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Dr.S.Tephillah Vasantham, Dr.P.S. Aithal
Irish Interdisciplinary Journal of Science & Research, Volume 06, pp 28-42;

This studies targets to apprehend the reasons of worker turnover and retention techniques in a business enterprise. Key studies findings suggest that personnel have numerous motives to go away their workplaces, including activity strain, activity pride, activity security, motivation, wages, and rewards. Furthermore, worker turnover has a large effect on a business enterprise because of the prices related to worker turnover and may negatively affect the productiveness, sustainability, competitiveness, and profitability of a business enterprise. However, the business enterprise need to apprehend the wishes of its personnel, with the intention to assist agencies, undertake positive techniques to enhance worker overall performance and decrease turnover. Thus, imposing techniques will growth activity pride, motivation and the productiveness of people and agencies that may lessen employment issues, absenteeism, and worker turnover. In a HR setting, turnover or work turnover is the rate at which a business gains and loses representatives. Basic method for portraying it are "the way lengthy workers will generally remain" or "the pace of traffic through the rotating entryway." Turnover is estimated for individual organizations and for their industry all in all. Assuming a business is said to have a high turnover comparative with its rivals, it implies that representatives of that organization have a more limited typical residency than those of different organizations in a similar industry. High turnover might be hurtful to an organization's efficiency in the event that gifted labourers are much of the time leaving and the specialist populace contains a high level of fledgling labourers. Unreasonable turnover can be an expensive issue, one with a significant effect on efficiency. One firm had a turnover pace of over 120% each year. It cost the organization $1.5 million a year in lost efficiency, expanded preparing time, expanded worker determination time, lost work productivity, and other roundabout expenses. Yet, cost isn't the main explanation turnover is significant. Extended preparing times, hindered plans, extra time, botches, and not having educated representatives set up are a portion of the disappointments related with over the top turnover. Turnover rates normal around 16% each year for all organizations, yet 21% each year for IT companies.54 Computer organizations normal higher turnover on the grounds that their representatives have numerous potential chances to change occupations in a "hot" industry. Many investigations show that organizations with low turnover rates are very representative situated. Representative situated associations request info and contribution from all workers and keep a valid "open-entryway" strategy. Workers are given open doors for progression and are not obsessively hovered over. Workers accept they have a voice and are perceived for their commitment.
D.A. Savindu Manilka Dewpuraarachchi, Mohammad Sameer Baig
Irish Interdisciplinary Journal of Science & Research, Volume 06, pp 19-27;

This paper displays the possibility, applicability and usage of developing a user-friendly customized student KIOSK for educational centers. This study showcases how we are able to optimize our defined resources to get a decent outcome which can be very useful and has higher chances of updating.
Sonia Anwaar, Ayman Zaheer, Syed Bilal Hussain, Muhammad Imran Qadir
Irish Interdisciplinary Journal of Science & Research, Volume 06, pp 56-58;

Bilirubin is yellow-brownish pigment formed by breaking of dead red blood cells. And its normal value is 200-250 mg in adults. But if it is accumulate in blood flow, then it lead to neurological disorder. And for the checking impact of bilirubin on cooking likeness, and for this purpose 15 males and 65 females were participated. And their urine test is performed according to instructor. And by statistical analysis it is resulted that males who like have more bilirubin in their urine. And thus have more chances of disease.
Shahzadi Tuba, Muneeba Razzaq, Warisha Amjad, Syed Bilal Hussain, Muhammad Imran Qadir
Irish Interdisciplinary Journal of Science & Research, Volume 06, pp 53-55;

This study relates the relation between blood in urine and chocolate depicted. Hematuria is a condition in which blood release from body with urine. When we see blood in our urine this condition called gross hematuria and when we can’t see the blood in urine with our naked eye it is known as microscopic hematuria. Their more risk factors are age, infection, family history. Main symptoms of this disease are nausea, vomiting, fever, chill and pain in abdomen or back. Chocolate is famous due to its delicious taste and attractive brown color. Chocolate is made up of different types of method in every country. The simplest method of chocolate manufacturing is mixture of sugar, milk and cocoa powder. 60% males have blood in urine and are chocolate depicted. while 53.75% females have blood in urine and are chocolate depicted
Magwino Andrew Majinga, Bako Benjamin, Ezekiel Friday
Irish Interdisciplinary Journal of Science & Research, Volume 06, pp 43-52;

