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Development of comparative professional education in Ukraine: educological context

Svitlana Sysoieva
Published: 1 January 2018
Osvitolohiya pp 49-58; doi:10.28925/2226-3012.2018.7.4958

Abstract: The article presents a quantitative and qualitative analysis of comparative studies on professional education in Ukraine since the years of independence (since 1991); the consideration of the concept of «comparative professional education», the main provisions of its methodology; the analysis of the tasks and specifics of comparative studies in the field of professional education. It should be emphasized that the question of the methodology of conducting comparative studies is a weak link in the studies of Ukrainian comparativists. Actual is the study of the experience of European countries and the USA regarding the methodology of conducting comparative education studies. The article shows that the specificity of comparative professional education requires an interdisciplinary approach to research, taking into account external factors (historical, social, cultural, economic, political, etc.) of influence on the system, tendencies, content, technology, forms and methods of professional education in foreign countries that is possible to carry out on the principles of Educology. In Ukraine, there is a lack of associations or societies on educational comparative studies that would coordinate comparative studies, in particular in the field of professional education, in the country, establish cooperation with other institutions of the research infrastructure of Europe, the USA. Canada, etc., systematically hold scientific and practical conferences, seminars, discussion platforms, etc. It is worth noting that the conclusions of comparative studies are left only conclusions of the dissertations and are practically not used in the development of political decisions in the field of education, the development of the principles of reforming and modernizing education in the country. We consider it is necessary to create a system for familiarization of the competent authorities responsible for the formation of educational policy in Ukraine, with important conclusions of comparative studies, in particular, of doctoral level.
Keywords: Europe / development / Field / Ukraine / Professional Education / comparative studies / comparative professional

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