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Technologies Research Status and Clinical Applications of Point of Care Testing

普冯 亚
Published: 1 January 2021
Hans Journal of Biomedicine , Volume 11, pp 23-30; doi:10.12677/hjbm.2021.111004

Abstract: POCT (Point of Care Testing)是一种在采样现场进行的、利用便携式分析仪器及配套试剂快速得到结果的检测方式,本文主要阐述了POCT (Point of Care Testing)的微流控芯片技术、传感器技术、干化学技术、免疫层析技术、生物芯片技术等主要检测技术,并介绍了其在临床上的广泛应用。 POCT (Point of Care Testing) is defined as medical diagnostic testing that can be performed at the patient’s bedside. This paper mainly discussed various POCT (Point of Care Testing) devices devel-oped by different technologies including microfluidics, sensor technology, dry reagent technology, immunochromatography, biochip technology. As healthcare becomes more consumer-focused, POCT (Point of Care Testing) is rapidly expanding worldwide and has been widely used in clinical.

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