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Maria Eduarda de Carvalho Nascimento, Centro Universitário Maurício de Nassau, Rosa Carolina da Silva Bezerra Rodrigues, Laís Cavalcanti Correia Numeriano, Victor Gurgel Pessoa, Márcio Douglas Leal da Silveira, , Universidade Federal Rural de Pernambuco
Revista Agraria Academica, Volume 4; doi:10.32406/v4n3/2021/6-16/agrariacad

The objective was to evaluate the degree of knowledge and the opinion of 95 Veterinary Medicine students from a private higher education institution in Recife-PE, regarding the Famacha method. 94.7% of respondents lived in urban area and 5.3% lived in rural area. 76% said they had never heard of the method and only 29.47% stated that it had been discussed in some discipline of the course. As for the acquisition of the Famacha card, 93.7% did not know the procedures. The degree of knowledge demonstrated by students of Veterinary Medicine on the Famacha method is low, which indicates the need to explain this tool in subjects offered during the course.
, Universidade Federal da Bahia, , , , , Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul
Revista Agraria Academica, Volume 4; doi:10.32406/v4n2/2021/5-12/agrariacad

The objective of this work was to evaluate the potential of the processed coconut fiber (coconut powder) and composted pine bark, isolated and in combination, in promoting the growth of umbuzeiro seedlings. This work was conducted in a greenhouse in a completely randomized block experimental design, with five treatments and four replications. The treatments consisted of the following formulations, in volumetric proportions: 100% pine bark (CP); 75% CP + 25% coconut powder (PC); 50% CP + 50% CP; 25% CP + 75% CP and; 100% PC). The coconut powder substrates or the formulation containing 75% coconut powder + 25% composted pine bark provided Imbu seedlings with higher vegetative quality. The lower density, higher total porosity and higher percentage of available water were the physical characteristics of the substrates that most influenced the growth of Imbu seedlings.
, Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, Adelita Rabaioli, Luiza Beatriz Hermes, , , Eloaqua Consultoria
Revista Agraria Academica, Volume 4; doi:10.32406/v4n2/2021/95-100/agrariacad

Biofloc technology (BFT) is an approach in aquaculture that has gained much interest and is currently widely being studied and applied. In this study, silver catfish (Rhamdia quelen) post-larvae were reared in a BFT system, at different stocking densities (10, 20, 30 and 40 post-larvae/L), for 21 days. After two weeks, fish larvae subjected to the higher stoking density showed greater weight gain. At the end of the trial (21 days), no relevant differences between treatments were observed related to growth parameters. However, post-larvae reared at the stocking density of 20 post-larvae/L presented a higher survival rate.
Maria Carolina Alves de Martini, Federal University of Fronteira Sul, Gabriela Suthovski, , Karina Raquel Fagundes, Christian Carpeggiani Giotto, Edinéia Paula Sartori Schmitz, , , , et al.
Revista Agraria Academica, Volume 4; doi:10.32406/v4n2/2021/43-52/agrariacad

This study aimed to evaluate the antimicrobial activity of clove (Syzygium aromaticum), citronella (Cymbopogon winteranius) and melaleuca (Melaleuca alternifolia) essential oils (EOs) on CoPS. Of the 67 cerumen samples collected, 17 CoPS strains were isolated. Using the microdilution method in a 96-well plate, EOs were added at a maximum concentration of 10% and minimum of 0.04%. It is concluded that the EOs of clove and citronella demonstrate antimicrobial activity against strains of CoPS isolated from canine external otitis. At the concentrations used, melaleuca essential oil did not show any bacteriostatic or bactericidal effects.
, Universidade Federal do Oeste do Pará, , Lucas Sérgio De Sousa Lopes, Diego Damázio Baloneque, Universidade Federal Viçosa
Revista Agraria Academica, Volume 4; doi:10.32406/v4n2/2021/78-86/agrariacad

The objective of this work was to evaluate microclimatic and edaphic variations in silvopastoral systems, a system in which forest, forage species and animals that graze in consortium are integrated for production. The research was conducted at Fazenda Boa Safra located in the municipality of Belterra. The data were collected in a timely manner in October 2016 in two environments: four forage areas and four arboreal areas with the species: Andiroba (Carapa guianensis Aubl), African Mahogany (Khaya ivorensis A. Chev.), Teak (Tectona grandis L. f.) and Cumaru (Dipteryx odorata Willd.). The variables studied were temperature, soil moisture, litter stock and canopy cover. The results indicate that coumaru is the species that offers better thermal comfort compared to other species, while andiroba stood out in the best litter supply. The role of vegetation cover promoted by trees in the silvopastoral system is highlighted, promoting a better surface temperature of the soil (2 cm deep) in relation to pasture.
Omar Gutierrez Velasquez, Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, André Vasconcelos Soares, Leticia Reginato Martins, Bernardo Nascimento Antunes, Paula Ivanir Schimites, , Vanessa Milech, Charline Vaccarin
Revista Agraria Academica, Volume 4; doi:10.32406/v4n2/2021/87-94/agrariacad

