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Olha Pronina
Technology transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions pp 18-21; doi:10.21303/2585-6847.2020.001528

A methodology has been developed for assessing public transport passenger traffic in the city. A mathematical model based on fuzzy logic is presented. The main criteria for assessing the attractiveness of passenger traffic are: the interval between vehicles, technical condition of the vehicle, route length, time of day. In the mathematical model, all input linguistic variables and output variable, their terms and membership functions are described. A fragment of a fuzzy knowledge base presented in the form of production rules is presented. At the exit, the dispatcher receives an output variable – the degree of confidence in the attractiveness of the route. Based on this assessment, the dispatcher can make a number of necessary changes to improve the functioning of the route. The software is implemented as a web service. This software will be convenient for dispatchers to use for planning public transport routes. Fifteen selected routes were taken for research, which are the most popular in the city. These routes were proposed for evaluation by three controllers. The results obtained from dispatchers were compared with the results of the fuzzy inference implemented in the software. The main advantage of using this software product is the ability to build a dynamic schedule based on the analysis of the dispatcher. This, in turn, will allow passengers to receive a better transportation service within the city
Evgenii Grishin, Kirill Nesterov
Technology transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions, Volume 3, pp 6-8; doi:10.21303/2585-6847.2019.001029

This article describes the process of developing an integrated process control system for an enterprise for the production of stainless steel pipes, based on the combination of local automation systems into a factory information technology system. Briefly describes the technological cycle of the production, the equipment used, its features, as well as its change as a result of the introduction of the process control system. It describes the requirements for quality control of products and methods for this control. The features and composition of the process control system are explained. The items of equipment included in the process control system are listed, their technical characteristics are given, and their choice is justified. Software and their structure, the interaction of elements in the system, the main tasks solved by the process control system and their influence on the quality of the finished product are described. The technical and economic analysis and justification of the application of the process control system for this production is carried out.
Kateryna Radlovska, Sofiia Kachala
Technology transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions, Volume 3, pp 86-88; doi:10.21303/2585-6847.2019.001035

The first finds of mummified carcasses of the hairy rhino, mammoth, horse, roe deer and other animals were carried out at a depth of 12 m when passing the mines for the production of ozokerite near the village. The expedition of the Academy of Skill from Krakow, when passing a mine at a depth of 17 m, found the remains of 3 more hairy rhinos. There were also numerous bones of small vertebrates (rodents), artichokes, numerous insects, beetles, parasitic worms, slag, butterflies, spiders, snails, vascular plants, seeds and branches of dwarf birch, alder, and other representatives of tundra flora. After the earthquake in the Vrancha Mountains (Romania), the first and still unique mud volcano in the Carpathians, which gave the Starunia paleontological location a new "sound", arose on the ozokerite deposit.An important result was the discovery of the most desirable area, where the remains of giant mammals and even the Cro-Magnon Pleistocene could still be found at the depths. All the numerous interdisciplinary traces of Polish and Ukrainian scientists confirm the uniqueness of Starunia on a global scale, requiring the preservation and further study of paleontological finds and the only mud volcano in the Carpathians. Such findings can only be made by organizing the Starunia geodynamic ground International Ecological and Tourist Center «Geopark Ice Age».
Inna Shalevska, Pavlo Kaliuzhnyi
Technology transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions, Volume 3, pp 55-57; doi:10.21303/2585-6847.2019.001042

In the process of manufacturing reinforced castings by lost foam casting it is important to determine the laws of gas-hydrodynamic processes that occur during mold pouring. The study of liquid metal filling process a mold filled with a locally oriented reinforcing phase was carried out by the method of physical modeling using cold liquids on a special experimental bench that allows superimposing rarefaction to the front of the liquid metal.The video frames of the filling process the mold cavity without the reinforcing phase and with the presence of vertically mounted metal rods are obtained. It was established that the filling process without reinforcing elements occurs in three stages:1) the flow of a gushing free stream into space;2) the destruction of the free stream with the capture of the gas phase;3) filling the form with a continuous stream with the removal of smaller gas inclusions from the liquid volume.It was also established that with an increase in the rarefaction, the character of filling the mold is preserved, only the intervals of existence of the corresponding stages are reduced.In the presence of a reinforcing phase in the cavity, a marked decrease in the height of the gushing of the jet in the initial stage with an increase in the number of installed rods. In addition, crushing by rods of a limited model space creates more favorable conditions for removing the filled gas phase from a moving stream.
Oksana Dovzhenko, Volodymyr Pohribnyi
Technology transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions, Volume 3, pp 58-60; doi:10.21303/2585-6847.2019.001031

Systematic theoretical and experimental studies of the keyed joints of concrete and reinforced concrete elements have been carried out at PoltNTU over the recent thirty years that made it possible to formulate recommendations for their design and to improve the existing design solutions of joints. The keyed joints have higher bearing capacity. The method for calculating the strength of the joints is proposed. This method is based on the theory of concrete plasticity, the variational method and the principle of virtual velocities. It considers the stage of destruction and takes into account the full set of influence factors. The research takes into account the influence of the following factors on the joints strength: the ratio of the key depth to its height; compression level; the intensity of reinforcement and the nature of the reinforcement location. The keys of a rectangular profile of circular cross section are considered, which are formed in the voids of the slabs at their ends surface when girders concreting. For their reinforcement, a spatial cage in the form of a hollow cylinder is proposed. The results of experimental verification of the quantitative and qualitative influence on the joints strength of these factors are presented. The boundaries of the efficiency of reinforcement intensity, the degree of compression are determined, the optimal ratio of the depth of the key to its height is accepted. The design features of the joints of multi-hollow floor slabs (roofs) with a monolithic girder and between themselves in a precast-cast-in-place frame structural system, with wall panels in large-panel houses, as well as joints of wall panels on flexible loops in large-panel buildings, are taken into account. Examples of improved structural solutions for connecting elements of modern load-bearing systems based on the specifics of their work are given.
Juraj Nevrela, Anton Kuzma
Technology transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions, Volume 3, pp 29-31; doi:10.21303/2585-6847.2019.001020

The contribution deals with creating structure, which have unique properties for influencing the spectrum of light. Since these structures exhibit the period under the diffraction limit of visible light or UV radiation, they can’t be fabricated by standard photolithography. As a result, this nanoscale structure must be prepared with progressive nanostructure patterning technology known as nanoimprint lithography (NIL). Especially, in our work UV-nanoimprint lithography was used. Considering preservation of low production costs, which plays a crucial role in the industry, the UV-nanoimprint lithography will be best suit for this purpose. Using this technology result with respect to reproducibility and uniformity of created nanostructure has been achieved. Ability of influencing light spectrum for nanostructures with the period of 800 nm and 600 nm with various feature size were presented with observation and simulation also.
Anton Sheikus
Technology transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions, Volume 3, pp 20-22; doi:10.21303/2585-6847.2019.001043

Improving the control performance of objects with distributed parameters, which include the distillation process, is achievable by using mobile actions. It is known that moving along the column height of the feed point or redistributing a given flow between two contact devices of the apparatus makes it possible to achieve techno-economic indicators of stationary modes unattainable by traditional control. At the same time, transient responses in the column when using mobile actions remained unexplored.To solve this problem, a mathematical model of the dynamics of the distillation process has been developed, taking into account the mobile control actions, and the features of the dynamic modes of operation of the column when using them have been investigated. The model provides for the possibility of implementing disturbances and control actions of various shapes and intensities through several channels simultaneously or at certain points in time.It is established that a new stationary mode is achieved by regulating the pressure at the top of the column, the levels in the tanks to collect the bottom fractions and distillate. The use of PID controllers with actions on the refrigerant flow rate into the condenser and separation products is proposed. The dynamic process model is supplemented by a description of these automatic control loops.Using the developed model, computational experiments are carried out on the example of a column for the separation of a methanol-water mixture. It is proved that transient responses when using mobile control actions on the distillation process are characterized by acceptable quality indicators.The research results are applicable in the construction of systems for automatic mobile control of distillation processes, adaptive, optimal control systems using predictive models.
Oleksander Veretennik, Dmitry Kardashev, Sergey Aboleshkin
Technology transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions, Volume 3, pp 45-47; doi:10.21303/2585-6847.2019.001048