This study was carried out on knowledge and prevalence of hiv/aids among suya vendors in kafanchan of jema’a local government area of kaduna state. To achieve this objective, the researcher developed and administered a questionnaire on eighty respondents. The likert scale statistical and graphical method was used in testing the null hypothesis. From the study, It was observed that The society or public authority do not educate Suya Vendors about Hiv/Aids. Economic status and educational background among Suya Vendors do not determine their knowledge of Hiv/Aids. It was also discovered that parents, religious leaders or government responsible for Hiv/Aids among Suya Vendors. It was observed that that All Suya Vendors are not knowledgeable about their Hiv Status. It was also observed that Suya Vendors negligent in knowing their status. that Suya Vendors do not tell their sexual partners about their Hiv Status. That Suya Vendors have multiple sexual partners. Both the state and federal government should take on joint projects to combat AIDS at the border areas. Projects including training, counselling, public meeting and rallies may be undertaken for awareness-building to this effect. The government should set up blood testing centre across that will be easily accessible, so that the people at Kafanchan municipal areas can get free access to HIV/AIDS testing. Educational Programmes about safe sex should be provided to the illiterate mass. Radio, TV programmes, visual aids and multimedia on AIDS should be produced to augment their awareness level.
Ena C. Mercadal, Gliceldo A. Onde, Erica Fhym T. Rustata, Roeljane M. Pelayo, Jayrah Mae D. Miramonte, Jessa D. Ubay, Rodulfo T. Aunzo
Irish Interdisciplinary Journal of Science & Research, Volume 06, pp 59-69;

Squash (Cucurbita maxima) or also known as kalabasa in Filipino, is one of the abundant vegetables in the Philippines. Squash is well known for being a healthy vegetable that contains vitamins A and C. This study aimed to ascertain the sensory acceptability of squash cupcakes. This study utilized a quantitative-descriptive research design as a primary tool in determining the level of acceptability of squash cupcakes and utilized a purposive sampling technique in the selection of participants who are consumers of squash cupcakes. The participants of the study were 100 Isabelanon people. The data gathered by a modified sensory evaluation score sheet was analyzed and interpreted on the five-point hedonic scale. The findings led to the conclusion that the participants accepted the squash cupcake in terms of its appearance, texture, color, taste, aroma, fluffiness, and including its general acceptability. This study serves as the basis for future researchers to study the shelf-life of squash cupcake and their marketability.
Joseph Afolabi, Arumugam Ganesan
Irish Interdisciplinary Journal of Science & Research, Volume 06, pp 01-13;

This venture expects to construct and program a multi-layered wisely control spy vehicle utilizing collecting strategies and python Programming. The Robot has a cutting-edge regulator that performs concurrent undertakings like low inertness top quality imaging and simulated intelligence figuring. Each wheel utilized in the Robot is a Mecanum wheel made of 12 rollers. The Mecanum wheel is an omnidirectional wheel intended for land vehicles to work toward any path. Contrasted with slip steers, Mecanum wheels have no extra erosion while going because of the more modest contact region. This Robot likewise comprises of a first-individual (FPV) camera, unequivocally constrained by the gimbal's yaw and pitch development. The gimbal's yaw uses a battery-worked gadget to address unexpected wobbles in the FPV Camera during movement with the assistance of engines and sensors. As found in the Figure underneath, the Robot likewise comprises of an improvised blaster, utilizing Drove lights to frame.
Mukhamedzhanova Lalikhon
Irish Interdisciplinary Journal of Science & Research, Volume 06, pp 14-18;

All his life a person lives in a world of countless values. The creature that surrounds humanity, the natural and social environment - the values that represent the most important aspects of an important, living and inanimate nature - are universal. Such values were eternal, absolute and sacred values that never lost their significance for society. The article describes values, their classification, depreciation of values and its reasons.
Muhammad Imran Qadir, Asma Rasheed, Syed Bilal Hussain
Irish Interdisciplinary Journal of Science & Research, Volume 06, pp 21-25;

The main purpose of the study was awareness about color blindness, its causes and impact on health in university-girls-hostel residents. Eighty students joined in this study. All the students of Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan Khadija hall girl’s hostel were involved in that study in which they were asked about color blindness it provides answers like is color blindness a viral infection or a bacterial disease, metabolic disease. Any one of you your family and friends have ever suffered from this disease? How can we treat it with the use of medicines or surgery? It is shifted genetically or by blood transfusion contact. Which they were asked about color blindness disease type and it’s diagnose and how it can be controlled either by surgery or medicines or no need of its treatment and how it spreads and family friends history of this disease. A survey was done by the awareness about color blindness its reasons and effect on health. A survey was done by the awareness about color blindness its reasons and effect on health. The statistical analysis was done by using MS word. Above study showed that majority of students said that AIDS is a bacterial disease rather than fungal disease. 67.5% of students claimed it as a bacterial disease but 36.25% said that it is not a genetically transferred disease. 53.75% of students had this disease.
Mah Rukh, Aqsa Naeem, Syed Bilal Hussain, Muhammad Imran Qadir
Irish Interdisciplinary Journal of Science & Research, Volume 06, pp 18-20;