The aim of this study was to compare the analgesic effects of continuous infusion of fentanyl, dexmedetomidine, or maropitant. The animals received pre-anesthetic medication and anesthetic induction. Subsequently, continuous infusion of drugs was instituted, distributed in the following groups: fentanyl, dexmedetomidine, and maropitant. During the surgical procedure, the analgesic effects were evaluated by recording the cardiorespiratory parameters at the moments of greatest pain stimulus. When evaluating analgesic effects, the maropitant group showed greater stability in cardiorespiratory parameters compared to the fentanyl and dexmedetomidine group. From this study, it is suggested that continuous infusion of maropitant has analgesic effects similar to fentanyl and greater than dexmedetomidine.
, Universidade de Brasília, Patrícia Pereira da Silva, , , Embrapa Hortaliças
Revista Agraria Academica, Volume 4; doi:10.32406/v4n2/2021/21-28/agrariacad

The search for melon with high physiologic quality is essential to have competitive material compared to the imported. The analysis of images realized through X-ray is a technique that verify internal morphology and relates with the seed performance. In this way, the goal of this study was to evaluate the seed physiological quality from melon of Anton cultivar in function of different phase of maturation of stored and non-stored fruits through the visualization of internal morphology of seeds using X-ray images. The experiment was managed from December of 2016 to February of 2018. The yellow-melon fruits analyzed were cultivated in Embrapa Hortaliças greenhouse. The fruits were picked in five distinct periods: 30, 45, 60, 75, and 90 days after anthesis (DAA). In each period were picked a total of 30 fruits where 15 fruits had their seeds immediately extracted after been picked, and 15 fruits were stored. The 15 fruits stored were packed in plastic box properly identified for a period of fifteen days in airy place with room temperature. The 30 fruits were subjected to the same process of seed extraction, washing and drying. The dried seeds from stored and non-stored fruits were submitted to the following analyses: X-ray test and the germination test. The treatment of 60 DAA over storage shown better performance with 67% in the germination test on the first counting and 87% of normal seedlings. This result is similar to the noted in the X-ray test where the treatment demonstrated 96% of filled seeds showing the viability of this tool to determine physiologic quality in the melon seeds.
, Faculdades Do Centro Do Paraná, , , Lucas Belcamino Vila Real, Adriana Rodrigues de Melo, Vanessa Fogaça dos Santos, Luiz Felipe Grande, Grasieli Latzuk, Letícia Mazur, et al.
Revista Agraria Academica, Volume 4; doi:10.32406/v4n2/2021/13-20/agrariacad

The objective of the work was to evaluate the effect of insecticide and fungicide in the treatment of wheat seeds. The treatments were, T1: control, T2: thiamethoxam (1.5 ml / kg of seed), T3: thiamethoxam (3 ml / kg of seed), T4: pyraclostrobin + methyl thiophanate + fipronil (PTF) (2.0 ml / kg of seed) and T5: PTF (4.0 ml / kg of seed). The treatment with TPF in the dose of 4.0 ml / kg of seed stood out over the other treatments, providing positive effects on the development of the culture, since thiametoxam in the dose of 3.5 ml / kg of seed, showing no difference between treatments, and provided a negative effect on the initial development of the plants.
Revista Agraria Academica, Volume 4; doi:10.32406/v4n2/2021/29-42/agrariacad

The present article deals with the dissemination of fake news about the use of medicinal plants "capable" of curing and treating the symptoms of COVID-19. Through research on websites, six fake news related to supposed cures, published between 2020 and 2021, were selected, with subsequent textual analysis of each one, whose objective was to distinguish the true facts from the false ones. The results of the research indicate that according to the scientific literature, six of the nine plants used for treatment have active ingredients that are toxic if consumed exaggeratedly. It is concluded that medicinal plants should be used only as a vitamin supplement, capable of helping to strengthen the immune system.
, Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro, ,
Revista Agraria Academica, Volume 4; doi:10.32406/v4n2/2021/70-77/agrariacad

The objetive of this study was to evaluate the effects of adding two types of banana pulp, combined with varying concentrations of sacarose on the growth of Cattleya sp. plantlets. Hybrid LCTV-01 seedlings (Cattleya labiata rubra x Cattleya labiata semi alba) made to germinate in vitro were inoculated in an MS culture medium with half the concentration of nutrients and supplemented with 60 g.L-1 'maçã' or 'terra' banana pulp in addition to different concentrations of sacarose (10, 20 and 30 g.L-1. The entirely randomized experimental design was chosen, implemented in seven treatments, ten repetitions and eight seedlings per repetition. After 160 days of in vitro cultivation, variables of fresh weight, number of leaves, number of roots and length of the longest root were evaluated. It was found that the addition of banana pulp of any of the analyzed cultivars promoted better seedling growth. Additionally, the 20 g.L-1 sacarose concentration yielded better results for the analyzed variables.
, Centro Universitário Facol, , , Ana Greice Borba Leite, Universidade Federal Rural de Pernambuco, Universidade Federal do Agreste de Pernambuco
Revista Agraria Academica, Volume 4; doi:10.32406/v4n2/2021/101-107/agrariacad

