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Firdha Yuserina, Sukma Noor Akbar, Meydisa Utami Tanau, Rahmiyati Rahmiyati
Jurnal Berkala Kesehatan, Volume 8, pp 84-91;

The Teaching and Trip Community is a community in the fields of education, literacy, and service. The problem is the inability to adapt to the pandemic situation so that community activities decline. Environmental issues in the form of high waste production and the characteristics of the community who want to follow the trend can be a momentum for the sustainability of the community. The community needs external parties to collaborate to run it. Therefore, researchers want to conduct zero waste training to improve pro-environmental behavior while driving community activities. The training consisted of providing material on community adaptation during a pandemic, pro-environmental behavior, and zero waste. The training consisted of 3 meetings with a duration of 100-120 minutes for each meeting. The success of this program will be measured quantitatively through comparison of pre-test and post-test scores and qualitatively through observation and interviews. The participants are 18 members of the community. Based on the comparison of pre-test and post-test results, 14 of 18 participants experienced an increase in their results. Participants experienced an increase in knowledge after being given training and became more aware of the concept and implementation of zero waste for the community and society.
Nur Fauzia Asmi
Jurnal Berkala Kesehatan, Volume 8, pp 140-148;

Food handlers such as food traders have an important role in food processing because they can transmit disease through food. Food vendors provide personal hygiene such as using mouth coverings, aprons, desserts and coverings in preparing food can trigger events such as diarrhea, poisoning, etc. The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship with the implementation of personal hygiene, such as mouth coverings, use of aprons, food tongs and head coverings in food procesing. The type of research used is observational analytic with a cross sectional study approach. The population in this study were food traders in the Pasir Gombong area with a total sample of 64 people selected based on the lemeshow formula using simple random sampling technique. Data analysis used is chi-square. The results of this study indicate that there is a significant relationship between knowledge and personal hygiene using mouth coverings (p-value 0.005) and aprons (p-value 0.032) and no significant relationship between knowledge and the use of food tongs and head coverings with their p-value 0.111.
Dewi Andika, Haryanto Haryanto
Jurnal Berkala Kesehatan, Volume 8, pp 92-99;

Hospital facilities, such as delivery rooms, can potentially cause nosocomial infections caused by germs, one of which is through the spread of germs in the air. Various factors, such as temperature, humidity, lighting, and occupancy density, can affect the presence of airborne germs. This study aimed to determine the quality of airborne germ numbers in the delivery room and the effect of occupancy density and physical environment on airborne germ numbers. The method used is the univariate analysis and Spearman’s Rank test. This type of research includes descriptive research with laboratory tests, using data from examining air germ numbers. The tools used are MAS 100 NT and ThermoHygrometer. The average result of the number of airborne germs was 202.08 CFU/m3. Temperature and humidity obtained an average of 23.53°C and 65.68%. The analysis results of occupancy density and airborne germs are p=0.742; rho = 0.071, room temperature and air germs, namely p = 0.806; rho=-0.053, room humidity and air germs, namely p=0.284; rho=-0.228. The factors in this study showed an insignificant relationship to airborne germs (p value> 0.05).
Ida Ayu Anom Rastiti, Ida Ayu Suptika Strisanti, Ni Komang Sri Ariani
Jurnal Berkala Kesehatan, Volume 8, pp 116-123;

One of the most frequent health issues that people deal with on a daily basis is headache. As they interfere with daily tasks and reduce productivity, headaches require significant treatment. Because of this, community service implementers are willing to provide counseling and acupressure training to the residents of Peken Hamlet, Renon Urban Village, in order to help them deal with their headaches. The two essential components of this community contribution are acupressure training and education. After doing the community service, the knowledge of the participants was assessed using a questionnaire to compare their knowledge before and after the activity. The results of a Wilcoxon signed rank test showed that there had been a statistically significant improvement in the participants' understanding of acupressure with a p-value of 0.05. The median knowledge score on acupressure for headaches increased from pre-program (Md = 5.00) to post-program (Md = 10.00). After receiving instructions and training, participants' knowledge of acupressure for treating headaches is thought to have increased. The society will benefit much from this exercise, especially those who frequently suffer from headaches. Participants can practice the simple acupressure technique at home before choosing to take medication because it has no adverse effects. Keywords: Headache, acupressure, health education
Lena Rosida, Oski Illiandri, Siti Kaidah, Juhairina Juhairina, Muhammad Bari NurQaedi, Kanessha Winola Sunata
Jurnal Berkala Kesehatan, Volume 8, pp 76-83;

Cork fish (Channa sp) is one of the freshwater fish that is useful for maintaining health and can be made in the form of fish crackers. One of the micro-business groups that make cork fish crackers is the Sumber Rezeki Banjarmasin Entrepreneurial Group. This entrepreneurial group developed the manufacture of non-Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) cork fish crackers. Based on the results of an interview with the head of the Sumber Rezeki Banjarmasin Entrepreneurial group, information was obtained that the North Kuin community's interest in these non-MSG crackers was still low because the crackers without MSG were less delicious than those containing MSG. The existence of this opinion can cause their enthusiasm and commitment to maintain products without MSG will decrease and it can even cause them to follow other cracker products that use MSG. Therefore, the Community Serviceteam provided a solution in the form of strengthening commitment and counseling about the dangers of using excessive MSG and the importance of fish consumption for health. This Community Service activity is carried out in 2 ways, namely psychological assistance and health education. Psychological assistance through focus group discussions (FGD) can increase the number of participants who believe they want to continue the non-MSG cracker business from 50% to 90%.
Mahardika Primadani, Surahma Asti Mulasari, Sunarti Sunarti
Jurnal Berkala Kesehatan, Volume 8, pp 100-107;

Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is a chronic disease as a metabolic disorder described by an increase in glucose levels above the average. 80% of the prevalence of DM, most of them are type 2 DM. Self-care is one of the important things that people with DM must do to prevent complications. The purpose of this study is to determine the role of family support on self-care behavior in patients with Type 2 DM. The method used is a full text critical review in English on the PubMed, Scopus, Web of science and Google Scholar databases with research subjects with type 2 DM. There are 7 articles that meet the inclusion criteria related to the topic. Analysis of 7 articles showed that family support could improve self-care behavior of patients with type 2 diabetes. Having family support will make type 2 DM sufferers have a higher level of adherence in controlling blood sugar.
Panji Sananta, Haidar Abror Firladi, Dhelya Widasmara, Eka Noviya Fuzianingsih
Jurnal Berkala Kesehatan, Volume 8, pp 124-131;

Osteoarthritis is a chronic joint disease that causes pain, disability, and loss of function. More than 80% of cases of osteoarthritis affect the knee joint. The exact cause of knee osteoarthritis is still unknown, but it is generally associated with aging and obesity. This study aimed to determine the relationship between age and the severity of knee osteoarthritis. This research used a cross-sectional study involving patients who suffered from knee osteoarthritis. Data on gender and the severity of osteoarthritis was collected from medical records. The severity of knee osteoarthritis was assessed using the Kellgren-Lawrence system. The data was analyzed using the Spearman correlation. There were 3 patients (8.1%) in the category of late adulthood, 7 patients (18.9%) in the middle-aged category, 13 patients (35.1%) in the early-onset elderly category, and 14 patients (37.8%) in the elderly. Seven patients (23.7%) suffered from osteoarthritis grade 1, 13 patients (35.1%) had grade 2, 16 patients (43.2%) had grade 3, and one patient had grade 4. The Spearman test showed that there was no significant relationship (p>0.05) between age and the severity of knee osteoarthritis. According to the study's findings, there was no correlation between age and the severity of knee osteoarthritis in women and men patients at Baptis Hospital, Batu City.
Ilmidin Ilmidin, Nurul Syuhfal Ningsih
Jurnal Berkala Kesehatan, Volume 8, pp 132-139;

