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Uray Herlina, Ade Hidayat
Indonesian Journal of Educational Counseling, Volume 3, pp 1-10; doi:10.30653/001.201931.80

EXISTENTIALISM APPROACH IN GUIDANCE AND COUNSELING PRACTICE. Existentialism could not be detached from Soren Kierkegaard’s idea, Nietzche’s, Karl Jaspers’s, then was developed by Martin Heidegger and Jean Paul Sarte who made existentialism become more outstanding. In psychology and Counseling, Existentialism approach get many influences from Kierkegaard opinion that opposes every efforts that view human being as an object, simultaneously opposes the subjective perception as only one human reality. Kierkegaard and many further existentialists, emphasize balancing between free-will and responsibility. Guidance and Counseling with existentialism approach appreciate democratic principle, emphasize dialog process, because freedom is one of choices. Based on this principle, every counselor has responsibility about value system which adopted by their counselee as long as it is not against with moral principle. Every counselor are demanded to behave ethically and rationally, and build value deeply and push their counselee to be responsible with their choice.
Suciani Latif, Musfirah Musfirah
Indonesian Journal of Educational Counseling, Volume 3, pp 11-20; doi:10.30653/001.201931.81

HYPOTHETIC MODEL: AN APPROACH OF SOLUTION-FOCUSED BRIEF COUNSELING (SFBC) IN THE FAMILY. This study is aimed to study hypothetically about Solution-Focused Brief Counseling (SFBC) application in family and some example cases of family counseling that focused on solution. The SFBC is a post-modern counseling approach that is developed in 1982 by Insoo Kim Berg and De Shazer. SFBC is an approach based on counselee strength and potency, and focused to the solution and future. In solving the problem, SFBC families more focus on nowadays problems and immediately move to build solution to repair family situation. Counselee strength is a primary asset to build solution of the problem.
Ahmad Rifqy Ash Shiddiqy
Indonesian Journal of Educational Counseling, Volume 2, pp 187-196; doi:10.30653/001.201822.35

PROFILE OF STUDENTS CAREER MATURITY STAI SILIWANGI BANDUNG. This study is driven by the tendency of guidance and counseling services at universities, especially in STAI Siliwangi Bandung by students to establish their future career maturity, nevertheless, the services obtained do not meet their expectations. Considering career guidance for students, especially student career maturity is left alone, passes, and runs by itself. Then students will experience confusion and unpreparedness in facing the next career demands. Students are the final status as learners before entering the world of work and following career demands, so they need direction, career guidance to stimulate the development and stabilization of their career orientation optimally according to the level and characteristics typical of the progress as it goes through. The purpose of this research is the formation of the maturity profile of the student's career. This research uses the quantitative method. This research produces (1) Maturity picture of Student Career (2) The effectiveness of career counseling to strengthen the maturity of the student's career. The conclusion of the research is the maturity of the student's career is in mature category, there is no career guidance service to strengthen student career maturity in STAI Siliwangi Bandung, based on the results of research can be formulated a model of collaborative career guidance services to harden the maturity of STAI Siliwangi Bandung student career.
Agrery Ayu Nadiarenita, Nur Hidayah
Indonesian Journal of Educational Counseling, Volume 2, pp 151-162; doi:10.30653/001.201822.28

ANALYSIS OF EXPRESSION THEORY OF ADOLESCENT LOVE AS PREVENTION OF SEXUAL BEHAVIOR BY USING EXPRESSIVE SUPPRESSION STRATEGY. Love is a form of positive emotion expressed differently by each individual. As a positive emotion, love should be interpreted as an element of emotion in which there is mutual respect, trust and respect for each other in order to maintain the relationship of sexual attraction that cause feelings of pleasure. Expression of love is now interpreted as a negative emotion in which the urge of passions that play a big role in a relationship. Sexual impacts will affect teenagers when the relationship is sustained, including increased rates of pregnancy out of wedlock, dropping out of school, and increased HIV/AIDS transmission. Based on a survey conducted by several agencies stating that Indonesia is an emergency against teenage sexual behavior. Therefore, this study was conducted with the aim to find solutions to adolescent problems in order to prevent excessive love expression. Expressive suppression strategy as a response modulation strategy is expected to be a solution for teenagers. Use of this strategy by applying the stages in emotional regulation. The effectiveness of this technique to prevent excessive love expression needs to be proven in further research so that it can be used to assist school counselors in dealing with students.
Ratna Wulandari, Nur Hidayah
Indonesian Journal of Educational Counseling, Volume 2, pp 143-150; doi:10.30653/001.201822.27

