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Theresia Octastefani, Bayu Mitra A. Kusuma, Niko Pahlevi Hentika
Jurnal Inovasi Ilmu Sosial dan Politik (JISoP), Volume 4, pp 9-23;

The Indonesian constitution has stated that natural resources must be utilized for the people’s benefit. But the people’s interests are often defeated by the elite. The long-term goal of this research is not to close the mining area and its activities, but to ensure that the exploration and exploitation process that has already started must prioritize ecological balance and disaster resilience. Using a qualitative method and a descriptive approach, this study analyzes the role of the government, corporation, and local communities in the framework of resources governance in order to strengthen the advocacy of civil society who are often marginalized in the existence of extractive industries. The results of the study show that the gold mining activity is contrary to the forestry law where the existing rules have been liberalized by selling state assets to private companies; the lack of added value for local communities such as limited job vacancies; the occurrence of environmental damage around the gold mining area where this area is actually a protected forest and a natural barrier from the threat of a tsunami disaster; and even though mining companies have claimed that their activities are environmentally friendly, in fact disasters are starting to appear.
Anisha Primadita Rudyana, Najamuddin Khairur Rijal
Jurnal Inovasi Ilmu Sosial dan Politik (JISoP), Volume 4, pp 82-93;

Environmental issues have become one of the global problems with a high degree of urgency. The province of Bali is one of the absolute highlights with evidence of a poor water quality index. In studying international relations, global problems can be solved through diplomatic instruments by interested countries. Uniquely, footage of phenomena in the field shows that there are non-governmental actors, namely business people, trying to solve environmental problems to lead to world peace. This study aims to examine 4Ocean's efforts to mitigate plastic waste in the waters of Bali. The author uses business track diplomacy to analyze the actions of 4Ocean. As a result, several measures have realized 4Ocean's efforts to carry out business line diplomacy in mitigating plastic pollution in Bali's waters. First, 4Ocean has sought to implement a sound business model by turning profits into reforestation operations. Second, 4Ocean has carried out plastic pollution operations in Bali as a whole, including river, coastal, and ocean operations. Third, 4Ocean has attempted to validate environmentally friendly products with B Corp, GOTS, and Green Circle Certified certifications.
Ahmad Irfan Fauzi, Meidi Kosandi
Jurnal Inovasi Ilmu Sosial dan Politik (JISoP), Volume 4, pp 94-106;

This article discussed the contestation of ideological interests between the state, Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia (HTI), and Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) in the case of the disbandment of HTI in 2017. The disbandment of HTI explained the existence of pro and contra groups and the attraction of ideological interests. This research was qualitative research with observation and interview methods. The research results proved that there were conflicting and conflicting interests between the interests of the state, HTI, and NU. The state interests were the interests of the Pancasila ideology and public security. NU rejected the caliphate because it was interested in defending the "Islam Nusantara" ideology. NU's success in encouraging the government was influenced by the issues' relevance and the condition of the political structure of Joko Widodo's government for the 2014-2019 period. The polarized condition of the government's political structure in the Jokowi versus Prabowo group influenced the decision to disband HTI because NU was identified with moderate Islam that supported Jokowi. Hence, NU's bargaining power with the Jokowi government was more substantial than HTI.
Hengki Hayatullah, Nur Hidayat Sardini
Jurnal Inovasi Ilmu Sosial dan Politik (JISoP), Volume 4, pp 107-117;

This research objective was to examine the integrity of the election organizers by analyzing the factors that led to the issuance of the Constitutional Court Decision Number: 12/PHP.BUP-XIX/2021 regarding the recount of the 2020 Simultaneous Regional Head elections in Sekadau Regency. It was known that the lawsuit resulting from the recapitulation of votes was filed by the pair Rupinus-Aloysius as the incumbent. The pair received 56,479 votes or 49.2 percent. Meanwhile, the rival pair Aron-Subandrio received 58,023 votes or 50.8 percent. This research used a descriptive qualitative method through a case study approach, which examined a "single instrumental case". Data collection techniques were done through an informant interview (in-depth interview) and document studies. The data was obtained by taking directly from the sources of the General Election Commissions, The General Election Supervisory Agency (Bawaslu), and the Sub-district Election Committees of Sekadau Regency. The research results first showed the organizers' negligence factor during recapitulation by entering Form C. The results of KWK Holograms from 65 Polling Stations (TPS) in the Belitang Hilir Sub-district into one box must remain in the box at each Polling Station. Second, the Sekadau Technical Guidance Factor of General Election Commissions (Bimtek) for Commitment Making Officer was not optimal. The technical guidance focused on using the Recapitulation Information System (Sirekap) for two days. When the process/ stages were carried out without integrity, the election results were also not with integrity, i.e., it is due to the organizers' poor integrity.
Fajar Bangun Wiradani
Jurnal Inovasi Ilmu Sosial dan Politik (JISoP), Volume 4, pp 71-81;

The research departed from the phenomenon of the elimination of elements of local culture in society. One of the causes was the current modernization and globalization of all aspects of life, including traditions and culture. The formation of noble values that were able to pattern the behavior of the Indonesian people was due to the decisive role of customs, which became a culture in people's lives. Although the customs and culture of each region were different, in general, they had the same essential values. Traditional and cultural philosophies that have developed in various parts of the Indonesian nation, on average, instill good and positive moral attitudes and behaviors. This research objective was to find the local wisdom values and the Ghofilinan tradition in the Katimoho Village community. This research was a qualitative method. Data were collected from primary and secondary sources. Primary sources were carried out by direct observation (natural observation). For in-depth review, interviews were carried out. Secondary data was obtained through literature study and village documentation. The research results concluded that the Ghofilin tradition had religious, social, historical, and economic values that coexisted with Islamic values. Islam is a religion with a set of values that have influenced the cultural patterns and traditions of the Katimoho Village community. The meeting of Islamic values with the local wisdom values in the Dzikrul Ghofilin tradition was a process of cultural acculturation. It made the socio-cultural aspects of the local community not necessarily eroded by Islamic teachings.
Supriyanto Supriyanto, Nurul Jannah Lailatul Fitria, Sahrul Hidayat
Jurnal Inovasi Ilmu Sosial dan Politik (JISoP), Volume 4, pp 24-34;

