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Journal PengabdianMu: Jurnal Ilmiah Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat

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Petrus Senas, Evnaweri Evnaweri, Tyas Wara Sulistyaningrum
PengabdianMu: Jurnal Ilmiah Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat, Volume 5, pp 72-76; doi:10.33084/pengabdianmu.v5i1.989

Abstract:This activity was carried out at Poklahsar Tampung Parei Jalan Tingang VIIB/Bukit Pengharapan No.2 Palangka Village, Jekan Raya Sub-District, Palangka Raya City on Tuesday, September 10, 2019. The purpose of this activity was to transfer knowledge and technology for processing value-added fish products for added value. Poklahsar Tampung Pare utilizes local wisdom so that it can produce new variant products. The open mindset of participants of the Fisheries Product Technology Study Program at Palangkaraya University to learn entrepreneurship with the skills they have to prosper their lives going forward. The activity was carried out by giving material to the Community Service Team in discussions with fish processing products entrepreneurs and demonstration of the manufacture of new products by adding sesame powder to processed products of wadi patin. Value-added processed fish products from local wisdom have advantages over other products. Besides being a product with a variety of new flavors, it can also increase consumer interest in buying to increase income and improve the welfare of the community, especially fisheries processing.
Sciprofile linkWiwin Tyas Istikowati, Sunardi Sunardi, Muhammad Arief Soendjoto, Syaifuddin Syaifuddin
PengabdianMu: Jurnal Ilmiah Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat, Volume 5, pp 59-66; doi:10.33084/pengabdianmu.v5i1.983

Abstract:The aim of this community service in Batu Tanam village was to develop stingless beekeeping that was started in 2016 to be the village main program. The program was the socialization of the potential of stingless beekeeping, planting of the several types of flowers in the activity location, and the additional number of bee boxes managed by villagers. From this activity, the community has recognized the potential of stingless beekeeping and Batu Tanam village will make this program be the main program in village innovation activities.
Sciprofile linkTitin Apung Atikah, Muliansyah Muliansyah, Astri Widiarti, Pienyani Rosawanti
PengabdianMu: Jurnal Ilmiah Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat, Volume 5, pp 82-86; doi:10.33084/pengabdianmu.v5i1.1094

Abstract:Today, the tendency of people to return to life to return to nature with the belief that taking natural medicines is relatively safer than synthetic drugs has an impact on the high demand for natural medicines. Dayak onion (Eleutherine palmifolia Merr.) is one of the typical types of medicinal plants in Kalimantan wherein its use as a medicinal plant the tubers are consumed in the form of freshly boiled water or in the form of simplicia. Activities with training methods and demonstrations/practices are one of the solutions that can be done. The results of community service activities showed that all participants participated actively and could receive all the knowledge and skills transferred by the PKW team and were interested in doing it themselves at home where organic crop products would be consumed by themselves (40% ) and sold (60%) with processed food and beverage products (55%) and traditional forms of medicine (45%). Likewise, for the processing of compost made from traditional market waste, compost processed products will be used alone (85%) and sold (15%) with compost products made from market waste (80%) and other compost made from ingredients (20%) of interest. The data shows that the Community Service Program conducted by the University of Palangka Raya can contribute and be a solution to overcome the problems faced by partners
Sciprofile linkAbustan Abustan, Wiyogo Wiyogo, Jhonni Rentas Duling
PengabdianMu: Jurnal Ilmiah Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat, Volume 5, pp 97-105; doi:10.33084/pengabdianmu.v5i1.1121

