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Angelus Vincent P. Guilalas, Lady Bridgette D. Yu
International Journal of Science and Management Studies (IJSMS) pp 107-128;

The common major problem of all urban and developing cities or provinces is traffic congestion. Moreover, Surigao City, Surigao del Norte, Philippines is one of the developing provinces that experiencing congestion in particular Rizal St. and San Nicolas St. intersection which needs improvement. This study aimed to perform analysis of the intersection to rate its performance quality using Level of Service (LOS) based on the calculated control delay in seconds per vehicle. The Vehicle Analyzer Application (VAA) WAS created to show the number of vehicles detected by adjusting the threshold value from the slider. It WAS applied by Mixture of Gaussian with shadow detection as a background segmentation using the image processing techniques and algorithm (image segmentation, bilateral filter edge detection and contours) to be able to get the vehicle count on each lane and the classification of the vehicles. The SECOND video processed by the VAA classifier got the highest F1 score accuracy percentage of 80.86% taken last November 15, 2018 due to a fair weather, noise, small movements of the camera, occlusions, pedestrians passing IN the road, and the bit rate and resolution of the video that contributed error. Following the calculations of a Signalized Intersection Methodology of HCM 2000, the intersection has a control delay of 33.1 sec/veh and an LOS C which causes much higher delays that results noticeable congestion and fair progression of vehicles.
Sybill Krizzia G. Ledesma, Donna Grace Cotejo
International Journal of Science and Management Studies (IJSMS) pp 36-47;

In the advent of Covid-19 where netizens were forced to stay at home, they stormed the internet to engage with other netizens in lieu of socialization. Among all social media sites, Twitter has become a popular platform for netizens to express their thoughts and beliefs on a variety of themes. Since the Covid-19 is a novel disease which everyone isn’t prepared for, the netizens have different responses toward it. This study, therefore, aimed to plot Covid-19 related trends to identify which trends were constantly discussed and were fluctuating. Given the observed descriptive analysis of these trends, this study then analyzed the data relating it to other Covid-19 related trends and to the existing data of Covid-19 cases. The topical categories identified from mining Covid-19 related trends include health, politics, government interventions, human activities, perceptions, and education. Moreover, it was found out that the rise and fall of Covid-19 cases in the country has no significant relationship to the trends on Twitter. Therefore, the netizens continue to discuss topics on Twitter regardless of the data on Covid-19 cases. The way the netizens communicate with other netizens and the way they react to the novel disease is, thus, unpredictable. This means there might be other factors that could have caused the netizens to engage with and discuss the different topical categories.
Audrey M. Siahaan, Danri T Siboro, Victor H. Sianipar, Uli Siboro
International Journal of Science and Management Studies (IJSMS) pp 1-6;

This study aims to determine the significance of the impact of individual morality and internal control on the tendency of accounting fraud. To obtain the data used journal and library data collection methods, data analysis methods used are descriptive methods, literature, and literature studies.This article concludes that individual morality has a significant negative impact on accounting fraud and internal control has a significant adverse effect on the tendency of accounting fraud.
Ana Durrotul Isma, Palti Marulitua Sitorus, Ratna Lindawati Lubis
International Journal of Science and Management Studies (IJSMS) pp 29-35;

The use of mobile data is increasing during the pandemic COVID-19 due to social distancing. Many daily activities depend on internet activity. Mobile network operators as internet service providers are required to be able to meet increasingly high data needs by providing a reliable network. This research aimed to determine, analyze, and compare the efficiency of mobile network operators before and during the pandemic COVID-19 using Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA). The variables used to measure efficiency in this research were company operational variables. The input variable was the number of BTS, while the output variables include the number of subscribers and data traffic.The data used in this research came from company annual reports from 2015 to 2020. This result shows that during the COVID-19 pandemic, the average efficiency value achieved by mobile network operators was higher than the previous years. Correlations between each variable with efficiency on each company are different. Telkomsel efficiency is mostly affected by the number of BTS, Indosat Ooredoo efficiency is by the number of subscribers, and XL Axiata efficiency is by data traffic.
Annabelle Pillone Rabaya
International Journal of Science and Management Studies (IJSMS) pp 7-15;

This study was conducted to investigate the writing anxiety of all English 230 students during the second semester, school year 2014-2015 at Mindanao State University Marawi City. Specifically, the study sought to find out the level, types, and causes of the writing anxiety of the English 230 students. The researcher made use of both quantitative and qualitative methods of research. Findings revealed that majority of the teacher-respondents and parent-respondents preferred trilingual education. As to the language attitudes of Meranaw teacher-respondents and Meranaw parent-respondents on the use of Meranaw (Mother Tongue) as a language of instruction (LOI), majority of them favoured the use of Meranaw inside the classroom. However, in some aspects of mother tongue use as LOI, they showed vague understanding on the concepts relating to the difficulty of learners to learn Filipino as a subject if they are exposed to Meranaw language and the enhancement of their writing skills if Meranaw language is used in the classroom. They further expressed their negative attitudes on some aspects like the difficulty of learners to understand English if they are exposed to Meranaw language, their dependence on its use when learning English, and their dependence on translating English words into Meranaw. These respondents also have different views on the idea that there are adequate teaching materials to conduct learning in Meranaw; that, teacher’s difficulty in translating some English words into Meranaw language might give the learners problems in their comprehension; and that using Meranaw language as LOI will retard mastery of the English language. The Meranaw parent-respondents, however, have no opinion towards these ideas. Regarding the enhancement of pupils’ reading ability and their difficulty in understanding all Meranaw words, the teacher-respondents have no opinion towards it while the parent-respondents expressed agreement to these ideas.
Malinis B. Glenda, Adlawan A. Hendely, Fadare A. Stephen, A. Dina Gumanoy
International Journal of Science and Management Studies (IJSMS) pp 82-88;

Physical education for kids is to help develop their fundamental motor skills and refine their movement. Physical education has evolved from simple drills to various activities to improve the physical well-being of individuals and communities. The purpose of the study was to assess the postural assessment of locomotor skills among elementary pupils attending Mindanao State University Integrated Laboratory School (ILS), Marawi City, Lanao Del Sur, the Philippines. This was a descriptive study. Data was collected from 247 pupils in grades 1 to 3 were used for the study using convenient and stratified sampling techniques. The instrument used for this study was an erect line apparatus drawn in cloth with string hung in front and a digital camera. Data collected was analyzed using descriptive statistics of frequencies, percentages, mean scores, and Pearson correlation moment. The study found that most of the pupils were between the ages of 8 years (31.98%), males 131 (53.34%), the majority had good postural assessment (239, 96.76%) and had a slight marked deviation in locomotor skill performance in walking skill 134 (54.25%). There is no significant association with profile of the respondents and postural assessment. There was no relationship between the profile along age, gender, BMI, and locomotor skill performance. However, it was discovered that postural assessment and locomotor skill performance has a highly significant relationship. We must hire physical education teachers to kindergartens, primary, and elementary schools to teach locomotor skills effectively to pupils. Also, the school administrators should support the physical education teachers to provide the necessary programs to enhance pupils' posture and locomotor activities.
Paloma D. De Chavez
International Journal of Science and Management Studies (IJSMS) pp 177-189;