This literature review addresses the morphological variations in the stomach of domestic animals by associating them with their diet. The stomach is an important organ located between the esophagus and the small intestine. It is an enlarged portion of the digestive system, where partial digestion occurs, as well as absorptive processes and secretion of hormones and enzymes. The organ has great diversity among mammals, this condition being associated with the eating habits assumed by the representatives of the class. Scientific articles and books on anatomy, histology, veterinary medical clinic, animal management and nutrition were used as a basis for textual structuring of this work. The stomach can be classified as unicavitary, when it consists of a single saculiform dilation, being described in carnivores as the dog and the cat, herbivores as the horses and omnivores as the pigs. The latter two being characterized by a glandular and aglandular stomach lining, while in the first two the lining tissue is entirely glandular. The stomach is said to be pluricavitary, when it is formed by compartments, as in ruminants, in which the constituent chambers are predominantly aglandular, being a glandular one. Knowledge of the subject in question is of great relevance, especially for veterinarians, so that these professionals can effectively identify possible changes that may affect the stomach, favoring the care of sick animals.
Michele dos Santos, Uffs, , Cláudia Medeiros Rodrigues, Aline De Jesus Da Silva, , , , , , et al.
Revista Agraria Academica, Volume 4; doi:10.32406/v4n12021/55-68/agrariacad

The objective of this study was to evaluate the metabolic profile, the activity of blood neutrophils, and the immunoglobulin G levels of primiparous and multiparous sheep (Lacaune breed) during the first 30 days after lambing. Fifteen primiparous ewes (GPR) and 15 multiparous ewes (GPM) were used. Evaluations were performed on the days of lambing and at three, seven, fifteen and thirty days post-lambing. In general, the basal and bactericidal activity of neutrophils were lower in GPR than in GPM. Phagocytosis was greater in the primiparous sheep in the initial moments after lambing. Non-esterified fatty acid concentrations were highest for GPM, indicating a negative energy balance in this group. The results obtained in this study allow us to conclude that primiparous sheep have higher neutrophil phagocytosis, while this cell type has higher bactericidal activity in multiparous sheep. Multiparous ewes presented with higher lipomobilization due to maintenance needs and higher milk production.
, Universidade Federal do Amazonas, , Ary Correa Junior, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais
Revista Agraria Academica, Volume 4; doi:10.32406/v4n2/2021/53-69/agrariacad

Nanotechnology is the science that involves synthesis and development of nanometer-scale materials (1-100nm). Due to its unique properties, the application of metallic nanoparticles in different areas has become increasingly noticeable. Among metallic nanoparticles, silver nanoparticles are the most widely recognized for their applications in areas such as agriculture, biotechnology, medicine, among others. The use of NPs in agriculture represents an important technological innovation and can be used in the production of nanofertilizers, nanoparticles or pesticides encapsulated in nanoparticles for controlled release.
Mary Jane Tweedie de Mattos, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Maikel Jones Pozza, Fabiola Opitz, Ana Paula Gobbi de Bitencourt, Fabiane Guedes, Ivandre Antonio Merlin Junior, Karen Praetzel
Revista Agraria Academica, Volume 4; doi:10.32406/v4n12021/112-118/agrariacad

Parasitic diseases in cattle represent a worldwide health problem, with emphasis on toxocariosis involved in animal mortality in the first weeks of life. The purpose of this report is to record the prevalence of Toxocara eggs (Neoascaris) in the feces of cattle in RS. Fecal samples were processed using the Willis-Mollay method. In the present study, it was observed that 41.36% (67/162) of fecal samples from cattle (162) had Toxocara (Neoascaris) vitulorum eggs, with 49.25% of calves and 50.75% of cows being positive. The high degree of infection demonstrates that there is a lack of knowledge of parasitosis on the part of producers, requiring further studies in livestock.
Revista Agraria Academica, Volume 4; doi:10.32406/v4n12021/105-111/agrariacad

The objective of the present study was to identify the microbiota present in the hands of academics and teachers of a Higher Education Institution in the municipality of Primavera do Leste - MT. Samples were collected from 24 volunteers using a swab. Of the samples collected, 19 (79.1%) showed bacterial growth in a nutrient culture medium, being isolated from this: Staphylococcus aureus (31.6%), S. lugdunensis (31.6%), S. epidermidis (15.8%), S. spp. (5.8%) and Escherichia coli (5.2%). The occurrence of bacteria found in the hands of the volunteers makes it possible to infer that the hands can act as a means of transmission and microbiological multiplication. To avoid this transmission, hygiene and antisepsis measures should be adopted regularly.
Revista Agraria Academica, Volume 4; doi:10.32406/v4n12021/5-14/agrariacad

Palpation is a method that is part of the physical examination in veterinary routine, in which there are different types of consistency, such as hard, firm, soft, smooth, fluctuating and crackling. The aim of this study was the confection of a teaching model for consistencies palpation. It was used low cost and easily acquisition materials, as latex balloons filled by different materials (plaster, silicone, water, stones and flour) and uncoated steel wool. The filled balloons and steel wool were placed on a MDF board and covered with fabric. The model was validated by 29 veterinary doctors, including professors and residents. The model was evaluated positively by the majority of professionals.
, Federal University of Santa Maria, Adelina Rodrigues Aires, , Cláudia Medeiros Rodrigues, Marceli Pazini Milani, Diego Zeni, , , , et al.
Revista Agraria Academica, Volume 4; doi:10.32406/v4n12021/24-33/agrariacad

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of protected niacin and yeast rich in chromium on the productive and metabolic performance of dairy cows under thermal stress. 46 lactating Holstein cows were divided into four treatments: protected niacin (GN), yeast rich in chromium (GCr), niacin+chromium (GNCr) and control (GC). Were measured: milk production, SCC, MUN, NEFA, BHB, glucose, cholesterol, insulin, cortisol, T4 and T3. There was an 8% increase in milk production in the GNCr. The use of these elements is an alternative for producers who need to maintain production during periods of thermal stress.
, Instituto Educacional de Santa Catarina - Faculdade Guaraí, José Iterno Mendonça Filho, Nayara Martins Alencar
Revista Agraria Academica, Volume 4; doi:10.32406/v4n12021/34-46/agrariacad

