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Tahani Al Tuffahati, Ikhwan Rahmatika Latif, Syarah Arifa, Muntaha Mardhatillah
Journal of Government Science (govsci) : Jurnal Ilmu Pemerintahan, Volume 4, pp 8-16;

The purpose of this research is to examine the West Aceh District's strategy for overcoming undergraduate unemployment and reaching the poverty level. This study uses a qualitative descriptive method by examining various government policy strategies that have been proposed to do so. The results of the study found that the government had issued several policies aimed at reducing poverty due to high unemployment, such as issuing permits to open business locations in various fields in West Aceh, issuing permits for establishing large companies after fulfilling special procedures and requirements, implementing pre-employment programs, and implementing programs for productive workforce training at the West Aceh job training center.
Wahyu Tristiana, Ekapti Wahjuni Dj, Dian Suluh Kusuma Dewi
Journal of Government Science (govsci) : Jurnal Ilmu Pemerintahan, Volume 4, pp 1-7;

This paper aims to see how the Recruitment and Cadreization Process of Women in the Great Indonesia Movement Party, Ponorogo Regency. This study uses a qualitative descriptive research design approach. The results of the study stated that the Gerindra Party DPC Ponorogo Regency uses an open recruitment procedure using selection where every citizen has the right to receive equal treatment and to participate in the political process by joining a political party, not only the party also judges from the experience of the organization, popularity and financial potential of cadre candidates who are prepared as legislative candidates. The process of recruiting political parties is the beginning of political parties, the purpose of which is to prepare recruited cadres who can compete with political cadres from other parties and have the ability to carry out their duties and obligations when elected in the political competition. the recruitment process includes the process of preparing human resources so that in the future they become leaders who can better build the roles and functions of the party and this regeneration is carried out in stages and systematically. Even in political party institutions, affirmative action is carried out by requiring political parties to include at least female representatives in 30% of the establishment as well as in management at the central level
Muhammad Reza Fahlevy, Muhammad Hairul Saleh, Niken Nurmiyati
Journal of Government Science (govsci) : Jurnal Ilmu Pemerintahan, Volume 4, pp 42-57;

This study aims to determine the existence of bureaucracy in the era of the industrial revolution 4.0. This study used the descriptive qualitative method. The results of the study show that the industrial revolution 4.0 brought significant changes to the conditions of the bureaucracy in Indonesia. This is supported by data that Indonesia is ranked 5th in Southeast Asia with an electronic-based government system or known as e-government. E-government services in the Industry 4.0 era are very important for the government because the presence of e-government makes the service process carried out by the government have good accountability and transparency, this certainly affects the number or complexity of services in the bureaucracy. With the existence of e-government, it will improve the quality of public services from those that initially had pathology to now an innovative bureaucracy.
Rachmat Ramdani, Cucu Sugiarti, Rizzka Aulia Anggriani
Journal of Government Science (govsci) : Jurnal Ilmu Pemerintahan, Volume 4, pp 17-31;

This research highlights the concept of preventing early marriage through the Adolescent Information and Counseling Center (PIK-R) program at the Karawang Regency Population Control and Family Planning Office. This research uses qualitative research methods with case study design and data analysis using the Miles and Huberman model. The theory that researchers use in this study is the prevention of early marriage according to Noorkasiani, et al (Ulfah, 2018). Based on the findings in the field, the four dimensions have not gone well. First, in the dimension of directing adolescents who are not married, it was found that there was no formation of the PIK-R group and the absence of supporting facilities and infrastructure. Second, the education dimension of adolescents who are married was found that adolescents who are married have not received PAP (First Child Delay) education from ppkb Pedes and KUA districts and lack of budget to implement the PAP program. Third, regarding the dimension of counseling families who have adolescents, the findings of researchers in the field, namely the establishment of Adolescent Family Development (BKR) in Pedes District have not been evenly distributed and there are only two groups that get a District Decree and the absence of regeneration of BKR members which causes the education provided unevenly to other communities. Fourth, namely in the dimension of socialization of young marriage culture, it was found that there was no socialization provided by related agencies that socialize the culture of marrying young in society so that the culture of marrying young would continue to develop. The non-running of these four dimensions in preventing early marriage causes the spread of reproductive education and early marriage to adolescents not to run. So that this is one of the factors causing free behavior in adolescents who end up in early marriage.
Nugroho Rendi, Hikmah Muhaimin, Revi Firmala, Elsa Nur Aini, Khisamuddin Khisamuddin, Faisal Mubarok
Journal of Government Science (govsci) : Jurnal Ilmu Pemerintahan, Volume 4, pp 32-41;