ANALYSIS OF COGNITIVE REAPPRAISAL EMOTIONAL REGULATORY STRATEGIES TO REDUCE CYBERBULLYING BEHAVIOR. Cyberbullying is a behavior of intimidating, mocking, humiliating or disturbing others, either individually or in groups conducted in cyberspace such as social media such as facebook, instagram, twitter, BBM, and whatsapp. To be able to reduce the tendency of cyberbullying behavior can be done by way of emotional regulation using cognitive reappraisal strategy, because it is known that the emotional condition can affect individual behavior. Emotional regulation is a process in which individuals influence, control, and adapt their emotions, when they have them, and how they feel and express these emotions at the right level of intensity to achieve a goal. Emotion regulation strategy that can be used one of them is cognitive reappraisal emotional regulation strategy. The purpose of this theory is to examine the application of cognitive reappraisal emotional regulation strategy to decrease the tendency of cyberbullying behavior of students.
Sri Astutik
Indonesian Journal of Educational Counseling, Volume 2, pp 135-142; doi:10.30653/001.201822.42

CONCEPTUAL COUNSELING: A PHILOSOPHICAL REVIEW. Counseling is a process of giving help done by an expert (called counselor) to the individual who experienced a problem (called counselee) which leads to the overcoming problems facing him. Counseling serves as an effort to change, prevent or increase the potential of life. This literature study contains a description of the counselor's professional concepts in providing counseling services covering the meaning of counseling, counseling parameters, counseling and philosophy, counseling conditions and the effects of the professional counselor as well as the characteristics of a professional counselor which is seen based on the effectiveness of a helper.
John Ekow Laryea
Indonesian Journal of Educational Counseling, Volume 2, pp 163-172; doi:10.30653/001.201822.41

The aims of the study was to investigate the influence of personality-traits and learning styles on academic performance of University of Cape Coast (UCC) distance learners, taking into consideration the moderating effects of academic self-discipline and academic self-confidence. The correlational research design was adopted. The sample was 805, made up of 10 centre coordinators, 763 level 200 Diploma in Basic Education (DBE) students and 32 course tutors. The stratified sampling procedure that makes use of the random number method of simple random sampling technique was used to select all the respondents. Questionnaire and interview-guide were the instruments used. The quantitative data was analysed using both descriptive and inferential statistics, while the qualitative data were analysed manually using the thematic approach. The study revealed that openness to experience traits that students demonstrate contributes more to their likelihood of obtaining high level academic performance. Also, students prefer using read/write and visual learning styles. Furthermore, students’ personality-traits and learning styles have significant influence on students’ academic performance. However, this influence becomes stronger indirectly through the moderating effect of students’ academic self-discipline and self-confidence.
Mudaim Mudaim, Agus Wibowo
Indonesian Journal of Educational Counseling, Volume 2, pp 173-178; doi:10.30653/001.201822.20

TALENT TRENDS IDENTIFICATION AND THE EFFECT ON LEARNING OUTCOMES OF GUIDANCE AND COUNSELING STUDENTS. The success of the learning process undertaken by individuals is not only determined by a single factor. Learning is a mental process, therefore identification of the influence of mental state is something very important. The mental aspect that allegedly influences individual learning outcomes is potential; talent. The purpose of this research is to identify student talent so that lecturers can do the learning process by taking into account individual differences, potentials and talents. This research was conducted at Muhammadiyah University of Metro. The population is all students of Guidance and Counseling University of Muhammadiyah Metro and the sample is determined by stratified random sampling. The research instrument uses talent test and student learning outcomes in the form of KHS. Analysis of correlational data using product moment. The results showed scholastic talent and student learning outcomes Guidance and Counseling University Muhammadiyah Metro is in the medium category. The contribution of scholastic talent to learning result or achievement index is 55,5%. and the correlation is 0.747 with sig.0.00.
Eko Susanto,
Indonesian Journal of Educational Counseling, Volume 2, pp 131-134; doi:10.30653/001.201822.45

DEMANDS: COUNSELORS TO BE CREATIVE. Along with the development era of counselor, work demands become increasingly complex. Challenges will be constantly confronted by counselors as a result of the changes taking place. Changes in the work environment of counselors force them to be creative. Counselors should be able to find solutions, find new ways and adapt to changes that occur. So, on the process of education of potential counselors in Indonesia should also encourage the creativity of counselors in the realm of their scope of work. Such efforts need to be integrated with the counselor education curriculum. One of them is developing the SCAMPER Model to help candidate of counselors and professional counselors in Indonesia encourage their creativity.
Indonesian Journal of Educational Counseling, Volume 2, pp 197-204; doi:10.30653/001.201822.44