The objective of this work was to evaluate the effect of doses of bovine bone meal on the productive and morphological characteristics of Panicum maximum cv. Mombasa in two cuts (60 and 90 days after seeding) at a height of 10 cm. At which one can conclude based on the dry mass of the aerial part, there the dose of bovine bone flour that provided maximum productivity in grass Mombaça was for satisfy 160 mg/dm³ of P2O5. And its use in of doses below 80 mg/dm³ of P2O5 did not favored the increase of dry mass of root at the grass Mombaça.
, Faculdades Do Centro Do Paraná, Paulo Henrique Da Silva Nogueira, Lucas Belcamino Vila Real, Adriana Rodrigues de Melo, Paulo Ricardo Barbosa, Vanessa Fogaça dos Santos, Tatiane Solarski, Luiz Felipe Grande, Grasieli Latzuk, et al.
Revista Agraria Academica, Volume 4; doi:10.32406/v4n12021/91-104/agrariacad

A research aims to study and analyze which factors contribute to grain losses in the transport logistics chain. For this purpose, a descriptive research was carried out, through the application of a questionnaire, involving aspects related to transport logistics. The results indicate that, for the interviewees, the factors that most contribute to the loss of grains in the transport logistics chain are the use of vehicles in inadequate transport conditions, and that do not have adequate maintenance of the bodies. In addition, the factors least related to losses are the lack of tire calibration and the short scheduling windows for unloading grains at ports.
, Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro, , João Paulo De Lima Aguilar
Revista Agraria Academica, Volume 4; doi:10.32406/v4n12021/119-134/agrariacad

Gerbera is used as a cut flower and has gained popularity as ornamental flower and great demand in the world market for ornamental plants. Micropropagation is used to meet the demand for commercial planting material. The objective was to evaluate the BAP and ANA phytoregulators effect gerberas in vitro multiplication. The explants were inoculated in MS culture medium containing different concentrations of BAP (0.0; 2.22; 4.44; 8.88 and 17.76 µmol L-1) and ANA (0.0; 1.34; 2.68 and 5.36 µmol L-1). After eight weeks, the number of shoots formed in each explant and the average length of the shoots were evaluated. Was possible to establish and recommend an ideal concentration of BAP and ANA for each gerbera genotype.
Abdelghani Zedam, Mohamed BOUDIAF University, Djamel Khoudour, Azzeddine Haddad, , HAMMA Lakhdar University
Revista Agraria Academica, Volume 4; doi:10.32406/v4n12021/135-151/agrariacad

The weed inventory in an arid land takes place to know and further control these plants. The study aims are to determine taxonomy, life form, chorology and to appreciate the weed harmfulness. A non-probabilistic sampling was conducted on five crops. We identified 41 species especially therophytes and mostly belong to the Mediterranean biogeographic element. The floristic richness by crop lets an average of 17 species and 24 for the richest. To assess the noxiousness, the partial indication of noxious obtains 21 potentially harmful weeds according to the frequencies. The numerical analysis of the data identified five groups. The weed noxiousness estimated by the abundance, frequency, and recovery, remains simple and efficient.
Yves Pierre Harry Dalleinne, Grande Ecole UniLaSalle Terre & Science, Aline Giothi, Rosane Betina Wandscheer, Ivonete Hoss, Camila De Aquino Tomaz, , Centro Universitário Unilasalle
Revista Agraria Academica, Volume 4; doi:10.32406/v4n12021/152-159/agrariacad

During their development, insects can suck plant structures like seeds and fruits being the preferred structures. The study aims to monitor the eating habits of these insects are relevant mainly in terms of food preference and development. The objective of this work was to analyze the feeding preference of Euschistus heros (brown stink bug) fed with 5 diets. The different diets studied resulted in insects in adult, with significant differences in the length of the nymph period, differences in the weights of males and females and variation in survival during the experiment.
, Universidade Federal da Fronteira Sul, , , , Fernando Nogueira de Souza, , Soraia Araújo Diniz, Luciana Bignardi de Soares Brisola Casemiro da Costa, , et al.
Revista Agraria Academica, Volume 4; doi:10.32406/v4n12021/69-76/agrariacad

The objective was to evaluate the influence of clinical (HC) and subclinical (HSC) hypocalcemia on the energetic metabolism and innate immune response of cows. The samples were divided into groups: Group 1: 74 samples (control), Group 2: 142 samples (HSC) and Group 3: 6 samples (HC). There was no difference in BHB and immune response. In G2 higher values of AGNE were detected on the day of delivery. In G3 higher levels of AGNE were observed on the 15th day postpartum in relation to the 30th day. Higher values of glucose were detected in G3 compared to G1 and G2. Thus, hypocalcemia did not cause alterations in the immune response but altered the energetic metabolism during the transition period.
Sandra Marcia Tietz Marques, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Luiza De Campos Menetrier, Mary Jane Tweedie de Mattos
Revista Agraria Academica, Volume 4; doi:10.32406/v4n12021/84-90/agrariacad