Sajen Village. Pacet Sub-District and Mojokerto Regency were the target research locations. This research is to find out how the management of human resources in government affects UMKM growth in Sajen Village, Pacet District, and Mojokerto Regency. This study used a qualitative methodology, and the informants were approached directly. Data collection techniques include observation and interviews; descriptive research is the methodology employed. The findings of this study indicate that the village government program in Sajen Village to develop UMKM has actually helped the surrounding community in developing their businesses. Not only the community, but the Sajen Village Government has also received attention from other villages. The Mojokerto Regency Government is no exception and pays attention to and appreciates the management of human resources in the Sajen Village Government because it has developed its UMKM program with village communities, which in the end can be implemented and the community can also improve its economy. The Sajen Village Government also experienced problems or obstacles in carrying out this program due to a lack of community initiative to participate in activity events held by the village government
Muhammad Reza Fahlevy, Burhanudin Burhanudin
Journal of Government Science (govsci) : Jurnal Ilmu Pemerintahan, Volume 3, pp 74-84;

This study aims to look at the concept of decentralization in public services which takes a case study of the innovation of Samsat Care services in Makassar City. This type of research is a qualitative descriptive research using a literature study approach. The results of this study indicate that the concept of decentralization in services, especially in the realm of innovation in Samsat Care services in the city of Makassar, has been implemented well. The collaboration between the National Police, the Provincial Revenue Service, and PT Jasa Raharja (Persero) has been going well so that one of the positive impacts is that it can increase Regional Original Income (PAD). This can be used as evidence that decentralization can have a significant impact on the economy of a region, one of which is the innovation of Samsat Care services in Makassar City.
Salmawati Salmawati, Awal Fikri, Masni Banggu
Journal of Government Science (govsci) : Jurnal Ilmu Pemerintahan, Volume 3, pp 132-145;

This study aims at identifying the efforts and obstacles of the village government in promoting mangrove ecotourism in Teluk Dore village. This research uses a descriptive qualitative approach. The findings shows that the efforts of the village government in promoting mangrove ecotourism are carried out by extending market-share through promotion in social media and the establishment of gazebos for meeting places, performing tourist attractions, improving accessibilities, improving ecotourism services, and empowering the organizarions. Its main obstacles are the lack of funding sources and inadequate ecotourism facilities and security patrols. Although sub-district and district government support the efforts of Teluk Dore village government, the lack of cooperation with other parties contributes to the problems in developing mangrove ecotourism Teluk Dore at higher level.
Achmad Achmad, Fadillah Afrivo Nasir
Journal of Government Science (govsci) : Jurnal Ilmu Pemerintahan, Volume 3, pp 119-131;

This research examines how the implementation and contribution of Indonesia-Singapore special economic zone cooperation on Batam, Bintan, and Karimun Islands in the era of Jokowi-Jusuf Kalla administration in 2015-2019. The research employs a qualitative descriptive method, with a library research approach by analyzing the phenomenon of developing special economic zones. The results of this study show that the development of a special economic zone between Indonesia and Singapore is a strategy of economic interest through a pattern of bilateral cooperation. The collaboration is manifested in the optimization of three regions, namely Batam, Bintani, and Karimun as investment land. Optimization is carried out with tax exemption as a form of facilitating investment services. In addition, special economic zones are also manifested in the concept of free trade in the three development areas (Batam, Bintan, and Karimun), whose contribution is in the form of growth of Gross Regional Domestic Product in each region.
Muslim Afandi, Rizki Erdayani, Syed Agung Afandi, M Rafi
Journal of Government Science (govsci) : Jurnal Ilmu Pemerintahan, Volume 3, pp 85-99;

This study aims to analyze the autonomy policy of education in Indonesia. This study uses a qualitative approach with library research techniques. The results of this study indicate that the increase in the education budget allocation has not been able to increase the competitiveness of national education in the global arena. The implementation of educational autonomy through the establishment of various policies, including school-based management and the independent campus policy aims to give authority to educational institutions to provide flexibility in the management of education. Although the education autonomy policy has been able to increase the national education participation rate, this policy also raises new problems such as policy conflicts between the central government, regional governments, and educational institutions, inefficiency in education management, the occurrence of new corrupt practices, and education policies that tend to be top-down. The conclusion is that although it is in line with the demands of reform, education autonomy in Indonesia does not necessarily improve the quality of national education.
Christensen Eldisa Joshua, Budiman Budiman, Badruddin Nasir Nasir, Rita Kalalinggi, E. Letizia Dyastari
Journal of Government Science (govsci) : Jurnal Ilmu Pemerintahan, Volume 3, pp 100-118;

