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Peter Njeru Njue
International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, Volume 11, pp 205-212; doi:10.31033/ijemr.11.1.28

In this paper we are showing the implications on climate change of east African coastal town.
Natalie Chipa, Bupe Getrude Mwanza
International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, Volume 11, pp 178-186; doi:10.31033/ijemr.11.1.24

The majority of the world population is not covered by the mainstream financial sector. As such, mobile money services are seen as a cost effective and efficient way of increasing financial inclusion. However, there remains some factors that impede the development of mobile money services. Therefore, this study sought to analyse these factors with a view to identifying strategies that can be used to accelerate the development of mobile money services.
I.J Agabi, J.S Ibrahim
International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, Volume 11, pp 142-155; doi:10.31033/ijemr.11.1.20

This study evaluated energy consumption by Agudu Farms Limited (AFL) that processes maize and cassava into flour for human consumption. The objectives of study included to determine energy contribution to processing cost, to minimize the processing cost and to propose a new selling price per unit of sale of the product. The study materials included; a multi-meter, stopwatch, electrical appliances’ nameplates and bills, fuel purchased receipts, and production records. Data was collected through detailed energy audits and measurements of present electricity consumption. This data was converted into energy intensities, rates and costs, and analyzed. The monthly energy intensity plotted on bar charts using Microsoft excel and the results showed that diesel had the highest consumption variation of 3500 kWh/t, electricity 200kWh/t and labor 110 kWh/t. The percentage of energy contribution to processing cost was 33%. In monetary terms, the processing cost per hour of operation showed average value of ₦830. Whereas, the minimum production cost per hour using Tora software showed ₦767. The new product price per ten-kilogram (10kg) unit of sale of maize flour, using break-even analysis, showed ₦2864. The study observed that diesel contributed more to production cost than electricity and labor and therefore, recommended the setting up of an energy monitoring team to monitor procurement and control utilization of diesel to reduce production cost.
Pushpa Hongal, Uttamkuamr Kinange, Gururaj Phatak
International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, Volume 11, pp 187-192; doi:10.31033/ijemr.11.1.25

In our society violence is prevalent everywhere, be it outside or inside the four walls of the home. Domestic Violence includes physical abuse, emotional, economic, verbal, and sexual abuse. The social stigma of public dishonor is the greatest cause for a woman to become trapped in this frightful environment. General observation reveals that a woman who is dependent financially on her partner or her family is more prone for violence, but it is not always true. Working women, who is equally contributing for her family as other counterpart, is also equally prone for domestic violence either from her spouse or family members. Several studies have shown that working women in India is also caught up under the vicious circle of domestic violence .Many scholarly articles are available on these issues. Here in this paper an attempt is made by researchers to review different scholarly articles and understand why domestic violence against working women happens though she is financially empowered, also to examine its different forms and the factors which are making her endure. This article is based on critical analysis of literature review and secondary data.
Bandara Wmah, Gangananda Amnm
International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, Volume 11, pp 156-160; doi:10.31033/ijemr.11.1.21

The growth of the festival and event tourism sector has been spectacular in recent years and therefore event management has become increasingly popular with it growing and expanding equally as much as event tourism. As a most competitive industry in Sri Lanka, wedding banquet demand has a considerable increment since last few years. Recently, modern couples tend to achieve their most special occasion with a higher effort and they have been deflected for banqueting industry for having a memorable experience. Hence, the objectives of this study are to identify the existing level of venue attributes in banquet halls, to identify the relationship between those attributes and Customer satisfaction and the most influencing attributes on customer’s satisfaction. 100 of couples were selected as the sample of this study and convenience sampling method was used for selecting the sample. Data collection was done by structured questionnaires. Descriptive analysis, Pearson Correlation Coefficient and Multiple linear regressions were used for the data analysis. The findings reflect all the respondents were agreeing with existing level of attributes and all the attributes were significantly important for customer satisfaction. Decoration was the mostly influencing attribute on Customer satisfaction. Furthermore, the researcher has identified that all the independent variables showed a positive relationship with the dependent variable. Therefore, management of hotel might be considered about the enhancement of those attributes for satisfying the customers which affects the hotel demand indirectly.
Rasha A. Al Salihi, Redvan Ghasemlounia
International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, Volume 11, pp 193-199; doi:10.31033/ijemr.11.1.26

The building sector is playing an important part Major factor in any country's development. The Construct industry growth depends on Building project efficiency. Quality is one thing Important factor in construction industry success in this paper the problems of quality definition in the construction industry are discussed, analysis potential advantages of quality implementation and considers quality barriers to Building implementation. Many implementing obstacles. We identify recent patterns that could lead to the Invade barriers. However, the various building actors must Know that improvement is necessary for the construction industry to improve quality TQM is specifically designed to deliver excellence in customer satisfaction by continual improvement full participation of product and processes every person who is a part of dedication that product/process. It's an orchestrated approach enhancement. If implemented correctly, it will support the Company of construction to boost its efficiency.
Togaev Golibjon Sharifovich Тоғаев
International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, Volume 11, pp 161-166; doi:10.31033/ijemr.11.1.22

In this work, the theoretical aspects of the formation of operational qualities of rolling stock used in urban public transport, its services on the basis of operational characteristics are studied, and a methodology for assessing the operational quality of real routes served by bus companies is proposed.
Niraj Baral, Akhilesh Kumar Karna, Suraj Gautam
International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, Volume 11, pp 167-177; doi:10.31033/ijemr.11.1.23

Landslides are the most common natural hazards in Nepal especially in the mountainous terrain. The existing topographical scenario, complex geological settings followed by the heavy rainfall in monsoon has contributed to a large number of landslide events in the Kaski district. In this study, landslide susceptibility was modeled with the consideration of twelve conditioning factors to landslides like slope, aspect, elevation, Curvature, geology, land-use, soil type, precipitation, road proximity, drainage proximity, and thrust proximity. A Google-earth-based landslide inventory map of 637 landslide locations was prepared using data from Disinventar, reports, and satellite image interpretation and was randomly subdivided into a training set (70%) with 446 Points and a test set with 191 points (30%). The relationship among the landslides and the conditioning factors were statistically evaluated through the use of Modified Frequency ratio analysis. The results from the analysis gave the highest Prediction rate (PR) of 6.77 for elevation followed by PR of 66.45 for geology and PR of 6.38 for the landcover. The analysis was then validated by calculating the Area Under a Curve (AUC) and the prediction rate was found to be 68.87%. The developed landslide susceptibility map is helpful for the locals and authorities in planning and applying different intervention measures in the Kaski District.
Mohammad Iliyas Mohammad Sayeed, Vikram A. Patil, Somanagouda R. Takkalaki
International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, Volume 11, pp 222-227; doi:10.31033/ijemr.11.1.30