Some people love fragrance as it makes them feel good. They are more likely to use perfumes on daily basis regardless of their mild allergies to scents. This study relates the relation between blood in urine and perfume allergy. Hematuria is a condition in which blood releases from body with urine. When we see blood in our urine this condition is called gross hematuria and when we can’t see the blood in urine with our naked eye it is known as microscopic hematuria. The other risk factors are age, infection and family history. Main symptoms of this disease are nausea, vomiting, fever, chills and pain in abdomen or back. Patients of hematuria often have normal renal function. Perfume allergy is caused by different chemicals which cause diseases in specific host. Perfumes have certain chemicals that can even penetrate our delicate skin. These chemicals then provoke our immune system and a storm of such response results in what we call as allergy. Headache, sneezing is a common symptom in this disease. 60% males have blood in urine and have perfume allergy while 53.75% females have blood in urine and have perfume allergy.
Fatima Idrees, Syed Bilal Hussain, Muhammad Imran Qadir, Tayyaba Yousaf
Irish Interdisciplinary Journal of Science & Research, Volume 06, pp 35-37;

If someone is too much addicted to singing their brain may release some sort of chemicals that may cause urine in blood (hematuria). The examination was done among 90 students belonging to Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan. It involves testing each and every student and then noting their opinions on singing in a separate form. From the data collected, various results and the relation between singing and blood in urine was derived. Although no link between these two can be seen but hematuria can be regarded as an uncommon disease. It can be due to various causes and can be examined by performing urinalysis test.
Dewaraj Velayudhan, Sarwinder Singh Bharmjit Singh, Moventhiran Ramakrishnan, Idris Shahrom, Azmin Kass Rosman, Nurfareha Mohd Hatta, Muhammad Afif Munshi
Irish Interdisciplinary Journal of Science & Research, Volume 06, pp 44-48;

Although intervertebral disc herniation is commonly seen in clinical practice, spinal canal migration of disc fragments is rarely found and can cause a diagnosis dilemma. Intervertebral disc herniation is defined as displacement of disc material beyond its anatomical space. The lumbar spine is the most commonly affected; mostly L4/L5 and L5/S1 region. Disc sequestration refers to the migration of herniated disc fragments into the epidural space, or in rare cases intradural space. Hereby we present a case of sequestered intradural disc at the level of L3/L4 level mimicking a spinal tumour. A 46-year-old man presented with complaints of dull-aching bilateral lower limb pain for the past five years. Then, for the past three months, he experienced numbness over bilateral feet. For the past one month, there is weakness of bilateral lower limbs and he was unable to stand and walk. There is no erectile dysfunction, urinary and faecal incontinence. There was no history of trauma. Examination revealed sensory and motor deficits over bilateral lower limbs from level L3 onwards. There is no spine tenderness. Bilateral straight leg test were negative. MRI spine reported as L3/L4 intradural spinal lesion that demonstrates T1W iso-intensity, predominantly low signal intensity on T2W with minimal area of hyperintensity within. Lesion measured 1.3 x 1.4 x 2.5cm. Laminectomy was done and intra-operatively it was noted sequestered disc material protruding into dura from L2/L3 up to L4/L5. Post-operative period was uneventful and patient regained full muscle power by post-operative day-3. MRI is the gold standard diagnostic tool for spinal pathologies, nevertheless migrated disc fragments can be mistaken for spinal tumour. Hence, it important to keep intervertebral disc prolapse as a differential. In view of the excellent prognosis in these cases, it is not advisable to delay surgery with additional invasive investigation
Nayyar Ahmed Khan
Irish Interdisciplinary Journal of Science & Research, Volume 06, pp 26-34;