The land of a river bank village of Tering Lama continues to erode, and it could cause this village to disappear. This research attempts to study the factors that influence its existence in order to survive. This study uses a qualitative descriptive research method to determine such factors. The study found that there are some influentual factors, namely traditions, habits, social interaction, environmental conditions, and the role of the government. The most determining ones are the environmental conditions and the role of the government. In fact, while some have left the river bank area, a considerable number of people of Tering Lama village can still survive from degraded environmental conditions such as landslides because they are very enthusiastic in protecting the environment to preserve their traditional culture that has existed for so long. In cooperation with village government, their important effort was placing sand bags in the eroded river bank as sheet pile. Recently, they had been supported by the district government by constructing gabion wire as sheet pile. All of these ecological efforts are of importance in preserving their culture and tradition.
Dian Tri Wahyuni, Edy Tadung, Andi Muh. Dzul Fadli
Journal of Government Science (govsci) : Jurnal Ilmu Pemerintahan, Volume 3, pp 63-73;

Artikel ini mendeskripsikan motivasi intrinsik terhadap kinerja pegawai pada bagian organisasi dan kepegawaian daerah Kabupaten Konawe dan faktor-faktor yang mempengaruhi motivasi intrinsik. Melalui teori motivasi menggunakan teknik analisis deskriptif kualitatif, maka hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa motivasi intrinsik dimaknai belum cukup baik bila dilihat dari aspek prestasi pegawai oleh sikap pasif pegawai seperti masih menunggu arahan dari pimpinan untuk bekerja. Kemudian dari segi aspek tanggungjawab, disiplin kerja pegawai masih kurang, sebab masih ada pegawai yang belum patuh terhadap aturan kantor terkait jam masuk dan pulang kerja. Namun jika dilihat dari aspek penghargaan maka dinilai baik, karena pegawai saat menyelesaikan tugasnya, pimpinan mampu menghargai pekerjaan bawahannya. Sedangan faktor-faktor yang mempengaruhi motivasi intrinsik pegawai antara lain: adanya hasrat dan keinginan berhasil, adanya harapan, adanya adanya penghargaan. Ketiganya sangat berpengaruh dalam meningkatkan motivasi intrinsik pegawai. Adapun saran dalam atikel ini yakni perlu kiranya sikap pemimpin untuk membuat bimbingan teknis (Bintek) untuk para pegawainya yang belum memahami pekerjaannya, agar pegawai bisa meningkatkan prestasinya. Serta faktor adanya hasrat dan keinginan berhasil dianggap membuat pegawai termotivasi untuk menyelesaikan pekerjaannya
Amelia Ningsih, Siti Nurhaliza, Evi Priyanti
Journal of Government Science (govsci) : Jurnal Ilmu Pemerintahan, Volume 3, pp 1-21;

The current government prioritizes village development because of the village law that places villages at the forefront of development. Villages are given sources of funds and the authority to manage them themselves in order to improve community welfare. In managing village fund sources, the Government provides a policy for implementing the Village Financial System Application (SISKEUDES). The Village Financial System Application (SISKEUDES) is an application developed by the Financial and Development Supervisory Agency (BPKP) in order to improve the quality of village financial governance. The basis for the government to make a village fund application is Law Number 6 of 2014 concerning Villages. Villages are given the opportunity to pay for their own government administration, expenditures and carry out development to improve the welfare and quality of life of the village community. Management of Village Fund Allocation is very prone to manipulation so that SISKEUDES is considered capable of having a positive impact in terms of village financial management and village funds, besides that, SISKEUDES is also considered to have an impact in terms of time and cost, so as to create a village fund management system. which is transparency and accountability.
Sahrul Pora, Rasid Pora, Dafrin Muksin
Journal of Government Science (govsci) : Jurnal Ilmu Pemerintahan, Volume 3, pp 22-34;