Abstract:Oil palm plantations on peatlands have a high acidity level and have an unstable soil structure. In the rainy season, the land surface tends to be slippery and stick to vehicle footwear or tires. While in the dry season, the soil is dry, flammable, and dusty, especially if it is passed by a four-wheeled vehicle with a significant weight and size. Farmers transport the harvest of palm fruit using a small size conveyance, a type of �arco� capacity 50-70 kg, plastic drum capacity 40-50 kg, and peninsula capacity 30-40 kg. The process of transporting palm fruit from harvest to the mill takes a long time, potentially harming farmers due to �restan fruit� (palm oil is loose from the stem). The leading cause is the conveyance that is used in small volumes and is done by human labor. Palm fruit to stay fresh arrived at the processing plant with a duration of no more than 2 x 24 hours, if late farmers experience a loss of 10-15% because the weight of the scales is shrinking. The innovation of traditional conveyance capacity 500-750 kg based on used materials has been carried out using a special design that takes into account the carrying capacity, labor, road conditions, and timeliness so that the fruit does not become �restan.� Farmers are much helped both in terms of energy, process (time), transport volume, and can be operated on peatlands in both the rainy or dry season.
Sciprofile linkNurul Mawaddah, Yudha Laga Hadi Kusuma, Mujiadi Mujiadi, Siti Rachmah, Anndy Prastya, Arief Fardiansyah
PengabdianMu: Jurnal Ilmiah Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat, Volume 5, pp 39-45; doi:10.33084/pengabdianmu.v5i1.963

Abstract:The implementation of posyandu for the elderly is not optimal and the lack of understanding of the elderly about the posyandu for the elderly causes a lack of participation and utilization of services by the elderly. This community service activity is carried out at the Posyandu Elderly in Sumbertebu Village with the aim to improve the skills of posyandu cadres and increase the participation of the elderly coming to the Posyandu. Revitalization activities include cadre training activities, making health promotion media, socializing the use of elderly posyandu through visits to elderly homes, assisting the implementation of elderly posyandu, and carrying out development activities in the form of elderly gymnastics (sports and group therapy (education). the results of this community service include increasing cadre skills in implementing posyandu and increasing the number of elderly visits to posyandu, optimizing the main service activities in posyandu and development activities capable of increasing the motivation of elderly people to come to the elderly posyandu.
Sabinus Beni, Blasius Manggu
PengabdianMu: Jurnal Ilmiah Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat, Volume 5, pp 67-71; doi:10.33084/pengabdianmu.v5i1.986

Abstract:The implementation of the Technical Guidance for Supervision of Cooperative Supervision of Bengkayang Regency is carried out by the Department of Cooperatives, Small and Medium Enterprises, Labor, and Transmigration of Bengkayang Regency in responding to the conditions of 189 Cooperatives in Bengkayang Regency with 125 Active Cooperatives and only 24 Cooperatives that have conducted Annual Member Meetings. The purpose of this activity is to provide technical guidance to 30 cooperative supervisors to be able to maximize the oversight function so that 125 cooperatives actively carry out the Annual Member Meeting. The method of implementing the activity begins with the presentation of material and questions and answers. In general, participants understood about cooperative supervision management material and committed to implementing it, especially by encouraging each cooperative's management and employees to hold annual Member Meetings regularly.
PengabdianMu: Jurnal Ilmiah Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat, Volume 5, pp 53-58; doi:10.33084/pengabdianmu.v5i1.974

Abstract:An increasing number of people living with HIV/AIDS among housewives is increasing every time. Providing education to women in terms of reproductive health rights and fighting stigma against people with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) is the key to prevention. Community service aims to provide training to housewives in the context of prevention of the spread of HIV/AIDS in housewives. The method of community service is done by presenting material in the form of lectures and learning media. Participants are given a pretest and post-test to assess the effectiveness of the training. The results of community service show that all participants can take part in the training and improve in terms of knowledge. All participants will also conduct similar training on other housewives. Conclusion Housewife training activities to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS can increase understanding of the disease. Further service is expected to be continued with cadres participating in the training, who can provide training to other housewives.
Sciprofile linkAminah Ekawati, Winda Agustina, Hajjah Rafiah
PengabdianMu: Jurnal Ilmiah Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat, Volume 5, pp 46-52; doi:10.33084/pengabdianmu.v5i1.971

