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Princess Sheryn Mamucao
Randwick International of Social Science Journal, Volume 3, pp 435-439;

This study aimed to determine the challenges experienced by the social workers as community organizers in peacebuilding-related community organizing in armed conflict-affected areas in Maguindanao. It sought to know the peacebuilding initiatives of the community organizers in community organizing and the experiences encountered by the community organizers in peacebuilding–related community organizing and in working with conflict-affected areas. Phenomenological method of qualitative research was used. The participants were community organizers working in Community and Family Services International (CFSI) and Ministry of Social Services and Development (MSSD) - Maguindanao. Purposive sampling was used in identifying the target participants. Findings show that community organizing contributes to promoting peacebuilding in the conflict-affected areas through the programs and services being implemented by the community organizers by conducting Family Development Sessions which fosters family development, promotes healthy family life, responsible parenthood, parent effectiveness, cultural solidarity, and environmental awareness. Peacebuilding does not only revolve around initiatives at the macro level but starting in advocacy in responsible parenthood and parent effectiveness could lead to the prevention of peace-related issues and community problems. It is concluded that the participation of the people is the major challenge encountered by the community organizers. The peace and order situation of the community is also vital in the successful flow of the community organizing process.KEYWORDSPeacebuilding, Social Work, Community Organizing, Community Organizer, Conflict-affected areas
Saidin Nainggolan, Yanuar Fitri, Vijai Hutasoit
Randwick International of Social Science Journal, Volume 3, pp 427-434;

This study aims to analyze the income  and welfare of rubber farmers. The research was conducted in the rubber production center of Sarolangun Regency with pauh subdistrict research locus, with sample villages of Karang Mendapo Village, Pauh Village and Semaran Village. The data usedn is primary data obtained by interview method using questionnaires.  Sample withdrawal  using  Simple Random Sampling  Metohd. The technique  of determining the sample size  uses the  Slovinmethod. The sample size is 57  farmers. The research period is July - August 2021. Data analysis uses descriptive analysis, contingency tables and  chi-square tests  (x^₂). The results  showed that most farmers have below average incomes. The main source of income for farmers comes from rubber farming. Rubber farmers' income groups are in the low to moderate category. The proportion of farmers' consumption expenditure is greater on food consumption (rice, side dishes), the proportion for non-food consumption is mostly for clothing. The welfare of farmers is in the low category.  Differences in farmers' incomes cause significant differences in farmers' well-being. The degree of contingency of income on the welfare of farmers is in the moderate category. While the degree of income relationship of farmers with the welfare of farmers is positive and significant.
Abdulmaula U. Mantawil
Randwick International of Social Science Journal, Volume 3, pp 440-446;

This study aimed to determine the Marriage Innovative Practices of the Maguindanaon in the Municipality of Datu Piang, Province of Maguindanao. The study focused on the Personal Profile of the respondents in terms of age, Sex, Civil Status, Educational Attainment both Secular and Islamic Education, the essential requisite in Muslim marriage in terms of Age, Offer (Ijab) and Acceptance (Qabul), Solemnization and Dowry, the Innovative marriage practices of the Maguindanaon in the Municipality of Datu Piang Province of Maguindanao in terms of Marriage Negotiation, Preparation for the Wedding Ceremony, Wedding Ceremony and Entertainment, the problems encountered in the innovation of marriage practices vis-à-vis marriage in Islam, the practices on marriage system can be drawn from this study that is acceptable to the Maguindanao culture and Islam. The study utilized the descriptive design and qualitative approach in the interpretation of the data. Through this method, the respondents were able to describe the innovative marriage practices of the Maguindanaon in Datu Piang, Maguindanao. The findings of the study revealed that Sixty five (65%) of respondents are male, while the remaining thirty five (35%) were female. All of them are residence of the Municipality of Datu Piang, Maguindanao. The age bracket 30 – 39 and 40 – 49 were the same frequency rated 30%. This was followed by age bracket 25 – 29 with a frequency of 20% followed by age brackets 50 – 59 with a frequency of 15%. While the age bracket 60 above were only 5% and nobody answered that they were below 25. Out of 100% respondents only 26% of the respondents were single while 75% of them were married. Only 20% of the respondents finished there tertiary education while the 60% of them finished their Kulliyyah in Islamic Education.
Brenda Mumbua Nzioka Nzioka, Ong’Ang’A H. M. Ouko Ouko, Isanda Backy
Randwick International of Social Science Journal, Volume 3, pp 447-456;

The purpose of the study was to establish the challenges deaf trainees face in their social interactions. The study focused on St. Angela Mumias Vocational School for the Deaf, Kakamega County. The study was anchored on the Theory of Mind by David Premack (1978). A case study design was adopted. The study target was 103, including 95 deaf trainees, one principal, and 7 trainers. Purposive sampling technique was employed to select 3 trainers and the principal, while simple random sampling was used to select 39 deaf trainees. This study adopted a mixed-methods data collection approach. Questionnaires comprising both open-ended and close-ended questions were used to collect data from the principal and deaf trainees. In contrast, semi-structured interview schedules were used to collect primary data from trainers. Quantitative data was coded and analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS version 21). Descriptive data was represented in the form of mean, median, mode, correlation, frequency distribution tables, graphs, pie charts, and percentages. Qualitative data were coded systematically by hand, analyzed thematically and presented in narrative form. The findings revealed that only 27.8 % of deaf trainees interacted with the hearing trainees and they also do not share their problems and secrets. Based on the results, the study recommends that the government, through the Ministry of Education, decentralize sign language training to the villages and community settings to assist in enhancing communication between the Deaf and the hearing.
Meutia Nauly, Saat Purba, Ibrahim Gultom
Randwick International of Social Science Journal, Volume 3, pp 388-406;

This study aims to obtain an OCB model for teachers in private and public schools. The model was developed based on a literature review on what factors can predict OCB. Based on the studies that have been carried out (attitude and personal factors, in this study mindfulness was used (personal with full attention). This research is a quantitative approach with a causal correlational type of research. This type of study is also described as a survey design, with data collection using a scale or research instrument through an online survey using the G Form from Google. The results showed that; (1) OCB could be effected directly by mindfulness and working condition, but not for the collective values; (2) Mindfulness has a direct effect on Transformational Leadership and working conditions; (3) Collective values don’t have effect on working conditions. So, it can be stated that mindfulness affects OCB through transformational leadership variables and working conditions. Similarly, it can be stated that collective values influence OCB through transformational leadership and working conditions. The implication of this study is to improve OCB in schools, it is necessary to pay attention to the various conditions that are prepared, in this case the strengthening of mindfulness, through training and practice of mindfulness implementation, and strengthening of working conditions, which also means that structural empowerment of teachers becomes necessary.
Richmond Amgbo Blay, Felicia Annin
Randwick International of Social Science Journal, Volume 3, pp 333-342;

