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Towards A Taxonomy of Data Journalism

Andreas Veglis, Charalampos Bratsas
Journal of Media Critiques , Volume 3, pp 109-121; doi:10.17349/jmc117309

Abstract: In recent years data journalism has drawn significant attention not only in academic literature but also in the media sector. Data Journalism is a new form of journalism that has gradually appeared over the last decade, driven by the availability of data in digital form. Currently a significant amount of data journalism projects are being produced all over the world. These projects vary considerably in terms of structure and visualization characteristics. As a result of the above it would be interesting to propose a taxonomy of data journalism projects that can help future data journalists to choose the appropriate type of projects that will be suitable for their needs. This classification could be based on certain characteristics of the data journalism projects. The proposed taxonomy will take into account various parameters that play an important role in data journalist projects and especially in the type and the role of the visualization.
Keywords: Data Journalism / interactivity / stages / taxonomy / Visualizations

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