Media sosial merupakan fasilitas teknologi yang saat ini banyak digunakan oleh masyarakat. Seperti diketahui, media sosial merupakan sarana yang paling sering digunakan untuk menyebarkan berita bohong. Penelitian ini menggunakan metode kualitatif dengan pendekatan deskriptif. Data diperoleh melalui studi Literatur dan pemberitaan di beberapa website berita. Tujuan dari penelitian ini adalah untuk mengetahui bagaimana penyebaran Hoax Ratna Sarumpaet dan dampaknya secara sosial dan politik. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa penyebaran hoaks hoaks Ratna Sarumpaet tahun 2018 yang disebarkan melalui media sosial, mengakibatkan kekacauan sosial dan politik. Saling serang antara pendukung dan tim sukses kedua kelompok terus terjadi baik di media sosial, online maupun media massa.
Ahmad Taufik, Muh. Amril Pratama Putra
Journal of Government Science (govsci) : Jurnal Ilmu Pemerintahan, Volume 3, pp 47-62;

    The population has a close relationship with the development of transportation and the number of road use indicated by the level of congestion due to the density of vehicles. The government's efforts through the construction of toll roads are one of the innovations in the form of service policies to the community. This includes service plans through Multi Line Free Flow (MLFF), which is a non-stop payment method, because the RDH Sensor is attached to the vehicle. The purpose of this research is to explain the public's perception of the Multi Line Free Flow (MLFF) policy, by first describing the general character of toying road users who will support or slow down the implementation of this policy. The research method is a survey method (Moleong, 2007) with a qualitative approach (Sugiono, 2009). The informants who were interviewed were 50 people, through the distribution of online questionnaires. The results of the study found that there are still 30 percent of toll road users who are not ready for cards and sufficient balances when entering toll roads and 64 percent only buy and refill cards when entering toll gates. Regarding the MLFF payment method, it shows that 74.5 percent of toll road users do not know the MLFF policy. The largest source of information about MLFF was obtained from the media, 46.6 percent and 38.4 percent only found out from filling out a questionnaire. The conclusion of the MLFF method according to the respondents is very useful (80%) and easy (94%). The obstacles that will be faced are the indiscipline of toll road users (78%) and network disturbances on the RHD sensor (22%). Toll road users hope that the MLFF policy still needs to be socialized intensively (66%), support for road facilities (6%) and a fast and good network (28%).
Mistika Nirwana Sari, Edy Tadung, Andi Muh. Dzul Fadli
Journal of Government Science (govsci) : Jurnal Ilmu Pemerintahan, Volume 3, pp 35-46;

Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mendeskripsikan strategi pemerintah kecamatan Wonggeduku dalam meningkatkan partisipasi masyarakat terhadap penanganan covid-19. Teori yang digunakan yaitu teori Alizar & Usman (2020) tentang level partisipasi masyarakat. Penelitian ini menggunakan metode deskriptif kualitatif. Pengumpulan data dilakukan dengan menggunakan teknik wawancara, observasi dan studi dokumen. Penentuan informan dilakukan dengan teknik purposive sampling, yang berjumlah 10 informan. Hasil penelitian ini menujukkan bahwa strategi pemerintah dalam meningkatkan partisipasi masyarakat terhadap penanganan covid-19 masih belum maksimal sehingga mengakibatkan kurangnya partisipasi masyarakat terhadap penanganan covid-19. Dilihat dari level inform indikator informasi perkembangan penyebaran covid-19 pihak kecamatan belum memberikan informasi yang memuaskan bagi masyarakat, pada indikator tingkat kesembuhan pemerintah kecamatan telah melaksanakan tugasnya dengan baik, dan pada indikator edukasi yang seharusnya dilakukan oleh pemerintah kecamatan ternyata berbanding terbalik dengan kenyataan yang ada di lapangan. Hal ini didasari oleh tidak adanya edukasi yang didapatkan oleh masyarakat mengenai bahaya penyebaran covid-19. Adapun pada level consult yang dilakukan oleh pemerintah kecamatan Wonggeduku melalui indikator masyarakat belum efektif dilakukan sehingga sebagian masyarakat menjadi acuh tak acuh dan menganggap covid-19 tidak ada. Selanjutnya saran yang dapat digunakan yaitu perlu memberikan informasi yang lebih sehingga masyarakat sadar akan bahaya dari virus tersebut dan menerapkan kembali protokol kesehatan, perlunya metode edukasi yang benar-benar dilaksanakan oleh pemerintah kecamatan dan bukan sekedar aturan yang tidak dilaksanakan, serta perlu menggunakan strategi lain dari pemerintah kecamatan sehingga koordinasi menjadi lebih akurat mengingat bertambah banyaknya kasus covid-19 sehingga masyarakat lebih mengerti akan bahaya dari virus tersebut.
Muhammad Habibi, Dyah Anugrah Pratama
Journal of Government Science (govsci) : Jurnal Ilmu Pemerintahan, Volume 2, pp 68-80;