This paper focuses on Buchi Emecheta’s depiction of the female character in her novel, The Joys of Motherhood. In particular, this paper examines how Emecheta directs attention at restoring the image of the “fallen” woman in the novel where the patriarchs dominate affairs.  The novel achieves this aim through the narrative technique employed in the complex role of the woman figure who defiles all odds to achieve her heart desires at the end of the story. The findings reveal that Emecheta presents both positive and negative archetypal images of the African woman in the novel. It is however worthy of note that Emecheta’s negative depiction of the African woman far outweighs the positive ones. To an extent, Emecheta’s portrayal of the figure of a woman is an affront to the way a female writer ought to present the woman with exalting images rather than images of disgust.
Aborisade Richard Abayomi, Ogunmefun Folorunsho Muyideen, Aluko Tolulope Evelyn
Randwick International of Social Science Journal, Volume 3, pp 281-290;

The ever increasing menace associated with substance or illegal drug consumption among the Nigerian youth is endemic and it has posed as serious challenges and threats toward achieving progressive growth and development on the part of the families, community members, medical practitioners, social workers and other researched area throughout the world. Several publications articulated claim that youths are the future leaders of tomorrow due to their unique characteristics. Unfortunately when denied access to showcase their talents, the situation result to antisocial behaviour (trauma, dependency, larceny,/thefts, poor manpower development among others) that may hampered human and societal development Strain theory, Rational Choice theory and Structural Functionalism were adopted. Content analysis method was adopted in reviewing various publications from Jstor, Scopus, PDF, and Scholarly Google among others. The consequence of increase in security issues can be related to several factors which include illicit drug usage, poor parenting style, peer pressure, poor role modelling. On these grounds, the following recommendations were make- the parent should by all means socialized their children in the way of the Lord so that they will not depart from it, de-associate themselves from negative or bad company as friends or role model, the government at all levels should create recreation, sports centres for the youths to channel their youthful energy, more of public awareness should be carried out in various communities to awake the moral consciousness of the youths concerning negative consequences associated with illicit drug intake
Titien Yusnita, Djuara P. Lubis, Musa Hubeis, Rilus A. Kinseng
Randwick International of Social Science Journal, Volume 3, pp 343-354;

The decision to marry a child is taken by the parents after holding a family consultation. This was also done by the majority of consensual (16%) and pluralistic (77%) families who were respondents in this study. The purpose of this study is to find out the reasons why pluralistic families allow school-age girls to marry. This research method uses a descriptive qualitative method with depth interviews with several informants such as traditional leaders, government leaders, religious leaders, parents who marry off their children at a young age, and the perpetrators of child marriages themselves. The research was taken in Bogor regency. The results of this study revealed that a pluralistic family in Bogor Regency has the following characteristics: being open with other family members, parents do not want to impose their will on their children, the decision to marry at school age is a mutual agreement, parents choose to marry off their daughters for reasons of concern. socializing, violating religious rules and norms, and also parents want their daughters to stay in the same house or close together. This has become a hereditary tradition. Child marriage also aims to improve the family's economy. Families of child marriages have carried out the tradition of young marriage for three generations following in the footsteps of their grandmothers and mothers who also married young.
Rasul A. Gulo
Randwick International of Social Science Journal, Volume 3, pp 355-364;

This study targets to explain the roots of violent extremism in Philippines particularly in Mindanao wherein various terrorist attacks were being conducted. The researcher also looks on education interventions that have been implemented in fragile communities and/or those that have targeted high risk groups, as a way of discouraging violent extremism. The study employed the descriptive – evaluative method of research, with the researcher made survey questionnaire as the principal instrument for data gathering. The setting of the study is the City of Cotabato which is composed of various Islamic schools and institutions that offers Religion and Theology courses. Cotabato City is formerly part and the regional center of Region XII. But due to the ratification of the Bangsamoro Organic Law, it is now part of BARMM and served as the regional center. Being an independent component city, it's not a subject to regulation from the Provincial Government of Maguindanao where it is geographically located. The respondents of this study were the Islamic teachers (Mudarrisun) of selected Islamic schools (Madaris) and Professors (Asatidz) of Islamic Studies in selected institutions in Cotabato City that offer Religion and Theology courses. Only fifty (50) respondents were finally chosen to constitute the sample of the study which is complete enumeration of the target sample population. As a descriptive – evaluative study, the data were analyzed using descriptive statistical tools, mean, standard deviation, frequency distribution and percentage. Frequency distribution was used to facilitate computation of summary values, such as the mean and standard deviation. Percentage was used to describe and compare relative proportion of categories. The mean and standard deviation were used to describe the typical perception and the variability of the perceptions of the respondents, respectively.
Cao Thi Thanh Phuong
Randwick International of Social Science Journal, Volume 3, pp 256-261;

The poetic landscape, majestic mountains and the system of waterfalls, interesting rivers and lakes,... create a picture of a “fairy landscape” of the Non Nuoc UNESCO Cao Bang region. The beautiful scenery here is also associated with the global geo-historical values, the values ​​of biodiversity, the diversity of national identities and the richness of culture and history with many national-level cultural and historical relics. National, special country has created for the area of Non Nuoc Cao Bang Geopark a special attraction for domestic and foreign tourists. The article focuses on exploring the natural and human potential of the Non Nuoc Cao Bang Global Geopark area as well as the tourism results achieved in the past time to serve as a basis for proposing solutions to develop the area develop the type of community-based tourism for the study area.
Fatimah Tolu Ronauli Gurning, Julia Ivanna
Randwick International of Social Science Journal, Volume 3, pp 310-321;

This study aims to determine the role of social capital in improve the quality of BUMDes through the management of the Aek Parulian bathing tourism object in Sipan Village, Sarudik District, Central Tapanuli Regency. The research method used is descriptive qualitative, the use of this research method is to describe the data results from research in the field. The subjects in the study were the Sipan Village Head, BUMDes Management and Managers, and the Sipan Village community. Types of data in this study primary data and secondary data. Data collection techniques used are observation, interviews, and documentation. Data analysis techniques used in this study are data reduction, data presentation, and drawing conclusions. Based on the results of the study, it shows that social capital has a role in the establishment of Gabe BUMDes and the management of Unit Business of Aek Parulian bath in Sipan Village. The elements of social networks and trust have a bigger role, namely the existence of social relations, communication and interactions that have a good effect on the level of participation and community involvement in deliberation activities held as a forum for all parties to exchange ideas. As well as the values ​​that are applied from the aspect of competence and honesty by the board and manager of the Gabe BUMDes which increase the trust of the village community. Meanwhile, the norm element has a smaller role which is manifested in the form of written regulations (village regulations) and to enforce discipline, behavior control and guidelines for the management of BUMDes Gabe and Unit Business of Aek Parulian Bath.
Tiyo Kurniawan, Siti Awaliyah
Randwick International of Social Science Journal, Volume 3, pp 407-419;

