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Sara M Tony, Mohamed Ea Abdelrahim
Journal of Clinical and Nursing Research, Volume 6, pp 73-88;

Aerosol delivery to the lungs can be achieved with several devices that differ in their operating mechanisms and efficacies of aerosol delivery. There are several methods to measure aerosol delivery and deposition in a subject’s lung, in order to assess the efficacy of aerosol generators and the impact of certain drugs. Instruments such as cascade impactors, imaging techniques, and laser diffraction are available for measuring the particle size of aerosols, which is the main factor in the deposition and distribution of the produced aerosol. From impactors to laser diffractors, they have different operating mechanisms, analysis times, and characteristics, in which each has its own advantages and limitations. Several models are available to investigate aerosol delivery and deposition, such as in vitro, in vivo, and ex vivo models.
Sara M Tony, Mohamed Ea Abdelrahim
Journal of Clinical and Nursing Research, Volume 6, pp 54-72;

Inhaled drug delivery is mainly used to treat pulmonary airway disorders by transporting the drug directly to its targeted location for action. This decreases the dose required to exert a therapeutic effect and minimizes any potential adverse effects. Direct drug delivery to air passages facilitates a faster onset of action; it also minimizes irritation to the stomach, which frequently occurs with oral medications, and prevents the exposure of drugs to pre-systemic metabolism that takes place in the intestine and liver. In addition to that, the lung is regarded as a route for transporting medications throughout the entire body’s blood circulation. The type of medication and the device used to deliver it are both important elements in carrying the drug to its target in the lungs. Different types of inhalation methods are used in inhaled delivery. They differ in the dose delivered, inhalation technique, and other factors. This paper will discuss these factors in more detail.
Sara M Tony, Mona A Abdelrahman, Mogeda Abd Elsalam, Mahmoud Sameer Shafik, Mohamed Ea Abdelrahim
Journal of Clinical and Nursing Research, Volume 6, pp 89-103;

Asthma is the most common chronic pulmonary disease in the world, affecting more than three hundred million people from different races and age groups. Childhood asthma is considered one of the main causes of increased healthcare expenditures, particularly in developing countries. Spirometry is the most essential and commonly used lung function test. It is used mainly for the evaluation of lung function to obtain reliable data used for the detection of lung diseases, such as asthma, as well as for monitoring lung health. The two spirometry parameters, peak expiratory flow rate (PEFR) and forced expiratory volume in one second (FEV1), are effective in the diagnosis and management of patients with asthma. However, FEV1 is preferred as it is a more accurate parameter compared to PEFR for the evaluation and recognition of bronchoconstriction. In children with asthma, the most commonly used lung function parameter for asthma monitoring is FEV1. It was discovered that a decrease in FEV1 is associated with an increase in asthma severity.
Mengmeng Li, Xiaochuan Guo, Xiaoying Zhang
Scientific and Social Research, Volume 4, pp 29-38;

With the rapid development of information and communication technology, big data, cloud computing, and other digital technologies have become the impetus for the transformation of resource-based enterprises. The digital transformation of resource-based enterprises mainly involves business process reengineering and business model innovation. At present, there are several problems, such as traditional ideas that are difficult to change, insufficient online participation, inconsistent data standardization, insecure database, and shortage of talents. Based on the case study of large coal mining enterprises in Ordos and the mechanism analysis from strategic planning, operation management, and marketing, this study puts forward three paths, which are information network management, process intelligence management, and service platform management. Finally, the study points out that data mining, marketing strategy, data standards, data security, and team construction should be improved.
Jiapeng Li, Pengyu An
Scientific and Social Research, Volume 4, pp 13-18;

With the rapid development of China’s social economy, major enterprises are also developing rapidly. The development of the market economy presents a problem, whereby the market environment is becoming fiercely competitive. In order not to be eliminated in market competitions, it is necessary to secure the management of human resources. This is directly related to the key issue of whether enterprises are able to develop smoothly. However, there are still many problems in the current human resource management situation. One of the most important issues is the risk of human resource management, which has a huge impact on the development of enterprises. This paper begins by analyzing the source of risk in human resource management, and subsequently proposes some preventive measures based on the reasons. It is hoped that the proposal of these solutions can contribute to the socialist construction of the country.
Shang Wang, Jinru Ma, Xuesong Zhen, Weimin Huang
Journal of Contemporary Educational Research, Volume 6, pp 16-23;