This study aims to analyze the impact of COVID-19 on the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Indonesia. The sustainable development goals represent a global plan of action, approved by world leaders, intended to end poverty, reduce social inequality, and protect environment. These SDGs consist of 17 goals and 169 targets that are scheduled to be achieved by 2030, and Indonesia began implementing them in 2015. The method used in this study was a bibliometric and descriptive evaluative analysis, wherein data was collected by using the Publish or Perish application, and then processed with VOSviewer application software. Four indicators needed to be scrutinized, namely; (1) the socio-economic impact of COVID-19; (2) the impact of COVID-19 on sustainable development goals; (3) the new normal for the achievement of the SDGs; and (4) the financing of SDGs in a post-COVID period. The results of the study show that the socio-economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic greatly influences SGDs. Cost is a crucial factor as pandemic’s cost is huge, and by all means has a direct impact on SGD efforts. To realize SGDs by 2030 would require governments around the world to improvise in dealing with it, and indeed implement a new normal in governance processes.
Jemi Aminurosyah, Budiman Budiman, Jauchar B, Anwar Alaydrus
Journal of Government Science (govsci) : Jurnal Ilmu Pemerintahan, Volume 2, pp 92-109;

This research examines rural democratic system in the election of Village Head of Batu Timbau by involving adat (customary) institution. In data collection, this research used interviews, as well as observation, and documentation; and in analyzing data, a descriptive qualitative method was employed. The study concludes that any candidate should be a member of customary community and hold a recommendation from village customary institution. This rule was made based on the agreement among village government, customary institution, and community leader aiming at preserving cultural heritage, customary land, and customary rights. In fact, the elected village government of Batu Timbau has adopted rural democractic system with adat characteristics
Novianus Lasah, Muhammad Jamal Amin, Adam Idris, Badruddin Nasir
Journal of Government Science (govsci) : Jurnal Ilmu Pemerintahan, Volume 2, pp 81-91;

This research examines “illegal” mining in Kalian Luar village, West Kutai District.  This research employed descriptive qualitative method with data collection carried out through interviews, observation, and documentary study. Research findings show that “illegal” mining occurs due to the existence of a village government rule legalizing community mining, despite District Regulations prohibiting such mining. This reflects the absence of coordination between District and Village governments, impeding the proper implementation of mining regulations. Community members being uninformed or misinformed about local mining regulations, combined with the absence of sanctions, allow continuation of such mining activities.
A. Andika Yasa
Journal of Government Science (govsci) : Jurnal Ilmu Pemerintahan, Volume 2, pp 110-123;

Hand Arrest Operations carried out by the Indonesian Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) to Governor of Riau Province, Annas Maamun, drew much attention. The case originated from the conversion of some parts of protected forest to become a non-forest area in Indragiri Hulu District. This research attempts to understand the involvement of various actors in the corruption case of the Governor through Forestry Service of Riau Province; and secondly, to understand corruption networks within the Forestry Service based on Supreme Court verdict No. 22/TIPIKOR/2015/PT.BDG. The findings show that the actors in the corruption case involved Annas Maamun as Governor, Zulkifli Hasan as Minister of Forestry 2019-2004, and other government institutions in the Riau Province. From corporations, Manurung and Edison Siahaan had been involved as company owners who urged the Governor to facilitate forest conversion. From a presumed independent actor’s side, Koran Riau (a newspaper) played role to minimize or “neutralize” news on such corruption case. In addition, interaction among the actors had a certain pattern, with the modus operandi of the corruption having included gratification, bribery, fraud, and abuse of power.
Wilson Pasaribu, E. Letizia Dyastari, Erwin Resmawan, Rita Kala Linggi
Journal of Government Science (govsci) : Jurnal Ilmu Pemerintahan, Volume 2, pp 124-130;

This research describes and analyze supervision of Kutai Barat District Government toward swallow’s nest entrepreneurship with a purpose to increase district revenues. The type of the research is descriptive qualitative analysis, based on data collected through interviews, observation, and documentary study. It has been found that government’s supervision team has cooperated with Quarantine Service to deal with this kind of business, and tax payment through e-payment has been imposed and realized. Tax revenues are however not promising as supervision are not optimum, indicated by the fact that many swallow’s nest artificial houses are not built with legal permission, no sanctions have been imposed to the rule breakers, and many text payers of swallow’s nests businesses do not realize their tax obligation.
Misran Misran
Journal of Government Science (govsci) : Jurnal Ilmu Pemerintahan, Volume 2, pp 40-50;