This study aimed to describe socialization activities, implementation of elections, implementation constraints, and efforts to overcome obstacles in the implementation of the OSIS chairman election at SMA Negeri 2 Kediri. This study used a qualitative approach with descriptive type of research. Interviews, observations, and documentation were used as data collection techniques. Data analysis was carried out through several stages, namely data reduction, data presentation, and drawing conclusions. The results of the study show that the socialization of the election of the OSIS chairman is carried out online by distributing socialization materials through social media, conducting debates, and candidate campaigns. There are three stages of implementing the OSIS chairman election, namely candidate selection, voting and counting of votes, and submission of results. Obstacles in the implementation of the OSIS chairman election are such as delivery in form ation is not optimal, the enthusiasm of the participants decreased, difficult to coordinate, and signal interference. The solution to solve these problems is collaborated with other social media, conduct evaluations, and increase coordination activities in a small scope in the committee.
Hugo Warami
Randwick International of Social Science Journal, Volume 3, pp 365-376;

Religion should not be used as a legitimacy tool, particularly just as a justification for achieving goals that are full of the nuances of power politics, and the like. This study aims to reveal a tradition of Papuan Muslims in their attempts to create tolerance and harmony in the lives of religious people, which have been practiced and inherited for a long time, from generation to generation. This tradition is practiced by the Papuan Muslims in the Fakfak Regency, known as the “One Furnace, Three Stones” metaphor. This metaphor is used by the community in Fakfak as a moral consensus in the process of integration and social balance. The two approaches applied in this study are a theoretical approach and a methodological approach. The theoretical approach is an exploration of anthropolinguistic and metaphor theory; while the methodological approach is a descriptive approach with an explanative dimension. Based on the perspective of anthropolinguistic and metaphor, this study seeks to apply scientific principles to socio-cultural data, and adapts the steps of scientific studies in other fields of science. This study follows several procedures, including providing data, analyzing data, and presenting the results of data analysis. The results of this study holistically identify the issues of pluralism in Islam and Papuan culture, Islamic migration, metaphorical Papuan Muslim relations, and ideology. This study implies that it could be used as a basic reference in the practice of religious development which upholds tolerance and harmony between religious communities.
Inyang Martins Nyen, Umari Frances Ejue
Randwick International of Social Science Journal, Volume 3, pp 322-332;

The wave of crimes involving the female gender globally and locally is unprecedented in recent times. This has left scholars to worry more about the sanctity of womanhood. The phenomenon poses a tough challenge to the moral rectitude of the family institution; this is against the backdrop of long-held notion that unarguably, the woman cross-culturally is the major custodian of the all-important society’s fibre. The objective of this study is to investigate the determinants and consequences of female involvement in crime and its impact on the wellbeing of society. The study was a survey, relying on secondary data. The study was anchored on General Strain theory of crime. Besides poverty, unemployment and feminist movement as causal determinants, it was also revealed that the phenomenon of female criminality has a huge dent on the moral fibre of society. Findings also show a causal relationship between family disintegration and female criminality. It was thus recommended that stakeholders and policy makers should find ways to strengthen the family institution thereby curbing criminality in the society.
Eleni Filippidou, Georgia Paraskevi Gerogianni
Randwick International of Social Science Journal, Volume 3, pp 262-270;

The research field of this paper is the community of Limni, which is located on the island of Evia in Greece. Τhe aim of this research paper is to study the symbolic dimension of the Kamarachti dance from the Limni of the island of Evia in Greece. In particular, the paper attempts to highlight the symbolic characteristics of the dance under study, in order to determine the reason for its performance during the Easter period, throughout which many rituals related to the regeneration of nature are performed, that is this paper attempts to determine its function. Data was gathered through ethnographic method as this is applied to the study of dance, while its elaboration with the comparative method. The Kamarachti was recorded and analyzed using the Laban notation system and the morphological method. Finally, the symbolic function of Kamarachti was interpreted on the basis of the Pythagorean philosophical tradition. From the data analysis was found that the Kamarachti dance in the community of Limni on the island of Evia, on the basis of its symbolism, emerges as the protector of a magical process that aims at the rebirth of nature. This dance, with its magical and laxative properties and powers, avoids any demonic imposition, in order to ensure the euphoria of the earth.
Zhang Qian, Liu Siyi, Liu Jing, Julie Jie Wen
Randwick International of Social Science Journal, Volume 3, pp 244-255;

In the process of resource protection and development of World Heritage Sites, the sustainability of the livelihoods of heritage site residents is one of its important tasks. Taking Wulingyuan, a world heritage tourism site, as an example to construct the livelihood evaluation index system of households, and use the participatory farmer survey method to conduct household surveys on households. Based on livelihood strategies, households are divided into different types of livelihood, their livelihood capital is assessed, and their livelihood obstacle factors are identified. The research results show that: Under the influence of rural tourism development, households' livelihood capital has been improved as a whole. There are differences in the level of livelihood capital of different types of households. From high to low, they are: tourism-dominant type, working-dominant type and agricultural--dominant type. The World Heritage Site households' Sustainable Livelihood Obstacle Index is ranked from high to low as social capital, human capital, financial capital, natural capital, and physical capital; the top three indicators are: online social media, social network support, family farmland area. Different types of households have different obstacles, social capital is the biggest obstacle in common among the three types of households, and the primary obstacle is online social media.
Nael Sayedahmed, Adnan Tahir, Nidhi Oswal
Randwick International of Social Science Journal, Volume 3, pp 271-280;

During the past few years, there have been extensive research that investigated the Audit Expectation Gap (AEG) from different perspectives. One of the most common areas of discussion was the importance of narrowing down the gap and harmonizing different opinions of involved parties in this problem. The current research starts by explaining AEG, its reasons, its impacts on both auditors and users of financial statements, and finally how the gap could be eliminated. This is done through extensive review of literature about the topic in both developed and developing countries, where a theoretical construct is presented for AEG and most effective procedures for elimination of AEG are later presented and for different environments.
Fauziah Khairani Lubis, Syamsul Bahri
Randwick International of Social Science Journal, Volume 3, pp 291-299;

Colloquial words are usually found in the caption or status of social media users. It sometimes creates a confuse for the readers or society because it is just understood by certain community. This becomes a unique and an interesting one to be explored. This research aims to investigate more about colloquial words in Indonesian social media captions those are mainly utilized by young people. It was conducted by a descriptive qualitative method using the theory of colloquial speech, Yule (2010). The data was taken from the captions made by social media users, then identified and classified based on its types. Furthermore, the data analysis of colloquial words was done contextually and theoretically. The research findings showed that from 66 colloquial words data, Coinage had become the highest rate percentage in which it is used to show the uniqueness and a trend or style in a social media caption or status. The unique things and new trends are easier to follow by young people, especially in Indonesian social media. Whereas backformation and derivation become the most rarely percentage used in the caption of Indonesian social media.
Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy, Le Huong Hoa, Nguyen Trong Die, Dinh Tran Ngoc Hien
Randwick International of Social Science Journal, Volume 3, pp 300-309;