Abstract:SDN Melayu 7 is located in Banjarmasin Tengah and has implemented the 2013 curriculum. There are some problems found from interviews with the principal and some teachers, namely students, are more faced with routine questions and are required to be able to solve problems in the story of the question. While the teacher has difficulty making story questions that are easily understood by students. This activity aims to prepare teachers to know how to arrange story problems based on local wisdom in South Kalimantan to improve creative thinking skills. The approach used is active participant learning. The activity is divided into two stages, and stage I is focused on the question of story problems based on local wisdom in South Kalimantan, while in stage II, it is focused on the question of story problems based on local wisdom that can improve the ability to think creatively. To measure the success of each stage, an understanding questionnaire was given, and the work of the participant groups were seen. The activity is said to be successful if the average questionnaire comprehension is at least 75%. The results of the activity showed the level of understanding of the participants reached 93.61% in stage I and 91.94% in stage II. Also seen from the results of group work it can be concluded that participants can understand well the explanations given by the speakers.
Syamsudin Syamsudin, Sciprofile linkAflit Nuryulia Praswati, Siti Fatimah Nurhayati, Siti Zulaekah
PengabdianMu: Jurnal Ilmiah Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat, Volume 5, pp 6-12; doi:10.33084/pengabdianmu.v5i1.913

Abstract:Small and Medium Enterprises (IKM) play an important role in the economic growth of Sragen Regency. Efforts to empower SMEs to need to be continued, one of which is by maintaining the availability of fuel. The IKM of Kedawung District currently uses wood fuel but is hampered by the quality of firewood that is less dry. Nata de coco IKM had switched to using LPG, but it was often difficult to get it if they found it at a high price. Wood pellets are an alternative fuel source that can be used by SMIs in Sragen Regency. Sragen Regency already has wood pellet producers located in Kalijambe District. The solution offered at IKM is alternative energy biomass wood pellets. The Community Partnership Program (PKM) to be carried out is in the form of production in the form of introduction of wood pellet biomass energy and management in the form of calculating the feasibility of using wood pellets for business development. The PKM activity plan includes training and socialization of wood pellet biomass energy, the introduction of wood pellet stoves, training on the use of wood pellet stoves. The target of this PKM activity output is the IKM of Sragen Regency to get knowledge and skills to use alternative energy biomass wood pellets as fuel
Sciprofile linkArum Meiranny, Rr Catur Leny Wulandari, Alfiah Rahmawati, Muliatul Jannah
PengabdianMu: Jurnal Ilmiah Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat, Volume 5, pp 33-38; doi:10.33084/pengabdianmu.v5i1.939

Abstract:Anxiety is an object of uncertainty. Pregnant mothers' anxiety when facing the pregnancy process is different. Nearly 60% of pregnant women do not routinely perform ANC and most women worry about being referred to the hospital during labor, so many feel anxious. In fact, these complications can basically be detected earlier if the mother routinely and obediently performs an ANC. The solution to this problem is to reduce anxiety and optimize the motivation of pregnant women to develop a program to increase the knowledge of pregnant women and the compliance of pregnant women to carry out ANC with a discussion approach among pregnant women through the formation of Prenatal Classes. The form of science and technology transfer begins with a pre-test and ends with a post-test, education is delivered with an easy-to-understand method that provides material about: nutrition for pregnant women, discomfort of pregnant women, danger signs for pregnant women, preparation for delivery, preparation for breastfeeding, postpartum birth control, and pregnancy exercise. All participants also immediately did pregnancy exercise at the time of implementation according to instructions from the proposing team. In addition, fellow participants also discussed and exchanged experiences about their pregnancy. The anxiety level of pregnant women from the pre-test and post-test results decreased by 6.85%, participants felt calmer in dealing with the process of pregnancy, especially in the face of childbirth. The most important thing for this activity is that the mother will teach other pregnant women.
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