In this world of IT related services and computer science, various new technologies are emerging. This technology is focused mainly on the ease of human being and their survival amid Covid 19. Medical Transcription is one of the highly professional IT related services. It involves highly skilled data processing job for medical field. The common system which prevails around the world nowadays is to visit the hospital and get the cure. However, once a patient which is a hospital and gets the medicine which is diagnosed by a doctor. He comes back to his house and take the medicine to get well. But in this complete process there is no guarantee of responding to a medicine in such a manner such that the problem, which had arisen will not happen in the future. Thus, it becomes very obvious that we don’t have a solution in which the healthcare benefits can be obtained from using IT and services. As per the old system. The records of the patient’s health are maintained in a file normally for a good hospital. The system maintains the medical records for each patient, however medical record helps in avoiding chances of omission of some of the important findings in the records. But in this scenario of globalization across the world, mobility of human being had been a very important part of its daily lifestyle. Thus, we can very well say that the system which prevails around the world nowadays is not very easy. Since the files that are written in the hospital for the medical health care services is not approachable at a very convenient rate. It is also not at all very sure that the disease that had been cured by the doctor shall never revert back again. When the disease comes back again, the patient needs a date to visit the doctor. This type of free visit to the doctor is required at every instance whenever a man feel some sick-ness. The sickness that has been encountered by the human being is not at all mortal. It can return back whenever it is required and there are certain symptoms in which the disease can be observed. This is a loss of time and effort. It is a very strong understanding method and the use of artificial intelligence can be done in order to observe the routine of the person and its healthcare. A system could be designed in which depending on the past histories of the medical ailments and the treatment of a person can be utilized in order to predict the nature of its human anatomy. A system which is artificially so intelligent that it can be able to give prediction for what might happen in the future for a particular man. Thus, this artificial intelligence system will be helpful enough to give warning to a human being at various times whenever he is happy, so that he will be saved from the problems that might arise in the future.
Deborah J Hilton
Irish Interdisciplinary Journal of Science & Research, Volume 06, pp 38-43;

Background/Objectives The research rationale is that many economic, policy, and government implications result from the COVID-19 pandemic. Author published a literature review on COVID-19 research specific to Australia including policy and media releases. This Australian scientific literature assessed the social impact, government, and policy implications. This manuscript expands on previous research by assessing global pandemic policy specifically in relation to workplace health management, health services and systems. Methods A search strategy was created using the MeSH Browser. The MeSH (Medical Subject Headings) is the NLM controlled vocabulary thesaurus used for indexing articles for PubMed and is at; (((((("SARS-CoV-2"[Mesh])) OR "COVID-19"[Mesh]) OR "Coronavirus"[Mesh]) AND "Policy"[Mesh]). The following individual text words were added to the search string – ‘health services’; - ‘workforce’; - ‘health systems’ in order to quantify the extent of literature pertaining to workplace health management. Results The PubMed Mesh search performed retrieved 2934 articles. Adding individual text words resulted in the following retrievals; health services - 926 retrievals, workforce – 74 retrievals, health systems – 414 retrievals. Conclusions The impact of a pandemic upon workforce services is immense. It relates to variations as a result of shutdowns and adapted essential service provisions. This results in reduced screening or current testing strategies, changes to other routine procedures/services, immunizations/vaccinations and/or reduced treatment for patients with pre-existing diseases. A rapid shift in service delivery with increased usage of digital technologies & e- health in particular in high-income countries is evident, with low and middle-income countries somewhat compromised by poorer infrastructure.
D. Senthil Pandiyan, M. Siva Kumar, A. Sathiyamoorthy
Irish Interdisciplinary Journal of Science & Research, Volume 06, pp 07-12;

This method of concrete mix design consists of selection of optimum properties of ingredients, i.e., cement, mineral admixture, fine aggregate, coarse aggregate, water and chemical admixture if needed to produce concrete specified properties such as strength, workability and durability, etc. as economic as possible. The compressive strength of hardened concrete which is generally considered to be an index its properties depends upon its factor, e.g., quality, quality of cement, water, aggregate; placing, compacting and curing. The cost of concrete is made up of cost of material the variation in cost of material a rise in fact that in cement several time costly then aggregate thus the aim to produce a lean mix. In this paper, concrete pavement has designed by adding mineral admixture in reduction of cement content up to 32% and reduce the cost of concrete mix and also to attain its equal strength of concrete.
Aasif B, Ranjith S, Malathi V, Dhachinamoorthy M, Vijayalakshmi S
Irish Interdisciplinary Journal of Science & Research, Volume 06, pp 01-06;