This research looks into the kinds of social media used in human rights activism in Indonesia. To analyze social media data, Nvivo 12Plus as a qualitative data analysis software is used. The findings show that: 1) The social media content and related discussions on citizen’s rights are dominated by human rights content; 2) activists’ social media accounts are connected, and the relationship is strong, which can be seen in 0,7 Lower limit; 3) narration in social media spreads using the acronym HAM (Hak Asasi Manusia [Human Rights]). To strengthen similar research in this area, social media data might be combined with digital data like the online newspapers. In addition, the comparison with another case and/or another country may give new novelty of the research.
Sahrul Pora, Niken Nurmiyati, Tengku Imam Syarifuddin, Herdin Arie Saputra
Journal of Government Science (govsci) : Jurnal Ilmu Pemerintahan, Volume 2, pp 28-39;

The purpose of this study is to provide a more comprehensive understanding of K-Popers activities on social media against the framing of the 2020 Omnibus Law on Job Creation. This type of research applies qualitative approach. The method used is framing analysis with the Entman model to observe framing in two main dimensions, namely the collection and evaluation of problems or the importance of some aspects of reality/issues. The results of the research show that there have been widespread rejection of such a Job Creation Law in various regions in Indonesia, and K-Popers have emerged as supporting actors in the resistance movement. Several hashtags that later become trending topics cannot be separated from the role of fans of the South Korean music industry. K-popers play their role through social media in this issue by paying attention to what is happening (trending) in Indonesia.
Jumiati Jumiati
Journal of Government Science (govsci) : Jurnal Ilmu Pemerintahan, Volume 2, pp 51-67;

This study aims to determine the role of social media for novice voter participation in elections. A descriptive literature study is applied with an analysis of previous journals as well as data collection on the same topic through social media, such as Facebook and Twitter. Study findings show that social media has become the main object of novice voters in getting information about elections. Novice voters who are mostly millennials have been introduced to the sophistication of the internet, and exposed by various data through sundry sources. The main information source for the millennial generation, however, is social media, which serves to express their freedom as well as allowing political participation in the digital era. With the imperative position of social media, it is plausible therefore for the government to use it for political socialization aiming at increasing political participation of the novice voters
Bahrianoor Bahrianoor
Journal of Government Science (govsci) : Jurnal Ilmu Pemerintahan, Volume 2, pp 17-27;

This research aims at determining the role of local leadership and social capital in rural development regarding the ex-transmigrants’ community in Garantung Village, Maliku District, Pulang Pisau Regency. The research is qualitative, with descriptive design. The result of this research shows that local leadership and social capital have significant role and function in expanding the cooperative relationship, both individually and collectively, as well as internally and externally. This cooperative relationship implies that the success of the vision of leadership can be achieved through the strength of social capital. As major aspects of social capital, ’bonding’ has a role to create togetherness and strong emotional connection, thus strengthening internal relationships; while ’bridging’ plays a role in stimulating the progress of rural development with enormous advantage for village improvement, specifically in communal resource mobilization for the benefit of Garantung Village development.
Al Fauzi Rahmat
Journal of Government Science (govsci) : Jurnal Ilmu Pemerintahan, Volume 2, pp 1-16;

The outbreak of Corona Virus Disease (Covid-19) cases in various countries, including Indonesia, resulted in the paralysis of most services, including in the government sectors. The enactment of Work from Home (WFH) policy for State Civil Servants (PNS) indicates the massive level of urgency for the spread of this deadly virus, leading to the Social Distance policy being also applied in the government environment. This article aims to examine civil servants' work effectiveness in implementing WFH during Covid-19 pandemic in Sleman Regency, with a case study at the Department of Social Service. This research uses an exploratory case study approach, emphasizing the exploration of a phenomenon such as WFH policy. Furthermore, semi-structured interviews and literature reviews were used to obtain reliable data analysis. The findings of this study show that the adaptation of civil servants in the Sleman Social Service to the WFH policy is seen as complex in several divisions, because they are not accustomed to working in a home environment where teleconference facilities may be urgently required and the dependence on communication and coordination between employees is crucial. Another issue is that in the Department of Social Service there are no sanctions for civil servants who do not work under the guidance of WFH policy. In addition, knowledge and skills needed to operate and administer online services are still limited, affecting civil servants' ability in delivering a community’s public service needs. Hence, the implementation of WFH policy may not be effective in all types of public operations.
Monica Rhasintya
Journal of Government Science (govsci) : Jurnal Ilmu Pemerintahan, Volume 1, pp 109-117;