This project reports the comparison of bagasse ash and fly ash-bagasse ash based on geopolymer concrete. In which cement is fully replaced by pozzolanic material that is rich in silicon and aluminium like fly ash and bagasse ash referred to as “Geopolymer concrete” which is a contemporary material. Geopolymer concrete was actually manufactured by reusing and recycling of industrial solid wastes and by products. Fly Ash, a by-product of coal obtained from the thermal power plant is plenty available worldwide. Fly ash is used as ingredients in concrete which enhance the properties of concrete and utilization of fly ash is helpful for consumption. Bagasse ash is a final waste product of sugar obtained from the sugar mills. The base material, viz. fly ash and Bagasse ash, is activated by alkaline solution that is sodium hydroxide and sodium silicate to produce a binder which is rich in silica and aluminium. Sample 1 is cement. It is replaced by 100% fly ash geopolymer concrete and trial 2 is 10%, 30% & 50% replaced by Bagasse ash in Geopolymer concrete . The project presents the strength and durability of Bagasse ash based Geopolymer concrete and fly ash and Bagasse ash based Geopolymer concrete.
K. Sathya Sundari
International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, Volume 11, pp 228-230; doi:10.31033/ijemr.11.1.31

In industries, the completion time of job problems in the manufacturing unit has risen significantly. In several types of current study, the job's completion time, or makespan, is reduced by taking straight paths, which is time-consuming. In this paper, we used an Improved Ant Colony Optimization and Tabu Search (ACOTS) algorithm to solve this problem by precisely defining the fault occurrence location in order to rollback. We have used a short-term memory-based rollback recovery strategy to minimise the job's completion time by rolling back to its own short-term memory. The recent movements in Tabu quest are visited using short term memory. As compared to the ACO algorithm, our proposed ACOTS-Cmax solution is more efficient and takes less time to complete.
Ismail Al Daoor
International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, Volume 11, pp 213-221; doi:10.31033/ijemr.11.1.29

BIM is one of the most recent acronyms to appear in the world of architecture and construction. However, the Palestinian construction industry is encountering several problems as lack of application modern information technology and the lack of interest in BIM by Palestinian universities in Gaza Strip. So, the universities adopted strategy of using BIM as an innovative technology to allow the acquisition of new skills for student. This paper investigated the current situation and future approaches to incorporating the BIM in the curriculum and main challenges facing the BIM in engineering colleges in Palestinian universities. The population consists of bachelor engineering students; quantitative approach had adopted to collect data by using a questionnaire survey specially prepared for this purpose which was distributed to student. Returned data from 152 engineering students responding to survey were subjected to proper statistical analysis. The results indicated the knowledge about the technique is low, and they were dealing with BIM applications for duration less than one year. Focused recommendation of these results, is containing this technique as educational courses in universities, and updating this courses for suiting the technology changes periodically, providing specialized academics in order to educating and credence it officially.
Avijit Sikdar
International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, Volume 11, pp 200-204; doi:10.31033/ijemr.11.1.27

Volatility in capital markets is the measure degree of variability of stock return from their expected return. The volatility in the capital market is the basis for price discovery in the financial asset. The volatility index (VIX) is the measurement index of the volatility of the capital market. It is the fear index of the capital market. The concept is first coined in 1993 in Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE). In India, such an index was introduced in 2008 by NSE. India VIX calculates the expected market volatility over the coming thirty days on Nifty Options. It Market index is the performance metric of the Indian capital market. This index is designed to reflect the overall market sentiments. An index is an important parameter to measure the performance of the economy as a whole. While the market index measures the direction of the market and is calculated by the price movements of the underlying stocks, the Volatility Index measures the volatility of the market and is calculated using the order book of the underlying index's options. In this study, we examine the association between India VIX and Nifty Index returns by using Johanson's co-integration, Vector Error Correction Model (VECM), and Granger causality Tools. The data for this study covers closing data of VIX value and Nifty closing value from January 2014 to December 2019 and has a total of 1474 daily observations. The result confirms that there are co-integrating relationships (long-run association) between VIX and Nifty. The Granger causality indicates Nifty does Granger Cause VIX but VIX does not granger Cause Nifty.
A. M Atsu, W. D. Thwala, C. O. Aigbavboa
International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, Volume 11, pp 231-235; doi:10.31033/ijemr.11.1.32

Manufacturing waste forms part of industrial waste which is also rooted in solid waste. In Ghana, the ruling government has a flagship project known as one district one factory (1d1f). Most of these factories that are established and yet to be established are manufacturing industries. No doubt that these industries will generate lots of waste which must be managed properly. Also, the more factories are built, the more waste will be created. The main purpose of this paper is to identify and try to control the exact sources of waste generation on the production line of manufacturing industries. The method used was literature review, and interview of industry players. From the literature review, it was found that several sources of waste have been established such as municipal sources of waste, medical/clinical sources, agriculture sources, end-of-life-of automobile, industrial sources of waste, construction/demolition sources, and electronic sources of waste (eschooltoday, 2020, amauomo and baird, 2016) whiles the results from the interview session revealed that the exact point on the manufacturing line of the industry, which can be termed as sources of waste are; at the beginning, and sometimes the end of the production line. Observation on the production line also confirmed the perception of the factory hands, that at the beginning, and the end. Once the sources are identified, it is possible to control it. In conclusion, it was revealed that factory hands do not make critical observation on the production line. They agreed that if the sources are identified and controlled, it will reduce the cost of production which will increase their profit margin. It is therefore recommended that manufacturing industries should take much interest in identifying the sources of waste creation on their production lines. Also, they should take measurement seriously when feeding raw materials into the production line.
N.Vanitha, J.Haritha
International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, Volume 11, pp 72-78; doi:10.31033/ijemr.11.1.11