LEADERSHIP AND TRUST ON THE ORGANIZATIONAL COMMITMENT ON THE SCHOOL COUNSELORS OF JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL. The objective of this research is aimed at obtaining the information that related to the effects of leadership, trust and the organizational commitment, of the teacher of junior high school in Pasar Minggu District, South of Jakarta. The method used ia a survey by structured interview with a sample of 22 school counselors of junior high school in Pasar Minggu District, South of Jakarta. The data collected were processed by path analysis. The result proved that the trust was directly affected by leadership. There are direct effects of the leadership on organizational commitment and there are direct effects of the trust on organizational commitment. However, there is an indirect effect of leadership on organizational commitment through trust. The result can be concluded that two factors should be considered in the improvement of the organizational commitment.
Deasy Yunika Khairun, Ibrahim Al Hakim
Indonesian Journal of Educational Counseling, Volume 2, pp 179-186; doi:10.30653/001.201822.36

NEED ASSESSMENT ANALYSIS OF STUDENTS TO ACADEMIC ADVISOR SERVICES IN COLLEGE. The aim of this study is to assess the needs service of Academic Advisory provides guidance for students. Research also aim to found the barriers or obstacles encountered academic adviser in providing academic guidance services. This research use quantitative approach with questionare of Academic Advisory Service, interview the students and Academic Advisory Service, and documentary study. Sample in this research are students of Guidance and Counseling Study Program and lecture who have the task as Academic Advisory in Study Program of Guidance and Counseling. This research found that the Academic Advisory has giving all indicator service based on Statuta of Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa University and Standar Operational Procedur Academic Advisory Service. But, there are seceral obstacles or constraints faced by the Advisory Academic in the service of student guidance, such as time limitation od Advisory Academic, imbalance in the ratio between the number of Advisory Academid and discipline of students in following the schedule of academic guidance.
Indonesian Journal of Educational Counseling, Volume 2, pp 13-30; doi:10.30653/001.201821.25

RATIONAL EMOTIVE BEHAVIOR COUNSELING: A PHILOSOPHICAL REVIEW. Rational Emotive Behavior Counseling is a comprehensive, active-directive, philosophical and empirical counseling based on psychotherapy that focuses on solving problems of emotional and behavioral disorders, as well as delivering individuals to happier and fulfilling lives more lives. The foundation of the philosophy of Rational Emotive Behavior Counseling is phenomology, which implies that there is no problem within oneself, which causes one to be troubled is his or her own. Rational emotive behavior counseling is done by using a varied and systematic procedure that is specifically intended to alter behavior within the boundaries of objectives that counselors and counselees work on together. General Purpose Rational Emotive Behavior Counseling helps counselees to identify irrational belief systems and then modify them to become more rational. Rational Counseling Emotive Behavior is practiced around the world and has many counseling applications, over 50 years of existence, Rational Emotive Behavior Counseling has been successfully applied to individuals, groups, marriages, families and for a variety of issues.
Hadi Pranoto, Nurul Atieka, Retno Fajarwati, Rio Septora
Indonesian Journal of Educational Counseling, Volume 2, pp 87-112; doi:10.30653/001.201821.24

GROUP GUIDANCE SERVICES WITH SELF-REGULATION TECHNIQUE TO IMPROVE STUDENT LEARNING MOTIVATION. Learning Learning Motivation students before being given group guidance with self-regulation techniques, knowing Learning Motivation students after given group guidance with self-regulation techniques, knowing the effectiveness of group guidance with self-regulation technique to improve Learning Motivation Student Study Program Guidance and the Counseling Muhammadiyah University of Metro. The long-term goal target after this research is to design a program or model of group guidance with self-regulation techniques in improving learning motivation for Higher Education Level. Sampling in this study using Probability Sampling technique in the form of Simple Random Sampling, which is taking the sample members of the population done randomly without regard to the strata in the population. The subject of the study is the University Muhammadiyah of Metro Student Guidance Study and Counseling Study Program without considering certain criteria. The measuring tool used is the scale of Learning Motivation (learning motivation). The experimental method of one group pretest-posttest design. The results of Group Guidance services with self-regulation techniques can improve the learning motivation of University Muhammadiyah of Metro Guidance and Counseling Study Program students.
, Dina Fariza Triyani Syarif, Siti Turohmi
Indonesian Journal of Educational Counseling, Volume 2, pp 55-68; doi:10.30653/001.201821.18

