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Sciprofile linkDita Ayu Mayasari, Prihartini Widiyanti, Djony Izak Rudyardjo
MEDISAINS, Volume 17; doi:10.30595/medisains.v17i2.5259

Abstract:Background: Cardiovascular disease as the first silent killer in the world is related to atherosclerosis plaque. Coronary artery bypass grafting as a gold standard for severe atherosclerosis needs alternative materials to replace the narrowed artery due to plaque. PLLA is one of the biodegradable polymers which is suitable for the vascular graft, but some of its weaknesses should be addressed.Objective: The aim of this research is to improve PLLA characteristics for a vascular graft candidate by using collagen and chitosan.Methods: This study was an experimental study that consisted of two steps, preparation of hollow fiber and evaluation of its characteristic. This research evaluated the effect of chitosan concentration against cytotoxicity and hemocompatibility using MTT assay and hemolytic test.Results: The result showed that chitosan could improve the biological characteristics of hollow fiber PLLA-collagen, non-toxic, and non-hemolytic.Conclusions: There is a good effect on the biological characteristics of PLLA-Collagen hollow fiber by adding chitosan on the surface of PLLA-Collagen hollow fiber.
Sciprofile linkMariah Ulfah, Dwi Novitasari, Murniati Murniati
MEDISAINS, Volume 17; doi:10.30595/medisains.v17i2.5150

Abstract:Background: Perineum Pain risks a lack of rest time which will affect the reduction in milk production and can interfere with the process of uterine contractions which further risks the occurrence of subinvolution. Previous studies have only examined pelvic floor muscle exercises, however, they have not been combined with abdominal exercise. The combination of abdominal muscle exercises can increase the effectiveness of pelvic floor muscle performance so that it will improve blood circulation and make muscles relaxed and inhibit the increase in lactic acid due to muscle spasms and ischemic tissue that makes pain.Objective: To find out the benefits of a combination of Pelvic Floor Muscle and Abdominal Muscle Exercises to Reduce Perineum Pain in Postpartum MothersMethods: This is a pre-experimental research with one group pretest-posttest design. The sample used was 16 people with random techniques. Statistical analysis was done by Wilcoxon while pain measurement was done by VAS instrument.Results: The results showed the mean of the pain before doing the exercise was 3.94 and the mean of the pain after doing exercise was 1.62. From statistical test results by Wilcoxon test, it obtained a significance value of 0.003 (p
Ragil Setiyabudi
MEDISAINS, Volume 17; doi:10.30595/medisains.v17i2.5656

Abstract:Stunting still becomes a problem for Indonesian today. There are many risk factors which cause stunting, whether in short and long term effect. It can be overcome by a national nutrition awareness movement which involves multiple sectors which addresses to pregnant/childbirth women, toddlers, school-age children, teenagers and young adults and family empowerment.
MEDISAINS, Volume 17; doi:10.30595/medisains.v17i2.5249

Abstract:Introduction: Pseudocyesis is a condition in which a woman presents various signs and symptoms of pregnancy such as menstruation, nausea, vomiting, enlargement of the womb, weight gain, and other pregnancy symptoms. Furthermore, urine test may notice false positive result.Case presentation: It was illustrated with unusual case of pseudocyesis to a 44 year old woman reported fetal loss at the age of six months of pregnancy to a health worker in Lampung province.Conclusion: Pseudocyesis symptoms are just common pregnancy, but actually it is a false pregnancy.
Kurnia Pristiyani, Sciprofile linkUmi Solikhah, Renaldi Mahesaputra, Falah Dinar Al Hamra
MEDISAINS, Volume 17; doi:10.30595/medisains.v17i2.4598

Abstract:Background: This research is motivated by the absence of therapeutic pants in patients with genu deformity, so innovations to create latest medical products are needed to prevent the disease. One of the innovations is development of therapeutic pants for genu varum and genu valgum. Objective: It aims to research and develop therapeutic pants to improve comfort of children with genu varum and genu valgum.Methods: This study used Research and Development (R&D) approach. It consisted of 3 phases, namely phase I, II, and III or product trials.Result: From the literary study in phase I, it was obtained that materials used to make the therapeutic pants were cotton cloth fabric and foam. In the second phase of the research, it was also discovered that designs and shapes of the pants were as needed. The results of product trials or phase III of this study involved 5 respondents; it showed that the use of therapeutic pants in toddlers resulted comfort and satisfaction for them.Conclusion: The therapeutic pants are proven to increase comfort in toddlers with genu varum and genu valgum.
Sciprofile linkSri Warsini, Arfiana Fani Astuti, Diana Nurlaila Sari, Pita Puji Lestari, Sherli Damara Pratiwi, Mahmasoni Masdar, Nur Ajie Prasetyo, Diah Fitri Indriati, Carla R Marchira
MEDISAINS, Volume 17; doi:10.30595/medisains.v17i2.4947

