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Preparation of Teaching Book Based on Integrative Approach in “Madani Super Camp” Narmada West Lombok (ar)

Baiq Widia Nita Kasih
Abstract: Arabic learning in Indonesia is divided into two institutions that is Arabic learning in formal and non-formal institutions. And in a learning process, teaching books is very important because it’s one of the basic elements of the existing curriculum components. The researcher founds that there is no teaching books for Arabic lesson in Madani Super Camp and it’s causes no Arabic learning there. Therefore, researcher needs to compile teaching books according to the necessary of students.. The purpose of this research is to produce a teaching books based on integrative approach and to measure the effectiveness of that book to improve student’s ability in Arabic learning. This research uses research and development method with qualitative and quantitative approach. Researcher also used the ADDIE’s development research steps:analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation. The techniques to collect data are observation, interview, questionnaire and test. The results of this research is a teaching books consisting of eight units, that are: ashwat, mufrodat, tarkib, istima’, kalam, qira'ah, kitabah and ibaroh qosiroh. And each unit consists of fourteen lesson except the eighth unit that is seventeen lesson. And teaching books that have been prepared are effective to improve student’s ability in Arabic language learning.
Keywords: cAMP / formal / Arabic Learning / Super / Madani / Teaching Books / itâ

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