There will be suitable criminal laws for the case of spreading false information online of some bad Vietnam websites such as: Thanh nien newspaper, Tuoi tre newspaper,,,> Liemchinhkhoahoc,, etc. In specific, Thanh nien newspaper ( and Tuoi tre newspaper ( and recently, (online) violated during 2015-2022 period in Vietnam. By using synthesis and inductive methods, observations and experiences from other countries, authors will address this case that can be considered as internet crime (a kind of). Not only violating privacy law but also violating fake news publishing laws and slander laws. Allcott and Gentzkow (2017) worked toward a definition of “false news”.  Their study defines this news genre as “A news story that has no factual basis, but it presented as news” . Hence, authors will both present a case teaching method for social sciences and law students (with English using) and address how Indonesia and China deal with this case. Then we also refer to Ho Chi Minh ideas on journalism to teach students in social sciences, and laws majors.
Samuel Izidor, Andrew A. Igwe
Randwick International of Social Science Journal, Volume 3, pp 377-387;

Man has had various form of religious belief, worship and teaching on the origin of the earth and man. This background has accounted for the variant culture and response to nature, the environment and climate change and relationship with believed Creator. Judaic religion and its offshoot of Christian religion constitutes a body of believers and worshippers that have established a belief system and teaching on the origin of man and the earth to which they have ascribed to the creative power of a supreme being known among them as the Almighty God. Some other religions have worshipped the elements and forces of nature eg the sun, moon, stars, mountains, rivers, wind etc that themselves greatly influence the environment and climate. Climate change is the net effect of recorded weather conditions over a given period of time regarding atmospheric conditions, temperature variations,  meteorological and earth structural changes etc measured in regularity and pattern. Eschatology is the Christian believe in the events that will culminate in the end of life forms on earth. Climate change and religion are as old as man and coexist. This study examines this relationship with reference to eschatology. Climate change is caused either by the activities of naturaly occurring events of the elements or the activities of man. The system approach and empirical exposition on the doctrine of eschatology as propagated by the Church vis-à-vis climate change effects was adopted. Study outcome have pointed to a clear relationship between climate change and church teaching on eschatology.
Ermania Chobelia Fitriana, Nabilla Farah Quraisyta
Randwick International of Social Science Journal, Volume 3, pp 420-426;

In Indonesia, there are people who feel that the fulfillment of public facilities provided by the government has not been fully fulfilled. This has an impact on the disappointment of the people who feel that their rights have only been violated or not fulfilled by the government.  The community then files a lawsuit to the Court using the Citizen lawsuit method Lawsuits. Many of these lawsuits were rejected by the courts because they were deemed not to meet the elements of the Citizen Lawsuit . Citizen Lawsuit is a citizen's right to sue which is intended to protect citizens from various losses due to actions, policies or decisions made by the Government. Although b many lawsuits are filed using the Citizen Lawsuit method but there are no laws and regulations governing the lawsuit that . This study aims to describe and analyze questions about what elements must be met so that a lawsuit is categorized as a lawsuit Citizen Lawsuit and Position Citizen Lawsuit in civil procedural law in Indonesia . The research method used was collected using normative research techniques and then analyzed qualitatively , namely an analysis that describes the data obtained in the form of sentence descriptions. Then a conclusion is drawn which is the answer to the problem. It is hoped that in the future there will be a definite rule regarding the model of the Citizen Lawsuit lawsuit in Indonesia, as well as the rules regarding Class Action and Legal Standing
Sukardi Weda, Amiruddin Amiruddin
Randwick International of Social Science Journal, Volume 3, pp 211-230;

The role of Islamic political party plays vital role in the development and stabilization of system of democracy in the world today (Woischnik & Müller, 2013, p. 59). The fact that almost all parties, especially Islamic political party has fight for religious aspirations and avoid criticizing controversial religious issues which shows the strength of religious influence in Indonesian contemporary political practices (Tanuwidjaya, 2010, p. 29). In this present study, we investigate whether the Islamic political parties and their political elites in Indonesia today think about their performance to fulfill people’s interests. We first examine people’s view on the role of Islamic political parties, and therefore explore their elite attitudes. Methodologically, this present study employs mix method, quantitative and qualitative research design. More specifically, this study is a case study. The case study is more appropriate for the analysis of this study. For data collection, the study utilizes the questionnaire, interview, and the documentary analysis. There are three steps of data analysis for qualitative data: reducing data, displaying data and drawing and verification. For quantitative data, the present study applies descriptive statistics to find out mean, standard deviation (SD), and percentage. The research findings indicate that the performance of Islamic political parties in Indonesia contemporary politics is still low and the Islamic political party voters are unsatisfactory on the Islamic political parties and their political elites.
Sukardi Weda, Fathu Rahman, Iskandar Abdul Samad, Fahmi Gunawan, Siti Sarah Fitriani
Randwick International of Social Science Journal, Volume 3, pp 231-243;

Intercultural communication is a fundamental key to build social harmony. This study aims to investigate students’ perceptions on promoting social harmony through intercultural communication practices in Indonesia as a multi ethnic and multi culture country. It also investigates the elements that are needed to build social harmony in Indonesia, so that the government of the Republic of Indonesia could take the study report as a reference for formulating policy in social development in Indonesia. This study uses a mix-methods research design (quantitative-qualitative) with a descriptive statistical paradigm that describes the mean, SD, percentage, weight, and rank followed by a detailed explanation of the statements given by the subject. The subjects of this study were students of the Department of English, Faculty of Language and Literature, Universitas Negeri Makassar for the 2019/2020 academic year. The research instrument was a closed and open questionnaire. Therefore, this study indicates that: (1) The results show that several positive behaviors of people from different ethnic groups need to be encouraged, for example tolerance, mutual understanding, mutual respect, not demeaning different tribes, and (2) The results also show that positive stereotypes and inclusive behavior are very important in building social harmony and peace in multi-ethnic countries. The implication of this research is to build social harmony in Indonesia as a multiethnic country that is hampered by hundreds of ethnic groups, cross-cultural competence (CCC) and intercultural communication are very important among Indonesian people, especially for millennials as important elements of social life.
Parlin Dony Sipayung
Randwick International of Social Science Journal, Volume 3, pp 199-210;

The development of economic potential such as the insurance business needs to be carried out efficiently through careful planning so that the insurance economic resources owned can be used continuously and passed on to generations in Pematangsiantar city. How positive expectations from the insurance business as an insurance business in Pematangsiantar City form an agreement that binds the insurance agreement What obstacles are faced by the cause of the insurance business in Pematangsiantar in economic development. The positive expectation from the insurance business can be transformed into an insurance business, which means entering premiums which then become funds. Funds stored for a period of time in an insurance company can be used by the company to finance a business that is profitable for them in addition to helping the community increase their businesses by providing capital or credit for the short and long term. All of these efforts have clearly helped economic development in the Republic of Indonesia. The form of the insurance agreement is a standard agreement or "standard contract" where the agreement whose contents are standardized and stated in the form of a form. The obstacles in the practice of insurance business in Pematangsiantar City are when the customer pays less attention to and understands the conditions specified in the standard agreement before the agreement held.
Naima G. Pendi
Randwick International of Social Science Journal, Volume 3, pp 176-183;