Illegal circulation of Small Arms and Light Weapons (SAWL) motivates countries to discuss the legal bindings needed to be devised to overcome them. The formulation of controlling SAWL consisted of various stages and processes which eventually formed the Arms Trade Agreement and were tried at the UN General Assembly session in 2013. Indonesia, which initially supported the existence of legal instruments to oversee the movement of the SAWL, decided to abstain. Using the literature study method, this research intends to explain the reasons for Indonesia's abstention and to analyze the decision-making process using Snyder's perspective. Keywords: decision making, national interests, arms trade treaty, small arms, Indonesia 
Diah Wahyuningsih, Zuly Qodir, Tengku Imam Syarifuddin
Journal of Government Science (govsci) : Jurnal Ilmu Pemerintahan, Volume 1, pp 64-83;

This article examines the dynamics of jurisdictive village boundary realignment of Nagari Rabi Jonggor, Pasaman Barat District, West Sumatra. This research employs bibliographical study by examining and analyzing various references relating to such issue and observing its dynamics, village budget allocation, the division of customary lands, the establishment of customary organization, and the practices of Nagari (village) government. As well, this article sketches the advangages and disadvantages of the remapping of such village administrative areas. Keywords:administrative areas, boundary realignment, Nagari Rabi Jonggor. 
Aprilia Chairun Nisa
Journal of Government Science (govsci) : Jurnal Ilmu Pemerintahan, Volume 1, pp 51-63;

By 2014, as a follow up the 1982 Djuanda Declaration, Indonesian President Joko Widodo initiated and promoted the idea of making Indonesia a World Maritime Axis. Indonesian leadership in IORA from 2015 to 2017 was a stepping stone and media effort to realise such a national interest, and various form of diplomacy have been carried out within and through this organisation.  The connectivity between pillars of this World Martitime Axis and priorities of IORA strategic issues became an advantage in promoting such a concept. This article examines Indonesia’s national interests and maritime diplomacy practices carried out through this major initiative. Keywords: national interests, maritime diplomacy, IORA, world maritime axis
Ahmad Mustanir, Fitriani S, Khaeriyah Adri, Andi Ayu Nurnawati, Goso Goso
Journal of Government Science (govsci) : Jurnal Ilmu Pemerintahan, Volume 1, pp 84-108;

This research examines the role of village government, community participation, and their influences on development planning in Timoreng Panua village, Panca Rijang subdistrict, Sidenreng Rappang District. This research employed descriptive quantitative method, and involved samples of 55 households out of population of 745 households. The samples were taken randomly by using Yount formula 10%. Data was collected through observation, questionnaires and documentation, and analysed through tabulation, frequency and linear regression analysis by using SPSS 21.0 for Windows. The results show that the percentage of the role of village government contributing to the Timoreng Panua village development planning reached 52,4% (considered as ‘sufficient involvement’), while the percentage of community participation to the development planning is 77% (considered as ‘enthusiastic’). Together, the joint roles of village government and community partipation contributed to village development planning with a figure of 78,4%, categorized as ‘playing a significant role’. Keywords: community participation, government role, development planning
Afifah Fidina Rosy
Journal of Government Science (govsci) : Jurnal Ilmu Pemerintahan, Volume 1, pp 118-129;

This research analyses the development of cyber security capacity and international cooperation in cyber security carried out by Indonesia with other countries. Research results show that the development of Indonesian cyber security has been strengthened by the establishment of National Cyber and Crypto Agency. It is also found that Indonesian cyber diplomacies have yielded cooperation with other countries to strengthen cyber security as part of national security. They have been carried out bilaterally or multilaterally, and can be categorized as cooperative security based on common goals, i.e.  to prevent the rise of threats to national security.Keywords:cyber security, cyber crime, security, internet, cooperative security, cooperation. 
Andreanus Ding
Journal of Government Science (govsci) : Jurnal Ilmu Pemerintahan, Volume 1, pp 23-30;

The purpose of this research is to examine the implementation of Regional Regulation Number 9/2017 on the Selection, Appointment, and Dismissal of Village Head in Mahakam Ulu Regency by using the case of the 2018 simultaneous direct election of Village Heads (Petinggi) in Long Hubung sub-District. This research employed purposive sampling technique in data collection, and descriptive qualitative in analysis. The results show that while such a Regional Regulation has been implemented, it has not proved optimal yet. This is due to the fact that inhibiting factors are still found in the implementation of simultaneous election of Village Heads in Long Hubung sub-district, causing one out of four villages to postpone the elections. Lack of communication, information, and coordination between the election committees in sub-district and at village levels caused several problems. More specifically, outdated list of eligible voters, allowing outsiders with improper documents to vote, and similar issues, became the source of vote cheating by high-ranking candidates. Keywords: village election, village heads(petinggi), policy implementation
Hediana Nur Rahmah
Journal of Government Science (govsci) : Jurnal Ilmu Pemerintahan, Volume 1, pp 1-11;