The government has responsibility for public sector services. The public services are intended to provide convenience and assistance to the public regarding what they need and to achieve an objective. Public services must understand and meet the community's needs regarding services, goods, and administration that need to be carried out properly. The forms of service can be verbal or written, or direct action. The governments, both local and central governments, need to improve the quality of service delivery. Therefore, the Probolinggo City Government had a strategy of providing quality public services. This public service innovation was called the "Portal Emas". The Portal Emas concept is a public service by implements three service forms in a digital application. The author researched the implementation of the Portal Emas as an application for public sector services. The objective was to find out whether the Portal Emas applied values to state administration ethical principles or not. The research was conducted using descriptive qualitative methods. The data was obtained through literature research as the primary source. This research collected scientific research related to public sector services and forms of service, then connected it with the state administration's ethical principles to determine that public service programs have well met the public services indicators. Therefore, public services could be known through the Portal Emas in Probolinggo City under the state administration's ethical principles by implementing three service forms in the Portal Emas application.
Siska Andrianika, Agus Priyadi, Hasbi Thaufik Oktodila, Achmad Ichsan Nusapati
Jurnal Inovasi Ilmu Sosial dan Politik (JISoP), Volume 4, pp 46-62;

The issue of the Regulation of the Minister of Education, Culture, Research and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia Number 30 of 2021 proves the seriousness of the government in dealing with sexual violence in universities. One form of prevention in this Ministerial Regulation is the establishment of a Task Force for the Prevention and Handling of Sexual Violence. This task force aims to be the main factor of dealing with various forms of sexual violence that can occur in universities, all includes prevention, reporting, to handling. Based on the importance of the existence of the task force, this study aims to analyze the effectiveness of establishing The Task Force of the Sexual Violence Prevention and Response in universities based on the Regulation of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia in 2021. This study uses a mixture of quantitative and qualitative methods with data samples taken from the State University of Jakarta. This research data collection technique was carried out by distributing questionnaires and conducting a literature review using the theory of effectiveness and the use of law and the concept of roles. This research found that through quantitative research, there is significant correlation between the principles of the Sexual Prevention and Response, The Task Force’s main responsibility, and the objectives of this ministrial regulation. Through qualitative research, from the organizational component and the implimentation of gender-based regulation, this ministrial regulation is proven to be an effective regulation to handling sexual violence.
Febriansyah Febriansyah
Jurnal Inovasi Ilmu Sosial dan Politik (JISoP), Volume 4, pp 35-45;

Vape or e-cigarettes emerged as a medical technology to help heavy smokers quit smoking or get rid of their addiction to tobacco cigarettes since tobacco cigarettes contain harmful substances that can cause many deadly diseases. In its development, vaping has transformed into a popular product which considered as a fashion or part of the lifestyle of young people. How did it happen? This conceptual article will answer this problem by using the desk study method and the Social Construction of Technology (SCOT) theory. This article finds that the relevant society or social group strongly influences the transformation or evolution of vaping. Vaping is interpreted as a fashion by the relevant community or social group. This interpretation continues to be negotiated in the social sphere so that some groups define vaping as a smoking technology in the future when tobacco cigarettes will be replaced by it. The author also sees the influence of consumerism culture under neoliberalism, which is the context in the construction of vapes.
Zusana Santi Naha Maramba Djua, Annisa Purwatiningsih
Jurnal Inovasi Ilmu Sosial dan Politik (JISoP), Volume 4, pp 63-70;

According to Law Number 6 of 2014 concerning Villages, it is explained that Village is a legal community unit that has territorial boundaries authorized to regulate and manage government affairs. One of the government policies to make it easier for villages to manage their existing potential is that village governments are encouraged to have Village-Owned Enterprises (BUMDes). The success of Village-Owned Enterprises is on the shoulders of the government in the village itself. In the existing program implementation strategy, the village government must understand the local village situation and must be ready to improvise with any changes in the situation without ignoring the goals that have been previously set. A factor or variable does not determine the success of Village-Owned Enterprises. However, it is determined and influenced by various existing factors, such as the village government's need for a helpful policy strategy to succeed in an existing program. Implementing existing programs must be done professionally and transparently. The research method was descriptive qualitative using a purposive sampling technique. The research results proved that Village-Owned Enterprises has not been entirely successful because only a few programs have just been implemented. Additionally, the village government used several strategies, including program strategies, strategies for increasing supporting resources, and organizational strategies.
Mahathir Muhammad Iqbal, Sri Handayani, Dewi Istanti Safitri
Jurnal Inovasi Ilmu Sosial dan Politik (JISoP), Volume 3, pp 173-185;

Development is a continuous effort in creating conditions that can provide more valid (valid) alternatives for every citizen to achieve his most humanist aspirations, generally humanist aspirations are expressed as increasing social welfare. Therefore, a development must begin with proper planning. So that with a proper planning will provide a development result in accordance with the needs of the community. The Malang Regency Government itself only implemented SIPD in early 2021, so that at a very young age, of course, there are still many things that need to be improved in the future. The need for an evaluation of a program running is one way so that errors or deficiencies can be identified and corrected. Therefore, the author uses indicators from the theory of effectiveness that have been described in the theoretical study.
Muhammad Nizar, Muhammad Chabibi
Jurnal Inovasi Ilmu Sosial dan Politik (JISoP), Volume 3, pp 162-172;

This paper explains the philanthropic phenomenon that occurred in Indonesian people, especially the people of Cirebon City when the transmission of the covid-19 virus reached it’s peak again in November 2020. Basically, the philanthropic movement in the Covid-19 pandemic era emerged based on chaotic humanitarian attention and the uncertain economic stability of the country. This provides a stimulus to philanthropic activists to participate in social-humanitarian concerns and social-economic restoration. This type of research is qualitative with interview methods and online media documentation. This study concludes that the philanthropic movement should be based on humanitarian solidarity and religious normativity. However, several philanthropic activists in Cirebon City have used the opportunity of the COVID-19 pandemic moment as a personal economic recovery by using accurate marketing management wrapped in social philanthropy. This is a new motive that combines the humanitarian philanthropy movement with a marketing work system when COVID-19 as a natural disaster strikes with the aim of helping people as well as marketing their commodity products. The reason is that the demands for economic improvement during a pandemic require philanthropic activists to give and share as well as sell and promote.
Vicko Taniady
Jurnal Inovasi Ilmu Sosial dan Politik (JISoP), Volume 3, pp 91-104;

Election attendance is not complete without campaign activities. The campaign itself is a form of a dialogue between the candidates and the public. However, campaign attendance has had problems since the start of the election. The purpose of this study is to examine the implementation and regulations related to campaign finance in Indonesia. The research method used is a qualitative method using a comparative study approach with New Zealand and normative juridical and using library research techniques to find secondary data. The discussion of this discussion suggests that campaign finance policies in Indonesia are still not comprehensive. This is a trigger for acts of corruption and undermines the democratic order in Indonesia. This can be seen from the absence of binding regulations regarding the expenditure of personal and political funds in campaign activities. Compared to New Zealand, the country has a comprehensive policy by implementing other laws and regulations, political arrangements for campaign funds from candidates, third parties, and individuals, groups, or companies. Therefore, by looking at the policies issued by New Zealand, the Indonesian government can review the policies carried out by that country
Farah Zhafirah, Ellen Enggra Saputri, Syahrul Ramadhan, Ali Roziqin
Jurnal Inovasi Ilmu Sosial dan Politik (JISoP), Volume 3, pp 154-161;