Employability of every Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) graduates is a measure of the competencies, skills and knowledge provided by a particular State University or College. This serve as the outcomes of how the graduates were being prepared and ready for the real job. Hence, it is a great responsibility of the Institutions to ensure their graduates meet market demands. This study primarily focus on the employability of Bachelor of Science in Fisheries graduates of Marinduque State College (MSC) – School of Fisheries and the extent of the contributory factors of the course that helped the graduates to be employed. A total of 205 graduates, with 162 or 79% were the respondents of the study. Modified Graduate Tracer Study (GTS) Questionnaire adapted from MSC and CHEd was utilized following the descriptive method of research. Results revealed that 70.20% of the respondents were employed on various types of occupations and 76.67 % of which were related on the course. The results further proved that MSC produces marketable and appropriately trained graduates with majority landing in course-related jobs within a short period after graduation. In terms of their academic-acquired skills and competencies, graduates believe that these are relevant which helped them to be more competent on their workplace and agreed that the course has conveyed positive impacts. However, expansion of tie-ups with other state universities and private entities is recommended to at least maintain the high employability level of the graduates.
Marydell Claire B. Dado, Kenneth C.Eupena, Keisha Danielle T. Tolentino, Pricila B. Marzan, Lucy L. Teves, Vincent Louis P. Duncano
International Journal of Science and Management Studies (IJSMS) pp 143-159;

This research assessed the relationship between the demographics and performance among ambulance personnel providing Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest (OHCA) management leading to the development of a personnel competency program. Descriptive correlational research method was employed involving 75 ambulance personnel from 11 ambulance providers servicing Surigaodel Norte. Descriptive statistics was used to describe the profile and their performance in OHCA Management. Likewise, inferential statistics specifically Pearson r correlation was used to determine the relationship between variables. The study shows significant relationship existing between years of experience in ERS and ambulance personnel performance in transporting and managing OHCA patients.
Anna Budiatmi, M. Entang Soewarto Hadhienata
International Journal of Science and Management Studies (IJSMS) pp 166-176;

Teacher quality refers to the level of teachers’ capability in providing education for their students by taking into account the capability of each student. However, according to a pre-survey, teacher quality in B-accredited private elementary schools in Bogor regency was still considered low. This concern intrigued the researcher to formulate several new methods and strategies which could be implemented in order to improve teacher quality by identifying and developing certain affecting variables which included organization support, training effectiveness, and collaboration. This study involved 710 teachers from 73 B-accredited private elementary schools in Bogor Regency as the population. Proportional random sampling method was administered for this study while the samples were taken by using Slovin formula with the sampling error rate of 5%. The final samples were 256 teachers from 38 schools. The method of this study was quantitative method with SITOREM analysis. The results showed that there is a positive and significant relation between organization support and teacher quality with correlation coefficient (RY1) of 0.759 (strong), there is a positive and significant relation between training effectiveness and teacher quality with correlation coefficient(RY1) of 0.726 (strong), and there was a positive and significant relation between collaboration and teacher quality with correlation coefficient(RY1) of 0.591 (medium). These result simplied that teacher productivity and quality can be improved by reinforcing the variables of organization support, training effectiveness, and collaboration. Based on SITOREM analysis from these research variables, there are sixteen indicators that need to be adjusted in order to improve teacher quality. On the level of priority, they are; 1) commitment to improve employees’ welfare, 2) work rewards, 3) contribution, 4)environmental circumstances, 5)cost effectiveness, 6) behaviours, 7) feedbacks, 8) organization results, 9)shared perceptions, 10)priority on common interest, 11)benefits,12)interactions,13) integrity, 14) creativity, 15) inspirations, and 16) professionalism. Meanwhile, some indicators that should be well-maintained include improvement on employee’s motivation, learning, honesty, and positive attitudes.
Rashida R. Rasid, Blessa Kay F. Caballero, Ruth E. Moleño, Wenceslao A. Coronado
International Journal of Science and Management Studies (IJSMS) pp 48-62;

This study utilized pre-test and post-test quasi-experimental designs with quantitative and qualitative research approaches. The quantitative design was used to determine whether a significant relationship existed between the independent variable (revoicing, orienting, negotiating, and concretizing mathematics discourse structure) and the dependent variable (students’ conceptual understanding). The study involves selected Grade 7 Meranaw students from MSU UTC. The grade 7 students were selected because it's the level where the foundations of junior high mathematics were introduced. The data collection was done using questionnaires, interviews, modules, observations, and online classes. This study used a quasi-experimental design with an experimental group exposed to discursive styles in teaching. The findings indicated that discursive techniques in teaching algebra were found to be significant to students' conceptual understanding and performance in mathematics. Therefore, the researcher recommends teachers assess the background of their students and use discursive styles in their teaching-learning process to help students perform better in algebra. Moreover, students should put their efforts into learning algebra. Lastly, the researcher recommends future researchers on the relation of discursive styles in teaching algebra to students' conceptual understanding.
Hope I. Iguodala-Cole, Kayode Olumuyiwa Ebenezer, John Obioma Ukawuilulu
International Journal of Science and Management Studies (IJSMS) pp 190-211;

Culture determines how members of society think and feel: it directs their actions and defines their outlook on life.Not much is known about the dementia perceptions and caregiving workers experiences in Nigeria amidst cultural misgivings of their heritage. To seek solution to this gap in knowledge, this study explores a qualitative method to understand the dementia perceptions of some Nigerian social work students who were fulfilling their internship scheme as well as workers working as paid dementia caregivers in some private homes and missionary owned old people’s homes in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria and to determine the potential for continued employment post-diagnosis. Ten case studies focused on persons with dementia who were still in employment or had left in the previous 5 years were examined. Each involved interview with the person with dementia, and a workplace representative. This data triangulation endorsed precision, permitting the experiences to be seen via a variation of opinions to build a clear image of each circumstance. The inferences of this study are multi-layered and require to be measured in terms of the individuals’ wellbeing, organizational support, and the wider theoretical, economic and societal consequences of supporting employees as well as persons with dementia.
Ari Giantika Chandra, Ririn Wulandari
International Journal of Science and Management Studies (IJSMS) pp 16-28;

This study aims to analyze the effect of product, price, target market changes, and online promotion on the business continuity of micro and small culinary business actors in Jagakarsa District, South Jakarta. The population in this study is micro-scale business actors in the culinary field located in the Jagakarsa District, South Jakarta, with 128 respondents. Researchers used Partial Least Square (PLS) as a technique to analyze measurements with a structural model. This type of research is descriptive quantitative with the method used is a direct survey and using google form and the results of this study indicate that the four variables which include product, price, changes in the target market, and online promotion have a significant and positive effect on the sustainability of micro-enterprises. and small culinary delights in Jagakarsa sub-district, South Jakarta. The implication for culinary micro and small businesses in Jagakarsa sub-district, South Jakarta is to be able to improve and maintain product quality by placing competitive prices and reaching consumers as well as increasing active online promotions to maintain business continuity during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Hasya Safrina Mumtaz, Kristina Sisilia, Ichwanul Muslim Karo-Karo
International Journal of Science and Management Studies (IJSMS) pp 63-72;

