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Harlina Kurniaty
Pencerah Publik, Volume 8, pp 1-17; doi:10.33084/pencerah.v8i1.2227

Work discipline is an important aspect in generating employee performance which will create a conducive work climate so that it can synergize with increasing employee morale or enthusiasm to achieve a goal. This study aims to see the effect of work influence on employee performance at the Manpower and Transmigration Office of South Barito Regency in 2021. In this study, the author of quantitative quantitative research. The data used are primary and secondary data collected through, observation, interviews, documentation and questionnaires. The sample used as the object of research was 30 people. This study has two variables, namely the independent (X) Work Discipline and the dependent variable (Y) Employee Performance in the job training and workforce placement sections. The results obtained in the calculation of simple linear regression are Y = 18,628 + 0.553 x where the value (a) is 18,628; and the coefficient value (b) is 0.553. Then the results of tcount> are obtained from the test that tcount> ttable (3.374 ≥ t table 2.051) then Ho is rejected and Ha is accepted, meaning that there is an effect of work discipline on employee performance at the Manpower and Transmigration Office of South Barito Regency in 2021. Based on the conclusion, it can be seen that the effect of work discipline on employee performance in the job training section and placement of workers at the Manpower and Transmigration Office of South Barito Regency in 2021 is important because it can improve employee performance in carrying out their duties according to des jobs.
Deni Triyanto, Heru Purnawan, Boni Saputra
Restorica: Jurnal Ilmiah Ilmu Administrasi Negara dan Ilmu Komunikasi, Volume 7, pp 1-6; doi:10.33084/restorica.v7i1.1922

Penerapan prinsip good governance dalam pelayanan publik pada bidang kesehatan dapat terwujud apabila pelayanan di Puskesmas Betungan dilaksanakan secara transparan, responsif, efektif dan efisien waktu. (Dwiyanto, 2015) Tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk mendeskripsikan penerapan prinsip good governance dalam pelayanan publik di Puskesmas Betungan Kota Bengkulu, dengan menggunakan metode penelitian deskriptif kualitatif, informan dalam penelitian ini adalah petugas pelayanan, bidan, perawat dan komunitas. Hasil penelitian mengungkapkan bahwa penerapan good governance dalam pelayanan publik di Puskesmas Betungan Kota Bengkulu sudah cukup maksimal, terlihat prinsip transparansi, responsivitas, prinsip efektifitas dan efisiensi dalam pelayanan kesehatan di Betungan. Puskesmas telah dilaksanakan cukup optimal seperti ketersediaan papan informasi pelayanan, ketersediaan standar pelayanan minimalis, dan adanya monitoring dan evaluasi yang dilakukan oleh Puskesmas untuk meningkatkan pelayanan kesehatan, yang menjadi permasalahan adalah masyarakat pengguna jasa belum mampu mengakses informasi secara luas (berbasis elektronik), belum tersedianya layanan pengaduan online, tidak tersedianya kotak saran dan layanan yang dirasa masyarakat belum mendapatkan pelayanan prima.
Erinaldi Erinaldi
Restorica: Jurnal Ilmiah Ilmu Administrasi Negara dan Ilmu Komunikasi, Volume 7, pp 7-13; doi:10.33084/restorica.v7i1.2174

The main role of the government towards the people is to provide services in order to meet the needs desired by the community. Likewise, Dumai Timur District office is demanded to provide quality services for the community. To meet these needs requires good and skilled employee performance in supporting the acceleration of service. In its implementation, there are still complaints from some people about convoluted procedures, the absence of certainty in-service time, and less responsive officers. The purpose of this study was to determine the factors that affect service performance at Dumai Timur District office. The theory used in this research is the theory (Ratminto & Winarsih, 2013)which states there are (13) factors that influence service performance, namely service strategies, client-oriented officers/officers, client-oriented service systems, management commitment, formulation of organizational goals, standardization of tasks, team cohesiveness, person-job suitability, technology-job suitability, control reality, role clarity, role conflict, management level. Respondents in the study were all 29 employees with the census sampling technique. Data analysis used descriptive statistics with the Rating Scale measurement scale. The results of the study in the factors that affect the performance of services at Dumai Timur District office are categorized as quite good, with an average of 2236 (65.90%).
Chief Editor Of Borneo J Pharm
Borneo Journal of Pharmacy, Volume 4; doi:10.33084/bjop.v4i1.2144

Alhamdulillahirabbil ‘Alamin. The next edition of the Borneo Journal of Pharmacy (Borneo J Pharm), has been published in February 2021. Starting from this edition, Borneo J Pharm increases the frequency of publishing four times a year. This change aims to improve the circulation of the best articles published by Borneo J Pharm. Also, starting from this edition, Borneo J Pharm applying the publish-as-you-go issue to present the title of the article that has been received as early as possible in order to increase the chances of readability and quotation of articles in Borneo J Pharm. This edition includes writings from four countries including Indonesia, India, Malaysia, and Nigeria. The authors come from several institutions, including Universitas Muhammadiyah Palangkaraya, Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta, Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang, Universiti Teknologi MARA Cawangan Sarawak, Politeknik Bina Husada Kendari, Universitas Halu Oleo, Akademi Farmasi Surabaya, Universitas Hang Tuah, Universitas Mandala Waluya, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Universitas Abdurrab, Federal University of Technology Minna, Humera Khan College of Pharmacy, University of Abuja, and Universitas Ahmad Dahlan. Editorial boards are fully aware that there is still room for improvement in this edition, hence with all humility willing to accept constructive suggestions and feedback for improvements to the publication for the next editions. The editorial board would like to thank all editors and reviewers, and contributors of the scientific articles who have provided the repertoire in this issue. We hope that all parties, especially the contributors of the articles, could re-participate for publication in the next edition in May 2021.
Dyah Rahmasari, Aulia Juwanti, Ima Pratiwi, Novia Zulfa Diana, Raditya Weka Nugraheni, Dita Nurlita Rakhma
Borneo Journal of Pharmacy, Volume 4, pp 22-28; doi:10.33084/bjop.v4i1.1675

Melanin is a pigment contains in human skin which role as a UV-absorbing agent. One of the exogenous melanins can be obtained from squid (Loligo sp.) ink. Squid ink melanin has potent free radical protection activities. This study aimed to determine the physicochemical, stability, antioxidant, and UV protection activities of squid ink powder lotions. Squid ink powders were obtained from the drying process using HCl 0.5M and stored in the climatic chamber. Antioxidant activity was conducted quantitatively using the DPPH (2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazil) scavenging method. The best result of the DPPH scavenging activity was 29.12±0.023%, shown from formula III. UV protection activity was conducted by observing erythema scores in animal skin, which exposure to UV. This preparation inhibits the effect of UV exposure. Squid ink powder lotions are potential as a sunscreen product.
, Nirwana Puspasari, Hendra Putra Jaya, Ridho Saleh Silaban, Ari Widya Permana
PengabdianMu: Jurnal Ilmiah Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat, Volume 6, pp 156-163; doi:10.33084/pengabdianmu.v6i2.1872