The study evaluated the socioeconomic condition of fishermen in the coastal municipalities in Bangsamoro. The respondents of the study were the beneficiaries of the Integrated Livelihood Assistance Program for the fishing communities. The variables included in this study were the demographic profile of the respondents, the technical assistance and livelihood assistance programs of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources. Frequency count, percent, and mean had been used for the description of the variables of the study, likewise, correlation and regression analysis was used to determine the relationship of the variables of the study. Results revealed that the mean age of the respondents is 42.64 years old; having a family size of 6.39; having 21.79 years for the mean years in fishing; and having an average monthly income of P5, 414.70. As to technical assistance, the fisherfolks were seldom given with technical assistance program. Meanwhile, livelihood assistance was given with moderate support in alleviating their socio-economic condition and the development of the fisherfolks. It was also found out that the fisherfolks have somewhat positive knowledge learned, skills acquired, and attitudes towards the assistance programs in alleviating their socio-economic condition and development. Meanwhile, it was also posted that there is a significant correlation between the knowledge, skills acquired, and attitudes of the fisherfolk and the extent of technical and livelihood assistance programs. Moreover, the knowledge learned, skills acquired and attitudes of the fisherfolks significantly influence their fishing activities.
Jadyn Adams, Shaelyn Korpach, Payton O’Keefe, Cheyanne Soetaert, Gerard Bellefeuille
Randwick International of Social Science Journal, Volume 3, pp 184-188;

The purpose of this course-based inquiry was to gain insight into how child and youth care (CYC) students apply theoretical frameworks in their connection-building efforts with children and youth. A qualitative research design was chosen for the purpose of capturing the lived experiences of the CYC student participants. The findings presented in this study revealed three overarching themes: a) provides pathways of understanding, b) all about building trust, and c) feeling understood and accepted.
Fei Wu
Randwick International of Social Science Journal, Volume 3, pp 189-198;

Hmong Oral Epics is an oral classic of the Miao people, carrying the cultural memory of the ancient history of the Miao people. The Hmong Oral Epics translated by American sinologist Mark Bender has been praised as "a classic version of transnational cooperation" by scholars. The success of this translation depends on what the translators used flexibly thick translation strategies from the perspective of cultural anthropology, thus making it a good example of the successful application of thick translation to translating national classics. This paper first expounds the theory and feasibility of thick translation of cultural classics from the perspective of cultural anthropology, and then reveals the secret of the success of Mark Bender's translation of Hmong Oral Epics from three aspects, namely the English translation process of Hmong Oral Epics, ethnography orientation, and the translators' comprehensive use of various forms of thick translation both inside and outside translation, with an attempt to promote more Chinese ethnic minority cultural classics to better go to the world.
Moh. Ali Abdul Shomad Very Eko Atmojo, Elfi Mu'Awanah, Ali Rohmad, Munardji Munardji, Umy Zahrok, Hibbi Farihin, Germino Wahyu Broto, Rifa Hidayah
Randwick International of Social Science Journal, Volume 3, pp 168-175;

From the research on the translation of the Quran, in various countries in the center of places of worship, it is known that there are already translations so that it is hoped that it will increase interest in reading and understanding the contents of the Quran. The translation of the Quran is an interpretation of the holy book of Islam in a language other than Arabic. The Quran has been translated into most languages by the translator. The translation of the Quran has always been a troubled and difficult issue in Islamic theology. Because Muslims respect the Quran as a miracle and incomparable (i'jaz al-Quran), they argue that the Quranic text cannot be reproduced in other languages or other forms. The translation of the Quran in its history undergoes a lengthy process, for example from the question of authority or the legitimacy of the translator, the law of translation, coupled with the presence of the translation made by the Orientalists making many differences among the scholars in addressing the translation of the Quran.
Manotar Tampubolon
Randwick International of Social Science Journal, Volume 3, pp 153-163;

This qualitative article analyzes the idea of human rights as inalienable rights. Long before modernity changed the world, it signed many agreements to establish human rights, particularly those governing the boundaries of the authority of leaders and citizens. Although moral assumptions are involved, they have no significant impact on its enforcement. Thus, along with its limited capability, the concept of human rights is solely a decorative element of the constitution and legal framework. Under such circumstances, recognizing the significance of understanding human rights needs an all-out concerted effort, mainly from a universal perspective and a legal enforcement effort. The study seeks to determine why human rights enforcement in Indonesia is ineffective and contrary to the concept of universal human rights. The author employs qualitative research with a descriptive method to address this issue. This research is also desk (library research), as I entirely based it on library data sources on library research. In addition, it employs literature related to the enforcement of Human Rights (HAM) from a legal perspective. This study concludes that human rights enforcement in Indonesia is weak because of flaws in the law and the state's lack of political will to enforce human rights and obligations. These changes include ensuring that the enforcement of human rights is absolute and not influenced by political perspectives and motivations and thus guarantees human freedom. The author suggests that establishing a more effective institution and agency is a more critical step in the coming years.
Taufik Zulfikar, Adhi Al Hadi Haqq, Didin Saepudin
Randwick International of Social Science Journal, Volume 3, pp 142-152;

Identifying, creating and delivering customer value will gain a competitive advantage. Providing benefits and reducing costs/costs is an effort to increase value. Reducing the sacrifice the company can do marketing through social media and non-personnel communication because this can increase brand equity in customers. This study aims to analyze and prove the effect of social media and non-personnel communication on brand equity which has an impact on customer value. The research method used a survey to 200 smartphone customers in Bandung where respondents were given 29 closed questions with ordinal 1 to 5. The analytical tool used was path analysis. The results show that the respondent's perception of the customer value variable is in the fairly good to good category. The results also show that there is an influence of social media and non-personnel communication on brand equity either partially or simultaneously, the results also show that there is an influence of brand equity on customer value, there is an influence of social media and non-personnel communication on customer value partially
Masitah Pohan, Rahmayanti Rahmayanti
Randwick International of Social Science Journal, Volume 3, pp 162-167;

The workforce in Indonesia is one of the drivers of economic life and is an abundant resource. The development of industrial relations is expected to create work peace. Conducive work environment and harmonious working relationship. and fair. The purpose of the research raised in this paper is to determine the legal protection of workers in fostering industrial relations. The research method used is by applying normative or doctrinal legal research, with an analytical approach and comparative law study (comparative law) by emphasizing comparisons with legal provisions governing work agreements in several common law and civil law countries, as the basis for legal research methodology. The data collection tool comes from document studies on secondary data. A balanced position between labor and industrial relations is certainly directly proportional to the protection of workers. For this reason, regulations are needed that can accommodate the interests of interested parties.
Umar Farouq, Idk Kertawidana, Haposan Simatupang
Randwick International of Social Science Journal, Volume 3, pp 134-141;