Detector of internal combustion engine’s crankshaft torsional vibrations based on accelerometer method is designed. It consists of a measuring and transmitting part, which is mounted on the crankshaft of a diesel engine or the propeller shaft of a vessel and a receiving and recording part placed remotely. The measuring and transmitting parts of detector is easily mounted on area of the shaft of the vessel important for the measurement, which are difficult to access for other methods of vibration measuring. It allows directly in real time to measure the tangential accelerations of the shaft without interfering in the propulsion unit work.Carrying out such measurements allows to control the arising torsional stresses and signalling the excess of their safety limit.The measurement results of engine's pulsations of rotation of the crankshaft, arising during operation, allow to watchkeeping engineer to analyze the quality of the working process of each engine’s cylinder in real time and at different operating modes of the vessel. This analysis makes it possible to assess the technical condition of the engine’s parts and assemblies (cylinder liner, piston, o-rings), the quality of the fuel equipment of the diesel engine and, in general, allows to control the technical condition of the entire engine.
Serhii Buriak
Technology transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions, Volume 3, pp 32-34; doi:10.21303/2585-6847.2019.001025

Switch electric drives are one of the most important and responsible components of railway automation, and therefore require the development and implementation of advanced diagnostic systems. Achievement of the goal is possible only through the use of modern mathematical and software tools. There is a problem in the use of electric motors for switch electric drives today. The point is that the nature of the load on the engine is determined by the reducer. Deterioration appears on the reducer during operation. The appearance of gaps between the gears causes the instability of the load on the shaft. Measurements and control of the size of the gaps is not performed. To solve this problem, it is proposed to use linear measurement of the gaps of the gears and further modelling of the reducer. This method will allow to determine the arising load fluctuations by the deviation of the angular velocities of rotation of the drive and driven shafts. The effect of the gaps on the system operation is shown by model in the form of transfer functions of the constituent elements and the system of equations. It will be possible to set limit values for the deterioration of the gears of the reducer by the determination the maximum deviation of shafts angular speeds of rotation in order to take measures in advance for their timely replacement and to keep the engines from excessive load.
Oksana Markova, Serhiy Semerikov
Technology transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions, Volume 3, pp 12-15; doi:10.21303/2585-6847.2019.001039

The article substantiates the necessity to develop methods of computer simulation of neural networks in the spreadsheet environment. The systematic review of their application to simulating artificial neural networks is performed. The authors distinguish basic approaches to solving the problem of network computer simulation training in the spreadsheet environment, joint application of spreadsheets and tools of neural network simulation, application of third-party add-ins to spreadsheets, development of macros using the embedded languages of spreadsheets; use of standard spreadsheet add-ins for non-linear optimization, creation of neural networks in the spreadsheet environment without add-ins and macros. It is shown that to acquire neural simulation competences in the spreadsheet environment, one should master the models based on the historical and genetic approach. The article considers ways of building neural network models in cloud-based spreadsheets, Google Sheets. The model is based on the problem of classifying multidimensional data provided in “The Use of Multiple Measurements in Taxonomic Problems” by R. A. Fisher. Edgar Anderson’s role in collecting and preparing the data in the 1920s–1930s is discussed as well as some peculiarities of data selection.
Svitlana Andrieieva, Tetyana Khaustova
Technology transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions, Volume 3, pp 73-75; doi:10.21303/2585-6847.2019.001041

The aim of research is studying the rheological properties of gelatinized starch dispersions based on physical modification starches, depending on technological factors.Realization of the research aim will allow to obtain products (sauces, filler creams for confectionery products, etc.) using physical modification starches that are capable of selling products with specified structural and mechanical indicators, quality and safety indicators. And also ensure the rational use of raw materials, reduce the complexity of the technological process of production of culinary products.The current trends in the development of starch technology for physical modification and their use in food technology are analyzed. A review of literature data has become the background for the use of these starches in food technology, which primarily draws attention to the colloidal stability of food systems.A decrease in viscosity (the tendency ηmax=>ηmin) indicates the destruction degree of structural elements under the influence of mechanical stress and thermolysis. Tapioca starches “Endura”, “Indulge” and waxy maize starch “Prima” have practically the same values η (min) and η (max), which indicates the stability of the structure of gelatinized starch dispersions. This is probably due to the fact that grains with a monodisperse fraction (≈83 %) swell and gelatinize equivalently.A study of the effect of acids on the formation and stability of gelatinized starch dispersions shows that the most pronounced stability is characterized by dispersions based on Prima waxy starch and Endura tapioca.The gelatinized starch dispersions based on corn starch amylopectin exhibit low stability during the maximum peak gelatinization depending on the effect of sugar and acid.A thermodynamic study of physical modification starches wi carried out, which confirms the amount of energy expended on unpacking the starch grain, which confirms the initial gelatinization of starches.
Tomas Debnar, Peter Kubinec, Michal Micjan
Technology transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions, Volume 3, pp 35-38; doi:10.21303/2585-6847.2019.001030

The aim of this research was to research and verify the possibilities of using microphone to determine mechanical load acting on high voltage insulator. The insulator features a cable hole, which can be used for optical cables. Let’s use this hole as a microphone mount in order to listen to sounds inside of an insulator. The cable hole and the insulator end holes were filled with insulating foam to insulate microphone from the external interferences. Acoustic measurements were performed on the outdoor post insulator C30-850-II. The insulator was placed in bending machine and was repeatedly mechanically stressed by bending forces. The results of this research verify the suitability of the selected method for future use in the proposed device for detection of mechanical overload of high-voltage insulators.
Larysa Hlembotska, Oleksandr Melnyk
Technology transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions, Volume 3, pp 52-54; doi:10.21303/2585-6847.2019.001027

Importance of the use of titanic alloys is shown in many industries of engineer. Problems which arise at their processing are described that negatively affect process productivity and indicators of surface quality and etc. This is especially important when machining plane surfaces of parts by face milling. The surface roughness depends first of all on geometrical parameters and the shape of the cutting edge of the tool insert that contacts the processed surface. Therefore it was developed an original design of face mill with a stepped insert arrangement with a cylindrical front surface, and at the same time process productivity was improved.Expediency of use of the proposed design of a face mill it is proved by comparative experimental studies of influence of a form of a front surface of round inserts on roughness of the machined surface of parts from titanium alloy VT1-0. The comparison was made between the machining of the face mill with a cylindrical front insert surface and a standard face mill with round inserts (ISO 6462:2011). A non-composite second-order plan was received results of the study were obtained for the conditions of machining titanium alloy.The profile of the machined surface was investigated to evaluate the roughness Ra and it was determined that, with the maximum cutting modes, the face mill of the original design provided a lower roughness of the machined surface than a standard mill. The optimum cutting modes are determined by the criterion of the roughness of the machined surface of parts made of titanium alloy VT1-0 and the process productivity of face milling. The proposed face mill provides a 1.26 time increase in productivity compared to machining a standard face mill while obtaining minimal roughness.
Iryna Zeniv, Yevhenii Batrak, Nataliia Tsopa
Technology transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions, Volume 3, pp 23-25; doi:10.21303/2585-6847.2019.001034