Public service is something that can be accessed by the community, including for people with disabilities. Changes in the public needs of the community including people with disabilities are growing so that it requires an innovation that can equalize it. Public service innovation is a method for increasing change in order to encourage improvement in the quality of public services. Therefore, the City Government of Malang seeks to improve health services specifically for people with visual disabilities by forming innovations in the form of Braille. Braille innovations were made by the government in order to create equitable public services in the community. The government's goal to make this innovation is in order to create equitable public services in the community. In addition, this innovation is a form of commitment of Malang City to inclusive services and a form of commitment to alignments specifically for people with visual impairments. This study aims to determine the ability of Braille innovation in improving health services for people with visual impairments. The method used in this research is the study of literature. As in the application of innovation, there are driving and inhibiting factors. The driving factor is in the form of support from the Mayor of Malang through Malang City Regulation No. 2 of 2014 and officers receive training. Whereas the inhibiting factor of this innovation is only when building a guiding block that requires quite a lot of costs. However, the innovations provided are able to improve the quality of health services to the community. Even now, Puskesmas Janti Malang has become the first referral health service pilot site for people with visual impairments to receive treatment.
Kamalashan Vijayan, Saralah Devi Mariamdaran Chethiyar, Venothiney Dewi Muniandy
Jurnal Inovasi Ilmu Sosial dan Politik (JISoP), Volume 4;

The Royal Malaysian Customs Department takes seriously the issue related to cigarette smuggling activities which due to the study conducted put the smuggled cigarette market and the sale of smuggled cigarettes in this country is the largest in the world. This study aims to examine the issues related to cigarette smuggling in Malaysia. The research methodology is to use the library research method. The findings of the study are based on previous studies. This study focuses on the factors of smuggling in Malaysia. The results of the study can list the main factors that contribute to the widespread smuggling of cigarettes in Malaysia. The findings of this study on the factor of cigarette smuggling can be used as a guide to further improve control and enforcement at the country's entrances. The implementation of research rpelated to the type and form of punishment that can be imposed on those convicted of smuggling prohibited goods, especially contraband cigarettes. The second is the formation of a police community consisting of the general public.
Bewa Dangu Wole, Annisa Purwatiningsih, Kamaluddin Kamaluddin
Jurnal Inovasi Ilmu Sosial dan Politik (JISoP), Volume 3, pp 118-127;

There are five main factors that affect the entry of investors into a country, namely political stability, legal certainty, consistent policies, regulations, and taxes. This research is a literature study that summarizes some literature relevant to the theme. Data collection methods are literature studies that use books and literature, notes, journals and others as the main research objects. The purpose of this paper is to know the investment climate in Indonesia and the application of omnibus law as a solution, as well as to know the challenges of implementing omnibus law in Indonesia. The results showed that Indonesia was dubbed a hyperegulation country that reached 42,996 with details, central regulations as many as 8,414, ministerial regulations 14,453, non-ministry government agency regulations 4,164, and local regulations as many as 15,965. Too much will have an impact on the overlap and inconsistency of regulations between the center and the area causing vertical and horizontal conflicts. The government deregulates and debirokratization through omnibus law with two substances, namely the Omnibus Law Copyright Act which contains 11 clusters that combine 79 laws in which it concerns rules on employment, licensing alignment, investment requirements, to government administration. The challenge of implementing omnibus law is that Indonesia adheres to the civil law system while the concept of omnibus law adherents common law and still new. There is a public reaction between the pros and cons because the manufacturing process is not transparent and participatory, and omnibus law is not in accordance with the provisions of the establishment of laws and regulations. However, legally omnibus law is appropriate after the passing of Law No. 15 of 2019 concerning Changes to Law No. 12 of 2011.
Nourma Ulva Kumala Devi
Jurnal Inovasi Ilmu Sosial dan Politik (JISoP), Volume 3, pp 128-141;

The Covid-19 pandemic situation, which is still happening today, is causing concern among people from various circles, especially for street vendors (PKL) at the Probolinggo Gotong Royong traditional market. Government regulations to suppress the spread of the virus by requiring people to carry out social distancing have an impact on the paralysis of economic activities for traders. In addition, various media continue to broadcast and report on street vendors who cannot follow government directives to stay at home, because of the demands of work and the pressure of daily needs. This study aims to find out how the efforts of traders to respond to government policies to stay afloat in locations that are considered strategic for trading in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic situation. Then this study also aims to determine the impact felt by traders when social distancing is enforced. This research method is descriptive qualitative research with a case study approach through data analysis of pattern matching and theoretical propositions. This study uses Jurgen Habermas's scheme of thinking about the "rationality of communicative action" which is oriented to reaching mutual agreement or consensus based on legitimate public discourse. The results showed that the communication space between street vendors and the local government was built by the dominance of economic and political interests between the elite and the movers of the association of street vendors. So that there is a strength in the bargaining position of street vendors in the public sphere even in a pandemic situation. These interests have an impact on resistance to policies and traders can continue to trade in certain locations on condition that they comply with government directives regarding health protocols.
Anak Agung Putu Oka Sujana
Jurnal Inovasi Ilmu Sosial dan Politik (JISoP), Volume 3, pp 142-153;

This article aims to discuss the urgency and implementation of restrictions on tourist accommodation buildings in the Badung Regency. The research data were obtained through observation, literature study, and in-depth interviews with informants, namely officials, actors, and observers of Bali tourism. Data analysis was carried out descriptively-interpretatively from the perspective of tourism studies. The results of the study show that it is very urgent to restrict tourist accommodation buildings in Badung Regency to anticipate the oversupply of the number of available tourist accommodation rooms, as well as to create a healthy tourist accommodation business situation. Implementation of three policies, namely Regional Regulation No. 2 of 2012; Regional Regulation No. 26 of 2013; and Perbud Badung No. 36 of 2014 has been able to hinder the development of new tourist accommodation buildings, and support sustainable tourism development, namely tourism development that supports environmental conservation efforts (Palemahan), increasing the socio-economic welfare of local communities (pawongan), as well as tourism development that is sustainable. support the preservation and development of Balinese traditions and culture.
Iswahyu Pranawukir, Agus Hitopa Sukma
Jurnal Inovasi Ilmu Sosial dan Politik (JISoP), Volume 3, pp 22-32;