Various threats are faced by Indonesia from outside and within the country. A strategy is needed to deal with all possible threats that endanger the nation and state. The values contained in Pancasila, especially the third principle of Indonesian Unity, are the soul and identity of the Indonesian nation. The realization of the values of Indonesian Unity in life as a nation and state requires a strategy from the government. This study aims to realize the values of the Pancasila Unity of Indonesia in overcoming conflicts in the life of the nation and state from the perspective of the Universal War Strategy, using the descriptive argumentative method through the study of literature. The results of the study indicate that there is a strategy to realize the values of Indonesian Unity through efforts to explore, and cultivate the points of the values of Indonesian Unity and avoid actions that result in the erosion of the values of Indonesian Unity.
A.A Adetunji, A.H Aliu, T.A Salami
Randwick International of Social Science Journal, Volume 3, pp 116-126;

Social Competence and Behaviour Evaluation (SCBE-30) is a 3-factor (Externalizing, Internalizing and Social Competence) 30-item questionnaire that examines Preschoolers (Kindergarten and Nursery). The main goal of this study is the validation and adaptation of the scale in Nigeria. 400 pre-schoolers in Ile-Oluji, Ondo State, Nigeria are involved in the study while 364 children whose Parental Consent Form was obtained are the final participants. McDonald’s ωt (McDonald, 1999) measure of reliability using the psych package from CRAN (Revelle, 2008) was used to verify the internal consistency of the scale. The original subscale with 10 items of the novel SCBE-30 version is not confirmed by the confirmatory factor analysis. Seven items showed significant contribution to both SC and AW while all 10 items of the AA subscale have significant loadings. However, only 4 items for the SC scale showed factor loading of above 0.40, 3 for AW and 6 for AA. Exploratory factor analysis showed that boys are more aggressive than girls while girls exhibit more social competence and internalizing behaviour. The social competence scale is found to be significantly different from other factors while both Anger-Aggression and Anxiety-Withdrawal showed no difference. All inter-factor correlations agreed with the literature. Five models are compared using various modifications and the final accepted model have Chi-Square = 261.316; GFI = 0.946, CFI = 0.953, RMSEA = 0.027 and SRMR = 0.047. The new 24-item scale for the Nigerian sample shows good psychometric characteristics and meets validation criteria as reported by researchers where the scale had been earlier validated.
Datuali P Abdula, Lyn Marie Centeno, Tahir K. Salipada
Randwick International of Social Science Journal, Volume 3, pp 127-133;

Mindanao was placed under Martial Law when President Rodrigo Duterte declared the suspension of the writ of habeas corpus on May 23, 2017 by virtue of Proclamation No 216. The call was made in an attempt to control the spread of threat brought about by the armed rebel Maute Group when they sieged Marawi City. Previous studies argued that a state is economically developed when the markets regulate themselves and the government has less intervention over it. It also concluded that dictatorship or strong political participation, when temporarily held, promote economic development. This study assessed the status of economy of Cotabato City as one of the areas of trade and commerce in Mindanao being affected by the implementation of Martial Law. Martial Law in the Philippines was always viewed as the military, headed by its Commander-in-Chief, the President, taking total control of the political power thereby inflicting negative impact on the state’s economy. The economic status of Cotabato City during Martial Law implementation was evaluated specifically in terms of trades, investments, local employment and tourism. Results presented that despite of Martial Law period, Cotabato City’s state of economy, particularly its activities on trades, investments, local employment and tourism, is high. This study showed that political intervention during the Martial Law implementation, does not affect the status of a city’s economy
Tahir Salipada, Datuali Abdula, Marop Kanakan
Randwick International of Social Science Journal, Volume 3, pp 93-101;

This study aimed to assess the level of effectiveness of the implementation of the Bleye Kukum justice system in terms of: Conflict resolution, Peace and Order, Governance, and Economy was also identified. Also, the problems encountered by the Indigenous People concerning the Bleye Kukum justice system, which was the basis of the policy recommendations. The study used the descriptive-evaluative method to determine the level of effectiveness of the implementation of the Bleye Kukum justice system in South Upi, Maguindanao. It was conducted in the selected barangays in the municipality of South Upi, Maguindanao. The respondents of this study were the Tri-People (Muslim, Christian and Teduray) living in the selected barangays which are Barangay Romongaob and Barangay Kuya with the total of One Hundred (100) respondents. The findings show that the respondents’ profile revealed that in terms of the profile of the respondents, most of the respondents were belong to the age of 30 to 39, married, female, earning of 3,000 and below per month, with a big number of dependents and have elementary level of educational attainment. In the level of effectiveness of the implementation of the Bleye Kukum Justice System in terms of conflict resolution, peace and order, governance and economy were considered as effective. Majority of the respondents experienced problem on the Bleye Kukum’s process of settling. Thus, it is concluded that the level of effectiveness of the implementation of the Bleye Kukum Justice System is effective.
Guiamarudin S. Daud
Randwick International of Social Science Journal, Volume 3, pp 84-92;

The researcher developed an app for Criminology students; the focus of this project is to provide them with a mobile educational game that could help them boost their mental awareness on topics and knowledge in the field of criminology. Target users are criminology students. Moreover, the user of this game will be addressed by the proponent to develop this system. Thus, it develops an android game application dedicated to criminology students. Promote criminology students’ knowledge and awareness in a more intuitive and enjoyable way and create and establish a 100% functional android-based application. The programming language used was JAVA, which is specialized in mobile game development. The integrated development environment (IDE) used was Eclipse JUNO, a standalone programming environment that is suitable for the coding structure and interface design of the developed system. A graphic editing tool was also utilized to further enhance the objects used in the game. The finished app was tested using the android tablet model Cloud pad 701 TV having Android 4.2.2 version firmware. The Codified Project Management Framework was then used in the development of the project. Based on the result of the Interface of the system obtained, the Android App concept for criminology students is effective and excellent. It was further recommended that the developed app still be reviewed thoroughly in terms of its data content validity. It was also recommended that the system will be developed further for more additional features.
Ry Malondo Sitorus, Bakhrul Khair Amal
Randwick International of Social Science Journal, Volume 3, pp 102-115;

Savagery is regularly done by police within the examination to urge a confession the suspect. This behavior has ended up a propensity that can be referenced from different investigate comes about, which are caused by need of supervisory organization examination, an inadequate lawful disobedient, the assurance of the institution, and the amateurish demeanor of the police. This circumstance causes no chance to battle for a suspect his rights and the culprits of savagery blocked off. Polished skill related with standardized ethical issues into the code of conduct, and any infringement of ethics code shows a issue within the body of ethical police. There ought to be a ethical advancement within the examiner for examination can take put legitimately and accurately concurring to desires.
Dewi Juni Artha, Syakinah Sinulingga
Randwick International of Social Science Journal, Volume 2, pp 546-562;