In the wake of industrial era 4.0, every business sector is demanded to adapt to the technological advances. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) –one of the largest sub-sectors in the economy of Indonesia– are of no exception. The implementation of the Internet of Things (IoT) technology in Supply Chain Management (SCM) is expected to assist SMEs in managing their businesses more effectively and efficiently. Theaforementioned technological system is required to perform four different stages, starting with the monitoring stage. This stage, in turn, requires the availability of data in order to operate smoothly. However, the finding in the field indicates that the data required for smooth operation are not available. Therefore, this research aims to collect and analyze the datarelated to the operational performance conditions of SMEs. This study applied descriptive qualitative methods in sampling data on SMEs and selected AntapaniKidul Sub-district as the area of the study. Data collection was carried out by in-depth interviews with several key informants of SMEs. Interviews were conducted using metrics from the Supply Chain Operation References (SCOR) developed by the Supply Chain Council through several processes and dimensions, such as plan, source, make, deliver, and return. Analysis of the data that has been obtained will be carried out with the Tableau tools.The results obtained from this study reveal that SMEs are able to examine products condition with the current available data. However, they are not optimal to monitor the entire operational process. It is evident from the score of the whole process that remains in the marginal, average, and good categories.
Chanda C. Tiu, Marivie S. Piollo, Erlita C.Guerra, Rodora B.Olaivar, Myrna D.Ariar, Nikkot. Ederio
International Journal of Science and Management Studies (IJSMS) pp 89-95;

4Ps is a poverty reduction strategy that provides grants to extremely poor households to improve their health, nutrition and education particularly of children aged 0-14. This program is a lead-project of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), in support of Department of Education (DepEd), and Department of Health (DOH).This study aimed to determine the sufficiency of the actual cash allocation received by the beneficiaries as to health, nutrition and education and problems they encountered with regards to the implementation of the program. Descriptive design using Survey Technique was utilized in this study, wherein the 854P’s beneficiaries of San Francisco, Surigao del Norte were participants of the study. Based on the findings of the study, the cash grant for health and nutrition, and education were insufficient to cover the actual expenses on health and educational needs of the beneficiaries’ children. Moreover, delayed cash releases and strict rules and regulations were the major problems pointed out by the beneficiaries. It is recommended that DSWD in support with other lead agencies must come up with entrepreneurial/livelihood training and workshops for beneficiaries to augment the income and sustain their daily needs.
Regyta Permata Fujiani Hariyanto, Indira Rachmawati
International Journal of Science and Management Studies (IJSMS) pp 73-81;

Banks are required to be able to transform themselves through end-to-end digital transformation to maintain their competitiveness. Therefore, it is important for banks as companies engaged in financial services to be more sensitive to technological developments. This rapid progress in finance and technology has also increased competition in the banking industry for innovation in banking services and electronic services for its customers, especially mobile banking. The results of the 2020 Top Brand Index survey show that the m-BCA product ranks as the customer's preferred mobile banking product, followed by the BRI mobile product, Mandiri's m-banking, which is still far behind in the first position of m-BCA. The two lowest mobile banking products are BNI Mobile and CIMB Niaga Mobile. The survey results indicate that there are factors that cause Livin’ by Mandiri m-banking products to be unable to compete with m-BCA and BRI Mobile products. It is suspected that the quality of Mandiri's m-Banking electronic service is a factor causing its products to be unable to compete with m-BCA products so that it can have an impact on reduced customer loyalty and can switch to using m-Banking at other banks. This study aims to determine the respondents' assessment of the variables interface design, reliability, responsiveness, trust, personalization, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty Livin' by Mandiri. To determine the effect of interface design, reliability, responsiveness, trust, and personalization on customer satisfaction, the effect of customer satisfaction on loyalty. To determine the effect of interface design, reliability, responsiveness, trust, and personalization on loyalty to Livin' by Mandiri through satisfaction mediation. The data collection process used a questionnaire with a purposive sampling method using 385 respondents of Livin' by Mandiri customers. The data analysis technique in this study used SEM-PLS (Partial Least Square). The results of this study conclude that the level of interface design, reliability, responsiveness, trust, and personalization, customer satisfaction and loyalty is included in high category. Hypothesis testing shows that there is a positive and significant effect of interface design, reliability, responsiveness, trust, and personalization on customer satisfaction at Livin' by Mandiri. There is a positive and significant effect of customer satisfaction on loyalty to Livin' by Mandiri. There is a mediating effect of satisfaction in the relationship between interface design, reliability, responsiveness, trust, personalization and loyalty to Livin' by Mandiri.
Ricaredo B. Gonzalez Iii, Ninia Calaca, CSP Jiffrey B. Saguran, Spc Sr. Marie Roanne Mallillin
International Journal of Science and Management Studies (IJSMS) pp 96-106;

This study aimed to determine the Womens’ Awareness on RA 9262 or the Anti-Violence against women and their Children Act in Barangay Washington in Surigao City. This research sought to answer the level of awareness as to Sexual, Psychological or Emotional, Physical and Economic Abuse and also the significant difference when they grouped by age, civil status, educational attainment and occupation. The researcher utilized the descriptive survey design and administered the tool to 227 women household resided in barangay Washington. Based on the results of the study, the following findings were formulated: As to profile, 47 (20.70) aged 26-30 years old; however, the least number was 56-60 years old with four (1.76). As to civil status, married had 121 (53.30); while, divorced had four (4) 1.76. As to educational attainment, college graduate had 102(44.93); while, vocational with 4 or (1.76). As to occupation, majority was employed in public sector 97(42.73). As to the level of awareness on RA 9262, participants were fully aware of the provisions on Sexual Abuse (M: 3.31, SD: 0.91) and aware on the provisions on Psychological and Emotional, Physical, and Economic Abuse. As to significant difference, when participants were grouped by age, there was significant difference on Physical Abuse (p-value 0.017); however, no significant difference on the provisions on Sexual, Psychological/emotional abuse, and Economic Abuse. As to Civil Status, there was no significant difference on the provisions on Sexual, Psychological or Emotional Abuse, Physical, and Economic. As to Educational attainment, there was significant difference on Sexual Abuse ( p-value 0.004); however, no significant difference on the provisions of Psychological or emotional, Physical and Economic Abuse. As to occupation, there was no significant difference on the provisions on Sexual, Psychological or Emotional, Physical and Economic Abuse. Based on the findings of the study, the conclusions were drawn. In brgy.Washington, the women citizens were fully aware of RA 9262 (Anti-Violence against Women and Children) on the provisions of Physical Abuse because they knew that there were corresponding punishments against any person who committed sexual abuse and most reported cases as to records were related to sexual abuse. So assistance by way of giving advice was provided. However, they were only aware on the provisions onPychological or Emotional Abuse, Physical and Economic, even if the barangay and CSWD had documented symposiums conducted; cases related to these were rarely reported to barangay and to CSWD. Recommendations were:the Local Government Unit particularly the City Welfare Development Program in coordination with the barangay officials should ensure that the citizens fully understand the provision of the RA 9262 law particularly on Psychological and Emotional, Physical and Economic Abuse by conducting symposiums during barangay gatherings or activities.
Romalyn C. Garcia, Mamt Alcher J. Arpilleda, Spc Sr. Marie Rosanne Mallillin, Mark N. Abadiano
International Journal of Science and Management Studies (IJSMS) pp 129-142;

