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Suspension Photometric Determination of Precipitate

鉴袁 秉
Published: 1 January 2021

Abstract: 以氯化银、碘化银和硫酸钡的悬浮液光度法为例,研究了沉淀物光度法测定的可能性及其规律,研究表明,在严格遵守“精密度法则”,即“保持影响测量各因素对同一测定系列各个样品影响一致性”的条件下,以阿拉伯胶作稳定剂,将沉淀制成稳定的悬浮液即可用光度法测定。每种悬浮液都有自己的消光光谱,有色沉淀的悬浮液既有反射光谱又有选择性吸收光谱。具有一定消光强度的反射光或吸收光,都可用于相关物质的含量测定,只是不同波长的灵敏度和值域不同。测定结果都表明 :“在入射光值域内,消光强度的改变量ΔA正比于消光物质的含量改变量ΔC:ΔA = kΔC。” Taking suspension photometry of silver chloride, silver iodide and barium sulfate as an example, the possibility and regularity of precipitation photometry were studied. The results show that under the condition of strictly abiding by the “precision rule”, i.e. “to maintain infection consistency of each factor for each sample in the same measurement series”, using Arabic gum as the stabilizer, the precipitation is made into a stable suspension and then determined by photometry. Each kind of precipitate suspension has its own extinction spectrum. The extinction spectrum of colored precipitate suspension has both reflection band and selective absorption band. The reflected light or absorbed light with certain extinction intensity can be used for the content determination of related matter, but the sensitivity and domain of different wavelengths are different. The results show that: “In the domain of incident light, the change ΔA of extinction intensity is directly proportional to the content change ΔC of extinction matter: ΔA = kΔC.”

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