This research deals with Semiotic Analysis of Kerja Adat Erdemu Bayu in Karonese. This research was aimed to find out the values and meanings contained in the Karo tribe's wedding ceremony so that people do not consider the ceremonial rituals as mere obligations and customs. This research used descriptive qualitative method. The data were taken from the video of the Karonese wedding ceremony on YouTube channel which uploaded on 07 May 2021 and also through interview from an elder who really understands the customs of the Karonese tribe, especially in wedding ceremonies. There were found 15 symbols, they are beka buluh (male’s hood), uis jongkit dilaki (male’s sarong), uis jujung-jujungen (veil), uis ragi barat (sarong), amak tayangen (bed mat), kalang ulu (pillows), perembah (long chloth, baby carrier), beras meciho (pure rice), naruh manuk (egg), sumpit (basket rice), uis nipes (traditional cloth), lampu terlong (oil lamp /lamp), kudin (cooking pot), manuk asuhen (hen), perkakas dapur (kitchen utensils) each of which has an interpretation in the form of advice, prayers and wishes for the bride and groom in living their domestic life.
Ivana Mihaljinec, Erdal Eser
Randwick International of Social Science Journal, Volume 3, pp 67-83;

Divriği Great Mosque and Hospital as one of the World heritage monuments on UNESCO’s list was the subject of research. More precisely, the focus was on the architecture and the acoustic characteristics of the hospital built in 1228/1229 by Mengüjeck dynasty, a branch of Anatolian Seljuks. For the analysis purposes, a 3D model of the hospital was created, and the acoustic simulation was conducted. The results of the acoustic analysis show that the architectural characteristics of the hospital fulfill the acoustic standards for the good reception of the sound for the audience, and that it can be concluded that Divriği hospital venue supports the hypothesis of being suitable for the healing purposes. Hospital was designed to support the sound realization and to support the environmental soundscape in conjunction with the sounding makams, which supports the music therapy healing effect. It can be concluded that music therapy had acoustical support in the construction of Anatolian Seljuk hospitals, which have characteristics of concert halls and were built as acoustic (music) venues.
Guiamarudin S Daud, Mohaymin A. Maguid
Randwick International of Social Science Journal, Volume 3, pp 61-66;

The study describes the Secured CCSPC Web-Based Student Clearance System's use and predicted effects. Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP), Sublime editor, Bootstrap, and MySQL as the database tool were used to create the clearance system. This system includes two-factor authentication for students and designated offices. In the clearance system, a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for data transit, as well as a software firewall and anti-SQL Injection attack, were offered and implemented. The CCSPC Portal was linked to the web-based student clearance system and Web API, with Web API acting as a bridge between SIMone and the clearance system. SIMone's role is to offer just a limited amount of information on the web-based clearing, such as designated office operations, account status from the Cashier, and student profiles from the Registrar. Students and the approved offices in charge of signing the student clearance include the Graduating Class Association (GCA) Treasurer, Laboratory Custodian, Cashier, Librarian, Academic Related Services (ARS), SPEED Director, Department Chairperson, College Dean, and the Registrar. The ISO 9126-1 International Standard Tool for Software Evaluation, on the other hand, was utilized in the CCSPC beneficiaries' surveys to test the system's effectiveness and reliability.
Saidin Nainggolan, Emy Kernalis, Della Zulia Carolin
Randwick International of Social Science Journal, Volume 3, pp 53-60;

This study aims to analyze the factors that affect the behavior of coffee shop consumers in Jambi City. This research was conducted at a coffee shop in Jambi City. The selection of the location of this study was carried out by purposive sampling method. The data analysis used is primary data with the Structural Equation Partial Least Square Model (SEM-PLS) approach. The results showed the behavior of coffee shop consumers most who visited the coffee shop expressed agreement with the choice and decision in behaving. As many as 57.5% of consumers revealed that they chose the coffee shop because the price offered is affordable, coffee served quality, and it has a good taste, and 55% stated that they buy coffee in the coffee shop because according to their consumption needs, the coffee sold has a strong freshness, and has many flavor variants. Internal factors negatively affect the behavior of coffee shop consumers but not significantly. External factors have a positive effect on consumer behavior. Internal factors and external factors with variable moderation of coffee shop variables have a significant effect on consumer behavior.
Saranya C Saranya C, Rajakumar Guduru
Randwick International of Social Science Journal, Volume 3, pp 32-45;

A winning personality is the physical attribute of a person and is considered as his or her success in personal, academic, and professional careers. However, in the ESL context, most engineering students seem to be unaware of the need for and importance of an appealing personality for achieving success in both personal and professional careers. Although students are given a short-term training in soft-skills by their respective college or institute, engineering students seem to lack aspects of a pleasing personality which helps them in job placements and later in the work environment. Therefore, the main aim of this study is to understand and build engineering students’ personality traits such as enthusiasm, dependability, and teamwork for a successful career. For this purpose, to understand the students’ personality types, 25 engineering students were administered a pre-test based on Carl Jung and Isabel Briggs Myers’ typological approach to personality. Students were helped in building personality through the soft-skills training. The data was analyzed and interpreted both qualitatively and quantitatively. The results indicated that having a pleasing personality and exhibiting soft-skills enables in building students’ individual personality for employment readiness. Implications were offered to students, placement trainers, and teachers. It is concluded that having a charming personality will support students in landing their desired jobs.
Silvia Fadhilah Patriana
Randwick International of Social Science Journal, Volume 3, pp 22-31;

It is felt that the overlapping regulations in Indonesia have hampered government programs so far. So that President Jokowi sparked a new regulation, namely the omnibus law with the aim of simplifying regulations in Indonesia so that the omnibus law is believed to be the most relevant solution today. However, this caused a strong reaction by the workers, because it was considered to have the potential to make workers experience marginalization again in the interests of economic development. This research was conducted using a normative juridical approach and intends to explain how legal protection for workers, especially women workers, after the ratification of Law number 11 of 2020 concerning job creation based on International Labour Organization. The results of the research found that no changes were found regarding women's rights in the omnibus law which was also reviewed based on the ILO convention
Astafyeva Olga Nikolaevna, Belyakova Irina
Randwick International of Social Science Journal, Volume 3, pp 1-6;

The article is devoted to the problems of transformation and phenomenon of complication of intercultural communication models. The significance of the study lies in the fact that intercultural communication through the prism of cultural and civilizational developments reflects the sociocultural changes taking place at all levels of social development. The problem of application of theoretical knowledge about the communicative paradigm of modern culture with its polylogical core for the development of a specific model of intercultural communication and effective cultural policy relates to the difficulties of achieving compliance of the research results with the real state of the sociocultural environment. Basing on the previous and current research approaches and taking into consideration a systemic and synergistic approach as well as a dialogue concept, the authors aim to investigate theoretical modeling of intercultural interaction. As a result of investigation, the authors conclude that the study of models of intercultural interaction cannot be carried out without understanding the principles and factors of the dynamics of cultural changes in the modern world which allows us to consider the transition from a dialogue model to a polylogue model as a natural stage in the dynamics of culture. Also, the methodological set of philosophical and cultural studies of the dynamics of modern culture is proved as constantly expanding due to the new tendencies, like total digitalization. It is stated that overcoming outdated models of intercultural interaction and adopting the new ones is a long process that must be tested by the human society
Mayolica Marsillam Toruan, Akrim Akrim, Indra Prasetia
Randwick International of Social Science Journal, Volume 3, pp 46-52;