Endoparasitic diseases cause great economic losses, mainly due to the anemias they can cause. This research evaluated the occurrence of gastrointestinal parasites in meat-type sheep of six small gaucho properties. Fecal samples were received at the Helminthology Laboratory of the Faculty of Veterinary, UFRGS, Porto Alegre, RS, and processed by the methods of Gordon & Whitlock (OPG) and Roberts & O’Sullivan (coproculture). The prevalence of infection was 73.86% (113/153), with 87.61% having Strongylida eggs (99/113), in addition to mixed infections with Moniezia and Eimeria. Haemonchus spp. (90%) predominated in coproculture. The high degree of parasitism in animals indicates that more should be invested in integrated control involving animal management and use of medicines.
, Universidade Estadual do Maranhão, , Alex Cardoso de Melo, , , Universidade Federal do Piauí
Revista Agraria Academica, Volume 4; doi:10.32406/v4n12021/77-83/agrariacad

We report the case of a dog, 2 months old, who had hyperextension of the pelvic limbs and impossibility of joint flexion since birth. Based on clinical findings and complementary exams, a diagnosis of Genu recurvatum was established, from which, using moderate clinical signs, a conservative treatment was chosen, which consisted of immobilization, which were changed every four days. The patient achieved functional recovery of the limbs with 12 days of bandaging, with a favorable result, as he restored the functionality of the limbs. Adequate knowledge of the technique for making the bandage is important for the success of the treatment and to avoid complications related to immobilization.
Luis Felype Garcia De Sousa Caldas, Ciência E Tecnologia Do Amazonas Instituto Federal De Educação, Aydra Laini de Souza Ciríaco, Kalyandra Rodrigues de Almeida, Paulo Cesar Gonçalves De Azevedo Filho,
Revista Agraria Academica, Volume 4; doi:10.32406/v4n12021/15-23/agrariacad

Caseous lymphadenitis is one of the main concerns in the health management of sheep and goats and, therefore, this work sought to identify the occurrence of this disease in herds in the metropolitan region of Manaus - AM. Visits were made to seven properties, collecting data through investigative questionnaires, physical examinations on 562 animals and microbiological analysis of the samples. Caseous lymphadenitis was observed in 1.78% (10/562) of the animals evaluated, where five (0.89%) of the animals presented reactive lymph nodes and five (0.89%) presented healing processes suggestive of lymphadenitis. Despite the low prevalence in the region, it was noted that there is a need for the dissemination of good agricultural practices and sanitary management in sheep and goat farming in the region.
, Educação e Tecnologia Do Rio Grande Do Sul Instituto Federal de Ciência, , , ,
Revista Agraria Academica, Volume 4; doi:10.32406/v4n12021/47-54/agrariacad

The objective of the experiment was to evaluate the effect of hydrogenated cyanamide (0%, 2%, 4% and 6%) on breaking dormancy and production of the Merlot vine variety. Variables: number of shoots and bunches, sprouting and fertility index, bunches mass, yield, 0Brix and cost benefit ratio. The doses of 4 and 6% increased bud sprouting without affecting their fertility. Except for the fertility index, the Merlot variety showed a linear response to the application of hydrogenated cyanamide (Dormex®) to the other parameters evaluated, however, the results varied little between the doses of 4 and 6%, indicating the most adjusted dose as 4% considering productivity per hectare.
Bárbara Emanuelle Brito Melo, Universidade Federal do Piauí, Lucas Gonçalves Da Silva, Francisco Das Chagas Cardoso Junior, Werner Rocha Albuquerque, Ana Carolina Monteiro Viana Chaves, João Gabriel Melo Rodrigues, Lauro Cesar Soares Feitosa,
Revista Agraria Academica, Volume 3; doi:10.32406/v3n62020/40-47/agrariacad

Foreign body syndrome is an inflammatory disease, caused by the ingestion of a perforating foreign body, most often metallic. Adult dairy cattle are most affected. Depending on the direction that the foreign body takes when it reaches the reticulum, it can reach adjacent organs and cause reticulum peritonitis or reticulum traumatic pericarditis. It can cause unspecific signs such as fever, changes in rumen motility and cardiac signs. The diagnosis consists of observation of clinical signs, evidence of pain, ultrasound, hematology, blood biochemistry and analysis of cavitary effusions. The treatments normally used are conservative, with or without magnet and rumenotomy.
, Universidade José Eduardo dos Santos, Rosalina Jamba Calucongolo, David Mande Mário, Marcelo José Garcia Villagra
Revista Agraria Academica, Volume 3; doi:10.32406/v3n62020/48-54/agrariacad

This work aimed to morphologically characterize Eucalyptus dunni and E. urograndis to the application of hydrogel. By determining the morphological parameters of the seedlings and then of the plantations in the field, after the application of the hydrogel, the characterization was carried out. The first stages, was the production of seedlings - where their morphological characteristics were determined. The second was the evaluation of growth in the field - where the morphological characteristics of the plants were determined when applying the hydrogel. The results showed that the morphological characteristics of the seedlings were adequate for the final place (field). In the field, the best result were achieved in T1, thus demonstrating the efficiency of the hydrogel.
Pedro Henrique Viana Rebêlo, Universidade Federal do Piauí, Flávio De Sousa Oliveira, Rafael Gabino Cavalcante, Francisco Das Chagas Cardoso Junior, Raphael Bernardo Da Silva Neto, Sabrina Thabla Pereira Lopes, Bárbara Emanuelle Brito Melo, Ana Lys Bezerra Barradas Mineiro, Lauro Cesar Soares Feitosa, et al.
Revista Agraria Academica, Volume 3; doi:10.32406/v3n62020/6-15/agrariacad