The study aimed to evaluate the Utilization of Quipper Application as Learning Management System in teaching as experienced by the Junior High School Teachers of Saint Paul University Surigao. The study made use of descriptive design in utilizing the validated research-made questionnaire where 24 junior high school teachers were taken as participants. The statistical tools used in the study were the Frequency Count and Percentage Distribution, Mean and Standard Deviation, and Analysis of Variance (ANOVA). Findings revealed that the teachers highly utilized Quipper as Learning Management System in teaching in terms of Sending Assignments and Practice Examinations, Creating Educational Content and Viewing and Downloading Analytics and the teachers’ sex, working years, highest educational level do not affect the utilization of Quipper as Learning Management System in teaching in Saint Paul University Surigao. It is hereby recommended in this study that the teachers may continue to utilize Quipper as learning management system.
Dimitrios K. Dapontas
International Journal of Science and Management Studies (IJSMS) pp 160-165;

The Present manuscript is presenting the economic history of Bulgaria as a candidate country to join the Eurozone. The difficulties have been overcome under the bond to Deutsche Mark scheme back in 1997. European Union participation in 2007, fiscal health and ERM II participation since 2020 have enchased country’s plans to be a part of Euro in 2024 despite any current members disbelief, divided public opinion and global tension.
Sri Arfiani, Suprat Man, Muhammad Restu
International Journal of Science and Management Studies (IJSMS) pp 96-104;

The activity of converting forest areas to non-forestry land uses has an impact on the decline in the function of forests as a buffer for sustainable development. The attempts to maintain the existence of forests need serious attention and need comprehensive, multi-sectoral handling, especially in the Mangrove Forest sector. The conversion of mangrove forest areas is caused by several factors, including community activities that convert forest areas into ponds. This study aimed to analyze the economic value of mangrove forests that are managed for tourism purposes and which have been converted into ponds and to analyze the economic value of mangrove forest management which is managed for the purpose of a combination of tourism ponds. The method used in this study was interview method with the community. The data obtained was then analyzed by using descriptive and quantitative analysis which was then calculated by using the method of calculating the total economic value (TEV). The results showed that there was a total economic value that was quite different between the two research locations, where in the mangrove forest area that had been converted into pond had a total economic value of 45,077,871/ha/year; while, in the mangrove forest area for tourism purposes, it had a total economic value of 45,077,871/ha/year. The total economic value is 85,381,115/ha/year. From the value of the two locations, the mangrove forest area for tourism purposes has a greater total economic value than the mangrove forest area that has been converted to pond due to some of the ecological functions of the mangrove forest that have been converted to pond land; while in the Mangrove forest area for tourism, it has added value in the form of economic value obtained from it. Therefore, to optimize the management of mangrove forests that have been converted into pond, a forest management scenario planning design is made with a combination between forest management method and the MMSSL management method (Mundur Selangkahuntuk Maju Sepuluh Langkah/ Step Back for Ten Steps Forward).
Yen Kieu Ngoc Lieu, Yen Hoang Phuong
International Journal of Science and Management Studies (IJSMS) pp 188-203;

The study aims to investigate the impacts of Edmodo on EFL students’ paragraph writing. It also attempted to explore students’ attitudes towards Edmodo application in a writing classroom. The study is a quasi-experimental study using a mixed research method with the participant of 70 tenth-grade learners in a high school. The participants were randomly divided in either the experimental or control group. For both groups, a pretest was run to check for group homogeneity and for later comparisons. Participants in the control group had a conventional class of writing whereas those in the experimental group learned writing lessons by integrating Edmodo application. The intervention lasted for eight weeks. Afterward, a posttest was given to the learners of the two groups to check if there is any improvement of their paragraph writing performance. Data collected from the pretest, posttest and questionnaire were analyzed using SPSS. The results of the interviews were transcribed and analyzed. The findings of the study indicated that the application of Edmodo significantly improved learners’ paragraph writing performance. It is also found that students had positive attitudes toward the application of Edmodo in their writing classrooms.
Aly Saad Mohamed Dawood, Mimi Akkad, Nada Samir, Mahmoud Hussein, Amira Ibrahim, Bahy Mohamed
International Journal of Science and Management Studies (IJSMS) pp 171-187;

This study was conducted to see the impact of macroeconomic factors, Gross domestic product, interest rate, inflation rate, money supply and the exchange rate on stock price change percentage of the ESG listed companies according to the approach of Arbitrage Pricing Theory (APT). The data used in this research is secondary data from the central bank of Egypt and the Egyptian Stock Exchange. the total sample of this research are 20 out of 30 companies listed in The Egyptian Stock Exchange (EGX) for the period from 2016 to 2020. The analysis technique used descriptive statistics, correlation matrix and multi regression analysis. The results showed that macroeconomic factors especially interest rate and inflation have a significant negative impact on stock price changes of EGX30 ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) companies with a lower effect than traditional companies where their regression analysis showed percentage exceeding ours (16%). (Rageb, 2018) (Awd, 2015) Our main recommendation that all the companies within Egypt have to work hard to transform towards the ESG practices as from the results we have investigated it has low level of risks.
Abdul Hassan Rahim
International Journal of Science and Management Studies (IJSMS) pp 116-129;

The main aim of this research is to explain the role of financial analysis in evaluating financial and administrative performance in business establishments. A review is made to the methods of financial analysis, emphasizing the role of financial ratio analyzes in the aforementioned evaluation by choosing an Iraqi company trying to identify the company's financial and economic efficiency. Different ratios and indicatorsare used for this purpose, by analyzing and discussing the implications of the company and identifying the strengths and weaknesses in its activities. The research is based on the hypothesis that the use of financial analysis and the various financial ratios and understanding their implications is a necessary step for evaluating the performance of various business activities. The research concluded that there are many activities in the sample company are considered good, while some of them appeared weak and require suitable attention and consideration by the company’s management.
I Nyoman Senimantara, Anak Agung Ayu Erna Trisnadewi, Ni Made Rustini
International Journal of Science and Management Studies (IJSMS) pp 38-50;

Directorate General of Taxes, need to modernize tax administration. Taxpayers are currently able to fulfil their online tax reporting obligations, known as e-filing. Because the submission is online, the Notification Letter (SPT) submitted must also be in electronic form or e-SPT. Electronic reporting of tax obligations is expected to increase taxpayer compliance. The adoption of e-SPT in the Taxation sector as an effort to improve taxpayer compliance is interesting to study. In this case, the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) Theory offers a powerful and simple explanation for the acceptance of technology and the behaviour of its users (Venkatesh, 1999). Based on (Venkatesh, 1999), acceptance of technology is determined by individual perceptions and intentions which will ultimately shape a person's behaviour in accepting a technology, namely e-SPT. This study aims to determine how the effect of taxpayer compliance antecedents in the perspective of the Technology Acceptance Model. This research was conducted on 90 MSME taxpayers registered at the Tax Service Office (KPP) Pratama throughout Denpasar City using PLS-SEM analysis, with the help of SmartPLS 3.0 Software. The results show that e-SPT self-efficacy can act as an antecedent in an effort to increase perceptions of behavior in using e-SPT in increasing tax reporting administration compliance as mandated by law.
Ly Minh Trinh, Son Hoang Le
International Journal of Science and Management Studies (IJSMS) pp 89-95;