Engineering Mechanics is an important subject for science and engineering students in higher vocational colleges. The teaching quality of this course has a direct impact on subsequent professional courses. However, there has been a concern about the poor teaching effect of Engineering Mechanics in higher vocational colleges for a long time. In order to solve the problem and improve the teaching quality, this paper expounds some problems existing in the teaching of Engineering Mechanics in higher vocational colleges and proposes corresponding measures for these problems. Educators need to pay more attention to diversified assessment methods and the application of new technologies. Diversified examination methods can improve students’ enthusiasm in learning, while new techniques, such as finite element simulation, generate digital materials, making it easier for students to understand abstract concepts. The suggested measures are worthy of reference and should be applied flexibly in the teaching of Engineering Mechanics.
Honglei Guan
Journal of Contemporary Educational Research, Volume 6, pp 32-38;

This article will illustrate a typical English learning activity in an English training institution in Australia. Several international students, age ranging from 18 to 25 years old, were included in this study. All of these students are Asians, needing to improve their English level. Majority of the students come from Indonesia, Philippines, and China. The students attend the institution to improve their English skills before commencing their studies in Australian universities. There are 15 students from China and 5 students from other Asian countries, among which 12 are female students and 8 are male students. As the teachers are from China, some of them have a typical Chinese accent, while others have British or American accent. These are the context and setting of TESOL. From the perspective of one of the learners, an international student from China who had just arrived in Australia, the English learning context is general and typical in Australia, and there are also some common issues in learning in the context of TESOL. One of the issues is that students are quiet and do not actively respond to questions posed by the teachers. Another issue in TESOL is that most students are too shy to use English to communicate in the classroom.
Yijun Liu
Scientific and Social Research, Volume 4, pp 127-133;

The emergence of social media has facilitated the dawn of fan behavior. As their voice and initiative continue to increase, fan groups have also exerted a huge influence on social media. This paper studies the star-chasing of fans and their extreme behaviors, supplemented by the cultivation theory as theoretical support, and then collects data in the form of questionnaires to analyze the correlation between the degree of participation and their extreme behaviors.
Merhaba Israyil
Scientific and Social Research, Volume 4, pp 58-62;

In local film creation, creators often encounter the problem of how to coordinate geo-culture and modernity. In modern-day society, due to globalization, it is difficult to preserve the local traditional culture and lifestyle. Therefore, in film creation, the impact of modernity brought by globalization on local culture should not be overlooked.
Xiao Liang
Scientific and Social Research, Volume 4, pp 67-73;

Private enterprises are not only an important part of Qinghai’s social and economic development, but also an important hub to realize the accumulation and release of its social wealth. In order to promote the high-quality development of Qinghai’s private economy, we must give full play to the entrepreneurial spirit, through innovating the concept of development and the structure of development, as well as constructing a new development pattern. We must constantly improve the competitiveness of enterprises and inject new vitality into the high-quality development of Qinghai’s private economy.
Chaohong Wu, Yajun Li
Journal of Contemporary Educational Research, Volume 6, pp 114-120;

The traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) culture has seen an unprecedented rise in popularity across the world in recent years, as China’s international stature has improved, and its cultural soft power has grown. At the same time, people are becoming more aware of all kinds of respiratory and cerebrovascular diseases, along with other health-concerning factors. Therefore, people are gradually casting their eyes on TCM dietotherapy culture, which has been studied by the Chinese people for thousands of years and has made indelible contributions to the prevention and treatment of diseases and the Chinese nation’s longevity. However, its principle of action, prevention and control efficacy, as well as standards have been questioned; thus, its development prospects are of concern to the people. On this basis, this study explores the development status, transmission channels, and development prospects of TCM dietotherapy culture.
Yun Liu, Yiming Yang, Yu Huang
Journal of Contemporary Educational Research, Volume 6, pp 102-107;

With China’s comprehensive development of information technology, it is now widely used in the field of higher vocational education, and online teaching has emerged at a critical juncture. In the information age, there are challenges in meeting the actual needs of contemporary vocational students with traditional teaching methods, along with higher vocational training and school-enterprise cooperation and enrollment work taking place. Online teaching can stimulate students’ interest in learning, break the limitation of time and space in conventional teaching, as well as improve the teaching efficiency. Therefore, taking higher vocational colleges in Chongqing as an example, this study explores the integration of online teaching into public physical education courses, in hope to provide some reference for higher vocational colleges.
Honghong Shi
Journal of Contemporary Educational Research, Volume 6, pp 121-127;