The present work aims to estimate the seroprevalence of Bovine Enzootic Leukosis - LEB and to identify the risk factors associated with seroreactivity for infection by the LEB virus, in cattle from herds raised in the Teresina Microregion, in the State of Piaui, Brazil. 420 blood samples were examined in 14 municipalities belonging to the microregion, the technique used for the research was Immunodiffusion in Agar Gel (IDGA). There was a prevalence rate of 19.52% (82/420) of seroreagent animals, with the occurrence of at least one animal positive for LEB in each herd evaluated. The results show that prevention and control measures are necessary for better surveillance of herds.
Álvaro José Chávez Silva, Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, Leticia Regina Reginato Martins, Vanessa Milech, Bernardo Nascimento Antunes, Angel Ripplinger, Gabriela Coradini, Paula Ivanir Schimites, , Marcella Linhares, et al.
Revista Agraria Academica, Volume 3; doi:10.32406/v3n62020/72-85/agrariacad

The aim of this work was to compare three techniques of local blockade, as part of a multimodal protocol in cats submitted to videoassisted ovariectomy (OVH). This study included 38 cats, assigned to four groups (control; incisional block, intraperitoneal block and block of the ovarian arteriovenous complex). Pain was assessed using Analogue Visual Scale, Pain Scale of the UNESP and Composite Multimodal Pains Scale-Feline, prior and after surgery. Anesthetic and analgesic protocols provided adequate post-surgical analgesia in most cats. It is concluded that the intraperitoneal administration of lidocaine may be a useful technique to reduce trans-surgical pain, while the use of incisional infiltration with this medication improves early postoperative pain in videosurgeries.
Ana Greice Borba Leite, Centro Universitário Maurício De Nassau, , Daniela Oliveira, , Universidade Federal do Agreste de Pernambuco
Revista Agraria Academica, Volume 3; doi:10.32406/v3n62020/117-121/agrariacad

Thoracoxypophagia consists of the union of two fetuses by the chest and xiphoid region, it is a rare congenital alteration. This study aimed to report a case of thoracoxypophagia in sheep. A sheep with dystocic delivery was attended, who had the first fetus of normal birth, but lifeless, requiring a cesarean section for the second birth. After the surgery, a congenital malformation of the thoracoxypophagia type was found between two fetuses, who were stillborn. Similar reports have not been found in the literature, as it is a rare condition, which may be related to several factors, such as viruses, drugs, teratogenic plants and inbreeding, leading to gestation to a dysthocic delivery and incompatibility with life.
, Universidade Estadual de Feira de Santana, , , Zalmar Santana Gonçalves, Thaise Ramos De Souza, , , Hirlanda Brito Farias De Souza, Embrapa Mandioca E Fruticultura, et al.
Revista Agraria Academica, Volume 3; doi:10.32406/v3n62020/86-95/agrariacad

The objective of this work was to conduct a research on the banana consumption preference in the city of Cruz das Almas, Bahia. The results showed that 94 people were female, 82 males and 10 did not report, totaling 186 respondents. Regarding banana consumption, 44.0% reported consuming the fruit daily because of its nutritional value (29.0%). The attribute obtained 45.0%, being the preference for the cultivar Prata (51.0%). A percentage of 46.0% was observed for in natura consumption. The largest purchase site was in free markets with 59.0%. With this, the banana consumers preferences allow to establish strategies for the development of new cultivars.
Luis Felype Garcia De Sousa Caldas, Ciência E Tecnologia Do Amazonas Instituto Federal De Educação, Jamires Silva De Souza, Paulo Cesar Gonçalves De Azevedo Filho,
Revista Agraria Academica, Volume 3; doi:10.32406/v3n62020/62-71/agrariacad

The management and clinic of ruminants can always involve the risk of accidents due to several factors. Therefore, this work aimed to present the main care that the veterinarian buiatra must have, as well as its role in the information of biosafety to all involved in the livestock activities. Through literature review, the main information on biosafety in the ruminant clinic was added and showed how the dangers of accidents can be minimized, as well as the prevention of zoonoses. The veterinarian buiatra is of great importance in the dissemination of biosafety measures in rural areas, being an important health promoter of all involved.
Revista Agraria Academica, Volume 3; doi:10.32406/v3n62020/136-147/agrariacad

The aim of this study was to evaluate a simulator for suture training, which is composed by three layers that simulates skin, subcutaneous and a muscle. Teachers and undergraduates from different veterinary medicine universities were tested the simulator, and their opinions were registered by a Likert scale questionnaire, asking about incision and suture, and about the possibility to introduce the simulator in the practical classes. The answers were evaluated based on the Diagnostic Contend Validation (DCV), wherein values above 0,50 represents acceptance to the simulator. All the professors agree (DCV=0,96) and also many students (DCV=0,90) that the simulator is applicable and was considered satisfactory for the training of the main sutures learned on the Surgical Technique classes.
, Universidade Federal da Grande Dourados, Jaqueline Rosemeire Verzignassi, , José Alexandre Agiova Da Costa, Claudia Barrios De Liborio, Fábio Adriano Santos E Silva, Welinton Fernandes Vieira, Embrapa Gado De Corte, Embrapa Ovinos E Caprinos, et al.
Revista Agraria Academica, Volume 3; doi:10.32406/v3n62020/26-39/agrariacad

