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A comparative study of clinical outcome following topical versus peribulbar anesthesia in phacoemulsification surgery

Keerti S Sulakod, Srinivasa K H, Vandana Maganty

Abstract: The objective of our study was to evaluate and compare clinical outcomes, patients and surgeon’s satisfaction following topical versus peribulbar anesthesia in phacoemulsification surgery. A hospital based Randomized Prospective interventional Comparative Study done between November 2017 to May 2019. A total of 200 patients included in the study, ocular examination, biometry were done. Patients were randomly distributed into group1 TA (topical anesthesia) and group 2 PA (Peribulbar anesthesia), they underwent phacoemulsification with intraocular lens implantation, postoperative visual outcome and inflammation on day1 and after 1 week, VAS (Visual Analogue scale) pain scale used to analyse patients comfort and pain postoperatively. The Statistical analysis was performed by STATA 11.2 (College Station TX USA). In our study 200 participated, it was found in PA group, 60.47 ± 11.86 yrs and in TA group 59.01 ± 11.29yrs as mean age, majority were male. PA group had few complications during anesthesia and in both groups majority had no intraoperative complications. Log Mar visual acuity postoperative day 1, PA group was 0.65±0.40 and in TA was 0.49±0.32, post operative visual recovery was better in TA group patients and had less pain and more comfortable than PA. Surgeon had difficulty more with TA group patients. It was found, postoperative visual recovery was faster and better in patients with topical group with less postoperative inflammation and complications. Topical anesthesia being a non invasive procedure can be considered better than peribulbar when compared in terms of patients comfort and postoperative recovery.

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