The development of coronavirus or Covid-19 in Central Kalimantan is currently increasingly worrying. All areas in this province are now in red zone status. This transmission is very fast spreading, so we are doing outreach to the community at Budi Mulya Orphanage, Palangka Raya City, implementing 6 recommended handwashing steps to kill the Covid 19 virus that sticks to our fingers. Washing hands with soap is one of the sanitation measures to prevent disease. Even WHO also recommends 6 steps in washing the palms of hands, the palms of backs of hands, between the fingers, the backs of hands, the thumbs, and the tips of fingers. The last method of washing hands is to clean soap with running water and dry it. To support the 6-step handwashing program, we are working with the orphanage's leadership to make a table for a water storage basin used for washing hands. The table is made permanent, made of reinforced concrete, whose composition of the reinforced concrete mixture is mixed with processed rattan waste that is no longer used as a substitute for concrete fiber. The rattan waste mixture used was 0.25% of the total volume of concrete.
Radiansyah Radiansyah, Fathul Jannah, Raihanah Sari
PengabdianMu: Jurnal Ilmiah Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat, Volume 6, pp 170-174; doi:10.33084/pengabdianmu.v6i2.1681

Making Classroom Action Research (CAR) for teachers at SD, Barabai District, Hulu Sungai Tengah Regency, South Kalimantan. The methods used in this research are lectures, discussions, and training which are carried out through webinars using the Zoom application. The community service participants are 36 teachers from elementary schools in Barabai District, Hulu Sungai Tengah Regency. The training activities went well and received positive responses from the teachers. This activity has a positive impact on the ability of teachers in terms of knowledge and self-development related to making CAR.
I Putu Sudayasa, , Yenti Purnamasari, Yulin Fitri Chintia, Nur Riska Anwar, Putri Permatasari, Pebriyanti Pebriyanti
PengabdianMu: Jurnal Ilmiah Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat, Volume 6, pp 175-183; doi:10.33084/pengabdianmu.v6i2.1684

The Indonesian government has made various efforts to prevent and control COVID-19. Implementing the new normal after the COVID-19 pandemic has encouraged people to do activities as before, with the obligation to implement strict health protocols. However, the incidence of COVID-19 in Indonesia continues to increase, as is Konawe Regency as the district with the first positive case report of COVID-19 in Southeast Sulawesi and currently has six sub-districts with red zone status. This is because many people are not aware of carrying out the government's appeal in implementing health protocols. This community service aims to increase public knowledge in efforts to control COVID-19 by applying health protocols. Educational activities carried out online through online media include video conferencing in the form of a webinar through Google Meet was attended by 86 participants, live streaming on social media Facebook and Instagram, broadcasting educational videos on local TV channels, and conducting offline activities in the form of installing educational posters. Education through online media is one of the uses of internet technology, and its reach is wide and can be a solution for education during the COVID-19 pandemic. The analysis results show that education through online media effectively increases public knowledge regarding COVID-19 and the application of health protocols in the normal new era.
Umi Barokah, Wiwit Rahayu, Darsono Darsono, Sri Marwanti, Minar Ferichani, Ernoiz Antriyandarti, Susi Wuri Ani
PengabdianMu: Jurnal Ilmiah Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat, Volume 6, pp 184-189; doi:10.33084/pengabdianmu.v6i2.1689

One of the problems faced in providing food from production to urban households is limited land. This also happened in the city of Surakarta. PKK RT 03 RW XVI, Gendingan Jebres village, Jebres Subdistrict, Surakarta City is a group of women who live in densely populated settlements. The problem faced by households in fulfilling family food is dependence on purchases due to limited land for food production. One solution to overcome this problem is to develop urban agricultural activities to support food self-sufficiency. It's just that PKK members do not have knowledge of urban farming, how to apply it, and the infrastructure is limited. Therefore, this community service activity is carried out to solve this problem by conducting counseling and training on urban farming, providing assistance with production facilities in the form of seeds, seedlings, polybags, wall bags, pots, and planting media. In addition, there was also assistance in implementing urban farming for women members of the PKK. Community service activities that have been carried out have made women members of the PKK RT 03 RW XVI, Gendingan Jebres Village, Jebres subdistrict, Surakarta City have knowledge and skills related to urban farming, have urban farming infrastructure so they can implement urban farming in their environment.
Mas'Adah Mas'Adah, Cuk Triono Singgih, Siti Musyarofah, Moh. Falikhul Isbah
PengabdianMu: Jurnal Ilmiah Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat, Volume 6, pp 190-196; doi:10.33084/pengabdianmu.v6i2.1696

Cooperatives in order to improve the welfare of their members form a savings and loan unit. However, in its development, the existence of the Jombang branch of the Delta Surya Purnama Savings and Loans Cooperative often experiences loan problems in risk management in the form of bad credit. Based on the problems faced by the management of the Delta Surya Purnama Savings and Loan Cooperative, the purpose of this Community Service activity is to provide socialization and assistance in preparing Risk management on credit management so as to minimize bad credit. The methodology used is carried out in the form of outreach/counseling and assistance in preparing Risk Management for good credit management. The results of Community Service activities are expected to increase the knowledge and skills of the administrators and members of the Jombang branch of the Delta Surya Purnama Savings and Loans Cooperative related to knowledge about risk management. The conclusion from this activity is that the Delta Surya Purnama Savings and Loan Cooperative in order to improve the welfare of members are allowed to run a savings and loan business unit. However, in its development, the Savings and Loans Cooperative often faces bad credit problems caused by the failure of the management who handles credit to collect.
Aqidah Asri Suwarsi, Julia Noermawati Eka Satyarini, Safaah Restuning Hayati, Aninta Gina Sharfina, Anisatun Anggraeni
PengabdianMu: Jurnal Ilmiah Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat, Volume 6, pp 197-205; doi:10.33084/pengabdianmu.v6i2.1726

Panjangrejo is one of the Tourism Villages located in the east of Bantul Regency. Geographically, the location of this Tourism Village is very strategic because this Pottery Tourism Village is on one of the Parangtritis beach tourist routes, which is very crowded by tourists. Due to a lack of attention and support from the village government, the pottery craft of the Panjamgrejo tourism village is not as popular as the Kasongan village. The main problems faced by craftsmen include the stiff competition between pottery artisans, the lack of demand from outside the region due to limitations in marketing digital products (digital marketing), and the fulfillment of safe and attractive packaging. The method used in this service is the method of training and substitution of science and technology. The solution of product packaging that is still simple is overcome by procuring durable and attractive packaging boxes to increase product sales power and minimize product breakage. Also, the promotion of products that have not been run optimally is overcome by digital marketing training both through social media Instagram to Facebook ads with better internet signal support due to the availability of modems to facilitate online product marketing.
Wiwin Tyas Istikowati, Budi Sutiya,
PengabdianMu: Jurnal Ilmiah Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat, Volume 6, pp 149-155; doi:10.33084/pengabdianmu.v6i2.1822

Sago plants can be used from leaves, fronds, and stems with the main product of sago starch from the stem. In the production process, the sago plants used are 7-8 years old. The productivity of sago palms in Pemakuan Laut village is around 200 kg starch/stem with a selling price of Rp. 3,500/kg in wet conditions and Rp. 7,500/kg of dry sago flour. Sago processing waste has not been utilized yet by the community even though the waste can still be used for other purposes such as animal feed, hardboard, fuel, plant growth media, and fertilizer. Sago waste is a problem in the Pemaku Laut village environment because the waste has accumulated while the location for disposing of it is limited. Therefore, in this community service activity training was carried out in making animal feed (poultry) using sago dregs. The method used is fermentation. From the activities carried out, it was known that all the participants had started to utilize sago dregs, but the preliminary process had not been carried out, the dregs were directly given to livestock. In this training, sago dregs processing is carried out using the fermentation process. From the training, it can be seen that the community already knows the process of processing the dregs before giving it livestock to increase its nutritional value.
Mariaty Mariaty,
PengabdianMu: Jurnal Ilmiah Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat, Volume 6, pp 105-112; doi:10.33084/pengabdianmu.v6i2.2038