Concrete is one of the most widely used building materials throughout the world. Concrete is used in large amounts because it is an extremely good building material. In many places of the world the temperature is rising day by day. These days due to constant sand mining the natural sand is depleting at an alarming rate. In this case, fine aggregate is partially replaced by magnetic sand. In this present study, an attempt has been made to study the mechanical properties of M₂₅ grade concrete with a different percentage at a range of 10%, 15% and 20% as partially replaced with magnetic sand to the total weight of fine aggregate. It has been experimented that the required strengths are achieved the optimum percentage of magnetic sand by conducting compressive strength and flexural strength of concrete. Use of magnetic sand in concrete, will enhance shrinkage and crack resistance and reduce the environmental impact and also reduce the cost. The compression and flexural strength of concrete increases with various percentage replacements of magnetic sand. The main aim of this study is to make economical and eco-friendly concrete.
J. Srinivasan, A. Sathiyamoorthy
Irish Interdisciplinary Journal of Science & Research, Volume 06, pp 13-17;

Reinforced concrete beam members are load-carrying members in structures. The beams performance is largely depending on the condition of the tensile reinforcement in members and quantity in the beam. Focus is put on flexural strengthening, which currently is the most common application field for composite materials in structural engineering. Generally, pre-stressed FRP will be demonstrated to follow the principle of conventional pre-stressed concrete by resulting in higher cracking, yielding, and bearing loads. Especially under service loads, the structural behavior is improved. Civil structures in several situations require strengthening of the structural members due to lack of stiffness, strength, serviceability, durability. Some situations where the members are in need of rehabilitation in their lifespan. There are many situations where the requirement of strengthening is must for structures such as Retrofit for seismic effected building
Dr.S.Tephillah Vasantham, Dr.J.Praveen Pau, Mr.N.Senthil Kumaran, Mr.N. Gnanaprakash
Irish Interdisciplinary Journal of Science & Research, Volume 06, pp 140-150;

Fairness creams play a wide role in cosmetic products. Twenty years back, some of the cosmetic items like fairness cream were considered as luxuries. But now, they have become as essential commodities to the consumers. Everybody wants to maintain a fair and glow in skin, so that they are using fairness cream which helps to maintain a fair and healthy hair. Today the fairness cream marketplace is very jam-packed and ready for action and so numerous companies are trying to capture the market with their contemporary expertise. Each invention is diverse by excellence, cost, perfume, volume, wrapping. The project aims to know about the Retailers preference on various brand of fairness cream in Virudhunagar District. The objective of the project is to study the factors influencing the preference of fairness cream. The data is collected using a structured questionnaire. They were enquired about the fast moving fairness cream, awareness and preference of fairness cream product. The sample size is 105 and a well-structured Questionnaire is used to collect details from the retailers. Percentage Analysis is used to represent data and derive at important findings and inferences.
Pradeepa G, Sudha R.V., Dhivya Dharshini N, Niroja K, Sri Praba S
Irish Interdisciplinary Journal of Science & Research, Volume 06, pp 110-112;

Mobile signal strength (coverage) maps are of great importance to cellular operators for network planning and operation are expensive to obtain, imperfectly reflective of call quality outcomes, and potentially constructed from biased samples. Users of smartphones utilize high-speed network services while commuting on public transit and hope to have a consistent, high-quality connection. Measuring and monitoring coverage and quality of service mean being able to assess reality and its representation. Data collection is a vital ingredient in this process. Finding Mobile signal strength and Mapping the Coverage areas using GIS through differentiating the Network. Due to the massive load demand on cellular networks and frequent changes in the underlying radio channel, users often experience sudden unexpected variations in the connection quality. To overcome variations, we create a Map to differentiate the signal strength with a regular update through the Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) in QGIS Software using Python and XML plugins.
Sudha R.V., Pradeepa G, Abinaya K, Sudarvizhi V, Tharani V
Irish Interdisciplinary Journal of Science & Research, Volume 06, pp 87-92;

The use of credit cards has expanded considerably as a result of rapid advancements in electronic commerce technologies. As credit cards become the most popular method of payment for both online and offline purchases, incidences of credit card fraud are on the rise. Transactions with Credit Cards continue to expand in number, capturing a larger share of the US payment system and resulting in a higher rate of stolen account numbers and bank losses. Improved fraud detection has thus become critical to the payment system's long-term stability in the United States. For several years, banks have deployed early fraud warning systems. Large-scale data mining tools have the potential to improve commercial practice. Scalable strategies for analysing enormous volumes of transaction data and efficiently computing fraud detectors in a timely way, especially for e-commerce, is a critical issue. Aside from scalability and efficiency, the fraud-detection task has technical issues such as skewed training data distributions and non-uniform cost per error, both of which have received little attention in the now-established ledge-discovery and data mining communities.
SatheeshKumar S, Birundha A, Sivabharathi T, Subha R, Swetha J
Irish Interdisciplinary Journal of Science & Research, Volume 06, pp 101-109;