It is always relevant to improve performance in electrodynamic systems. When solving problems on the electrodynamic characteristics of hollow coupled systems, the question is often asked about the relationship between them, about the form of the communication hole with a certain orientation of the guide axes in the system elements and its geometric dimensions. Such a system is a generator (small-sized local oscillator8 mmrange). The inclusion of a high-Q stabilizing resonator in the Gunn diode generator significantly improves its characteristics.The use of a low-quality coaxial chamber as a diode section increases the generation stability. However, this complicates the numerical calculations of the electrodynamic system of the generator due to the uncertain configuration of the communication hole, since it arises as a result of the intersection of two cylindrical volumes of a coaxial waveguide and a high-quality cylindrical resonator.In the present work, the task is determination of the shape and size of the intersection figure of two unequal radii of cylindrical volumes with axes orthogonally located in relation to each other at a distance.The resulting shape of the intersection figure in a planar approximation forms a flat ellipse. The larger diameter of the coupling ellipse depends on the diameter of the resonator, the smaller on the inner diameter of the coaxial chamber, depending on the distance between their axes.It is necessary to determine the equivalent rectangular hole of the connection. Its presence simplifies the construction of a tangent electric field at the communication hole, which is necessary for numerical calculations of the electrodynamic characteristics of the system.In this case, with constant diameters of the cylindrical resonators, the geometrical dimensions of the hole depend only on the distance between the axes.It is with this circumstance that they are dealing with the study of the connection between a cylindrical coaxial diode section and a high-Q stabilizing resonator. Unlike other circuits, where the diode is included in the waveguide section, in this case, its inclusion is made in a coaxial line.
Cernaj Lubos, Kozarik Jozef
Technology transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions, Volume 3, pp 42-44; doi:10.21303/2585-6847.2019.001037

The aim of this research is to research and verify possibilities of using the accelerometer to determine mechanical load acting on high voltage insulator. Accelerometer measurements were done on the outdoor post insulator C30 - 850 - II. The insulator was loaded multiple times with various bending force. Vibration induced by external forces was detected by an accelerometer. The insulator features a cable hole, which can be used for optical cables. The accelerometer was glued to the outside surface of insulator’s plate. The results of this research will be used to verify the suitability of the chosen method for detecting the mechanical overload of high-voltage insulators. The results will be used in the design of a device that will serve to detect overload early in order to prevent damage to high-voltage lines and increase its reliability and durability.
Valeriya Ananieva, Anna Belinska
Technology transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions, Volume 3, pp 70-72; doi:10.21303/2585-6847.2019.001015

Microbiological oil solutions of provitamin A (β-carotene) as a dietary supplement are not widely used due to their low oxidation stability. The aim of research is determination of the effect of sesame antioxidants on the oxidative stability of provitamin A in oil solutions.The peroxide number of vegeTable oils is determined by the standard method by the titrimetric method. The value of the period of induction of oil oxidation is determined graphically from the growth curves of peroxide numbers. The content of tocopherols in oils is determined by spectrophotometric method. The content of sesamol and sesamoline in oils is determined by the colorimetric method. The oxidative stability of oils is determined using the accelerated “active oxygen” method.To plan the experiment and process the data, mathematical methods are applied using the software Microsoft Office Excel 2003.The oxidation stability of blended oils (a mixture of sesame, high oleic, sunflower and corn refined oils) and its components is investigated. Blended oil has a lower oxidative stability than sesame oil, but higher than corn and high oleic sunflower. The oxidative stability of the blend is enhanced by the antioxidant content of sesamol and sesamoline. The content of the above antioxidants, as well as the amount of tocopherols, is studied in blended oils. The oxidation stability of the obtained solution of provitamin A in blended oils is investigated. The period of induction of oxidation of blended oils with the addition of 0.2 % β-carotene increases by 1.3 times compared with the period of induction of the original blended oil. Blended long-life oil is recommended to be used to stabilize fat-soluble biologically active compounds.
Oleksandr Dubyna
Technology transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions, Volume 3, pp 26-28; doi:10.21303/2585-6847.2019.001032

Currently, information on the spatial description of objects is used in many areas of human activity. One of these types of information is the coordinates of objects. Such data are used in cartography, in the construction of digital maps and 3D models, for the operation of navigation aids, etc. In the automated creation of digital models of terrain relief, one of the main qualitative indicators is the accuracy of determining the height of objects. The main influence on this indicator is made by the parallax measurement error when processing stereo images. To obtain a formula for calculating the accuracy of measuring the height of objects, let’s use the expansion of the function in a Taylor series. Using the Cramer-Rao formula for the potential accuracy of measuring the coordinates of the image of the object in the image, the Fourier transform and Parseval's equality, the formula for the potential accuracy of combining stereo images (parallax measurements) is obtained. The analysis of the obtained formulas shows that the image alignment accuracy deteriorates with an increase in the noise power spectral density in the first and second images and a decrease in the similarity of one image to another, as well as with a decrease in the effective width of the mutual spatial spectrum of stereo images. As the value of the stereo recognition basis increases, the error in measuring the heights of objects first improves, and then worsens. This deterioration is due to the fact that stereo pair images are obtained from different spatial points and at the same time perspective distortions and distortions in relief appear on the images. Accordingly, with an increase in the basis of shooting, these distortions will increase. This approach can be used when planning the mode of stereo shooting and equipment for removing the earth's surface for mapping, obtaining 3D models, etc.
Mohammad Alhawawsha, Anatoly Anisimov
Technology transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions, Volume 3, pp 3-5; doi:10.21303/2585-6847.2019.001023

Today, it is expected that governments will respond to public needs, manage public funds efficiently and transparently, and adapt to social changes. In this transitional process, public administration gains inspiration from private companies, goal-driven management, and custom. At the same time, the resistance to such a large organizational change is enormous. The huge size of the government makes it slow to change, especially when the implementation of e-government is only one of the many challenges that the government must deal with e-oriented policies. The quest to implement e-government projects is motivated by the fundamental policy goals of (i) increased effectiveness, efficiency, and information quality; and (ii) improved interaction mechanisms, and in turn better governance tools. In Jordan, e-services initiative is the heart of the e-government. Therefore, the ICT sector is best served and is able to deliver e-government services in an integrated manner, as a result since 2000, many national ICT projects have been launched to sustain and support the e-government program.
Dmitry Mironenko, Elena Balalayeva
Technology transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions, Volume 3, pp 16-19; doi:10.21303/2585-6847.2019.001047

A technique has been developed for the formation of the semantic core of a site for Internet resources with already generated or dynamically generated content. A mathematical model based on data mining methods is given. For analysis and further research, an information technology is developed – a web service. The main users of this web service will be SEO specialists, for whom it will become a convenient tool. This web service relies on data mining methods and statistics on the use of search queries obtained from the Google Search interface. Integration of the data allows to qualitatively select the necessary keywords and give a list of the most optimal, relating to the subject of the site.For research, the site of the Department of Computer Science of the Azov State Technical University was selected. During the experiment, a list of keywords and phrases was obtained. The words in the list are sorted in decreasing order of performance. The automated formation of the semantic core eliminated the subjectivity of the SEO specialist when selecting words and phrases, the time spent on its formation is ten times less than the manual semantic analysis. The result set included only those words and phrases that are often used in the content and are most significant. Using Google Search to adjust the list of words allows to match words with search queries and select those for which users are looking for information. The web service has a flexible mechanism for regulating (limiting) the number of keywords in the result set.The main advantage of using this service is that only those words and phrases fall into the semantic core, in response to which there is something to offer visitors on the site.
Dmytro Dubinin, Oleksandr Pirohov, Yuliia Bezuhla
Technology transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions, Volume 3, pp 61-63; doi:10.21303/2585-6847.2019.001033

About 40 thousand fires occur in Ukraine in natural ecosystems every year. Fires cause enormous damage to the environment, the population, and also the country's entire economy. Prevention and suppression of fires is one of the most relevant and most important tasks in Ukraine. To combat fires in natural ecosystems, such methods of fighting fires as the creation of reference fire-fighting lines are widely used. The results of an experiment on the creation of fire-fighting lines using an explosion of a single and double shell with a combustible mixture were carried out. To fill the shell, a stoichiometric mixture of acetylene with atmospheric pressure air was used. The shell was a plastic film 150 μm thick. During the experiment, the influence of the size (radius) of the shell and the number of lines on the width of the created reference fire-fighting lines, the distribution of the mass of vegetation along the shell with a combustible mixture before and after the explosion was studied.The obtained results of the experiment showed that the vegetation removal degree along the charge axis to the vegetation cover after the explosion is 0.05. The dependences of the vegetation removal degree on the reduced energy per one meter of the line with a combustible mixture are obtained. It is calculated that in the experiment, the energy per linear meter of the line with the combustible mixture was 3.04 MJ/m, 6.6 MJ/m and 10.9 MJ/m for the line with a radius of 0.5 m, 0.65 m and 0.9 m, respectively.The distribution of the vegetation removal degree was experimentally established, and based on the processing of the results obtained, dependencies were determined that made it possible to calculate the width of the reference fire-fighting line.
Natalia Bubyr
Technology transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions, Volume 3, pp 83-85; doi:10.21303/2585-6847.2019.001026