Recently, small class course teaching, with less than 30 students, seems to outperform the traditional large class course teaching in the field of education. Students can use online private course platform to preview course-related knowledge and promote practical experiences of offline courses. In this study, an evaluation strategy has been proposed for precision education protocol in small class course (SCC) based on artificial intelligence (AI), with the goal of focusing on the curriculum design and teaching approaches. By using the AI precision education model, the teaching approaches of SCC can be integrated into the traditional classroom. The results showed that the AI precision education model can promote the learning outcomes and enhance students’ learning achievements.
Shang Li
Scientific and Social Research, Volume 4, pp 46-50;

Color metaphor plays a huge role in setting off the atmosphere, depicting the characters, and revealing the significance of the theme. In Dry September, Faulkner used different colors in a metaphorical and symbolic way. The metaphor of different colors implies the abstract human nature. The colors in Dry September are closely related to the thematic meanings of “madness, violence, and death.” By analyzing the metaphorical meanings of the colors, it is then possible to have a better understanding about the profound themes expressed in the short story. However, there are several studies on this short story concerning color metaphor. This paper attempts to analyze the metaphorical meanings represented by the colors in detail to better comprehend the evil side of human nature and the tragedy of life that the author wanted to convey in the short story.
Ningxin Li
Scientific and Social Research, Volume 4, pp 79-83;

There are several uncertainties in the current global economic and political situation, which are compounded by natural catastrophes and other emergencies. Frequently, corporate supply chains have become more vulnerable and face enormous risks of supply disruptions, putting supply chain resilience to the test. Supply chain rigidity can result in huge losses for the organization if the supply chain is suspended. In this setting, the notion of supply chain resilience emerges at a critical juncture in history. With the development of environmental uncertainty, supply chain flexibility is becoming increasingly vital for the practical relevance of the organization. Big data, artificial intelligence, and other technologies have had a significant influence on supply chain management in recent years, thanks to the ongoing appearance of new technology. Big data analysis capability is one of them, and it has a particularly large influence on supply chain resilience management as one of the critical competencies that supply chain organizations should have.
Shang Wang, Jinru Ma, Xuesong Zhen, Jie Yu
Journal of Contemporary Educational Research, Volume 6, pp 24-31;

Material Mechanics is an important subject for science and engineering students in vocational colleges. However, its teaching effect has not been up to par for a long time. In order to improve the teaching quality, this paper discusses four problems existing in the teaching of Material Mechanics and proposes corresponding countermeasures. Rich animations and Mises stress nephograms can be formed using new techniques, such as finite element simulation, making it easier for students to understand abstract concepts. The introduction of engineering-related cases can enhance students’ interest, and students’ hands-on skills and innovation can be improved with open mechanics laboratory. The suggestions are worthy of reference and should be flexibly applied to the teaching of Material Mechanics.
Lingpeng Mao, Bozhi Cao
Journal of Contemporary Educational Research, Volume 6, pp 67-74;

Objective: To investigate medical students’ cognition on the doctor-patient relationship and its influence on their career choice as well as to provide reference for medical education and communication education. Methods: A self-compiled questionnaire survey was carried out at a medical university in W city, and descriptive statistics as well as chi-square tests were conducted. Results: There were significant differences in medical students’ cognition of doctor-patient relationship among different genders, registered residence, only-child status, whose parents are working in the medical field, and their own evaluation of the major (p < 0.05); the different cognitions of doctor-patient relationship have a significant influence on medical students’ career choice. Conclusion: Medical students’ vocational cognition and educational guidance should be strengthened, hospital information should be open and transparent, media reporting of medical events should be standardized, and a doctor-patient conflict regulation mechanism should be established.
ChengChieh Su
Journal of Contemporary Educational Research, Volume 6, pp 1-6;

This paper describes how the PBL approach is integrated into English writing courses in colleges and focuses on the process of designing and implementing a writing project via PBL. This allows for the promotion of innovation in the English writing curriculum as well as the active participation among college students, thereby strengthening the cultivation of students’ self-learning ability and improving their ability to apply knowledge flexibly in real-life settings.
Rong Li, Chuntao Xing, Ying Deng, Cong Jiao, Guomin Yao
Journal of Contemporary Educational Research, Volume 6, pp 108-113;

Ophthalmology is an integral part of general practice education, and it is of great significance to have some knowledge on ophthalmology even if the general practitioner is not an ophthalmologist. The subject characteristics, the traditional mode of teaching, and the cognitive deviation of students have greatly influenced its teaching quality. The application of team-based learning (TBL) in ophthalmology education responds to the demand of modern medical education. Building a team, designing questions that combine theory and clinical practice, as well as employing a fair scoring system can stimulate students’ learning interest and improve their learning autonomy and ability to ask questions and solve problems.
Chunmei Zhou
Journal of Contemporary Educational Research, Volume 6, pp 75-80;