The research aims to determine the Dompet Dhuafa Foundation's CSR strategy in building brand differentiation through the establishment of the Smart Ekselensia Republika school. It also concerns the dynamics of the Dompet Dhuafa Foundation's business paradigm which focuses on CSR programs to form brand differentiation. This type of research is case study with a qualitative descriptive method. It aims to describe the establishment of a school accompanied by an explanation of the process of occurrence, development and changes in various aspects of the dynamics of its CSR. Thus, there are peculiarities of cases which the researcher describes descriptively based on dynamic and contextual chronology. The results showed that the Dompet Dhuafa Foundation's CSR strategy in building brand differentiation is based on social awareness, that business contributions are social benefits; economic awareness, that the maximum profit from business is the maximum benefit in increasing charity in society; and legal awareness, that justice efforts that have been criticized by the pudblic can be maximally fulfilled because the efforts being carried out have a segment of the dhuafa. Differentiation is an achievement that combines the shared value business context in the three intelligences. Intellectual intelligence is proven in the provision of education, emotional intelligence by building social service businesses for the poor, as well as spiritual intelligence with the principles of trust, worship and Islam. So, business differentiation is a business that presents God in its operations.
Jurnal Inovasi Ilmu Sosial dan Politik (JISoP), Volume 3, pp 10-21;

The application of Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWFs) in monetary policy is a solution to the counter-globalist policies that have so far prevented developing countries from being able to move into developed countries. The State of Oman is an inspiration for the kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the policy of Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWFs) which change the direction of state policy on hospitality services for pilgrims Umroh and Hajj. The oman state also has been a country that focuses its main income on petroleum to calculate all its petroleum assets which are then sold in the form of Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWFs) to change the country's policy on tourism hospitality activities. This research will explain SWFs in terms of definition, history and concept, then we will see the application of SWFs in oman countries that have been going on since 2010. The implementation strategy of SWFs in Indonesia certainly requires courage from the Indonesian government because the presence of rare mineral content in this country is certainly very needed for high-tech materials in developed countries in the world. Indonesia is very likely to implement SWFs and can become developed countries with a model of applying SWFs on rare earth minerals owned by Indonesia, which are entirely in this country.
Khairul Arief Rahman, Hamidah Izzatu Laily
Jurnal Inovasi Ilmu Sosial dan Politik (JISoP), Volume 3, pp 43-57;

Coverage of the Coronavirus or Covid-19 in Indonesia was accompanied by confusion of information which resulted Mass Hysteria. Media criticism is also present as the vanguard of social control, which is not only limited to what and how it appeared, but also critically explores readiness from the political level of government to the social life of the affected community. How two "premium" media, namely Tempo and DetikX, build news construction about Covid-19? Then how do the media frame a topic or issue that has developed after Covid-19? and how is the concentration of the media in reporting on Mass Hysteria that developed after Covid-19 in Indonesia? This study takes news in March 2020, Especially on the main coverage presented by both media. This research uses qualitative research method and Pan and Kosicki's framing analysis model for explore data research. The Result is Tempo Magazine and DetikX generally drawing struggle toward Mass Hysteria and affair caused by Covid-19 on critics of handling policy government level and public with selectively choosing solution frame as shape of struggle.
Rezzi Nanda Barizki, Mayang Riyantie
Jurnal Inovasi Ilmu Sosial dan Politik (JISoP), Volume 3, pp 68-80;

The aim of this research is to know the construction of the reality of the reporting on the integrity of the KPK from the framing of online media and The paradigm used is constructivist, with the Entman’s framing analysis method, which means that it is preceded by the assumption that reality tends to have multiple faces (multiple reality). Therefore, this research will have a theoretical contribution to the public's understanding about the construction of mass media reality, and public awareness that the aspects of corruption prevention must be started by the actors of KPK itself (the issue of integrity), as well as for strengthening the anti-graft institution. The results showed that the reality construction formed by excellent reputation media such as and will gain high public trust, especially in disclosing information on important state institutions, such as KPK. The similarity construction is related to the public criticism and demand about the existence of KPK as Supervisory Board; on the contrary, it oftentimes still stained by the violation allegation of the ethical code of its leaders. Moreover, there was internal conflict, decreased performance and public pessimism. As for the difference, built a positive image by the KPK's actions in overseeing state institutions and investigating several cases, while delivered content on sympathetic social action, coordination with regional leaders, appreciation for the existence of KPK by a popular state figure.
Ahmad Siboy
Jurnal Inovasi Ilmu Sosial dan Politik (JISoP), Volume 3, pp 81-90;

The pattern of political party coalitions that fluctuate ahead of the general election indicates that the coalitions are not built based on substantial interests but pragmatic interests. As a result, the status of each party becomes unclear, which one acts on the side of the government and which one acts as the opposition. This study aims to discuss the options of permanent coalition patterns that can be applied. The research problem of this study was “What is the permanent coalition design that can be applied in the Indonesian government system?”. This study used normative legal research with statutory, conceptual, and case-study approaches. The results indicated that a permanent coalition is needed to strengthen the coalition pattern of political parties as a support for the Indonesian government system. The permanent coalition design that can be applied is a two-pole model, in which there will only two coalition groups of political parties: parties supporting the government and parties opposing the government. This two-pole model can be balanced in terms of the power between a coalition of government parties and a coalition of opposition parties. Another design that can be adopted is the coalitions which are established based on the similarity of the ideology of each political party.
Bewa Dangu Wole, Cahyo Sasmito, Anisa Purwaningsih
Jurnal Inovasi Ilmu Sosial dan Politik (JISoP), Volume 3, pp 58-67;

To realize good governance is inseparable from community participation, the government initiated a concept of smart city implementation. Smart city is a form of structuring and managing the City using technology-based resources. Batu City Government, the term smart city was changed to Batu Among Tani Teknologi. The purpose of the research is to analyze smart city policies in Among Tani to increase community participation in order to realize good governance in batu city government, to know the supporting factors and inhibitions and to know the smart city policy analysis model. The method in this research is qualitative research approach of literature study using secondary data derived from books, journals, and other scientific critical studies coming from institutions according to the focus of research topics. The results of the research obtained are the application among farmers in Batu city community participation is increasing because farmers can market agricultural products and survive the practice of middlemen, consult and report complaints on the application Among Farmers and also farmers empowered through farmer groups. Not only farmers who use the application, the general public as buyers have also used Among Tani. The supporting factor of smart city policy in Among Tani is the organization of farmers who are empowered in farmer groups so that the needs of the people of Batu city the results of agriculture are fulfilled. The inhibition factor is the lack of evenly distributed socialization of the government so that there are still many people who do not understand what smart city is and the presence of farmers lose the motivation of farming that results in agricultural land being switched because of the lack of protection from the government.
Darynaufal Mulyaman, Achmad Ismail, Nadya Carollina, Morry Zefanya
Jurnal Inovasi Ilmu Sosial dan Politik (JISoP), Volume 3, pp 33-42;