It is a well-known fact that sustainable land use can contribute the formation and maintenance of balanced territorial development. At the same time in scientific publications too little attention is paid to the consideration of land-use planning as an indispensable elementary component of sustainable land use.The aim of this article is to highlight is the importance of land-use planning for balanced territorial development within united territorial communities, mainly by analyzing existing land use and justification recommendations for optimizing land use on a balanced development basis.Land-use planning involves the creation of documentation, including planning and mapping materials, which regulates of land use process within certain administrative unit. In Ukraine, such materials are first of all, a scheme (plan) of land-use certain territorial community, which is compiled on a scale of 1:10000 and contains the current state of land use within the territory of the village council (united territorial community), environmental measures and information on land-use planning for the appropriate perspective. So, the main direction of implementation the ideas of balanced territorial development for the certain administrative unit is the creating a plan for its land-use planning based on the principles of optimization landscape systems on the balanced development basis.On this basis, let’s analyze the current state of land use the Nedogarkiv United Territorial Community and justify recommendations for optimizing land use on a balanced development basis.On a whole, land-use planning is essential for the organization of balanced (sustainable) development of the territory, since the documental status of all created materials indicates that they are mandatory for all landowners and land users. The only disadvantage is the complete dependence of land-use planning on the legislative framework certain country, which complicates the offering of uniform methods of its application for several states or individual regions of the world.
Elena Lavrova
Technology transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions, Volume 3, pp 80-82; doi:10.21303/2585-6847.2019.001014

The quality of the deposited layer is determined by the conditions of its formation, as well as the properties of local zones, due to the parameters of the thermal cycle of surfacing (mechanical, microstructural, chemical, etc.). When surfacing the austenitic layer on pearlitic steels, the properties of the heat-affected zone, along with the resistance of the surface layer to corrosion, largely determine the performance and durability of the deposited product. To reduce the amount of heat input and effectively control the structure and properties of the heat-affected zone when restoring working surfaces by submerged arc surfacing, a method for surfacing with a tape electrode with controlled mechanical transfer of electrode metal is proposed.Studies have shown that the imposition of longitudinal sinusoidal vibrations on the end of the tape electrode can reduce the level of heat input in the heat-affected zone by increasing the efficiency of fusion of the base metal. At the investigated frequency of 50 Hz, the duration of the dots on the boundary of the fusion line and below it in the range 900 ... .1100 °С is less than when surfacing without controlled mechanical transfer. Reducing heat input into the heat-affected zone in the temperature range 900 ... 1100 °С provides a finer-grained structure.The use of forced vibrations of the end of the tape when surfacing a high-alloy austenitic layer on low-carbon steel makes it possible to obtain a finer-grained structure at the fusion boundary in the heat-affected zone. This will increase the resistance of the heat-affected zone to the formation of defects associated with a decrease in its mechanical properties.
Lidiya Parashchuk, Maryna Mikhalieva
Technology transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions, Volume 3, pp 67-69; doi:10.21303/2585-6847.2019.001040

The authors substantiated the relevance of scientific studies of the electrical properties of multicomponent liquids. Such liquids are real objects that require stock control during operation. This applies to many areas of human activity: environmental monitoring, the chemical and food industries, medicine, and the like. Laboratory methods are unable to meet the following requirements.The electrical properties of substances, including liquids, have been well studied by scientists. In addition, the high level of modern experimental technology allows to combine theoretical and practical achievements, in this case chemical and physical-electrical sciences.In the theoretical provisions regarding the electrical methods for the study of the composition of liquids, the authors, based on the classical knowledge of dielectric conductivity physics, argue for their use for applied chemical measurements. After all, physico-chemical electrical measurements have long been used for the study of two-component standard solutions. The authors propose to improve such measurements and use them for multicomponent liquids. At the same time, it is proposed to use the developed primary converters and a new informative parameter - complex conductivity components (admittance).On the basis of the obtained experimental results, the research conditions are formulated. The measuring system consists of a primary capacitive transducer (carbon electrodes in vessels with the test liquid); multi-frequency current generator (RLC meter) and computer.The dependences of the values of the complex components of conductivity on the frequency of the electromagnetic field between the electrodes for liquids with dissolved substances of different chemical nature and concentrations were investigated. Some individual properties have been established for such substances, which allow to develop methods and methods of operational control of the composition of multicomponent liquids by electrical parameters.The article discusses the scientific and practical results of research and the advantages of the developed methods and methods of composition control for real liquids. Also, some of the scientific facts obtained allow to further develop and develop methods of electro-chemical research with a wider range of constituents, for low concentrations and without complex laboratory manipulations.
Oksana Berdnyk
Technology transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions, Volume 3, pp 76-79; doi:10.21303/2585-6847.2019.001024

Analysis of energy efficiency and operational safety of technological equipment of industrial enterprises, engineering networks, buildings and structures, building structures in many sectors of the economy, including the housing and industrial sectors, causes interest in the use of high-tech, environmentally friendly heat and sound insulation materials with enhanced performance properties. One of the relevant representatives of these materials is basalt fibers and their use as raw materials in the production of flexible heat and sound insulating products.It is known that the chemical composition of the initial melt equally affects the physicochemical and mechanical properties of basalt fibers. The main influence factors, including the chemical composition, are the thermal past of the melt, the method for producing basalt fiber and the conditions for the formation of its structure. These factors determine the structural characteristics of the fiber and, as a consequence, its physicochemical characteristics. The degree of fiber strength is directly determined by its chemical composition and production method. The greatest strength of the fiber is obtained by ensuring the perfect fiber structure in the absence of ruptures of siliceous chains.
Andrii Kozhushko, Kseniia Riezva
Technology transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions, Volume 3, pp 39-41; doi:10.21303/2585-6847.2019.001038

The problem of providing functional stability while moving vehicles arises during research of the types of transport works used in agriculture. A wheeled tractor with trailer or semitrailer units is used as a vehicle in the agricultural sector. These days most manufacturers of tractor technology increase the performance of transport work, such as increasing of engines power and cargo transportation. This trend is dangerous, especially when transporting units with variable mass (tanks), because the transportation of liquid cargo leads to significant self-oscillations, which effects on the movement dynamics. One of the studies that characterizes the dynamics of the vehicle movement is running smoothness. This research can provide information about the driver's comfort and vibration occurrence in a vehicle. The materials in this article are basic in the study of running smoothness of a tractor with a variable mass unit and also provide prerequisites for the coverage of the recommendations for reducing driver seat and tractor frame vertical acceleration.
Nadiia Yaremenko, Olena Yaremenko
Technology transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions, Volume 3, pp 48-51; doi:10.21303/2585-6847.2019.001044

Calculations of building structures, the development and improvement of calculation methods, the use of numerical methods in solving these problems are one of the promising areas.The paper presents on the basis of the theory of plastic flow with hardening the equations of state in increments, the equations of virtual work, the geometric equations in increments for small elongations, shifts, and rotation angles.The calculations take into account, depending on the intensity of the current load, the elastoplastic properties of the material, both the structure and the soil environment interacting with it, with a complex process of loading [1-3].For numerical implementation, the equations arising from the conditions of Genius – applicable to concrete, Coulomb - Mohr – applicable to soil environments are applicable.The information presented is implemented in the form of software systems that make it possible to obtain numerical results of solutions to problems in the calculation of underground structures.An example of calculating a structure based on these methods using a software package is also given. The elastoplastic properties of the material, both the structure and the soil medium interacting with it, are taken into account during the complex process of their loading.
Olena Kositsyna
Technology transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions, Volume 3, pp 64-66; doi:10.21303/2585-6847.2019.001036