THE EFFECTIVENESS OF GROUP COUNSELING SERVICES USING PROBLEM SOLVING TECHNIQUES IN REDUCING STUDENTS TRUANT BEHAVIOR. Various problems faced by the student counselor at school. One of the problem is truant during the school hours. Truant behavior of the student with a wide variety of reasons as a form of defending himself in order not to get a penalty. This research was conducted in order to determine the effectiveness of group counseling services to problem solving techniques in reducing truant behavior among students of class X SMAN 2 Palangkaraya. This type of research is the approach of the Pre-Experiment without any form of class control with One-group pretest-posttest design. Subjects were students of class XI in High School Mathematics 2 Palangkaraya of 8 people identified as having truant. Research data collection using a scale. Data analysis using Paired Samples T Test with rocky SPSS software version 20.00. The results showed that the group counseling services to problem solving technique was effective in reducing the truant behavior of students at SMA Negeri 2 Palangkaraya.
Lutfi Fauzan
Indonesian Journal of Educational Counseling, Volume 2, pp 69-86; doi:10.30653/001.201821.23

FITRI COUNSELING: JUZ QURANIC-BASED ON COUNSELING MODEL. Al-Qur’an as holly book that has scientific content can be revealed about human being with all their potencies and their differencies individual characters. The revealing scientific treasure is approached by Bayani method, Irfani, Burhani and HAQ mehod. The result shows that human has five natural (fitri) potencies, and has individual differencies, they are 30 personality types as like as quantity of Al-Qur'an juz. Developing human personality should be applied based on the character difference. Therefore, the juz qurani-based on idea and counseling model was made. The counseling model has five main stage and some specific behavior change techniques.
Edris Zamroni
Indonesian Journal of Educational Counseling, Volume 2, pp 31-42; doi:10.30653/001.201821.17

GUIDANCE AND COUNSELING IN EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION. Implementation of guidance and counseling in early childhood education institutions is a necessity. The juridical strengthening of guidance and counseling as part of education that can also touch early childhood education institutions starting from the issuance of Law no. 20 of 2003 on the National Education System, followed by various derivatives of other regulations such as Government Regulation No. 19/2005 on National Education Standards, Government Regulation Number 74 Year 2008 on Teachers and Education Personnel, Permendiknas Number 27 Year 2008 to Permendikbud Number 111 Year 2014 on Guidance and Counseling on Primary and Secondary Education. Scientifically guidance and counseling study about human development holistically so relevant to the main purpose of early childhood education with the orientation of child development facilitation. This paper examines the relevance of scientific guidance and counseling to be implemented in early childhood education institutions and the legal basis that reinforces the practice.
Dina Hajja Ristianti
Indonesian Journal of Educational Counseling, Volume 2, pp 113-130; doi:10.30653/001.201821.29

ISLAMIC COUNSELING TO IMPROVE SELF EFFICACY OF HIV/AIDS PATIENTS. HIV/AIDS sufferers show low self efficacy that causes hypochondria which people often think about loss, loneliness and sinful feelings above all of what has been done. This causes them less emphasis on health care. Implementation of the value of Islamic religion in counseling or called Islamic counseling is very important to do because of a strong relationship between religious Islam with increase self-efficacy. This study wanted to know how self efficacy of HIV/AIDS sufferers in Rejang Lebong Regency can be improved by Islamic counseling. This research was conducted in clinic VCT RSUD Curup Rejang Lebong with the counselor as the key informant.Triangulasi is done by interviewing doctor hwo is handling patient and also companion of peer (PS). Data collection is done by interview and documentation. Futuremore the data is analyzed by doing data reduction, data presentation and conclusion and meaning. The result of research shows that Islamic Counseling is done by counselor on post test counseling by giving advice concerning Allah's greatness, His forgiveness and taubatan nashuhah that bring the patient becomes more resilient, anthusiastict with the process of treatment, more eager to fulfill worship and dayly activity.
Juster Donal Sinaga
Indonesian Journal of Educational Counseling, Volume 2, pp 43-54; doi:10.30653/001.201821.19