In the globalized age, freedom in capital and workforce movement, self expression, and information openness become vital, including in Asian countries like Indonesia and South Korea. Thus innovation and creativity have become an important key in recent eras. New kinds of innovation and creativity that are established by Asian countries sometimes are nostalgic policies by the previous regime of the government. Therefore, Indonesia still comes up with a kind of centralistic governance and planning with a twist of free and liberal market policy, a developmental style of New Order governance to some extent. Hence, why is developmentalism in Indonesia still relevant? Even when there are shifts in the regimes and globalization process of the world. This paper argues that the policy series that has been initiated in Indonesia under President Joko Widodo is still part of developmentalism because of the historical and political context in a broader sense on developmentalism, therefore still relevant in Indonesia. This paper also uses the South Korean case of current policy under President Moon Jae-In to compare and assign Indonesian developmentalism relevancy as South Korea can be seen as one of the successful examples of developmentalism yet liberal country.
Anastacia Patricia Novlina Nurak, Sri Budi Eko Wardani
Jurnal Inovasi Ilmu Sosial dan Politik (JISoP), Volume 3, pp 1-9;

This research aims to explain about conflict between Sikka’s Local Leader and the Local Legislative Assembly (DPRD) in preparation of Local Government Budget (APBD) for term 2019 year. Sikka regencies is one of district that led by candidate from independent line. Fransiskus Roberto Diogo, (Roby Idong) and Romanus Woga won the District Election Head at 2018 without any party nor coalition. Problem arise when Local Leaders and members of Local Legislative Assembly did not reach mutual agreement about house and communication allowance budget. This research uses qualitative methods with primary data sourced from in-depth interviews with all parties in the conflict. This research used Maswadi Rauf's conflict theory, which is classified based on the results of research by Mark and Synder. In addition, it is known that there are conflicting interests between Local Leader and Local Legislative Assembly about budgeting. Meanwhile, Local Leader in Sikka aim to control Local Legislative Assembly with negative issue about marking up budget of house and transportation allowances, but thus assembly obtain to increase the budgeting for their right.
Ilham Prisgunanto, Iswahyu Pranawukir
Jurnal Inovasi Ilmu Sosial dan Politik (JISoP), Volume 2, pp 101-113;

The world of information technology coming in 4.0 era, that why any company should be used internet networking for communicated the people whom they serve. Open access models will descripe reformation in organizational birocracy in Indonesia especially for goverment reputation. Further research in this area may include netters reaction and attitude for government organization reputation. the Theoretical study in this research was uses and gratification theories and behavioral psychological. The metodological research uses positivistic paradigm and quantitative model. Sampel this research 92 respondens which all student in a campus in Jakarta. Finding research talk about there are low impact for information from Government’s website with attitude hanging netters for government reputation. Netters always look a website just in updating reporting informations. Beside it’s attitude netters for issues acquistion in medium level so website management must be make attractive for performance information.
Fery Fery, Muhamad Dasril
Jurnal Inovasi Ilmu Sosial dan Politik (JISoP), Volume 2, pp 160-168;

This study aims to determine aspects of satisfaction and increase knowledge of participants in participating in the Business Recovery Plan Training (RPU) in the Micro and Tsunami Recovery Program for the Disasters of the Earthquake and Tsunami conducted by the Muhammadiyah Disaster Management Center (MDMC) in collaboration with Solidar Suisse. This type of research is a qualitative descriptive, data collection methods of observation studies, interviews, documentation, and data analysis techniques through interpretive analysis approach techniques. The results of the study showed that most of the Sirenja people who participated in the Business Recovery Plan Training (RPU) were satisfied and had understood about the preparation of the RPU on good performance. But it is still low in the practice of preparing RPU.
Siti Marwiyah, Nur Halima, Finni Maulidi
Jurnal Inovasi Ilmu Sosial dan Politik (JISoP), Volume 2, pp 137-145;

Currently, the Covid-19 pandemics have begun to cause real loss among the public. Many victims who have attacked Indonesian society, began to the sick even to death. It is enough to make the community panic and fear the Covid-19 pandemics. So how can a leader make people calm and take care. The handling done to date is social distancing. However, various forms of public service are still run by government. As a leader with the type of the head of the community that is widely found in the environment, it is still traditional. In other words, his legitimacy of leadership is seen as natural and normal with its organizational implications, such as commanding authority and decision making without having to consult with his subordinates in prioritizing togetherness. Research was conducted to know how the type of paternalistic leadership in the village of Ketapang Kota Probolinggo increased the public service in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemics. With the results of the paternalistic leadership type research affects the level of public servants in the Covid-19 pandemic.
Rispa Ngindana, Langgeng Rachmatullah Putra, Rinaldo Albertus
Jurnal Inovasi Ilmu Sosial dan Politik (JISoP), Volume 2, pp 152-159;

The implementation of higher education management system in public universities is not new anymore, but every challenge of innovation developed has always been a new problem for college maintainers. This research aims to analyse the implementation of education management system, and control system of educational system of education in higher education environment, especially State University and developing alternative model of coordination system in implementing higher education management system. The research methods used are qualitative research with case study approaches. The research location is determined based on purposive sample method. The results of the study showed that control system in implementing the management system of higher education in Brawijaya University involves several systems and actions as follows: 1) quality assurance system; 2) work properly; 3) Customer satisfaction guarantee; 4) Pay attention to and record stakeholders ' complaints; 5) management based on facts; 6) Continuous improvement.
Amir Syamsuadi, Seri Hartati, Liza Trisnawati, Diki Arisandi
Jurnal Inovasi Ilmu Sosial dan Politik (JISoP), Volume 2, pp 114-128;

Based on estate statistics collected by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia, that in 2017 the total area of plantations producing Sago Islands Regency reaches 91,944 hectares and plant production of 418,802 tons. The number increased from 2 years earlier, namely in 2015 sago plant area was 83,691 ha with a production yield of 366,032 tons and in 2016 sago plant area was 89,611 ha with a production yield of 377,914. This study tries to trace the direction of the sago-based policy development Center for Small and Medium Industries in the Meranti Islands District. This research was conducted with a qualitative approach which is research that focuses on the concepts that arise from the data. The results of the analysis and interpretation of data in the form of exposure to the situation under study and then given a narrative and systematic explanation. The results showed that policies in order to encourage the development of sago-based Small and Medium Industrial Centers in the Regency of Meranti Islands including carried out with scenarios of structuring the location of activities, land use plans, efforts to map the transportation network system plans, telecommunications, electricity and clean water.
Muhammad Ruslan, Eusabius Separera Niron
Jurnal Inovasi Ilmu Sosial dan Politik (JISoP), Volume 2, pp 129-136;