The growth of science and technology of polyurethanes leads to the development of new materials with more desirable properties. Modification of polyurethane (PU) by incorporating metal and functional groups are used extensively to improve various properties, such as enhanced thermal stability, fire retardancy, flexibility and solubility. In this investigation, a new metal-containing poly(urethane-semicarbazides) bearing a pyridine moiety have been synthesized and characterized by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), differential thermal analysis (DTA/TG) and tensile strength measurements. The results showed that the incorporation of metal ions into the polymer chain greatly influenced their mechanical and thermal properties. The tensile strength measurements on the PU films showed a marked difference in the elongation and tensile strength for compositions with various metal salts. The nature of the anion of the salt also affects the properties of the polymers, since the anions are able to form complexes with hydrogen atoms of urethane-semicarbazide PU segments. According to the results of DTA, introduction of metal ions leads to the increase of the thermal stability of metal-containing PU, as compared to the original PU. FTIR spectra data confirmed that the metal ions Cu2+, Co2+ are coordinated in the polymer metal chelates with hydrazide and urethane groups. The research results can be used to develop the new materials and methods for the preparation and designing of metal-containing polymers required in various areas, such as development of medical equipment, functional films and other related areas.
Halyna Holub, Olena Soloviova
Technology transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions, Volume 3, pp 9-11; doi:10.21303/2585-6847.2019.001028

In modern conditions of growth of informatization, to ensure the reliability of the functioning of distributed computer information-diagnostic and control systems, which are mandatory for consideration, there are problems of assessing security and implementing protection of operational information.The state of information protection and the reliability of computer systems for corporate monitoring and diagnosis of the railway power supply system are analyzed. The main tasks in the intellectualization of component systems are defined, namely traction electric network. The principles of information protection are proposed, which include: active protection of information; convincing protection of information, consisting in the justification of the design and measures to protect the conditions and circumstances. Such a principle as the continuity of the information protection process provides for the organization of the protection of objects at all stages of the development and operation life cycle. A variety of information protection tools provides for the exclusion of patterns at the stage of selecting cover objects and various ways to implement protection, not excluding the use of standard solutions.The combination of the above principles in the work is called an integrated approach to information security, which is the basis for the creation of computer information protection systems. According to the sphere of information security, this approach complies with international ISO standards, and for the technical protection of information and state standards it complies with the requirements of existing national legislative and regulatory documents.To ensure the security of information stored and processed in computer systems, the coordinated application of various security measures is necessary.
Viktor Herasymenko, Ivan Pertsovyi, Oleksandr Rozputnyi
Technology transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions pp 30-33; doi:10.21303/2585-6847.2018.00768

In Ukraine, as a result of the Chernobyl disaster, 2,218 villages and cities with a population of about 2.4 million residents were in the zone of radioactive contamination. Pollution has undergone almost the entire territory of Polesia and a significant part of the Forest-Steppe. The population living in radioactively contaminated areas receives an additional more natural dose level of external and internal exposure. External irradiation is due to the high content of 137Cs in soils, with the decay of which increases the power of gamma radiation on the ground. Internal exposure is caused by the ingestion of 137Cs and 90Sr during the consumption of food products. The rural population with the consumption of products grown in household plots, receives significantly higher doses of radiation than the city.The activity of 137Cs and 90Sr in milk, meat, potatoes and other vegetable products is grown on the backyards of residents of the villages Osypivka and Tarasivka of the Bila Tserkva district of the Kyiv region, who have been subjected to radioactive contamination due to the Chernobyl disaster. The research results show that milk, meat and vegetable products grown in radioactively contaminated areas of the forest-steppe zone meet the radiation safety criteria for 137Cs and 90Sr. The internal exposure dose of the residents of the Osypivka village with the consumption of food products is 0.065 mSv/year, and that of the Tarasivka village - 0.028 mSv/year. Consumption of milk and potatoes makes the greatest contribution to the dose of internal exposure. The external radiation dose due to pollution of the territory of the settlement of 137Cs residents of the Osypivka village is 0.72 mSv/year, and that of the Tarasivka village – 0.27 mSv/year. The annual effective dose to residents of the Osypivka village – 0.78 mSv/year, and the residents of the Tarasivka village - 0.30 mSv/year, which does not exceed the dose of radiation established by current legislation at 1 mSv/year
Olesia Bilous
Technology transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions pp 6-8; doi:10.21303/2585-6847.2018.00757

Sport of higher achievements requires hard training from athletes in a hard time mode for many years. Therefore, it is very important to monitor the diet of athletes. The aim of this research is development of a complex herbal antioxidant that can be used to increase the quality of the oils, fats and fat-containing products included in the diet. The current state of the use of antioxidants is assessed. The features of plant and synthetic antioxidants are described. The development of antioxidant is carried out from such plant materials as walnut leaves and calendula flowers. The chemical composition of the active antioxidant substances of walnut leaves and calendula flowers is given. The methods used in the work are aimed at obtaining extracts, estimating rational extraction parameters, and testing the antioxidant abilities of the extracts from periods of induction of products with different fatty acid composition. It is also used to plan and process the results of a full factorial experiment, to develop a technology for stabilizing fat-containing products to oxidation processes. It is proved that the developed complex antioxidant can increase the stability of food products to oxidation processes, protecting the product from the accumulation of free radicals. The rational parameters of the process of extraction of antioxidant substances from the studied plant materials are indicated. Data from induction periods, by which the quality of the extracts was assessed, is obtained using the Oxy test device. Synergism between tocopherols and antioxidant substances of walnut leaf extracts and calendula flowers is studied. The effectiveness of the antioxidant in relation to the products of different fatty acid composition is shown, which gives the right to use the antioxidant in a wide range of fat-containing products. A scheme for the stabilization of vegetable oils by the developed antioxidant is proposed. Recommendations on the enrichment of the diet of athletes by developed antioxidant are given
Technology transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions pp 3-5; doi:10.21303/2585-6847.2018.00756

The results of the study of the process of electrochemical oxidation of Ti6Al4V titanium alloy in solutions of tartaric, citric and oxalic acids are presented. It is shown that the nature of the forming dependencies of the alloy depends on the magnitude of the current density. When ja0,5 A∙dm–2, a continuous oxide film forms on the surface of the alloy and linear dependences are observed. Films produced under these conditions are interference colored. The maximum thickness of the film is determined by the specified value of the forming voltage U and does not depend on other parameters of electrolysis. For a number of identical values of U, the dependence of the limiting film thickness has a linear form. The color of the oxide film is determined by the voltage value and does not depend on the current density and electrolyte concentration. It is established that the color of the film corresponds to the magnitude of the forming voltage in the range of 10–100 V. The effect is due to the fact that film formation during anodic polarization occurs under the presence of a potential gradient, the magnitude of which is constant for titanium. An increase in a given value of U leads to a proportional increase in the limiting thickness of the oxide, which determines the color of its color. The research results to determine the effect of electrolysis parameters on the characteristics of oxide films make it possible to substantiate the regime for producing TiO2 films on the surface of the Ti6Al4V alloy. The obtained data are the basis for the development of technology for the electrochemical oxidation of titanium alloys to give their surface functional properties
Olena Feoktystova, Nastasia Rovinska
Technology transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions pp 52-54; doi:10.21303/2585-6847.2018.00760

In the article there is analyzed the present condition of the problem of high-tech project management to develop the new objects by the aviation profile enterprises. The analyses showed that for improvement of the efficiency of portfolio management it should be developed special methodic tools of decision support system by HR and Project managers about executors’ composition forming of high-tech projects taking into account number of indicators of different character and first of all employee competence.Based on the analyzed results the integrated process model was developed which described the main stages of team formation of high-tech projects executors. There is formation of expert committee of employees of aviation profile enterprises for the choice of rational variant of team composition from the several alternatives; estimation of the candidates’ competencies level for the including to the high-tech project team, the communication level assessment of the future team participants, selection by the collective expert estimation, united variant of executive team of high-tech project. This model provides increasing of the level of objectivity of finally decision about composition of team executors of high-tech project unlike other famous models. Practical value of proposed model is in decreasing of the risks of incorrect decision making by HRs and project managers during the process of formation of team executors of high-tech project.Based on developed methodical tools, in the article there is described process of formation of team executors of high-tech project on the typical aviation profile enterprises PF “Space”. This company is specialized on development of airdrome techniques in particular self-propelled passenger ladder. Also in this article there are described methods and computation effect from integration of theoretical results into the practice of management by the high-tech projects on the aviation profile enterprises.Practice value of received results is in creation of science methodic basis in aggregate models view and methods of decision making support of HR and project managers for the formation of team executors’ composition of high-tech projects. These results can be used in portfolio management not only on the aviation profile enterprises but in any other innovation companies
Ruslan Meleshchenko, Stella Gornostal
Technology transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions pp 55-57; doi:10.21303/2585-6847.2018.00754