This study was conducted to investigate students' perceptions about using the website to learn vocabulary in English for Specific classroom. 27 students studying the third year at a university in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam were selected for the study. After ten weeks using the website to learn and practice vocabulary outside the classroom, the questionnaire was employed to collect the qualitative data. The findings showed that students had positive perceptions about using a website to learn vocabulary. The participating students also indicated that using a website helps students feel less stressed and remember the words better. The study also showed some implications for teachers and students in using ICT as a helpful tool in enhancing students' motivations.
Chinedu Yhanata Okolo, Joseph Ugochukwu Ogbuefi
International Journal of Science and Management Studies (IJSMS) pp 1-7;

This paper examines the land tenure practices in traditional Nnewi community which is the only community in Nnewi North L.G.A., Anambra State, comprising four quarters. Some elders and community leaders were interviewed. Also secondary data were obtained from textbooks, journals and other published and unpublished online materials. This paper identified how land was acquired traditionally and the reasons for land acquisition/ownership in traditional Nnewi society. It also classified land tenure in traditional Nnewi society and also identified the traditional channels of settlement of land dispute in Nnewi. It concludes that the pattern of land tenure system practiced in Nnewi was one carefully drawn with a well organized system of land dispute resolution which has strata and jurisdiction. This system has been in existence as far back as 11 century AD even before the coming of the British with their system of land tenure.
Henry Mora, Gabriela Dutrénit, Alexandre Vera-Cruz
International Journal of Science and Management Studies (IJSMS) pp 155-170;

This document analyses the effect of the regulation on the pharmaceutical industry’s innovation processes. The objective is analyzing the effect of the regulation on the development of an innovative drug produced by a Mexican-based pharmaceutical company. This is an exploratory-type and case study design research. The case is the development of a new diabetes drug. Data was gathered mainly through semi-structured interviews to the company’s staff, who took part in the innovation project. To understand the effect of the regulation, we started from the analysis of the regulatory requirements that the company had to meet. The different stages of the innovation process were analyzed—it was found that most of the effects are focused into three stages: (i) the stage where human beings are involved for developing tests (clinical trial stage), (ii) the sanitary registration stage, the process in which the drug to be marketed complies with the safety, efficiency, and quality conditions, and (iii) the manufacturing stage, in order to guarantee the appropriate manufacturing of the drug according to good practices. Regulations lead to both positive and negative effects. Among the positive effects, it is important to highlight the regulations on intellectual property and on the drug’s quality. Main negative effects are related to the implementation of the regulation, rather than to the requirements implied. Throughout the innovation process, the regulation caused some delays in the planned activities, leading to cost increases, loss of competitiveness, and uncertainty about the return on investment.
Masy Hudi, Billy Tunas Dan Widodo Sunaryo
International Journal of Science and Management Studies (IJSMS) pp 76-88;

The in-service teacher workload program is an effort to improve the quality of graduates by optimizing the duties and functions of teachers in carrying out the learning process in madrasas. The teacher's workload includes the following main activities: a) planning learning; b) carry out learning; c) assessing learning outcomes; d) guide and train students, and e) carry out additional tasks attached to the implementation of the main activities in accordance with the teacher's workload. The teacher's workload fulfills a minimum of 24 (twenty four) Face-to-face Hours (JTM) and a maximum of 40 (forty) JTM in 1 (one) week. This study uses a qualitative descriptive approach to the CIPP program evaluation model (Context, Input, Process, Product) developed by Daniel Leroy Stufflebeam. The research instrument was collecting data through interviews, decomentation studies and observations. To achieve the level of credibility and objectivity of the results of the program evaluation research with triangulation techniques. In the context component of the research results include; Policy aspects of Teacher Workload in Positions are assessed in the BS category (Excellent). it is recommended to be maintained, In the aspect of needs analysis, a score with the category of Very Good (BS) means maintained, in the aspect of the goal obtained a value with a category of Good (B) is recommended to be increased, in the target aspect a score is obtained in the category of Very Good (BS) i is recommended to be maintained .The results of the study indicate that the evaluation of the context components as a whole has been carried out well. Regarding the input components, all aspects have been implemented well, except for aspects of program planning, aspects of human resources and aspects of infrastructure that require improvement. The overall process components have been implemented well. In terms of product components, all aspects have been carried out well, except for feedback on the teacher's workload requiring improvement. Overall this program is categorized as Good (B), meaning that the implementation of the program needs to be improved. It is hoped that the Teacher Workload in Position Program will continue and be developed even better with several aspects that need to be improved.
Nghi Tuyet Tang, Tuyet Nguyen Thi Nguyen, Thuy Phuong Ho, HuanBuu Nguyen
International Journal of Science and Management Studies (IJSMS) pp 17-26;

Research into the use of films and film-making has documented its role and effects on learning and teaching English as a foreign language (EFL). In particular, filmmaking allows students to develop communication skills and become more active and creative in their learning compared to conventional approach. However, few studies have been conducted to investigate how students perceived the effects of making films or trailers in English classes in tertiary contexts, particularly, in literature classes. This paper therefore examines students’ perceptions of the effectiveness of making short films in a literature class in a Vietnamese university in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam. Questionnaire and interviews were conducted with English-majored sophomores in English Language and Culture Studies. The findings from the current study indicate that participating students found film-making useful as this experience encouraged them to think critically and creatively in their learning process.Implications for teachers and students are provided to pave a new way for extending the use of film-making as a tool for innovative learning experience in English as a foreign language context with particular regard to literature and existing knowledge about the film-related themes.
Yassir Aulia, Ratna Lindawati Lubis Nugroho
International Journal of Science and Management Studies (IJSMS) pp 70-75;

The Mount Rinjani National Park has many potentials in creating jobs, promoting local products and socio-cultures. Natural tourism is an option of alternative tourism in which its management can be realized based on three aspects, i.e., social, economic, and environmental values. These are three supporting factors of the Ecopreneurship concept (Triple Drivers of Ecopreneurship). One of the tourism destinations at the Mount Rinjani National Park is Joben Ecopark. Therefore, as an initial step in developing natural tourism based on the ecopreneurship concept at the Mount Rinjani National Park is to create a roadmap design of Joben Ecopark of 2020-2023. This study used a qualitative method with parties related to Joben Ecopark, i.e., Mount Rinjani National Park Office, Joben Village people, and the Regional Government of the West Nusa Tenggara Province. The study results demonstrated that the Mount Rinjani National Park Office Program in actualizing SDGs target 8.9 based on the ecopreneurship concept at Joben Ecopark has not implemented technical review and arranged the object development master plan. Also, public participation in promoting local products and cultures based on the ecopreneurship concept at Joben Ecopark has not maximized due to the absence of programs from related parties. Therefore, this study created a roadmap design of Joben Ecopark based on the ecopreneurship concept of 2020-2023 arranged in a new normal tourism lifestyle to achieve SGDs 2030 target 8.9. The roadmap design of Joben Ecopark is tourism object design, tourism destination development, institutional and human resource capacity improvement, building creative tourism industries, and enhancing natural tourism promotions at Joben Ecopark.
Zahid Hassan Kharuri, T. Manju Natha, V. Rajesh Kumar
International Journal of Science and Management Studies (IJSMS) pp 59-69;