This article aims to take photos and browse in critical problems of democracy and transparency of the Kebangkitan Bangsa Party in the recruitment of candidates in the 2019 elections. The recruitment process in political parties includes three stages, namely certification, nomination, and election. Through qualitative research with analytical-critical description method, this paper argues that the mechanism of political recruitment in the Kebangkitan Bangsa Party through an undemocratic and untransparent process, where prospective legislative candidates who register to become prospective legislative candidates only submit registration forms and various completeness of the other files and henceforth the prospective candidates are only waiting for the process of determining the serial number of candidate by the leadership of political parties. In addition, the position number is determined without going through the readiness and competency test mechanism of the candidates.
Avita Amelia, Dwi Krismawati, Moch Aji Setiawan, Retno Aprin Cahyani, Husna Suhada, Agus Machfud Fauzi
Jurnal Inovasi Ilmu Sosial dan Politik (JISoP), Volume 2, pp 146-151;

Indonesia is a country that has a presidential government system with the president and deputy as the country's leaders. The head of state is responsible for regulating and establishing state policies for the better. The existence of a president and his deputy is elected through an election process. The presidential election in each region is certainly different from the various interesting phenomena in it such as in Gresik, which is famous for the nickname of the city of Santri. The purpose of this study was to determine the students' motives in Gresik in the presidential election in 2019. That is because in the 2014 presidential election in the Gresik region, Prabowo's candidate won a victory. However, in the 2019 presidential election Jokowi's candidate was the winner. The research method used in this research is descriptive qualitative. The research subjects in this study were students in the city of Gresik. Data collection instruments used in this study were in-depth interviews, literature study, and observation. The results of this study indicate that the voice change that occurred in the 2019 presidential election was due to the large influence of the vice president who was promoted by the Jokowi camp, Ma'ruf Amin because, it became a big consideration for the students in making choices. In addition, as Nahdliyin students there is a tradition in Islamic boarding schools to be obedient to their kiai.
M. Rizki Pratama
Jurnal Inovasi Ilmu Sosial dan Politik (JISoP), Volume 2, pp 169-179;

This study explains the trajectory of public administration (PA) time to time. Public Administration has experienced many significant developments since the writing of the study of administration by Wilson in 1887. Starting from the identity crisis, the re-recognition of the study of public administration to the emergence of new public administration was increasingly growing when the new public management was introduced. The journey of PA has found its own way as a science that must be interpreted as a science that cannot stand alone but has its own character, especially how to look at the affairs of the public sector or everything related to the public in general. PA is not a science that has no clear boundaries or has a high degree of blurring. As long as the criticism shows the dynamics that actually employs PA studies instead of shutting down PA studies themselves. PA experiences patterns from the past to the future can be conceptualized into an PA trajectory. This trajectory certainly cannot be considered full and absolute effect, of course there are several loopholes and really in need to be criticized. The development and change of the PA study has reached an encouraging stage when in the current era the PA study has been considered as a tool to achieve a better society and country life, if the government is considered bad government then the PA is used as a guide to reform as well as being used to review current government performance through various kinds of PA theories that already exist.
Willy Tri Hardianto, Felika Agesti Yolanda, Ignatius Adiwidjaja
Jurnal Inovasi Ilmu Sosial dan Politik (JISoP), Volume 2, pp 188-195;

The development of tourism sector must be supported by a professional government servicing that has an impact on the increasing of local revenue, expanding employment, attracting investors, and a promotional event to introduce the cultural history of the region to the people outside Batu City. The qualitative design was carried out in this present study through a purposive sampling. Then, the data were called together using interviews and observations. The results revealed that providing opportunities for investors to contribute developing tourism sector was promptly done by government. Moreover, it was guided by the established service standards towards the needs of visitors. Another supporting factors were about the citizen participation, the affordable costs, and the complete tourism infrastructure that have been in accordance with the policy of government in Batu City.
Vaya Nabila Safitri
Jurnal Inovasi Ilmu Sosial dan Politik (JISoP), Volume 2, pp 180-187;

Research conducted to find out what was done by Australia-ASEAN in the economic field. The method used by researchers is deductive, in which the paragraphs are collected in general or the main idea of the paragraphs and then conclusions are drawn specifically. The type of research conducted is qualitative research in which collects data used by researchers, namely Library Studies (Library Research). Based on the results and discussion of ASEAN is an important part of economic prosperity in Australia. As a regional organization in the Southeast Asian region, ASEAN is currently the largest trading partner with Australia. Cooperation between Australia and ASEAN includes the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), the ASEAN-Australia Development Cooperation Program (AADCP), the ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement (AANZFTA). Australia has welcomed the cooperation agreement. This cooperation agreement is important for trade in our region which will drive export opportunities for Australian businesses and facilitate more local employment.
Jurnal Inovasi Ilmu Sosial dan Politik (JISoP), Volume 2, pp 19-30;

Self-Printing Ticket has been fulfilling innovation criteria as it is able to adjust a new service. The Self-Printing Ticket innovation made by Indonesian Railways Company and applied in many Indonesian central stations is an effort to improve service quality of printing a train ticket. The aims of this research was to find out the Self-Printing Ticket innovation for supporting public service quality in Malang Station, along with supporting and obstructing factors of such innovation implementation. To reach the research aims, this research used qualitative method. Primary data of this research was got from (1) interviewing informants consisting of Head of Station, Head of Commercial Service Sub-Affairs, Customer Services, and service users of Self-Printing Ticket; (2) documentation; and (3) observing service room. Secondary data was taken from documents of Indonesian Railways Company. Of the research results, found out that the machine of Self-Printing Ticket was Yogyakarta Station Team innovation winning an annual event of Indonesian Railways Company. Based on the six service standards, the service innovation of Self-Printing Ticket in Malang Station was well applied so that it can support public service quality. Supporting factors of the service were facilities; where the obstructing factors were internet or server disruptions, power outage, jammed printer, and prospective passengers misunderstanding on the machine usage and their mistake in inputting the book code.
Jurnal Inovasi Ilmu Sosial dan Politik (JISoP), Volume 2, pp 80-93;

Bureaucratic reform which initially existed to support the success of regional autonomy, in practice often creates inconsistency problems which actually give birth to paradoxes. So it happened in West Bandung Regency. On the other hand, the bureaucracy improves itself through the implementation of bureaucratic reform, but on the other hand it slows down the progress of the bureaucracy with the practice of corruption. This paper aims to find out the problems of bureaucratic reform and to find out whether the implementation of bureaucratic reform has shown optimal results in West Bandung Regency. This paper review uses qualitative methods through empirical normative-juridical approach and institutional theory approach. Data collection is done by official document collection techniques. Data analysis techniques in this study were carried out using interpretive descriptive methods. The results of the study in this paper show that the bureaucratic reform carried out by the West Bandung regency government through the practice of regional autonomy has not shown signs that are more optimal in the effort to realize Good Governance. Normatively, this condition is caused by the still low quality (competency) of apparatus resources, accompanied by other things that are mimetic and coercive which also influence the apparatus mentality as a whole based on their interests such as the influence of leadership, culture and the bureaucratic environment.
Jurnal Inovasi Ilmu Sosial dan Politik (JISoP), Volume 2, pp 31-41;