This program's main objective is to instill character education in loving the environment in children, improve thinking skills, and increase children's creativity. The relationship between children and their surroundings is an important foundation for building a good relationship between humans and nature. Community service activities at SDN Tumbang Nusa 2, located in Taruna Jaya Village, Jabiren Raya, Pulang Pisau, Central Kalimantan, were held from July to August 2019. Activities carried out included counseling on environmental education and film screenings. It provides education to school-age children in knowing the environment, managing the environment, and increasing children's creativity in environmental conservation and forest conservation efforts. The implementation of the activity is the introduction of several types of plants that function as cover crops and good tree planting practices and provide training in making goods from used materials. The methods used are counseling, demonstrations, and mentoring. In this case, partners are school children who will have an understanding of environmental education and conservation, starting from the understanding of the environment, the causes of environmental damage, how to manage the environment around schools, and how to anticipate environmental damage. Besides, partners were also given knowledge of planting and caring for trees properly in the school environment. Partners were also given skills to make crafts from used goods, such as making flowers and leaves from plastic bags, making flower pots from used plastic drink bottles, and make a bicycle from cardboard.
La Ode Muhammad Andi Zulbayu, , Rumiyati Rumiyati
Borneo Journal of Pharmacy, Volume 4, pp 29-35; doi:10.33084/bjop.v4i1.1665

The grapefruit (Citrus maxima L.) is a plant known by the public as a fruit consumed with various properties. This plant's use is well known, such as antioxidants, enhancing immunity, anti-aging, and antibacterial properties. This study aimed to identify and analyze the chemical compounds contained in C. maxima rind. The extract was obtained by the maceration method using ethanol and ethyl acetate as solvents. The fractionation process was carried out by Column Chromatography. Observation of thin-layer chromatography profiles with UV lamps 254 and 366 nm. Analysis of chemical compound components using GC-MS and data interpretation based on the Wiley 7.0 data library. The interpretation results of the EF1 fraction are β-copaen-4-α-ol; pentadecanoic acid; hexadecanoic acid; tetradecanoic acid; dotriacontane; osthol; 2H-1-benzopyran-2-one, 7-methoxy-8-(3-methyl-2-oxobutyl); furfural; 6-(2,3-Dihydroxy-3-methylbutyl)-7-methoxycoumarin; and 6-(iodomethyl)-5-methyl-4-oxahexanolide. The chemical compounds identified in EAF2 are 1-octadecanol; decane; tetracosane; hexacosane; and 1,2-benzenedicarboxylic acid (2-ethylhexyl) ester. It can be concluded that these compounds have biological and pharmacological activities.
Asiska Permata Dewi, Dini Mardhiyani
Borneo Journal of Pharmacy, Volume 4, pp 43-50; doi:10.33084/bjop.v4i1.1589

Ketapang (Terminalia catappa L.) is traditionally used by the community to treat infections of the skin caused by bacteria or fungi. In this study, T. catappa leaves extract was added to the liquid soap formula as an antibacterial. The purpose of this study was to determine the secondary metabolite compounds contained in T. catappa leaves extract, physical evaluation of the preparation, and antibacterial activity of liquid soap. Liquid soap formula is made with various concentrations of T. catappa leaves extract F0 (0%), F1 (1%), F2 (2%), and F3 (3%). The resulting soap was evaluated for organoleptic, pH, high foam, homogeneity, irritation, and its activity against Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus epidermidis, and Escherichia coli using the disc diffusion method. The results showed that the T. catappa leaves extract contained flavonoids, tannins, saponins, and triterpenoids. The liquid soap formula F0 is clear, while F1, F2, and F3 have the characteristics of brown-dark brown, homogeneous, pH between 4.6-5.2, foam stability between 67-72%, which is not significantly different and stable after five minutes of testing, and it does not irritate the skin. Terminalia catappa leaves extracts liquid soap has antibacterial activity at a concentration of 1%, 2%, and 3%, with the largest inhibition zone diameter produced by S. aureus.
Borneo Journal of Pharmacy, Volume 4, pp 57-67; doi:10.33084/bjop.v4i1.1575

Diabetes mellitus (DM) has developed as a major public health problem in the world. It is estimated that around 50% of diabetics have not been diagnosed in Indonesia, and only two-thirds of those diagnosed are undergoing treatment. This condition must be prevented. The purpose of this study is to determine the validity and reliability of the Indonesian version of FINDRISC as an instrument for predicting type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). This study was an observational study with a cross-sectional design on 60 research subjects who are indigenous people of Yogyakarta who live in Yogyakarta, which can be proven by Identity Cards by the inclusion and exclusion criteria. Validity is tested by the validity of criteria by type while using the area under the receiver-operating curve (ROC-AUC), while reliability is tested by internal consistency using Cronbach's Alpha (α). The results showed that as many as 14 people, or 23.33% experienced uncontrolled fasting blood sugar and 15 people had a risk score of FINDRISC more than 10. Based on the ROC AUC analysis, the value of 0.935 (95% CI 0.865 1.00) with a cut-off point of 10 with the value of Sn = 85%, Sp = 95%, PPV = 85%, NPV = 95%, +LR = 5.66, and -LR = 0.15. Based on the reliability test, the Cronbach's value of 0.727 is obtained. The FINDRISC questionnaire is categorized as valid and reliable so that it can be a screening tool for understanding.
, , Chijioke Madu, Johnson Adejoh
Borneo Journal of Pharmacy, Volume 4, pp 51-56; doi:10.33084/bjop.v4i1.1817

Herbal teas are nutrient, antioxidant, and hydration rich brews made from herbs and spices and taken for various purposes. The objective of this study was to formulate tea from clove (Syzygium aromaticum), leaves of lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus), guava (Psidium guajava), and moringa (Moringa oleifera), as well as compared with Chinese and yellow Lipton Tea. The samples were analyzed for comparative sensory analysis using the 7 points hedonic scale. The sensory evaluation result demonstrated that the color of the clove tea sample (5.87) was most acceptable by participants, while the lemongrass tea (4.46) sample was least acceptable amongst all the tea samples. The clove remained the most accepted tea for aroma (6.07), taste (5.92), texture (5.76), general appearance (5.74), and general acceptability (5.93), in 7 points hedonic scale. However, all tea samples were had significant acceptable scores above average (p
A'Am Rifaldi Khunaifi, Arif Supriyadi, Bayu Suratmoko
PengabdianMu: Jurnal Ilmiah Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat, Volume 6, pp 140-145; doi:10.33084/pengabdianmu.v6i2.1869

The rapid development of information and communication technology or what is known as Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has penetrated various fields of life, including education and teaching. With regard to learning, the use of information technology, in this case, e-learning, is needed not only for educators who are skilled at utilizing technology and technology for the manufacture of teaching materials, but a design is needed to carry out learning effectively. In a learning design (instructional design) there is a process to guide actors (actors) to design, develop, implement e-learning content by utilizing the available e-learning infrastructure and applications. At the next stage in the implementation of e-learning, there is an evaluation stage which is used to revise or adjust to the previous stages. A good educational institution must develop teachers by providing various facilities to support the teaching and learning process. Teachers can replace it with a new method in the form of video or audio that has been combined with the teaching material they want to convey. As technology develops, mobile or smartphone versions of e-Learning can be compatible with the features available in conventional learning so that the quality of content in the form of subject matter can be accessed properly.
Lilik Kholisotin, Sadar Sadar
PengabdianMu: Jurnal Ilmiah Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat, Volume 6, pp 113-118; doi:10.33084/pengabdianmu.v6i2.1861