The stock market is an indicator of county’s economic strength. The investor will be keen to know the effect of publically available information on the stock prices. The stock prices are quick to respond to announcements of union budgets and external major policy changes for structural reforms. The paper tests the stock prices reactions for union budget announcement by applying event study methodology. The reactions are tested using market model, Abnormal Returns (AR), Average Abnormal Returns (AAR) and Cumulative Average Abnormal Returns (CAAR) for 15 days prior and 15 days after the event date. Result show that CAARs are significant for most of the days in the event window. The findings of the study support the prediction that budget announcement contains information value and therefore traders can earn abnormal gain on budget announcements in Indian capital market. The future research study could offer scope to conduct similar analysis on other macro-economic events.
V. Jonathan Pagdato, A. Hendely Adlawan, A. Stephen Fadare
International Journal of Science and Management Studies (IJSMS) pp 105-115;

This study used a descriptive-correlation type of research to assess the mental toughness among MSU Marawi athletes in sports performance in terms of level of competition and rank among male and female varsity athletes in the events of Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Chess, Sepak Takraw, and Soccer. A total of 83 varsity athletes (16 females and 67 males) of the MSU in Marawi City were the respondents of the study. Data was gathered using the Mental Toughness Questionnaire made by Allan Goldberg (1998). The findings revealed that the playing experience showed significant relationship with the level of participation. It was concluded that the department of Athletics should give more emphasis on training and allow participation of MSU varsity in different competition or tournament in order to improve their talent and skills in various sports that they engaged, in order to manage competitive stress and to enhance their mental capability to handle those pressures, stressors and problems during the competition which contributes to their performance enhancement. To also, encourage more participation of the MSU varsity athletes, particularly newbie regardless of age, gender, and skills status.
Ni Putu Yeni Yuliantari, Ni Made Wisni Arie Pramuki
International Journal of Science and Management Studies (IJSMS) pp 8-16;

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit Bali, the role of digital technology became important for organizations in dealing with consumer movements and the flow of goods. Through digital transformation, SME managers can provide a mechanism for SME innovation and performance. Using the theoretical resource-based view (RBV) framework, this study examines the mediating effect of digital innovation in the relationship between digital transformation and firm performance. Empirical data collected from 400 SME actors across the province of Bali reveals that digital transformation positively affects digital innovation and SME performance. Furthermore, our findings show that digital innovation positively affects SME performance and subsequently partially mediates the relationship of digital transformation to SME performance.
Ayoade Stephen Fadare, Hajia Asmau Zarma, Maria Cecilia Fadare, T. Bademosi, O. I Amanum
International Journal of Science and Management Studies (IJSMS) pp 130-141;

This study aims to explore the effect of peer group pressure on the academic performance of adolescent students at Government Senior Secondary School, Lamingo, Jos North L.G.A. A sample size of one hundred was determined using Yaroyamene’s formula; probability sampling techniques were adopted; questionnaires were used as an instrument for collecting data. The data collected were analysed using a simple table and percentage. This study revealed that 80% of peer group like all their friends, 75% don’t lack self-confidence among their peers, 60% have been sent out of the class before, 65% agreed that influence on behaviour lower academic performance. The hypothesis was tested using chi-square, which showed no association between peer group pressure and the academic performance of adolescent students. Therefore, this research recommends that teachers with support from parents provide adequate guidance and intervention program to adolescents to help them understand how the friends they keep can positively or negatively influence their academic performance in school.
Imeld a, Syamsuddin Millang, Siti Nuraeni
International Journal of Science and Management Studies (IJSMS) pp 27-37;

The development of commodity a variety of forestry business is not done with how to remodel a forest but rather seek the optimization of the plants growing through the improvement of the structure and composition of the forest. Program social forestry opens the opportunity for the community around the forest to ask the government for the proper management of the forest area. One form of Social Forestry is a Community Forest (Community forest) implemented in a Permit for Utilization of Community Forest (IUPCommunity forest). This study aims to analyze the internal and external factors that determine the success of managing a Variety of Forestry businesses in Forest farmer groupCommunity forestTandungBilla then formulate a strategy for the development of Various Businesses of the forester. Data collection methods using is interview techniques, direct observation, and literature study. Data analysis was done by descriptive qualitative, followed by the SWOT analysis method, i.e., assessment of the internal factors includes strengths and weaknesses, and external factors have factors opportunities and threats. The results showed that various Forestry Business development strategies in Forest farmer groupCommunity forestTandungBilla are located in quadrant I (one), which means it has an Aggressive Strategy (Positive - Positive). The Total Value of the IFAS, namely 2,03, is greater than the total value of the EFAS that is 1,71. Thus, the various efforts of forestry make it possible to continue to perform the activities of management, development, and increment the results of the production of non-Timber Forest products in Forest farmer group Community forest Tandung Billa in West WaraDistrict of the City of Palopo.
SudhaRani P, Kishan K.P.C., Ramamohanrao M, Manjulatha C
International Journal of Science and Management Studies (IJSMS) pp 51-58;

Trawl fishery is a mixed fishery targeting numerous species including consequential huge amounts of non-targeted species, referred to as low value bycatch/trash fish. The aim of the present study is to analyse the composition of trawl bycatch and its management in view of its proper utilization for aqua feed. Random samples of trash fish were collected fortnightly between March 2019 and February 2020 from single day and multi day trawler landings at Visakhapatnam Fishing Harbour (VFH). The preliminary process of utilizing the landed trash fish at VFH is observed. The results of the study revealed the presence of 38 dominant species of finfish and shellfish, representing the families, Leiognathidae, Trichiuridae, Mullidae, Clupeidae and Nemipteridae with 29.73%, 22.5%, 18.69%, 11.96% and 10.59% respectively of 609.991 tons total landing during the study period. The highest landing is 83.362 t reported in the month of Feb, 2019 and lowest landing is 32.2 t reported in the month of Oct, 2020. The study concludes that considerable trash fish composition is being landed at VFH, causing the necessity for Entrepreneurs, to pay immediate attention towards the utilization of total trawl bycatch in terms of converting it into feed and supply to aquaculture and poultry industries. Further research will be beneficial for policy makers to address better trawl bycatch management options.
Linh Ngoc Le, Anh Thu Bui
International Journal of Science and Management Studies (IJSMS) pp 142-154;

Students’ motivation as a performance aspect of modern librarianship tertiary programs in Vietnam has not yet been discussed in library and information science literature. With its three-fold theoretical rationale (that motivation and academic achievement are related, motivation changes through time, and motivation is regulated by numerous factors) formulated from Ryan and Deci’s Self-Determination Theory (1985), the study seeks to quantatively measure students’ motivation using a 6-item questionnaire delivered to 164 Library and Information majors (LIMs) at Can Tho University (CTU). Cronbach’s Alpha was calculated to check the questionnaire’s internal reliability, while frequencies and Pearson correlation coefficients revealed a non-relationship between LIMs’ motivation level and their grade point average, a reducing number of highly-motivated LIMs, and causal sources of low motivation. These three findings necessitate motivation-raising solutions,one being making motivation a strong predictor of academic achievement (which advocates the 1989’s view of Pintrich on motivation research and that of Deci and Ryan’s 1985); and another: building motivation by satisfying students’ needs for competence, relatedness, and autonomy (which encompasses the main postulate of Deci and Ryan’s 1985-conceived Self-Determination Theory). The findings and the solutions can bea source of reference for other higher educational institutions that offer library-information programs.
Karamvir Sheokand, Sonia, Garima Dalal
International Journal of Science and Management Studies (IJSMS) pp 204-215;