Primary education, guided by the cultivation of disciplinary core literacy, places a greater emphasis on students’ autonomy and is committed to promoting students’ all-round development. English reading is one of the main ways for students to acquire English knowledge. Although it is a fundamental learning point in English teaching, it poses challenges to English teaching in primary schools. This paper makes a detailed analysis of the current state of English reading education for primary school students from the perspective of core literacy, and then proposes effective strategies for improving students’ English reading skills.
Ge Wu, Yu Cai
Journal of Contemporary Educational Research, Volume 6, pp 128-135;

Humanistic education, as the “internal structure” of medical education, attempts to cultivate medical students’ humanistic knowledge, ability, and comprehensive quality as well as makes adjustments with the evolvement of medical education. The global medical education reform has undergone three stages: expert medicine, clinical practice medicine, and public service medicine. Public service medicine, which took place in the 21st century, is a system-based and competency-oriented education, highlighting the construction of a health service system with medical and educational cooperation as well as the cultivation of medical students’ comprehensive quality. China’s medical education started late and has a weak foundation with many twists and turns. Through the rapid development of reform and opening-up, China has narrowed the gap with international medical education and established a perfect medical curriculum system. China has successively promulgated a number of documents, such as the “Outline of Reform and Development of Medical Education in China” and the “Opinions on Strengthening the Collaboration between Health Departments and Education Departments to Implement the Doctor of Excellence Education Training Program 2.0,” with the goal of cultivating high-quality excellent medical talents. Medical students in colleges and universities are senior talents in medical training, health care services, and medical research. Their humanistic quality is not only related to the growth of medical talents, but also the quality of medical services. This paper analyzes and discusses the problems encountered in improving humanistic education and looks forward to providing reasonable as well as effective solutions to the difficulties faced by humanistic education in the new era through comparative research.
Jinli Xu, Yuewen Wang
Journal of Contemporary Educational Research, Volume 6, pp 39-44;

The construction of course-based ideological and political education is currently in its full swing. With both instrumentality and humanity, college English is the ideal carrier of ideological and political education. College English education should keep pace with the era, integrate with ideological and political education based on traditional Chinese culture, and construct a teaching system with Chinese characteristics. It is necessary to strengthen ideological and political orientation, reasonably integrate the teaching content, comprehensively enhance the quality of teachers, and actively innovate the teaching method, so as to further improve the effect of course-based ideological and political practice as well as realize the fundamental task of cultivating students through moral cultivation in higher education.
Ren Zhao
Journal of Contemporary Educational Research, Volume 6, pp 87-93;

Flipped classroom has become a topic of interest in education. The question of whether high school English writing instruction can be integrated with flipped classroom is of utmost concern. In consideration of the characteristics of both elements based on the constructivist theory, and the integration of language knowledge, background knowledge, as well as discourse knowledge into English writing instruction, this study designs a high school English writing instruction model based on flipped classroom. Both the flipped classroom and English writing instruction focus on constructing meaning in learning, thus providing a flipped classroom model for English writing instruction in high schools.
Yao Cao
Scientific and Social Research, Volume 4, pp 166-170;

As the second-generation protagonist of Wuthering Heights, Little Linton’s appearance rekindled the conspiracy and love between two families. Under the guidance of his father, Heathcliff, he was forced to marry Cathy and eventually died tragically in Wuthering Heights. Looking at the whole classic, Little Linton played a crucial role in the development of the plot. By using relevant theories including “Gothic” character characteristics, repeated narration, and initiation stories, this paper analyzes Little Linton’s character, its forming factors, and his role in this work as well as explores the practical significance behind this character on the basis of an in-depth summary of his short life.
Fan Zhang
Scientific and Social Research, Volume 4, pp 111-126;

In response to the requirements for the security and recognition accuracy of cabinet locks in communications, electric power, energy, chemical, IDC computer rooms, daily homes, and other occasions, a smart cabinet lock with multiple door-opening methods based on finger vein biometric technology is developed. The main method to unlock the cabinet is via finger vein unlocking; that is, the identification and verification of information by analyzing the pattern of the veins on the finger, and the achievement of identity verification and identification through biological detection. At the same time, it supports IC or ID card unlocking and mechanical manual unlocking. In order to simplify the overall structure, the internal mechanical structures of the aforementioned three unlocking methods are simplified into one. Its design focuses on the hybrid mechanical transmission structure and the finger vein module as well as utilizes the functions of each module. The principle is divided into blocks. Through processing and purchasing, the smart cabinet lock device is assembled, and its initial functional requirements are tested with physical objects. From the test results, it can be appreciated that the structural size, unlocking method, and two-way unlocking function of the smart cabinet lock meet the requirements, and its recognition accuracy is high, with good security and certain practical application prospects.
Jiexiao Chen
Scientific and Social Research, Volume 4, pp 42-45;