Coronavirus or severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 is a virus that attacks the respiratory system. This disease due to viral infection is called COVID-19. The Coronavirus can cause minor disturbances to the respiratory system, severe lung infections, and death. The rapid spread of the coronavirus has caused fear, anxiety, and several other social problems in the community. Besides, the implementation of various government policies to break the chain of distribution of COVID 19, on the other hand, has had a negative impact. This community service aims to provide education to the community, especially in the teaching group Aisyiyah Kereng Bangkirai in the form of socialization and spiritual guidance to reduce anxiety and worry about Covid-19. The implementation method offered is spiritual guidance to deal with stress problems due to the Covid-19 pandemic by delivering material from an Islamic religious perspective and a psychological perspective. The results of this dedication show that there is anxiety among the community due to Covid-19 which has a psychological impact and that impact also affects the joints of community life, both socio-economic, socio-cultural, and socio-religious. Based on the results of the activities carried out, it can be concluded that community service activities can have a positive impact on society regarding the anxiety arising from the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as providing an understanding that religion is always relevant to all conditions that arise in society. Religion is not something rigid but something elastic so that it can always provide solutions to problems that arise.
, Indah Sari Dewi, Fathul Zannah, Amelia Dwi Astuti
PengabdianMu: Jurnal Ilmiah Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat, Volume 6, pp 126-133; doi:10.33084/pengabdianmu.v6i2.1864

The potential of students can be identified by carrying out psychological tests that describe students' personalities. There are 3 components of the test given, namely the integration test (IST), job interest (Kuder test), and personality test (EPPS). The combination of these three tests is called a battery test which results in a psychological report containing a psychogram regarding personal aspects, psychological descriptions, strengths, and weaknesses as well as recommendations for the appropriate field of work. This activity is planned to be carried out in non-school institutions such as courses or tutoring institutions. Based on the evaluation of self-assessment, it shows that participants are able to understand their personal condition along with their strengths and weaknesses, personal areas that need to be developed, and recommendations for higher education majors that are in accordance with their talents, personal interests of participants, evaluation of assessments of training activities shows the results that this training provides benefits to participants, especially regarding college recommendations and assessment of presenters where the presenters are considered good enough in delivering activity material.
Hilya Nur Imtihani, Fitria Abbas Thalib, Silfiana Nisa Permatasari
Borneo Journal of Pharmacy, Volume 4, pp 16-21; doi:10.33084/bjop.v4i1.1557

Whiteleg shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) on the market are processed or sold only to take part in the meat. The head, shell, and tail are thrown away without any prior processing. Underutilized waste causes environmental problems. An alternative to overcome this environmental disturbance phenomenon is to utilize shrimp shells containing chitin and subsequently transformed into chitosan that can be applied in various fields. Chitosan has poor solubility in water but high permeability, so to improve bioavailability is by making solid dispersions. Chitosan solid dispersion made by the solvent evaporation technique used PVP K-30 as the carriers. The result of chitosan solid dispersion was then molded into tablets by the direct compression method. Hence the tablets were evaluated by weight and size uniformity, hardness, friability, and disintegration time. The formulation divided into three groups, that is F1 (chitosan : PVP K-30 = 1 : 1 solid dispersion), F2 (chitosan : PVP K-30 = 1 : 3 solid dispersion), and F3 (pure chitosan). All the formulas by weight and size uniformity and disintegration time fulfill the requirements. F3 hardness is 4,275 kg is the best from F1 and F2. By statistic analytical from weight uniformity, hardness and disintegration time give significant difference with sig.
Muhammad Priyadi, Haryoto Haryoto, Amaliyah Dina Anggraeni,
Borneo Journal of Pharmacy, Volume 4, pp 1-5; doi:10.33084/bjop.v4i1.1443

Durio kutejensis has known potential as herbal medicine in Kalimantan. Many things can be explored from D. kutejensis related pharmacological activity in every part of the plant included root bark. This study investigated the phytochemical content with a qualitative test and tested cytotoxic activities of D. kutejensis root bark on MCF-7 cell lines. Cytotoxic activity tested on MCF-7 cells with MTT assay method. The result showed that D. kutejensis root bark contains flavonoid, tannin, terpenoid, phenol, and saponin. IC50 value for ethanol extracts of root bark, n-hexane fractions, ethyl acetate fractions, and doxorubicin on MCF-7 cells are 761.29; 280.5; 207.08; and 0.25 μg/mL, respectively. In conclusion, D. kutejensis root bark has some secondary metabolites but no cytotoxic activity on MCF-7 cells. Further research on other compounds to be investigated and test to other pharmacological activity.
, Selfyana Austin Tee, Karmilah Karmilah, , , Agung Wibawa Mahatva Yodha
Borneo Journal of Pharmacy, Volume 4, pp 6-15; doi:10.33084/bjop.v4i1.1686

Meistera chinensis is one of the new generations of the Zingiberaceae family. Zingiberaceae have a large number of species and still need research to reveal their chemical content. Meistera chinensis, a local plant that is widespread in Konawe Regency, Southeast Sulawesi. Empirically, M. chinensis is used as a flavor enhancer in food, aches, and increases body immunity. There are no reports of chemical content or its biological activity. In this study, the fruit was tested for phytochemicals, antioxidants using the ABTS test, total phenolic, total flavonoid content, and toxicity test with BSLT. Meistera chinensis was extracted with ethanol and fractionated by ethyl acetate solvent use vacuum liquid chromatography. Phytochemical screening was carried out qualitatively by using the calorimetric method. The fraction toxicity was monitored by a lethal test for brine shrimp (BSLT). These fractions for the ABTS method obtained fractions 1-8 (F1-F8) and ascorbic acid were used as controls. The results showed radical scavenging activities fraction of M. chinensis fruit was a very strong activity with IC50 of 42.7±3.53 mg/L (F8). The total phenolic and flavonoid contents were 30.72±1.07 mgGAE/g and 8.02±0.48 mgQE/g, respectively. The phytochemical evaluation contains terpenoids, saponins, phenolics, steroids, alkaloids, and flavonoids. The BSLT toxicity test was found to be very toxic with IC50 of 5.20±0.72 mg/L. These findings indicate that the fruit of M. chinensis acts as an antioxidant and toxicity agent.
Ninda Sari Wahyuningtyas, , Satibi Satibi
Borneo Journal of Pharmacy, Volume 4, pp 68-77; doi:10.33084/bjop.v4i1.1579