This study aims to determine the implementation of National Curriculum 2013 and the International Baccalaureate curriculum and to compare student learning outcomes, especially in the field of Indonesian language studies at Sampoerna Academy Medan. The results shows that there are differences in learning outcomes in the field of Indonesian language studies using National Curriculum 2013 and the International Baccalaureate. The difference in the level of ability of students in the field of Indonesian language studies is indicated by the average learning outcomes of Indonesian language studies with National Curriculum 2013 which is lower than the International Baccalaureate curriculum. The findings of this study indicate that the use of both National Curriculum 2013and the International Baccalaureate has an impact on student learning outcomes at Sampoerna Academy Medan. This difference is due to differences in assessment standards, learning activities, communication both oral and written as well as the values ​​of cultural and character development of each curriculum applied in schools.
Daniel Nwanmereni
Randwick International of Social Science Journal, Volume 3, pp 7-21;

In today’s Nigerian society, crime represents a critical stakeholder. The unprecedented rise in crimes, such as, armed robbery, cultism, kidnapping, terrorism, banditry and cattle rustling has constrained the Nigerian government to introduce several crime fighting approaches. Despite government efforts, especially through State security forces, crimes have assumed a worsening dimension with increasing cases of attacks and abduction of villagers, worshippers, travellers and other settlers around Nigeria. Schools around the country are not spared, as both students and staff of different levels of educational institutions are kidnapped for ransom and sometimes killed by bandits and terrorists. Many Nigerian farmers have also been forced to abandon their farms due to incessant attacks. Not only are lives and property threatened, the Nigerian economy is also distressed by the impacts of insecurity on agriculture and the attendant hike in the prices of essential food commodities. Following the seeming inability of regular government crime fighting approaches to substantially deal with Nigeria’s rising insecurity, this paper examined the application of stakeholder relations perspectives to approach the country’s worsening insecurity. The qualitative paper combined Stakeholder and Relational Dialectics as theoretical cornerstone. It examined the impacts of some crime-yielding challenges, such as, illiteracy, unemployment, poverty, economic inequality and pseudo-social participation on the meteoric rise in crime in Nigeria. The paper recommended the application of dialogue in managing the rising militia activities and crimes. It was also recommended that beyond equipping State security formations, Nigerian government should direct attention to the conditions that breed crimes in the country.
Farid Wajdi, Cynthia Hadita
Randwick International of Social Science Journal, Volume 2, pp 563-574;

The lack of quantity of halal auditors has implications for the less than optimal implementation of halal product guarantee in Indonesia, so it is necessary to compare with Brunei Darussalam in standardizing halal auditors. The research method used in this research is normative juridical. The results of the study indicate that halal auditors still need to optimize the quantity of halal auditors so that they are more optimal in halal and there will be an increase in halal product guarantee in Indonesia. Comparative with Brunei Darussalam, apart from an adequate quantity of halal auditors, there is also a code of ethics for trainee auditors (halal auditors), Indonesia needs to optimize the number of halal auditors and also have a code of ethics for halal auditors. So the results are more optimal and in accordance with Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 33 Year 2014 on Halal Product Guarantee.
Rahimah Rahimah
Randwick International of Social Science Journal, Volume 2, pp 583-589;

Fine motor improvement is exceptionally critical for a child's in general advancement. Early childhood still frequently have trouble moving their fingers for exercises such as cutting, drawing, coloring, tearing, collapsing, orchestrating and weaving. This consider points to portray the capacity of fine motor abilities and inventiveness of early childhood through weaving exercises. The investigate strategy utilized may be a writing survey conducted by collecting information or based on logical papers that interface investigate with existing writing to unravel a issue. The strategy of collecting library information is by perusing and taking notes and overseeing inquire about materials and after that concluding the investigate materials. The comes about appeared that the improvement of fine motor abilities and imagination in early childhood requires eye and hand coordination, such as performing manipulative developments, and communicating themselves through craftsmanship with weaving exercises.
Indra Prasetia, Emilda Sulasmi, Susana Susana
Randwick International of Social Science Journal, Volume 2, pp 575-582;

This research is a qualitative research in the form of a case study. This research is conducted at Binjai State Elementary School, Indonesia. The purpose of this study is to implement a child-friendly school program and develop student character programmed in the Primary Schools of Binjai Ciy, Indonesia. The respondents of this study are principals and teachers. The results of this study are child-friendly school policies at Primary Schools of Binjai City encourage all school residents to care about the school environment and be anti-violent so that the atmosphere at school becomes healthy, safe and comfortable. The formation of the character of students through child-friendly schools Primary Schools of Binjai City is going well because the teachers at the school have formed the character of students including students who are diligent and diligent in learning, respect for teachers, discipline, respect each other so as to form a community friendly study. Child-friendly school programs are very effective in forming a safe and conducive school environment and supporting the development of student character, in addition to encouraging schools to develop infrastructure to support learning. The study also found that some schools still have obstacles in developing a school culture for the direction of child-friendly schools. In general, Primary Schools of Binjai City has implemented child-friendly education, where the school has attempted various programs and activities in implementing child-friendly education.
Ismail Koto, Ida Hanifah
Randwick International of Social Science Journal, Volume 2, pp 524-534;

On Monday, 5 October 2020, the Draft Law on Job Creation was ratified by the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia and the manuscript was signed by the government on November 3, 2020. Therefore, since November 3, 2020, the Draft Law on Job Creation promulgated in Law Number 11 Year 2020 on Job Creation. Based on the existing official text, the researcher intended to compare the rights of female workers as regulated in Law Number 13 of 2003 on Manpower with Law Number 11 of 2020 on Job Creation. The research method used in this study was a normative juridical research, with a statutory and conceptual approach, descriptive analytical research specifications, data collection by literature study, and qualitative data analysis. The protection of female workers as referred to in the previous labor law was still valid and was not discussed at all in Law Number 11 of 2020 on Job Creation. Therefore, it could be ascertained that the refusal of workers during the process of the Draft Law on Job Creation is wrong. The article which was amended related to the protection of female workers did not change the substance of the protection of female workers as previously regulated through Law Number 13 Year 2003 on Manpower. The Qur'an has been explained that people need to provide special rights for female workers. Explicitly, there is no verses in the Qur'an that mentioned the word 'special rights for female workers'. However, implicitly, there were general arguments based on the verses in the Qur'an that could be used as a basis for granting this right. Some of the special rights of female workers were implicitly communicated in Islamic teachings.
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