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The Short-Term Effect of Background Color on the Growth Traits of Asian Yellow Pond Turtle (Mauremys mutica )

青黄 青
Published: 1 January 2021

Abstract: 基底颜色对各种动物的生活方式有着重要的影响。本实验基于黑色和白色两种基底颜色,分别在20℃、25℃和30℃这三种养殖温度下开展基底颜色对黄喉拟水龟幼体生长性状的短期影响研究。结果发现:1) 温度对幼龟的体重和背甲高有极显著影响(P 0.05)。2) 基底颜色对幼龟的各种生长性状均没有显著影响(P > 0.05),温度和基底颜色的交互作用也不显著。3) 相对白色基底而言,黑色基底环境下的幼龟在三种养殖温度下均显示出了更快的生长趋势。 The background color has an important influence on the lifestyle of various animals. In this experiment, based on the two background colors of black and white, the short-term effects of background colors on the growth characteristics of Asian yellow pond turtle larvae were studied at the three breeding temperatures of 20˚C, 25˚C and 30˚C, respectively. The results showed that: 1) Temperature had a very significant effect on bodymass and carapace height of the hatchlings (P 0.05). 2) The background color has no significant effect on the growth traits of young turtles (P > 0.05), and the interaction between temperature and background color was not significant either. 3) Compared with the white background, the young tortoises under the black substrate environment showed a faster growth trend at all three breeding temperatures.

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