THE LEVEL OF PARENTS SUPPORT TO LEARN CHILDREN. This study aims to describe the level of parents support to learn children. The results of this study serve as the basic design of home visit services as one way to improve the parent support system in learning children. This research is a quantitative research. The subjects of this study were students of grade VIII at SMPN 31 Purworejo which amounted to 31 students. The research data was collected using Parent/Guardian Support Questionnaire to Child Learning and Questionnaire of Child's Opinion on Support of Parent/Guardian developed by the researcher from Ariffin concept (1992) with the number of items of each instrument as much as 40. Reliability value of instrument were calculated using Cronbach Alpa formula of 0,886. The data were analyzed by descriptive statistic using mean, mean, average, and standard deviation. Descriptions go through the categorization of normal distribution by category: very high, high, medium, low, and very low. The findings of this study show that 41% of parents/guardians have support for children's learning in very high category, 45,1% of high category, and 12,9% of moderate category. Based on the opinion of the students, there are 45,1% students who believe that the carrying capacity of the parents/guardian to the learning of the child is in very high category, 45,1% of the high category, 6,4% of the medium category, and found 3,2% of the low category. These findings serve as a basis for providing trajectory to parents to improve parental support systems for child learning.
Alfaiz Faiz, Ari Dharmayanti, Nofrita Nofrita
Indonesian Journal of Educational Counseling, Volume 2, pp 1-12; doi:10.30653/001.201821.26

ETHICS OF GUIDANCE AND COUNSELING IN PHILOSOPHY OF SCIENCE APPROACH. In philosophy view, ethic was a valueable and evaluation about a good and bad things in the human self. Ethic is also call moral philosophy as a apart of axiology in science philosophy. In every science has an axiology that purpose of utilization for prosperity of a human life. Guidance and counseling is a science full of values, that because of it’s a multidicipliner science. This based of four field guidance which of personal, learning, social and career. This field has make a counselor must understand and proficiency with sociology, antrophology, psychology, and eduation science. That will lead a counseling as multidicipliner science has a full of values to covering the process of counseling practice. However the axiology of counseling make little complex to discuss in philosophy foundation, also in psychology, sociology, antrophology and education. In this article will describe and discuss an ethics in counseling as a multidicipliner science in the view point of philosophy, psychology, and education. Also an ethics in counseling profession as applicative science.
Pia Amanda Nurhusni
Indonesian Journal of Educational Counseling, Volume 1, pp 129-144; doi:10.30653/001.201712.10

Social Adjustment Profiles Adolescence Who Have Access addicted to Facebook. The process of social adjustment of students who disrupted it can cause problems in the fulfillment of their needs. The research objective of this thesis to obtain social adjustment eighth grade students of SMP Negeri 15 Bandung who had access facebook addiction. The study used descriptive research methods. Questionnaire used was a questionnaire addiction accessing facebook and social adjustment. The results: (1) Addiction adolescence including access facebook high category and (2) the social adjustment of adolescence who access facebook categorized as low, medium and high, (3) the design of personal-social counseling services focus on reducing access facebook addiction indicators and development indicators of social adjustment.
Redi Eka Andriyanto, Ratna Widiastuti, Yusmansyah Yusmansyah
Indonesian Journal of Educational Counseling, Volume 1, pp 227-234; doi:10.30653/001.201712.16

The aims this study for examine the achievement level of student's career in terms of Ginsberg's career theory, after that which will be pursued what counseling service can be used to help students complete the task of career development. The research approach that used is quantitative descript. The population of this research is FKIP UNILA students. In the determination of the research sample, researchers used random sampling of 91 students. Data were collected by Likert Scale, and analyzed with mean hypotetic. The results of this research indicate that (1) the level of achievement of the career of FKIP UNILA students are in medium category, and the level of achievement of the career development task is decreased from the fantasy-tentatif-realistic phase, (2) the implication of the level career achievement task of development FKIP UNILA student is in the medium category, and the level achievement of career development task is decreasing from the fantasy-tentatif-realistic phase. Implications toward counseling services. There is a continuous, planned, and needs-based career guidance program, career information services are held, career visits and future studies are held, while counselors have implications for the need to increased competence and professionalism.
Ahmad Fajri
Indonesian Journal of Educational Counseling, Volume 1, pp 179-196; doi:10.30653/001.201712.13