According to the World health Organization (WHO) there are more than 134 million side effects that occur in process treatment of health care, because of the unsafe treatments , there are 2,6 million people dead. This study aims to analyse the patient safety culture of seven countries as well as Ethiopia, United States, Philippines, Indonesia, Ghana, Iran, and Republic of China. This study uses the literature study method. The researcher focuses on positive responses based on the results of HSOPSC of those countries. The result of study found that there were 37,74% of the lowest responses in Staffing dimension and the highest responses were around 75.95% in teamwork within unit. The conclusion of the study found that the patient safety culture were around 53,18% of all dimensions, the lowest dimension was in staffing management, non-punitive response to errors, and frequency of events reported.
Yustin Ari Prihandini, Cast Torizellia, Nurfitriliani Nurfitriliani
Jurnal Berkala Kesehatan, Volume 8, pp 108-115;

Toddlers in South Kalimantan who experience nutritional problems on indicators of Weight/Height, namely underweight category, at a prevalence of 5.5% above national figure of 3.9%. Data from Guntung Payung Health Center in showed there 38% of under-fives with underweight nutritional status and 9% of very thin nutritional status. One of preventive measures for undernourished toddlers is provision of supplementary food containing high protein. Research sample was 38 toddlers with a history of getting supplementary food High Protein for 3 months selected using purposive sampling method. Nutritional status of children under five was obtained using anthropometric method. BB/TB was used in assessing nutritional status with target of wasting toddlers. Research method using cross-sectional with statistical test using paired t-test with a significance level of <0.05. The results showed an increase in percentage of children under five with normal nutritional status from 65.8% to 68.4%. After not receiving high protein supplementary food, percentage of children under five with normal nutritional status decreased to 63.2%. There was no significant difference in nutritional status of children under five years old based on BB/TB. In addition, there’s no difference between nutritional status of children under five after implementation of supplementary food Recovery and during study.
Ahmad Rasyid Ridha Ramadhan, Nurul Hidayah, Muhammad Husni
Jurnal Berkala Kesehatan, Volume 8, pp 149-156;

Characterization of the Aedes aegypti larval container is an important factor influencing mosquito reproduction patterns and is an important aspect of integrated vector control. The study purpose to identify the characteristics and predict the risk of water reservoirs that have the potential as a breeding place for the Aedes aegypti mosquito. The study was using descriptive with a quantitative approach. It was conducted in the West Banjarmasin District which consisted of 9 villages (Kuin Selatan, Kuin Cerucuk, Belitung Selatan, Pelambuan, Belitung Utara, Telaga Biru, Telawang, Teluk Tiram, and Basirih). The population was all households in West Banjarmasin District with a total of 10.003 houses. A sample of 100 houses was taken using proportional random sampling. The results showed that 77.8% of households use tap water sources and there are 44,4% use dark colored containers. Most of the households have a water reservoir in the house (88.9%) and in Teluk Tiram Village about 66.70% of the households drain the water reservoir for more than 7 days. Concluded that the characteristics of most water reservoirs were tap water sources, dark in color, located inside the house, and cleaned more than 7 days with the highest risk value was 73.13%.
Ratna Setyaningrum, Nita Pujianti, Mufatihatul Aziza Nisa, Ni Putu Dyan Paramita, I Dewa Ayu Yulia
Jurnal Berkala Kesehatan, Volume 8, pp 28-32;

Stunting is one of the nutrition problems in the world. Nutrition improvement since the womb until the provision of complementary food is needed to solve this problem. Appropriate knowledge and skills in processing complementary foods can be a success factor of good nutritional parenting. This activity aims to provide knowledge and skills about complementary foods among mothers in Kemuning Village. The activity includes preparation, implementation and reporting. The preparation begins with permission and coordination. The implementation involved facilitator namely Lactation Counselors from Association of Indonesian Breastfeeding Mothers (AIMI) in South Kalimantan. Reporting includes activity reports and publications. The activity was held at Posyandu in Kemuning Village attended by 16 participants (mothers who have babies and toddlers) and two representatives from PKB Kemuning and the Head of TP-PKK Kemuning Village. The results through pre and post-test show that the average pretest score of participants is 67.9 and the average posttest score of participants is 77.3. It can be concluded that this activity is effective in increasing the knowledge of participants by 21%. Furthermore, it is necessary to evaluate the improvement of participants' skills.
Jeviya Marsianah, Rosihan Adhani, Adi Nugroho, Husaini Husaini, Bahrul Ilmi
Jurnal Berkala Kesehatan, Volume 8, pp 68-75;

Nutrition plays an important role in the human life cycle from in the womb to old age. The 2009 health law states that the main priority of efforts to improve nutrition in Indonesia is vulnerable groups, one of which is infants and toddlers. The results of the study used the Evidence Gap theory with the aim of analyzing the relationship between maternal characteristics and malnutrition status in children under five in Indonesia based on published studies from 2015-2020. The research method is meta-analysis with a cross sectional design. a total of six research articles (full text) published online in 2015-2020, using the meta-analysis calculator program Review Manager 5.4. The main results of the study were the age of mothers 20-35 years during pregnancy (85.4%), low education level of junior high school, not working parity of mothers with children > 1 (65.7%), and most of the number of children with no more than two children. (68.1%), most of the mother's birth spacing does not exist, and mother's knowledge is good. The conclusion from the six articles was that three articles were analyzed in the meta-analysis, namely maternal education p = 0.002 OR = 3.2, mother's occupation p = 0.002 OR = 2.70, and mother's knowledge p = 0.0001 OR = 4.98. That data mean that there was a relationship between significantly with the nutritional status of under-fives in Indonesia. Variables of mother's age, mother's parity, number of mother's children, and mother's birth spacing cannot be analyzed in the meta-analysis. Keywords: Characteristics of mothers, nutritional status, children under five
Salmon Charles P. T Siahaan, Rahajoe Imam Santosa, Natalia Yuwono, Etha Rambung, Ferdinand Aprianto Tannus, Abednego Nugraha
Jurnal Berkala Kesehatan, Volume 8, pp 39-44;

According to data from the Indonesian Ministry of Health (2018) stunting is the nutritional problems for children under age of five, where in 2017 about 22.2% children under five experienced stunting. Indonesia is the third country with the highest prevalence stunting in Southeast Asia, where the average in 2005-2017 was 36.4% (WHO). This study focused on providing micronutrient supplements to pregnant women with CED for the prevention of stunting in newborns. Aims to analyze differences in maternal weight, anemia states, albumin levels and albumin levels before and after micronutrient administration. This study used an experimental pre and post test with randomization in the group of pregnant women with CED in Made Surabaya sub-district. Results: Weight comparison (P < 0.001) was significant; Comparison of LILA (P < 0.001) was significant; The ratio of Hb (P < 0.001) was significant; Albumin ratio (P < 0.001) was significant; The ratio of serum iron (P = 0.015) was significant; TIBC comparison (P = 0.004) was significant. In this study, the results of comparative analysis of CED pregnant women were given micronutrient supplementation and without administration, where in the analysis of body weight, LILA, Hb, Albumin, Serum iron and TIBC showed significant differences.
Endah Rusdiana, Eko Suhartono, Lenie Marlinae, Erida Wydiamala
Jurnal Berkala Kesehatan, Volume 8, pp 1-11;

The highest risk of occupational health hazards occurs in health care workers. Several studies explained that nurses' knowledge and attitudes were related to compliance with the application of standard precautions in hospitals. This study aimed to examine studies that explain the relationship between knowledge and attitudes of nurses with compliance with standard application of precautions in hospitals. This study used meta-analysis. Articles that were analyzed used crossectional design. The data sources used Garuda Portal, Google Scholar, PubMed, DOAJ and Science Direct published in last 5 years. Pooled Odds Ratio (pOR) was calculated using fixed-effect and random-effect model. Data were analyzed by Review Manager 5.4. Knowledge variable used 9 studies and attitude variable used 7 studies. The results showed that there was a relationship between nurses' knowledge and compliance with the application of standard precautions in hospitals with p value < 0,0001 and a pooled odds ratio value of 4,69 (95% CI = 2,52 – 8,74). The relationship between nurses' attitudes and adherence to standard precautions in hospitals with p value < 0,03 and pooled odds ratio value of 2.34 (95% CI = 1,11 – 4,91). The conclusion was there was relationship between knowledge and attitudes of nurses with compliance with the application of standard precautions in hospitals.
Yustin Ari Prihandini, Dita Ayulia Dwi Sandi, Nurul Mardiati, Rahmi Hidayati, Vebruati Vebruati
Jurnal Berkala Kesehatan, Volume 8, pp 33-38;