Customarily, climate expectations are performed with the assistance of enormous complex models of material science, which use distinctive air conditions throughout a significant stretch of time. In this paper, we studied a climate expectation strategy that uses recorded information from numerous climate stations to prepare basic AI models, which can give usable figures about certain climate conditions for the not so distant future inside a brief timeframe These conditions are frequently flimsy on account of annoyances of the climate framework, making the models give mistaken estimates.[1] The model are for the most part run on many hubs in an enormous High Performance Computing (HPC) climate which burns through a lot of energy.. The modes can be run on significantly less asset serious conditions. In this paper we describe that the sufficient to be utilized status of the workmanship methods. Moreover, we described that it is valuable to use the climate stations information from various adjoining territories over the information of just the region for which climate anticipating is being performed.
A .D .S .Thathsara, Jayaranjani Sutha
International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, Volume 11, pp 1-8; doi:10.31033/ijemr.11.1.1

Electronic Human Resource Management (E-HRM) came into existence as a result of the evolution of new technology and it leads to eliminating the administrative burden on HR professionals. Financial institutions are the heart of the financial stability of the economy. Nowadays most financial institutions are widely adopting E-HRM practices in order to achieve sustainable competitive advantage. However, it has been observed that there is a lack of empirical studies regarding this phenomenon in the Sri Lankan context. The main contribution of this study is to enrich the knowledge and investigate the impact of E-HRM practices on organizational performance under the mediation role of organizational agility. Thus, the study focusses on to examine how E-HRM impacts organizational performance, and to determine the mediating role of organizational agility between E-HRM and OP. Questionnaires were distributed by using a convenience sampling method to collect primary data from 40 financial institutions in Sri Lanka. Data analysis was performed using Pearson correlation analysis, regression analysis, descriptive statistics, Baron and Kenny mediator analysis method, and Sobel test. Results of the analysis indicated that E-HRM practices significantly and positively impact organizational performance while organizational agility mediates the relationship between E-HRM practices and OP. Outcomes of this study provided implications like enhancing available literature, to understand the real impact of E-HRM on organizational performance to HR managers. This study also suggests some further research areas for future research.
Omer A. Abuelzein
International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, Volume 11, pp 63-71; doi:10.31033/ijemr.11.1.10

This article aims at measuring the sustainability of the streets of Khartoum using the Pedestrian Environmental Quality Index (P.E.Q.I.). This index has six categories: Intersection safety; traffic; street design; perceived safety; land use; and perceived walkability. Each category has several items. As a case study, Mohammed Najeeb main street is studied since it represents main streets in Khartoum. Results show that the sustainability standard of the studied street is below average (40%). Conclusions are written. And recommendations are drawn.
Victoria O. Akpa, Olalekan U. Asikhia, Adedoyin Okusanya
International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, Volume 11, pp 46-53; doi:10.31033/ijemr.11.1.7

Organizations in different sectors of the Nigerian economy continue to record high cases of misappropriation, embezzlement, immoral and unethical practices, gratifications, high labour turnover, inability to meet basic required obligations, and employees’ dissatisfaction, which have further resulted in poor performance. The theoretical paper dwelled on the concepts of leadership styles as opined by several scholars in the literature and used these as springboards to arrive at elaborate ones that encapsulated all and introduced a range of common and contemporary models and approaches, including an addition of a cutting-edge competitive list to help managers discover, devise and adjust their individual management practice and style for navigation towards a sustainable organizational performance.
P.Menaka, B. M. Shrinithi
International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, Volume 11, pp 54-57; doi:10.31033/ijemr.11.1.8

As a Smart innovation with greatness suggestions gives the better outcome when contrast and Existing System. This work about the water level detecting inside the tank and interface it to Node MCU (which holds wi-fi module to send message) to send status of the tank to Blynk application through Arduino ide code. This gives a thought that the things get associated over organization roll out more brilliant improvement for later. In nowadays everything dependent on the advanced cell and its applications. Along these lines, this venture would be helpful in impending ages. The fundamental point of this framework is to screen the water level at rustic zones with the goal that they can identify the wastage of water and measures can be taken to dodge superfluous flooding of water in the zones where observing is tricky.
Kenneth Miebaka Oba, Emmanuel Ledesi Tigbara
International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, Volume 11, pp 123-128; doi:10.31033/ijemr.11.1.17

This study evaluates usefulness of Quarry Dust and Saw Dust Ashas mineral fillers in a bituminous concrete in order to reduce cost and encourage reuse of waste materials in the environment. Bituminous concrete blends were generated with 4% Quarry Dust and 4% Saw Dust Ash replacements of aggregates. The binder contents were 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5 and 5% for a 60/70 penetration grade bituminous binder. Briquette specimens were formed using the five different bituminous concrete blends. Standard laboratory experiments were conducted on the aggregates, Quarry Dust, Saw Dust Ash, bituminous binder and bituminous concrete specimens based on the relevant codes and standards. The Marshall method was used for the bituminous concrete design procedure. The optimum binder content was found to be 4.88% using the standard Marshall curves. At optimum binder content, using 4% design air void for medium traffic and maximum aggregate of 10mm, the Stability, Flow, VMA and VFA were 8.15kN, 8.28(0.25mm), 15.22% and 74.2% respectively. These were found to have passed the Asphalt Institute design criteria.
Minakshi Tripathi
International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, Volume 11, pp 134-141; doi:10.31033/ijemr.11.1.19

Education in the area of entrepreneurship plays a significant role in the development of entrepreneurial skills in the individuals. It may help youth to develop skill, ability of decision making, risk taking ability, manage any situation, and proper acquisition of knowledge which could benefit them for starting, organizing and managing their own enterprises and became helpful in economic development. The target population is 417 graduates or post graduates students from the Entrepreneurship Development Cells (EDC) of premier institutions (two government and two private institutions) in which 136 were selected randomly as a sample for study. Descriptive and inferential statistics were used for analyzing the data with the help of SPSS 22.0 software. Present study evidences the role of EDCs in the skill development of male and female is equal in all components like ability of taking decisions, creativity, Research, Development and Innovation, taking initiatives and so on. Entrepreneur development cells of any institutions, programs and their faculties haven’t made any difference on the basic of gender. Their all programs are equal for all.
Suraj R. Marathe, Carmo E. Quadros
International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, Volume 11, pp 97-109; doi:10.31033/ijemr.11.1.15