An important task in the design of buildings for different purposes is ensuring the safety of people's livelihoods. To protect them from the negative factors of fire, various devices are used to localize and stop burning. One of the elements of the fire protection of the building is the internal firefighting water supply. For the supply of water to extinguish a fire, it is provided for the installation of firefighting hydrants sets with a diameter of 25 and 33 mm. To date, there is no clear procedure for selecting fire hydrant equipment of small diameter for different types of buildings. To formulate the requirements for them, the influence of various factors on the actual flow of water is investigated. According to the results of the experiment, empirical dependences of water consumption for semi-rigid hoses are obtained. Analysis of the simulation results shows that the actual flow of water from a fire hydrant largely depends on the pressure in the network and the diameter of the hose.A comparison of actual water consumption with regulatory data is done. The inexpediency of the use of equipment, whose characteristics do not provide the necessary indicators, is shown. A 3-step procedure for selecting the characteristics of a fire hydrant is proposed, including determining the flow rate of water from a fire hydrant for semi-rigid hoses of different lengths, degree of deployment and arbitrary pressure values in the water supply network. The result is compared with the standard value. The proposed procedure allows to reasonably choose the equipment that can ensure the successful extinguishing of the fire. Its practical value is reducing the flow of water to extinguish a fire and reduce material losses
Andriy Lysyy, Vitaliy Kotenko, Stanislav Yakovtsev
Technology transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions pp 37-39; doi:10.21303/2585-6847.2018.00759

The world merchant fleet covers about 90 % of all world trade. Over the past decades, there has been a growth trend and currently stands at 93,262 units, or 1.9 billion tons of deadweight. As the number of fleets grows, so does fuel consumption, which in turn increases emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere. Currently, annual carbon dioxide emissions are about 800 million tons. According to experts, this figure may double by 2060. International organizations are taking steps to reduce emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere. After analyzing the main methods of controlling emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere from ships and the realities of the modern maritime transport market, it should be noted that more attention should be paid to the problem of inefficient use of energy resources, as well as the development and implementation of innovative technologies in shipping. The irrational use of energy resources is often due to inefficient feedback between the participants in the maritime transport. Creation and development of a program based on a conceptual scheme should reduce the irrational costs of energy resources, which in turn will lead to a decrease in emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere in the industry of maritime transportation. The introduction of innovative technologies, and in particular, autonomous ships, needs more attention. Having considered such a project as YARA Birkeland, it should be noted that the development and development of ships with zero emissions should play a key role in solving the problem of emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere. Even in the early stages of developing autonomous ships, it is becoming clear that autonomous ships in synergy with existing concepts such as Slow Steaming can lead to revolutionary changes in environmental issues
Yevheniia Boiko
Technology transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions pp 9-11; doi:10.21303/2585-6847.2018.00766

The article presents a method for determining and ranking significance of the criteria of an information system for managing projects and programs (hereinafter, PMIS) based on the concept of subjective probability with the help of expert assessments. The method of expert assessments is implemented by processing the opinions of experienced specialists on the possible values of losses and (or) the probability of their occurrence. It is also used in non-formalizable problem situations, when the lack of a sufficient array of information or its unreliability does not allow the use of purely formal mathematical methods. When analyzing the PMIS choice, expert assessments can be used, firstly, to form a subjective assessment of one or another PMIS with the subsequent use of this information in order to quantify it using statistical methods. Secondly, for a qualitative assessment of the PMIS choice in terms of determining their rank significance, priority in an ordered list of PMIS criteria.As the main stages of the proposed methodology, the following are proposed:1) development of a list of assessed PMIS criteria and formation of a list of experts;2) conducting a survey of experts in order to obtain a set of individual expert assessments according to the PMIS criteria;3) calculation of the average assessment criteria of the PMIS;4) checking the consistency of expert opinions on the rank significance of the assessed PMIS criteria based on the Kendall coefficient of concordance;5) summing up the results of expert assessment of the PMIS criteria.The practical aspects of the expert assessment are considered: calculation tables, the method of filling them, processing and analyzing the results. The method of expert assessment of the PMIS criteria was further developed, thanks to which a set of effective and functional criteria was determined, which will be taken into account when developing technical requirements for this system
Ganna Bakharieva, Serhii Petrov, Tetiana Falalieieva
Technology transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions pp 26-29; doi:10.21303/2585-6847.2018.00753

A scientifically sound method for calculating the parameters of bio-cleaning should contain as a basic a reliable mathematical description of the stationary process. The results of stationary laboratory experiments are presented in the coordinates “specific rate of destruction V – concentration ρ”. Statistical processing proves the presence of substrate inhibition for both gaseous and soluble and dissolved harmful substances in water. For an analytical description of the dependence of the biooxidation rate on the concentration of contaminants, a phenomenological approach is applied, taking into account in a simple form two obvious phenomena: the contact of a microorganism with a substrate molecule and the inhibitory effect of the medium on it. The numerical values of empirical dependency coefficients for the studied processes are calculated.A differential equation is proposed at the macro level that describes the kinetics of biochemical destruction. The concept of a macrokinetic mathematical model of bioremediation is defined as a system of two functions that quantitatively reflect the dependence of the specific oxidation rate of pollution on its concentration and concentration on time, as well as satisfying the relationship between the relationships of the same parameters in differential form. The dependence of concentration on time is defined both in the form of a numerical integration algorithm and in the form of an approximate formula. The adequacy and universality of the proposed model for the studied processes is proved. The advantage of the proposed model of substrate inhibition kinetics is the simplicity of the structure of the basic formula and the ease of determining empirical coefficients based on this. In addition to numerical integration for determining the time of destruction, an approximate analytical solution is found, which can be adequately used in the concentration range of the experimental study. Further research is aimed at developing methods for calculating non-stationary processes in biochemical purification plants of certain specific types
Yuri Romanenkov, Mariia Danova
Technology transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions pp 15-17; doi:10.21303/2585-6847.2018.00752

The problem of determining the Green IT development strategy using decision support tools is described in the article. Technology Green IT is a typical result of the advanced technologies convergence, especially information and knowledge. The expediency of the foresight technology applying for the Green IT development perspective directions evaluating is shown. It is indicated that the most critical, in this case, is the stage of forming the initial list of directions. The technology of retrospective analysis of the Green IT development based on the parametric synthesis of the predictive model of exponential smoothing under the conditions of data uncertainty is presented. For the implementation of the parametric analysis of Brown’s predictive model, or exponential smoothing, is used the exponential average value of the stationary time series to evaluate its value at the next time point. The applying of the developed technology provides experts with additional volumes of information about the perspectives for the Green IT development. An example of a retrospective analysis of the Green IT development directions is given. The initial data for the retrospective analysis used the number of scientific publications for the period from 2010 to 2015 in Ukraine, which characterizes the Green IT direction development. The following directions were assessed: green software engineering, software ecosystem, energy-saving green software and green telecommunications. As a result, the most promising direction is green software engineering. The results of the analysis are one of the sources of information for assessing the perspectives for the Green IT development directions by experts
Mariia Chorna, Dmytro Milenin
Technology transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions pp 43-45; doi:10.21303/2585-6847.2018.00769