Nutritional problems in South Kalimantan need more attention. This is because toddlers (aged 0-59 months) who experience nutritional problems in the Weight/Age (W/U) indicator, namely the poor nutrition category, are at a prevalence of 5.5% above the national figure of 3.9% Data from the Banjarbaru Guntung Payung Health Center based on BB/U there are toddlers with poor nutritional status as much as 36% and poor nutritional status as much as 11%. One of the efforts to prevent undernourished children under five is by Quasy experimental research design with One Group Pre test and Post test designs. The research sample was 30 toddlers aged 24-59 months who were undernourished according to age as a result of weighing at the Guntung Payung Health Center in May-June 2021. The general purpose of this study was to modify supplementary feeding (PMT) to toddlers by giving honey and ginger supplements in cookies to improve the nutritional status of toddlers or toddlers to normal nutritional status. The research instrument used was a questionnaire and direct weighing of children under five. Descriptive and statistical data analysis used paired t-test. The results of the paired t test showed that there was an effect of giving ginger honey cookies (Curcuma zanthorrhiza) (p=0.000) on the weight gain of toddlers in Guntung Payung Village, Banjarbaru.
Erna Yulida, Irzal Rakhmadhani, Irvan Maulana, Dessy Vinoricka Andriyana
Jurnal Berkala Kesehatan, Volume 8, pp 52-60;

The COVID-19 pandemic is occurring worldwide, including in rural and remote areas. Prevention and management of pandemics vary greatly depending on the region’s characteristics. Therefore, it was necessary to analyze COVID-19 cases in rural areas to understand the pattern of COVID-19 spread. We used descriptive epidemiological research with a cross-sectional approach in Amuntai Selatan Public Health Center. We found that the most confirmed cases occurred in women, the productive age group who worked as public servants and underwent self-isolation while exposed. While most death cases occurred in men, 56-60 years old, working as public servants and hospitalized. Public Health Center needs to improve reporting records, especially in comorbid and confirmed patient contact data. The characteristics of COVID-19 that more often affect productive adults and workers should be focused on preventing COVID-19 in the future.
Muhammad Irwan Setiawan, Meitria Syahadatina Noor, Fakhriyah Fakhriyah, Oktriyanto Oktriyanto
Jurnal Berkala Kesehatan, Volume 8, pp 45-51;

The Long-Acting Reversible Contraceptive Method (LARC) is one of the flagship programs of the Population and Family Planning Agency (BKKBN) for controlling pregnancy. The use of LARC is still very low in Indonesia, where South Kalimantan is the province with the lowest coverage. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of IEC media to increase LARC family planning participation for fertile age couple (FEC) in urban and rural areas. Quantitative research with a survey approach was carried out on women who did not use LARC contraception. The study was conducted for 7 months with a total sample of 266, consisting of 173 urban and 93 rural. The media below the line (BTL) evaluation consists of booklets, leaflets, and Balinese sheets with 4 dimensions: empathy, persuasion, impact, and communicativeness. Mann Whitney test was performed to analyze the difference in the effectiveness of BTL media between urban vs rural with a significance value of p<0.05. The effectiveness of BTL media has a significant difference between urban areas and rural, where the highest score is in the Galcitas area with median score (min-max) of 12 (10-15). BTL media has a very high effectiveness on FEC's decision to use the LACR.
Endah Labati Silapurna
Jurnal Berkala Kesehatan, Volume 8, pp 61-67;

The Corruption Eradication Committee (KPK) says that high number of potential irregularities occurs most often in the health sector and in the implementation of the National health insurance program as obtained through efforts to prevent, coordinate, and synergize with relevant government agencies, such as the BPK, the BPKP, etc. It is important for early detection of fraud along with repressive actions and sanctions that need to be followed up if there is such a potential. The issues to be discussed here are How do the laws and regulations regulate fraud prevention in the health sector in Indonesia, What is the relationship between the statutory norms regarding Fraud Prevention and the Principle of Legal Certainty? This research method uses a normative juridical approach, and the specifications of the data used in this study are qualitative secondary data. The data collection method used is literature study. The conclusion, in the form of a provisional answer: if regulations are formed relating to fraud prevention in Indonesia referring to the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia, where everyone is entitled and guaranteed by the constitution to maintain life and receive services maximally, then the principle of legal certainty is fulfilled.
Suriani Agreini Sagoba, Zairin Noor, Meitria Syahadatina Noor, Husaini Husaini, Harapan Parlindungan Ringoringo
Jurnal Berkala Kesehatan, Volume 8, pp 12-19;

Awareness of women in conducting Visual Inspection of Acetic Acid (VIA) as an early screening for cervical cancer is still quite low, therefore efforts are needed to increase it by education for women with lecture method or leaflet. The purpose of this paper is to determine the effect of providing health education with lecture and leaflet methods on knowledge and attitudes of women about VIA. There are 10 research articles related to knowledge and attitudes using the lecture method and leaflets about VIA obtained through Google Scholar, Garuda Portal, and Research Gate. Based on the results of research articles study, there was an effect of providing education with the lecture method on knowledge of 1.45; [95% Cl: 0.240-2.670, Z=2.349, p=0.018834]; and there was an effect on attitude of 1.04; [95% Cl: 0.170-1.920, Z=2.311, p=0.019775]. There was an effect of providing education with leaflets on knowledge of 1.71; [95% Cl: 0.580-2.840, Z=2.957, p=0.003103]; and there was no effect on the attitude of 0.58; [95% Cl: 0.580-2.840, Z=2.957, p=0.003103]. The conclusions are there is an effect of providing health education with the lecture method on knowledge andthere is an effect of providing health education with the leaflet method on knowledge.
Alfi Makrifatul Azizah
Jurnal Berkala Kesehatan, Volume 8, pp 20-27;

The goal of sustainable development point 2 is to end hunger by 2030 and one of its main targets is safe food. Food safety is one of the efforts to meet the food needs of female students at Komplek Q Yogyakarta. This study aims to determine the content of bacteria and the level of food safety bacteriologically in food stalls X and Y. The design of this research is descriptive observational with laboratory examination using total plate count (TPC). The food samples studied were incubated in the laboratory for 2x24 hours using PCA media to see the bacterial content. The findings are calculated using a colony counter and compared with the 2009 BPOM RI standards.Research result show that as many as 14 food samples tested there is 5 samples that are not meet the requirements for microbial contamination limits in food according toBPOM RI in 2009, namely: 1) egg stew Y=3,4x106; 2) long bean vegetable X=6,0x104; 3) green bean vegetable Y=2,6x104; 4) fried bakwan X=2,5x107; and 5) fried bakwan Y=1,2x107. Several types of food in stalls X and Y are indicated to be less biologically safe. So that special attention is needed from the government and boarding school administrators in the local area in tackling the problem of food consumption safety for students.
Muhammad Fasya Tisnawan, Linda Suwarni, Selviana Selviana, Vidyastuti Vidyastuti, Widya Lestari
Jurnal Berkala Kesehatan, Volume 7, pp 148-153;

Child sexual violence is a global problem and tends to increase from time to time. The lack of knowledge, attitudes, and self-efficacy in children about the concept of sexual violence is a contributing factor to sexual violence against children. However, data on children's knowledge, attitudes, and self-efficacy regarding the prevention of sexual violence are still limited. This study aimed to describe children's knowledge, attitudes, and self-efficacy towards the prevention of sexual violence and the incidence of sexual violence in children. This research is quantitative with a cross-sectional study approach. The population of this study was children aged 12-17 years in Pontianak City, with a total sample of 396 people. Proportional random sampling was used in six sub-districts in Pontianak City. Data analysis used univariate analysis in the form of percentages. The study results found that 68.9% had poor knowledge of sexual violence against children and its prevention, 55.8% were unsupportive of sexual violence, 47.5% had low self-efficacy in preventing sexual violence, and 56.6% of children had experienced sexual violence. A comprehensive intervention strategy is needed for parents as the first environment known to children to prevent sexual violence against children.
Panji Sananta, Satria Prabawa Perkasa Suhaedy, Felix Cendikiawan, Muhammad Abduh, Alva Pribadi
Jurnal Berkala Kesehatan, Volume 7, pp 72-77;