The “double reduction” policy is an important measure to implement the Party’s education policy. It is of great significance for fulfilling the fundamental task of life and fostering people, comprehensively improving the quality of school education and teaching, as well as promoting the comprehensive and healthy growth of young people. In order to implement the “double reduction” policy, schools are facing many problems. Beginning with classroom teaching, schools need to entrust students with the main position of the classroom. This is not only a challenge but also an opportunity for schools to deepen the reform of education and teaching.
Shuyang Qu
Journal of Contemporary Educational Research, Volume 6, pp 81-86;

Critical thinking is a fundamental skill for today’s college students, since it aids in the acquisition of knowledge, correct judgements, and self-adjustment. However, traditional English teaching in China only focuses on the development of students’ language skills and the inculcation of language knowledge, rather than the cultivation of students’ critical thinking skills. This study addresses the aforementioned problem and discusses the definition and significance of critical thinking. Subsequently, it analyzes the causes of L2 students’ ineffective critical thinking and proposes several procedures for the training of students in English reading, listening, speaking, and writing.
Meiling Zheng
Journal of Contemporary Educational Research, Volume 6, pp 45-52;

The meaning of the term “reduction” in Double Reduction Policy implores teachers to reflect on their teaching process and improve teaching efficiency. Not only should the quantity be reduced, but so should the behavior. Having a comprehensive understanding of the students’ learning process is actually a form of science. Therefore, we need to study and enhance its development [1]. In order to reduce the learning burden and increase the efficiency of classroom teaching, we must clearly identify the inefficient and ineffective behaviors in classroom teaching, so as to avoid the following situations: a lack of deep thinking, a lack of ability in lesson preparation, fragmentation of questions and answers, a lack of questions that highlight the key points, anticlimax teaching process, and the habit of running over time in class [2,3]. On this basis, this paper elaborates the current education state and clarifies the basic requirements of effective classroom teaching. Meanwhile, to reduce students’ workload and increase the efficiency in carrying out assignments, much attention should be paid to optimizing assignment design and refining homework review and feedback. The purpose is to assign homework with an appropriate amount (achievable), precision (targeted), and suitability (personalized). Putting an end to the repetitious and unified training is not enough to improve the effect.
ZhiHan Zhang
Journal of Contemporary Educational Research, Volume 6, pp 94-101;

This paper explores the factors influencing consumers’ willingness to purchase under the influence of IWOM, taking perceived risk as the theoretical framework. The factors influencing consumers’ willingness to purchase under IWOM are investigated from three perspectives: perceived functional risk, perceived psychological risk, and perceived financial risk. A combination of quantitative and qualitative research methods is used to derive the questionnaire theory using the interview method. The research findings are drawn using the questionnaire method and combined with the path analysis method. Based on the research results, relevant suggestions and countermeasures are proposed for such IWOM-influenced restaurants.
Qianshi Wang
Journal of Contemporary Educational Research, Volume 6, pp 60-66;

With the advent of the risk society and the era of big data, criminal law must respond to data crime in a more proactive manner. The traditional way of conviction and sentencing adopted by the current criminal law for data crime can no longer meet the requirements of the times. Compliance should be introduced into criminal law to improve the governance system of data crime. There are three ways to incorporate compliance into criminal law: (1) as the exemption cause of enterprise crime; (2) as the general circumstances of sentencing in the General Provisions of Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China; (3) as the special circumstances of sentencing in the Specific Provisions of Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China. The latter two approaches are more suited to China’s national conditions.
Yuqin Qi
Journal of Contemporary Educational Research, Volume 6, pp 11-15;

With the continuous development of information technology in China, the era of digital publishing has arrived, overthrowing the traditional publishing paradigm. Compared with mass publications and professional publications, teaching research publications are unique. In the field of education, they play a guiding role in the teaching work and in promoting the development of education in China. The editorial work of teaching research publications should be innovated in the digital era. In order to ensure the dissemination value and depth of content of teaching research publications, as well as to provide high-quality publications with leading value for money, editorial transformation and work innovation should be carried out in time, taking into account the characteristics of the digital era. This paper makes a detailed analysis of the existing problems in the editorial work of teaching research publications to propose innovative strategies for the editorial work of teaching research publications in the digital era.
Xinxin Jia, Huibin Yu, Xiaofeng Li, Xiaohong Wang, Bo Tang, Wang Miao
Journal of Contemporary Educational Research, Volume 6, pp 53-59;