A numerical simulation approach is proposed to predict the optimal parameter setting during high pressure die casting. The contribution from the optimal parameters, the temperature, showed more influence on the casting quality than the other parameters. This study’s outcome was beneficial for finding the solution for casting defects that occurs due to incorrect setting of process parameters in die casting. Thus, a combination of numerical optimisation techniques and casting simulation serves as a tool to improve the casting product quality in die casting industries. This paper aims to analyse and optimise critical parameters like injection pressure, molten metal temperature, holding time, and plunger velocity, contributing to the defects. In this research paper, an effort has been made to give optimal pressure, temperature, holding time, and plunger velocity parameters using ProCAST simulation software that uses finite element analysis technology. Numerical analysis for optimising the parameters by varying the temperature of molten metal, injection pressure, holding time, and plunger velocity, concerning solidification time at hot spots, is an essential parameter for studying the defect analysis in the simulated model.
Shwetha Acharya, Vijay Tajane, Shubhangi
International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, Volume 11, pp 93-96; doi:10.31033/ijemr.11.1.14

Mushroom (Agaricus bisporus) a noticeable umbrella-shaped fruiting body of certain fungi which grow vigorously. Mushrooms are highly enriched in protein, vitamins and marco-nutrients. Mushrooms are proven to have anti-allergic, anti-cholesterol, anti-tumor and anti-cancer qualities. The most desirable property of freeze-dried mushrooms such as the nutritional content and quality are maintained. The products shelf life is increased by using freeze drier from 12 days to 90 days. The mushroom cultivation is a viable and attractive activity and it does not require access to land and low investment too. The present study focused on analyzing the mushroom preservation techniques and producer's market potential by captivating consumer’s awareness. Self administered required to collect the primary data from consumers. SWOT analysis is used at the end to generate information and hypothesis testing is used for mathematical reasoning.
A.C.C. Ezeabasili, N. U. Dim, C.A.C Ezeabasili, J. J. Obiefuna
International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, Volume 11, pp 58-62; doi:10.31033/ijemr.11.1.9

Failure in project delivering can be attributed to many risk events in the Nigerian Construction Industry. This risk could be as a result of the dynamic, sensitivity, and complexity of the construction Industry towards its environment, socio-political, economic, technology, and cultural variables in Nigeria. Nevertheless, the low level of Risk Management in Nigeria construction Industry, and the little understanding and knowledge of the subject by Project Stakeholders prompt this study. A quantitative method of research was carried out, and among the sixty (60) questionnaires administered to clients, consultants, and contractors in the Nigerian construction industry, thirty-one (31) valid responses were obtained. The questionnaires were designed on the twenty (20) types of risks that were identified by construction professionals which were categorized into five namely; Government and Politics; Finance and Economical; Management and Technology; social and Cultural; Natural and Environmental Risks. And, findings made revealed that economic and financial risks surpass all other types in the Nigeria Construction Industry.
N. Vanitha, R. Srimathi, J Haritha
International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, Volume 11, pp 79-83; doi:10.31033/ijemr.11.1.12

The most frequently happening cancer among Indian women is breast cancer, which is the second most exposed cancer in the world. Here is a chance of fifty percent for fatality in a case as one of two women diagnosed with breast cancer die in the cases of Indian women. With the rapid population growth, the risk of death incurred by breast cancer is rising exponentially. [2] Breast cancer is the second most severe cancer among all of the cancers already unveiled. A machine learning technique discovers illness which helps clinical staffs in sickness analysis and offers dependable, powerful, and quick reaction just as diminishes the danger of death. In this paper, we look at five administered AI methods named Support vector machine (SVM), K-closest neighbours, irregular woodlands, fake/ Artificial neural organizations (ANNs). The performance of the study is measured with respect to accuracy, sensitivity, specificity, precision, negative predictive value. Furthermore, these strategies were evaluated on exactness review region under bend and beneficiary working trademark bend. At last in this paper we analysed some of different papers to find how they are predicted and what are all the techniques they were used and finally we study the complete research of machine learning techniques for breast cancer.
Prashant Unnikrishnan Nair, Parvathy Thankamony
International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, Volume 11, pp 31-41; doi:10.31033/ijemr.11.1.5

The paper paves a way to understand supply chain social sustainability practices and their associated barriers to implementation in the Indian and North American energy and manufacturing sectors. A systematic literature review and 4-point Likert scale survey provide clarity on the barriers and their perception from an industrial perspective. Findings from this study highlight that while the criticality of barriers differs with industry and geographies, some barriers are common to all. The study also highlights an approach needed for these sectors by identifying the most common barriers by providing a clear path on what practices can bring about the most impact in resolution. 20 barriers are identified, of which 3 show a stark difference in perception on its criticality against current published research work. The paper also identifies the top barriers along with the practices that make it most easy to implement. 11 common barriers that exist in the target industries of the two countries are identified and 6 easiest-to-resolve barriers are revealed, analyzing the maximum number of mitigation practices available. The paper concludes by identifying eight most impactful social sustainability practices that can help resolve the maximum number of implementation barriers and highlights avenues for further research in the field.
Kenneth Miebaka Oba, Onuegbu Okoronkwo Ugwu
International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, Volume 11, pp 9-17; doi:10.31033/ijemr.11.1.2

The industrial waste, Saw Dust Ash (SDA) has been explored by several concrete related researches to achieve environmental and economic sustainability. In this study, 5% of sand was replaced with SDA to produce concrete with five different mix ratios. Scheffe’s simplex theory was used for five mix ratios in a {5,2} experimental design which resulted in additional ten mix ratios. For purposes of verification and testing, additional fifteen mix ratios were generated from the initial fifteen. Concrete cubes of 150mmX150mmX150mm were formed using the thirty concrete mix ratios generated, and cured in water for 28days. The compressive strengths of cubes from each mix ratio were determined. The static moduli of elasticity were also determined with a mathematical relationship. The results of the first fifteen static moduli of elasticity values were used for the calibration of the model constant coefficients, while those from the second fifteen were used for the model verification and testing using Scheffe’s simplex lattice design. A mathematical regression model was formulated from the results, with which the static moduli of elasticity were predicted. The model was then subjected to a two-tailed t-test with 5% significance, which confirms the model adequate and fit with an R2 of 0.8536. The study also revealed that SDA can be used to replace 5% of sand and promote environmental sustainability without significantly decreasing the static modulus of elasticity.
M.S. Prabhu
International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, Volume 11, pp 42-45; doi:10.31033/ijemr.11.1.6