The number of people with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) in Indonesia increases every year. Control of the development of T2DM can be done by screening using Finnish Diabetic Risk Score (FINDRISC)-Indonesian. FINDRISC is a valid tool for estimating the risk of T2DM within the next 10 years. This condition can have a major impact on the estimated life span and quality of life in the future. The purpose of this research is to determine the relationship between FINDRISC-Indonesian and respondent characteristics with HRQoL from EuroQol-5 Dimension-5 Level (EQ-5D-5L) in Yogyakarta. We conducted a cross-sectional study consisting of 125 respondents who met the inclusion criteria. The risk of developing T2DM was assessed using a validated and widely used FINDRISC (range 0-26 points), and quality of life was measured by the EQ-5D-5L instrument. Overall data were analyzed using the Pearson correlation test and Independent t-test. The results showed the domain of pain was the domain that reported most respondents' most problems (28.8%). The respondent's utility value was 0.958 ± 0.69, and the VAS value was 79.4 ± 0.7. There was a significant difference in utility value based on age characteristics (p = 0.013). There is a relationship between age and utility value (p = 0.006) and FINDRISC score with utility value (p = 0.003). This study's conclusion was high FINDRISC affects the quality of life, and older age has a low quality of life.
, Wahyu Margi Sidoretno, Nur Aisah
Borneo Journal of Pharmacy, Volume 4, pp 36-42; doi:10.33084/bjop.v4i1.1578

Turmeric (Curcuma domestica) has nutritious compounds called curcuminoids, which can be used as antioxidants. As an antioxidant, C. domestica extract can be used to ward off free radicals that damage collagen and elastin, a protein that keeps skin moist. This study aimed to determine the antioxidant activity of serum combined with the addition of collagen using the DPPH method. The DPPH was made at a concentration of 80 μg/mL, and the absorption was read at a wavelength of 520 nm using a microplate rider. The study was conducted by making six formulations, namely F0, F1, F2, F3, F4, and F5 obtained the results of serum made from C. domestica extract that can inhibit free radicals and meet the physical evaluation test requirements of serum. Furthermore, the formula is made using only one active ingredient and only collagen to determine the antioxidant activity influenced by the extract or collagen. The results obtained indicate that collagen has a supporting role in adding antioxidant activity apart from the extract used. The highest % inhibition value at F5 with 90.526% can be said to ward off free radicals.
Endang Sri Suyati, Hendri Hendri, Achmad Zainul Rozikin, Gusti Iqbal Tawaqal
PengabdianMu: Jurnal Ilmiah Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat, Volume 6, pp 206-210; doi:10.33084/pengabdianmu.v6i2.1873

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a horrendous deadly virus at the end of 2019 and early 2020. This virus attacks all ages and groups indiscriminately, such as adolescents, parents, young children, students, business people, institutions, etc. COVID-19 physically attacks a person and attacks the economy of a person, company, and country. A person who lacks skills will have difficulty surviving this pandemic. So it is necessary to hold training from various agencies, such as the government and universities. The Community Service Team of Universitas Muhammadiyah Palangkaraya held training for students of SMKN 3 Palangkaraya majoring in Fashion Design. This training guides students in producing masks that are environmentally friendly and how to market them effectively and efficiently. Since teaching and learning activities have been disrupted since the arrival of COVID-19, training in producing masks and distributing materials on environmentally friendly literacy, marketing, and learning has been carried out online using the Zoom application. The tutorial was demonstrated by professional tailors and recorded directly by the team, then distributed to SMKN 3 Palangkaraya. The student produces masks with a guide or guidance, according to the video. After finishing production, they get material contains reasons for using splash cloth, protecting the environment, and market the product effectively and efficiently.
Uswatun Chasanah, Dyah Rahmasari
PengabdianMu: Jurnal Ilmiah Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat, Volume 6, pp 146-148; doi:10.33084/pengabdianmu.v6i2.1601

Goat's milk is rich in nutrients, especially vitamin A and lactic acid which are very beneficial for skin health, so it is suitable for liquid bath soap ingredients. However, well-known manufacturing takes a long time to make. Implemented training to producers of fresh goat's milk is formulating liquid soap made from fresh goat's milk that a simple method and quickly. The result of this activity is an increase in the knowledge and skills of participants so that they can enrich the variety of products based on fresh goat milk. It is hoped that with the increasing variety of goat milk products that they offer, there will be an increase in the economy of participants.
, Rosnita Rosnita, Deby Kurnia, Yulia Andriani, Fanny Septya
PengabdianMu: Jurnal Ilmiah Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat, Volume 6, pp 164-169; doi:10.33084/pengabdianmu.v6i2.1677

A website is a whole web page that contains enormous information contained in a domain. Information on the web is presented on a web page which is formed from a collection of text, graphics, images, sound, and video. The purpose of making a website is to facilitate an agency, organization, and so on in containing information that can be accessed by the public at large. With the development of information technology, Indragiri Hulu District, in general, Bukit Lingkar Village, can access and find out the expected information about the village. Therefore we tried to design a Village Administration Website which later on the website will contain information about the Village and Village information in Bukit Lingkar Village and provide community training on how to use the website. In the process of creating and training this website, there are several activities carried out such as training on creating websites for Kukerta students, training for village government administrators in managing the website to launching the website. This activity starts with a vulnerable time from July to August 2020.
, Risqika Yuliatantri Paramawidhita,
PengabdianMu: Jurnal Ilmiah Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat, Volume 6, pp 119-125; doi:10.33084/pengabdianmu.v6i2.1862

Market traders are the people most at risk of being infected with Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19). Transaction activities in the market between sellers and buyers are high, so awareness is very important to implement the COVID-19 preventive health protocol recommended by the government. The target of this activity is traders in the Pasar Besar City of Palangka Raya, Central Kalimantan. The purpose of this activity is to increase knowledge and awareness in implementing health protocols in the market in order to accelerate the prevention of handling COVID-19. The method of this activity is by conducting surveys through questionnaires, providing education and training/demonstrations in implementing health protocols in the market, and distributing leaflets, masks, and hand sanitizers. This community service activity focuses on education, socialization, and training/demonstration of the application of health protocols in the market for 72 traders in the market, which includes: (1) wearing masks; (2) perform hand hygiene; (3) avoiding touching the face area, (4) applying proper etiquette coughing or sneezing; and (5) maintaining a distance (at least 1 meter) from other buyers/traders.
, Rospala Hanisah Yukti Sari, Candra Kurniawan, M Ziaurrahman, Norcahyono Norcahyono
PengabdianMu: Jurnal Ilmiah Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat, Volume 6, pp 134-139; doi:10.33084/pengabdianmu.v6i2.1866

The 2019 coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) had a broad influence on the economy in Indonesia. One of them was a little entrepreneur. Government regulation to maintain distance and decrease public places and characters from the swift spread of coronavirus caused many stores or businesses to close or greatly decrease the number of buyers or even no buyers. This condition certainly negatively affected little entrepreneurs, which could cause a decrease in immunity. One of the efforts to overcome was through giving Al Qur’an counseling and activity practice in daily life where was expected more increase the strength of the entrepreneur’s spirit and could face life in covid-19 and next.
Chief Editor Of PengabdianMu J Pengabdian Masyarakat
PengabdianMu: Jurnal Ilmiah Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat, Volume 6; doi:10.33084/pengabdianmu.v6i2.2161

Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb. Dear reader, now PengabdianMu: Jurnal Ilmiah Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat re-published on Volume 6 Issue 2 February 2021. This edition marks a change in publication frequency from four times to six times a year. The publication of PengabdianMu: Jurnal Ilmiah Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat certainly participates in disseminating the results of community services in science and technology development conducted by lecturers and researchers especially from UM Palangkaraya and other universities. This edition contains 16 articles consisting of Education, Social and Political, Agriculture, and Health Science topics. Editorial boards are fully aware that there are still room for improvement in this edition, hence with all humility willing to accept constructive suggestions and feedback for improvements to the publication for the next editions. The editorial board would like to thank the University, all editors and reviewers, and contributors of the scientific articles who have provided the repetoire in this issue. We hope that all parties, especially the contributors of the articles, could re-participate for the success of the publication in the next edition on April 2021. Wassalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.
Anshah Silmi Afifah, Yosef Adicita, I Wayan Koko Suryawan
Media Ilmiah Teknik Lingkungan, Volume 6, pp 24-33; doi:10.33084/mitl.v6i1.1271