Unemployment and the low multidisciplinary labor market in Indonesia are multidimensional problems that are actually able to be solved. The solution the Indonesian government hopes is that unemployment can fall by increasing the quality of education and entrepreneurship. The purpose of this study is to provide a model of developing strategies that can be done to develop the potential of entrepreneurship education through the implications of digital technology so that the younger generation has the ability to start up and entrepreneurial spirit in the future. By using qualitative analysis sourced from the results of a literature study, researchers found that entrepreneurship education strategies based on local wisdom and assistance in adopting digital technology will be able to reduce unemployment and increase entrepreneurial creativity of the nation's children to compete and face the world of work. But in its development, a good collaboration is needed between support from government policies, teaching staff, and high interest and motivation from students to make it happen.
Jurnal Inovasi Ilmu Sosial dan Politik (JISoP), Volume 2, pp 42-54;

Sister-city cooperation between Yogyakarta and Gyeongsangbuk-Do has existed for 10 years. It has shown that regional authorities are able to carry out cooperation across national borders continously, especially in developing rural areas. Sumbermulyo has unique characteristics, which has a diversity of religious adherents who become religious tourism. This village is also one of the largest rice producers in D.I Yogyakarta. However, the low level of education in this region also complements the complexity of the implementation of the collaboration between the two parties. This study aims to analyze implementation of sister-city cooperation between Yogyakarta and Gyeongsangbuk-Do in the development of Sumbermulyo village, Bantul. The implementation of sister-city cooperation is examined by model of implantation policy with four indicators namely communication, resources, disposition, and bureaucratic structure. From the four indicators it was found that the cooperation of D.I Yogyakarta and Gyeongsangbuk-Do in the development of Sumbermulyo village was not successful in its implementation, with only the disposition indicator being met from the program. This is also illustrated by the implementation of program only in the second year of the agreed five years. The failure of this program made the evaluation for the government in the application of sister-province further collaboration.
Jurnal Inovasi Ilmu Sosial dan Politik (JISoP), Volume 2, pp 55-66;

The tourism potential in Indonesia is very significant. However, based on the phenomenon that occurs in several tourist destinations around the world it is found that many tourist attractions are especially damaged in Indonesia due to irresponsible actions. The purpose of this study was to reveal the legal protection of one of the tourist attractions in Indonesia, Maria Cave as a spiritual tourism destination in the City of Kediri. The study was conducted based on research methods using normative jurisdiction review. The results of the study revealed that so far the legal protection of spiritual tourism has been supported by the government but concretely has not been found in the Kadiri city government regulations. Therefore, to minimize the existence of activities that can cause damage and forms of protection of existing tourist destinations, it is necessary to specifically make government and local government regulations as well as to supervise and impose strict sanctions on all forms of irresponsible actions which are certainly supported by a budget enough when using technology for sustainable tourism. Both the community, tourists and entrepreneurs have their respective obligations that must be obeyed in accordance with the provisions and laws in force in Indonesia.
Jurnal Inovasi Ilmu Sosial dan Politik (JISoP), Volume 2, pp 94-100;

Several decades ago, internal conflicts in ASEAN countries became the world's spotlight. Even the impact is very alarming because it causes humanitarian crises, trauma due to armed conflict, violent extremism, and losses to government. Then came the time of international trade tension which had an impact on the economic growth of ASEAN countries. The purpose of this study is to reveal the role of the conflict resolution approach in efforts to prevent regional conflicts in the era of digitalization. Not without reason, the still lack of mutual trust and a less proactive attitude in addressing the situation of conflict between countries made the conflicting ASEAN countries decide to resolve bilaterally or resolve cases to external parties outside ASEAN. The era of digitalization is a hot issue in the trade war and can trigger tension between ASEAN countries. Of course this is not expected, therefore prevention efforts must be made. The literature study method was chosen to examine various findings that support this research to build a strategic model of the importance of the conflict resolution approach in the digitalization era. The results of the study stated that the government must show its credibility and put forward a proactive attitude, ethics in doing business, and building mutual trust and good cooperation between ASEAN countries. A conflict resolution approach can be an alternative to preventing regional conflicts by means of non-violence.
Abdurrahman Kader, Darwin Abd. Radjak
Jurnal Inovasi Ilmu Sosial dan Politik (JISoP), Volume 2, pp 67-79;

This study is aims to examine the economic development of the Kalaodi community through agrotourism. In particular, this study is aims to examine the development of the agricultural potential of the Kalaodi village as an agro tourist attraction in Tidore City, and home industry development as an effort to improve the community's economy. This research use the desciptive qualitative approach, and the data analysis technique used is an interactive model, with stages: data condensation, display data, drawing/ verifiying. The results showed that the government of Tidore City did not yet have a Kalaodi agrotourism development program. However, the Kalaodi people have developed agriculture as an object of agrotourism. The business carried out by the community is utilizing the house yard as a family garden. In addition, the Kalaodi community has local wisdom in carrying out their profession as a farmer, namely farming that does not damage the forest and nature. This wisdom enriched the Kalaodi village agro tourism. The Kalaodi community also developed a home industry as a form of developing agrotourism in their village. Products of produced from the home industry are malinjo crackers and chips, souvenirs and jewelry and household furniture. Economically, the home industry business developed by the community has an impact on society such as helping the family economy.
Fitriana Fitriana, ,
Jurnal Inovasi Ilmu Sosial dan Politik (JISoP), Volume 2, pp 1-10;

This report aims to review the role of done by of tourism and culture Ponorogo Regency effort in preserving local culture and local art, Also, to know what just working in the opposite direction as well as supporters of the implementation of the preserving. This is a descriptive qualitative research methodology, by gathering data interviews and documentation. The result of this study tourism agency role in improving the local Ponorogo Regency, culture namely by conducting routine, the festival to the community, socialization the development of their talent interest, young generation and the introduction of culture to other regions. Of the activity will impact the increase in the group of the arts which every year is increasing and stable, it has been achieved due to the efforts of the office of tourism and culture Ponorogo Regency who honored consistently. Also, the introduction of the local culture outside the region attracts tourists from the outside to visit Ponorogo Regency routine performances to see a title particularly Reyog Ponorogo. national festival. But efforts have done there are several local arts in the extract of the agency data decrease the number of people interested and the less. even necessary to special handling
Devi Anggraini, , Jordi Wahyu Anggara,
Jurnal Inovasi Ilmu Sosial dan Politik (JISoP), Volume 2, pp 11-18;