The pilot’s micro sleep often caused by fatigue and/or drowsiness receives increasing attention for the last few years, especially after it became evident that pilot’s micro sleep also one of the major factor causing serious aircraft accidents. The system comprises EOG, EEG and IR module. EEG measures the electrical activity of the brain called brain wave pattern through intrusive electrodes. EOG tapes the electrical potential of eyeball movements and the IR module senses the eye blink frequency. Then all these signals are applied to a robust signal processing unit and microcontroller. When an indicating feature corresponds to the micro sleep events are detected, the warning system is activated. This envisioned micro sleep alerting system would continuously monitor the alertness of the pilot and provides immediate warning signal, when micro sleep detected with high certainty.
Mohanad I. Altuma, Redvan Ghasemlounia
International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, Volume 11, pp 25-30; doi:10.31033/ijemr.11.1.4

This paper pursues to study the challenges to applied sustainable building resources in building construction and to evaluate the factors influencing the choice of construction materials with respect to the concepts of sustainability. The research purpose was accomplished in two parts; in the first part, a conceptual study to establish the reasons why sustainable building resources are restricted usage in construction, and in the second part a conceptual study on sustainable building resources and their properties. In order to encourage sustainability in design and construction, several countries have developed an understanding of sustainable development for buildings. In order to decrease the negative environmental effects of buildings, the construction industry has created sustainable building approaches, where buildings play an important role in greenhouse gases, massive energy, and water use and large land use are important. Ecological design involves designing houses, offices, or other facilities in a way that decreases the ecological impact, that means sustainable buildings, Where the careful equilibrium among economic, environmental, and social well-being of the currency and communities and therefore of the earth looks to sustainability at current. In order to evaluate the degree of sustainability practices, sustainability evaluation systems were established for effective performance at the top level of qualified systems. In sustainable buildings, accredited standards and checklists will be planned, built, and run.
Tai-Yi Liu, Cheng-An Lee, Hong-Kee Tzou, Shiun-Jye Lin, Mao-Yi Chou, Ke-Fan Jhan
International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, Volume 11, pp 18-24; doi:10.31033/ijemr.11.1.3

In the Ankeng Light Rail MRT system (ALRMS) project, the U7 box girder passes crossing the Erbads creek and needs a temporary supporting system for the construction work. In this study, three temporary shoring system options were proposed to be the construction method. The D-B Contractor, New Asia construction and Development Corporation, evaluated and selected the optimal choice, The Steel truss frame with supporting beams, to serve as the temporary supporting system. Compare the deflection of Δmax and Δactual, which are 1.609 cm and 1.59 cm, respectively. This result presented that the shoring system composed of the H912*302*18*37 supporting beams and steel truss frame had achieved outstanding performance and work to construct the U7 box girder. This paper presents how the three options are evaluated and the detailed construction processes along with the survey verification for the method.
Smg Akele, M. Ejededawe, G. A.Udoekong, A. Uwadiae, M. E. Oviawe, B. O. Ayewa
International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, Volume 11, pp 84-92; doi:10.31033/ijemr.11.1.13

Investigations of laminar fluid flow between two moving or stationary plates, and two rotating discs, over the years were geared toward how to increase Tesla-based turbine efficiency. Therefore, this research entails the construction, design and simulation of a Tesla turbine in order to investigate the potential of Tesla turbine for energy generation. Method of solution entails the design and construction of a physical model Tesla turbine from locally sourced materials. The physical model geometry and design parameters were then used to conduct numerical simulation. Performance evaluation was then carried on the physical model and the simulation model. The result showed that voltage, current and power all increase with increase in rev. per minute. The result obtained indicates that for higher power generation, a Tesla turbine design with higher revolution per minute capability will be required. Turbine model simulation showed that radial velocity vector to be concentrated at the discs periphery and outlet. The research results are good references for design of larger Tesla turbine for community use.
Areej A. Alsaadi, Redvan Ghasemlounia
International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, Volume 11, pp 129-133; doi:10.31033/ijemr.11.1.18

This article dealt with construction projects in Iraq, and the research focused on the risks that may affect these projects. The purpose of this study is to determine the risks that construction projects are exposed to in Iraq and the methods of dealing in order to reduce these risks. Sometimes, if the construction projects are similar to each other in terms of configuration, requirements and purpose, then changing the project site is very sufficient to make these projects differ from each other and thus may be exposed to different risks. These are risks that negatively affect the implementation of these projects and may lead to delay or increase in their cost. Here a questionnaire is designed to collect data to identify risks that may occur during the construction project phases. This questionnaire was distributed electronically to several samples in the public and private sectors within state institutions in Iraq. After completion, the risks that these projects may be exposed to were identified. This was done with engineers and managers of companies and projects working in the public, private and joint sectors, and then these risks were analyzed by the Social Sciences for Packet Statistical Test program(SPSS).
Erastus Mishengu Mwanaumo, Kelvin Lungu Agabu
International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, Volume 11, pp 110-122; doi:10.31033/ijemr.11.1.16

Human factors and more generally driver errors account for the largest number of road accidents. Driver errors are external human factors that can contribute to specific error types selected from slip, lapse, mistake and violation. Action and information retrieval errors are both examples of driver errors. The failure to interpret correctly an intended road marking’s message causes driver misunderstanding and lead to a driver error. Centre lines are examples of such markings and if misread or unrecognised may cause unintentional driver violations and unsafe driving. This study focused on the examining of driver understanding of road markings, and the influence of centre lines on their driving behaviour. This study determined that drivers had a much better understanding of the overtaking messages intended by road markings, than the directional flow message. Drivers demonstrated that they relied more on signs and other drivers to determine whether the road is a two-way or not. This study demonstrated that the presence of both centre lines and edge lines have a positive effect on a driver in handling and controlling of their vehicles’ position. It was postulated from this study that the absence of the edge lines has a more significant effect on a vehicle’s position than the absence of centre lines.
Sourabh Bhattacharya, Arpita Majumdar
International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, Volume 10, pp 96-105; doi:10.31033/ijemr.10.6.14

Social media has carried out a lot of value additions for different stakeholders in today’s world. However, comprehensive literature reviews on different aspects of social media marketing are quite a few. Also, researchers working in this burgeoning area are eager to know the opinion of past researchers. For this article, a systematic literature review of scholarly articles, related to social media marketing, had been done to collect, examine and analyze previous studies related to social media marketing. Overall, the paper has tried to present a holistic viewpoint of experts on social media marketing.
Mustafa Ahmed Othman Abo Mhara
International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, Volume 10, pp 118-129; doi:10.31033/ijemr.10.6.16