The objective of this work was to evaluate the effects of growth management at different times of uniformization in plants of Brachiaria brizantha cv. BRS Paiaguás, associated with application of boron doses, quantifying the effects in the flowering and emission of reproductive tillers, and in the quantity and quality of pollen. The trial was conducted at Embrapa Gado de Corte in Campo Grande, MS, Brazil, in the 2018/2019 harvest, using a randomized block design with four replications, organized in a 3x5 factorial scheme, in which the three plant uniformization seasons consisted of, non-standardized (free growth), standardized at 67 days or 81 days after sowing, and the applications of five doses of boron, zero (control), 1, 2, 4 and 8 kg ha-1. The different doses of boron applied did not influence flowering, as well as reproductive tillering and the quantity and viability of pollen grains. The standardization management of the plants prolonged the flowering period of the cultivar. Plants kept in free growth showed greater quantity and viability of pollen grains, while the other uniformity times reduced the viability of pollen grains. Environmental factors such as precipitation and temperature interfered with reproductive tillering and viability of pollen grains.
, Instituto Federal Do Norte De Minas Gerais, , Bruna Pereira Siqueira, Sinthia Pereira Siqueira, Dielly Inês De Oliveira Lacerda, Universidade Estadual de Montes Claros
Revista Agraria Academica, Volume 3; doi:10.32406/v3n62020/16-25/agrariacad

The objective was to evaluate the best method for the calculation of electrolyte balance for Japanese quails using the EB and TEB calculation. 240 Japanese quails were used, during the 25 to 85 days of life, with 5 treatments, where these with the same value of BE 250 μeq kg-1 and TEB having 750, 1000, 1250, 1500 and 1750 μeq kg-1, 8 replicates and 6 birds per experimental unit. Performance parameters and egg quality were analyzed. The different TEB were able to influence the performance and quality of japanese quail eggs.
Revista Agraria Academica, Volume 3; doi:10.32406/v3n62020/96-104/agrariacad

This paper describes the clinical, laboratory and anatomopathologic findings of sheep affected by abomasum compaction. Clinically, the presence of a firm structure located in the abomasal region stands out. The hematology and ruminal fluid analyze revealed neutrofilia with regenerative left shift, hyperfibrinogenimia, fauna and flora impairment and chloride concentration of (39,33 mEq/L) respectively. Macroscopically, a distended and compacted abomasum was observed with the presence of type IV ulcers and diffuse serofibrinous peritonitis. These results confirm the severity of the abomasum compaction in small ruminants. Therefore, guidelines related to animal feed management practices, especially in times of drought are necessary to reduce the occurency of this disease.
Revista Agraria Academica, Volume 3; doi:10.32406/v3n62020/130-135/agrariacad

Demodicosis is a parasitic disease caused by the imbalance in the number of mites of the genus Demodex sp. The skin scraping is the gold standard method for diagnosis, but other methods can be used. Based on this, the aim of this work is to report cases in which cytology served as an auxiliary diagnosis for demodectic mange. Two dogs went to a private clinic with skin lesion of different aspects and in which both dogs the cytology was performed by skin imprint, being possible to observe the presence of Demodex canis. Thus, cytology could be used as an auxiliary diagnostic method this disease.
, Universidade Estadual de Feira de Santana, , , Zalmar Santana Gonçalves, Thaise Ramos De Souza, , , Hirlanda Brito Farias De Souza, Embrapa Mandioca E Fruticultura, et al.
Revista Agraria Academica, Volume 3; doi:10.32406/v3n6/2020/86-95/agrariacad

The objective of this work was to conduct a research on the banana consumption preference in the city of Cruz das Almas, Bahia. The results showed that 94 people were female, 82 males and 10 did not report, totaling 186 respondents. Regarding banana consumption, 44.0% reported consuming the fruit daily because of its nutritional value (29.0%). The attribute obtained 45.0%, being the preference for the cultivar Prata (51.0%). A percentage of 46.0% was observed for in natura consumption. The largest purchase site was in free markets with 59.0%. With this, the banana consumers preferences allow to establish strategies for the development of new cultivars.
, Instituto Luterano De Ensino Superior De Itumbiara, Carolina Alves Pereira, Carlos André Gonçalves, Narcisa Silva Soares
Revista Agraria Academica, Volume 3; doi:10.32406/v3n62020/55-61/agrariacad

The world is going through a period of calamity, a pandemic caused by the coronavirus. The situation began in China and has spread to its world surroundings. A means of combat attributed to society was isolation and social distancing, which could relate to the environment. The objective of this work is a systematic comparative review of the positive and negative impacts that the pandemic has caused on the environment. A systematic survey was conducted at PUBMED, Scielo and Google Academic, in the months of August to October 2020 using indexers. There are several positive points with pandemic related to the environment, however the indiscriminate use of materials has increased, being a negative point. It is perceived that the environment breathed with the measure of social isolation, but still needs various care.
, University Center of the Integrated Faculties of Ourinhos, Stéfany Lima Souza, , , Aline Martins Mancebo, , , Beatriz Perez Floriano, , et al.
Revista Agraria Academica, Volume 3; doi:10.32406/v3n62020/105-116/agrariacad