Road networks are the key element for economic growth in every country. It is essential for project a strategic and sustained expansion and an adequate maintenance of these networks to guarantee quality connections between the different parts of a geographical territory. Road enables the supply of goods and services around the world and it connect the people to workplaces, schools, hospitals and some other places in the geographical area. Road infrastructure improves the effectiveness and efficiency of all the countries and increases the standard living of people, making their lives easier. In this paper we proposed to design the road network map for Erode district using QGIS (Quantum Geographic Information System). We identified and classified various type of road network for that particular area. In this map we include what kind of road network is available and also explained the purpose of the each type of road network.
Doan Ngoc Phuong, Nguyen Thi Phuong Thanh
Irish Interdisciplinary Journal of Science & Research, Volume 06, pp 56-64;

Robot operating system (ROS) is robot middleware. Although ROS is not an operating system, it provides the necessary services designed for a heterogeneous cluster of servers, controlling low-end devices, deploying functions, transmitting messages, and managing low-end devices. A set of ROS-based processes represented as architectural graphs that can receive and concatenate sensor data, state control, scheduling, actuators, and other messages. The application of ROS to the product is in order to test and simulate the operation of the robot arm, thereby supporting researchers, improving, developing and deploying applications on robots smoothly. Stemming from the above analysis, the topic completely meets the urgency posed by modern society.
R. Madhanachithra, Sasikala R, Shalini A, Vinitha R
Irish Interdisciplinary Journal of Science & Research, Volume 06, pp 81-86;

Blockchain is a decentralized, digital, and consensus-based secure information storage system. This article gives an overview of how to use the blockchain to construct a secure and trustworthy electronic voting system. The main goal of this paper is to investigate the most recent state of blockchain-based voting research while attempting to foresee the accompanying potential issues future developments. This paper's technique is as follows: a methodical approach to review and following an overview of the blockchain's core structure and properties in relation. We present a conceptual definition of e-voting. Desired e-voting application based on blockchain symmetrical improvements in asymmetrical cryptography are also important. We gathered and examined a number of research papers from scientific databases that advocated for the use of the blockchain architecture in voting systems. These articles suggested that blockchain-based voting systems may offer alternatives to standard e-voting. The most pressing challenges were divided into five categories: general, integrity, coin-based, privacy, and consensus. As a consequence of this study, it was discovered that blockchain systems can help solve some of the issues that now plague election systems. We are attempting to design a system that respects the essential and most significant aspects of a voting system, such as transparency, secrecy, security, and decentralisation, while also providing the extra benefit of mobility.
Pradeepa G, Sudha R.V, Janani S, Vidhya V, Veera Raveena T
Irish Interdisciplinary Journal of Science & Research, Volume 06, pp 93-100;

A chatbot is a computer program that runs a conversation in the form of a text. Chat-bot usually provides user-based communication that allows input from the user and receives text from the outgoing. Chat-bot information is stored on a website provided by the owner and the user needs. This program will be given the answers to the user's question with great success. The user must place a requirement on the chat-bot used for the transport-related chat. This model is based on supervised learning strategies with pre-packaged information to focus and create productive models against a training set. The system will use an AI algorithm to provide relevant information about transit to the user.
P. Dinesh Kumar, T.Jeyashree, S. Kaaviya, A. Parevaakhini, C. Sathika
Irish Interdisciplinary Journal of Science & Research, Volume 06, pp 76-80;

Traffic congestion is diagnosed as principal problems in current urban regions that have triggered an awful lot uncomfortable for the ambulance to journey. Moreover, road accidents in the city have been increasing and to bar the loss of life due to accidents is even more crucial because the range of automobiles grows hastily each 12 months, more and more traffic congestion happens, turning into a huge trouble for civil engineers in almost all metropolitan cities. Emergency Vehicle Pre-emption systems play a key role in reprioritizing signalized traffic intersections. This role is essential for safe and minimal travel put off of Emergency vehicles (EV) passing through avenue intersections. This paintings especially objectives on presenting answer for the problem faced via ambulances which can be transferring toward the visitors sign for the duration of excessive density visitors.
Sudha R.V., Pradeepa G, Gayathri P, Kaviyashree V, Monisha S
Irish Interdisciplinary Journal of Science & Research, Volume 06, pp 123-130;