Musculoskeletal infection in pediatrics is a disorder that can cause significant disability. Follow-up evaluation is mandatory to ensure good long-term results. However, there is no data regarding this in Indonesia. The purpose of this study was to describe the epidemiology of musculoskeletal infections in pediatrics in Indonesia. This study is an observational epidemiological study of all pediatric musculoskeletal infection patients at Saiful Anwar Hospital Malang, Indonesia. All data were obtained from the database of the Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology of Saiful Anwar Hospital for the 2016-2020 period. A total of 71 patients were included in this study. The data collected were age, gender, diagnosis, anatomic location, treatment, and outcome. There were 48 (67.60%) male and 23 (32.39%) female patients in our study. The most frequent site of infection was the lower extremities (57.75%), followed by the spine (35.21%). In this study, the highest incidence occurred in children (6-12 years) followed by adolescents (12-18 years). This study also showed similar findings to other studies for the site of infection where the most common infection involved the lower extremities. Multidisciplinary treatment must be undertaken to reach an accurate diagnosis, determine the need for surgery, and monitor response to treatment.
Muhammad Riza, Husaini Husaini, Ardik Lahdimawan, Rosihan Adhani, Meitria Syahadatina Noor
Jurnal Berkala Kesehatan, Volume 7, pp 100-106;

Tuberculosis is one of 10 causes of death in the world. In 2018 TB sufferers in Indonesia reached 840 thousand people, the third-highest figure in the world after India and China. The purpose of this study was to analyze the relationship between contact with tuberculosis patients, occupancy density and ventilation area with tuberculosis’ incidence. This study used meta-analysis, the articles’ sources were from Google Scholar, PubMed and DOAJ published from 2011-2020. There were 12 articles that met the conditions for contact-free variables with tuberculosis patients, 12 articles of occupancy density, and 10 articles of ventilation area variable. The results were contacting with tuberculosis patients had 5.93 times more of getting tuberculosis compared to people who had no contact with tuberculosis patients, people who lived in densely populated areas were 2.41 times more getting tuberculosis compared to people living in occupancy that is not crowded, people who live in dwellings with a non-standard ventilation area were 2.14 times more getting tuberculosis when compared to people who live in an area where the ventilation area meets the standard. The conclusion of this study is tuberculosis patient contact, occupancy density, and ventilation area with the incidence of tuberculosis have a significant relationship.
Nurul Aulia Rahmi, Izaak Zoelkarnain Akbar, Bahrul Ilmi, Meitria Syahadatina Noor, Rosihan Adhani
Jurnal Berkala Kesehatan, Volume 7, pp 124-133;

The population is expected to increase by 8,5 billion persons in 2030 and 10,9 billion persons in 2100, population is growing at a rate of around 1,1% per year. One of population growth control by birth control with contraception. The most effective contraception is long-acting contraception, however, on IDHS (Indonesian Health Demographic Survey) only 13% of currently married women use long-acting contraception. Many factors affect contraceptive use among married women, such as knowledge, education, and husband’s support. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of knowledge, education, and husband's support on the selection of MKJP. This study used meta-analysis with the search engines by Google scholar, PUBMED, science direct, and ProQuest. The study was selected using PRISMA and it was evaluated by AMSTAR. Data synthesis was conducted by STATA 16.0. The results of this study obtained by knowledge [OR = 0,99; 95% Cl : 0,90-1,08, p = 0,000; I2 = 74,8%], education [OR = 0,84; 95% Cl : 0,77-0,92, p = 0,000; I2 = 86,3%], and husband’s [OR = 0,94; 95% Cl : 0,69-1,20, p = 0,000; I2 = 81,5%]. This means that knowledge, education, and husband’s support have an impact on the use of long-acting contraception.
Esti Dwi Nastiti, Lutfi Agus Salim
Jurnal Berkala Kesehatan, Volume 7, pp 107-113;

Complete basic immunization coverage in Surabaya and Puskesmas Krembangan Selatan is always above 85%, however, during COVID-19, implementation of immunization at Puskesmas Krembangan Selatan has decreased. This research aims to analyze the description of the implementation of immunization during COVID-19 at Puskesmas Krembangan Selatan. This research was conducted at Puskesmas Krembangan Selatan Surabaya, from January 18 to February 26, 2021. This research was conducted using an online system, with stages coordination and interview with institution supervisor and midwife and documentation study. This research uses primary data. The results of primary data showed that during COVID-19, immunization services continued. Although there are some services that cannot be carried out. Even though there were obstacles, services are still carried out with the implementation of strict health protocols. The conclusion, during COVID-19, immunization services at the Puskesmas Krembangan Selatan were running according to health protocols, but the coverage of most immunizations had not yet reached the predetermined target because people were worried about visiting health services.
Hairil Ikhwan Saputra, Yustini Ardillah
Jurnal Berkala Kesehatan, Volume 7, pp 85-94;

Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) is a virus that can spread rapidly from human to human. Adequacy of Sanitation Facilities will support the process of preventing transmission. The plan to reopen schools will have the potential to become a cluster of COVID-19 transmission, if not supported by adequate sanitation facilities.The research objective was to analyze the readiness of school sanitation facilities related to CTPS facilities in the prevention of COVID-19 at SMK Negeri 1 Lubuk Linggau city.This study is a qualitative descriptive study with an observational approach. Information is obtained through in-depth interviews, observation, and document review. The data analysis used is content analysis with the triangulation method. The results showed that the CTPS facility was available but not equipped with a sink, no drying equipment, and the conditions were poorly maintained. The provision of hand sanitizer-based CTPS facilities has been budgeted for with BOS funds. In the implementation of CTPS, there are still school members who do not know how to wash their hands properly and correctly. The school has prepared spare masks, thermogenic as an effort to prevent COVID-19. The implementation of COVID-19 prevention has not been optimal because there are still school residents who do not optimally implement health protocols in education units.
Eny Hastuti, Syahrizal Ramadhani, Cast Torizellia, Norlita Alyatri
Jurnal Berkala Kesehatan, Volume 7, pp 114-123;

DAGUSIBU medicine is a health education program created by The Indonesian Pharmacists Association (Asosiasi Apoteker Indonesia, IAI) in an effort to realize Gerakan Keluarga Sadar Obat (GKSO). DAGUSIBU medicine stands for DApatkan, GUnakan, SImpan, BUang obat. The purpose of this study was to determine the demographic characteristics and the relationship of demographic characteristics to the level of public knowledge about DAGUSIBU fever medicine. The design of this research is observational analytic using approach cross-sectional. The sample is 138 people with purposive sampling. The instrument used is a questionnaire, analyzed by univariate and bivariate analysis using test Chi-Square. The results showed that the majority of respondents were in adulthood (33.3%), female (59.4%), basic education background (64.5%), working status (75.4%), never received information (78.3%) and the level of knowledge in the less category (47.8%). The results of statistical tests showed p-value= 0.003, gender (0.0001), education level (0.0002), occupation (0.001) and had/never received information (0.0001). The conclusion in this study was that the majority of the respondents were of adult age, female, with basic education background, never received information and the level of knowledge was less category and there was a significant relationship between demographic characteristics and the level of public knowledge.
Kharis Faridan, Meitria Syahadatina Noor, Alfi Yasmina, Syamsul Arifin, Harapan Parlindungan Ringoringo
Jurnal Berkala Kesehatan, Volume 7, pp 141-147;