The article solves the problem of obtaining scientifically based practical and experimental results of increasing the yield and oil content of sunflower seeds, based on the use of information EMF of EHF range for pre-sowing treatment of seeds.The study of the biophysical effects of the electromagnetic field on sunflower seeds was carried out in order to determine the biotropic parameters of the electromagnetic field, which have a stimulating effect on the seeds. For this, a mathematical model of a sunflower seed in the form of a spheroid was developed.For the calculations, the following frequency range of the exciting wave 25–40 GHz was chosen. The choice of this range is due to two circumstances. First, the relative dielectric constant of sunflower seeds in this range practically does not have frequency dispersion. Secondly, the wavelength is commensurate with the characteristic geometrical sizes of the seeds and, therefore, the intensity of the excited electric field inside the seeds resonantly depends on the frequency.The measurement of chemiluminescence was chosen as the response of the biological object. For registration of extremely weak light fluxes of seeds, the photon counting method was chosen, which made it possible to carry out effective measurements of both spontaneous biochemiluminescence and induced information EMF. As a result of theoretical and experimental studies, a system was developed for measuring the chemiluminescence of seeds.The purpose of the experiment was clarification of the optimal biotropic parameters of the information EMF, which would provide an increase in yield and quality of sunflower seeds when they are irradiated with EMF. The result of field tests showed the advantage of using electromagnetic technology over other methods of pre-sowing treatment of seeds
Julia Yevtushenko
Technology transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions pp 49-51; doi:10.21303/2585-6847.2018.00767

A mathematical model of the distribution of mixture components in the equilibrium condensation telomerization is developed depending on the ratio of the amounts of monomers and telogen, as well as the number of HX as regulating parameters, the computer implementation of the model is carried out, and its study is carried out by numerical simulation. The model is based on the well-known schematic diagram of the flow of the condensation telomerization process under the assumption of equal reactivity of the same functional groups (Flory principle). Based on the analysis of the flow pattern of the process, 6 structural elements are identified, reproducible at each stage associated with an increase in the degree of polymerization based on 4 basic components. It is proved that the equilibrium concentrations of these elements, depending on the polymerization degree, depend on the equilibrium concentration of products with a degree of polymerization 1 and are described by infinite geometric progression with the same denominator. According to the physical content of the task, this progression must be convergent. Equations of material balance of components are contained in the form of a system with 4 equations containing infinite sums. It is possible to minimize these sums using the properties of geometric progressions and to obtain a closed system with 4 nonlinear equations for the equilibrium concentrations of the base components.The Monte Carlo method is used to study the features of the numerical solution of the system of equations of the model. It is found that with a random choice of initial approximations of solutions from an admissible region, the system contains 4 roots, of which 2 contain positive and negative components and are false, and 2 have completely positive components. A valid criterion for finding a real root has a physical meaning based on the calculation of the denominator of a geometric progression. The possibilities of practical use of the model are discussed
Andrii Bukaros, Vitalii Malyshev, Valeriia Bukaros
Technology transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions pp 40-42; doi:10.21303/2585-6847.2018.00796

The basic requirements for control systems of automated electric drives of hermetic compressors of small refrigeration units are determined. The analysis of the existing sensorless control systems of three-phase AC drives is carried out. The topology of the adaptive Luenberger observer is proposed, which allows real-time evaluation of the current value of the rotational speed and torque on the shaft of the hermetic compressor motor. Based on the linearized model of a three-phase asynchronous motor, the Luenberger observer is synthesized by the modal method with the distribution of the roots of the characteristic polynomial in the standard linear Bessel form. Expressions are obtained for calculating the coefficients of the Luenberger matrix and the geometric mean root of the characteristic polynomial of the observer. To ensure the necessary accuracy of identifying the coordinates of the state of an automated electric drive of a hermetic compressor, an observer structure is proposed based on a complete mathematical model of a three-phase asynchronous motor made in a fixed coordinate system. Using simulation tools, the work of the designed Luenberger observer is studied on the example of a modernized three-phase asynchronous motor of a hermetic compressor of a domestic refrigerator. For this example, the coefficients of the Luenberger matrix and the geometric mean root of the characteristic polynomial of the observer are calculated. The effectiveness of the proposed method for identifying the rotational speed and moment of resistance of a compressor electric motor by an adaptive observer based on the calculation of the electromagnetic torque of the motor from measured sensors of phase voltages and currents is confirmed. The error of the observer under investigation does not exceed 0.5 % in rotation frequency and 10 % in respect to the moment of resistance. The resulting structure of the adaptive Luenberger observer allows to build closed-loop control systems for automated electric drives of the hermetic compressor of a small refrigeration unit.
Ivan Kulbovskyi, Halyna Holub
Technology transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions pp 12-14; doi:10.21303/2585-6847.2018.00781

The analysis of the current state of power electric equipment of traction substations of railways, power supply systems for traction and control systems based on what was shown that current trends to ensure a high level of efficiency of the power industry are directly related to its informatization and the development of distributed computer systems and networks intellectual technology for monitoring, identifying and intellectualizing the management of energy saving modes of electric supply systems. The temporary decomposition of the tasks of management of electric networks of railways and the methodology of the organization of intelligent electric power traction networks are proposed. The methods for registering primary information monitoring parameters of normal and emergency modes of electric networks based on the use of mathematical tools of differential transformations and the presentation of data in the form of T-spectra are developed. On the basis of the system-wide principle of a single information space and the results of experimental studies, the architecture of the computer environment is studied, which reflects the range of possibilities for intellectualizing the traction network based on the characteristics of electricity supply to railways, taking into account restrictions and specificity of consumption. And at its base, modern computer-intelligent technologies have been created for managing energy saving in the process of power supply to railways at the level of traction substations, power supply distances and the upper level of the railway as a whole. The possibilities of the proposed structure of the intellectual traction electric network of Ukrzaliznytsia developed as a result of the mutual integration of the topology of the traction network of power supply and architecture of the computer environment, which is the infrastructure for managing power supply for railway transport, as well as the possibility of integrating real-time monitoring, state, optimization of consumption and management of energy saving in the process during the maintenance of electricity for traction at all levels of management of the railway in market conditions
Hanna Slobodianyk, Nataliia Dolynska
Technology transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions pp 46-48; doi:10.21303/2585-6847.2018.00770

The development of ports requires the construction of more and more deep-sea berthing facilities or the reconstruction of existing ones for servicing modern large-capacity ships. Traditional design solutions for deep-water berths are labor-intensive and material-intensive.The article describes the design of a deep-water berth in the form of tongue-and-groove wall with buttresses. Buttresses can be rectangular, trapezoidal with the extension downwards and trapezoidal with the extension upwards. The use of buttresses in the construction reduces the lateral pressure of the soil, increases the rigidity of the structure, and also increases the stability of the structure as a whole. The rational distribution of materials along the length of the structure and the unification of the elements leads to cheaper construction and a fast pace of construction. This solution can be used both in the construction of new berthing facilities and in the reconstruction of existing ones.The development of the calculated justification of the stability of the tongue-and-groove wall with buttresses, which optimally reflects the specificity of the structure, is carried out. Buttresses are an additional factor affecting the stability of the tongue-and-groove wall. Then, the stability of the structure as a whole depends on the resistance forces of the soil, arising in the plane of contact with the front wall and the resistance forces of the soil within the width of the buttress and involved, due to friction forces, in the joint work of the adjacent soil volumes.In order to determine the holding forces of the buttresses, experimental laboratory studies were conducted. Analysis of the results of the experiments shows that the trapezoidal buttresses with extension downwards have the greatest holding power. As a result of the mathematical modeling, the displacements of the wall and bending moments are plotted depending on the height of the buttresses.Thus, the design of the mooring structure of the innovative type can be used to create an economically deep-water berth with increased bearing capacity, which will be able to perceive modern ships with a large deadweight
Mykhailo Solomko
Technology transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions pp 18-25; doi:10.21303/2585-6847.2018.00755