With the advancement of the Internet of Things (IoT)-based water conservation computerization, hydrological data is increasingly enriched. Considering the ability of deep learning on complex features extraction, we proposed a flood process forecasting model based on Convolution Neural Network(CNN) with two-dimension(2D) convolutional operation. At first, we imported the spatial-temporal rainfall features of the Xixian basin. Subsequently, extensive experiments were carried out to determine the optimal hyper parameters of the proposed CNN flood forecasting model.
Vyas Dubey, Minal Uprety, Ujjwal Dubey
International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, Volume 10, pp 106-117; doi:10.31033/ijemr.10.6.15

The paper deals with a generalized estimator of population mean which includes several estimators as its particular cases. Under certain conditions, the proposed estimator is more efficient than existing estimators. Results are supported by numerical illustration.
Vinay Chandra, Surabhi Srivastava, Mayank Jindal
International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, Volume 10, pp 130-134; doi:10.31033/ijemr.10.6.17

Demonetisation is an act of cancelling the legal tender status of a currency unit. It is a process when the government pulled out a unit of currency from the total circulation of the economy. The concept of demonetisation is not new, at first French used demonetisation then after most of the countries has adopted demonetisation to clean up the economy from corruption and inflation. India has adopted demonetisation three times: At first in January 1946 when RBI demonetised Rs. 1000 and Rs. 10000 currency notes. and again in 1978 by Moraji Desai of Rs. 1000, 5000, 10000 banknotes were demonetised and both demonetisation were held to eradicate black money. But the term Demonetisation became familiar on 8 November 2016 when P.M. Mr Narendra Damodar Das Modi announced Rs.500 and Rs.1000 currency notes will be no longer as legal tender status from the past midnight to unearth the corruption, black money and terror funding. Therefore this research paper is an attempt to throw the light on effect of demonetisation launched by NDA Government.
Naina Hasija
International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, Volume 10, pp 135-140; doi:10.31033/ijemr.10.6.18

To run the euro-region economy easily (saving from the awful impacts of crown), the European Central Bank (ECB) has reported countless measures since the start of the COVID-19 emergency. This reaction has set off apprehensions of a future expansion in swelling. We presume that the measures presented by the ECB during the emergency and the subsequent expansion in the size of its asset report, regardless of whether it were to be lasting, may prompt inflation. Central banks have found a way to keep their economies above water during the COVID-19 lockdowns. In the euro region, the European Central Bank (ECB) has facilitated essentially the states of its renegotiating activities and has reported another resource buy program to guarantee that its financial approach keeps on being very much communicated to all nations of the money related association. The European Central Bank worked by making cash and proficiently supplanting the credit framework by subbing cash for credit which may get terrible impacts the since quite a while ago run.
Smg Akele, C. Aganama, E. Emeka, Y. Abudu-Mimini, S. Umukoro, Okonkwo Raymond
International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, Volume 10, pp 87-95; doi:10.31033/ijemr.10.6.13

In the early stages of development of internal combustion engine (ICE), limitations such as speed, range, and lifespan led to series of researches resulting in the reduction or elimination of these limitations. Combustion in ICE is a rapid and controlled endothermic reaction between air in oxygen and fuel which is accompanied by significant increase in temperature and pressure with the production of heat, flame and carbon particle deposits. This combustion process is a phenomenon that involves turbulence, loss of air-fuel mixture during inflow and outflow into the cylinder. The objection of this study is to perform port flow analysis on ICE to determine flow rate and swirl at different valve lift under stationary engine parts.Methodology employed to analyze and solve the ICE port flow simulation is the use of CFD software that uses the finite volume method of numerical analysis to solve the continuity, Navier-Stokes and energy equations governing the air medium in the internal combustion engine cylinder. The model geometry for the analysis was generated using the Ansys Design Modeller for one cylinder, one suction port and one exhaust port, and two valves. The domain considered is internal combustion engine suction port with 86741 nodes and 263155 elements. Study results revealed that air mass was more concentrated around the valve and inlet port cross-section with swirling motion seen, air stream experienced turbulence as it flowed downwards inside the cylinder, air stream spread was turbulent which will eventually enhance smooth combustion, swirling air stream moves towards the cylinder wall where it experienced tumbling and turbulent which will eventually enhance smooth combustion. From the simulation it was revealed that mass flow rate of inlet air increases with valve lift.
Sukanta Sen, Akramuzzaman Shaikh, Anis Mohammad Tareq, Mohammad Shahedul Islam, Wang Xuefeng
International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, Volume 10, pp 21-34; doi:10.31033/ijemr.10.6.3

Port and supply chains are closely connected to each other as a port is considered as an important node of the global supply chain. Sothe efficiency level of port has an impact on the performance of supply chain operations. Chittagong port is the principal seaport of Bangladesh and it provides a major gateway to the outside world. The cost of doing business is increasing as a result of the inefficiency in the main seaport of the country. In this paper, an effort has been taken to examine the efficiency of Chittagong Port and the causal factors of inefficiency. The impact of inefficiency at Chittagong port on the supply chain of Bangladesh has also been identified. To do this, at first a relationship has been built between port efficiency and supply chain in respect of Bangladesh. Relevant data has been gathered through extensive review of the literature, field surveys, interacting with top management of different business entities such as shipping agency, freight forwarder, logistics companies, exporter, importer as well as Government regulatory and monitoring bodies using both the structured and unstructured questionnaires. The study has revealed that theinefficiency at Chittagong port causes serious consequences on the supply chain of exporter and importer and lead to loss and disruption of trade and ultimately incur extra costs and time. This paper, therefore, recommends a substantial infrastructure improvement to Chittagong port along with other related measures in order to facilitate the supply chain of exporter and importer.
Bandara Wmah, Dahanayake Sns
International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, Volume 10, pp 1-8; doi:10.31033/ijemr.10.6.1