Today all economies need skilled workers to meet international quality standards, increase their foreign trade, bring improved technology to their domestic industries and enhance their industrial and economic development. Skills development is used to describe a wide range of institutions and jobs that affect employment and income. The goal of the research is to analyse the performance of skill development centres and their role in creating job skills among trainees in Haryana. Frequency, Percentage, Cross tabulation, Chi square test etc. were used for the purpose of analysing the data. The findings indicate that the performance of skill centres play an effective role in creating and enhancing competency for job as well as job acquirement up to an extent.
Nadia Ulfa Agustin Hilman, Maya Ariyanti, Astri Ghina
International Journal of Science and Management Studies (IJSMS) pp 202-209;

This study aims to determine the effect of social media marketing with the independent variables of Interactivity, Informativeness, Word-of-mouth, Personalization, and Trendiness towards the purchase decision at the Embroidery in Tasikmalaya, specifically at Ar Riaz Collection store. Data collection for this present research was done by using a questionnaire with purposive sampling method to 100 respondents who were the consumers of Ar Riaz collection (one of the embroidery MSMEs in Tasikmalaya). Furthermore, the data analysis techniques used for this study were descriptive analysis and multiple linear regression analysis. The research findings indicated that Word-of-mouth, Trendiness partially established more positive and significant effect towards purchase decision rather than Interactivity and Personalization did. On the other hand, social media marketing, which consists of interactivity, informativeness, word-of-mouth, personalization, and trendiness, had been shown to simultaneously have a significant effect on purchase decisions at the Embroidery MSMEs in Tasikmalaya city.
Lam Ky Nhan, Phuong Hoang Yen
International Journal of Science and Management Studies (IJSMS) pp 255-265;

In Vietnam, EFL learners have always been concerned about improving their grammar knowledge, and many efforts have been made to do so through various methods. Some studies suggest engaging students in their learning process and focusing their attention on untilizing multimedia and visualizations in form of infographics. However, little research has been conducted on the topic, and the current study is an attempt to find empirical evidence for such a suggestion in Vietnam context. This study was designed to examine the impact of infographics instruction on grammar learning. While the experimental group learned grammar with infographics instruction, the controlled group learned it with routine and traditional techniques. Finding reveals that infographics instruction was an effective instrument to help EFL learners learn English grammar.
Rosalinda Gámez Gastélum
International Journal of Science and Management Studies (IJSMS) pp 282-294;

El objetivo de este artículo es analizar las estrategias discursivas de los candidatos a la Presidencia de la República en las elecciones de 2018 en México, con el objetivo de identificar los efectos de los mensajes en los potenciales electores. La investigación utiliza metodología cualitativa a partir de un análisis del discurso de los tres candidatos durante los debates presidenciales En ese sentido, se detectó que la palabra más utilizada por Andrés Manuel López Obrador es corrupción; por José Antonio Meade progreso y miedo y por José Antonio Anaya cambio. Respecto a la estrategia de los discursos, se detectó que la más usada es la ad baculum (promoviendo el miedo) en contra de AMLO (por parte de Meade y Anaya), pero que no tuvo efectos importantes en el electorado, debido a que era mayor el hartazgo al régimen político y la corrupción. Por su parte, Andrés Manuel López Obrador la estrategia que más usa es el ad populum, la cual logró buena aceptación. El trabajo de campo se realizó a partir de un estudio de gabinete de análisis del discurso y en el caso de los spots se utilizaron grupos de enfoques de estudiantes universitarios, para detectar que spots tenían más impacto y por qué (se trabajó con una muestra de 9 spots de los tres principales candidatos). En ese sentido, se encontró que los estudiantes universitarios tienden a identificarse más con el mensaje de Andrés Manuel López Obrador, destacando el spot en donde llama \"marranos y cochinos\" a la mafia del poder (un 85 %) . En segundo lugar, se identifican con Ricardo Anaya por sus propuestas de cambio y por considerar sus propuestas de política pública innovadora (12 %). En tercer lugar (sólo un 3 %) se identificó con José Antonio Meade del PRI y menos del 1 % con \"El Bronco\".
Júlia Angélica De Oliveira Ataíde Ferreira, Layde Dayelle Dos Santos Queiroz, Ronison Oliveira da Silva, Márison Luiz Soares, Daniel Nascimento-E-Silva
International Journal of Science and Management Studies (IJSMS) pp 295-305;

In the educational context, one of the biggest problems that affect the performance of school institutions is what concerns dropouts. This study aims to describe the state of the art of school dropouts. It considered that the decision of students to interrupt their training itinerary brings adverse effects not only for the subject who evades since the magnitude of this problem causes damage to the whole society. The method used was the conceptual bibliographic submitted by Nascimento-e-Silva (2012; 2020), which consists of four phases: a) definition of research questions; b) data collection; c) organization and analysis of data, and; d) generation of responses. The study inferred that among the causes detected in the consulted literature, there are both causes relevant to the personal scope of students who drop out and the causes related to the education system and how education is organized from an institutional point of view. The conclusion shows that the school institutions need to constantly observe what science produces about dropout, to strengthen themselves in terms of managing and controlling the causes that support the phenomenon of dropping out of school.
Ezinne Ifeoma Onyekwelu, Joseph Ugochukwu Ogbuefi
International Journal of Science and Management Studies (IJSMS) pp 369-384;

The principal aim of this paper is to investigate the stakeholders’ perception on the impact of the Lagos Metropolitan Development and Governance Project (LMDGP) on housing neighbourhood conditions in some selected areas in Lagos State, Nigeria. The specific objectives are; to assess stakeholders’ perceptions on the impact of LMDGP on the housing neighbourhood conditions in the study area, and also to appraise the stakeholders’ perception on the factors militating against effective implementation of urban regeneration projects in the study area. The study adopts a survey approach by purposively administering questionnaires to 137 stakeholders comprising government agents, residents, and property investors. The reliability of the questionnaire was determined at a Cronbach’s Alpha value of 0.886. Out of the total 137 questionnaires that were distributed, 107 were retrieved giving a response rate of 78.1%. The data collected were analysed using weighted average score, WAS, standard deviation and principal component analysis, PCA. Results based on the stakeholders’ perception show that the housing conditions most significantly impacted by the urban regeneration projects in the study areas are; decline in traffic congestion, ease of access, and adequate street lighting; while the overall quality of life was not significantly impacted. Economic, market research and analysis, bureaucracy, land acquisition, lack of public participation, risks/no maintenance plan, delays in project execution, and policy initiatives/tax are the factors limiting effective implementation of urban regeneration projects.
Andi Achmad Rizaldy As, Makkaren Nu, Syahid Ah
International Journal of Science and Management Studies (IJSMS) pp 385-396;