The object of research is the method of figurative transformations for Boolean functions minimization. One of the most problematic places to minimize Boolean functions is the complexity of the minimization algorithm and the guarantee of obtaining a minimal function.During the study, the method of equivalent figurative transformations was used, which is based on the laws and axioms of the algebra of logic; minimization protocols for Boolean functions that are used when the truth table of a given function has a complete binary combinatorial system with repetition or an incomplete binary combinatorial system with repetition.A reduction in the complexity of the minimization process for Boolean functions is obtained, new criteria for finding minimal functions are established. This is due to the fact that the proposed method of Boolean functions minimization has a number of peculiarities of solving the problem of finding minimal logical functions, in particular:– mathematical apparatus of the block diagram with repetition makes it possible to obtain more information about the orthogonality, adjacency, uniqueness of the truth table blocks;– equivalent figurative transformations due to the greater information capacity are capable of replacing verbal procedures of algebraic transformations;– result of minimization is estimated based on the sign of the minimum function;– minimum DNF or CNF functions are obtained regardless of the given normal form of the logical function, which means that it is necessary to minimize the given function for two normal forms — DNF and CNF using the full truth table;This ensures that it is possible to obtain an optimal reduction in the number of variables of a given function without losing its functionality. The effectiveness of the use of equivalent figurative transformations for Boolean functions minimization is demonstrated by examples of minimization of functions borrowed from other methods for the purpose of comparison.Compared with similar well-known methods of Boolean functions minimization, this provides:– less complexity of the minimization procedure for Boolean functions;– guaranteed Boolean functions minimization;– self-sufficiency of the specified method of Boolean functions minimization due to the introduction of features of the minimal function and minimization of two normal forms – DNF and CNF on the complete truth table of a given Boolean function
Iryna Ivashchenko, Svitlana Adamenko
Technology transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions pp 34-36; doi:10.21303/2585-6847.2018.00761

The current state of coniferous introduced plants growing on the territory of Uman, Cherkasy region is analyzed. Such representatives are the multi-age trees Pinus nigra and Thuja plicata. The studies were aimed at determining their resistance to arid environmental conditions in summer and to adverse factors in the winter period with generally accepted methods. Studies were conducted during 2015-2017. P.nigra trees during the study period received high drought tolerance scores. In Th. plicata plants observed a partial loss of needles turgor during daylight hours. When evaluating the frost resistance, P. nigra trees of different ages did not have visible damage. Young plants Th. plicata were somewhat more vulnerable to the effects of low temperatures, while no damage was found in mature trees.In general, both species have rather high rates of winter hardiness and drought resistance. This indicates their acclimatization to the given growing conditions. Also, the studied plants tolerate the adverse conditions of the city: dust, smoke, soil compaction. Therefore, it is advisable to use them for landscaping urban areas and personal plots. A feature of these species is that they retain a high decorative effect throughout the year and are good components for creating landscape compositions.Comparing the conditions of the natural distribution range to the conditions of the cultural areas of the studied species, it is possible to state their successful cultivation, which indicates a high ecological plasticity and significant potential of these plants
Grygorii Kalinichenko, Yevgeniy Kalinichenko
Technology transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions pp 58-60; doi:10.21303/2585-6847.2018.00758

Exceeding the safe speed and the minimum allowable distance when ships approach each other is considered as one of the main reasons for their collision, especially when using radar information when sailing in reduced visibility or in confined areas. When assigning a safe speed, among other factors, the rules recommend to take into account the state of visibility of the maneuverable capabilities of the ship, especially the distance required to completely stop the ship, as well as the characteristics, efficiency and limitations of radar equipment. But, besides the quality recommendations in the COLREGs, there are no quantitative estimates of the safe speed and excessive convergence of the ships. Each navigator subjectively assigns a safe speed and determines the minimum allowable approach distance for ships. Therefore, the development of a universal method for calculating safe speed and the minimum allowable distance when using radar information is relevant, and the method itself is effective when used on ships, especially when sailing in difficult navigation areas and with limited visibility. The developed method allows to automate the choice of safe speed and eliminate the subjective factor when it is appointed navigator
Technology transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions; doi:10.21303/2585-6847

Olena Veselova
Technology transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions pp 6-8; doi:10.21303/2585-6847.2017.00475

The possibilities of mutual dependence of the areas of genetic types and varieties of the soil cover of the intensively developed region of the Northern Black Sea Coast with taxonomy of geomorphologic zoning, with morphogenetic categories of the relief of the earth's surface, with separate topographical and genetically homogeneous surfaces, with simple and complex surfaces of different morphology, exposition, morphometric parameters (vertical and horizontal dismemberment, steepness of the slopes) are considered and analyzed.The relevance of this approach is important and timely, given the presence of a number of problems in the Ukrainian economy. The study is carried out both in the territory of the regions a whole and in key areas, which in general represent the most revealing features of orographic, geomorphologic and paleogeographic character, distribution and quality of soil cover.Thanks to the analysis of the theoretical and methodological representations, an algorithm for the ecological and geomorphological analysis of the formation is used and degradation of the soil cover in the central part of the Northern Black Sea Coast is developed, based on the provisions of the philosophical vision of scientific knowledge.This report presents a step-by-step consideration, based on the example of the investigated territory, the diverse cartographic information chosen and analyzed in the context of the message topic, in conjunction with the properties of the soil cover of the region
Yulia Shatohina
Technology transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions pp 9-11; doi:10.21303/2585-6847.2017.00479

There were conducted the researches to identify new correlation between traditional controlling process indicators of cleaning stock water from phosphates and concentration of phosphates in purified water that can be used for the development of new techniques.Analytical laboratory data of the current purification station were carried out with the use of the Pearson correlation coefficient to detect a connection between concentration of phosphates in the purified water and four kinds of hydrobiological data using Microsoft Excel a computer program with functions Corel batch analysis.The most informative for monitoring of purification from the phosphates is the indicator of the number of types of hydrobionts. Change of concentration of phosphates goes in antiphase to the amount of types of hydrobionts. Therefore, for the convenience of the users there was completed the visualization of the existing trend using the introduced by the authors index-modified number of hydrobionts.There was presented an algorithm monitoring the process of sewage purification from phosphates, which requires the creation of a database and preliminary plotting of dependence of phosphates Sf concentration on the number of hydrobionts NG. The further displaying of laboratory data indicator NG on the schedule allows to predict the expected concentration of phosphates Sf in purified sewage and in case of poor forecast to carry out operational actions. The survey is based on the basis of a new methodology, which was transferred for the introduction to "Chernihivodokanal" (Chernihiv, Ukraine)
Serhii Morhun
Technology transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions pp 48-50; doi:10.21303/2585-6847.2017.00478

The problem of turbine engines blades stress-strain state has been studied. All calculations have been provided for the cooled blades constructions, used in the turbo machinery manufacturing. The investigation’s purpose was to develop the new adaptive mathematical model of turbine engine bladed disks with circular damping links stress-strain state by means of finite elements method. The foregoing approach to the finite elements method was borrowed from the literature on finite elements method. The main mathematical models and some types of the finite elements can’t be used for the correct description of the foregoing problem. The matter is that turbine blades have constructional non-homogeneity, which hardly ever could be correctly explained, using well-known finite elements and their mathematical dependences. On the other hand the variable aerodynamic force influence has also been taken into consideration. That is why the new model, which consists of sections, including disk’s sector, the whole blade and parts of damping links, has been developed. The finite elements methodology has been used for the dynamic stresses of this section calculation. Such approach gives an opportunity to describe the stress-strain state of the whole bladed disk as the superposition of the developed sections
Nikolai Kobasko
Technology transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions pp 27-30; doi:10.21303/2585-6847.2017.00476

Currently, metallurgists are trying to improve mechanical properties of steel by increasing alloy elements in it that require slow cooling in oils or high concentration of water polymers solutions. The paper discusses opposite way in increasing service life of machine components by cardinal decrease alloy elements in steel and providing intensive cooling in locally agitated plain water performed by moving sprayers. The proposed new approach is based on two fundamental phenomena which include creation of high surface compressive residual stresses after quenching and obtaining super - strengthened material in surface layers after intensive cooling. These two factors compensate decrease alloy elements in steel. The paper provides methodology of calculation for achieving maximal effect in residual surface compressive stress formation and super- strengthening of material depending on martensite finish temperature of steel. Effectiveness and benefits are considerable due to saving alloy elements, energy and increasing service life of products. A team of Ukrainian leading specialists is organized to design appropriate software for governing and optimizing hardening processes with the aim of achieving above benefits and make environment clean. New steel and technology of hardening is based on UA Patents No. 109577 and No. 114174
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