This comparative study describes and analyzes work effectiveness of civil servants (PNS) and contract employees (TK2D) of the Population and Civil Registration Office (DISDUKCAPIL) of Kutai Timur District. This qualitative descriptive research uses purposive sampling technique and primary as well as secondary data as data sources. The results of this study concluded that work effectiveness of contract employees outperforms those of civil servants. This is influenced by employee status, remuneration system, and workplace assignments. Salaries of those who have “vulnerable” status (contract employees) depend on such a status and attendance record. To increase or maintain their salaries, they should have a good attendance record. Furthermore, as they are mostly assigned to technical works in computer operating system, data processing and data verification for public service, this requires work discipline and performance. All of these aspects motivate them to do their best. On the other hand, permanent status (meaning fixed salaries) and the degree of discipline (which does not much influence allowances) have considerable impact on civil servants’ work motivation, hence, work effectiveness. It is common, therefore, to see civil servants come late to the office and thus their workplace discipline is questioned.   Keywords: work effectiveness, civil servants, contract employees, PNS, TK2D
Yosua Rumopa
Journal of Government Science (govsci) : Jurnal Ilmu Pemerintahan, Volume 1, pp 12-22;

This research aims at findingthe root causes and conflict resolution process between local community of Gemuruh Asa Village and the Kutai Barat Indonesian Air Force Base (TNI AU) on the land ownership issue of Melalan Airport, claimed by both parties. This study uses qualitative research methods with data collection techniques of bibliographical study, field observation, interviews and documentary research. Findings show that the conflicts between the community and the Indonesian Air Force occurred  due to differing land ownership claims, where the community claims that their land is inherited from their ancestors while the Indonesian Air Force says the land belongs to state and, as a state organ, the Air Force must protect this state asset. Administratively, the people of Gemuhan Asa village do not have land ownership certificates, but customary rights are not solely related to “paper as proof”. The use of rigid claims based on formal law and customary law by respective parties would not solve the conflict, while the use of some alternative conflict resolution approach in the form of negotiation and mediation needs commitment, effort, trust, and time. Keywords: TNI AU, local community, conflict, Melalan Airport, Kutai Barat
Faradhilla Andriyani
Journal of Government Science (govsci) : Jurnal Ilmu Pemerintahan, Volume 1, pp 31-41;

This study describes and analyzes the management of village potentials by the Village-Owned Enterprises of Sangatta Utara Sejahtera (BUMDESUS) of Sangata Utara Village and its impact to the community. This qualitative descriptive research uses purposive sampling and the data collection was carried out through participant observation, in-depth interviews, and documentary research. Findings show that there are three village potentials, namely Taman Bersemi (Village Park), Kenyamukan Beach, and BUMDesmart (village-owned enterprise). However, only Village Park and BUMDesmart can be managed. Kenyamukan Beach is unable tobe managed properlyas this asset  belongs to three authorities: Sangata Utara Village of Kutai Timur Regency, Kutai Regency Government, and the Provincial Government of East Kalimantan. The management of village potentials by BUMDESUS has two impacts, namely economic impact that can be seen from an increase in village revenues and livelihood source of local community; and the impact on community-based residential development. Keywords: management, village potentials, village owned enterprise
Risa Maulidya Araffa
Journal of Government Science (govsci) : Jurnal Ilmu Pemerintahan, Volume 1, pp 42-50;

The purpose of this research is to determine the tourism management system of Kayu Tuah Himba Museum in Kutai Kartangera District, promoted as a tourism destination, and aiming at contributing to community education and regional development. Results of this research show that the tourism management system of Kayu Tuah Himba has been implemented through stages of planning, organizing, actuating, and controlling. In terms of actuating, however, the museum focuses on destination promotion without considering necessary allied tourism infrastructure like road access, accommodation, and quality of human resources to manage the museum. The existence of such inhibiting factors also affects the development programs of the museum, like the lack of financial support from the district government. Keywords:  management    system,    museum,    Kayu   Tuah    Himba,   Kutai
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