China’s excellent traditional culture has a history of thousands of years, which will have a significant influence on students’ thinking and behavior if integrated into teaching. In this paper, the Numerical Analysis course is taken as the research subject, and the main problems and causes of incorporating traditional culture as well as ideological and political education into teaching are analyzed. At the same time, as a way of integrating science into education, the strategy and specific implementation plan for the integration of traditional culture as well as ideological and political elements into numerical calculation methods are proposed. This provides a new idea and experience for basic mathematical courses in colleges and universities, which plays a role in traditional cultural, ideological, and political education curricula.
Yi Lin, Jing Zhou
Journal of Contemporary Educational Research, Volume 6, pp 7-10;

As one of the important aspects of cultural life, brand has obvious cultural attributes. As an important branch of the cultural and creative industry, brand design is not only the concrete expression of human wisdom, but also a product in the process of continuous cultural development, which can positively interpret human’s innovative spirit and innovative concept. Therefore, a systematic study on the effective use of western culture in brand design and a detailed analysis on the impact as well as enlightenment of the use of western culture in brand design on the cultural and creative industry are carried out, so as to lay a solid foundation for the improvement of the cultural innovation level in the field of brand design and the all-round development of cultural and creative industry in China.
Jing Cong
Scientific and Social Research, Volume 4, pp 106-111;

This paper designs a mathematical model to determine the heat protective performance of special clothing for high-temperature operation. This is an important protective measure for high-temperature operation. Based on the known material parameters of special clothing, experimental data are obtained by simulating the actual situation and fitted with MATLAB software. A mathematical model to determine the heat protective performance of special clothing for high-temperature operation is established, which solves the issue of determining the optimal thickness of special clothing for high-temperature operation in certain conditions.
Shengnan Wei, Murtaza Hussain Shaikh
Scientific and Social Research, Volume 4, pp 83-88;

The Grand Canal of China links onshore cities from north to south, from Beijing to Hangzhou. More canal cities are now realizing the value of city marketing with this heritage as a catalyst for revitalization. This paper aims at evaluating the marketing campaigns launched by those cities, especially Hangzhou as an example, examining how effective those campaigns are and what is a sustainable way for formulating and launching city marketing campaigns in the future. Furthermore, as the wealthiest city among the grand canal cities, this paper will look into the obligations that Hangzhou has in promoting the entire line for tourism development. The findings revealed that citizens are hardly aware of the marketing initiatives of Hangzhou city, with the majority of respondents having never seen any campaigns or official documents related to city marketing in Hangzhou. Despite the fact that Hangzhou city is an attractive destination among the canal cities, its fame and reputation do not correspond with its city marketing efforts. It is suggested that Hangzhou city should use its natural resources to market the city in various ways and attract different resources inflow to help the city achieve sustainable development in the long run.
Qilin Yue
Scientific and Social Research, Volume 4, pp 67-72;

National character is the most distinctive character of Marxism. Marxist theory is the fundamental guiding ideology of China’s construction and development. The development of all aspects of China embodies the core essence of Marxism. A flourishing education prospers the country, while good education makes a country stronger. Higher education is an important symbol of a country’s development level and potential. Education depends on people, and at the same time, it is for the people. The national character of higher education development is mainly reflected in three aspects: education fairness, people-oriented, and serving the people. At present, higher education is still facing challenges, such as unfair education and the neglect of human needs. How to promote the development of higher education is worth pondering about, especially when it involves public opinion. Only by achieving educational equality, putting people first, teaching students in accordance with their aptitude, carrying out scientific evaluation, and promoting talent feedback can higher education bring more satisfaction to the people.
Hao Chang, Haonan Wangxu, Pan Jiang
Scientific and Social Research, Volume 4, pp 89-99;

Researchers have embraced the online research method as a new research approach that has emerged in recent years. Online research has its unique advantages, such as low research costs, fast data collection, and so on. The investigation of the relationship between self-efficacy and social avoidance among college students is taken as the research case in this study, while in the introduction of methods, the entire process of online questionnaire research is emphasized on, hoping to enlighten the readers.
Sijie Lu
Scientific and Social Research, Volume 4, pp 61-66;