Basic Health Research (2018) and National Socio-Economic Survey (2019) showed a high incidence of stunting in Indonesia. History of acute respiratory infection (ARI) and low birth weight (LBW) were studied as factors associated with stunting in under-five children. The research’s objective was to analyze the association between the history of ARI and LBW with the incidence of stunting in under-five children. This study was a meta-analysis. Literature searching was conducted in reputed and accredited journals in PubMed and Google Scholar, published between 2016-2020, analytic observational study design, contained OR/PR/RR with 95% confidence interval, written in English or Indonesian, and available in full-text. The meta-analysis was conducted with RevMan 5.4 application. We included 14 studies. Results showed there was a significant association between history of ARI and the incidence of stunting in under-five children, with pooled OR = 2.48 (95%CI = 1.82-3.40, p < 0.00001, I2 = 0%, p for heterogeneity = 0.66). This study showed there was a significant association between LBW and incidence of stunting, with pooled OR = 2.15 (95% CI = 1.58-2.93, p < 0.00001, I2 = 61%, p for heterogeneity = 0.005). The conclusions were there were significant associations between the history of ARI and LBW with the incidence of stunting in under-five children.
Rizky Yusnida Amelia, Pribakti Budinurdjaja, Ihya Ridlo Nizomy, Meitria Syahadatina Noor, Singgih Sidarta, I Made Gede Darma Susila
Jurnal Berkala Kesehatan, Volume 7, pp 95-99;

Perineal rupture is a laceration on the perineum during delivery process (excluding iatrogenic rupture such as episiotomy). Several provinces in Indonesia in 2017-2018 reports that 1 in 5 cases of perineal rupture is shown to be fatal, one of many contributing factors in perineal rupture is age and parity. This study aims to find the relationship between age, parity, with perineal rupture on per vaginam (spontaneous) deliveries in RSIA Borneo Citra Medika, Pelaihari. This search use cross-sectional, analytic observational study that was conducted at RSIA Borneo Citra Medika from January to December 2017 with simple random sampling utilizing secondary data from medical record, total 208 samples. The result is perineal rupture was found on 16 (11.51%) samples with age 35 years old and on 123 (95.69%) samples with age 20-35 years old. Chi-square analysis showed no association between age and perineal rupture (p>0.05). Perineal rupture was found on 70 (50.35%) samples with primigravida and on 69 (49.65%) samples with multigravida. Chi-square analysis showed a strong association between parity and perineal rupture (p= 0.000). The conclusions are there was a significant relationship between parity with perineal rupture and there wasn’t significant relationship between age with perineal rupture.
Cynthia Widyawati, Indriati Paskarini
Jurnal Berkala Kesehatan, Volume 7, pp 134-140;

PG. Poerwodadie is one of the white crystal sugar factories left by the Dutch East Indies. In the production process with a fairly high risk of work accidents, the company provides Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). However, most workers have not complied with the use of PPE in the work area. Therefore, it is necessary to research factors related to non-compliance with the use of PPE. The purpose of the study was to determine the relationship between age, years of service, education, and attitudes with workers who were not obedient in using PPE. This research uses quantitative with the cross-sectional approach. The population in this study were all workers at the PG. Poerwodadie manufacturing station totals 80 people. The study concludes that there was a relationship between the age of workers and non-compliance with the use of PPE with the value of Phi and Cramer's V = 0.337. There was a relationship between the working period and non-compliance with the use of PPE with a value of 0.329. There was a relationship between worker knowledge and non-compliance with the use of PPE with the value = 0.279. There was no relationship between worker attitudes and non-compliance with the use of PPE
Afifah Afifah, Rudi Fakhriadi, Ratna Setyaningrum, Musafaah Musafaah, Dian Rosadi
Jurnal Berkala Kesehatan, Volume 7, pp 78-84;

One of the diseases that still has the potential to become an epidemic in Indonesia is Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF). Banjarbaru City is a dengue-endemic area with a high number of new cases (IR) of dengue during 2016-2018 consecutively. In 2018, Banjarbaru City's IR DBD was the second highest after Hulu Sungai Selatan Regency at 105.24 per 100,000 population. The purpose of this study is to describe the incidence of dengue hemorrhagic fever based on the review of larva free index, education level, and population density in the City of Banjarbaru in 2018-2019. The population in this study is demographic data and health data in the City of Banjarbaru in 2018-2019. The sample of this research is the data on dengue cases, larva free index data, education level data, and population density data for the City of Banjarbaru in 2018-2019. Descriptive data analysis used frequency distribution tables and cross-tabulations. The results showed descriptively low larva free index showed a low incidence of DHF (2018 (18.75%) 2019 (11.11%), high levels of education showed a high incidence of DHF (2018 (20%), 2019 (20%), and high density indicates a high incidence of DHF (2018 (18.75%) in 2019 (12.5%).
M Riduan Abriadi, Husaini Husaini, Eko Suhartono, Zairin Noor, Meitria Syahadatina Noor
Jurnal Berkala Kesehatan, Volume 7, pp 44-51;

Early initiation of breastfeeding is program of Indonesian Government. Early breastfeeding has not been widely practiced, <30% for South Kalimantan and 21% for Tapin District. The implementation of early initiation of breastfeeding by midwives at Datu Sanggul Rantau Hospital is influenced by age, education level, years of service, midwife training and socialization of implementation of early breastfeeding initiation. This study aims was to analyze the factors associated with implementation of early initiation of breastfeeding by midwives at Datu Sanggul Rantau Hospital. The study was cross sectional, with 32 midwives in PONEK, maternity and nicu at Datu Sanggul Rantau Hospital. The variables were age, education level, years of service, training and socialization. Data were analyzed using Chi square. The results showed socialization was related with p value of 0.004. Unrelated factors were age p value 0.660, education level p value 0.496, years of service p value of 0.761, and training p value 0.314. Simultaneously, age, education level, years of service, training and socialization are not related to the implementation of early breastfeeding initiation with p value 0, 083. The conclusion is there is a significant relationship between socialization and the implementation of early initiation of breastfeeding at Datu Sanggul Rantau Hospital.
Rismawaty Rismawaty, Sri Moertiningsih Adioetomo
Jurnal Berkala Kesehatan, Volume 7, pp 29-37;

Impaired cognitive function is one of the health problems suffered by elderly people. Cognitive impairment can lead to dependence on the help of others. This study aims to analyze factors associated with cognitive impairment among older persons in Indonesia. Cognitive impairment is measured by difficulty with memory or concentration, derived from Susenas September 2018. The size of the samples is 26,010 people aged 60 years and over and analyzed using multinomial logistic regression. Cognitive impairment is divided into three categories: Normal Cognitive, Mild Cognitive Impairment or MCI, and Dementia. This study found that 17.08 percent of the elderly in the sample had MCI, and 0.86 percent had dementia. The result also showed that age, gender, marital status, social activity, and economic level are associated with MCI and dementia. However, the results showed that there are relationships between education level and living arrangements only found among elderly with MCI but not the incidence of dementia. Future studies are suggested to add other factors such as food consumption, physical activity, and cognitive activity to have more understanding of the causes of cognitive impairment in the elderly in Indonesia.
Meitria Syahadatina Noor, Husnul Fatimah, Fauzie Rahman, Nur Laily, Fahrini Yulidasari
Jurnal Berkala Kesehatan, Volume 7, pp 16-21;

Early marriage is a marriage performed by women under the age of 16. Aluh-Aluh Subdistrict obtained 69 early marriages in 2017 at the highest number in Banjar Regency. Early marriage is one of the causes of perinatal death, abortion, obstetric fistula, cervical cancer, high-risk pregnancy, stress, anxiety, and household harmony. The purpose of this study is to explain the relationship between early marriage with abortion, risky pregnancy, anxiety, and domestic harmony on early marriages in Aluh-Aluh Sub-District, Banjar Regency. This study used an observational analytic design with a cross sectional research design. The study population was 211 married mothers in 2017. The sampling technique in this study was using a purposive sampling with a minimum sample size of 50 people. The results showed that there was no relationship between early marriage and the incidence of abortion (p-value = 1,000) and risky pregnancy (p-value = 0.229) from a physical impact. Furthermore, early marriage also has no relationship with anxiety (p-value = 0.133) as a psychological impact. Meanwhile, domestic harmony has a homogeneous result so statistical tests cannot be carried out. The conclusion of this research is that there is no relationship between early marriage with the incidence of abortion, risky pregnancy, and anxiety in women in Aluh-Aluh Sub-District, Banjar District.
Lina Handayani, Fitri Rekyan, Rahmadhani Miftakhul Khusna, Lafi Munira, Jihan Rizka Syafiya La Moma
Jurnal Berkala Kesehatan, Volume 7, pp 9-15;