Palm sugar is one of the businesses developed widely by the community, mostly those around the forest. The use of sugar palm as a non-timber forest product has been cultivated for generations. However, this business has not been managed as a sustainable business unit with a simple business model. The study aimed to develop a sugar business model through the application of the business model canvas (BMC) and blue ocean strategy (BOS). The business model is applied in the palm sugar business in Sinjai Regency, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. Data collection technique was conducted by using a participatory approach with observation techniques, direct observation of the production, packaging and marketing activities of palm sugar done by palm sugar producers (farmers) at the research location. In-depth interviews using interview guidelines were also conducted to obtain an overview related to the palm sugar business model. Identification of internal environmental factors (IFAS) and external environmental factors (EFAS) was carried out through a SWOT analysis on nine key elements of BMC. The formulation of the business model is conducted by integrating BMC and BOS on the nine elements of BMC in the palm sugar business. The positioning of this business quadrant is in quadrant I with a progressive strategy which means that the palm sugar business is in good condition so it has the potential to grow and can compete with the application of the right business model.
Mark Joseph J. Buncag
International Journal of Science and Management Studies (IJSMS) pp 27-36;

The mangrove forest in Tagpait, Aborlan, is being managed by the Indigenous Cultural Community (Tagbanua Tribe) through their organization, the Tagpait Coastal Development Association (TACDA). Bacungan Mangrove Eco-tourism Service Cooperative is managing the Bacungan mangrove forest. The area was engaged in tourism activity until now through paddle boating, floating restaurant, mangrove adventure. This study used the household interview to determine the socio-economic profile and quadrat to assess mangrove biophysical condition. Results show that Bacungan is more diverse, with a higher number of species present in the area with 13 mangrove species while eight in Tagpait. The most dominant mangrove species in Tagpait is Rhizophora apiculata (39%), while Rhizophora mucronata in Bacungan (22%). Most of the respondents in Tagpait are fishers, which about 20%, then 14% are involved in buy and sell of marine products, and 5% are engaged in the processing of marine products. In Bacungan, the majority are engaged in fishing livelihood (37%), 13% are involved in buy and sell of marine products, and 4% are engaged in the processing of marine products.
Maria Cecilia M. Fadare, Bituin B. Carrera, Stephen A. Fadare, Daniel B. Paguia
International Journal of Science and Management Studies (IJSMS) pp 11-26;

This phenomenological research analysed the experiences, challenges, and coping mechanisms of parents in the home schooling of children with autism spectrum disorder in the City of San Fernando La Union. The participants were eight (8) parents with children clinically diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder during the School Year 2020-2021. The data gathered using a semi-structured interview guide was thematically analysed. It was found that the participants were fully involved in the home-schooling of their children. Difficulties in the area of rules and authority, schedules and procedures, behaviour management, and parental worry and stress were the challenges encountered by the parents during the home education process. They addressed these transitional difficulties by capitalizing on a positive disposition, gaining support from family members, and through professional consultation. It was concluded that a renewed Parent-School Partnership is deemed necessary for the learning continuity of children with ASD. Based on these findings, the researchers have developed a thematic model which can be used as a guide to enhance home-schooling. In addition, a colloquium scheme as a support program was crafted to up skill parents’ home-schooling of children with ASD.
Tran Thi Thien Trang, Nguyen Thi Phuong Hong
International Journal of Science and Management Studies (IJSMS) pp 96-116;

The purpose of this paper was to investigate whether mobile video recording task-based approach helps non-English majored students enhance their speaking skills. Forty students were selected and assigned to two groups: experimental group and control group. Mobile video recording was presented to experimental students while no training was given to students in the control group in the same task-based approach. The data was assessed to find out whether there were significant differences in terms of fluency, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. A questionnaire and a semi-structured interview were also implemented to explore students’ attitudes on the treatment. The study’s results revealed that students in the group treated with mobile video recording task-based approach significantly outperformed those in the control group. Furthermore, the results of the questionnaire and semi-structured interview revealed that the experimental students had positive attitudes towards using mobile video recording to practice speaking English. The study’s findings have led to several ideas and recommendations for the teachers, the students as well as the teaching and learning speaking in Vietnam.
Karamvir Sheokand
International Journal of Science and Management Studies (IJSMS) pp 397-406;

This research article investigates leadership behaviour and work motivation of Indian Defence Officers of all the three wings (Army, Air Force and Navy).Present work is a blend of exploratory as well as hypothesis testing study under the survey method of research. The population of the study consisted of officers of all the three wings of Indian defence services This research has devoted more attention to the need for achievement because in every sector of organizational working individuals and group of individuals strive to achieve goals and this need is positively associated with managerial performance and success and that a need for achievement can be developed in aspiring managers. Though, small survey conclusions lack generalizability, the present study does provide certain useful insights into leadership behaviour of Indian defence officers and their motivational orientation.
Florence Nna Adamma, Edwinah Amah, Belemenanya Friday Okocha
International Journal of Science and Management Studies (IJSMS) pp 360-368;

This paper examined the impact of job satisfaction on organizational performance in telecommunication firms in Port Harcourt.The study used a survey research design and a population of one hundred and fifteen (115) management staff from four (4) telecommunication firms in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. The research using Taro Yamane sample size determination formula arrived at a sample size of eighty-eight which was adopted as the sample size and subsequently eighty-five (85) copies were retrieved and used for analysis.Pearson Product Moment Correlation Coefficient was used with the aid of Statistical Package for Social Sciences (Version 21). From the analysis of the study data, the result revealed that there is some level of job satisfaction among employees of the telecommunication firms and thattheir job satisfaction has apositive relationship with organizational performance in the telecommunication industry.As a result, the study indicated that work satisfaction is linked to organizational performance. Management of telecommunications enterprises should encourage employee involvement, teamwork, and an equal remuneration system, according to the study, to ensure development and productivity.
Thangakumar Jeyaprakash, Sambath M
International Journal of Science and Management Studies (IJSMS) pp 411-416;

Scheduling algorithms plays a significant role in optimizing the CPU in operating system. Each scheduling algorithms [8] schedules the processes in the ready queue with its own algorithm design and its properties. In this paper, the performance analysis of First come First serve scheduling, non-pre-emptive scheduling, Pre-emptive scheduling, Shortest Job scheduling First (SJF) and Round Robin algorithm has been discussed with an example and the results has been analysed with the performance parameters such as minimum waiting time, minimum turnaround time and Response time. This will help the young researchers to analyse algorithms to develop a new optimized algorithm for CPU optimization.
Le Huu Tri
International Journal of Science and Management Studies (IJSMS) pp 108-119;

This study was conducted to investigate English Studies majored-students’ understanding of the constructive alignment and their suggestions to enhance the constructive alignment in the program in response to the English proficiency outcome at the C1 level. The study was designed qualitatively, employing structured-questionnaires and individual semi-structured interviews as collecting data instruments, which were mainly constructed from the Constructive Alignment theory of Biggs (2003). 34 senior students majoring in English Studies at a university in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam participated in the questionnaires. Among those participants, 5 students were recruited based on their perceptions on the theme to do the interviews. The findings indicated the high level of students’ understanding on the constructive alignment, and their proposed recommendations towards enhancing the constructive alignment in the program. From the findings, the study suggested some implications to boost the constructive alignment. Finally, at the end of the study, the limitations and the suggestions for further research were also discussed.
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