This paper attempts to explore the functions of chimes in Dickens’s A Christmas Carol, with Shen’s theory of dual narrative progression. It offers a close reading of the novella and discovers that at the level of plot development, the chimes signaled the emergence of spirits and the intersection of two worlds. In the meantime, they cater to identifying the covert progression of this novella. While reading other similar works, we may be inspired by the functions of chimes as signals.
Wentao Wang
Scientific and Social Research, Volume 4, pp 100-105;

The study of semantic prosody has gradually become a focus of research in linguistics. By retrieving and comparing the noun “issue” in CLEC (Chinese Learner English Corpus) and COCA (Corpus of Contemporary American English), this paper intends to explore the similarities and difficulties on the semantic prosody of the noun “issue” between Chinese English learners and Americans.
Zhuoying Sun
Scientific and Social Research, Volume 4, pp 73-82;

Investors’ demand for asset management products is rising; however, traditional asset allocation models are facing difficulties in playing a full role due to the restrictions on the investment scope and the limitation of the accuracy of fund manager’s subjective judgments. The application of traditional asset allocation model necessitates knowledge about the expected returns, future trends, or risk scopes of assets. This study holds that the quantitative method based on macroeconomic logic is one of the solutions. Beginning from the macro-cycle, this study analyzes the logical chain behind the application of the momentum effect and contrarian effect to stock index allocation and stock bond allocation, verifies their effectiveness, as well as explores relevant strategies using data from 2010 to 2021. Therefore, when the accuracy of subjective views cannot be guaranteed, it is a good idea to form a benchmark scheme with generalized quantitative methods based on financial market logic, and then make subjective adjustments.
GuoXia Zou
Scientific and Social Research, Volume 4, pp 42-49;

In the implementation of credit bank, the transformation of learning accomplishments cannot be automated, and the workload of credit achievement management is large. Credits cannot interact freely across different credit banking systems. In order to solve the aforementioned problems, this study proposes the use of alliance chain technology to overcome the technical challenges encountered in the establishment of credit bank. In line with the basic framework of the alliance chain, a credit bank model based on blockchain technology is designed. At the moment, only the model design has been completed; the implementation of the model will take place in the later stage.
Jinjian Li
Scientific and Social Research, Volume 4, pp 35-41;

Aiming at the comparison and optimization of comprehensive evaluation methods, this paper proposes an optimization strategy of comprehensive evaluation method and constructs a relative excellence measure of the comprehensive evaluation method based on the deviation of rating value and Spearman grade correlation coefficient. On the basis of the relative excellence measure, combined with the compatibility test, the optimization strategy of the comprehensive evaluation method is given to realize the optimization of the comprehensive evaluation method. Finally, the feasibility of this strategy is verified by a case.
Weina Yan, Di Zhang
Scientific and Social Research, Volume 4, pp 50-60;

The most popular 3D animation garage kits are SD dolls and ball-jointed dolls (BJDs), which are shaped like 3D figure sculptures. Since garage kits such as SD and BJD are expensive, new materials such as PVC and clay have been introduced as there are still many fans. This paper takes the antique clay-making garage kit, “Sound of Pipa,” as an example and elaborates its design, production, as well as optimization ideas and methods to provide reference for beginners to create 3D garage kits. The garage kit industry, on the other hand, should pay close attention to the latest developments in technology and materials, both at home and abroad, and incorporate them into the creation and production of works on a regular basis.
Tianxing Chen
Scientific and Social Research, Volume 4, pp 112-117;

Under the concept of quality education, how to optimize classroom questioning to promote ideological and political courses in high schools in such a way to fit students’ reality and promote students’ all-round development has become a hot topic. The ideological and political curriculum standards for high schools (2017 edition) implored grasping the subject’s core literacy, improving the art of classroom questioning, directing classroom questioning toward “breadth,” “depth,” and “temperature,” promoting the development of in-depth studies, designing based on real-life circumstances, and learning to teach for students’ lifelong development. Therefore, it is very important to enhance the motivation of students’ development.
Angela Zhao
Proceedings of Business and Economic Studies, Volume 5, pp 36-42;

