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Mona Mehrparvar, Xu Ming, Ahmad Saeedi
International Business Research, Volume 13; doi:10.5539/ibr.v13n3p118

Abstract:The purpose of this paper is to explore the effective factors in attracting outbound tourists to choose Iran as a traveling destination. This survey has been done in China. The total number of respondents was 406, where 95% of respondents filled an online questionnaire and 5% filled it manually. The exploratory factor analysis (EFA) and confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) were used to analyze the questionnaire, and logistic regression was deployed to explore the effective factors in this survey. The questions were defined based on the theory of planned behavior (TPB) and the role of culture, custom, the source of traveling information, and perceived traveling risks in choosing Iran as a traveling destination. The outcome of this survey on Chinese people suggested that the attractions of Iran, environment, and political risks are the main factors which play an important role in choosing Iran as a traveling destination. The experience of traveling abroad also revealed a significant effect in decision making on traveling destination.
Ryotaro Shimizu, Haruka Yamashita, Masao Ueda, Ranna Tanaka, Tetsuya Tachibana, Masayuki Goto
International Business Research, Volume 13; doi:10.5539/ibr.v13n3p106

Abstract:Recently, credit cards with point rewards functions (rewards credit cards) are widely used. Credit card companies can collect the users’ usage log data of various stores in multiple industries. The purposes of possessing a credit card varies depending on each user such as to use only the credit function, to use both the credit and point rewards functions, etc. Moreover, credit cards can be used in various situations in users’ lives, and the purchase history of each user is diverse. Focusing on the diversity of both card possessing purposes and purchasing behavior for each user, we propose two latent class models representing these diversities in this research.
Zohreh Hassannezhad, Mohammad Reza Zali, Nezameddin Faghih, Reza Hejazi, Ali Mobini
International Business Research, Volume 13; doi:10.5539/ibr.v13n3p96

Abstract:Alertness is a foundational concept in current understandings of the spotting and exploitation of entrepreneurial opportunities. In this paper its two broad aspects from psychology have been explored and a model has been generated; reflecting the hierarchical relation between alertness aspects and mindfulness factors. Results show that mindfulness mediates the relationship between alertness and novelty creation. We use Interpretive Structure Modeling (ISM) to create the model of entrepreneurial alertness and mindfulness. The model is generated on the basis of ten technological entrepreneurs in the ISM session in Iran. They voted on the mutual relations of the elements. The results showed that mindfulness fosters alertness, which then leads to the creation of novel things. This also shows that mindfulness deserves more investigation for its potential role in other parts of entrepreneurial process.
Tiédian F Ané, Toumani Bagayoko
International Business Research, Volume 13; doi:10.5539/ibr.v13n3p87

Abstract:This study highlights the impact of stakeholders on achievement of projects. The recommendations should be used as guideline for Malian projects. The quantitative and qualitative methods, primary data collected by questionnaires and interviews are used. Secondary data are gotten from articles, journals and online resources. The research framework was analyzed using simple regression models. Hypothesis test is adopted to accept or reject the hypotheses formulated in this research. Excel software have been used to perform regression statistics, predicting with the regression equation, Hypothesis test for correlation, ANOVA table and Regression equation plot. The results suggest that stakeholders have significant impact on achievement of projects. Stakeholders have a positive impact on achievement of projects is valid hypothesis. This study makes several contributions to research and theory of key stakeholders and achievement of projects. A greater understanding of stakeholders and achievement of projects provided further investigation of the relationship between of stakeholders and achievement of projects. This model can be used by other project for its achievement. Through the use of this model, project can quickly identify stakeholders requiring special and urgent attention. SODEMA industry needs improvement in communication with stakeholders. The theoretical model developed in this study is applicable in practice.
Maram A. Mahin, Iman M. Adeinat
International Business Research, Volume 13; doi:10.5539/ibr.v13n3p27

Abstract:In the service industry, when providers generate a high level of customer satisfaction, they can gain and maintain a major competitive advantage in the marketplace. This competitive advantage can, in turn, lead directly to high profitability and growth. In the present competitive consumer landscape, world, shopping malls must deliver high-quality service to customers given that as a service ecosystem the mall must optimize its own resources and the resources of others to improve both its own circumstances and those of others. Against this general background, in this study, we assess the quality attributes of a food court located in a shopping mall by identifying factors related to the shopping mall—ambience, food variety, convenience, the tenants in the food court, food quality, food price, and restaurant staff. A descriptive analysis and a multivariate analysis, including structural equation modeling, are performed using IBM SPSS and AMOS statistical software. The results of the factor analysis indicate that food quality, followed by convenience and food variety, is the most important factor driving customer satisfaction. The results highlight the importance of networks between different stakeholders in such an ecosystem and provide developers and service providers with information in regard to the attributes most implicated in predicting customer satisfaction in a food court. On this basis, customers are viewed not only as evaluators but also as partners in producing service.
Peiyuan Xu
International Business Research, Volume 13; doi:10.5539/ibr.v13n3p47

