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Management of rheumatic mitral stenosis.

Sciprofile linkHourmazd Haghbayan, Brian G Ballios, Eric A Coomes
Published: 24 August 2019
The Lancet , Volume 394; doi:10.1016/S0140-6736(19)31779-9

Abstract: Mariam Chekhchar and colleagues1Chekhchar M Hajji I Madiq B Darfaoui Z Moutaouakil A Mitral stenosis found after eye problem.Lancet. 2019; 393: 275Summary Full Text Full Text PDF PubMed Scopus (0) Google Scholar discuss branch retinal artery occlusion in a young woman, probably due to occult cardioembolus from rheumatic mitral stenosis. Despite decreasing incidence in developed nations, rheumatic heart disease remains a major source of preventable morbidity and mortality worldwide2Watkins DA Johnson CO Colquhoun SM et al.Global, regional, and national burden of rheumatic heart disease, 1990–2015.New Engl J Med. 2017; 377: 713-722Crossref PubMed Scopus (0) Google Scholar and we commend the authors for bringing attention to this important clinical entity. However, given this valvulopathy's highly thrombogenic nature, therapeutic anticoagulation should be considered.
Keywords: Heart / Google / mitral stenosis / Scopus / Full Text / scholar / rheumatic

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