Provision of breast milk is the most effective way to ensure baby's health and safety. Breast milk has nutritional and non-nutritional benefits both for the health of the child and the mother. WHO recommends exclusive breastfeeding for up to six months, continued for up to two years. Breastfeeding Self-Efficacy is the most powerful factor that can influence the process of breastfeeding and the success of breastfeeding. The purpose of this study was to identify the relationship between self-efficacy and breastfeeding practices among primiparous mothers. The research was a cross-sectional study. The population in this study was mothers who had given birth to a first live baby at the Widuri Primary Clinic. The sample size in this study was 40 primiparous mothers recruited with the total sampling method. Data were collected using the Breastfeeding Self Efficacy (BSES) questionnaire which contains 25 questions about the breastfeeding self-efficacy of the mothers and observation of breastfeeding practices that refer to 16 breastfeeding practice items. Data analysis was used univariate and bivariate analysis. The results showed that there was no relationship between self-efficacy and breastfeeding practice (p-value = 0.215). There is no relationship between self-efficacy and breastfeeding practice.
Ayu Putri Utami, Fajar Ariyanti
Jurnal Berkala Kesehatan, Volume 7, pp 1-8;

Tuberculosis is a chronic disease that requires prolonged medication and slow recovery, hence the problem that often occurs is the patients’ medication compliance. This study is aimed to identify the Description of the Medication Compliance for Tuberculosis Patients with Quote TB Light in Public Health Center. The method of this study was quantitative descriptive using cross sectional design with 92 patients from February to March 2020. The results showed that 51% of tuberculosis patients had complied with the medication. Based on the dimensions of Quote TB Light, the majority of patients have a good perception regarding: TB services (93.65%); the information received is appropriate (100%); health workers when providing consultations (100%); the availability of infrastructures (66%); the service provided by health workers is appropriate (74.5%); the affordability of TB medication is good (100%); and the attitude of health workers (100%). The conclusion is that the description of the medication compliance of tuberculosis patients based on Quote TB Light is good, but it is necessary to improve the quality of services on health workers’ capability and competence, to make improvements and consistent interventions in waiting time, and to pay attention to the infrastructure in order to provide the comfort for patients.
Desie Rahmawati, Hardian Bimanto
Jurnal Berkala Kesehatan, Volume 7, pp 59-64;

Leprosy caused by Mycobacterium leprae is still a health problem in Indonesia. The incidence of leprosy in every regency/city in East Java Province indicates a spatial dependence. This study aims to describe the pattern of leprosy incidence and identify factors that influence the incidence of leprosy in East Java Province. This study used secondary data published by East Java Provincial Health Office and East Java Central Statistics Agency in 2018. The observation units in this study are 38 regencies/cities in East Java Province. The analytical method used is Spatial Autoregressive Model (SAR) which is a spatial approach based on area. Based on the results of analysis show that Moran's index value = 0.250 (p = 0.018) which means indicating a spatial dependency. The mean years' schools (p = 0.001) and the male population (p = 0.006) had a significant effect on the incidence of leprosy. Meanwhile, the percentage of healthy housing coverage (p = 0.111) and population density (p = 0.055) did not affect the incidence of leprosy. The spread pattern of leprosy in East Java Province is clustered in adjacent areas and factors that affect the incidence of leprosy are the mean years' schools and the male population.
Putricia Synthesa
Jurnal Berkala Kesehatan, Volume 7, pp 52-58;

Gender equality which has become one of the national development goals is often described by the degree of women's autonomy. The absence of the RPJMN target in terms of fertility rates in Indonesia could be due to the current low autonomy of women. The purpose of this study is to determine the spatial analysis of the relationship between women's autonomy and fertility at the provincial level and to determine the effect of women's autonomy on fertility in Indonesia. The analysis method used in this research is the spatial analysis and binary logistic regression analysis. The spatial analysis will describe spatially the relationship between women's autonomy and fertility based on 34 provinces in Indonesia. Meanwhile, the logistic regression analysis will look at the influence of the female autonomy variable on fertility in Indonesia. The results of the spatial analysis show that most provinces in Indonesia still have high fertility rates and this pattern is followed by low women's autonomy. Meanwhile, the results of binary logistic regression analysis showed that 7 out of 11 independent variables consisting of female autonomy variables and other control variables significantly affected fertility. Where the independent variables that describe women's autonomy affect on fertility in Indonesia. So that increasing women's autonomy needs to be built in terms of supporting population control.
Herry Rusandy, Ruslan Muhyi, Erida Widyamala, Husaini Husaini, Lenie Marlinae
Jurnal Berkala Kesehatan, Volume 7, pp 38-43;

Indonesia is the third country of smokers in the world. It increases disease and death by 50% in developing countries. WHO launched "No Smoking Areas" in public places. The purpose of this study was analyzing the socialization, budget, policies, and compliance in the effectiveness of implementing the Regulation on KTR in Balangan Regency. The research subjects were male health services officers in 10 accredited Puskesmas in Balangan Regency with total of 59 people, which determined sample size of 42 people. The method used cross-sectional. Data were analyzed by chi square and logistic regression. The results are there is an effect of socialization on effectiveness of implementing the Regional Regulation on KTR (0.008); there is an influence of budget on effectiveness of implementing Regional Regulation on KTR (p = 0.080); there is a policy influence on effectiveness of the implementation of Regional Regulation on KTR (0.003); there is an effect of compliance with effectiveness of implementing Regional Regulation on KTR (0.016); The most dominant influence is policy with a value of p = 0.004 and exp (B) = 43.530. The conclusion is there is an effect of socialization, policy and compliance with the effectiveness of implementing the Perda KTR with the dominant variable is policy.
Marina Dwi Mayangsari, Dwi Nurrachmah, Alvina Rizkiani, Alda Nursyifa Aidilla, Tuti Asmaniah
Jurnal Berkala Kesehatan, Volume 7, pp 22-28;

The elderly are very vulnerable to anxiety, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. Many elderly people are infected with this virus, especially those who have comorbids. The feeling of worrying about mortality rate raises the risk of physical condition decreasing, this further increases susceptibility to infection. This study aims to determine the description and the factors that cause anxiety. The study was conducted using a qualitative approach. Data collection methods used observation, interviews, and Geriatric Anxiety Scale (GAS). The research subjects for the initial survey were five people, then deepening to an elderly woman (BW), 63 years old who obtained the highest anxiety score. The results showed that the elderly felt anxious about their surroundings being exposed to the Covid-19 virus, it’s seen from the symptoms such as restlessness, difficulty sleeping, and disturbed concentration of thought. Anxiety is caused by physical factors such as suffering from accompanying illness, trauma from emotional experiences, and loss contact with the social environment. The conclusion that the elderly excessive worry because of their physical vulnerability so they often worried if they contracted Covid-19. Simple intervention suggestions such as remembrance therapy in order to calm the feelings and thoughts of the subject during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Ida Yuliana, Triawanti Triawanti, Didik Dwi Sanyoto, Husnul Khatimah, Asnawati Asnawati, Rayatul Aminah
Jurnal Berkala Kesehatan, Volume 7, pp 65-71;

Malnutrition causes disruption of spermatogenesis in children. Pasak Bumi has the potential to increase spermatogenesis due to malnutrition. Aimed of research is to proved Pasak Bumi as a food supplement to improve spermatogenesis disorders due to malnutrition in malnourished rats. The research method used analytical observational method by observing the histological preparations of the testes of malnourished rats. Observations using a binocular microscope were analyzed with Optilab Camera and Image Raster software. There are 5 groups of experimental: M: malnutrition without intervention; P1: malnutrition + standard feed + PB 7.5 mg/kgBW; P2: malnutrition + standard feed + PB 15 mg/kgBW; P3: malnutrition + standard feed + PB 22.5 mg/kgBW; P4: malnutrition + standard feed + PB 30 mg/kgBW; Research parameters were number of seminiferous tubules, primary spermatocytes and Leydig cells. Data analysis used the Anova One way test with a confidence level of 95%. The results showed number of seminiferous tubules, primary spermatocytes and Leydig cells in the M group was less than the P1-P4 group. This suggests malnutrition causes disruption of spermatogenesis. Conclusion the administration of Pasak Bumi extract at various doses increased spermatogenesis in malnourished.
Dian Rosadi
Jurnal Berkala Kesehatan, Volume 6, pp 80-84;