Zat warna metylen blue (MB) merupakan zat warna dasar yang sering digunakan dalam kegiatan industri di Indonesia. Teknologi yang dapat diterapkan dalam aplikasi pengolahan limbah cair yang mengandung MB adalah adosorbsi dengan granular zeolit. Tujuan dalam percobaan ini adalah untuk mengetahui proses adsorpsi dengan menggunakan granular zeolit. Zeolit yang sudah berbentuk granular dicuci selama 24 jam dan diaktivasi dengan penambahan KMnO4. Inisial konsentrasi yang digunakan dalam percobaan ini adalah 1 ppm; 5 ppm10 ppm; 20 ppm; dan 30 ppm. Efisiensi penyisihan warna MB tertinggi adalah 85,49% dengan inisial konsentrasi MB sebesar 5 ppm. Korelasi yang cukup baik dihasilkan pada masing-masing isoterm Langmuir sebesar 0,8248 dan isoterm Freundlich sebesar 0,9523.
Anis Masyruroh, Iroh Rahmawati
Media Ilmiah Teknik Lingkungan, Volume 6, pp 16-23; doi:10.33084/mitl.v6i1.2017

Manfaat dan keberadaan dari hutan kota sebagai ruang terbuka hijau sering kali diabaikan oleh masyarakat. Valuasi ekonomi menjadi suatu alat untuk menghitung kehilangan nilai manfaat dari ekosistem hutan kota jika tidak dijaga dan dipelihara kelestariannya. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk (1) menghitung nilai ekonomi total hutan kota; (2) mengetahui persepsi masyarakat terhadap kondisi fisik dan non-fisik hutan kota Serang. Penelitian ini menggunakan metode survei dengan teknik valuasi ekonomi dan skala likert untuk mengetahui persepsi pengunjung mengenai kondisi fisik dan non-fisik hutan kota. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa Nilai Ekonomi Total Hutan Kota per tahun sebesar Rp.3.650.118.222,00 Hasil Pengolahan data persepsi masyarakat, pengunjung hutan kota Serang kurang setuju bahwa kawasan ini memiliki kondisi fisik dan non-fisik yang baik. Secara kondisi fisik dan non-fisik hutan kota Serang tergolong cukup rendah.
Rudy Yoga Lesmana, Gusti Iqbal Tawaqal
Media Ilmiah Teknik Lingkungan, Volume 6, pp 11-15; doi:10.33084/mitl.v6i1.1957

Pengelolaan sampah di Tempat Pemrosesan Akhir (TPA), hingga saat ini di Indonesia pada umumnya sudah menerapkan sistem Sanitary landfill untuk penanganan sampah di tingkat akhir. Metode Sanitary Landfill merupakan metode terbaik dibandingkan dengan metode landfill lainnya, terlebih lagi jika dibandingkan dengan Open Dumping dalam hal penanggulangan dampak negatif sampah terhadap lingkungan. Berdasarkan hal penelitin ini bertujuan untuk melakukan perencanaan untuk kebutuhan lahan dengan konsep sanitary landfill di Kota Palangka Raya. Penelitian ini dilakukan pada tahun 2020 dan menggunakan beberapa metode untuk mendapatkan data primer dengan mengukur langsung volume timbulan sampah dan sekunder yaitu studi literature dan perhitungan matematik. Jumlah sampah yang dihasilkan Per Tahun di Kecamatan Pahandut yaitu 96.130,05 m3. Volume sampah di TPA/hari yaitu sebesar 0,078 m3/hari. Area yg dibutuhkan/tahun untuk timbulan sampah di TPA sebesar 113,88 m2 jumlah sel yang diperlukan untuk penimbunan adalah sebanyak 1.379 sel. Maka luas area penimbunan sampah yang dibutuhkan di TPA Kec. Pahandut yaitu 2,79 ha/5 tahun.
Kamaliah Kamaliah, Sari Marlina
Media Ilmiah Teknik Lingkungan, Volume 6, pp 34-42; doi:10.33084/mitl.v6i1.2105

Perubahan iklim melanda beberapa wilayah Indonesia yang secara geografis mempunyai tingkat kerentanan cukup tinggi, sehingga diperlukan adaptasi sebagai upaya meningkatkan ketahanan masyarakat untuk pembangunan berkelanjutan. Kalimantan Tengah termasuk rentan terhadap dampak dari perubahan iklim yang saat ini terjadi. Berdasarkan fenomena tersebut, penelitian ini bertujuan mengetahui dampak dan bentuk adaptasi perubahan iklim di Kalimatan Tengah melalui penelitian kualitatif deskriptif. Penelitian dilakukan pada Mei sampai November 2019 dengan teknik pengumpulan data berupa observasi dan kajian studi litelatur. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa, adanya perubahan iklim di Kalimantan Tengah meskipun tidak bersifat ekstrim namun berdampak pada masyarakat menderita penyakit Demam Berdarah Dengue dan malaria. Penyakit ini berkaitan dengan kondisi lingkungan dan perilaku masyarakat karena perubahan iklim. Adaptasi perubahan iklim yang sebaiknya dilakukan sebagai proses penyesuaian terhadap perubahan iklim dari kondisi iklim aktual atau di masa depan agar dapat mempersiapkan dengan lebih baik untuk bertahan dari peristiwa fisik, seperti ketersediaan ruang terbuka hijau, pengelolaan dan system pertanian yang ramah iklim.
Muhamad Wahyudin, Lambang Subagiyo, Saibun Sitorus
Media Ilmiah Teknik Lingkungan, Volume 6, pp 1-10; doi:10.33084/mitl.v6i1.1398

Pertambangan batubara dengan sistem tambang terbuka memiliki dampak salah satunya adalah air limbah yang wajib dikelola. Pengelolaan air limbah harus memperhatikan rancangan dimensi settling pond, dimana dimensi settling pond tersebut dipengaruhi oleh debit limpasan dari areal terbuka akibat aktivitas penambangan. Permasalahan air limbah dari kegiatan pertambangan batubara di PT. Multi Harapan Utama adalah kadang terlampauinya baku mutu air limbah yang telah dipersyaratkan dan ada potensi debit air limbah yang tidak mampu tertampung pada settling pond. Berdasarkan hasil analisis data masih terdapat parameter pH yang belum memenuhi baku mutu pada outlet settling pond TJL Utara-01 yaitu 4,93 dan TJL Selatan yaitu 4,96 dimana nilai ambang batas baku mutu pah adalah 6 – 9. Parameter yang wajib dipantau untuk kegiatan pertambangan batubara berdasarkan Perda Kaltim 02 tahun 2011 yaitu pH, TSS, Fe dan Mn. kualitas air limbah yang dikelola pada settling pond di PT. Multi Harapan Utama dipengaruhi oleh volume tampung kolam, dimana nilai volume tampung kolam settling pond TJL Utara-01 sebesar 2,79 m3/jam, TJL Utara-02 sebesar 95,63 m3/jam dan untuk TJL Selatan sebesar 23,58 m3/jam.
Elisabeth Oriana Jawa La, Repining Tiyas Sawiji, Ni Made Rai Yuliani
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 185-200; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.2136