Contributions Emotion Stability to Career Decision Making Ability of SMP Students. This research is motivated by the career decision-making abilities of students of class IX are still easily influenced by the environment, it is because students feel anxious not appropriate selection of subsequent studies. Identified emotion stability can provide a positive influence on career decision-making abilities, like not anxious, to understand the feelings of others, and is able to accept the other person's perspective. In general the studies carried out to determine the contribution of emotion stability to the career decision-making abilities of students class IX SMPN 26 Bandung Academic Year 2016/2017. The research approach using a quantitative approach to the study correlational. The samples used were all students of class IX SMPN 26 Bandung academic year of 2016/2017 as many as 286 people. The results showed that (1) the emotion stability of students that are in the category of less stable with a percentage of 66.4%, (2) the ability of making career decisions of students in the category capable with a percentage of 53.5%, (3) there is a positive contribution and significant emotion stability of 16.7% against the career decision-making abilities of students, meaning that the diversity of career decision-making ability scores of students of class IX SMPN 26 Bandung determined by emotion stability student of 16.7%. The results of this analysis can be considered state aid students in the focus of guidance and counseling services.
Yuni Novitasari, Syamsu Yusuf, Ilfiandra Ilfiandra
Indonesian Journal of Educational Counseling, Volume 1, pp 163-178; doi:10.30653/001.201712.12

Spirituality is a self-ability to recognize the power of the One mighty, like God. Through an understanding of spirituality, one understands the meaning itself, the meaning of life and the purpose of his life. So that the person is able to direct his self positively in any situation. Spiritual hopes can be implemented and developed in guidance and counseling in Indonesia. The research objective was to compare the level of spirituality adolescents by gender and majors. This research design surveys, with descriptive analysis techniques. Participants determined by population sampling techniques, a number of 122 adolescents (students) SMAN 1 Punggur, Lampung. Results of this research were obtained an average score of; boys r = 115.64, and the female r = 121.36. A significant level of 0.320, meaning that there is no difference. Meanwhile, the average score of 119.58 science major teens and young majors for IPS at 119.09. A significant level of 1,000 and that means there is no difference. The conclusions of the research were the level of teenage boys spiritualism relatively similar to adolescent girls, and adolescents in the spiritualism level science majors are relatively the same as the teenagers in the majors IPS. Recommendations are given is that research on the study and implementation of spiritual guidance and counseling can be developed, and teacher guidance and counseling so that this study can be considered to help develop students' independence through a spiritual approach.
Nunik Widiastuti
Indonesian Journal of Educational Counseling, Volume 1, pp 109-128; doi:10.30653/001.201712.9

Career Aspirations of SMA Students Based Socio-Economic Status and Gender. This research is a descriptive study about career aspirations aimed to describe the career aspirations of students by socio-economic status and gender in SMA Negeri 1 Batujajar. The method used the quantitative descriptive method. Respondents in this study are students of class X SMA Negeri 1 Batujajar that are at the stage of self-orientation. At this stage people start selecting, establishing and looking for alternatives on the planning himself and his work. Selection of the sample using purposive sampling techniques so that the respondents in this study were 234 students. In general, the career aspirations of students 10.3% were in the low category, which is the category of being as much as 63.2%, and 26.5 % At the high category. Based on the socio-economic status of education last seen parents are in the moderate category. Based on parent income in middle category. Meanwhile, based on the gender ratio of the career aspirations of learners battery and men do not have a difference, with a probability value of 0.53.
Nurhadi Kusuma, Eri Purwanti
Indonesian Journal of Educational Counseling, Volume 1, pp 209-226; doi:10.30653/001.201712.15

Quality assurance of education is a concept in education quality management. In the application of this concept any school or educational institution is directed to ensure that the educational services provided meet or exceed the expectations of its customers, both internal and external customers. Internal customers are teachers and school employees, while the primary external customers are learners. The results of this study indicate that pedagogic competence at the University of Bumi Bumi Ruwa Jurai Lampung significant influence on quality assurance that is equal to 59.80%. This is influenced by the purpose of teaching and in making a good, fast, and timely teaching program plan, a high quality assurance is a driver of quality assurance.
Amy Noerul Azmy, Achmad Juntika Nurihsan, Eka Sakti Yudha
Indonesian Journal of Educational Counseling, Volume 1, pp 197-208; doi:10.30653/001.201712.14