China has the world’s largest reserves of rare earth elements. Rare earth permanent magnet material has always been one of the popular industries in the investment market. CAPM is the basic asset-pricing model in financial economics. There are a number of studies conducted to examine the applicability of CAPM to stock markets in different industries and to investigate the modification method to improve the model’s prediction accuracy. In this study, seven leading enterprises in China’s rare earth permanent magnet material industry listed on the A-share market were selected as the research subjects. Based on CAPM, regression analysis was conducted on the monthly data from March 2016 to February 2022. The results demonstrated that using the ? coefficient to explain the risk of China’s rare earth permanent magnet industry is ineffective. The ultimate benefit was less affected by market indexes but mainly by non-systematic risks. CAPM has low applicability to China’s rare earth permanent magnet material industry and requires further improvement. Nevertheless, CAPM still has some guiding significance in making enterprise comparisons and investment decisions.
Mengmeng Li, Xiaochuan Guo
Proceedings of Business and Economic Studies, Volume 5, pp 19-27;

The rapid development of new-generation information technology, such as the internet, big data, and artificial intelligence, has shifted the focus of theoretical and commercial attention on whether information technology can increase productivity growth. This paper systematically combs the evolution trend of the productivity paradox of information technology from the macro and micro levels. The findings revealed that there are still no unified conclusions at the macro-level, but it is generally believed that there is no productivity paradox at the micro level. There are some differences between developed and non-developed countries as well as across different industries. Based on the complementary mechanism theory, it is found that information technology forms a complementary effect with human capital, technological innovation, organizational change, and management practice, which can provide ideas for solving the productivity paradox of information technology. Finally, the future research direction for the productivity paradox of information technology is determined from the macro and micro levels.
Yan-Yan Huang
Proceedings of Business and Economic Studies, Volume 5, pp 28-35;

Trade union funds are the basis and guarantee for various activities in public institutions. It is of great significance to constantly enhance the vitality of trade unions and the competitiveness of public institutions to continuously improve the management and use of trade union funds, thus giving full play to the role of trade union funds to better serve workers. This paper analyzes the management and use of trade union funds in the present situation and proposes several measures for improvement.
Jingming Zhang
Proceedings of Business and Economic Studies, Volume 5, pp 43-48;

With the increasing influence of digital economy, the asset-light strategy mode has become the preferred asset operation mode for many enterprises. The asset-light strategy mode has significant advantages. This operation mode has high requirements for comprehensive operation management capabilities, especially the risk management capability. By analyzing the operation status of some enterprises under the asset-light strategy mode, it can be concluded that the enterprise risk management status under this mode is not ideal, and there are obvious problems in corresponding risk management due to the influence of various factors. This paper specifically analyzes the problems existing in enterprise risk management under the asset-light strategy mode, and proposes several effective risk management strategies.
Yuanyuan Jia
Proceedings of Business and Economic Studies, Volume 5, pp 49-56;

At this stage, the sustainability of human resources in China is becoming more apparent. As vital units of social development, public institutions are facing fierce competitions under the appalling situation of today’s market economy, and the problem of human resource management is increasingly significant. In order to improve their potentiality for sustainable development and enhance their core competitiveness, public institutions must pay attention to human resource management. At present, the human resource management of public institutions, whether from the micro level of employees and managers, or the regional differences at the macro level, all show significant problems, such as the flawed employee management system, the serious phenomenon of difference and mismatch, as well as the lack of professional knowledge among managers. Based on this, this paper takes the coordinated relationship between human resource management and sustainable economic development as a breakthrough and proposes several measures for the problems that exist in the human resource management of public institutions, so as to continuously improve the level of their human resource management as well as promote the sustainable development of public institutions and social economy.
Jiaer Fei
Proceedings of Business and Economic Studies, Volume 5, pp 57-65;

In this study, two models for fingerprint and DNA identifications are constructed based on modern technologies, while offering significant advances over prior models. Our models have high credibility, obtaining relatively accurate results under different circumstances. Under different assumptions, this model tests the probability of the validity in the statement that human fingerprints are unique to be 93.94%. In other words, the percentage of misidentification is 6.06%. This model is a robust fingerprint identification method that can tolerate highly nonlinear deformations. The model is tested on the basis of a self-built database, proving that the model has high credibility, and convincing results are obtained from sensitivity analysis. In order to estimate the odds of misidentification by DNA evidence, we emphasized on two factors that might contribute to misidentification: random match probability and the probability arising from laboratory errors. Then, a model is developed using Bayes’ theorem to reveal the inherent relationship between them, which carries some reference value. The probability of matching by DNA evidence is estimated based on the changes in the significant level. Finally, the probabilities of misidentification by both fingerprint evidence and DNA evidence are compared using numerous data. We found that the probability of the former is 6.06% and that of the latter is smaller than 4.0 x 10?10. Therefore, it can be concluded that DNA identification is far better than that of fingerprint identification.
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