The hotel industry is one of the integral constituents in the flourishing tourism industry and is extremely competitive. In this competitive arena, service quality has become a crucial success factor in maintaining hotel standards. A strong, sustainable, outstanding service industry requires good service quality standards. However, due to the intangible nature of service products, measuring service quality is substantially challengeable than measuring the quality of physical products. Hence, this study attempts to investigate the impact of food and beverage service quality on customer satisfaction in the star graded hotels. Dambulla is one of the major tourist destinations in Sri Lanka, has been identified as the study area. A total of 150 foreign departure tourists who have visited three and above star graded hotels in the respective area were selected through a convenient sampling technique. A widely accepted SERVQUAL model was utilized to ascertain the findings. Primary data were collected through a self-administered structured questionnaire. Descriptive, frequency, Pearson correlation, and multiple regression analysis were conducted to analyze data using SPSS. The results reveal that there is a positive significant impact of tangibility, reliability, responsiveness, assurance of food and beverage service quality on customer satisfaction in the star graded hotels in Dambulla area. On the contrary, empathy shows that there is no impact on customer satisfaction. Moreover, tangibility is the most influential service quality attribute that affects customer satisfaction. Thus, the authorities must pay their attention towards improving the tangible evidence such as staff attires and appearance, aesthetic upkeep of interior and exterior, and provide reliable service for their guests with greater customer care.
Soni Ahirrao, Vinanti Bhoeer, Shivani Patil, Himani Jawale
International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, Volume 10, pp 57-60; doi:10.31033/ijemr.10.6.8

Breast Cancer is highly predominant in women in today’s world. It starts in the breast during the initial stages and spreads to other areas of the body after some period of time. Breast cancer is the second-largest disease leading to the death of women. The disease is curable if detected early enough. Breast Cancer Application monitors the abnormal growth of breast cells during the early stages. They are often diagnosed during the advanced stages of breast cancer. It is the second most diagnosed cancer in women, affecting one in every eight women. Our project comprises two modules, first consists of an application with user login and self-test examine section where and the second section consists of identifying benign and malignant cells. The second section will be used by doctors' side for the detection of abnormalities of breasts as early as possible by providing the user screening data set. It contains Machine Learning techniques for the classification of malignant and benign tumors. There are more treatment options and a better chance of survival. If breast cancer is detected during the early stages then there is a 93 percent of higher survival rate in the first five years.
Thewodros Geberemariam
International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, Volume 10, pp 52-56; doi:10.31033/ijemr.10.6.7

Although remote working is not new, it has never been deployed on such a massive scale in a short period as it has been in the current situation. Owing to Covid-19, organizations that never relied on a remote workforce have been forced to operate in a virtual environment. Hence, many public work directors and leaders currently find themselves utilizing unusual channels to engage deeply with stakeholders and employees virtually. This makes the task of leading, operating, planning, organizing, directing, and coordinating various activities of the Public Works Department more complicated. Every day, demonstration of great leadership is required in an almost exclusively virtual workplace to recognize and reward great performance and address performance challenges by making difficult, authentic, and empathetic decisions. Leaders are also required to be context-sensing communicators having a “perfect pitch” when communicating with a different audience in various situations. This article focuses on leaders’ transition from leading in the office to leading in a remote environment in the Covid-19 era and discuss leader–team dynamics through the lens of “transitioning from a boss or a manager to a leader” by making aggressive efforts to view the landscape through the eyes of the people they lead, coach, support, and inspire.
Hana AlQaidoom, Fatima Wali, George K. Toworfe
International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, Volume 10, pp 81-86; doi:10.31033/ijemr.10.6.12

Bahrain Polytechnic is a Higher Education technical institution established in 2008 (by Royal Decree No. 65 for the year 2008). Its main mission is to supply the Bahraini economy with a skilled Bahraini labour force aiming to contribute to economic growth and diversification. The Polytechnic ensures that its values of excellence, learning and innovation are achieved by designing curricula that meet international standards as well as national and individual needs through continuous consultations with the industries and international education institutions. The development of computer and technological literacy is a significant predictor for success in the workplace and is also one of the key skills that the polytechnic provides through its programmes to students and faculty. This paper explores how computer literacy and skills are acquired by educators and students through International Computer Driving License (ICDL) tools employed at Bahrain Polytechnic. The study also considers the challenges that hinder learners from completing the requirements of ICDL. If adequate numbers of faculty and students have already learned basic computer skills, then the question facing the polytechnic is if computer literacy should continue to be taught at all levels. To answer this question, ICDL tests were administered to ascertain the computer literacy level of existing faculty and students. The results of the tests will determine which ICDL tests students and faculty should be placed on in order to address their computer literacy needs.
Ryan Fernandes, Andrew Fernandes, Himani Jawale
International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, Volume 10, pp 48-51; doi:10.31033/ijemr.10.6.6

In today’s world global real estate investments have taken over more than twice the size of the stock market. Even after the dominance of the real estate market there are still a less number of investors due to liquidity and global access to sensitive or critical information. Due to various flaws in security in the current system, the tenants and owners are barely satisfied. The main focus of this paper is to incorporate the use of blockchain in the current real estate market and represent the facilities and advantages it can give to the real estate market. Blockchain based real estate is better because each block contains a cryptic hash of the previous record, a timestamp and transaction data which makes it difficult to forge documents and sensitive information of the investor. Another advantage of blockchain is that it is resistant to any type of data modification. Blockchain technology can sort out the security issues and forgery incidents that are faced by the real estate market. Also blockchain provides much meaningful assets and insights to the real estate market at a reasonable and stable-priced market. The proposed solution for the selected problem statement is Tokenizing real estate assets refers to a process in which a property owner can offer digital tokens that represent a share of their property. Using a blockchain to track these investments, with each transaction being time-stamped and immutable, makes it possible to limit the risk of fraud.
Ishan Khatri, Prarthana Fabyani, Chehak Rajgarhia, Sejal Murarka
International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, Volume 10, pp 35-40; doi:10.31033/ijemr.10.6.4

India is one of the largest growing economies in the world. Financial inclusion is providing financial services at an affordable rate to all people. It comes into existence in the year 1950 establishment of Reserve Bank of India. There are various incentives which have been undertaken to increase financial inclusion in India. With the nationalization of commercial banks. And the formation of NABARD Self-help Groups and Kisan credit bank. After 2000, the schemes like Swavalamban swabhiman have been launched to increase its role. The schemes by government of India like PMJDY and Startup India schemes. Financial inclusion helps in forming cashless economy and increase capital formation and increase economic growth of the country. It provides business and growth opportunities to the Intermediaries. This system also provides affordable services to the poor and played a vital role in improving country financial services.
A. Dhanalakshmi, Xu Hui, Roopini. R, R. Supriya
International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, Volume 10, pp 9-20; doi:10.31033/ijemr.10.6.2

