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On Marcus’s Interpretation of Marxism’s Thought on the Nature of Man—A Case Study of Marxism and Anthropology

钟 晨
Published: 1 January 2021

Abstract: 东欧新马克思主义学派的著名学者乔治·马尔库什在其代表作《马克思主义与人类学》一书中,以非正统的马克思主义视野解读马克思的经典文本中人的本质思想,其主要以构成人的本质的基本要素为出发点进行探讨,同时马尔库什将马克思人的本质思想与历史理论相结合,指出人的本质的历史性生成。本文首先阐述了马尔库什人的本质思想的三个基本要素,其次揭示马尔库什人的本质与历史理论,最后阐发了马尔库什对马克思人的本质思想解读的理论意义。 In his magnum opus, Marxism and anthropology, George, a prominent scholar of the Neo-Marxism, interpreted Marxism’s thought on the essence of man from the perspective of Unorthodox Marxism, mainly from the perspective of the basic elements that constitute the essence of man, at the same time, he combined Marxism’s thought of human nature with his theory of history, and pointed out the historical formation of human nature. This paper first expounds the three basic elements of the essence of Marxism, then reveals the essence and the theory of history, and finally expounds the theoretical significance of his interpretation of the essence of Marxism.

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