The description of academic stress and tendencies of using coping strategies in the gifted students. This study aims to describe the general conception of an academic stress of gifted students, tendencies of coping strategies they use, and to plan an appropriate guidance and counseling program to manage an academic stress of gifted students. This study used a descriptive method with nonprobability sampling technique and specifically took the sample by using purposive sampling. The sample is collected from gifted students of tenth-graders at SMA Negeri 4 Bandung year 2015/2016. The result showed that academic stress of gifted students is in the medium category with a percentage of 76.92. On the other hand, the tendencies of the gifted students on using coping strategies showed that the students tend to use Emotion Focused Coping, with a percentage of 53.84%. This shows that gifted students need a special attention on how to cope with problems so that it does not result in a negative way. Therefore, an appropriate service that is suitable for the needs of gifted students is required. The recommendation from this study is addressed to the school’s guidance and counseling committee, teachers, and other researchers.
Munggarani Ramadhan, Ipah Saripah
Indonesian Journal of Educational Counseling, Volume 1, pp 145-162; doi:10.30653/001.201712.11

Autonomy Profile of Senior High School Student Based on Birth Order and Implication from Guidance and Counseling. The research was motivated by the lack of autonomy of students, where they so many factor influence which is birth order is among them. Autonomy is the readinnes of individuals to regulate, control, and manage themselves without depend on adult person and responnsibility for decision. The purpose of research to describe autonomy of students based on birth order. The research approach using a quantitative approach with descriptive method. The population in this reseacrh is a class XII student of SMA Al Muttaqin Fullday School Tasikmalaya Academic Year 2015/2016. The results showed a picture of autonomy of students based on birth order in higher category. Recommendations research showed to teachers Guidance and Counseling and further research.
Ketut Susiani,
Indonesian Journal of Educational Counseling, Volume 1, pp 27-40; doi:10.30653/001.201711.4

This article reports the experience of implementing the action research to apply the Socratic dialogue method through lesson study in the lecture of Educational Profession to improve critical thinking skills of the university students. The subject of this action research is 36 students (22 women and 14 men) in grade VI class B, Department Guidance and Counseling (BK), Faculty of Education, Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha (Undiksha) on academic years 2016/2017. This action research conducted in cycles (reported in three cycles) which is integrated into the activities of lesson study. In every cycle consisted of a plan, action, observation/evaluation and reflection phase. Critical thinking skills are assessed through observation activities in group discussion activities and classes, as well as through student response in solving essay test (on cases analysis), which assessed by a rubric assessment of students critical thinking skills at each end of the course. The results showed that the mean of the critical thinking skills of students at the end of the first cycle is 50 (low), then at the end of the second cycle increased to 65 (average) and at the end of the third cycle increased again to 89 (high). Research also shows that the lesson learned were founded through collaborating and careful observation of the course observer with researchers in identifying strengths and constraints and to produce efforts to improve the implementation of the course to improve the quality of learning.
Euis Nurhidayati
Indonesian Journal of Educational Counseling, Volume 1, pp 1-14; doi:10.30653/001.201711.2

Constructivism is one of philosophy of knowledge that emphasizes that our knowledge is (shapes) construction of ourselves. Knowledge is not an idea of reality. Knowledge is always a result of cognitive construction of reality by one’s activities. Some psychologists who started on constructivism approach are Piaget and Vygostky. The difference between them is where Piaget more emphasizes and discusses constructivism of learning process personally but Vygostky develops constructivism of learning process socially. Both of Individual Cognitive Constructivist and Sociocultural Constructivist dominate the constructivism concept. Constructivism learning consider that student continuously examine new information which contrast with old rule and revise the rule it is no longer appropriate. For encouraging student more active involve in learning process, it is should that: 1) learning atmosphere is democratic; 2) learning activities goes interactively and student-centered; 3) teacher encourages student to learn autonomously and responsible for their learning activities. Looking at the education practice in Indonesia, the concept constructivism is not implemented yet, although its concept is purposed, for example in KTSP (Kurikulum Tingkat Satuan Pendidikan) that clearly gives freedom to education units included teachers to build student competency that suitable with student needs and interest. One of some main problems of in learning in formal education (school) recently is lowness of student absorption. It was showed by student result learning average that still bad. This is of course a result of learning process that still conventional and far to touch student dimension, it means how actually learning is.
Wida Widiyanti, M Solehuddin, Aas Saomah
Indonesian Journal of Educational Counseling, Volume 1, pp 15-26; doi:10.30653/001.201711.3