Abstract:Background: Indonesia is currently facing a narcotics emergency as indicated by a drastic increase in the number of drug users and drug-related deaths. Rehabilitation does not guarantee recovery and relief from drugs. Even while undertaking rehabilitation, drug abusers may relapse. Resilience can prevent drug abusers from relapsing and help them overcome their problems. There has been a dearth of research focusing on factors affecting the resilience of drug abusers in Indonesia.Objective: The objective of this research is to identify factors affecting the resilience of drug abusers at correctional facilities in the Special Region of Yogyakarta.Methods: This is a cross-sectional design and was conducted in February 2017 at the Correctional Facility for Narcotics Cases Class IIA in Sleman and the Correctional Facility in Wirogunan. A total of 77 respondents were involved in this research by a consecutive sampling technique. The instruments used included the resilience questionnaire developed by Pertiwi based on Grotberg’s theory, Beck Depression Inventory II, Satis-faction with Life Scale and Positive Affect Negative Affect Schedule, Isundariyana’s stress instrument, Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale (RSES), Zung Self Rating Anxiety Scale (ZSAS), General Self-Efficacy Scale, Life Orientation Test-Revised (LOT-R), and Difficulties in Emotion Regulation Scale (DERS). The data were analyzed by univariate, bivariate (Pearson and Spearman’s Rank), and multivariate (linear regression) analyses.Results: Out of the 8 factors examined (subjective well-being, optimism, self-esteem, emotion regulation, anxiety, stress, depression, and self-efficacy) and 2 demographic factors (age and occupational status), only self-efficacy (β = 1.063; p = 0.13), optimism (β = 1.51; p = 0.01), and self-esteem (β = 1.540; p = 0.009) affected resilience.Conclusions: Self-efficacy, optimism, and self-esteem are modifiable factors that can influence the resilience of drug abusers
Adiratna Sekar Siwi, Arif Imam Hidayat
MEDISAINS, Volume 17; doi:10.30595/medisains.v17i1.4221

Abstract:Background: Myocardial Infarction (MI) prevalence is increasing over the world. The patient with MI tend to have anxiety which could worsened their condition and quality of life. The anxiety in patients with MI could increase re hospitalization and mortality rate. Therefore, there is a need of better understanding regarding Anxiety in patients with MI.Objective: This study was conducted to reviews the evidence regarding management of Anxiety in patients with MI.Methods: Literature study was conducted through online searching. PubMed, Else-vier/Science Direct, and Ovid SP, were used and all of the included articles were published in English. Important information and analysis were extracted into tables which consisted of topics and authors, year of publication, design of the study, variables, subjects, intervention, data analysis, result, strength/weakness, and level of evidence.Results: The result of the analysis present the intervention to manage anxiety in patients with MI. There are four main interventions to reduce anxiety in patients with Myocardial Infarction patients, which are aromatherapy, massage, education process, and music therapy. The intervention can be conducted separately or in combine togetherConclusion: Aromatherapy, massage, education process, and music therapy effectiveness to reduce anxiety in patients with MI.
Ikhsan Mujahid, Arif Mulyanto, Tyas Ulfah Khasanah
MEDISAINS, Volume 17; doi:10.30595/medisains.v17i1.3796

Abstract:Background: Diarrhea is still a serious problem for some people. It can be affected by the Shigella sp. bacteria. Some villagers drink tender coconut water (Co-cos nucifera L) to cure diarrhea. Some types of consumed tender or green coconut are green coconut, brown coconut, wulung green coconut, and wulung brown coconut. It is necessary to determine the contribution of coconut types to treat diarrhea caused by the Shigella sp bacterium.Objective: to determine the benefit of several types of coconut water toward diarrhea caused by bacteria such as Shigella sp.Method: The method implemented was to determine the benefit of tender coconut water toward Shigella sp bacteria was experimental study through Kirby-Bauer test (antibiotic disc). The study selected water of green coconut, brown coconut, wulung green coconut, and wulung brown coconut, while the positive control used Lodia diarrhea drug and negative control used aquadest (Purified water). Testing data of green coconut water toward Shigella sp. was analyzed through analysis of variance (ANOVA) with F test at 95% significant level. Then it was continued by Duncan test at 95% significant level.Results: The results of testing some green coconut water, positive control and negative control on Shigella sp bacteria can be seen from the clear zone formed around the antibiotic disc, green coconut showed 6.63 mm, brown coconut was 6.57 mm, wulung green coconut was 16.63 mm, wulung brown coconut was 9.23 mm, lodia diarrhea drug was 12.33 mm and purified water was 7.27 mm.Conclusion: all green coconut water is able to inhibit the growth of Shigella sp. The best inhibitor is obtained from the administration of wulung green coconut water with 16.6 mm diameter of the inhibition zone
Oting Susilawati, Agus Santosa
MEDISAINS, Volume 17; doi:10.30595/medisains.v17i1.4348

Abstract:Background: The act of mastectomy can affect body image because it loses part of the body and affects their social relationships with others. The existed bra is felt uncomfortable when worn so it is necessary to develop a special post mastectomy bra to increase the confidence and comfort of post mastectomy patients.Purpose: This study aimed to examine and develop a special post mastectomy bra to increase self-confidence in post-mastectomy patients.Research Methods: This is a Research and Development (R & D) research. This study consisted of 3 phase, namely research phase I, phase II, and phase III or product testing.Results: The results of a post mastectomy special bra tested to 10 respondents mentioned that a special post mastectomy bra is comfortable to wear and they are not ashamed anymore do activities outside the home.Conclusion: Special post mastectomy bras are proven to increase post-mastectomy patients' convenience and confidence.
Dayat Trihadi
MEDISAINS, Volume 17; doi:10.30595/medisains.v17i1.4433

Abstract:Bullying is a phenomenon resulting negative impacts on the perpetrators and victims. The prevalence of bullying is fairly high in several countries of Asia, America and Europe. The solution offered is an approach to solve bullying behavior problems that are implemented comprehensively by involving stakeholders; it does not only focus on individuals as the bullying perpetrators, but other parties including roles of individuals, families and the school environment which must have balanced proportions so that the children have adequate social functioning for their personality and behavior development which is in accordance with the community’s expectations.
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