four categories. These include access and interchange of the local housing market information, negotiation of rent payment modalities, maneuvering through a discriminative mainstream housing market, and security of tenancy. Overall, the strategies are socially embedded, and their sustainability depends on the actors maintaining the social ties that they accumulate from time to time. The paper finally implores housing policymakers to embrace the socialised informal participation in the property markets critically and rather lay adequate strategies for its adequate operationalisation than total disregard.
Asmu'i Asmu'I, Gilang Pradana, Samahuddin Muharam
International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, Volume 5, pp 197-202;

This research was conducted to determine the apparatus performance in providing e-KTP services in Karang Taruna Village, Pelaihari District, Tanah Laut Regency. The research method used a qualitative approach. This research was conducted in Karang Taruna Village, Pelaihari District, Tanah Laut Regency. The focus of the research determined from the existing problems was the apparatus performance in providing e-KTP services in Karang Taruna Village, Pelaihari District, Tanah Laut Regency. The research results showed that the apparatus performance in providing e-KTP services in Karang Taruna Village, Pelaihari District, Tanah Laut Regency, was quite high, this could be seen from productivity, service quality, responsiveness, responsibility, accountability according to Dwiyanto's theory and according to Ruky in Tangkilisan (2005: 180), factors that affected the apparatus performance. Factors that affected the performance of the Karang Taruna Village apparatus in providing services to the community which were considered influential and fulfilled in the apparatus performance were the quality of input, organizational culture, leadership, and human resource management.
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