The behavior of narcissism on adolescent became one of some focuses by teachers of Guidance and Counseling to more comprehend the problem of students. The approach of Freudian traditional psychodynamic put narcissism as a failure of running progress passing through lower level in psychosexual development. The research is aimed to know general description of student narcissism in adolescence. The approach that was used in this research is quantitative approach where the research method is descriptive method. The result of research showed that generally narcissism level of students is categorized average, where it was obtained by data collection tool exactly using questionnaire narcissism behavior that were scattered randomly to students grade VIII SMP Negeri 29 Bandung year 2015/2016. Based on the research result, some student was found in high category, it means that should to hand over the case to the expert who can help more accurate. Meanwhile, some students who are in average and low category need some guidance service for preventing narcissism behavior that psychologically disrupt them.
Gita Adi Persada, Anne Hafina, Nurhudaya Nurhudaya
Indonesian Journal of Educational Counseling, Volume 1, pp 79-92; doi:10.30653/001.201711.7

Adolescent who got some addiction of online game has negative cognition. The research goal is to know the tendency profile of online game and to describe counseling hypothetic program of restructuration to reduce tendency of online game. This research used descriptive method where the population and sample is students of SMP Negeri 45 Bandung year 2015/2016 that consist of 323 students and the sample is 137 students. Deciding sample used non probability sampling with purposive sampling. The research instrument used questionnaire that point to addiction tendency aspects of online game. The result showed that: 1) generally, the addiction tendency of online game is categorized very low; 2) the result of data processing showed that addiction tendency aspects on mood modification aspect has 10 students is categorized average with percentage of 7,3%; 3) the counseling program plan of cognition restructuration is to reduce addiction tendency of online game on student that focused to reduce some indicator that is categorized low. The recommendation of research is proposed to BK teachers at school and researchers further.
Eko Susanto, Mudaim Mudaim
Indonesian Journal of Educational Counseling, Volume 1, pp 41-52; doi:10.30653/001.201711.5

Projection approach is one way to read the personality type by looking at the response of the stimulus abstract tendencies were given. Another approach is an objective approach, which is presented in the form of a statement or statements themselves are often called inventory. One well-known inventory is inventory Myer-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). This study aims to develop an instrument identifying personality types and suitability for high school career. The model consists of three stages: (1) identification of needs, (2) design prototypes, and (3) testing the prototype. Product MBTI instrument adapted from preexisting. Product development is directed at the use of specifications for high school students. So that the language in the editorial revision and made a simple form. From the results of early trials are items less read by high school students. The second test item can already be read and understood by the students as a whole. Although it is the end product of research they may do further studies to test the reliability of the instrument developed.
Eka Marwati, Sholeh Hasan, Dwi Andriani
Indonesian Journal of Educational Counseling, Volume 1, pp 93-108; doi:10.30653/001.201711.8

Education becomes an essential thing in human development and nation progress. Phenomenon of elementary school test that should become an interesting thing, is a new scourge for students and parents. Competency demand that should be qualified by new student rises without noticing student readiness for attending primary school. This research is aimed to know readiness for attending school on TKIT students Attaqwa Gumawang. The research is applied on 59 students of TKIT Attaqwa Gumawang. The data is obtained by 10 sub tests that reveal development aspects of school age-children. The result data is analyzed by using analysis technique of descriptive quantitative. The research result shows all aspects that are required for student readiness for attending primary school are generally mature. Qualitatively, some aspects for attending primary school that related with cognitive aspect are observation, ability to distinguish, understanding about large, quantity and comparison, sharpness of observation, critical observation, concentration, memory and understanding story are some aspects that have already reached to maturity level optimally. Besides, the maturity level some aspects that related with fine and gross motoric ability, assessment aspect toward situation and personal picture are not optimal yet.
Yuni Novitasari, Muhammad Nur
Indonesian Journal of Educational Counseling, Volume 1, pp 53-78; doi:10.30653/001.201711.6

The goal of national education as set forth in the Law of the Republic of Indonesia looks not only focused on the development of cognitive but also affective, and psychomotor. To realize the quality of the knowledge of the learner, the learning experience (academic) becomes so important. Learning gains are not limited to the cognitive but also the character of the students. Learning is a way to acquire knowledge is a precious suggestion in Islam. The subject teachers as facilitators in helping students learn. Similarly, guidance and counseling teachers, in the field of academic, guidance and counseling teacher seeks to help learners to understand themselves and their environment so that learners are able to adapt and fulfill the task of learning (academic) it well. This study aims to produce a study on the Islamic perspective regarding guidance and counseling learning (academic). The method used is the study of literacy. With reviewing or studying libraries or literacy, both print and electronic that have a study on the topic. Based on the results of the study, it can be concluded that the counseling and guidance of learning (academic) aims to help facilitate the individual in the learning process. So in the view of Islam, teacher guidance and counseling have a glorious opportunity to teach goodness and benefits for other people especially in the study.
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