Tuberkulosis (TB) merupakan penyakit dengan risiko penularan yang tinggi. Berdasarkan Laporan Dinas Kesehatan Provinsi Kalimantan Selatan tahun 2017 ditemukan 6.656 kasus / 10.177 kasus dugaan, data tertinggi per Puskesmas di Banjarmasin pada Puskesmas Pekauman dengan penemuan kasus TB Paru sebanyak 94 orang, dengan penderita kambuh sebanyak 3 orang dan sebanyak 7 orang meninggal di tahun 2018. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengklarifikasi hubungan umur, jenis kelamin, pendidikan, efek samping pengobatan, pengetahuan, sikap petugas kesehatan dengan kepatuhan minum obat anti tuberculosis. Penelitian ini merupakan penelitian analitik observasional dengan rancangan cross sectional, dengan menggunakan teknik purposive sampling. Populasi dalam penelitian ini sebanyak 45 pasien dan sampel sebanyak 30 pasien. Instrumen yang digunakan adalah kuesioner. Analisis data bivariat dengan uji Fisher Exact karena tidak memenuhi uji Chi-Square yaitu data berdistribusi normal, nilai ekspektasi frekuensi
Meitria Syahadatina Noor, Husaini Husaini, Andini Octaviana Puteri, Della Tanzilia Hidayat
Jurnal Berkala Kesehatan, Volume 6, pp 75-79;

Berat badan lahir rendah (BBLR) adalah berat lahir yang kurang dari 2500 gram. Kasus BBLR di Kalimantan Selatan sebanyak 4,53%. Data Dinas Kesehatan Kabupaten Banjar tahun 2018 menunjukkan bahwa pada tahun 2017 persentase BBLR mengalami kenaikan sebesar 3,4% dibandingkan dengan tahun 2016 yaitu sebesar 3,3%. Kasus BBLR terbanyak di Kabupaten Banjar adalah wilayah kerja Puskesmas Karang Intan 1 yaitu terdapat kasus BBLR sebanyak 7,5%, kasus ini meningkat dari tahun sebelumnya yaitu sebesar 2,2%. Disusul kasus terbanyak kedua terdapat di wilayah kerja Puskemas Simpang Empat 2 yaitu sebesar 6,5%. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk menganalisis faktor yang berhubungan dengan kejadian BBLR. Penelitian ini merupakan penelitian observasional analitik dengan desain case control. Populasi penelitian semua ibu yang melahirkan antara bulan Januari-Desember 2017. Jumlah sampel adalah 30 orang kelompok kontrol (ibu melahirkan dengan berat lahir normal) dan 30 orang kelompok kasus (ibu yang melahirkan dengan BBLR). Teknik pengambilan sampel menggunakan purposive sampling. Instrumen yang akan digunakan ialah buku register ibu hamil dan bersalin, kohort ibu, kohort bayi, dan buku KIA ibu hamil tahun 2017. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan nilai p > 0,05 yaitu tidak ada hubungan bermakna antara faktor ibu, fetus, dan plasenta dengan kejadian BBLR.Kesimpulan penelitian ini adalah tidak terdapat hubungan antara faktor ibu, janin, dan plasenta dengan kejadian BBLR di wilayah kerja Puskesmas Karang Intan 1 dan Simpang 4 Kabupaten Banjar.
Krisnita Dwi Jayanti, Ekawati Wasis Wijaya, Eva Firdayanti Bisono, Ratna Frenty Nurkhalim, Indah Susilowati, Indra Setyawan, Bayu Ratmanda Putra
Jurnal Berkala Kesehatan, Volume 6, pp 50-54;

Statistik untuk Rumah Sakit menjadi sangat penting karena digunakan untuk mengevaluasi kualitas pelayanan medis di Rumah Sakit . Analisis time series merupakan suatu metode analisis statistik yang digunakan dalam melakukan suatu estimasi atau peramalan pada masa yang akan datang. Tujuan penelitian untuk melakukan proyeksi Angka Kematian Bayi di RSUD X Kabupaten Kediri dengan menggunakan single exponential smoothing. Metode penelitian menggunakan jenis penelitian deskriptif dengan studi kasus data berkala (time series) dengan pendekatan retrospektif. Populasi yang digunakan adalah seluruh kunjungan bayi (hidup dan mati) yang rawat inap pada tahun 2014-2018 di Rumah Sakit X Kabupaten Kediri. Analisis data secara deskriptif diketahui bahwa angka kematian bayi di rumah sakit X Kabupaten Kediri sangat fluktuatif dikarenakan kenaikan jumlah kunjungan pasien bayi atau kematian bayi masih sangat tinggi. Data jumlah kematian sebesar 362 bayi dengan penyebab terbanyak disebabkan oleh Intrauterine Fetal Death (IUFD) dengan jumlah kasus sebanyak 89 dan penyebab paling sedikit neonatal pretern dengan jumlah kasus sebanyak 8. Hasil proyeksi 2 tahun kedepan akan terjadi penurunan angka kematian bayi meskipun jumlahnya sangat sedikit pada tahun 2019 dan berangsur stabil hingga tahun 2020. Kesimpulan menyatakan bahwa hasil proyeksi menggunakan metode single exponential smoothing menunjukkan adanya penurunan angka kematian bayi.
Zainuddin Zainuddin, Munadhir Munadhir
Jurnal Berkala Kesehatan, Volume 6, pp 69-74;

Peran orang tua sangatlah penting dalam membesarkan dan mengasuh anak mulai dari kandungan, lahir, sampai dengan dewasa. Salah satu peran penting ibu adalah memberikan gizi yang baik untuk bayi, seperti pemberian Air Susu Ibu (ASI), namun masih banyak ibu yang abai akan pemberian ASI ekslusif karena alasan produksi ASI yang kurang lancar. Tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk mengetahui pengaruh konsumsi jantung pisang kepok terhadap peningkatan produksi ASI pada wanita karir, dengan rancangan penelitian yang digunakan adalah Quasy Eksperimental dengan Two Group Pretest and Postest Design. Observasi dilakukan dua kali yaitu sebelum eksperimen (O1) disebut pretest, dan sesudah eksperimen (O2) disebut dengan post test. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa ada pengaruh pemberian sayur jantung pisang terhadap kelancaran ASI ibu menyusui, hal ini dapat dilihat dari nilai Asymp.Siq (2-tailed) = 0.04, angka ini lebih kecil dari α = 0.05 (Ho ditolak). Untuk kelompok kontrol tidak ada pengaruh, dimana pada kelompok control ditemukan nilai Asymp.Siq (2-tailed) = 0.564, angka ini lebih besar dari α = 0.05 (Ho diterima) yag berarti dapat disimpulkan tidak ada pengaruh kelancaran ASI ibu menyusui tanpa intervensi jantung pisang.
Yustin Ari Prihandini, Ari Yunanto, Triawanti Triawanti, Meitria Syahadatina Noor, Fauzie Rahman
Jurnal Berkala Kesehatan, Volume 6, pp 55-61;