In the recent past, for any business to be successful it is essential to acquire, serve and retain customers. The number of users of commercial purposes has led to increased demand for E-Commerce in the global market. There has been a remarkable progress in E-Commerce due to globalization and technological advancements which led to sustainable quantum of business at affordable price. Technologies used in E-Commerce includes: Augmented Reality: The Future of E-Commerce Stores, Artificial Intelligence: Improving E-Commerce services and Optimizing Customer Experience, Voice Search, Chatbot, Blockchain Technology: A Faster, Safer and More Transparent used as E-Commerce Payment System, Security and Supply chain management. This paper focuses on the evolution of E-Commerce, development of CRM initiatives, leading E-Commerce companies, technological advancement in E-Commerce: E-Commerce platforms and service providers; software and tools used in E-Commerce and recent trends in E-Commerce and CRM in streamlining the CRM process thereby minimizing the cost of CRM.
David Jebaraj B, Sharath Prasanna R, Karthikeyan V, Maheshwar D
International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, Volume 10, pp 41-47; doi:10.31033/ijemr.10.6.5

Braking systems in all the segments of vehicles seems to be one of the most crucial developing systems. Many research and developments are carried out in terms of braking of a vehicle in order to enhance the braking efficiency and reduction in stopping distance. This article depicts the concept of assistive braking on four wheelers where we elaborately describe the Braking distance, Thinking distance and Stopping distance after which our concept of braking is proposed with all the technical aspects along with the various components and its efficiency in our real time use. This research article mainly focuses on technical aspects that aim to reduce the reaction time and reflex actions of the driver which in turn is used as a factor to reduce the stopping distance of the vehicle. Various types of biological reactions by a human are observed and then a particular muscular reaction is chosen as a source of intimation for our braking system. When an object is spotted by the driver, the reflex action takes place via a receptor, sensory neurons, spinal cord and from where the muscular reaction takes place. A unique steering with an array of grip sensors is designed and incorporated also with various functions of the vehicle but for this instance, we mainly focus on braking assistance of the vehicle. Thus the unique steering wheel plays the role of connection between vehicle and the driver.
Mayank Jindal, Vijay Laxmi Sharma
International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, Volume 10, pp 69-72; doi:10.31033/ijemr.10.6.10

Covid-19 is a virus developed in 2019 from the corona family virus. It is spreading across the world since Dec 2019 by the close contact of an infected person or fomites of Covid-19. It developed naturally in Wuhan (An State of China) or possibly develop by China research center “Wuhan Institute of Virology”. It is spreading very fast across the world. World Health Organization and most countries including India it has declared a pandemic. People can protect themselves by this pandemic by maintaining social distance. But the basic need (Food and Medicine) is important for continuo their life and in it the transfer of money plays an important role. Online banking can make the transaction through an electronic basis without the exchange of any tangible commodity with maintaining social distance. Online banking is the modern concept of banking in which people can do some banking activities (like Transfer cash transfer and in the account, Check Bank Balance, Payment of Bills, Phone recharge and etc.) through using the Internet in their phone, computer. One of the most important features of online banking is that it can totally operate electronically basis without the exchange of any tangible commodity and it has made it an important tool to protect from the pandemic. The purpose of this study is to assess the contribution of online banking to stop the pandemic of Covid-19. A survey has been done to achieve the objectives of this paper. It is found that online banking playing an important role in the Covid 19 period to protect the people. People felt completely safe from the COVID 19 virus in the online payment of bills and recharge of prepaid mobiles and dish T.V.
W.D. Madhuka Priyashan, Navod Neranjan Thilakarathne
International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, Volume 10, pp 61-68; doi:10.31033/ijemr.10.6.9

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a hype topic for nearly a decade now. Broadly growing, millions of devices get direct access to the Internet provides plenty of applications such as smart homes or mobile health management. This trend can also be found in the industry where IoT components hardened for these environments are introduced, called Industrial IoT (IIoT) devices which can be either sensors or actors, as well as mobile equipment such as smartphones, tablets, and smart glasses. Consequently, mobile communication becomes universal in smart factories. IIoT devices provide massive data on temperature, pressure, machine states, etc. But still, most of the SME level industries in the Asian region are new to these technological advancements. They still operate their facilities ith conventional setups without absorbing the new opportunities which are presented by IoT. In the plastic injection molding industry, process parameters perform a significant role in the quality of the output product. During the manufacturing process, these process parameters have to deal with various factors such as quality and type of materials, requirement tolerance levels of the output product, Environmental conditions like temperature and humidity, etc. Injection molding has been a challenging process for many SME level manufacturers to produce products while meeting the quality requirements at the lowest cost. Most of them are unable to reach the global market in the injection molding industry due to the non-availability of the proper methods to determine the process parameters for injection molding. During production, quality characteristics may differ due to drifting or shifting of processing conditions caused by machine wear, environmental change, or operator fatigue. By determining the optimal process parameter settings productivity and quality will increase while reducing the cost of production. In this paper, we suggest an Industrial IoT framework that can develop for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) level industries to optimize their production facility. With the presented framework SME level industries can start to inherit IoT devices into their production floor to manage and monitor production parameters in real-time while improving the quality of the production.
Anis Mohammad Tareq, Akramuzzaman Shaikh, Sukanta Sen, Professor Wang Xuefeng
International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, Volume 10, pp 73-80; doi:10.31033/ijemr.10.6.11

The deep sea port development as an economic infrastructure influences positively on the growth of a country. The economic history of Britain, Netherlands, and Singapore, known as the maritime powers in the world, undoubtedly proves the important role of ports played in the development of their economies. Establishment of a deep-sea port has become strategically very critical for Bangladesh considering its potential impact on the development and economic growth of the country.Port economics and macroeconomics are closely related.So changes in port traffic or operation and port organization has a significant impact on national economy especially on the hinterland. This study, therefore, has focused on the importance of deep seaport in the national development of Bangladesh. Moreover, the paper gives an overview of a deep seaport and national development in respect of Bangladesh.The study also indicates the effect of a deep seaport on national development. At the end, this study states some recommendations for the establishment of the deep sea port.Those Includes-Studies on the selection of strategic location, details investigation of hinterland connectivity, the decision on investment and proper planning etc.
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