With the advent of the internet, cyber-attacks are changing rapidly and the security situation on the internet is not always optimistic. Machine Learning (ML) and In-depth Learning (DL) methods for community-based access to entry and present a quick teaching definition of the entire ML/DL method. Representative papers all the way have been listed, read, and summarized primarily based on their temporary or thermal interactions. Because information is critical to ML/DL strategies, it describes the amount of commonly used public databases used in ML/DL, discusses the complexities of using ML/DL for Internet protection and provides guidelines for course guides. KDD a set of information is a symbol of standing that is widely recognized within the study of the Acquisition strategies. A lot of work is underway to develop innocent identification strategies as information courses used to read and test the diagnostic version are equally problematic because high-quality information can improve offline access. This paper provides a KDD knowledge test set by recognizing the 4 Basic Courses, Content, Traffic and Handling in which all information attributes can be categorized using the Modified Random Forest (MRF). The test was completed by identifying the remaining 2 metric metrics, Visual Rate (DR) and False Noise Scale (FAR) of the Intervention Detection System (IDS). As a result of this evidence-based evaluation of the data set, the contribution of all 4 character studies in DR and FAR has been proven to help determine the validity of the information set.
Priyadharshini S.V., Deepika Shree K, Gana Sudha V, Manibharathi N
Irish Interdisciplinary Journal of Science & Research, Volume 06, pp 131-139;

Vehicular conveyed processing (VCC) is made from different circled vehicular fogs (VCs), which are outlined on-the-fly by intensely consolidating underutilized vehicular resources including figuring force, accumulating, and so forth. Existing recommendation for lifestyle as-a-organization (IDaaS) are not suitable for use in that frame of mind of confined handling resources and limi
Soundararajan K, Pathmapriya S, Rajashree R, Sujitha J
Irish Interdisciplinary Journal of Science & Research, Volume 06, pp 65-75;

Social networking site is being hastily expanded in latest years, which provides platform to join human beings all over the global and share their hobbies. however, Social Networking sites is providing possibilities for cyberbullying activities. Cyberbullying is harassing or insulting a person through sending messages of hurting or threatening nature the usage of digital communication. Cyberbullying poses full-size chance to bodily and intellectual fitness of the victims. as a result, it's far crucial to reveal person's posts and clear out the detest speech related publish earlier than it's far spread. Detection of cyberbullying and the supply of next preventive measures are the main courses of movement to fight cyberbullying. This paper proposed a system for computerized detection and prevention cyberbullying thinking about the primary traits of cyberbullying such as intention to damage an character, repeatedly and over time and the use of abusive curl language or hate speech the use of LSTM set of rules. The proposed version is capable to stumble on hate content on Twitter robotically. This method is based on a bag of phrases and TFIDF (term frequency-inverse record frequency) technique. Those capabilities are used to educate deep mastering classifiers. The detest stage encapsulates the level of hate in a given virtual surroundings. We present methods to robotically decide the dislike stage, and block submit and users of the post with the aid of the utilising transfer mastering on pre-trained language fashions with annotated information to create automatic hate detectors.
Sadanova Dilnoza Alimbaevna
Irish Interdisciplinary Journal of Science & Research, Volume 06, pp 15-21;

It is scientifically based that the practical results of changes in social life can be expected when the economic reforms in Uzbekistan are in line with the interests of man and the interests of economic development, the formation of a dialectical harmony between them.
Makhmudova Nigora Barotovna
Irish Interdisciplinary Journal of Science & Research, Volume 06, pp 01-07;

The article examines and analyzes the activities of law enforcement agencies-the security police and the gendarme department, in the Turkestan region based on the materials of the audit of Senator K.K. Palen carried out in 1908-1909. An analysis of one of the volumes of the report called “Security Police” (221 pages) is presented, in which all the answers to the questions posed in the “...special instruction ...” by the Tsar of the Russian Empire are given. The structure of the law enforcement system in the Turkestan Governor General, the history of the formation of police departments, states and composition of police departments are considered.
A.Anand Kumar, K. Dinakaran, Dr.M. Kathirvelu, R. Brindha, N. Naveena, K. Priya
Irish Interdisciplinary Journal of Science & Research, Volume 06, pp 30-35;

Millimeter-wave wireless technology (mmWave) has become a part of human life for fast and secure data transmission. This document introduces a 37GHz resonant frequency square microstrip patch antenna for mm Wave wireless communication. The antenna was designed and tested on a Rogers RT5880 board with a relative permittivity of 2.2 and a loss factor of 0.0009. Uses electromagnetic simulation software High Frequency Structure Simulator. The result of this paper shows minimal return loss -0.0812 dB, gain -1.205 dB, and impedance bandwidth 16.22% at 37 GHz resonant frequency. The voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR), radiation pattern has also presented for the proposed antenna which can be strong candidate for 5G mmWave cellular communication.
K. Dinakaran, A.Anand Kumar, T. Mani, Dr.M. Kathirvelu
Irish Interdisciplinary Journal of Science & Research, Volume 06, pp 36-42;

