2022 International Conference on Engineering Management of Communication and Technology (EMCTECH)

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Name: 2022 International Conference on Engineering Management of Communication and Technology (EMCTECH)
Location: Vienna, Austria
Date: 2022-10-20 - 2022-10-22

Latest articles from this conference

Irina Makarova, Larisa Fatikhova, Polina Buyvol, Krzysztof Zabinski, Ruslan Shalkin
The Arctic territories’ development involves, among other things, the expansion and modernization of the transport infrastructure. The main task in this case is to minimize environmental damage to the unique Arctic landscapes. The article substantiates the importance of creating an effective parking space and presents the consequences of improper planning, describes the tasks solved in this case and the methods and models used. We have formulated a mathematical model for determining the optimal number of parking spaces, the objective function of which is to minimize emissions. We have proposed to use virtual reality technologies to determine the dimensions of a parking space and have given the advantages of its use. The developed application of virtual reality is described, which allows to check the maneuverability of the vehicle during parallel parking.
Alexander Novikov, Anastasia Shevtsova, Sergey Evtyukov, Alexey Marusin
Despite strong road safety programs focused primarily on reducing road crashes and aiming for zero deaths, death rates remain high in many countries. When using statistical databases when working with accidents, the researcher is primarily faced with the task of assessing the causes and conditions of the types of accidents under consideration, however, the lack of scientifically based methods for conducting such an assessment significantly increases the processing time of indicators, and can also contribute to the underestimation of many indicators. To exclude the occurrence of such problems within the framework of this scientific article, it is proposed to develop a methodology for assessing the statistical indicators of accidents with the possibility of determining the causes and conditions for their occurrence. What can be achieved by solving certain tasks: 1. Analysis of existing methods for assessing accidents; 2. Assessment of accidents according to statistical databases; 3. Development of a methodology for assessing accidents with the ability to determine the causes and conditions for their occurrence. The results obtained in the work allow us to process the accident rates and establish the main causes and conditions for their occurrence. This allows you to work more effectively with available indicators and make informed decisions to improve road safety.
Alexander Pastukh, Valery Tikhvinskiy, Evgeniy Devyatkin, Alexandr Savochkin
This work presents compatibility studies between 5G NR systems and Fixed Satellite Service transponders located on GSO. In this study link performance of a satellite transponder under the impact of aggregate 5G NR interference was evaluated. The study takes into account the average density levels of the 5G NR base stations located inside the satellite footprint, beamforming mode of each interfering BS as well as different types of modulation and code rates of the satellite link.
Polina Buyvol, Eduard Mukhametdinov, Alla Krivonogova, Krzysztof Zabinski, Aleksandr Voroshilov
The active development of lucrative territories in the Arctic, which have large reserves of natural resources, has increased the urgency of creating a sustainable transport system in northern region. A special role is given to road transport. However, the remoteness of the territory from the manufacturing plant makes it difficult to provide owners with branded services that support stable operation, so the development of remote diagnostic methods is required, which could, among other things, be carried out by the owners or operators of automotive equipment themselves. It is promising to use a rule base formed on the basis of machine learning. The article describes the principle of operation, architecture and an example of the operation of a web service, which allows, without having knowledge of the design and functioning of the mechanisms, to carry out vehicles’ troubleshooting.
Anna Kovaleva, Anastasia Sidorova, Yuriy Pukharenko, Irina Aubakirova
The durability of pavements in real operation is characterized by their resistance to various kinds of external aggressive influences. At the same time, the approach to assessing the properties of operational reliability using standard methods, in accordance with which tests are carried out not in a complex, but separately, is fundamentally wrong. The results obtained will be veiled and will not reflect the actual dynamics of the processes of destruction of the roadway in real operating conditions. Based on this, an experiment was set up in the work, the purpose of which is to study the cumulative effect of temperature fluctuations, humidity, as well as freeze and thaw cycles on the main properties of road concrete operated in the cold maritime climatic conditions. It has been established that the impact of alternating drying and moistening on cement concrete samples at an early age significantly reduces the indicators of frost resistance, abrasion, water absorption and bending strength, which ultimately will lead to the destruction of the roadway and a significant reduction in the intermaintenance period. The results obtained indicate the need to change approaches to assessing the properties of cement concrete, taking into account operating conditions
Ilya Brylev, Anastasia Shevtsova, Igor Vorozheikin, Anatoly Eremeev, Aleksandr Marusin
There are currently no updated databases in world practice that provide an expert, while conducting road (vehicle) accident analysis or examination, with the data on braking performance, particularly, mean fully developed deceleration and its response time, in Ll category of vehicles which would be as reflective of pre-accident road situation as possible. Within the framework of this work, on the basis of the Institute of Road Safety (IBDD) of SPbGASU, the authors investigated the patterns of change in the steady deceleration (both average and maximum), the time of increase in deceleration of motor vehicles of Russian production. Based on experimental data, for each studied vehicle of category Ll, the authors determined the nature of the change in steady-state deceleration at different degrees of load, braking mode, depending on the condition of the road surface and obtained polynomial curves in the form of regression equations.
Vladimir Pryadkin, Artem Artemov, Pavel Kolyadin
The article presents a mathematical tire model based on the SPH (Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics)-method of particle dynamics for thermal tension of tires satisfying the research purpose when driving in winter. The results of experimental study of truck tires thermal loading when driving on asphalt surface are also presented, using methods of discrete and remote control of the temperature regime of tires. The results obtained make it possible to identify heating features of individual elements of all-steel tire with a dimension of 315/70 R 22.5, depending on the duration of moving. Based on the analysis of the results, practical recommendations for assessing thermal loading of all-steel tires using TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) have been proposed.
Egor Golov, Alexander Novikov, Stanislav Evtyukov, Maxim Alexeevsky, Elena Sorokina
Increasing the efforts to improve road traffic safety (RTS) represents an important demographic, social and economic task and a high-priority area of public policy in the majority of countries. Especially challenging are the RTS issues in the Arctic Zone. This is due to poorly developed land transport infrastructure, remoteness, specific natural and climatic conditions, and sometimes even physical inaccessibility. Taken together, these factors cause significant constraints to road maintenance enterprises, resulting in inadequate maintenance, limited mobility, increased vehicle operating costs, increased number of road traffic accidents (RTA) and related human and material costs. This study explores the nature of the dependence between RTA risk and paving roughness. Based on the data obtained, a new software is proposed for analyzing the existing level of road traffic safety that uses the data on transport and operating conditions and can generate arrays of organizational and technical measures to pursue in order to improve the traffic safety within a given transport infrastructure or facility. The results of this study can be used in the decision-making towards improved management of public roads and increased levels of road and transport safety.
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