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Research on the Construction of Rural Complex from the Perspective of Government

妮刘 丹
Published: 1 January 2021

Abstract: 近年来,我国一直将乡村振兴作为国家整体发展的重点工作,田园综合体作为乡村振兴的关键措施之一,在带动产业发展、转变乡村发展模式、推动乡村治理等方面具有优势,可以助力中国实现乡村振兴战略,因此研究田园综合体有着重要现实意义。自田园综合体提出以来,各地方政府紧跟中央步伐,秉承中央精神,落实中央政策,田园综合体的建设取得了一定的成果,体现了田园综合体建设价值。但是在现实语境下,我国政府在建设田园综合体及持续完善的过程中还存在许多不足之处。因此,本文基于政府视角立足于我国政府田园综合体建设现状,分析当前面临的困境,探讨如何有效利用政府职能优势提升田园综合体建设整体水平。 In recent years, China has always regarded Rural Revitalization as the key work of national overall development. As one of the key measures of Rural Revitalization, Rural Complex has advantages in driving industrial development, changing rural development mode and promoting rural govern-ance, which can help China realize Rural Revitalization Strategy. Therefore, it is of great practical significance to study Rural Complex. Since the proposal of the Rural Complex, the local governments have followed the pace of the central government, adhering to the spirit of the central government and implementing the central policies. The construction of the Rural Complex has achieved certain results, reflecting the construction value of the rural complex. However, in the realistic context, there are still many deficiencies in the process of building Rural Complex and continuous improvement. Therefore, based on the government perspective, based on the current situation of the construction of government Rural Complex in China, this paper analyzes the current difficulties and discusses how to effectively use the advantages of government functions to improve the overall level of rural complex construction.

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