Kelengkapan berkas rekam medis merupakan salah satu cerminan dari pelayanan mutu rumah sakit. Data RSD Idaman menunjukkan bahwa ketidaklengkapan pengisian berkas rekam medis oleh perawat dengan persentase sebesar 63,89%. Angka tersebut masih belum mencapai target yang ditetapkan yaitu 100%. Kelengkapan pengisian berkas rekam medis dapat dipengaruhi oleh usia, jenis kelamin, masa kerja dan beban kerja. Penelitian ini bertujuan menjelaskan faktor yang berhubungan dengan kelengkapan pengisian berkas rekam medis oleh perawat di Ruang Rawat Inap RSD Idaman Banjarbaru Tahun 2020. Rancangan penelitian observasional analitik dengan desain cross sectional. Populasi penelitian adalah seluruh perawat pelaksana dengan sampel sebanyak 46 orang yang ditentukan dengan teknik proporsional simpel random sampling. Instrumen penelitian yang digunakan berupa kuesioner. Analisis data secara deksriptif dan statistik dengan menggunakan uji chi-square dan uji regresi logistik berganda. Hasil uji chi-squaremenunjukkan terdapat hubungan antara jenis kelamin (p=0,029), masa kerja (p=0,000) dengan kelengkapan pengisian berkas rekam medis. Hasil analisa regresi logistik menunjukkan variabel masa kerja memiliki hubungan yang paling dominan dengan kelengkapan pengisian berkas rekam medis (p=0,012, exp. B= 35,241). Jenis kelamin dan masa kerja berhubungan dengan kelengkapan pengisian berkas rekam medis oleh perawat pelaksana. Variabel yang paling dominan berhubungan adalah masa kerja.
Awaluddin Awaluddin, Arnold Kabangnga, Rahmat Januar Noor
Jurnal Berkala Kesehatan, Volume 6, pp 62-68;

Sistem budidaya yang dikembangkan oleh pembudidaya tradisional di kecamatan Bungoro, Kabupaten Pangkep umumnya berada di pesisir sekitar kawasan pusat kegiatan antropogenik masyarakat seperti permukiman, kawasan pelabuhan dan industri. Aktifitas ini akan mempengaruhi input air ke dalam tambak yang rentan terhadap pencemaran logam Timbal (Pb). Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui kadar Timbal (Pb) pada air dan sedimen pada tambak tradisional ikan bandeng di Kecamatan Bungoro, Kabupaten Pangkep, Provinsi Sulawesi Selatan. Desain penelitian ini menggunakan pendekatan analisis deskriptif kuantitatif yang merancang penelitian untuk mendapat kejelasan tentang konsentrasi logam timbal (Pb) pada sampel yang diuji. Lokasi pengambilan sampel ditentukan dengan metode purposive sampling pada 3 stasiun pengamatan, yaitu: tambak pesisir, tambak sekitar pabrik PT. Semen Tonasa, dan tambak sekitar pemukiman. Analisis kadar logam (Pb) pada air dan sedimen dilakukan dengan menggunakan metode AAS (Atomic Absorption Spectrofotometric) dan mengacu pada SNI 6989:8:2009. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa cemaran logam Timbal (Pb) pada air tambak tradisional semua stasiun telah melebihi ambang batas yang dipersyaratkan. Konsentrasi logam Timbal (Pb) dalam sedimen relative masih dibawah baku mutu.
Frida Lina Tarigan, Lia Rosa Veronika Sinaga, Irene Rostina Sihura
Jurnal Berkala Kesehatan, Volume 6, pp 43-49;

Cakupan imunisasi dasar lengkap di Sumatera Utara 75,76%, Kabupaten Nias Selatan 80%. Laporan Puskesmas Luahagundre 80% bayi setiap desa mendapatkan imunisasi dasar lengkap, namun belum mencapai target renstra yang ditentukan Kementerian Kesehatan sebesar 92%. Survey awal dilakukan, pengetahuan ibu tentang Imunisasi lengkap masih rendah. Di Nias Selatan tarian Moyo kreasi, sering dipentaskan pada acara penyambutan tamu, acara pesta budaya, pernikahan, hari kesehatan nasional. Tujuan penelitian untuk mengetahui pengaruh Tari Moyo kreasi terhadap pengetahuan ibu tentang pemberian imunisasi dasar lengkap di UPTD Puskesmas Luahagundre Kecamatan Luahagundre Maniamolo Kabupaten Nias Selatan Tahun 2019. Jenis penelitian quasi-experiment dengan rancangan pretest-posttest one group only design. Populasi penelitian sebanyak 73 responden, jumlah sampel 30 responden. Pengambilan sampel menggunakan purposive sampling. Pengukuran dilakukan sebelum dan sesudah dilakukan tarian Moyo kreasi. Analisis hasil penelitian menggunakan uji wilcoxon diperoleh P-value 0,000 dengan rata-rata nilai pengetahuan ibu sebelum tarian Moyo kreasi sebesar 1,87 dan sesudah dilakukan tarian Moyo kreasi sebesar 14,03, sehingga selisih perubahan peningkatan pengetahuan sebesar 12,16. Hasil penelitian menunjukan ada Pengaruh Tari Moyo Kreasi Terhadap Peningkatan Pengetahuan Ibu. Diharapkan kader posyandu untuk lebih meningkatkan penyuluhan tentang imunisasi dasar lengkap kepada ibu dengan memanfaatkan metode tarian Moyo kreasi, mengembangkan syairnya menjadi pesan kesehatan.
Diah Ayu Utami, Lia Gustina, Omas Bulan Samosir
Jurnal Berkala Kesehatan, Volume 6, pp 1-8;

Hasil Survei Demografi dan Kesehatan Indonesia (SDKI) 2017 menunjukkan bahwa Unmet Need sebesar 10,6 persen, serta masih diatas target RPJMN 2015-2019 yaitu sebesar 9,9 %. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui pengaruh faktor-faktor individu wanita terutama otonomi wanita terhadap Unmet Need penjarangan dan Unmet Need pembatasan. Data yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini bersumber dari data SDKI 2017 dengan unit analisis adalah wanita usia subur umur 15-49 tahun yang berstatus kawin/hidup bersama serta memiliki kebutuhan terhadap KB dengan observasi berjumlah 24.981 individu. Metode analisis yang digunakan adalah regresi multinomial logit. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa otonomi wanita dan status bekerja hanya berpengaruh terhadap Unmet Need pembatasan. Wanita dengan otonomi tinggi mempunyai peluang lebih rendah untuk Unmet Need pembatasan dibandingkan dengan wanita otonomi rendah. Hasil penelitian juga menunjukkan bahwa umur, jumlah anak masih hidup, daerah tempat tinggal, dan pengetahuan alat/cara KB modern berpengaruh terhadap Unmet Need penjarangan dan pembatasan. Pendidikan wanita dan keterpaparan informasi KB di media massa hanya berpengaruh terhadap Unmet Need penjarangan. Untuk mengurangi Unmet Need baik penjarangan maupun pembatasan, program intervensi harus ditargetkan kepada kelompok wanita yang mempunyai resiko Unmet Need tersebut, terutama pada wanita otonomi rendah.
Aris Setyawan, Eka Oktavianto
Jurnal Berkala Kesehatan, Volume 6, pp 9-13;

Objective Structured Clinical Examintion (OSCE) merupakan salah satu metode penilaian kompetensi klinis. OSCE menimbulkan tekanan karena harus mengkolaborasikan skill dengan daya ingat yang kuat sehingga meningkatkan kecemasan yang akan berdampak pada perfoma mahasiswa. Salah satu bentuk strategi yang dapat digunakan untuk mengurangi kecemasan adalah dengan aromaterapi jenis lavender yang mempunyai sifat menenangkan, merangsang tidur, efek anxyolitic (anti kecemasan), dan efek psikologis lainya. Tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk mengetahui efektifitas aromaterapi terhadap tingkat kecemasan menghadapi OSCE pada mahasiswa keperawatan. Penelitian ini merupakan penelitian quasi experiment dengan pendekatan pre-post test with control design. Jumlah sampel sebanyak 32 responden yang terdiri dari 16 responden sebagai kelompok kontrol dan 16 responden sebagai kelompok intervensi (mendapat perlakuan aromaterapi lavender dengan cara inhalasi/menghirup aromaterapi yang telah diteteskan pada cutton bud). Sampel diambil menggunakan teknik simple random sample. Analisis data menggunakan Paired Sample Test. Hasil penelitian didapatkan terjadi penurunan kelompok intervensi sebelum pemberian aroma terapi 57,75 menjadi 51,31 dengan p = 0,001 < 0,05. Aromaterapi lavender efektif dalam menurunkan kecemasan menghadapi OSCE pada mahasiswa keperawatan. Penurunan kecemasan terjadi karena salah satu kandungan lavender yaitu linalool yang mempunyai efek anxyolitic (anti kecemasan).
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