Microstrip array antenna generally consists of a patch antenna on the surface of a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) with a metal foil on the other side of the board. They operate at microwave frequencies. The reason behind their popularity in recent decades is, they have a thin planar profile so that can be easily mounted on a variety of applications including aircraft and missile projects. They offer the excellent convenience of integrating the antenna on the same printed circuit board with the remaining part of the circuit. These advantages make it unique and stand different amidst a variety of antennas present today! In this paper, a Microstrip array antenna is proposed and designed for Wireless Body Area Networks. They are primarily intended to be applied in the fields of wearable computing devices for medical applications. The proposed system resonates at a frequency of 5.3GHz. The substrate used here has a width of 29.2mm with length and height of 23.5mm and 2mm respectively. They employ multiple patches in a two dimensional array whose width is 17.2mm and length is 11.5mm. All these specifications offer an amazing way of designing a phased array of antennas that contributes to have polarization ability. This paper demonstrates how a Microstrip array antenna could offer several advantages like ease of fabrication, light weight, low volume and smaller dimension and how they could be employed in a variety of prospects when compared to other conventional antennas.
K. Sathyalakshmi, Dr.T.Ananth Kumar, N.Padma Priya, S. Jayalakshmi
Irish Interdisciplinary Journal of Science & Research, Volume 06, pp 43-55;

In Manufacturing Industry, the main process involved are product design, prototype, product testing and then finally mass production is instantiated. So, most of the manufacturing industries and their production processes are static where the process is not flexible enough to handle sudden changes in production mechanism. In our case, consider the electronic manufacturing industry they undergo through the same phase where they are not capable of sudden changes in the production process, sudden changes in the sense where manufacturing company must analyze on demand products then try to satisfy the customer demand. In previous model static manufacturing process is handled by using FIFO algorithm which helps to schedule the process, in which the process arrives first will be executed first and it is a non-pre-emptive type of scheduling algorithm. The existing is not suitable to solve a dynamic manufacturing process where the scheduling should also be dynamic according to the priority. So, we proposed a Priority scheduling algorithm, and it is pre-emptive type, eventually based on scheduling, our proposed algorithm helps to schedule any process depending upon the priority. The proposed algorithm helps to schedule and also it dynamically change the process depending on the products priority, where one process may have to stop so the process of priority products can be initiated. By achieving the dynamic manufacturing process any business can be developed as they can satisfy the on-demand nature and their new product production process concurrently.
Rasulov Khaydar Raupovich, Sayfullayeva Shahlo Shavkatovna
Irish Interdisciplinary Journal of Science & Research, Volume 06, pp 08-14;

The article provides an overview of the practical significance of boundary value problems for mixed-type equations. methods for solving boundary value problems for a mixed-type equation with two degeneracy lines are analyzed and compared for cases when the degree of variables coefficients before second-order derivatives is the same and different. The problems arising in their solution are discussed.
Udhaya Kumar C, Miruthula R C, Pavithra G, Revathi R, Suganya M
Irish Interdisciplinary Journal of Science & Research, Volume 06, pp 22-29;

Selection classification for Fruit recognition could be an absolute zone of inspection. Fruit Recognition mistreatment FPGA-based Hardware Acceleration by SVM is helpful for the observance and indexing of the fruits consistent with their kind with the peace of mind of a quick production chain. During this test, we have processed to initial replacement prime quality data-set of pictures grouped in the 5 preferred varieties of oval-shaped fruits. Honor to the fast image process techniques for the development, image resolution, quality of the algorithms leads to carry-out image process and computational tasks. In recent years, deep neural networks have a diode to the event of the many new applications associated with preciseness agriculture, as well as fruit recognition. An algorithm consumes computer power and memory, which has a significant impact on standard and performance, especially when working with large image datasets. Within the planned work, FPG is A based mostly on hardware acceleration for fruit, and recognition is mistreatment with SVM. The Support Vector Machine could be a real-time machine learning tool meant for high predicted classification accuracy through the attributes mentioned. Using SVM for embedded system programs is incredibly difficult attributable to the intensive computations needed. This will increase the attractiveness of implementing SVM on hardware platforms for reaching performance computing with the demanded value of power consumption. Finally, a difficult trade-off between meeting embedded period systems constraints and high classification accuracy has been determined.
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