Degenerative diseases triggered by antioxidants in the body are unable to neutralize the increased concentration of free radicals that can cause cell damage, so to destroy free radicals it is necessary to have antioxidants from outside the body. Grapefruit peel (Citrus Maxima Merr) is one plant that is known to have a lot of secondary metabolite content however it is not fully utilized. To analyze the content of chemical compounds and the antioxidant effect of n-hexane extract of Grapefruit peel (Citrus Maxima Merr.). Identification of chemical compounds was carried out by phytochemical screening and confirmed by the analysis of the extract thin layer chromatography profile, whereas the antioxidant activity test was carried out using the radical capture method of 2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl (DPPH) with Trolox as a comparison. The results of the identification of Grapefruit peel (Citrus Maxima Merr) extracts is containing secondary metabolites in the form of flavonoids, saponins, alkaloids, triterpenoids/steroids, and tannins. The results of antioxidant activity test extracts of grapefruit peel(Citrus Maxima Merr) and Trolox each showed values that: IC50 111.69 ppm and 12.143 ppm. From the results of this test, the extract of grapefruit peel (Citrus Maxima Merr) has moderate antioxidant activity when compared to Trolox.
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 45-52; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.1829

Fatigue is a widespread clinical complaint among adults with type 2 diabetes. Fluctuating glucose levels can cause fatigue. Several factors are associated with fatigue in diabetic patients, including physiological factors such as hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia, psychological factors such as depression associated with diabetes. Progressive muscle relaxation is a procedure to get relaxation in the muscles through two steps, namely by applying tension to a muscle group and stopping the tension then focusing on how the muscle relaxes, feeling the sensation of relaxation and fatigue is reduced. The aim of this study was to identify the effect of progressive muscle relaxation on fatigue symptoms in type II DM clients in 15 control groups and 15 intervention groups. The research method used a quasi-experimental design with a pretest-posttest control group design approach, consisting of one treatment (in the intervention group) and a control group. Data analysis was performed using univariate and bivariate analysis using t-independent and t-dependent tests. Wilcoxon test results in the intervention group and the control group showed a significant p-value of 0.002 (
Irma Wulandari, Fitri Indahsari
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 201-209; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.2137

The medical record is one of the most important parts of a health service which must be supported by an adequate number of human resources, so it is necessary to calculate the exact workforce requirements. Medical record activities at Ramdani Husada Inpatient Clinic are not done by officers with medical record education qualifications but are carried out by officers with qualifications of high school education, midwifery diploma, and midwifery diploma. The research objective was to describe the need for medical record personnel based on the WISN (Workload Indicator of Staffing Need) method at the Ramdani Husada Inpatient Clinic. The research design used descriptive quantitative with a cross-sectional approach. The population and sample of the study were all officers who carried out medical record activities as many as 3 people including the clinic manager, head of administration, and administrative staff. The results showed that the available work time was 1,953 hours/year or equivalent to 117,180 minutes/year, the workload standard was not in accordance with the number of available officers, the allowance standard was 1.70 workers. So that the need for medical record officers based on the WISN method is 9 workers. Based on the research results, there is a gap between theory and practice, where the Ramdani Husada Inpatient Clinic does not use the WISN method or other methods for planning its workforce. It is suggested that the Ramdani Husada Inpatient Clinic do deeper planning related to the workforce, especially for medical record officers to increase work productivity and reduce the risk of fatigue in officers.
Indah Mastikana
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 146-154; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.2132

Prevention of dysplasia or pre-cancer is prevention before the arrival of cervical cancer is by Vaccine Immunization. The cervical cancer prevention program using HPV vaccination should have been obtained and known to young women in the educational process both at school and campus as well as through print and electronic media. The research design is descriptive-analytic with a cross-sectional approach. The sampling technique used nonprobability techniques with a sample size of 86 adolescents from each of the two schools. The result showed that of the 86 girls in SMA N 5 Batam City who had good knowledge, were 56 students (65.1%), only 26 students (30.2%) and less 4 students (4.7%) and that out of 86 girls in class X SMA N 5 Batam, as many as 78 students had positive attitudes (90.7%) and 8 student negative (9.3%) while the result of research at MAN Batam showed that from 86 girls who had good knowledge of 42 students (48.8%), quite 38 students (44.2%) and less than 6 students (7.0%) and of the 86 teenage girls of class X MAN Batam, 48 students had a positive attitude (55.8%) and 38 students (44.2%) negative attitude toward HPV Vaccine Immunization. The conclusion from the research results is that there is a majority of knowledge of adolescents SMAN 5 and MAN Batam have good knowledge and positive attitudes and there are significant differences in knowledge and there are no significant differences in attitude about HPV vaccine immunization.
Rumentalia Sulistini, Musonathul Khasifah, Hanna Dl Damanik
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 1-4; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.1533

Stroke is a loss of brain function caused by the cessation of blood supply in part of the brain. Death of brain tissue due to stroke can cause muscle weakness in the affected limb such as fingers. This condition affects the ability to move and the quality of life of patients. Patients not only experience paralysis but also experience cognitive impairment, communication disorders, and visual field disorders or deficits in perception. Aims this study was to describe handgrip strength The average age of respondents was 60.5 years with the youngest age 41 years and 80 years of age. The average strength of the handgrip is 7.4 kg with the lowest strength is 1.3 kg and the highest is 18.6 kg. Obtained a relationship between age and muscle strength after stroke (p 0.023). The relationship between age and post-stroke muscle strength shows that the relationship between medium strength and negative patterning means that as you age, muscle strength decreases. So it is necessary to develop the Pattern of Activities and exercises for Post Stroke in Hospitals and the Community.
Theresia Jamini, Putri Perdana Anggreni, Dwi Marta Agustina
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 35-39; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.1802

Hypertension is a significant health problem considering the complications it causes. The research objective was to describe hypertensive patients' perceptions of their treatment at the inpatient installation of RSUD Tamiang Layang in 2019. Quantitative research methods with descriptive research design were applied with sampling with non-probability sampling is purposive sampling, amounting to 30 respondents—the process of collecting data using a questionnaire instrument. The data obtained were then processed and analyzed using Univariate Analysis. The results showed that 93.33% of respondents had a positive perception classification of their treatment, and as many as 6.67% of respondents had a negative perception classification. It was concluded that hypertensive patients' perception towards treatment in the inpatient room at RSUD Tamiang Layang in 2019 has a positive classification of treatment, which means that most patients know and understand hypertension treatment both pharmacologically and non-pharmacologically, although it is still not optimal.
Noval Noval, Rizka Appriliani, Husda Oktaviannoor
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 111-118; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.2127