The present determined the hematological alterations of healthy dogs at the peak of postprandial hypertriglyceridemia. Twenty-four clinically healthy dogs had blood samples collected to perform complete blood count on three consecutive days at the same time every day: first day after a 12-hour fast; second day three hours after feeding with commercial feed, during the peak of postprandial lipemia; and third day after a 12-hour fast. Feeding led to an increase in MCHC, hemoglobin and white blood cell count due to the increase in segmented neutrophil, monocyte and eosinophil concentrations. A significant increase in total plasma protein content was also observed. Postprandial condition at the peak of hypertriglyceridemia influences hematological parameters of healthy dogs, which is an important finding, however transient, when interpreting laboratory blood tests.
, Educação e Tecnologia Do Rio Grande Do Sul Instituto Federal de Ciência, , Jorge Nunes Portela, , Ciência E Tecnologia Do Rio Grande Do Sul Instituto Federal De Educação
Revista Agraria Academica, Volume 3; doi:10.32406/v3n62020/122-129/agrariacad

The experiment aimed to evaluate viability in the production of grapevine seedlings using three materials in the process of mooring and graft protection: elastic + sawdust, Vimeiro + sawdust and biodegradable tape. Was used SO4 rootstock cuttings and grafting with variety BRS Cora. The analyzed indicators were percentage of graft take, quality of the graft callus, seedling classification. The answers regarding the formation of roots were greater in the treatments with lower percentage of catch. The diameter, length and dry weight of the pruning branches did not differ between treatments. Treatments with elastic region mooring and Vimeiro covered with sawdust showed the best results for the percentage of callus and callus quality.
Conrado Augusto Vieira, Universidade Federal de Viçosa, Melissa Faust Bocayuva, Tomás Gomes Reis Veloso, Bruno Coutinho Moreira, Emiliane Fernanda Silva Freitas, , , Universidade Federal do Vale do São Francisco
Revista Agraria Academica, Volume 3; doi:10.32406/v3n62020/148-161/agrariacad

The great diversity in colors and forms become the orchids a business with high economic value. The habitat fragmentation contributes to the extinction of orchids. Inoculation of orchid with mycorrhizal fungi for seedlings can guarantee the success of reintroduction. For this purpose, seeds of Hadrolaelia jongheana were germinated using an isolate of Tulasnella sp. Seedlings were transferred to the natural field. Roots samples were collected before re-introduction, and 120th and 240th days. The diversity of mycorrhizal fungi was performed by ITS-PCR-DGGE. The ecological succession occurred in the field and the diversity was higher after 240th d. This work comprises the first study using tropical orchids for reintroduction for approaching to ecological aspects of mycorrhizal fungi association in Brazil with conservation purposes.
Luiza De Campos Menetrier, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, , Mary Jane Tweedie De Mattos
Revista Agraria Academica, Volume 3; doi:10.32406/v3n52020/14-24/agrariacad

, Universidade de Sorocaba, Julia Ronzani Vial, , Andrea Cristina Higa Nakaghi
Revista Agraria Academica, Volume 3; doi:10.32406/v3n5/2020/100-107/agrariacad

Birds of the psittaciform order, composed by the Psittacidae and Loridae family have several characteristics making them more frequently kept as companion animals, promoting the increase of breeding sites in Brazil. The present study aimed to analyze the specificity and sensitivity of three different coproparasitological tests, Willis, Hoffman and Direto de feces, through statistical tests: Chi-Square and Kappa. 70 fecal samples of exotic parrots were collected from a commercial breeding site and these were submitted to the three tests, totaling 210 coproparasitological exams. Among the tests performed, 29,5% were positive for nematode eggs, cestodes and oocysts. Coproparasitological exams are inexpensive, have clinical importance, indicating the population of endoparasites and therapeutic treatments.
Thatyane Carla De Lima, Universidade Federal Rural de Pernambuco, Raquel Ribeiro Colares, Antônio Flávio Medeiros Dantas, José Wilton Pinheiro Junior, Raylson Pereira De Oliveira, , , Jobson Filipe De Paula Cajueiro, Rodolfo José Cavalcanti Souto, et al.
Revista Agraria Academica, Volume 3; doi:10.32406/v3n52020/5-13/agrariacad

Guilherme Arruda Cezar, Universidade Federal Rural de Pernambuco, Antônio Santana Santos Filho, Júlio César Vieira, Bárbara Souza Fantin, Pábola Santos Nascimento, Maria Madalena Pessoa Guerra, André Mariano Batista, Aurea Wischral, Instituto Agronômico De Pernambuco, et al.
Revista Agraria Academica, Volume 3; doi:10.32406/v3n52020/44-53/agrariacad

Keylla Acacio Dos Santos, Universidade Federal de Sergipe, Cristiane Otto De Sá, José Luiz De Sá, Camila Xavier Costa, Ismar Lima Farias, Lígia Maria Gomes Barreto, Empresa Brasileira De Pesquisa Agropecuária, Mater Consultoria E Treinamentos Agropecuários Ltda
Revista Agraria Academica, Volume 3; doi:10.32406/v3n52020/54-70/agrariacad

Mariana Pacheco De Sousa, Universidade Federal do Piauí, Wanderson Gabriel Gomes De Melo, Nágila Iane Pacheco, Elís Rosélia Dutra De Freitas Siqueira Silva, Sabrina Barros Araújo, João Macedo De Sousa, Centro Universitário Unifacid Wyden, Universidade Estadual do Piauí
Revista Agraria Academica, Volume 3; doi:10.32406/v3n52020/71-81/agrariacad

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