Abstract:Based on World Bank Enterprise Survey dataset, this paper uses instrumental variables regression to examine whether Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are more efficient and if SMEs policies (SME Policy) have any influence on firm-level Total Factor Productivity (TFP) in two important emerging economies: Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) and China. The results show that, first, there is a positive correlation between firm size and TFP in LAC but not in China. Second, training, line of credit/loan for SMEs are proved to have a significant positive effect on firm TFP. Specifically, for Chinese firms, the training programs are most effective while for LAC firms, loan and credit are most effective. Third, R&D related innovation improves the efficiency, especially for Chinese firms. Fourth, government shareholding improves efficiency in China since they may provide some help in acquiring loans, while in LAC countries, the government shareholding has a negative effect. Based on above mentioned results, I suggest that Latin American countries should set financial relaxing as the primary goal of SME policies and China should provide more training programs and improve incentive mechanism in technology innovation for SMEs.
Xian Guo, Chanchai Bunchapattanasakda
International Business Research, Volume 13; doi:10.5539/ibr.v13n3p59

Abstract:The purpose of this study is to explore the relationship between antecedents and consumer ethnocentric tendency on electric car purchasing in Henan province, China. This is a quantitative research paper, the data collected through a semi-structured survey questionnaire from 422 electric car owners in Henan province, China. One-way ANOVA and Pearson’s correlation coefficient were employed to test data variables and to test the hypothesis. This study concludes that a significant relationship between consumer ethnocentrism and socio-psychological (patriotism; correlation), demographics (age; income level), as well as purchasing intention on electric vehicles.
Yunxia Shi, Chunhao Ma, Xinxin Bao, Wenpei Wei
International Business Research, Volume 13; doi:10.5539/ibr.v13n3p39

Abstract:With the rapid development of internet financial community, more and more people opt to obtain financial information through online reviews. Based on the perspective of online reviews of opinion leaders, we explored the influences of online reviews of opinion leaders on users’ investment intentions in the financial community. We introduced the concepts of user trust and online interaction propensity and built a theoretical model. Our results, based on data collected from 205 users of a famous financial virtual community, suggested that the online reviews of opinion leaders had a significant effect on users’ investment intentions. In conclusion, financial institutions should pay attention to opinion leaders and enhance communication and relationships with them.
International Business Research, Volume 13; doi:10.5539/ibr.v13n3p79

Abstract:The study aimed to form the optimal investment portfolio in the Jordanian banking sector. The research covered a period (2013-2017) and the sample of the study was selected from its community of Jordanian banks listed on the Amman Stock Exchange, consisting of (15) working banks for which the necessary data are available to study. The importance of the research lies in the formation of a thought and methodology that can be applied and utilized by investors and securities analysts in the management of their investment portfolio. The study shows that the effective rate of return is higher than the required rate of return in the Jordanian commercial banks. This indicates that the commercial banks have succeeded in their estimates of the required or actual rate of return for the optimal investment portfolio banks. the correlation matrix between returns on each bank in the investment portfolio is mostly low, which confirms that the investment portfolio of Jordanian banks is efficient, as Markowitz stressed on his focus on the correlation coefficient between returns and its impact on the return and risk of the optimal investment portfolio that achieve the highest return at a certain level of risk.
Ashraf Mohammad Alfandi
International Business Research, Volume 13; doi:10.5539/ibr.v13n3p68

Abstract:The study addresses the challenge of employee performance (EP) at the four-star hotels in Jordan by focusing on how hotel-related factors influencing EP. Multiple regression was used to predict EP and explain the impact of five predictors that are organization culture (OC), organization structure (OS), manager attitude (MA), empowerment (EM), and training culture (TC). A correlation was used to compare the relationship between study variables. The results of multiple regression indicated that EM was the strongest predictor of EP followed by MA, and TC, whereas OS and OC found to not influence the EP. Overall interrelations among the independent variables showed a positive strong relationship and positively related to EP. Based on the study findings, several recommendations are offered. Finally, the implications for management are discussed.
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