Cempedak plants are widely distributed in Indonesia, one of which is Kalimantan. Cempedak is a tropical plant, so its potential can be used as an additive in the manufacture of pharmaceutical preparations. Previous studies used cempedak seed starch as a binding agent in tablet formulations. This study aims to determine the effect of variations in concentration and optimum concentration of Cempedak seed starch (Artocarpus champeden) as a filler for Paracetamol tablets. The study used a True Experimental Design design with a posttest-only control group design. Making tablets using the wet granulation method. Data analysis used the one-way ANOVA test followed by the LSD test and the Kruskal-Wallis H test which continued with the Mann Whitney Test as a derivative test of the one-way ANOVA. Granule evaluation includes organoleptic, flow properties, tapping test, and stationary angle test. The results of the evaluation of the granules produced granules produced from each formulation are in accordance with the requirements. Tablet evaluation included organoleptic, uniformity in weight, the hardness of tablet, friability, and disintegration time. The results of the tablet evaluation showed that the maximum concentration of cempedak seeds was found in F1 because it showed the evaluation results that were in accordance with the requirements. In evaluating the uniformity of weight and hardness of tablets with the Kruskal Wallis H test and the Mann Whitney test, the results show that there are differences in each formula with a P-value
Fitriani Ningsih, Rizki Muji Lestari, Raynaldi Raynaldi
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 61-69; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.2120

In breastfeeding, it is necessary to carry out lactation management efforts by the mother to support the success of exclusive breastfeeding, because in essence lactation management starts during pregnancy, after childbirth, and during the breastfeeding period of the baby. Lactation management regulates the entire breastfeeding process to run smoothly and successfully, from the production of breast milk to the process of the baby sucking and swallowing breast milk. Therefore, it is necessary to support the fulfillment of breastfeeding for infants, namely the control model of lactation management which aims to ensure that lactation management can be carried out properly so that exclusive breastfeeding can be carried out. The design of this study used a Quasy Experiment research design with a Pre-Post-test Control Group Design, using a sample of 30 post-partum mothers in Pahandut Health Center, Palangka Raya City. This group was divided into 15 respondents as the intervention group and 15 respondents as the control group. In this study using the Paired T-Test statistical test. The results of statistical tests were also obtained from each control variable, the value of P value for counseling (0.000), family support (0.000), exclusive breastfeeding policy (0.000), breast care (0.017) and hypno breastfeeding (0.048). P value
Erika Fariningsih
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 217-224; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.2141

Premarital sexual behavior in adolescents is all behavior that is driven by the desire teenager well with the opposite sex or same-sex committed before their official relationship as husband and wife. Sexual objects could be someone else, people in the delusion, or self. Kinds of premarital sex among other things: kissing, necking, petting, intercourse. About 54% of the teenage single women had lost their virginity. The purpose of this study is to determine the relationship between Knowledge and Attitudes of Young Women With Pre-Marital Sexual Behavior In SMAN “Y” Batam 2016. In research using quantitative research with an analytical design using the cross-sectional approach, the samples of research use Probability Sampling Methods and techniques Simple Sampling with 218 respondents. The results of the research are most of the respondents have good knowledge about sexual behavior before marriage as many as 211 respondents (96.8%) and a positive attitude about the premarital sexual behavior of 132 respondents (60.6%). From the results of Chi-Square test knowledge study is p-value 0,001 > 0,05 and attitudes p-value 0.002 > 0.05. The conclusion of this research is There are Relationship Knowledge and Attitudes About Sexual Behaviour of Young Women Pre Marital In SMAN “Y” Batam.
Novi Milasari, , Sawitri Sawitri
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 210-216; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.1967

Bipolar affective disorder is an episodic mental disorder characterized by manic, hypomanic, depressive, and mixed episodes, usually recurring and can last a lifetime. Patients with bipolar disorder have annual medical costs that were four times those of patients without bipolar disorder. The aim of this study is to analyze the cost-effectiveness of combination therapy between mood stabilizers and antipsychotics in patients with the bipolar affective disorder at Grhasia Mental Hospital Yogyakarta. This study is a retrospective with cohort study design using medical records and direct medical cost data during Januari-December 2018 period. Subjects are patients who were diagnosed with bipolar affective disorder manic episode (F31.2) and received a combination of mood stabilizer and antipsychotic therapy. The results were obtained in 46 patients with the affective disorder who met the inclusion criteria. The average direct medical cost of the sodium divalproate group was IDR 6.319.933 per day and in the lithium group was IDR 5.705.953 per day. The average length of stay in the sodium divalproate group was 25,79 days and in the lithium group was 25,75 days (P = 0,991). The Average Cost Effectivity Ratio (ACER) sodium divalproat group is lower than the lithium group (IDR 221.246 per day and IDR 245.434 per day, respectively). The conclusion of this study is that the combination of sodium divalproate-antipsychotic therapy is more cost-effective than lithium-antipsychotic therapy in a patient with bipolar affective disorder manic episode
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 141-145; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.2131

Saccharin is a class of food additives permitted by Indonesia Republic Minister of Health Regulation No. 33 of 2012 for use in drinks, but if consumed in excess can cause harmful effects on health such as causing allergies and bladder cancer. The purpose of this study was to determine the presence of saccharin in coconut ice drinks in Pasar Rajawali Kota Palangka Raya. The sample used was 5 samples and the sampling technique was saturated sampling. Saccharin examination is done qualitatively using the resorcinol method. The results of research that has been done show that all samples of coconut ice drinks that have been tested negatively contain saccharin sweeteners.
Astri Widiarti, Angelina Novia Toemon, Dian Mutiasari, Dedy Baboe
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 88-93; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.2124

In general, the social interactions of children with autism are closely related to how the children with the disorder communicate. Failure to developing social interaction makes children with autism unable to make eye contact with their interlocutors, tend to isolate themselves from social interaction, therefore it is very necessary to minimize difficulties, obstacles/weaknesses so that children with autism can carry out social interactions. Squishy is a toy that has pores like a sponge, has a soft texture, dan elastic, it also has the ability to return to its original form. Annaliese Griffin, A New York writer claimed that Squishy could be used as a medium to developing motor skills, and through Squishy’s soft texture, it also could be used to developing children's sense of touch. Children with autism can communicate with themself, creating an imaginary friend, or inviting their parents to participate doing role-playing together, it also could be a place for to children carry out social interaction because they play with their friends. The purpose of The Study is to understand the communication skills of children with autism development after given them Squishy Toys. The research design used in this study is a quasi-experimental study that aims to identify the effect of playing squishy therapy on improving communication development in autistic children with a one-group pre-post test design approach, namely using one group of research subjects with pre-and post-treatment observations. Giving Squishy Toys has a positive impact on the development of communication skills for children with autism. This is because based on the previous study and after being given the Squishy toys treatment, it has a significant relationship.
Repining Tiyas Sawiji, Elisabeth Oriana Jawa La
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 178-184; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.2096

Red dragon fruit peels (Hylocereus polyrhizus) are considered important by the community. While the red dragon fruit peel contains flavonoids, betacyanin, anthocyanin, and vitamin C which have antioxidant activity so that it can ward off free radiation and prevent cell damage. Antioxidants are molecules that can prevent the oxidation of other molecules. Antioxidants can protect the skin from various free radical cell damage. The body butter is a pharmaceutical preparation in the cosmetic field that can be used for skin health care. This study aims to determine the percentage of antioxidant activity and IC50 values in the body butter ethanol extract of red dragon fruit peels. Red dragon fruit peels were extracted first using the maceration method with 96% ethanol solvent. The antioxidant activity test was measured using UV-Vis spectrophotometry. The results showed that the antioxidant activity value of formula I obtained IC50 values (56.17 μg / mL), formula II IC50 values (88.26 μg / mL), and formula III IC50 values (146.05 μg / mL). From the results obtained, the body butter formula which has the greatest activity is the formula I (AAI = 0.7). Antioxidant activity in body butter preparations is included in the group of moderate antioxidants.
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