This writing is motivated by the attitude that is seen about the appreciation of the values of Pancasila which began to dissapear. Writing is based on today’s life where people, especially millenials, began to shift the life guidelines from Pancasila. The results seen in the current life environment, shifts in the application of Pancasila values have long occurred and gradually increasingly alarming in line with the progress of science and technology. Individual attitudes are more visible than social with others. But there are also some who still socialize with others through joint discussions in a forum. The purpose of writing this scientific journal is to re-apply the values contained in Pancasila in the current millenial life.
Pradipto Bhagaskoro, , Syarifuddin Syarifuddin
Jurnal Inovasi Ilmu Sosial dan Politik (JISoP), Volume 1, pp 112-132;

Today, 'transnational ideology' is much assumed as a threat for Indonesian local wisdom. Then, how can local wisdom survive amid the spread of transnational ideology? In essence, current recognized Indonesian religions, even coming from outside Nusantara, are well received because of their interaction with local conditions. These religions open, understand, and accommodate local conditions in order to conform to their teachings. The key point of religious life in Indonesia is the spectrum of its understanding with local wisdom. This paper describes the interaction between local wisdom and transnational ideology in Indonesia and how Pancasila should function in this condition. The first part of this paper describes local wisdom as a cultural product and its habitual manifestations. Second, explanations of transnational ideology and its relations to religions in Indonesia. Third, Pancasila is a reflection of local Indonesian wisdom and a path of interaction with any party, including transnational ideologies that are not yet understood. Fourth, conclusion that explains Pancasila as a form of nation-state presence that provides further understanding for local wisdom towards transnational ideology. This condition may happen as long as the spirit of mutual understanding becomes the basis for every interaction that may come.
Dwi Listia Rika Tini
Jurnal Inovasi Ilmu Sosial dan Politik (JISoP), Volume 1, pp 148-156;

This study aims to explain the Development of Productive Economic Business Programs in Sumenep Regency in the context of empowering women and improving the quality of women as development resources. The Development of Productive Economic Business Program is an effort of Sumenep Regency in order to build a better economy going forward related to the village economy. The method used in this study is a qualitative analysis method in which references are the basis for analysis. The Productive Economic Business Program Policy in Sumenep Regency is implemented under the auspices of the Community and Women's Empowerment Agency (BPMP) in the form of craftsmen business groups that utilize Natural Resources and Human Resources in each Village. This phase of UEP development activities is carried out through an empowerment process carried out over a period of 3 (three) years and the phasing plans are 1) First Year (2013), namely the Growth Stage; 2) Second Year (2014) Development Phase and 3) Third Year (2015) Independence Phase. From the UEP development activities that have a positive impact on women in rural areas, they can make money and help husbands without having to work far outside the home.
Jurnal Inovasi Ilmu Sosial dan Politik (JISoP), Volume 1, pp 181-187;

A healthy and strong democratic state does not only require a strong political world. Of course, it is important to have a strong party, a strong leader, and a strong government. However, democracy also requires civil society which is also healthy and strong. In the political science literature, the political world and civil society are distinguished by political positions. The world of politics is the political territory of citizens who are prepared to fight for positions of government. The main vehicle is a political party. Meanwhile, civil society is the area of activity for citizens outside the government. The main vehicle is mass organizations. Deliberately, the world of civil society did not want to take part in the power struggle for the position of government. They deliberately chose a position outside the government to control the government. NU is expected to be in this position. Who always kept his distance from the world of practical politics and power. That way, the independence of NU as an authoritative mass organization is maintained.
Hirshi Anadza
Jurnal Inovasi Ilmu Sosial dan Politik (JISoP), Volume 1, pp 157-166;

Integration becomes a solution when global government does not have capability to overcome power domination of state. By having integration, it is expected that all of member state can put all their authority in supranational governance, such as European Union (EU) so balance could be happen. By giving such kind of integration, the agreement of policies can be followed by the members of EU based on solidarity and tolerance among the members. However, this integration has not succeeded in reducing domination of country sovereignty that influences the variety of each country necessity, even it happen in not powerful state. This phenomenon is reflected when Greece broke the agreement of EU policy related to refugees protection, called Common European Asylum System (CEAS), by refuse asylum seekers from Syria. There are two things that must be highlighted when Greece refuse asylum seekers from Syria. First, domestic problem that can restrain Greece government in obeying CEAS policies. Second, the value of tolerance and solidarity from other countries has not be adhered in the policies agreed by each members of EU. Therefore, this paper explain further about studies to find the relationship between integration in supranational governance and country sovereignty.
Jurnal Inovasi Ilmu Sosial dan Politik (JISoP), Volume 1, pp 167-172;

Muslim communities in Southern Thailand have experienced in discrimination among in economic, social, and politics. This condition has even occurred in the last seven decades under King Bhumibol Adulyadej, who was known to be wise king. Basically, King Bhumibol as the head of state always stated that social welfare approace is the best way to solve the problem, but almost every Thai Prime Minister as the head of government unfortunately always uses a militaristic approach that triggers social resistance. Since King Bhumibol died, Thailand has faced with the potential crisis for two reasons. First, Maha Vajiralongkorn as a successor, he is considered have different charisma with his father because he is very glamorous and have controversial lifestyle. Secondly, the absence of King Bhumibol, who has been a counterweight to the state made the Thai military more often coups. This conditions give impact to Muslim communities in the South who always live with uncertainty condition with two possibilities. First, Muslim communities have a better life under the new monarchy regime with social welfare and humanity approaches. Secondly, the condition of the Muslim communities will remains stagnant under the controversial king with continued by martial law.
Nur Inna Alfiyah
Jurnal Inovasi Ilmu Sosial dan Politik (JISoP), Volume 1, pp 88-95;

Based on Presidential Instruction Number 3 of 2003 concerning National Policies and Strategies regarding E-government. Demand governments at various levels to take the necessary steps according to their respective duties, functions and authorities for the implementation of e-government development programs. To apply e-government in Sumenep Regency, the local government began to take steps in responding to the presidential decree issued by the central government by launching the g-online program. The g-online program is able to provide benefits to local government organizations in integrating public service systems. As technology and information are developing rapidly, government programs are undergoing renewal, with the birth of the smart city development program as a step towards strengthening the implementation of e-government in the regional government of Sumenep Regency. So this writing aims to answer how the influence of e-government in the construction of smart cities in Sumenep Regency. The method used in this research is an explanative descriptive method with the support of library or library data.
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